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Dolores: My boyfriend is too tall for me to kiss him. What should I do?
Isabela: Punch him in the stomach. Then, when he doubles over in pain, kiss him.
Camilo: Tackle him.
Mirabel: Kick him in the shin.
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atuariacolque 2 days ago
I will redraw all 馃馃
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carlaerosie 11 hours ago
what if Encanto duos played the marble game?
I saw on tiktok 鈥渨hat if those Encanto duos played the marble game鈥 and when it come to Dolores & Mariano the creator said the one who dies would be Mariano but I actually think it would be Dolores
First of all Mariano is stupid, he wouldn鈥檛 even know what鈥檚 happening (joking)
Now being serious I just think that Dolores loves him so much she would never let him die. But Mariano loves her too right? He also wouldn鈥檛 let her die. So I think Dolores would somehow manipulate Mariano into thinking that she is winning but in fact it would be Mariano. I mean he鈥檚 is kind of stupid so he probably wouldn鈥檛 notice. When the game ends and the guardians come Mariano would still be sure he is the one who dies but then they point the gun to Dolores. Mariano would be like 鈥渨-what?鈥 and Dolores would just look at him with tears in her eyes and smile. And then she dies, Mariano cries but he eventually moves on
ay I went a bit dramatic lmao sorry but I wanted to share my thoughts
have a nice day/night <3
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your-entrancing-empress 2 days ago
When I first watched Encanto, I didn鈥檛 have subtitles on. During the part where Abuela asks Dolores about Mariano, instead of hearing what she actually said:
鈥淗e wants five babies.鈥
I heard:
鈥淗e wants my babies.鈥
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pantalonesdezebra a month ago
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Quality time with uncle Bruno
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bigbababooeyboobies a month ago
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he wants to go home
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iamqwerty a month ago
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encanto-side-blog 19 days ago
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akindlylittlesoul 24 days ago
There's a little detail in Encanto that I love and I haven't seen anyone talked about.
And it's the fact that, at the end, they didn't villanice Mariano.
They could so easily made him a Gaston like character, an idiot, aggressive, jealous and over all an awful man.
But they didn't, and it shows kids that a person doesn't have to be a freaking walking red flag in order for you to not want to be in a relationship with them.
You could just not like them, who knows why, but you are not obligated to like them.
Mariano is the perfect man, hell he's a perfect human. And still Isabela didn't want to marry him, who knows why, we can only speculate. But in the movie they show that her decision and feeling are valid nonetheless.
You could just not feel compatible with someone, you could just not see yourself in a romantic relationship (or even friendship) with that person, and that's enough, you don't need an excuse.
Tumblr media
P. D. I love how they show that he's also perfect for the family by the fact that he actually cares for everyone in the family, him being the one who asked Mirabel if she's fine during the proposal dinner and also one of the first who goes to help rebuild casita.
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encanto17 a month ago
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Adding Mariano to my character list cuz why not!
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esmiblood90irisglimmer 25 days ago
Encanto Headcanons Pt 2
Mariano: *seeing a creep hitting on Mirabel*
Mirabel: *uncomfortable and scared*
Mariano: Oh hell naw *immediately heads over and places Mirabel behind him* That little girl, is a child. I don't wanna see you sniffing around her anymore for my rest of my life do you understand?!
Creep: *scared* I....
Mariano: *pick up the creep by the shirt* Boy, have you lost your mind?! Cause I'll help you find it
((Mariano would be like the protective older brother toward the youngest kiddos within the Madrigal family, and no one can tell me other wise))
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Mirabel: Just be casual. Try some light flirting.
Mariano: I can do that.
Dolores: Nice work! High five!
Mariano: [intertwines their fingers]
Dolores: Wh-
Mariano: I'm in love with you.
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ratcoon a month ago
The Madrigals as things my family has done and said
Bruno: *takes pictures of the kids posed with rats*
Mirabel: *sees the veins in Alma鈥檚 eyes* Abuela, why are your eyes cracking?
Felix: *locked outside and trying to get Pepa鈥檚 attention*
Pepa: *asleep*
Camilo: *gets locked in a barn by his siblings and cousins*
Alma: stop fighting or I鈥檒l leave you on the road-
Pepa and Bruno: *keep fighting*
Alma: *leaves them*
Pepa and Bruno: :O
Mirabel: *hiding in a store behind clothes*
Julieta: *moves to another section*
Mirabel: *realizes she鈥檚 lost and cries so hard she throws up*
Adults: *pose the kids for group photo*
Isabella: *drops baby mirabel*
Isabella: *watching baby mirabel sleep*
Isabella: mami?
Julieta: yes?
Isabella: she鈥檚 an imbecile isn鈥檛 she?
Julieta: *shocked* : o
Isabella: she doesn鈥檛 even know how to play! All she does is eat and sleep!
Augustin: *broke a rib BC he tripped over his shoe lace*
Antonio: *three years old and putting on one man Selena shows*
Baby Mira: *in her walker*
Augustin: will you watch your sister for a minute? *leaves
Isabella: *falls asleep*
Pepa: *walks in and sees Mira* oh hello! *picks her up and takes her outside*
Augustin: *returns* Isabella! Where鈥檚 Mira?
Isabella: :|
Augustin: *panicking and telling everyone Mira is missing*
Pepa and Mira: *outside playing with Camilo*
Dolores: *accidentally ran away*
Luisa: *laughed so hard while being tickled be her dad that she kicked down a door*
Mariano: *singing outside Dolores鈥 window*
Camilo: *thought it was a thief and called the cops*
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nyehehehe 28 days ago
Every friend group should include
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goblinalchemist a month ago
In this household we stan the polite himbo Mariano Guzm谩n.
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paiscle a month ago
i just realized that casita started cracking while mariano was trying to propose bc isabella wasn't happy lol 馃拃馃拃 like,, the house started cracking because people in the family weren't truly happy but they felt as if they had to live to certain expectations and isabella, in that moment, wasn't happy that he was proposing. she doesn't want to marry him which caused casita to crack 馃榿馃檹馃徑
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bwall-7204 28 days ago
Encanto Headcannons #12
* Luisa room is the only place she feels she can be herself and relax. Once you walk in it鈥檚 tidy and clean with a bunch of workout equipment and jungle gyms. Her bed space though, covered in stuffed animals blankets and pillows. Ridiculously messy but not so messy she can鈥檛 just clean it up
* Isabela鈥檚 room is now a crafty mess. Good luck walking around in there, your shoes will come out a different color.
* Antonio doesn鈥檛 like rice. He鈥檚 also vegan
* Abuela doesn鈥檛 super care for Antonio鈥檚 gift, constantly annoyed by all the animals. She puts it aside though cause her grandson is happy
* Luisa sometimes steals tonito鈥檚 jaguar to cuddle with. An annoyed Antonio just glaring at her while she sleeps on her hammock
* As new generations join the Madrigal family they continue to stay color coded. Isabelas family being lilacs and pinks, Luisa鈥檚 purples and dark blues, Mirabel鈥檚 being light blues and aqua, Dolores red, Antonio Orange, and Camilo yellow. They just a rainbow at this point.
* Camilo is very close with Julieta and opens up to her about his issues while he helps her cook
* Dolores doesn鈥檛 always understand Camilo but always listens and try鈥檚 her best to understand. Mariano will do the same sometimes
* Mariano is the one to comfort Camilo after he gets rejected by the person he likes
* Isabela will constantly point out and tease Mirabel about crushes and who she thinks Mirabel would be cute with
* Mirabel was so relieved when she turned her attention on Luisa once finding out she had a crush
* The moment her sisters question her love life though, her face deadpans and she tells them to shut up
* Little girls will give Antonio flowers. He鈥檒l get Isabela to make him one to give them back in return thinking it鈥檚 a cute little exchange thing
* Luisa has to keep her cool to not squash an extra annoying bird that will sometimes bother Antonio
* Dolores or Isabela having to stop Camilo from throwing a rock at it at times
* Every time someone asks Isabela to make them roses she groans. Her mom is the only exception tho
* Agustin has fallen asleep multiple times in Mirabel鈥檚 bed after a good conversation. She just covers him with a blanket and continues sewing
* Luisa and Pepa have read some of the same books and will cry or gush over them together
* Luisa has physically picked up and moved her family members out of situations or arguments to make it stop
* Agustin has tried to workout with Luisa in her room. Only injuring himself, his daughter forcing him to promise to just do light things when they work out together
* In Isabela鈥檚 room Agustin convinces his daughter sometimes to let him swing on her vines. Him pretending his a great acrobat. Thank god there mom has the power she does
* Luisa was very disappointed in her room once she opened the door on her gift day. She performed and showed off her strength to everyone at the ceremony upon Abuela鈥檚 request. She broke down after the party ended crying in her parents arms sad her room wasn鈥檛 more like Isabela鈥檚 and that everyone cared more about her gift than her that day.
* Luisa would often sneak back into the nursery during the first year of her gift to sleep by the babies
* When Camilo and Mirabel were younger they would fight all the time, more for fun than anything
* Pepa commented that they didn鈥檛 fight or annoy her one day so they purposely started fighting to annoy her
* Antonio likes to play with the earrings his family members wear, often batting at them as he鈥檚 being held
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niles-rainbow-room a month ago
Encanto Absolutely Tackled Me
In love with this movie. Especially Bruno lol who could鈥檝e guessed. So! I鈥檓 gonna throw art at y鈥檃ll!!!! Take it!!! Take it now 馃懣
Tumblr media Tumblr media
First drawings of these two! Also fun fact: Women 馃挋
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Aheeehoo Bruno 馃槶
Tumblr media
DOLORES 馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Color Theory my beloved 馃槍
Tumblr media
Brunooo 馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ
Ahaha *twirls hair* alright that鈥檚 enough brain rot for now 馃槉
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froschdoesstuff a month ago
A little Encanto head canon/au. Also spoilers kinda.
So, in All of You Mariano obviously has his line about having a lot of love in his heart and earlier in the film that he wants a lot of kids, right? Well what if when he, Isa and Dolores were kids they were all like really close friends(due to Alma being friends with Se帽ora Guzm谩n). Then one day after Mirabel and Camilo were born Isa and Dolores brought him over to meet their younger siblings and Mariano, the second those two babies smiles at him knew he wanted children.
Whenever he would come over after that he would be playing with the babies instead which whilst cute Dolores and Isa were a bit jealous cause they鈥檙e kids and he鈥檚 their friend. Though, Julieta and Pepa are very thankful because they get tired a lot, especially when Camilo and Mira become toddlers, because they are chaos incarnate but Mariano would always be able to entertain them.
One time Pepa started crying because she found Mariano playing his guitar and signing the two toddlers to sleep and it was just so cute.
What I鈥檓 saying is Mariano would be a great dad and best friends with Mirabel and I love him more than my heart can handle.
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akindlylittlesoul 21 days ago
Apparently Encanto have taken over my whole life :)
I have watch it over 10 times (I mean gotta milk that Disney plus subscription, it ain't cheap hahahaha) so here's some little details that I love:
Pepa picking Bruno up when she hugged him.
Tumblr media
How insanely in love Felix's is. We all deserve a Felix in our life.
Tumblr media
Agust铆n's "mi茅rcoles" which is usually how in Spanish we deflect the word "mierda" that means "shit".
Tumblr media
During "the family Madrigal", outside of it being part of the choreography, Mirabel instead of knocking super hard Dolores's door, she just lightly knocks her door with her hip. I like to belive that it's with the intention of not bothering Dolores.
Tumblr media
I don't know, haha I just really like how Isabela uses her powers. And besides I love the animation in her flowers (those bugambilias are gorgeoussss)
Tumblr media
Camilo's little moments of worrying and taking care of the family. Like when casita is destroyed one of the first things we hear is him worried about his baby brother.
Tumblr media
Little personal thing, but the orquids that Isabela has on her bed are exact same flowers that my dad grows for me, every year on my birthday they bloom.
Tumblr media
This is a post that I guess that I will be editing and adding more things with time hahaha.
Edit #1:
Is that... Did y all see it??? Isabela and Mariano together during Antonio's ceremony.
Tumblr media
This whole picture is so great.
Felix pulling up his pants hahaha
Abuela dancing
The marimba, if you haven't heard marimba music for parties, you are really missing out. It is such a huge part for the Latino culture, I think is one of those things that are almost in every Latin American country and I personally really love it, for me it means weddings, festivities and celebration. It can be super active, it can be romantic, it can be background music, it can be the main instrument, I love whenever media includes it, because now that I think about it is not really that feature in movies/series.
Tumblr media
Luisa, always the protector, taking care of abuela when casita was breaking down.
Tumblr media
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