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anime-fan93 · 2 days ago
Hello there! I was wondering if I could have an Encanto matchup?
I'm 17 years and pansexual so I'm fine with any gender matchup :) and as far as looks go I have blueish gray eyes, glasses and atm I have dark brown hair but I plan to dye it purple this week!
I enjoy cosplay, doing makeup, fashion related stuff, playing with animals, listening to Indie music and listening to scary stories compalations on YouTube.
I tend to think of myself as a bit of an introvert. I don't have very many friends but the friends I do have are very important to me and Ive taken them in as family. I also love to help people emotionally and mentally. If someone wants to vent to me I'm 100% okay with it and I do my best to make them feel a little more at ease. Also I can be hyperactive and I like to ramble about different things and I get distracted pretty easily but when it's time to be serious I handle situations pretty well
Thank you so much and I hope you have a great day/night <3
Your request is here!
I match you with...
Tumblr media
She would lose it if you dyed your hair purple lol.
She would find your eyes beautiful, and your glasses would enhance them. She would always tell you that she loved them.
She would never really know about cosplay, but the first time she sees you cosplaying, she would instantly want to do it with you.
She would be nervous to meet your friends but would enjoy hanging out with all of you.
She wouldn't be used to having someone to talk to about her emotions, so it would be hard for her to open up at first, and when she did, she would get emotional.
She would enjoy your rambling and would be invested in anything you talked about while she placed little flowers in your hair.
Thank you for requesting!
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deardolores · a day ago
Hi!! Can I request a match up?
My sign is a cancer
My pronouns are They/she/he and I’m pan, I’m under the age of 18 but is a teenager.
I am 5’2 with rather curly black hair, the tips of the end of my hair is a dark brown. I also have glasses too!
I am an Ambivert person and kinda is a out going person. But I do have social anxiety and tend to not do well in crowds. I get distracted easily and tend to be amazed by the littlest of things. I do get sarcastic at times, but really caring and tend to apologize quite a bit. I def like to create chaos everywhere I go and just make things chaotic and more entertaining.
Hobbies are hanging out with friends, drawing or painting, listening to music, playing pranks on ppl, playing games
Thank you a lot for doing this!!!
I ship you with…
Tumblr media
- You and Camilo love love love to pull jokes on each other. The two of you always try to one up each other with pranks. At times, Casita becomes a war zone.
- As much trouble you two like to cause, you love making others smile more. You’ll scout out someone upset and have Camilo transform into someone they love.
- Camilo adores Casa Madrigal parties. However, he’ll stay inside his room with you when the crowds get too much.
- You love help watching Camilo watch his younger brother. The three of you always coming up with different games.
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squeamishdionysus · 22 days ago
AAAA I saw that you do matchups for Encanto and I dont know if its still open so Im testing my luck here and would like a romantic pair for me! Its fine if it isnt too detailed!
She/Her, Filipina!
_My personality is like Pepa! I relate to ger alot due to me having anxiety disorder and just being stressed even in the slightest thing!
_I adore animals and babies! I would like to take care some of them and of course spoil them a bunch!
_I find the most randomest things funny, though friends describe my energy as very chaotic as well as a diva.
_I am a very emotional person, though I am working on it to not be as obvious as now!
_My love language would be physical affection, I adore hugs a bunch and show my friends how I am greatful of them by doing those or just anything physical alot! I am not very good at words so I guess thats why.
Also happy holidays btw! I hope your would be as great as you! More blessings to come!
Happy holidays to you, too!
Okay, so this may sound really predictable considering what you said about Pepa, but I swear there's more to it than that. I think your perfect match would be Felix Madrigal!
So, obviously, Felix has experience in helping people with anxiety. After all, Pepa is shown to be very anxious and has really big emotions, and I'm his daughter was overstimulated a ton when she first got her gift. He's also been there to comfort Agustin when he was feeling "unceptional," so we already know he's a very sweet and caring person who is willing to help anybody going through a tough time.
He loves children, and I think he would just gush if he saw you coddling or spoiling one like I'm pretty sure he has done before with his own kids. He screams "fun dad" to me, and I love that for him.
He's also quite the performer and comedian. He has a knack for storytelling, and I'm sure he would take every opportunity he could to make you laugh. He also clearly has a thing for women with a strong and attractive personality, so I'm sure he would love your diva side as well!
He will be there to affirm your emotions no matter what you're feeling and will guide you through them so that you don't have a meltdown or overreact to anything. However, he will never invalidate your feelings and will constantly reassure that its okay to be emotional. That's what makes you human, after all!
His love language, in my opinion, is also physical touch. I mean, have you seen the way he seems to hold onto Pepa every chance he can get?! If he's with you, he's most likely got his arm around you. Hugs and cuddles are a must for him, but if you need your space, "say no more amor."
So yeah, I think your perfect match would be the short king, Felix Madrigal!
Tumblr media
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malouloutezz · 11 days ago
hii i’d like to ask for an encanto matchup?
im 14 (15 in june), gemini, isfp and im a huge introvert, im bisexual w no preference
i’m kinda pessimistic, sarcastic and moody a lot? i (most likely) am bipolar, have depression and anxiety, im shy when you first meet me but when we’re friends i’m very talkative and loud and i really love music
i’ve got medium long dark-ish brown hair, im very white, i’ve got hazel eyes and freckles and im 5’5
tysm and so sorry if i forgot anything 😭❤️
your encanto matchup is…
Tumblr media
- ☀︎︎ Camilo Madrigal!
It might be a bit of a surprising pairing considering his usually extroverted nature, but I think it matches perfectly ! (Opposites attract!)
You guys help each other when it comes to your mental state -
Camilo can sometimes get overstimulated with how much his role in the Madrigal family requires him to be such an outgoing character, so having you around really helps him calm down and relax.
You’d sit him down, read him a book with his head in your lap or do painting. He feels so happy when you are around because he doesn’t feel obligated to be energetic, he can be whatever he wants to be with you !! :)
When thoughts start to take over and small hunches turn into factual statements for you, Camilo will ALWAYS stop what he is doing and comfort you.
“ Mariposa, breath with me, okay? Yes, just like that - deep breaths mi Vida.”
He learned from his dad *proud screaming noises*
He knows whenever you are anxious, especially around people you don’t know, and is always seen holding your hand or burying your face in his chest.
You guys met as young kids - around 4 maybe - and instantly Camilo had an unexplained urge to just always be around for you, and promised himself he would always make you smile :)
It could have easily also been love at first sight - since his earliest memory of you keeps getting mixed up with a picture of an Angel he saw in one of his story books.
His second most treasured memory is the first time you really let loose around him - your genuine smile is still etched in his brain and he gets giddy just thinking about it!
His favourite thing is literally your smile. When you are genuinely happy, it’s the most contagious thing ever and his eyes could not be more obvious of the immense amount of love he holds for you.
His first most treasured is the night he asked you out, your blush and tearful eyes forever tattooed in his brain.
You guys are practically attached at the hip.
When you guys spend even a day apart from each other, you’d swap one sock and one shoe and always wear it for the entire day.
He likes to tease you - a lot.
His favourite thing was to call you his wife when addressing you to others, even though you two are still basically kids.
Though it’s always fun to see him get extremely flustered when you gave the same energy back - he is never ready for it!
You guys have the weirdest conversations out loud, ranging from the weather to Camilo accidentally swallowing a live crab.
“[name], if you were Santa, what would you gift the person you hate most in this world?”
“ You.”
Your freckles. My god, this man is gone for them.
He stares at you adoringly for minutes on end almost everyday, mapping out each little freckle like he did the day before.
387. YOU HAVE 387 FRECKLES. He counted yes.
He started crying when he realised he missed one
Your sarcasm is his therapy. Sometimes you don’t even intend to be funny, but it always ends up with him almost dying on the floor from laughter.
Some of his favourite things you have said without thinking:
“Holy mother of triangles-”
“Camilo I swear to god I am going to harvest your toes and pour cement in your ears.”
“Watermelons are absolutely terrifying.”
“If I were to ever have a knife to my throat, I would say ‘I’m too swagger for the dagger’ and I’m confident they will let me go.”
“I’m the living embodiment of ‘it could be worse.’”
MY GOD HE COULD GO ON FOREVER. Your witty yet unintentional humour is his favourite thing about you!
Camilo and you will literally break out into coordinated dance whenever you hear music, it’s magical almost.
Sometimes, you would both sing improv songs to each other. Like songs you think of on the spot.
“Your hair- uhm- is very niiiceeeee. You have very nice naaaillsss. Your ears remind me of earrss-”
“Camilo, stop. Just stop. This hurts to listen to.”
“ I love you too señorita!”
He doesn’t mind it when you get moody - at all! Instead he encourages you to embrace whatever emotion you are feeling, and is always there to support you.
His favourite thing is snuggles.
When it’s been a long day and you still aren’t free to hang out, he’ll run his hand through your hair and pretend it’s you soothing him like always.
Sometimes his sister has walked in and was confused when he just saw Camilo shapeshifted as you, hugging himself.
She knocks now.
Tumblr media
SORRY THIS WAS A LOT 😭😭 I just got distracted in his character bsbshsbshabshsb
also I’m so sorry I didn’t catch your wonderful name so I had to use “[name]”, so sorry!
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ashdreams2023 · 8 days ago
Hi, if it's ok, I would like an Encanto matchup
I'm a seventeen years old bisexual (She/her pronouns), kinda short (5'1 I think, it's 158 cm anyway), with long brown hair, always messy and big brown eyes.
I also have kind of callous fingers, because I play violin.
Anyway, my friends describe me as an introvert that becomes pretty crazy when opens up, I also really like doing dad jokes.
I don't talk much, I prefer to listen (also because I worry about annoying people and being made fun of), and I struggle a lot with self esteem, like, I often don't like myself much, and I always feel like I'm out of context.
I also have the phisical strenght of a noodle, but I love giving and receiving hugs, or, well, simple phisical contact is just so nice.
I really like reading and drawing, or just chill and listen to someone else talking, I also really like fantasy series and music, especially lyrics; generally, I really enjoy a good story, to say so.
I study at a musical High School, so...
Bye :)
Tumblr media
He’s so weak for your big eyes, like literally would melt if you give him puppy dog eyes
Out of pure curiosity he’ll turn into you to see how it feels to have your fingers
He’ll take the dad jokes at least you have a sense of humor he can keep up with
You have low self esteem? Camilo is your boy! He knows how to make you all giddy and confident in a matter of minutes
He’s the type to kiss your hand whenever he meets you and if he gets comfortable enough he’ll give those forehead sweet kisses that make your heart flutter
Camilo has many stories up his sleeve, he’s a madrigal if it wasn’t about his family it’s definitely some gasp he heard from his sister about the people of the town
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camileeon · 14 days ago
May I please get a romantic matchup? My names Ma’Lonnie I use she/her pronouns and I’m a minor. My zodiac is Aquarius and my personality type is INFP. Somethings I like doing are reading, making jokes, playing games on my phone and annoying people. Somethings I don’t like doing are washing dishes, cleaning up and doing homework. I’m very chaotic, loud and, unpredictable. I also have ADHD so my attention span is horrible. My love language is physical touch. I’m 5’2 with brown skin and 4c hair. Random facts about me is people use to call me king rat and I named a random mouse that I found in my house Richard.
Tumblr media
° i honestly feel like you'd be the duo to go and annoy isabella "whoever makes isabella snap first, wins."
° when it's chore duty, he'd probably sneak you out so you could both ditch it at the same time HDJFNJSND
° Camilo is the type to look down on you and tease about your height even if he's just two inches taller than you.
° Even if he's an ass, he'd still be such a gentleman. He's really patient whenever he's with you, need something? He's automatically there.
° You both would probably barge into antonio's room to give a translation of what Richard has to say.
° also would probably use richard in a rat telenovela or musical along with his Tio Bruno's other rats.
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listenercenter · 3 days ago
haiiaiai can u err match me up w/ a character lawl
age: 15 :)
prns: he she xe
personality: im very introverted i thimkk... im really quiet and shy and scared of dogs 😭 i have these sudden bursts of energy though and am energetic around people i like
interests / hobbies: im rlly into binge watching movies / series ! also reading and writing fanfic :)
fandom: encanto :D yayayayy thank u
All right, thanks for the ask! I match you with…
Tumblr media
Camilo Madrigal!
- I think it’s pretty obvious at this pint that I headcanon that Camilo is drawn to quiet people but I totally see him looking at for the first time and being like “holy shit is this love?” And then when he talk to you for the first time and he realizes how cute you are even in conversation he’s internally going “YES IT IS”
- He respects your space and privacy a lot since he knows how shy you are so when you had that little burst of energy around him for the first time he was very surprised. Very pleasantly surprised at that as well.
- He loved seeing that side of you and took full advantage of it so that he could have as much fun with you as humanely possible.
- When you told him that it happens around people you like this mf feel he’s on could nine, he can’t believe that you trust him that much.
- He loves reading with you and he loves watching you write stories. Sometimes he’ll do this thing where he shifts into one of the more stuck-up villagers and “critiques” your writing in a way that’s mocking the person he shifted into. He knows you find it absolutely hilarious and it’s a joke between you too that never gets old.
- Camilo confesses to you by writing his one little story about you two and he acts it out until the end when he’s waits for your response. When you accept he’s super giddy and finishes the play off by dragging you to the “stage” and spinning you around with happiness.
- To help you with your feet of dogs he gets Antonio to help you with this one. He brings a few of his dog friends from the village and lets you play with them until you tart your feel more and more comfortable. Camilo helps you out throughout the whole thing.
- He also loves to bother you when you’re reading because how dare you give a silly few pieces of paper more attention than your dear boyfriend! Fair warning: he will not stop bugging you until you give him your complete and undivided attention.
That’s all! Hope you enjoyed it!
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voidpers0n · 16 days ago
Greetings and salutations, hope I don’t bother you to much. May I please have a romantic matchup for Encanto? I use they/it/he pronouns and I’m pansexual with a preference to masculinity. My Myers Briggs type is INFJ and Enneagram type is 4. My star sign is Taurus, moon sign is Gemini. Im about 4’11..not to happy about it. I’m rather introverted, and can be considered not a people person. I find life a little nihilistic. I’m into dressing in all black and taking a liking to gruesome and morbid things like slashers, Tim Burton, death games, true crime documentaries, poetry, necromancy and anatomy. I also like to visit abandoned hospitals and houses just for fun, along with playing quite a few escape rooms. I just have a genuine comfort in the uncomfortable. I get a lot of monikers from friends in family like "discount babydemonx", "doomer boy kinnie", and "Remake of Daria" before. I’ve come to the conclusion I just scare people off. In reality, I’m intimidated by everyone around me and find it hard to start conversing, which may or may not come off as rude to people. When I finally become comfortable with someone I start to become really sarcastic and joke around with them with witty banter. Most of my humor comes off really insulting, but I’ll apologize and say it’s a joke if it becomes a problem. Even though I do have a hard time understanding physical social cues. Lots of people don’t like me or stay away from me because of my rude behavior. I’m not good with overly sensitive or overly annoying people at all because of that, and I can’t stand kids. Idiocy can get on my nerves too sometimes. I’m a huge animal person though. I have my moments where I can get really feisty, or very quiet and closed off. I’ve been told I’m also a laidback person. I’m the type of person that has lots of opinions on things but I keep them to myself and bottle them up. If pushed far enough I’ll become unforgiving, and aggressive. Especially with the types mentioned above. I find the most comfort in just being in my room drawing, reading and or listening to music ( Deftones, Arch Enemy, MurderDolls, Slipknot, Rob Zombie,,, sometimes Will Wood, McCafferty, Jazmin Bean or Mother Mother, etc. ), or even occasionally playing video games or reading and talking about Greek mythology or some random documentary I read. My interests tend to be very restricted, and I shut down easily getting into new things. I’m a plushie maniac and when I fall asleep you can always see me cuddled up to one of them. I find it because I’m really touch starved. I’m guilty of being very submissive and maybe even masochistic- and a bit of a pyromaniac. I suffer from autism, GERD, depression and anxiety. I have stims where I bite the inside of my cheek, pull my hair, crack or pop my bones, pick at scabs, fidget with my fingers or toy and bounce my leg. I even hiss or squeal when I’m upset. I’ve also been developing a eating disorder. If you do get to this, thanks for your time. - coii
This is my first time so it may not be the most accurate
I match you up with...
Tumblr media
Camilo Madrigal
He was only 30% intimidated,the other 70% was him being quite interested in you
You guys are the definition of Bright and Dark (in clothing style and a bit of personality)
He'd be more than happy to accompany you in visiting an abandoned building
Don't worry about offending him with ur humor much,this boy will bite back
But if he hurts ur feelings,he will immediately apologize.
Both of ur humor combined can sometimes lead to arguments, which is fine,no relationship is perfect and you guys manage to make up in the end
You guys are the "Excuse me! He asked for no pickles" meme
He likes that you're chill, sometimes having to always entertain and help people can get absolutely exhausting,so having someone who isn't overly energetic and is pretty laid-back is like a breath of fresh air to him.
If you ever wanna talk about greek mythology or some documentary then he's willing to listen,he may not understand much but he's putting in an effort to try and keep up
You might have to explain it to him though
He definitely takes advantage of ur height and uses you as an armrest
He likes being the big spoon when cuddling
He'll try and help you with your eating disorder and depression
He's always there to remind you that you're loved and that you're not alone
You love animals? He'll get Antonio to introduce you to some of the animals
A difference between you two is that he likes children,you don't.
Wich is completely fine,he understands that children can be annoying sometimes.
If you don't like the person I've matched you with,you are free to tell me to match you with someone else :]
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supreme-creator-sama · 18 days ago
Hellooo, could I maybe get an encanto matchup?
My names Locket, I use she/they pronouns, and I’m asexual biromantic with a slight male preference.
I’m sort of the definition of an ambivert - I love spending time alone reading or writing, but when I’m with people you can’t get me to shut up. I always have a lot to say. I’m also a theater kid at heart - I love being on stage!
I’m also a creative soul who loves to write and create their own stories. I also love music - singing is so much fun for me, and I play clarinet in my school band and ukulele for fun!
I can be chaotic and all over the place, but I make friends easily. I’m also quick to fall in love and quick to fall out of it.
I want my partner to be someone who see me for who I am, who I have things in common with and who I trust. Someone who’s as just as much a friend as a lover.
Thank you for doing this!
A/N: ohh, I think I know who to match you up with!
Your matchup is... Camilo!
Tumblr media
He loves your energy and how chaotic you can be. I mean, have you seen this hoy? Chaos incarnage, the trickster
You two would wreak so much chaos, I can already see it
He respects when you want some alone time but is quick to welcome you in one of his conversations when you want to join in!
Loves hearing you talk. Be it about a new song you just learned or about how your day was
Talking about song, have I told you that Camilo thinks your siging is fantastic?
He melts whenever he hears you singing or playing any of your instruments
If he hears you singing AND playing the ukulele tho? Alright chief, he just fell for you all over again
He's a bit nervous in the beginning of the relationship, since he knows you are quick to fall in and out of love with somebody
Sees you as an amazing person that he can do pranks with and do little theatre pieces for the kids!
Both of you brainstorm a script and after revising it and fixing it, you both immediately go rehearse it to show it to the entire city
Everybody liked that
I feel like his family would appreciate you loving him for who he is as well, since y'know, being able to turn into a lot of people can cause a really intense identity crisis
So yeah, you love him for who he is and he loves you for who you are! Perfect combo in my opinion
Also, I feel like Dolores also appreciates your singing and she really hopes you two get married some day, just saying :)
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brainrotgobrr · 20 days ago
Can I request an encanto matchup??
My name is mars and I'm a non binary lesbian who falls somewhere in the asexual spectrum
I really love to cook for others. Love physical affection. Struggle with opening up to others. I dissociate a lot. I love any form of art. :)))
Your Encanto Matchup is…Julieta!
Tumblr media
She is so excited that you love cooking as much as she does! You two bonded over your shared interest.
Julieta loves hugging you and cuddling with you; she’s big on physical affection as well!
She’ll never force you to tell you anything, but if you ever need someone to listen to you then she will be there.
You two go to art shows together! You show her all your favorite pieces!
You also often stop in the Encanto to watch the local musicians play and practice, throwing out coins to them!
Before you started dating, you would go to her food cart just to see her, claiming you had some sort of illness or something she couldn’t see; when really you just wanted to see her.
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deardolores · 16 days ago
Matchup Request Forms!
When requesting a ship/matchup, give me at least the following:
- pronouns
- sexuality
- whether you are 18+ or not
- a physical characteristic or two
- some personality traits
- & something that you love!
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squeamishdionysus · 23 days ago
Omg I saw that you were doing encanto fics and matchups and I genuinely squealed lol. I'd love a matchup if that's okay!
Okay, so im pansexual- I don't care about gender at all. I just want someone who can match my chaotic energy lol. I can go from manic to calm really quickly so having someone who can either match me or be the exact opposite is perfect!
My love language is physical touch, but a close second is praise (words of affirmation)
My personality is chaotic. I can be very nervous, but im also the chihuahua of any friend group im in!
Anyways, if you don't want to that's totally fine! Love your work btw
I think your perfect match is: Camilo Madrigal!
I feel like Camilo would be the perfect middle ground for your personality, as he is very goofy and a trickster and just loves to make people smile, yet he has a calm and caring side to him as well. He's learned from the best of the best (Felix Madrigal) how to take care of someone who is anxious or manic, and knows exactly how to handle mood swings. So, he'll be fun and chaotic most of the time, but he can absolutely calm down enough to ground you if you get too in your head.
Camilo's love language is most likely a mix of touch and acts of service, so expect to absolutely be pampered when you're with him. He loves giving you light little kisses here and there, and holding your hand when you walk places together or even if you're just sitting down. He'll help you with any work you need to do if it gets to be too much, and is never hesitant to do a favor for you. If you're sick, upset or just need a break, he will absolutely bring you anything you need; tea, blankets, hugs, you name it. The boy just has so much love to give (yes, he knows he sounds like his sister's boyfriend), and will shower you in every last bit of it if you let him.
So yes, sorry if this was short, but your ideal match would be Camilo Madrigal!!
Tumblr media
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madrigalfics · 6 days ago
I am a minor >:]] and I like any gender! I have dark brown hair that shifts slightly red in the sunlight that’s more straight than it is wavy, and I’ve been told it’s very soft! :D I’m Filipino so food is very important to me!! And family!! I grew up watching telenovelas so I can be quite dramatic when I want to be!!
I’ve been told I’m a little naive at times, maybe a little bit silly, but I like making people laugh so I tend to use that to make them laugh!! I like to listen to people when they’re upset, because I know how important it is to have someone who’s willing to just be there and listen and let you know you’re not alone. But sometimes I get exhausted too so there are times where I’ll just curl up in bed and recuperate!!
I have picked up so many hobbies that I have mountains of books and supplies for that are just collecting dust at this point 😭 but I’ve consistently liked drawing, hiking, painting, reading, writing, singing and eating sweets!!! >:]
When it comes down to it, I’m not really much of a goal minded person! I’m not itching to do something great in life— I just want to live a happy life!! And whenever I can I want to make sure other people live a happy life too!!
That’s all I think!! Not really much to say about me tbh!! But I hope you have a wonderful day, Reni!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
ok ok so i thought about this for a little because i had two options but i’m leaning towards camilo!!
Tumblr media
this DORK would try so hard to befriend you
he’s seen you around before, and omg he was floored
he would definitely pester mirabel about you
just because i feel like mirabel would be your bff
“do you happen to know what she likes? maybe? c’mon mira! do your favorite primo a favor.”
she tells him to talk to you himself
so he does just that (after pep talking himself of course)
talking to you was the best decision he’s ever made
he’s so interested in everything you say and do it’s cute
he notices how similar you and him are and then he’s head over heels
he subconsciously begins to pick up your hobbies
ok let’s skip to the relationship yeah
he loves watching you do anything you love
he’s like ❤️___❤️ with literally anything you do fr
u like painting?? he’ll watch you as you paint, hugging you from behind and resting his head on ur shoulder
always compliments your paintings
like they won’t even be finished and he’s all like
and you’ve only just touched ur brush to the canvas
he’ll watch you lovingly as you draw too
you just look so cute and concentrated he can’t help it
you’ll draw him sometimes when he’s not looking
he gets curious one day and looks at ur drawings when ur not around
poor baby is in tears
he’ll definitely keep a few
camilo struggles with his identity, having to shapeshift into people to be ‘useful’
seeing the way you see him, how you love him for him
god he could sob in joy
omg and reading read to him or let him read to you
sit next to him and lean your head on his shoulder and start reading he’ll automatically drop everything just to read with you
and he thinks your voice is the most soothing thing ever
like seriously he could fall asleep to it
speaking of which
he adores it when you sing to him
“your voice is that of an angel, mi vida.”
he’ll plead you to sing him to sleep
do that and run your hands through his curls
he’s on cloud 9
camilo likes how your so caring and you listen to him
but he wants to be the same for you
he wants you to confide in him the way he confides in you
he’ll always remind you how much he loves you and how you can tell him anything
he’s so in love with you the end
not the end i’m kidding here have a drabble ❤️
“Can I move yet?”
you huffed at Camilo’s words, putting your paintbrush down.
“Milo, you’ve been saying that every 15 minutes.” you respond, shaking your head. Your boyfriend merely grins and shrugs.
“This is a long time to be still for me.”
“Hey, you agreed to this!”
He pouts, moving over to stand behind you and observe your work so far. As always, he’s amazed by what you can do with just a brush, an empty canvas, and a muse. His heart flutters at the careful detail you put into his portrait. Even after many times he’s allowed you to paint him, he’s still stunned by how beautifully you view him.
“This is gorgeous, amor.” Camilo’s words are nothing but the truth, and he wraps his arms around you from behind. His head rests on your shoulder, and you can’t stop your heart from speeding up at the action.
“of course it is, it’s you.” you quipped, placing a kiss on his nose before unraveling yourself from him. You scan your work, occasionally glancing at Camilo to make sure you got everything down. Maybe it was also an excuse to look at him a little longer. You failed to notice his teary eyes, the endearing way he looked at you and your painting. You had no idea the impact such a small comment could do to him.
The impact such a grand gesture, such as your painting of him, could do to him. It was no secret to the two of you that Camilo struggled with his identity, having to shapeshift into people who weren’t him relentlessly. There were times where he wouldn’t even be able to recognize himself. In those times, you’d hold him close. Whisper sweet nothings to him, sing to him softly.
You were always the one who calmed him down. You made him feel like him, you made him realize just how important and unique he is. He was overwhelmed by your love, in the best way. He couldn’t help but want to show you his appreciation in the ways he knew how.
you hummed in response, adding finishing touches to your canvas. Camilo spins you around, leaning in to connect your lips. The paintbrush falls from your hands as you choose to wrap your arms around your boyfriend instead, pulling him closer. He holds you tight even after pulling away, as if you’d disappear if he let go. It’s then that you notice his wet cheeks, stained with tears.
One of your hands instinctively reach up to hold his face as you kiss his tears away. He smiles, such a bright smile despite the tears still spilling from his eyes.
“Que cosa, cariño?” you ask, your voice calm and gentle. Camilo shakes his head, grabbing the hand you had on his cheek to bring to his lips. He places a soft kiss to your wrist before pulling you in again.
“Nada. Todo esta perfecto.”
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malouloutezz · 11 days ago
hi !! if it's alr, can i ask for a romantic encanto matchup ehe :> my name is lizen, bi, she / her, im a minor and im filipino !!
im very short, standing at 4'11 :'] i have shoulder length black hair, im pretty pale, dark brown eyes. i have a pretty high pitched voice and that matched w my height and baby face makes me pass off as a child which my friends sht on me for :'D
my humor is broken. dad jokes, wisps, DEEZ NUTS JOKES, a picture of an m&m ; sht like this can make me lose oxygen. making me laugh is seriously not difficult and my friends are constant victims of dn jokes. only one friend tolerates em simply bc she finds em hilarious too 😭😭😭
i really like drawing and painting,, im a pretty artsy person, i can play piano, ukulele and guitar, i also enjoy baking, reading, writing and i have a slight addiction to games— esp gacha ones. genshin impact is denting my wallet atm ×v× sleep deprived, and a workaholic. idk what my school did to me bc as much as i hate working, when i have nothing to do, i itch to find sumn to work on bc i feel useless and lost wo any work to finish 8_8 i also like mundane activities like people watching, star gazing, flowercrown making, arts n crafts, cloud gazing and stuff when i need some space to cool off.
i personally see myself as an ambivert leaning introvert !! im pretty shy and i hate confrontations and public speaking, but close friends and family would describe me as loud and energetic ehe :> many have claimed that im the social butterfly of the group and could be friends w people easily after i overcome the pre-introduction jitters and call me a " happy pill " of sorts. they say i have a nurturing personality and am a good listener and that i have a thing that make people comfortable naturally. but i do have a social battery that runs out depending on how much socializing i do dhdkdh if it runs out, i just feel exhausted, dizzy and overwhelmed and my fam is pretty social so i find myself moping and groaning when they drag me out to get togethers when imnot feeling like it,,,
there's also a handful of people that said they were taken aback by how i act bc they assume im some sorta regina george bc of my resting face T__T idk if im really that scary, ion try to be aaa my friends also flame me on an open grill when i laugh— bc i have this thing where i tear up when i laugh loads. im a crybaby, literally place a plant in front of me and ill find some way to cry over it for at least 4 hours straight. also vticklish. parents' angel daughter that sets a good example in public but i admit that im a lil sht behind closed doors,,, i have my fair share of mischief and i do enjoy bugging / lovingly bullying my friends and my lil brother from time to time bc as much as i love my position as peacekeeper,, it's fun to mess w people for a change LMFAOOO
sorry if it's so long skdhjd never done this before so i wasn't sure on what to do aaa tysm and it's totally ok if you decide not to do it ehe have an amazing day love take care mwah<3
you sound so cool btw please tell me all your dn jokes i wOULD LOVE THEM. 😤
your encanto matchup is…
Tumblr media
- ☀︎︎ Mirabel Madrigal!
yes. Just yes.
Mirabel is a VERY artsy person, so i feel like you two met when you were sketching near a river and she just had to come up to you and just boast about how talented she thinks you are !!
It was a pleasant surprise when you became comfortable enough around her to let your energetic side come out, she still remembered how she spaced out just staring at your bright smile at some dumb joke.
She will never admit it, but when she first started crushing on you, she would say and stretch out your name when she was bored or have trouble sleeping.
“LIZEN. Lizen. Liiiiiizzzeeeeeeennnnn. LiiiiiizZEEEENNN. Lizen. Liiiiii-”
Dolores gave her the glare in the morning.
If she could pinpoint the moment she fell in love with you, probably was when you bumped into a palm tree - apologised profusely - realised it was a tree - and cried because you were worried you had maybe woken up the birds in the tree from their sleep.
“ Lizen, it’s okay! You didn’t do anyth-”
Threw up once because she could not stop laughing 🧍‍♀️
The time you two laughed the hardest, it was when you looked to your left and saw a literal singular coconut on the ground just sitting there and you almost died. Your laugh is contagious, so she joined in without even knowing what you were laughing at. It lasted 12 minutes and everyone gave you a weird stare when passing you two 😬
She likes to make fun of your voice, but in a loving way.
She’d just come up to you on the streets and squish your face and say
You tend to overwork yourself sometimes, especially when it comes to tasks for other people. Mirabel will always be there in 2 seconds top, forcing you out of whatever your doing and choke you with cuddles!
Her favourite thing to do with you is break into her mothers cabinet of ingredients and make whatever you want!
Sometimes you’d make up something entirely new, like a weird pizza but made out of watermelon. You swore one you accidentally made a whole new periodic element but out of pure panic you drank it.
It’s safe to say she stuffed your face with as many of her moms arepas she could fit after that.
You and her together made a pretty mischievous duo, so in your free time you would find ways to prank Camilo. Yknow, just to give him a taste of his own medicine 💪
yoUR HEIGHT. She could go on forever about it.
I imagine her to be around 5’5, so she likes to do that annoying thing where she pretends she can’t see you.
Like she’d lean her elbow on your head and say, “Hmmmmm, I wonder where Lizen is-”
“Mirabel Madrigal I am going to count to three.”
Just like you, there is a point where social interactions can become too much. Your presence was natural to her, so her favourite thing to do was rewind with you and just read a book or paint in silence with each other!
You should never have mentioned your ticklish trait. Because now that is all she does.
Trying to reach something? TICKLES. Playing the piano? TICKLES. Baking? TICKLES. Just cuddling in peace? Take a wild guess. TICKLES.
Whenever you laugh to the point you cry, she always takes a mental picture of it. She thinks you are so so sO PRETTY, so you with your most genuine smile and your eyes glistening is something she would die for over and over again.
You guys always do a dorky handshake whenever you see each other, but otherwise it’s a kisskiss 😤
Again, weird conversations. The weirdest one Tio Bruno stumbled in was,
“Lizen, I don’t think that’s such a good idea. Remember last time you tried to fish?”
“Mirabel, that explosion was completely unrelated.”
“I’m sorry wHAT-”
She is so supportive of your music. You love to play it and she would often request you to play for her!
She has trauma from the first time she fell for your deez nuts jokes.
“Mirabel, mi amor, have you seen Candice?”
“Oh no I haven’t, who’s Candice?”
She remembers your evil smirk and Camilo with wide eyes slowly backing out of the room.
It was a nightmare.
Tumblr media
AA I HOPE THIS WAS ALRIGHT !! And I wrote this over my lunch break so for all the other encanto matchup requests dw I’ll get to them!!
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ashdreams2023 · 10 days ago
Would it be possible for an Encanto match up?
I'm 5"2 and heavy built, Caucasian with pinkish hair and I need glasses and hearing aids, which can be a bugger (Also from the UK). Not too accident prone but very much a lack of spacial awareness, wouldn't be surprised if I have dyspraxia. I am autistic and I see myself as pansexual. Not too fussed with what's in the pants, long as they're nice 👌
Tumblr media
Your hair color is one of his favorite things, so different and matches you very well
If you happen to forget where you placed your glasses or hearing aids he’ll send the rats looking for them for you
He’s very gentle and notices the smallest things, if you even have a scratch he’ll notice right away
"Amor you need to be more careful, now come on I’ll patch you up"
The most considerate person you’ll ever meet, very patient and understanding of people around him
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camileeon · 11 days ago
hi! i was wondering if i could get a romantic encanto matchup? i’m a minor, i use she/they and my names holly!
im short (like 5’2) and i hate when people call me short like shut up i’ll beat you up 👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽 i won’t actually but still. i’ve got brown curly hair, brown eyes and pretty tan, and im arab so i make good good naturally 🙄 and i’m british so i have a very harsh northern accent smh
i am actually a pretty good cook, and i like writing and reading in my free time. i also love debates and arguing (but only with stupid people that deserve to be argued with)
im pretty loud and confident, and ive my laugh is extremely funny ive been told (cackle, wheeze, snort, wheeze, cackle it’s a very consistent pattern) but apparently i look very intimidating and scary when you first meet me? 😭
Tumblr media
° (from previous ask) would play volleyball with you around encanto's streets and is good at it.
° but there would always be the instance of sending it flying through a window or end up breaking something--
° when you both first met, he'd flirt with you or try to soften you up by kissing your hand but is actually a tiny bit scared from your intimidating aura.
° would argue/debate with you about stupid topics.
° “is water wet?” “camilo what?-” “what?”
° he'd love how you would laugh, and would challenge you to a competition of who has the funniest wheeze among you two.
° asks you to make food for him because he doesn't wanna bother his Tia, would also drag you to the kitchen if you wouldn't get up.
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listenercenter · 3 days ago
I want a matchup in Encanto:D
Hi,I'm 14 and my pronouns are she/he/they
My personality is kinda complicated but I'm a tsundere/Himedere/Kuudere
Me being a kuudere is like in public I don't really show emotions and can come of as cold even tho I don't really mean it-
Tsundere are from close friends who would teased me endlessly (I'm also short tempered)
Himedere is when I'm in a relationship,I prefer to be treated like royalty in relationships(if my partner can't handle it then it's their problem for dating me)
My hobbies are reading books or any fairy tales.Writing stories, drawing random stuff or if I'm motivated enough I'd draw a person.I'm also kinda germphobic-
I also like exploring and going to different places,trying something new.Or I'd be daydreaming in one place,I really love listening to music and sometimes when I'm confident or alone I would sing.That's basically all(´ε`*)
Now do your magic and match me up(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
And my magic I shall grant you! I match you with…
Tumblr media
Camilo Madrigal!
- Even with your cold personality (or at least how it came off at first) he was mesmerized by you— in fact that’s the reason he came and struck up a conversation with you in the first place! You were just so mysterious and cool!
- When your friendship would evolve to close friends eventually he would tease the living daylights out of you. All. The. Time. Of course he’s considerate and he knows and respects your boundaries but he really just loves seeing your reaction (bear with him on this one he can’t really help it)- He eventually confessed to you with what you thought was another one of his pranks but then he kissed you and you were like “oh shit he’s not playing 🧍” and boom you guys became a couple
- He treats you even BETTER than royalty once you guys have an established relationship he never lets you lift a damn finger. AND THE WAY HE PAMPERS YOU OH MY LORD
- He loves buying books for you and acting out fairy tales like urban legends
- Sometimes he’ll just plop a random item in front of you whenever you have your sketchbook in hand and he’ll even encourage you to start drawing people more often by shifting into different villagers
- Likes to gross you out cause he knows how you feel about germs but again, he knows the boundaries
- LOVES exploring outside of the village with you, it gives him inspiration for dates he wants to take you on in the future and he’s all for trying to things all the time, it’s always a lot better he’s doing it with you though ;)
- I won’t lie, he does get a bit concerned when he sees you zoning out for too long but after he snaps you out of it, it’s pretty much all in good fun for him.
- He loves singing with you on picnic dates or whenever you too are just chilling together. Dolores loves listening to you two singing, she finds it so beautiful.
That’s all, I really hope you like it!
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voidpers0n · 15 days ago
Hihiiiiiii may I request a matchup?
I am a Filipino, minor, female and straight ally, I am 5’1, I have short black hair with some yellow dye, dark brown eyes and on the chubbier side, I am known as the Mom in my friend group cause I usually keep them in line, I am a introvert who doesn’t rlly talk much but I get more chatty and clingy when you get to know me, I am also very much a crybaby, I cry anything cause I am rlly sensitive- I have a pet male dog named Ziggy, I dont have many hobbies, I just like reading and listening to music, I am a pretty bad liar when ppl try to get info out cause I usually stay quiet and stutter, I get scared easily so I dont like it when I watch horror movies or someone pranks me, I just hate it- but I am just too forgiving and nice for me to be mad at them as people say about me-
Hope this isn’t too muchhhh
I match you with.....
Tumblr media
Bruno Madrigal
I feel like his type is someone who's motherly
So you being the Mom friend works perfectly for him
The more talkative you get around him,the more he falls in love with you.
So you say you're a bit chubby? Thats great! Good for hugs! This man is touchstarved as hell,wich is probably understandable due to the fact he literally lived in the walls for years
He may not be the strongest but if anyone hurts you he will try and fight them (even if it means he gets hurt)
He'll try not to say anything that might hurt ur feelings
He comforts you when you cry
Both of you are pretty clingy so hugs and cuddles are pretty common in ur relationship
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supreme-creator-sama · 20 days ago
Hello!! I'm here for an Encanto Matchup please! This is @hopepunk-fanfics btw, that's my side blog!
My preferred pronouns are She/They and I'm bisexual. I'm a metalsmith and writer, and I usually try to break the ice in relationships by giving gifts like metal roses and such. I'm very much a jack of all trades and have a bunch of skills, even if I'm a master of none.
Much like Bruno I can be very superstitious and I knock on wood, as well as pace a lot. I'm only 4' 10" tall (147 cm) despite being an adult because I've got a lot of health conditions. I have some crazy stories and like to ramble, explaining things is a hobby of mine lmao.
I have autism so I'm both awkward and a little hyperactive. I'm very much a tomboy, I may wear a skirt but only like 2 times a year lol.
Thanks so much!! I can't wait to see my results, you're the best hun!
A/N: Omg, hi!! Thank you for the matchup you did for me, I liked it a lot! I hope you like your matchup as well and thank you for requesting!
I shipp you with... Luisa!
Tumblr media
First of all, she absolutely loves seeing you work on either writing or metalsmithing (I had to search what that was and IT LOOKS SO COOOL)
She's very amazed with all the skills that you have like, holy moly so many skills
She loves bringing you materials for you to work with
Whenever you give her a metal rose she just "OMG THIS IS SO COOL" and kinda falls for you even harder. This happens every time, she never stops being impressed with what you do
Luisa loves hearing your stories when she's not working, heck, even when she's doing something around the village!
She's aware of your multiple health condition and is extremely careful whenever you're walking around town with her
She always keeps some arepas on her in case of an emergency
Luisa is already used to being the tall one of the family, so you being short doesn't change much for her tbh
Will fetch something thats too high for you, you can count on thay
Since you have Bruno's habits of knocking on wood and being superstitious, Luisa is already used to it
Doesn't mind your Hyperactive behaviour, she enjoys being around someone so energetic
Luisa also doesn't mind you being awkward and is very understanding with you
Also really likes the way you dress! Gets surprised when you decide to wear a skirt and will compliment you on how you look everyday
"But I wore this outfit yesterday"
"You still look beautiful!"
A/N: Hope you liked it!
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rexy26 · 17 days ago
I would like an Encanto matchup! My name is Kennie. I am a minor, and I use all pronouns! I'm funny, clever, aggressive, energetic, optomistic. Sun sign Leo, Moon sign Cancer, Rising sign Virgo. I love romances and comedies. I love all genres of music. My favorite color is pink. I am chubby and have freckles all over my face. I have greyish blue eyes and a black pixie cut. I’m pale. I wear glasses. 5’7. I have a birthmark on my neck that looks like vampire bites. ( srry ran out of space )
Tumblr media
Matchup: Camilo
<3 I definitely see camilo with you!!
<3 Yall would listen to different music together and make playlists for each other
<3 I think he would like someone a chubby partner, mainly for cuddling with and also just ✨SOFT✨
<3 You guys would make constellations out of each others freckles
<3 Would def watch rom-coms just to make fun of them
<3 I feel like he really likes your eyes cause it reminder him of partly cloudy days, or the ocean
<3 Adventure dates are definitely yalls go-to, or anything new for both of you. You guys just like experiencing new things together
<3 Basically you guys are the very much a comedic couple. You would help Camilo with his pranks a lot
Funny incorrect quotes:
Camilo: Bro- 
Kennie: No, no, hold up, rewind. 
Kennie: My tongue was down in your throat just a second ago and now you're calling me bro??
Kennie: Can I have 2 straws with that milkshake? 
Camilo: Aww- 
Kennie: With 2 straws, I can drink it double as fast!
Kennie: That was so hot, Camilo. 
Camilo: I literally called the person who just flirted with you a degenterate dog and told them I hope they get dragged through the streets. 
Kennie: I'm so in love with you.
Free funny video
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