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ichigobunsss · 3 days ago
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Pepa!🌤♡ And her many emotions✨
Okay this is prob my fave out of the madrigal cosplay's i've done lololI (plz excuse the bad editing lmao)
heres my insta!! https://www.instagram.com/natasharomeroo/
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Modern Madrigal Watchlist:
Disney Princess Movies/Shows
Victoria Secret shows
Any Pageant Shows available to watch
Horror Movies
Monsters Inc.
Wizard of oz
K-Pop related stuff
Marvel Stuff
Spy / Action Movies
Any sports stuff
Brooklyn 99
Musicals (movies)
Modern Family
Elena of Avalor
My Hero Academia? IG?
The Owl House (please support)
The Lion Guard
Top Wing
PAW Patrol
Ducktales (reboot obviously)
Any other kids shows that had animals on it
(He needs to be 9 years old to watch Regular Show bye)
Comment down if there's more.
camilo had a Hamilton phase. discuss. also, antonio being a PAW patrol fan is so cute, i love the funky lil guy sm 🫂
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encantoaushoplookedits · 26 days ago
encanto modern au outfit layouts (without all the headcanons)
Part 2
(part 1)
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Abuela Alma
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sleazyandplush · 10 days ago
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7 foot frame and all that...🐀🐀🐀
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bowlofworms · 11 days ago
Modern! Encanto AU where most everything is the same but their gifts are just a lot less… pronounced.
Townsperson: Those are the Madrigals. They’re kinda weird but we don’t mess with them because they’re weirdly nice.
Mirabel is the most “normal” of them all and it freaks everyone out. She ends up translating the weird most of the time.
Also I’ve decided that the everyone is a bit younger and the kids are a little closer in age. Isabela is about 12, Dolores 11, Luisa 9, Mirabel and Camilo 7ish, and Antonio is still 5. All the adults are age adjusted appropriately.
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carlaerosie · 4 days ago
Camilo *writing a tweet*: I spend too much time on here I’m leaving gonna miss you all
Camilo *replying to this tweet*: I’ll be back in 2 minutes
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imactually200rats · a month ago
Modern AU Camilo would definitely make among us jokes. Ironically, of course [most of the time] but it still hurts <3
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sagittarious12 · 15 days ago
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You cannot tell me Bruno wouldn’t wear this if encanto was set in modern years, like no, I will die on this hill
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rumiko-sama · 11 days ago
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I'm really in love with Bruno madrigal and I can't ≥﹏≤ I adore this puppy eyed rat lover man!!!
I definitely have a little story planed and Im looking to make a little comic ♡
I have sum more drawings of him and be and I'm gonna post them in a little wile I wanna get the story straight first ≧ω≦
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pinkchococo · 29 days ago
modern Dolores to be either:
An ASMRist
A librarian
Having her own tea/drama channel on YouTube or a podcast platform
Or a journalist !
What else y’all got?
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kude-kude · 19 days ago
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ok so. ik it doesn’t look too different but. Encanto modern AU?? For the sole purpose of making Camilo a theatre kid? Because I believe Encanto is set pre-internet? Like they still have their powers n stuff and probably still live in like a small town but??
so yes. Random info and HCs under the cut 👌
- Has chameleon memorabilia all over the place in his room. Plus he either has a jade chameleon earring OR a necklace that he hides under his sweater thing
- Dyshporia hoodie but make it a sweater
- Arctic Monkeys fan probably (the AM album is his favorite)
- Definitely a hopeless romantic
- Also Will Wood and The Tapeworms. He loves them too. (I/Me/Myself is one of his favorites :D)
- All of my headcanons on my oh so popular post still apply to Modern Camilo, except maybe the jabs at Bruno.
- Wants to be a musician OR a comedian. (Why not both?)
- Charismatic as hell both in real life and online. Has a plethora of online friends, school friends, maybe even a platonic spouse or two.
- Therapist friend
- Hates being short and lies about his height online
- Upon seeing someone with earbuds in IRL, he’ll run up, steal one, put it in, and compliment their music taste if he likes it. He might even talk about it a bit with them if he knows the artist/song. He’s gotten quite a few numbers this way, actually
- He seems really extroverted and charismatic but if you know him well and he trusts you then you know he’s a nervous wreck on the inside.
- probably comes across as narcissistic and douchey sometimes
- He steals food still, but in a more sneaky and less obvious way.
- He likes making fun of people online
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gummie-does-the-art · 3 days ago
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Modern Mirabel!
Which modern madrigal would you like to see next?
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Modern Madrigal AU:
Camilo: Ask me a question
Mirabel: Is Jay-Z really your favourite artist?
Camilo: Yes obviously
Dolores: Lie
Mirabel: Or is your favourite artist really Taylor Swift?
Camilo being sarcastic: No
Dolores: Lie
Camilo: Alright fine, She is.
Camilo whispering: She makes me feel things
Follow @shardies1470 for more headcanons.
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encantoaushoplookedits · 26 days ago
encanto modern au outfit layouts (without all the headcanons) 
Part 1
(part 2)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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that-1-masked-wierdo · 27 days ago
Hey so uhh im here to give you modern au camilo art. Yes thats all just art . While I’m working on some writing things admire this hc Camilo.
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My mom told me they look like bruno but young because of the hair.
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2yara · a month ago
What computer games would Madrigal family play in modern au?
Abuela probably wouldn’t play anything until Mirabel/Camilo introduced her to Zuma, Minesweeper and other old Microsoft games
Julieta and Agustin would play something like Sudoku and Mariokart(when kids ask to play together) in their free time.
Pepa and Felix like playing moving games! Like Just Dance, Kinect Adventures or Kinect Rush. Moving makes them gaining serotonin(which I don’t understand). Kids often join them:D
Bruno likes retro games like Pac-Man, Tetris, or something else on old console. But sometimes gets invited to play with kids online multiplayer games where he doesn’t understand what to do.
Isabela liked playing dressing games before. Now she plays RPG online and crush 13yo children like a punk she is now
She still plays games where you can decorate clothes and interior with plants.
Dolores likes to play Point & Click games. And escape rooms. She also likes detective games and tries to predict who’s killer
She hates playing multiplayer/online games because it’s annoys her even more due to her gift. And nobody calls her to play Fortnite because she hears where are everyone. But sometimes she likes playing Jackbox with family.
Luisa LOVES to play farming games. Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing, all of it. Just relaxing and no hasting
Sometimes she plays multiplayer games with Mira and Camilo, but it often disturbs her even more so. No multiplayering.
Oh yeah. Mirabel and Camilo. Yes. Them. Those 15yo gremlins of the family. You often can hear them yelling at game or each other while playing a game. They play al sorts of online multiplayer games. Dota, LoL, Fortnite, Minecraft, Roblox, Genshin Impact, you call ‘em! But they do want to play with fam’s too. So they call cousins to play multiplayer games. Or host Jackbox games to play with all of the family.
At last, but not least, we have Antonio. He probably not allowed to play computer games that often, but he likes games with animals.
Tonito would always watch how Luisa plays Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing.
Helps Dolores in finding things in Point&Click games.
Likes to makes dresses with Isabela.
Loves to dance with mami Pepa and papi Felix.
Tries to solve Sudokus with tia Julieta and tio Agustin.
Doesn’t understand how Tetris works after many attempts of Bruno trying to explain it, but still likes to watch colorful blocks on tio Bruno’s screen.
And excitedly helps Abuela play Zuma and match those rocks together.
Everyone likes it when Antonio watches them play.
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Dolores, texting: Nose
Dolores: I just typed “nose” with my nose :)
Camilo: Heart
Dolores: What the fuck?
Dolores: Bro, are you okay?
Dolores: CAMILO?
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c-rose2081 · 28 days ago
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Waiting on Miracles AU
- 100% a brain dump from when I was sketching, god I have so much going on already -
15 years ago, Bruno lost his eldest sister as her third and smallest child was brought into the world. 15 years ago, Bruno became the surrogate father to three beautiful girls as their true father fell to his grief and couldn’t take care of them anymore. 15 years ago, they formed a little broken family of their own, pulled together by loss, and kept together by a thread.
The move to California from Colombia wasn’t easy, but Bruno couldn’t care for three girls on his own. His own mother was old now and had just lost a daughter, and his middle sister already had a large family of her own to deal with. So he sought the help of his estranged brother Oscar, who lived seemingly an entire world away. And they settled down to live a simple little life in a bustling city far from home.
15 years later, spirited Isabela and responsible Luisa are both in college, and his youngest Mirabel is struggling day by day through her classes. Their bills are piling up, and Bruno’s career as a writer is stale. Only Oscar is keeping them afloat, but for how long? He worries for his little family, worries what might happen if he can’t make ends meet. His eldest’s are adults now, and he trusts them. But Bruno can’t lose Mirabel, his daughter in all but blood.
He isn’t expecting the surprise call from his brother. A call that changes everything.
“Bruno, Hermano! Great news. Remember those tapes you sent in? Mirabel’s tapes? They love her. They want her man - it’s a big studio. A famous studio. Brother of mine, it’s going to be huge. You have to get her down here right now.”
Bruno knew he should’ve been ecstatic. Mira used to dream of singing and acting ever since she could walk. She used to put on shows and write music. She was truly a shining star in his dark little world. But she was struggling so much now. Struggling in school, struggling with herself. And what had he done? Sent in her secret audition tapes behind her back? Bruno sank in his chair and panicked.
What was he going to do now?
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chileanon · 6 days ago
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Posting it here for posterity’s sake.
This is a localization I made for the threads on snowchan.org
Link to original source in Korean:
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shardies1470 · 16 days ago
Modern Madrigal AU
It's an alternative universe where Encanto is set on the modern times (2010s era). Every character still has their powers but the plot is them trying to explore the modern world and tries to get used to it (and it's Modern Family vibes). Not sure if Mirabel has powers in this AU but feel free to suggest some ideas about it. The Headcanons we rant on @incorrectmadrigalfamilyquotes are from this AU. Feel free to draw some sketches and stuff. There are a few rules in this AU if you want to participate. First, no incest ships like please they're Family. Second, no mentions of the pandemic especially if it's just from Bruno's visions, this is set before the pandemic. Third, it's okay to add romance in the AU but except for minor characters like Camilo, Mirabel, and little Tonito. And Lastly, no antagonizing every existing characters, make an O.C. if you want antagonists.
That's all, you can also spread this AU to other social media platforms like TikTok, etc. Tag me if there are interesting arts and headcanons about the AU. Feel free to share some ideas about it by asking me on my inbox or post one on your own. Remember to have fun and everyone is free to have their opinions about this AU.
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