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Seven foot frame, rats along his back
fanart by IG @lydsirabella
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Sisters Madrigal
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Bruno and his throwing sugar. Explanation.
Like, I know by now eveyone is aware that he throw salt to keep the bad luck away, but, do you know why he throw sugar too?
Let me explain something (I’m a latin AND witch btw): the salt in witchcraft is used as a way to repel negativity and bring protection. But sugar? Sugar is an attractor. Is used mostly to bring good things like good luck and health.
And WHEN he throw it? After Mirabel hit her elbow.
Tumblr media
Hit the elbow in some latin cultures is a omen of suddenly bad luck. That’s why Bruno looks so SHOCKED when he hear her hit her elbow and proceeds to knock on wood, hold his breathe, cross finger and throw salt to cancel any bad omen, and then sugar, for the good luck and to heal her elbow.
Bruno, babe, you are a witch...
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it said requests are open in your bio 💃🏽
Camilo / Dolores / Isabela with an s/o who's
a mute? if it makes sense idk I'm hungry and don't know what I'm saying
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairings: Camilo Madrigal x GN Reader, Dolores Madrigal x GN Reader and Isabela Madrigal x GN Reader
Genre: Fluff
Synopsis: Camilo, Isabela and Dolores with a mute s/o
Tumblr media
Camilo Madrigal
Camilo doesn't really care if you're mute or not, as long as you're you then he doesn't care about anything because he loves you for you
Sometimes he forgets that you're mute and he asks you why you don't talk and you give him a certain look then he realizes and apologizes immediately
Camilo does wonder why you're mute and asks you about it time to time but if it's something rooted from trauma then he won't push you to answer it
He really wants to hear what your voice sounds like though but he'll wait until you talk again but that's if you do but he won't push you though
Sometimes he wonders how someone could just not talk, he can't stop talking for a minute!
He's impressed because he doesn't know anybody other than you who just couldn't talk for more than five minutes
Camilo doesn't know sign language but he'll learn just for you
Dolores Madrigal
Dolores actually loves that you're mute because it's perfect for her hearing, sometimes even talking a bit loud next to her will hurt her ears so you being completely silent is just right
Dolores likes to tell you gossip that she's not supposed to tell anyone because she knows that you won't tell anyone well that's if you don't write it down or sign it to someone else
Dolores actually knows sign language because the first time she got her gift, talking hurt her ears too much so everyone in the family just learned sign language, well except camilo because he wasn't even born yet and when he was old enough to learn, dolores was already used to her gift
Dolores wonders why and how you don't talk because she can't stop talking for the life of her but she doesn't ask you as not to be rude
Sometimes, dolores gets spooked by you if you walk up to her randomly especially if you walk quietly even though she can hear you breathing as she's used to hearing people call out for her when they walk up to her
If you don't know sign language and just writes in notes, then dolores would actually teach you sign language in english and spanish because she knows both
Isabela Madrigal
Isabela doesn't really care that much because she knows sign language so it's just like any other relationship with her
Isabela always has to swat camilo away because he's always asking you how you can not talk for so long even if you tell her that it's fine if he has questions
Isabela sometimes wonders why you don't talk and she'll ask you once and if you don't wanna tell her then she won't ask anymore until you're ready to tell her
Isabela does wonder what your voice sounds like a lot of times but if you don't ever what to talk then she's fine with that because it's your choice if you want to speak or not
You scare her a lot whenever you walk up to her because she can't hear you
I don't have that much to say for isa because, she doesn't really care or treat you different nor does it affect her
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My gift wasn’t helping the family… but uh… But I love my family, you know… I just don’t know how to…
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These posts are getting quite a bit of traction, so here's a part 3 to the Q&A from Director Jared Bush over on Twitter!
You can find Part 1 and 2 here!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I'll continue making parts as I find interesting bits of trivia and lore in his responses!
Pt. 3/?
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half bun, in white, disheveled hair and his lipstick stained face
I drew fanart of chapter 15 of this young adult bruno x reader ao3 fic, larger than life by pathetic_fallacy
Send them love and let them know i made this! That chapter made me feel all kinds of 💓🥵
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Bruno Madrigal - Te Deseo Lo Mejor (pt 8)
Bruno Madrigal x O/C / Angst /Dolores being a precious spy/Madrigal Family being wholesome/
MINI UPDATE BEFORE READING: It has been changed to an O/C her name is ✨Valeria✨ I'm going to make a post about her details soon, i'm still working out the deets don't yell at me plz lolol (nothing in the story has changed I just edited her name in the previous chapters lol)
Tumblr media
There were many moments, that little Dolores did not enjoy her gift. . .
Somedays, the birds by the windows chirped too loudly or little Camilo would smack his teeth when he chewed his food next to her, making it feel as though someone was snapping a rubber band inside her ears. But there were days when she managed to tune out the noises. Only twelve years old and she had already learned little tricks, such as stuffing some cotton in her ears and pulling her fluffy red headband over them so no one could tell. Of course Alma had pulled the headband up when she noticed her hiding her ears at family dinners or parties. . Parties were the worst.
She'd often sneak off earlier than her family when her Abuela wasn't looking and back up into her room. Now she could still hear certain things coming outside her room, they just became muffled and sometimes would just fade in and out from outside her door.
However, there was a particular morning when Dolores truly wished she had stuffed some extra cotton in her ears before bed.
"Have . .. . been . . here? . . entire . . time?"
Dolores sat up from her bed, only hearing bits and pieces of Tia Valeria's muffled voice. She sounded further than Dolores had thought. Shrugging it off, Dolores layed back down, pulling the covers over her head and slowly drifting back to catch some extra sleep, before her Abuela started the wake everyone in the Casita.
"Bruno . . what did. . you . . see?"
Dolores's eyes snapped opened and she sat up once more.
"Tio Bruno?"
Dolores tilted her head, and cupped her hand against her ear to get a better echo, but Tia Valeria's voice had faded out already. Sighing, she crossed her arms across her chest and plopped back down on the bed. She sat there for a while, staring up at the ceiling, waiting to hear her Tia's voice again. But instead, she got someone else's scruffy voice echoing in her ear.
"I h-have to . . . get you . . . b-back. . . outside. ."
She contemplated if snooping was a good idea, but curiosity got the better of her and she slowly slid out of her bed and creeped towards her door. The voices becoming clearer the closer she walked towards it.
"Come . . back. . to me . . ."
Dolores stood in front of her door for a few moments waiting to hear anything else, but all she heard was a small creak and her Tia mumble something, to low for even Dolores to make out. She could hear faint footsteps walk across the hall on the other side and towards her room, slamming the door shut.
Slowly creaking her golden door open, she peeked her head out and quickly glanced back and forth. But she didn't see anyone else in the halls.
"I know I heard him."
She tiptoed around the halls, but saw no evidence of anyone else that could've been with Valeria. But Dolores sighed after searching for nothing, and began to turn back to her room- until she heard quiet sobbing, coming from the direction where Valeria and Bruno's room was.
Dolores followed the sounds of her Tias quiet crying and soon enough she was facing the front of her plain wooden door. She wasn't sure if she should knock. Maybe her Tia wanted to be alone.
But what about Tio Bruno?
She stood there for a moment, her fist leveled up to the door about to knock. But she couldn't bring herself to disturb her Tia, who sounded like she was in alot of pain. Whatever Dolores had heard, was clearly not meant for even her ears to hear. So she brought down her hand, turned on her heels and made her way back to her room.
Dolores wasn't that good at keeping things she heard to herself, but this secret. . . she would keep it for Tia Valeria.
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
One week had passed since Valeria had seen Bruno, and during that week she had done anything and everything to keep herself out of the house. She wouldn't sleep at night, her mind too focused on the fact he was probably wandering about the house. But Valeria made no effort to see him again. And when morning came, she'd watched as the sun rose in the sky. She only managed to get a few hours of sleep here and there, before quickly dressing, grabbing her coffee then heading out the door. Not bothering to sit and eat breakfast with the family, much to their surprise.
She'd wander about town, sometimes visiting her cousins that lived at the end of the pueblo or asking around if anyone needed help with anything, as if she had a Madrigal gift of her own. But someone always needed help in town and the more she stayed outside of the halls of the Casita, the better. She felt guilty and angry knowing Bruno was still around, right under their noses. And she often wondered why Casita wouldn't just reveal him to the family itself.
Julieta had noticed Valeria's sudden change in behavior. She knew Valeria was still upset, but since their little drinking night, Valeria had become completely distant from the family. Alma hadn't noticed much, for she was far too busy with the Guzmán family and preparing for Isabela's future.
When Julieta had brought Valeria's behavior up with Agustín, he'd offer Valeria if she wanted to sing as he played the piano at the cantina to help lift her spirits. But she'd give him a sad smile and shake her head, continuing on to the town. The same response was given to Pepa, when she had asked her if she wanted to join her in the garden, promising Valeria she'd keep the skies clear. The children had noticed their Tia had changed as well. As she no longer stayed to play with Mirabel and her dolls or watch as Camilo practiced his shapeshifting to perform for her. She'd just make an excuse and brush past them, ignoring the pain in her chest. .
· · ·
Deep behind the hidden walls of the Casita, Bruno had been just as heartbroken as Valeria. His eyes would not stop glowing and he'd end up scratching at them so deep, there were scarred lines along his eyelids and down his cheek. Growing tired of fighting with his gift, he ripped a long piece of his ruana and wrapped it around his eyes. The glow of his eyes calming behind the fabric. He couldn't see that well behind the thin sheet, but he was somewhat relieved it calmed him down for most of the day. His entertainment were the small rats squeaking he felt brushing past his feet, as he closed his eyes to relax the stinging he felt on his eyes.
He'd memorized the pattern of Valeria's footsteps by now. But he wouldn't lift himself up from his spot on the floor to watch her from the cracks anymore. His heart would burn when he'd hear her race down the stairs to leave the Casita. Or when he'd hear her small whispered voice denying to spend time with the children that begged her to stay and play. His hands often twiddled around her small ring, that he wrapped around his neck with a small piece of string. The only thing keeping him close to her. .
He did this her.
He broke her, just as his gift had broken him .
· · · · · · · ·
By the end of the week, Julieta had grown more worried of Valeria than ever. And on one particular morning, she had stopped Valeria in her tracks before she could leave the home.
"Adónde vas?" said Julieta, hands on her hips in front of the entrance of Casita. Valeria had almost bumped into her as she turned the corner.
"A-Ah, Julieta! No te vi! I- uhm, was just going to help- ah- Jose, he n-needed help weaving the hats." said Valeria, her hands growing clammy as she clenched the side of her skirt.
"Again?" said Julieta, her eyebrow raised. Valeria nodded quickly.
"S-Si! You know how long that can take!" she said with a nervous laugh. Julieta stared at her for a moment, before shrugging.
"Ah, well. You should have something to eat. You wouldn't want to go on a empty stomach." Said Julieta. But Valeria shook her head hurriedly.
"Ah, No te preocupes! I've been eating alot in town anyways-" said Valeria, as she tried to walk around Julieta, but Casita had slid the tiles under her so she would stay put in front of Julieta.
"We insist." said Julieta, with a firm smile on her face. Valeria stared nervously at her for a moment, before sighing in defeat and letting Julieta led her to the dining area. Valeria tensed when she saw the family all seated at the table, smiling brightly as if they'd been waiting for her. Mirabel and Camilo smiled happily and wiggled in their seats excitedly as they watched their Tia walk in, earning a small stare down from Alma. Valeria couldn't help the smile that crept on her face as she watched her niece and nephew grow happy in her presence. Dolores had glanced up at her Tia, giving her a nervous smile before quickly looking back down at her breakfast.
"Ah, Valeria linda! Come join us!" said Félix, Pepa nodded excitedly beside him, her small cloud disappearing. Alma smiled reassuringly at Valeria and she felt her nerves settling down a bit.
Taking a seat in between Julieta and Agustín, Valeria watched in silence as the family began passing around different pieces of food to put on her plate. Soon enough a plate with a pile of food was sat in front of her and Valeria felt her stomach rumble.
"Buen Provecho!" said Agustín, patting Valeria on the back a bit too rough, earning a look from his wife. Valeria glanced up at the family, who were all staring expectantly at her. Clearing her throat awkwardly, she wiped her clammy hands on her skirt and lifted her hands up to grab her utensils. Julieta's eyes peered over to her hands and noticed the missing ring from her finger, glancing over at her with her eyes raised. Valeria quickly pulled her left hand back once she noticed her stares and back under the table, quickly lifting the fork to stuff some food in her mouth. The family began to relax as they watched her take a few bites, reassuring them she wasn't going to run off again.
"Tia! You'll never believe what I lifted up yesterday!" said Luisa, but Isabella quickly butted in.
"Not until I show her the bouquet I made!" said Isabella, lifting her nose in the air with a smug smile. Valeria smiled sadly at the pair, feeling guilty for avoiding them during the week.
The family began their usual conversations as Valeria sat and ate in silence. She had gotten through most of the food on her plate quickly, but she suddenly felt a rush of nausea rush through her body. Freezing in her spot, she let the moment pass and began chugging her water quickly.
"Estás Bien?" whispered Agustín, as the family continued to chat. He had noticed her gulping her water. Valeria nodded her head quickly and slammed the now empty cup on the table hard, earning a few glances.
"Perdón." she mumbled. But the rush of nausea came again and she began bouncing her leg up and down nervously, trying to let it pass. But she felt a twinge in her throat and her stomach turn. As if it knew, Casita had pulled her seat back from the table and she quickly made her way out of of the dining room and out the door.
The family stood in silence for a moment, unsure of what just happened, until Félix cleared his throat.
"Bueno, at least she ate breakfast with us." he said. Pepa groaned and nudged his side, the top of her head already thundering. "What?"
"She's throwing up." mumbled Dolores, as she picked at her food. Julieta sighed and stood up from the table.
"I'll go check on her."
· · · · · · · ·
Valiera had only gotten as far as the front yard before hurling in one of the bushes. She was there for a while, as her body got rid over everything she had just eaten for breakfast.
"Valeria? Ay, mami qué pasó?" said Julieta, making her way over and rubbing Valeria's back as she stayed hunched over. Valeria stood up for a moment, catching her breath.
"N-No sé! Ay, dios-" she said before hunching over again. Julieta frowned as she continued to rub her back soothingly. But she paused for a moment, a thought brushing through her head as she remembered her brothers departure.
It had only been a month and some. .
But Julieta shook her head to herself, laughing a bit.
"Me alegro de que mis vómitos te hagan reír." groaned Valeria, as her body finally stopped it's antics. Julieta rolled her eyes.
"Ay, stop. I was just- ah nevermind."
"No, dime- I could use a laugh." said Valeria, wiping her mouth. Julieta sighed and brushed some hair out of Valeria's face.
"Nada, Nada. Ven, Let's get you cleaned up." she said, helping Valeria to her feet and leading her back towards the house. Valeria nodded against her.
"Si, I think I pulled this shirt too tight. Mis pechos feel squashed-" said Valeria as she tugged down the string of her blouse a bit, revealing her now plump breasts. Julieta chuckled and glanced over at Valeria's chest, but paused in her tracks once she noticed how plump they were.
"Woah." she said, looking back up at Valeria.
"Que?- Ah! What are you doing?!" said Valeria as Julieta brought her hand up to cup her breast.
"When is the last time you bled? I haven't seen your sheets in the washing lately." asked Julieta, quietly. Valeria shrugged.
"I don't remember, last month?" Julieta stood quiet for a moment.
"Valeria . . the night. .The night he left. You both . ." Julieta motioned her hands for Valeria to catch on. Valeria winced, not wanting to remember, but nodded her head.
"Did he . . stay . . in . .?" Whispered Julieta, not knowing how to phrase it without scaring Dolores peeping ears.
Valeria froze, and remembered not only the night he left, but the week past, when they had shared his hidden space together. . .all night. She stood there for a moment, staring up at Casita, wondering if Bruno was somehow staring down at her through one of the cracks. Julieta sighed beside her, no sure how to feel herself.
"Valeria. . . I think you might be-"
Valeria blinked out of her daze, and quickly lifted a finger to her lips and mouthed "D o l o r e s." Julieta nodded and motioned her head over to the house.
" -In need of a bath and . . .some arepas. . A lot of arepas. . "
🐀 🌿 🐀 🌿 🐀 🌿 🐀 🌿 🐀 🌿 🐀 🌿🐀 🌿
Welcome back ya'll 😅 I know i got a bit of EXPLAINING TO DO LMAO.
SO WE GOT A NEW CHARACTER LMAO, sorry it's been on my mind so I just went up and added her in as the Rat Wife✌🏽
Her name has been edited in the prev chapters as stated before, and I'm gunna make a post with all her little details and stuff. (Nothing has changed in the story I just added her name in)
So in the Dolores bit, i feel like when all the madrigals were younger they had trouble controlling their gifts so i'm tryna sneak that in bits and pieces. Also i read some theories about her room being soundproof but not completely since she heard luisa's eye twitching, yada yada. So i was like okaayyy so how about she can hear things in an ECHO👂🏽 in her room, kinda of on and off depending on how hard she focuses, idk i don't have a lot of material to work with so i'm being as creative as i can😂
(this is a ✨fanfic✨ plz dont take it too seriously i'm just having fun vibe with me bb)
but anyways she def knows her tio is lurking and this is how she kept his (and his wifeys) secret all this time 😩✌🏽✨
(and yes alma has been prepping isa's marriage since she was like 12 lololol) Also ✨Bruno✨ doesn't wear that little blindfold all the time, just when his eyes start bugging out (yes in this fic his eyes has scars along them i love the drama of it all)
As always heres a link to my insta cause I LOVE MAKING AMIGUITOS ❤️ https://www.instagram.com/natasharomeroo/
My Etsy Shop💖https://www.etsy.com/shop/GlamGhoulzStore
@basicalyrandom @mobuaddiction @illiniana @curlyviolet @totspengwing @isabellekenway @unadulteratedfrienddreampurse @tigreost @aerichoi @lonleylittlecactace @camicore-1919 @spookymicrowave @gabi-moureira @depression-247 @bambi-laufeyson @melinnat @rhys-cosmos @4str0h03 @totspengwing @futurecorps3 @starryeddie @corgi-senpai09 @selfship-mishaps @simplyfandomish @emilyroxy @rax-writes @leons-d3n @4rin4 @simply-outtatime @heraalie @sylum @nxstalgicnxbxdy @lonleylittlecactace @amythestrosethorns @givemefoodandlovesstuff @bimboshaggy @that-freaky-mysterious-one @qween-of-trash @queenbeelloyd @je4nc4tb0y @piratedelusion @selfship-mishaps@cucciolafaeri @jtownraindancer @kimsieluvsyou @porcelainpeachess @savagenctzen @staradorned @lilsubbysblog @mit-suri @staradorned @delightfully-anonymous @animechicha22 @staygoldsquatchling02 @xels-art @samnblack @sunflowerfive @mayusenpai666 @scarletwolfxox @dorkrebloggs @sarashitposts @padlockedhearts @btsarmygirl95 @pinkbonnetandglasses @catfishkaiju @animeluver2 @aceartinperson34 @fandom-lover-4 @simping-for-bruno @wo1fwitch @chrisemi @storyteller88 @striatontriogirl @gallantys @mysticalkatt @r93339
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ok i have watched encanto every day of the year so far, most of those days twice, a good handful three, and a couple four. probably a little over 60 times. and in my last watch i am JUST NOW noticing two important things.
abuela kisses two people on the cheek in the whole movie. the first being isabela in the beginning of the movie. you immediately see that this is a sign of praise, that this is abuelas way of showing pride. she kisses the golden child of the family on the cheek, her perfect grandchild. the parallel to this is at the end, we all remember the scene. bruno is the black sheep of the family, ostracized and demeaned and looked at as the familys greatest imperfection, most of that inflicted by abuela and probably pepa. the first thing abuela does when she sees her estranged son who has been gone for ten years and thought to have not cared about the family? is hug him and give him a kiss on the cheek. a symbol of her pride. which is /huge/ for her relationship with bruno.
the second parallel i noticed is with waiting on a miracle and we dont talk about bruno. if you hadnt heard, in the last overlap of voices in wdtab isabela and dolores duet the phrase “im fine!” repeatedly. obviously a masking technique, and where else do we hear this? in waiting on a miracle. “im fine, i am totally fine.” but also, mirabel repeats the line “im not fine” with the same weight that isabela and dolores put on theirs. its the first clear indicator you have that isabela and dolores have a problem with themselves
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Camilo angst? Yes
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My favorite Madrigal sisters ❤️ 💜 💖
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rurivu · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
🐀Rat daddy🐀
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radishearts · 2 days ago
Finishing my wips <<<<< making a mini animatic for the las Nevada’s crew to the family madrigal
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Im so surprised at how well it fits tho,,
idiots (affectionate)
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I read in one of the director's Q&As that people could get out of the Encanto, but it would be really hard (if not impossible) for them to find it again if they wanted to go back. Also, Bruno said that the Encanto’s mountains were too high to be able to get out of there. Of course Bruno could said that as an excuse. Maybe he never really tried to get out of the Encanto and only told that to Mirabel to justify himself for never having left Casita. But if not, do you think it must really be difficult to get out even if you want to?
Going back to the first point, I understand that the magic of the candle must act as protection from the Encanto. Not only making access difficult, but perhaps also making the valley untraceable by magic to keep out undesirable people or potential enemies. However, what happens during the time the magic wears off? And when there is that crack in the mountain? After the magic returns to the Encanto, is the magical protection that exists over the city re-established? Is the mountain like before? Or maybe the Encanto is no longer so impossible to find and stops being such an isolated place, also serving as a metaphor of opening towards the future? I haven't read many headcanons about this and I would really like to know opinions
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camilosluvr · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairings: Isabela Madrigal x GN Reader
Genre: Short Fluff
Synopsis: You're so flirty towards isabela but when she shows the same energy, you're all flustered and she thinks it's adorable<333
Tumblr media
Isabela loved you, she truly did and she wanted to marry you one day but you're teasing and flirting annoyed the shit out of her especially when you and camilo would team up against her and tease her despite your way of teasing being completely different from Camilo's way.
You always teased her with dirty jokes and stuff while Camilo's teasing was just rooted in him being the jerk cousin of the family but you both found it fun to gang up against her, camilo always fake gagged whenever you made dirty or flirty jokes towards isabela.
So, isabela decided that it's about time that you got a taste of your own medicine "Hey hottie!" You greeted isabela with a kind but mischievous smile as you leaned your elbow on her shoulder and looked at the dark brown-skinned woman "Hey." She responded with a kind smile as she looked at you "You know, you look hot today." You said as you kissed her cheek and grabbed her hand "I know, you tell me it every day and you look hot too though, I prefer you without clothes." Isabela said making your eyes grow wide and your face start to heat up as you became flustered.
Isabela glanced at you and chuckled making you look at her with an embarrassed look on your face "Aw you're so cute~" Isabela teased in the usual tone you would tease her in as she pinched your cheek making you swat her hand away "Hey! I'm supposed to do that to you!" You said as you pointed at the Colombian woman and she just kissed your nose making you more flustered than you already were "How come when you tease me it's fine and you're all cocky but when I tease you, you're all flustered and embarrassed?" Isabela asked as she watched you play with your fingers nervously.
You literally didn't know what happened to you, first, you were all cocky but now you're all timid and shy which you never were because of your cockiness and your constant teasing to isabela and just other people in general "I-um..." You mumbled as you really didn't know what to say then isabela grabbed your cheek and leaned in to kiss you but as you puckered your lips ready for a kiss, she pulled away and walked away from you.
You stood there in shock until you realized what happened "Hey! That's so mean isa! Even I'm not mean enough to do that!" You yelled out as you started to run after her making her giggle at your reaction.
It may not have been her teasing you that made you like that but it may have been her dirty joke and it catching you off guard but that didn't really matter right now, what mattered is that isabela now knew a way to get back at you for your teasing and she could use it any time she wanted to.
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Tumblr media
fall in love with a 50-y.o. cartoon man? at 22? yes please
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These posts are gaining a lot of traction and people really love them, so I'll keep making them as long as I find cool and interesting trivia for you guys!
You can find the previous three parts here!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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There hasn’t been a Bruno figure with a cloth runana because toy companies fear the man (Hernando) who is scared of nothing
Joke post
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Pepa and Felix got married a couple of years before Julieta and Agustín. But, they didn’t have kids before because Pepa was terrified of being a bad mother.
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