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ichigobunsss · 16 hours ago
Bruno Madrigal - Te Deseo Lo Mejor (pt 8)
Bruno Madrigal x O/C / Angst /Dolores being a precious spy/Madrigal Family being wholesome/
MINI UPDATE BEFORE READING: It has been changed to an O/C her name is ✨Valeria✨ I'm going to make a post about her details soon, i'm still working out the deets don't yell at me plz lolol (nothing in the story has changed I just edited her name in the previous chapters lol)
Tumblr media
There were many moments, that little Dolores did not enjoy her gift. . .
Somedays, the birds by the windows chirped too loudly or little Camilo would smack his teeth when he chewed his food next to her, making it feel as though someone was snapping a rubber band inside her ears. But there were days when she managed to tune out the noises. Only twelve years old and she had already learned little tricks, such as stuffing some cotton in her ears and pulling her fluffy red headband over them so no one could tell. Of course Alma had pulled the headband up when she noticed her hiding her ears at family dinners or parties. . Parties were the worst.
She'd often sneak off earlier than her family when her Abuela wasn't looking and back up into her room. Now she could still hear certain things coming outside her room, they just became muffled and sometimes would just fade in and out from outside her door.
However, there was a particular morning when Dolores truly wished she had stuffed some extra cotton in her ears before bed.
"Have . .. . been . . here? . . entire . . time?"
Dolores sat up from her bed, only hearing bits and pieces of Tia Valeria's muffled voice. She sounded further than Dolores had thought. Shrugging it off, Dolores layed back down, pulling the covers over her head and slowly drifting back to catch some extra sleep, before her Abuela started the wake everyone in the Casita.
"Bruno . . what did. . you . . see?"
Dolores's eyes snapped opened and she sat up once more.
"Tio Bruno?"
Dolores tilted her head, and cupped her hand against her ear to get a better echo, but Tia Valeria's voice had faded out already. Sighing, she crossed her arms across her chest and plopped back down on the bed. She sat there for a while, staring up at the ceiling, waiting to hear her Tia's voice again. But instead, she got someone else's scruffy voice echoing in her ear.
"I h-have to . . . get you . . . b-back. . . outside. ."
She contemplated if snooping was a good idea, but curiosity got the better of her and she slowly slid out of her bed and creeped towards her door. The voices becoming clearer the closer she walked towards it.
"Come . . back. . to me . . ."
Dolores stood in front of her door for a few moments waiting to hear anything else, but all she heard was a small creak and her Tia mumble something, to low for even Dolores to make out. She could hear faint footsteps walk across the hall on the other side and towards her room, slamming the door shut.
Slowly creaking her golden door open, she peeked her head out and quickly glanced back and forth. But she didn't see anyone else in the halls.
"I know I heard him."
She tiptoed around the halls, but saw no evidence of anyone else that could've been with Valeria. But Dolores sighed after searching for nothing, and began to turn back to her room- until she heard quiet sobbing, coming from the direction where Valeria and Bruno's room was.
Dolores followed the sounds of her Tias quiet crying and soon enough she was facing the front of her plain wooden door. She wasn't sure if she should knock. Maybe her Tia wanted to be alone.
But what about Tio Bruno?
She stood there for a moment, her fist leveled up to the door about to knock. But she couldn't bring herself to disturb her Tia, who sounded like she was in alot of pain. Whatever Dolores had heard, was clearly not meant for even her ears to hear. So she brought down her hand, turned on her heels and made her way back to her room.
Dolores wasn't that good at keeping things she heard to herself, but this secret. . . she would keep it for Tia Valeria.
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
One week had passed since Valeria had seen Bruno, and during that week she had done anything and everything to keep herself out of the house. She wouldn't sleep at night, her mind too focused on the fact he was probably wandering about the house. But Valeria made no effort to see him again. And when morning came, she'd watched as the sun rose in the sky. She only managed to get a few hours of sleep here and there, before quickly dressing, grabbing her coffee then heading out the door. Not bothering to sit and eat breakfast with the family, much to their surprise.
She'd wander about town, sometimes visiting her cousins that lived at the end of the pueblo or asking around if anyone needed help with anything, as if she had a Madrigal gift of her own. But someone always needed help in town and the more she stayed outside of the halls of the Casita, the better. She felt guilty and angry knowing Bruno was still around, right under their noses. And she often wondered why Casita wouldn't just reveal him to the family itself.
Julieta had noticed Valeria's sudden change in behavior. She knew Valeria was still upset, but since their little drinking night, Valeria had become completely distant from the family. Alma hadn't noticed much, for she was far too busy with the Guzmán family and preparing for Isabela's future.
When Julieta had brought Valeria's behavior up with Agustín, he'd offer Valeria if she wanted to sing as he played the piano at the cantina to help lift her spirits. But she'd give him a sad smile and shake her head, continuing on to the town. The same response was given to Pepa, when she had asked her if she wanted to join her in the garden, promising Valeria she'd keep the skies clear. The children had noticed their Tia had changed as well. As she no longer stayed to play with Mirabel and her dolls or watch as Camilo practiced his shapeshifting to perform for her. She'd just make an excuse and brush past them, ignoring the pain in her chest. .
· · ·
Deep behind the hidden walls of the Casita, Bruno had been just as heartbroken as Valeria. His eyes would not stop glowing and he'd end up scratching at them so deep, there were scarred lines along his eyelids and down his cheek. Growing tired of fighting with his gift, he ripped a long piece of his ruana and wrapped it around his eyes. The glow of his eyes calming behind the fabric. He couldn't see that well behind the thin sheet, but he was somewhat relieved it calmed him down for most of the day. His entertainment were the small rats squeaking he felt brushing past his feet, as he closed his eyes to relax the stinging he felt on his eyes.
He'd memorized the pattern of Valeria's footsteps by now. But he wouldn't lift himself up from his spot on the floor to watch her from the cracks anymore. His heart would burn when he'd hear her race down the stairs to leave the Casita. Or when he'd hear her small whispered voice denying to spend time with the children that begged her to stay and play. His hands often twiddled around her small ring, that he wrapped around his neck with a small piece of string. The only thing keeping him close to her. .
He did this her.
He broke her, just as his gift had broken him .
· · · · · · · ·
By the end of the week, Julieta had grown more worried of Valeria than ever. And on one particular morning, she had stopped Valeria in her tracks before she could leave the home.
"Adónde vas?" said Julieta, hands on her hips in front of the entrance of Casita. Valeria had almost bumped into her as she turned the corner.
"A-Ah, Julieta! No te vi! I- uhm, was just going to help- ah- Jose, he n-needed help weaving the hats." said Valeria, her hands growing clammy as she clenched the side of her skirt.
"Again?" said Julieta, her eyebrow raised. Valeria nodded quickly.
"S-Si! You know how long that can take!" she said with a nervous laugh. Julieta stared at her for a moment, before shrugging.
"Ah, well. You should have something to eat. You wouldn't want to go on a empty stomach." Said Julieta. But Valeria shook her head hurriedly.
"Ah, No te preocupes! I've been eating alot in town anyways-" said Valeria, as she tried to walk around Julieta, but Casita had slid the tiles under her so she would stay put in front of Julieta.
"We insist." said Julieta, with a firm smile on her face. Valeria stared nervously at her for a moment, before sighing in defeat and letting Julieta led her to the dining area. Valeria tensed when she saw the family all seated at the table, smiling brightly as if they'd been waiting for her. Mirabel and Camilo smiled happily and wiggled in their seats excitedly as they watched their Tia walk in, earning a small stare down from Alma. Valeria couldn't help the smile that crept on her face as she watched her niece and nephew grow happy in her presence. Dolores had glanced up at her Tia, giving her a nervous smile before quickly looking back down at her breakfast.
"Ah, Valeria linda! Come join us!" said Félix, Pepa nodded excitedly beside him, her small cloud disappearing. Alma smiled reassuringly at Valeria and she felt her nerves settling down a bit.
Taking a seat in between Julieta and Agustín, Valeria watched in silence as the family began passing around different pieces of food to put on her plate. Soon enough a plate with a pile of food was sat in front of her and Valeria felt her stomach rumble.
"Buen Provecho!" said Agustín, patting Valeria on the back a bit too rough, earning a look from his wife. Valeria glanced up at the family, who were all staring expectantly at her. Clearing her throat awkwardly, she wiped her clammy hands on her skirt and lifted her hands up to grab her utensils. Julieta's eyes peered over to her hands and noticed the missing ring from her finger, glancing over at her with her eyes raised. Valeria quickly pulled her left hand back once she noticed her stares and back under the table, quickly lifting the fork to stuff some food in her mouth. The family began to relax as they watched her take a few bites, reassuring them she wasn't going to run off again.
"Tia! You'll never believe what I lifted up yesterday!" said Luisa, but Isabella quickly butted in.
"Not until I show her the bouquet I made!" said Isabella, lifting her nose in the air with a smug smile. Valeria smiled sadly at the pair, feeling guilty for avoiding them during the week.
The family began their usual conversations as Valeria sat and ate in silence. She had gotten through most of the food on her plate quickly, but she suddenly felt a rush of nausea rush through her body. Freezing in her spot, she let the moment pass and began chugging her water quickly.
"Estás Bien?" whispered Agustín, as the family continued to chat. He had noticed her gulping her water. Valeria nodded her head quickly and slammed the now empty cup on the table hard, earning a few glances.
"Perdón." she mumbled. But the rush of nausea came again and she began bouncing her leg up and down nervously, trying to let it pass. But she felt a twinge in her throat and her stomach turn. As if it knew, Casita had pulled her seat back from the table and she quickly made her way out of of the dining room and out the door.
The family stood in silence for a moment, unsure of what just happened, until Félix cleared his throat.
"Bueno, at least she ate breakfast with us." he said. Pepa groaned and nudged his side, the top of her head already thundering. "What?"
"She's throwing up." mumbled Dolores, as she picked at her food. Julieta sighed and stood up from the table.
"I'll go check on her."
· · · · · · · ·
Valiera had only gotten as far as the front yard before hurling in one of the bushes. She was there for a while, as her body got rid over everything she had just eaten for breakfast.
"Valeria? Ay, mami qué pasó?" said Julieta, making her way over and rubbing Valeria's back as she stayed hunched over. Valeria stood up for a moment, catching her breath.
"N-No sé! Ay, dios-" she said before hunching over again. Julieta frowned as she continued to rub her back soothingly. But she paused for a moment, a thought brushing through her head as she remembered her brothers departure.
It had only been a month and some. .
But Julieta shook her head to herself, laughing a bit.
"Me alegro de que mis vómitos te hagan reír." groaned Valeria, as her body finally stopped it's antics. Julieta rolled her eyes.
"Ay, stop. I was just- ah nevermind."
"No, dime- I could use a laugh." said Valeria, wiping her mouth. Julieta sighed and brushed some hair out of Valeria's face.
"Nada, Nada. Ven, Let's get you cleaned up." she said, helping Valeria to her feet and leading her back towards the house. Valeria nodded against her.
"Si, I think I pulled this shirt too tight. Mis pechos feel squashed-" said Valeria as she tugged down the string of her blouse a bit, revealing her now plump breasts. Julieta chuckled and glanced over at Valeria's chest, but paused in her tracks once she noticed how plump they were.
"Woah." she said, looking back up at Valeria.
"Que?- Ah! What are you doing?!" said Valeria as Julieta brought her hand up to cup her breast.
"When is the last time you bled? I haven't seen your sheets in the washing lately." asked Julieta, quietly. Valeria shrugged.
"I don't remember, last month?" Julieta stood quiet for a moment.
"Valeria . . the night. .The night he left. You both . ." Julieta motioned her hands for Valeria to catch on. Valeria winced, not wanting to remember, but nodded her head.
"Did he . . stay . . in . .?" Whispered Julieta, not knowing how to phrase it without scaring Dolores peeping ears.
Valeria froze, and remembered not only the night he left, but the week past, when they had shared his hidden space together. . .all night. She stood there for a moment, staring up at Casita, wondering if Bruno was somehow staring down at her through one of the cracks. Julieta sighed beside her, no sure how to feel herself.
"Valeria. . . I think you might be-"
Valeria blinked out of her daze, and quickly lifted a finger to her lips and mouthed "D o l o r e s." Julieta nodded and motioned her head over to the house.
" -In need of a bath and . . .some arepas. . A lot of arepas. . "
🐀 🌿 🐀 🌿 🐀 🌿 🐀 🌿 🐀 🌿 🐀 🌿🐀 🌿
Welcome back ya'll 😅 I know i got a bit of EXPLAINING TO DO LMAO.
SO WE GOT A NEW CHARACTER LMAO, sorry it's been on my mind so I just went up and added her in as the Rat Wife✌🏽
Her name has been edited in the prev chapters as stated before, and I'm gunna make a post with all her little details and stuff. (Nothing has changed in the story I just added her name in)
So in the Dolores bit, i feel like when all the madrigals were younger they had trouble controlling their gifts so i'm tryna sneak that in bits and pieces. Also i read some theories about her room being soundproof but not completely since she heard luisa's eye twitching, yada yada. So i was like okaayyy so how about she can hear things in an ECHO👂🏽 in her room, kinda of on and off depending on how hard she focuses, idk i don't have a lot of material to work with so i'm being as creative as i can😂
(this is a ✨fanfic✨ plz dont take it too seriously i'm just having fun vibe with me bb)
but anyways she def knows her tio is lurking and this is how she kept his (and his wifeys) secret all this time 😩✌🏽✨
(and yes alma has been prepping isa's marriage since she was like 12 lololol) Also ✨Bruno✨ doesn't wear that little blindfold all the time, just when his eyes start bugging out (yes in this fic his eyes has scars along them i love the drama of it all)
As always heres a link to my insta cause I LOVE MAKING AMIGUITOS ❤️ https://www.instagram.com/natasharomeroo/
My Etsy Shop💖https://www.etsy.com/shop/GlamGhoulzStore
@basicalyrandom @mobuaddiction @illiniana @curlyviolet @totspengwing @isabellekenway @unadulteratedfrienddreampurse @tigreost @aerichoi @lonleylittlecactace @camicore-1919 @spookymicrowave @gabi-moureira @depression-247 @bambi-laufeyson @melinnat @rhys-cosmos @4str0h03 @totspengwing @futurecorps3 @starryeddie @corgi-senpai09 @selfship-mishaps @simplyfandomish @emilyroxy @rax-writes @leons-d3n @4rin4 @simply-outtatime @heraalie @sylum @nxstalgicnxbxdy @lonleylittlecactace @amythestrosethorns @givemefoodandlovesstuff @bimboshaggy @that-freaky-mysterious-one @qween-of-trash @queenbeelloyd @je4nc4tb0y @piratedelusion @selfship-mishaps@cucciolafaeri @jtownraindancer @kimsieluvsyou @porcelainpeachess @savagenctzen @staradorned @lilsubbysblog @mit-suri @staradorned @delightfully-anonymous @animechicha22 @staygoldsquatchling02 @xels-art @samnblack @sunflowerfive @mayusenpai666 @scarletwolfxox @dorkrebloggs @sarashitposts @padlockedhearts @btsarmygirl95 @pinkbonnetandglasses @catfishkaiju @animeluver2 @aceartinperson34 @fandom-lover-4 @simping-for-bruno @wo1fwitch @chrisemi @storyteller88
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jamiesrockinout · a day ago
It was a late afternoon, sun so close to setting now. That tablet that held Evil Jamie glows a bright purple within the safe @celestial-lioness2022 put it in. Something seemed up with it, it began to crack within the safe. The noise was loud...
Someone seemed to loom in the shadows of the room.
Tumblr media
(oh gods they look kinda creepy lmao)
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transgavin · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Step 1 Don’t die while acquiring mystery baby under mysterious circumstances
Failed step 1
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silvercdeer · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
to clarify: in canonical plot of au they're not in romantic/sexual relationship, it's just sketches outside of plot it's not gonna happen nor do we want to i just wanted to draw something soft for myself
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magpie-scribbles · 2 days ago
Super rough sketch of my OC Paola and Bruno 💕 she still remembers what kind of honey he likes 🍯💕
Tumblr media
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illuminatedlover · 2 days ago
Introducing Ivanna 👩🏽‍🎨
Tumblr media
Full name: Ivanna Mariposa Santos
Nicknames: Vani, Evee, Vanna, and Pajarito
Pronouns: she/they
Age: 26
Birthday: May 1st
Relation: Julieta & Agustín’s spouse
Some facts about her under the cut!
She’s a painter! She does a lot of mural work, painting nurseries, and crafting her own ideas. She owns an art store!
She’s adopted, she was found left by herself on the outskirts of town. She has two older brothers Angel and Lorenzo.
She met the madrigals during the rebuild of their house helping the family repaint their casita, adding a beautiful mural that showcased all their gifts on the side of the house.
She is quite younger than the couple, but it was never something that bothered either of them. Nor did it bother their children very much, it did take some adjusting, but they were supportive.
They have a corgi named Pequeño
Her entire outfit is fashioned in a quilt like design, vibrant patchwork of things that make her happy, and look beautiful together.
Loves to dance, and is a great cook. Their love language is definitely food.
They are hard of hearing in their left ear, their right ear is slowly losing its ability to hear as well though not as significantly.
She is autistic
Despite the vibrant colors on their clothes, and her sharp artistic vision. They are very shy, prone to enjoying their time alone.
Eventually marries Julieta and Agustín four years later. They took their relationship very slow.
Sometimes teaches art at the schoolhouses it’s her happy place seeing people express themselves !
She has some traditional Colombian tattoos on the inside of her arms, they were done by her father
She can play the guitar and the Tambora
Will add more, but it’s all I’ve gotten to so far that I think it’s solid
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pepa-brainrot · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
My encanto oc, Armida!! (God this was nerve wracking to post)
She's Pepa and Félix's partner! Some facts about her:
-shes two years younger than Pepa, making her 48 at the time of the movie
-She moved to Encanto when she was 17, with her at the time boyfriend
-she plays music for the children of Encanto! She also writes songs about Pepa and Felix but never shares them
-has a bit of a traumatic past (which I will write about if anyone wishes, but it's triggering)
-starts dating Pepa and Félix when shes 20. Pepa and Félix being already married
-gets married to them 2-3 years later ❤️
-artsy!! Probably the one to teach Mira embroidery
-soft spoken around people she doesn't know, but is absolutely wild when she's comfortable with someone
Thats it for now! Expect some art of her, and please be gentle with me lol
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grav-for-the-third-time · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Heyyy new oc drop yuh yuh
She’s the mom of the 5 disastrous homosexuals I posted before, probably the most eccentric of the family
Very into all that magic stuff, VERY fascinated by the Casita and the Madrigal Candle (before the teenage angst got too unbearable and eventually noticed 🌚🌝)
I feel like she’d hang out on trees or just high places in general,,,, she’s probably homies with the Madrigal triplets, idk she looks like she’s fun
Bet you thought she’d be a ship oc for Bruno, she ain’t because I’m built diff/j
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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erased-memories · 2 days ago
Isa (my queen 😭💓💓💓) and my OC
Tumblr media
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super-lemon-sama · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I’m making a Bruno X OC comic and liked these panels enough to color them. (they fell down a hill lmao)
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vanillaslushie · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Miss cynthia ,, yall I have a whole story for yall .
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rurivu · 20 hours ago
at first I was worried about the fact that the palette of my characters does not match the color of Bruno, but when I thought about it, I found my own philosophy of colors.Their colors differ from each other because they are different and look at the world differently.But according to the color circle, they do not move away from each other (apart from the fire-fighting location of Diana and Bruno), which shows their blood connection.Therefore, now I am proud that they are different
Tumblr media
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jamiesrockinout · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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transgavin · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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silvercdeer · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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evils-corner · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is my and my girlfriend @acrylicqueen Encanto OC, Adella Madrigal!
Name: Adella Madrigal (Nèe Solano)
Age: 42-years-old
Gender: Female (she/her)
Demeanor: Motherly, Empathetic, Adventurous, Passionate, Forgetful, Tentative, Longing
Hobbies: Gardening, Swimming, Soccer (Football), Connecting with her community (when she is able to), Watching live music; Wandering in the woods
Adella has lived in the Encanto since she was born. Her mother and father traveled with Alma and Pedro when they fled their old hometown. Her parents were very prominent, beloved members of the community.
Adella is an only child and has been taking care of her now elderly, sick parents for many years. She puts so much of her focus into caring for them that she’s barely able to do anything else. She doesn’t get out much and doesn’t know many people very well thanks to her situation. Regardless of this fact, she is not bitter at all and loves her family very much.
Once her parents pass away suddenly from their old age, she doesn’t know what to do with herself. She feels lost without them, and never got the chance to find herself before she began caring for them.
She’s desperately searching for her true purpose in life, something she feels passionate about, a person to share her passions with, but she has a lot of trouble doing so. That is, until she meets Bruno (post movie) and receives a vision of her future: In love and happily married to a mystery man whose face she is unable to decipher.
After receiving the vision Adella, with no one else she was really close to, starts to spend more time with the socially awkward Bruno, exploring outside of the Encanto a little bit, getting him to come out of his shell around her more and more. It wasn't long before the two were nearly inseparable, and it was no surprise (to his family at least) when Bruno looked into Adella's future again and found that the mystery man she was marrying was none other than himself.
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trashbunnysblog · a day ago
Tumblr media
Bruno's Tower has 3 floors, one is the basement where he has his visions, the second is where his living room is and the third is a platform where he and his rats sleep.
Also he likes to be the little spoon.
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soundofalling-sand · 20 days ago
Adopted Madrigals
Adopted Madrigals can inherit powers as well! 
Tumblr media
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cheesy-cryptid · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
Bruno family portrait with my oc Evalina and their triplets based on/credited to @madjazzhatter ‘s characters : Oscar, Manuel, and Beatriz 💖💖💖
Heres the link to the fanfic 😍
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ichigobunsss · 5 days ago
Te Deseo Lo Mejor(pt 6)
Bruno Madrigal x O/C Angst/Sexy Smutty Spice in the Walls/ Grab a SNACK
Tumblr media
“Ay, Dolores ya! Enough about the noises please. Ya lo dije, it’s the rats!”
“But Mamá, I think know the difference between rats and footsteps by now. And these were footsteps! Kind of like how Tío Brun-"
Thunder cracked over Pepas head and she turned towards her daughter with wide eyes, who held her hands over her ears. Pepa sighed and quickly shooed the cloud that formed over her head away.
“Lo siento, lo siento.” She said, taking in a deep breath and rubbing Dolores's ears to ease the pain she knew she was feeling from the crack of the thunder.
“Mija, you know how sensitive that topic is to Abuela and Tia Valeria, si? We don't talk about . . Well, just try to ignore it, hm?" Said Pepa. She glanced above her head, sighing in relief as the cloud finally disappeared.
Dolores sighed, tired of her family not listening to her-yet she was forced to listen to everyone else. Shrugging in defeat, she brushed past her mother and out the kitchen, bumping into Valeria in the process. Julieta was close behind her, as she was helping her bring supplies back from town.
"Ay, Sorry Dolores!" Valeria said, shifting the paper bag to one side and quickly fixing Dolores's small bow on her head that nudged a bit out of place. Dolores shook her head and gave her a small sad smile.
"Estás bien?" Valeria asked grabbing Dolores's chin softly, noticing her brows turn down into a sudden frown. But she looked up at Valeria nervously, as if she wanted to tell her something, but quickly nodded her head.
"Y-yes!" she squeaked out and quickly shuffling past her Tias in a hurry. Valeria turned towards Julieta, but her sister in law just shrugged, not knowing what was wrong either. As the two of them made their way into the kitchen, Pepa sighed in relief.
"Ay, please tell me you brought the wine!" she said, leaning against the counter. Valeria smiled mischievously and reached into the paper bag, pulling out a large wine bottle and waving it heartily.
"Eso!" cheered Pepa, a small rainbow appeared over her head as she bounced around in place happily. Julieta sighed as she placed her bag on the counter.
"Pepa, please don't over do it. You know how you get, cuando bebes demasiado." she said, as she began taking some of the groceries out. Pepa rolled her eyes and huffed.
"Julieta, come on. Mama will be at the Guzmán's tonight and the men will be at that silly horse race. It's the perfect night for Las Mujeres de Casa Madrigal to let loose!" she said excitedly. Valeria chuckled and headed over next to Julieta to help her unpack.
"Ay, Help me here muñeca!" said Pepa, pulling on Valeria's sleeve and pouting. She started to notice where Camilo got that from.
"I think . . " Valeria started, glancing over at Julieta who raised a eyebrow at her, a slight smile on her face. Pepa's eyes peered up at Valeria impatiently as her grip tightened around her sleeve.
"Quiero emborracharme esta noche." Valeria said firmly. Julieta rolled her eyes, but couldn't help the chuckle that escaped her lips as Pepa happily danced around them both and hugging Valeria's side tightly.
"And the kids?" asked Julieta placing her hands on her hips, once Pepa settled down. But she just shrugged and waved her hand.
"Ah, you know Luisa and Isa can handle them! Come Valeria, I can finally wear that red lipstick I've been telling you about!" said Pepa as she pulled Valeria away from the vegetables she was happily putting away. Valeria let out a laugh as Pepa led her up the stairs. Letting that familiar warmth, that she hadn't felt in a while, finally seep into her chest .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
"And that's when - Hiccup!- I accidentally shot lightning on Félix's culito! Right after he asked me to marry him! Gritó tan fuerte! "
Pepa's head tilted back as she laughed loudly, accidently spilling some of her wine on the floor as she swayed, Casita helping her balance by shuffling the tiles under her feet a bit. The red lipstick she was excited about not too long ago was smeared all over her mouth, and her hair was loose and frizzed out in all directions, her headband long tossed to the side as she twirled around.
"Ay, Sorry Casita!" She said with a giggle, the rays above her head shining brightly in the dimly lit living room. Julieta and Valeria held on to their stomachs, bending over from sweet laughter as Pepa continued on with her story, dramatically mimicking her husband and prancing about the room.
Valeria had lost count of the cups of wine she drank, letting herself go and feel the buzz of the sweet liquor that melted against her mouth as a rosy tint appeared along her nose and cheeks. Julieta found herself losing count as well, often leaning over to Valeria's side and snorting louding as she watched her sister, her cheeks redder than hers.
Soon enough Pepa grew fatigue with jumping about the living room and plopped down on the floor in front of Valeria and Julieta on the couch.
"Muñecaaa, sing us that song you used to sing! The one about the Brujita!" She asked, after catching her breath. Valeria slumped back against the couch shaking her head with a giggle.
"No, no! " she exclaimed, bringing her hands up to cover her face as she giggled. Julieta nudged her head against Valeria's arm, and nodded.
"Si, Si! Cantar! Pepa sucks at singing! Ella canta como una ganso! Ha! Ha! -Oops!" said Julieta with a chuckle, as she clamped her hand over mouth.
"Oye!" said Pepa, lifting her head up from her spot on the floor, to playfully glare at her sister.
"Ya, Ya!" Valeria said, laughing. Julieta and Pepa turned and began to stare at her with bright drunken smiles on their faces, waiting for her to start. Valeria paused, making them think she wasn't going to sing, before dramatically lifting her arms.
"Ay que bonito es volar! A las dos de la mañana! A las dos de la mañana! Y ay que bonito es volar, ay mama!"
Pepa and Julieta cheered happily and began singing along with her, clapping their hands and standing up to sway around the room.
"Volar y dejarse caer! En los brazos de tu hermana! En los brazos de tu hermana!" Y hasta quisiera llorar!"
Valeria had grabbed the almost empty wine bottle to use as her personal micrófono and stood up on the wooden coffee table, Casita lifting the tiles to give her a bit of a boost, as she continued to belt out alongside her hermanas that happily dance around her.
"Me agarra la bruja y me lleva a su casa, me vuelve maceta y una calabaza!"
On into the night they sang different folk songs and danced until the three of them grew wary and slumped back down onto the couch. Valeria's eyes grew heavy, as Julieta snuggled her head on her lap and Pepa slouched up against the couch on the floor. Soon enough they all had fallen into a quick slumber. Nothing but the soft creaking of the Casita and the soothing winds outside sounding off into the night.
A sharp pain in Valeria's back from the awkward position she was in on the couch, had woken her up a few hours later. She tried forcing her eyes back shut, but her mouth was so dry and she desperately needed a glass of water.
Carefully lifting Julietas head off her lap, Valeria quietly tipped toed around Pepa's loud snoring form. But it had gotten so dark, she could barely see where she was going.
"Casita, por favor, help me to the kitchen." she whispered, turning back to make sure Julieta and Pepa were still sleeping. There was a faint nudge against her foot and after that another tile lightly bounced and a small trail started forming so Valeria could make her way out.
She followed along with the tapping of the tiles, not noticing that Casita was leading her away from the kitchen and towards the walkway of the brightly lit different doors of each of the gifted Madrigal rooms. Valeria lifted her head once she noticed the shining glitter of the rooms, and squinted down at the floor.
"I said the kitchen, silly." she mumbled, rubbing her eyes as she turned around, but froze once her eyes found a pair of green glowing orbs floating across from her on the other side of the walkway of the rooms. Her heart skipped a beat as she recognized the familiar orbs, but she harshly began rubbing her eyes, thinking it was the alcohol fooling her imagination. But when she dropped her hands, the green orbs were still staring back her with. But they quickly began moving away from her and towards the back of the walkway towards a plain painting that was hung up at the end of the wall.
Valeria felt the ground beneath quickly shift her, as the tiles quickly moved her to follow the retreating green orbs before the could escape. Soon enough she was in front of a hooded figure, blocking the painting in front of them that they seemed to be heading towards.
The hooded figure was out of breath and began to walk backwards away from her as she tried to reach up and pull the hood down, but they tripped backwards by one of the tiles that Casita perched up purposely to stop them. Valeria watched as they fell with a loud grunt, the hood slipping off the head, completely revealing a messy head of black curls that she was all too familiar with.
Valeria's hands were trembling and the effects of the alcohol that she had consumed seem to have completely burned off as anger began bubbling inside her, replacing the drunken happiness she had felt earlier that night, as she stared down at him.
His breath quickened as he stared up at her in a panic. The tiles under him lifted him up to fully stand in front of her. His breath brushing against her face as she stared back at him in shock.
But the sound of one of the children's shining doors began to creak open. Bruno forced his eyes away from her and he quickly tugged her arm to pull her away from the front of painting she was blocking, lifting it quickly and dragging her inside with him, covering her mouth in the process so she wouldn't give the both of them away.
Dolores had peeked her head out of her door and glanced around rubbing her sleepy eyes, before shrugging and turning back into her room.
"It's just the rats, it's just the rats. . . "
Bruno had taken Valeria deep into the walls of the home as she grumbled against his chest, pushing and shoving his head and arms for him to release her. When he had finally felt he was deep enough in his hideout for no one to hear, he set her down let his hand go from her mouth. But she began to yell out a curse and he quickly clamped his hand over it again with a sigh.
"Shh! " he hissed. Valeria shook her head aggressively against his calloused hand, wanting to yell out again, but her throat began to burn and her eyes blurred as tears began springing from her eyes as she glared up at the man she once called her husband. Bruno's eyes widened as he watched the tears spring from the corners of her eyes and on to the back of his hand.
"N-No, V-Valeria-"
But Valeria shoved him away and started pounding your fists on his chest over and over again as hot tears streamed down her face. He just stood there, letting Valeria take her anger out as she silently cursed under your breath. Bruno’s head hung low as she pushed and shoved his chest with all her strength.
“M-maldito, Mentiroso-"
She wanted to hurt him. She wanted him feel as empty as she felt the night he ripped himself away from her.
“Te odio, Te odio! No quiero verte nunca más!” Valeria choked out with as much venom as she could muster. She reached to punch his chest again, but he grabbed her arms firmly, stopping her in place.
“No me dejas eso-" he muttered under his breath. "Please. . "
“No-No, you don’t get to tell me that.” she said, trying to free her arms from his grasp.
“Dejarme!” She growled, as the anger continued to rise in her. Bruno finally lifted his head up, his glowing eyes angrily boring into hers. Valeria tried to wrestle free from his grip, but he held her in place, pushing her body against the wall and lifting her hands over her head so she couldn’t hit him again. But she began kicking at his legs, but he was already spreading hers apart with his knees for her to stop.
"Tate quieto-" he warned. But Valeria shook her head, too stubborn to let her anger rest.
“Dejarme-" she choked out, twisting her wrists against his clutch, they began to burn at how hard he was holding them. But Bruno just leaned in closer to her, his breaths hot and heavy on her mouth.
Bruno closed the space between them and kissed her mouth desperately. Valeria tried to move away as his lips attacked hers, cursing into his mouth, but she could no longer deny her body’s longing to have her husband's body back with hers.
Valeria gave in, letting her lips move with his as if he never left.
He let go of her hands, letting them drop from above her head. She instantly wrapped them around his neck, her hands rushing through his dark curls and pulling him closer. Moaning in his mouth as he sneakily edged his tongue between her teeth to tangle with hers.
“You’ve -been-drinking…” he said between sloppy wet kisses as he tasted that familiar twinge of alcohol on her tongue.
Of course he knew she had been, he had watched her sing and laugh with his sisters the whole night from behind one of the small vents in the living room with a giddy smile on his face.
“Gracias a ti. . .” Valeria said meanly against his mouth.
His hands roamed down the sides of her body and lifted her higher against the wall, yanking her legs up to wrap around his waist.
“Te amo-" he said as he pulled back to trail his kisses on her chin and down her neck.
“Te quiero-Te quiero, Mi preciosa mujer -" he mumbled against her skin, desperately nipping and sucking her sweet spots that he had memorized all too well.
“B-Bruno-" she breathed his name, he sighed happily against her neck.
“Si, mi vida- I’m here, I’m here- lo siento. . . Lo siento.” His lips ghosted over hers once more, his luminous eyes shining on her face. He wiped the tears that were stained against her cheek, glancing down at her swollen lips before attacking them once more.
He tightened his hold around her and guided them both to the small cot on the ground, laying Valeria down gently and hastily removing his ruana. His tender kisses never ceasing as he hovered over her body, his hands roaming under her skirt and tugging on the waistband of her undergarments.
“Quiero probarte..” he murmured against her neck as he made his way lower, practically begging . Valeria's mind raced and the air around her was so thick and hot, her eyes could barely focus on Bruno's form. His glowing eyes and the small crack of the wall letting the moonlight in were the only source of light in the small space. It was all happening so fast and felt as though the room was spinning.
Valeria's fingers tugged on Bruno’s hair roughly to get his attention and he groaned in response, looking up at her with wide eyes when he noticed her uneasy breathing.
“D-Do you want me to stop?” His asked, his voice cracking in between. She managed to shake her head no, pulling his mouth back up closer to hers.
“I wanted. . . to make sure. . I wasn’t .. dreaming this. .” she said breathy against his mouth. The corners of his lips turned up in a lopsided smile and he kissed her lips again softly before lowering his head once more.
“I didn’t want to leave. ." She heard him whisper against her stomach. His hands lifted her shirt a bit, just so he could nip the skin, trying to inhale as much of her as he could.
“But I couldn't take it anymore. . . las malas visiones." He said between kisses. Valeria's brows furrowed, wanting to respond as the cracked vision board she found all those nights ago flashed across her mind. But he had made his way back between her legs, her skirt now lifted around her waist as his fingers ghosted over the waistband once more, tugging them down softly. Pulling her lingering questions away from your mind.
Valeria sucked in a deep breath as the cold air hit her center. But Bruno leveled his face in front, his hot breath hovering over. Her hips rolled upwards slightly, as her core ached to be touched by him and him only.
He reached his head over her inner thigh to give it a chaste kiss, before bending down once more, taking a long sweet lick to her slit. Valeria moaned loudly, but Bruno quickly lifted one of his hands up to cover her mouth, his face still buried between her legs as licked and sucked her sweet flower.
"Lo siento querida, but you have to keep quiet. ." he said against herr sweetness , his eyes flickering up at her. Valeria furrowed her brows in annoyance as she glared down at him.
"Please?" his breathed, hot on her core. She huffed and nodded reluctantly. He gave her an adoring smile, before burrowing his head in between her thighs once more. The faint green glow disappearing between her legs.
She bit down on his fingers, trying to muffle her moans as his tongue flickered against her bud. Her wetness filling him with content as he darted his tongue against her, his two green orbs looking up at her from between her legs to watch, as she squirmed against his mouth. His pulled his hand from her mouth and let them snaked around each of her thighs, pulling her closer when she flinched away.
"Y-Ya, B-Brun- Ay- P-Papi-" Valeria clasped her hands over her mouth as she rocked against his mouth. He moaned into her at the sound of the nickname she rarely used for him, the vibrations of his mouth sending shockwaves into her body. She rocked against his head, her legs squeezing around him as she released into his mouth. He gave one last kiss to her heat and lifted himself up, kissing her deeply letting her taste herself on her lips.
Her hands wandered through his hair as he kissed her, his hands frantically pushing down his pants, as he grinded himself against her entrance as she wrapped her legs around his waist again. He moaned into her mouth, slowly pushing himself into her sweet entrance. Valeria ignored the slight pain, as she hadn't been touched by him in weeks, her body had begun to grow used to his absence.
The both of them stayed there for a moment, as Bruno pulled back from her lips to look down at her flushed face, letting her adjust around him. That empty feeling that he had ripped from her was slowly fading as their bodies melted within eachother like a puzzle piece crafted from heaven itself.
But she didn't want Bruno to take so much control so soon. So she pulled him to the side and rolled on top of him, not breaking the connection they formed as her hands pressed down on his chest, forcing him to stay on his back.
"Ay, coño cariño ." moaned Bruno, as he stared up at her, his glowing eyes hazed with lust as his hands found there way to her thighs, gripping them in place. Valeria smiled lazily down at him and began rocking, his hips immediately matching her movements as she let her head fall back, letting him fill her center that had been droughted without his love.
Bruno let out a whimper as he tried to lifted himself up to hold her closer. But she kept pushing him down onto his back as she continued to rock against him. Still wanting to have the upper hand as that small bubbling anger began poking the back of her mind again. Remembering how he left her that dreadful night.
She felt your body twitch at the overstimulating pleasure of having her beloved inside you once more. She hunched over him, her chest was so close to his face, the necklace around her neck kept brushing against his nose. Valeria's eyes peered over to her wedding ring on her finger that shined against his chest. His glowing eyes reflecting on the gold band beautifully as she desperately chased her second release. Bruno snatched her wedding hand and lifted it up to his lips, kissing it over and over as he rocked against her.
“Te A-amo, T-te -ah - Amo-” He groaned against her fingertips as he frantically thrusted up against her , begging for her to say it back. But Valeria continued on stubbornly not wanting to respond.
A wave of euphoria washed over them both, as they blended together in a heat of sweet and sticky release. Moaning into each others mouths as she pressed her lips back to his face to give him a heated kiss. When she pulled back, Bruno’s eyes were already fading back to their normal color.
Valerias eyes gazed into his as she tried to catch her breath. Finally being able to touch the outline of his face and trace the smallest details, like freckles along his nose. His beard was a bit thicker and his hair had grown longer to his shoulders. Her fingers traced his cheek, feeling the slight hollowness it now held as she glanced up at the bags that had grown under his eyes. He watched in silence as his wife mapped out his face, as if she’d forgotten what he’d look like but . . . He was still herBruno.
“Te Amo. ." Valeria finally whispered against his lips. Bruno’s eyes grew glossy as he stared up at her, a wave of relief washing over him as those words left her sweet lips. He let out a sob as she kissed his lips gently, repeating sweet soothing words of love against his skin and letting his tears stick on to her face as she tangled her hands in his curls.
Valeria had so many questions racing through her head as she nuzzled against his body. But she felt that if she dared ask, this moment would end. That Bruno would disappear into the night again, leaving her without a trace. She clenched onto his arms, tightly, not wanting him to move away from her. But he laid under her calmly, letting her slump against him achingly as he stroked her back.
"Please. . . no te vayas." she whispered against his chest. She felt his arms wrap around her body, her eyes growing heavy with exhaustion as she let herself fully drop on top of him.
"I won't."
If this was all her head. . . she did not want to wake up.
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shit just got real .
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Tumblr media
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AND YES CASITA IS HELPING OUT ALOT LMAO & poor dolores is so tired of everyones shit
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