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angelltheninth · a day ago
I ask for more bruno x fem reader it must have nsfw so as fluff romantic…….Oh cmon Im single……BTW I LOVE THE LAST BLOG YOU MADE ABOUT BRUNO IT WAS SO GOOD LIKE OMG❤️
THANK YOU! Great username btw! I actually have an angsty smut story with Bruno x Fem!Reader in the works but here are some fluffy headcanons!
Pairing: Bruno x Fem!Reader
Tags: nsfw, fluff, established relationship, gentle sex, cunnilingus, fingering, blowjobs, gentle Bruno
Tumblr media
Bruno is a very gentle lover
He always puts your needs and pleasure before his own
A little insecure in the beginning and maybe fumbles a little
He gets hard really quickly when he's around you
Loves to start of with kissing you everywhere
Makes sure to keep eye contact at all time
Bruno becomes a whimpering mess when ever you give him a blowjob
Loves to praise and be praised
Doesn't like positions where he can't embrace you in some way or look at your face
Very fast and eager learner
Likes to get feedback so he can make things even better for you next time
Bruno lovies, loves, loves to go down on you
If he isn't hard he will get you off by fingering you, but he prefers to fuck you with his dick
Won't jerk off often, he prefers you instead
Loves to hear and see you come
Also loves when he comes inside of you, it makes him feel more connected
If you play with his hair or caress his face during sex he will practically purr
Quick to clean up and get you anything you need afterwards
Be ready for lots of cuddles afterwards
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aboutthatbruno · 2 days ago
Bruno Madrigal x reader (fluffier)
"Brunito!" you called him from across the house.
"Yes?" he came running in.
"Baby, did you remember to grab limes from the store when you went?" you asked from your spot on the couch.
"ummmm, no. I forgot. I'm sorry" he looked at you with sad eyes.
"Ai Bruno, ven aquí" you held open your arms for him and he laid in them. You rubbed his back and gently played with his hair as he laid there peacefully.
"You know, I think you're the first person to actually give me affections like this" He speaks. "It's amazing"
"I just wanna give my favorite boy the attention he deserves" you say kindly.
"y-you mean that?" He asked looking up at you as you smiled.
"Yeah! Of course! I love my Bruno!" You said in a giggle.
"And I love my (Y/N)" he left kisses all on your belly. Holding himself up to kiss your lips. "I love my (Y/N) so much" He kissed you again.
"Hey Tio Bruno..." you heard a voice. "I- oh! Sorry!!" Miracle stuttered and nearly fell trying to get away.
"Mirabel!" Bruno called, she stopped dead and turned around.
"Come here" he beckoned
"What's up, kid? What do you need?" he said happily.
"Oh, I was just wondering if you needed anything from the market?" She said.
"Yeah, (Y/N) wants limes, but I don't need anything, gracias " Waved goodbye to his niece and turned back to you.
"Aw, thanks baby" you pull him in for more kisses.
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otegi · 2 days ago
Oh god I really want closet pervert Bruno and reader to have their first time together, it's clumsy, sweet and passionate. Both have been waiting for way too long and wouldn't be able to keep their hands off each other
a/n: feels good to leave everyone on a cliffhanger 😈😈
😫 bruno would mess up so much, rambling off to distract himself from the fact that you - the love of his life - are shirtless in front of him. he averts his eyes, hands shaking and breath cutting short with every exhale.
"you.. look n-nice," is what leaves him. he panics once more and stumbles around to find something to anchor himself back to earth. it doesn't feel real. this has to be a dream.
he's always dreaming about these things. how he would so masculine and tough during those "dirty acts", but here he is; so jumpy and whimpering like a kitten. even though its a consensual act, he couldn't help but be nervous around you.
you laugh at his adorable attempts to cover himself. "bruno. you look very handsome."
bruno gulps, hugging himself. "...really?"
you make a small motion, as if you were asking for his consent to touch him. bruno nods quickly, heart rate picking up. you lift a shaky hand to remove his arms from around himself.
"yeah.." your tone is breathy, causing bruno to jump. you reach out to touch his skin, it sets him on fire. he gasps at your cold touch. "your skin is, is really soft."
your comment has him running around the place. he slaps his palms over his face, to cover how embarrassed he was. you hand run down every little mole and freckle, you frown; he didn't have much chub on him. his body was really thin, from the lack of food, but he produced a lot of body heat...
"can i kiss you?" bruno peaks through his fingers, light eyes meeting yours and with a nod, you press your lips to his neck. he gasps loudly, hands moving to cover his mouth. your lips feel so much better than what he imagined. at least now, he actually feels them on his burning skin.
bruno whines, pushing himself back to the pile of pillows on your bed. you move closer to him,
you groan, teeth grazing his belly. goosebumps rose to his skin, palms gripping on your shoulders. "i've always thought of this,"
"you make such pretty noises, my love." bruno lets out an airy moan. you move further down and bruno yearns to touch you again, whimpering your name when he can't hold onto you anymore. "one sec.."
bruno keeps his eyes wide open. he wants to see your every move, even as you remove the piece of clothing you had on, he could feel the heat spread throughout his body. you hover above a very flustered bruno, who gulps loudly every time he hears your rough pants.
"..t-touch me," he whines, lips parting as he stares at your own. you don't make a move, so bruno wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you closer. "please.. (name).."
Tumblr media
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a-literal-no-name · a day ago
currently having a LOT of feelings.... afab.... 18+ minors dni nsfw
about Bruno placing you onto your stomach, a pillow under your hips, as he fingers you open with his long, nimble fingers, taking his time to really open you up for himself....
and then he slowly allows his drool to drip down from his mouth.... right into your fluttering hole...... the sensation sending shivers down your spine..... and bruno just....... kisses your soft thigh...
before allowing his fingers to slip inside you once again... your cunny squeliching as he continues finerging you, his drool and your juices mixing together..... lewd, smacking sounds filling the room....
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lucarioishi · a month ago
— minors please do not interact, i'm not responsible for what you read, but interacting will make me very uncomfortable and you will be blocked !
   WARNING: gender neutral except the word 'mommy/mama' is thrown around. headcanons. suggestive content. mommy kink. dom reader. praising. sub space. smut idk??
   a/n: this is the only borderline smut fic i'll ever write, for now ig.
Tumblr media
I think bruno would like someone who's very loving and understanding. someone who actually cares for him.
Sometimes he thinks he's a burden to you for all the things he's put you through, but then you reassure him about it and it slightly goes away.
I think he realizes his "type" once he says it out loud. someone motherly... he feels disgusted by it, how does a mother act?
Call him 'son'? tell him to clean the house?
Bruno was confused for sure.
A way that helped him out was.. stuffies. you had a lot in fact. his favorite by far was a yellow duck, you named him 'steven' and he's very fluffy.
You would bring the stuffies, originally for his nieces and nephews to play with. but he's watching you play with them from afar, antonio probably walks up to him with a tiger stuffie.
"Tío! Wanna play with us?" you turn to them, overhearing the boy's question.
"You can, bruno." stumbling over his words, bruno gives up on making an excuse and nods. the kids are off playing and bruno's holding a teddy bear, you're beside him, sitting in comfortable silence.
"Have you eaten well, bruno?" he nods silently, "That's good to hear."
He suddenly turns to you. "You remind me of a mother.."
He's quick to apologize, mentally slapping himself. that was very rude bruno! he wouldn't surprised if you're offended. but instead you end up laughing.
"You're just someone I feel like spoiling."
That's when realization hit him. and playing around with stuffies helped him understand.
: nsfw below the cut :
The first time he called you mommy, was by pure accident. he was sitting in your house, eating cookies you had made for him. he was watching you decorate a few more, he was finishing up the last one, crumbs on his cheeks.
"I finished mama" he expects you to say how happy you are that he liked them. even more proud that he ate them like a good boy!
He remembers every detail, he didn't even realize he said it but you. your eyes went wide and you movements stopped. bruno tilts his head, asking if he said anything wrong. "you just called me mama"
Bruno still didn't get it. he shakes his head — "Why would I..." he gasps, face burning with humiliation. he wants to bury himself in his poncho, especially since your attention is on him now! he couldn't function.
Most likely left before you could talk to him. you left the subject alone because you knew bruno would run away from it but after that incident, bruno would still accidentally call you mommy, or ma'.
Calls you Ma' when he's sleepy, mommy when he's very happy.
I can't see bruno being into "kinky" things.
He's more vanilla and soft when it comes to be intimate. he adores feeling loved and special. so he's more on the receiving side.
Plus he gets overwhemled very, very quickly. so he can't go on for long without breaks.
He's a sub. can't order you around at all, and you find it so adorable. sometimes, he gets insecure about it to.
Probably reads books and the man is always the one to take charge when being intimate. bruno shuts the book and decides to read a children's book instead.
At least they didn't make him feel bad about himself. plus you always read him those types since the characters are far more interesting than adult books.
He whines, and whimpers and stutters, it's really adorable. they're so breathy and he's muffling himself with his palm because he's really embarrassed by it.
He loves it when you caress his face as you kiss him. gently prying his lips open with your thumb to slip your tongue inside.
Will probably call you "mama" most of the time.
"Mama," he whimpers, squeezing his eyes shut. "please... do something.."
If you'll ask him to be more specific with what he wants, there would be no response.
I think bruno will get bratty at times, furrowing his brows and staying quiet when you ask him a question. not the brat to give you silent treatment, or try to take dominance but more of the brat that is too flustered to answer back.
Praising will get bruno into sub space. he's overwhelmed with all you words that he actually gets into the headspace if you continue to go on (plus adding onto the pleasure he's feeling)
Bruno would want mama to be by his side when he's overstimulated, babbling random words for you to not quite make out. take his hand and help him out. maybe press kisses to his face and he'll melt into you.
He clings onto you. pulling you back in if you ever decide to move. he doesn't want your skin off of his. you'll wake up with red marks down your back due to the fact that he scratches and grips onto you to ground himself.
Oh! he wears a shirt, your shirt, his shirt, doesn't matter. bruno likes to cover up, it makes him more comfortable. and the lights off, the thought of you seeing his face sends him into overdrive.
Aftercare!! it's filled with so much love. bruno likes to bake cookies together, but directly after sex, he's quick to fall asleep, he rarely stays up to take a proper bath. but yes, afterwards, bruno likes to do a lot of domestic things.
Tumblr media
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brspmsstuff · 20 days ago
Bruno Madrigal x Female Reader – Can’t Control How you make me Feel
Warnings: 18+, smut
Also I’m sorry if my redaction is weird, english is not my first language and it’s my first smut lol
 “Jesus, Bruno, shut up” You whispered covering his mouth with your free hand, your other hand was buried in his pants.
You’ve been seeing each other for a while now, after you met in town one summer night. He definitely wasn’t like any other guy you met before, but you found his clumsiness, his little gray hairs all over the curly hair, and his weird but funny acting skills adorable. And you couldn’t help but fall for him.
He invited you over for his family party this day, and la Casita was full of music and people singing and dancing. Full of color and life. But all you wanted was alone time with your friend so you dragged Bruno to the bathroom with you and kissed him pushing his body against the door, his hands carefully placed on your lower back. It wasn’t the first time you two kissed, you would do it sometimes when you were alone, and then go back to be friends, or at least pretend. He was way too insecure to ask you out and you didn’t think he’d like you in that type of way. It was just for fun, you would constantly repeat to yourself in your head.  
Without breaking the kiss, you slipped your hands over his chest, under his ruana, he flickered at your touch. Since he met you, he tried to avoid physical contact with you as much as he could; after a long time being alone he was so easily flustered by it, which was hard for both of you.
You moved on to leave a trail of little kisses on his neck, his hands pulled you tighter to him, and you could feel his whole body trembling, his heartbeat pounding loudly on his chest. You kissed him harder, licking his neck and making him whine softly. Your body felt weak just by seeing him like that, and this time you were sure you wanted to take a step further.
“Please, s-stop” He managed to whisper, trying to calm down his already heavy breathing. You looked at him, confused and worried you did something he didn’t like, suddenly feeling so insecure, making you drop the confidence you tried hard to build and wondering if the problem was you. “I’m sorry” you said, the sadness in your voice was so evident. You pulled away from his body and went to reach the door knob. All you wanted to do was bury your face in your pillow and cry. But he stopped you, grabbing your wrist softly, and looking at you with a needy expression on his face, his eyes glowing.
“I didn’t mean that… I just, I-“ He paused, trying to find the right words. All of this was new to him. Sure, he would daydream a lot about you and him, and how much he would like to grab your body and fuck you. But he didn’t know how express his desires. “I’m sorry. I can’t control how you make me feel”. He managed to say, looking at the floor this time, his cheeks burning red. You didn’t understand what he meant until he pulled you close again, where you could feel his hard erection trough the fabric of his pants, poking your leg, and your body started burning again.
“May I… help you with that?” You whispered in his ear and all he could do is nod at your question, biting his lower lip to prepare for what was about to happen. Your lips went back to his neck, sucking and licking his sensitive skin, and leaving tiny marks on purpose, while your hand made its way inside his pants.
He was big. God, he was big. All you wanted in that moment was feel it inside your mouth, but you feared it was a bit too much for him, at least for now. You started stroking it, feeling it growing harder than before in your hand. His whole body now was a complete mess, his long curls covering half his face, and his moans started getting louder. He pulled his head to the side, so you wouldn’t see him. He couldn’t help it, he was embarrassed you would find him ridiculous for his lack of experience and the reactions he couldn’t control. But that was so far from the reality, You wanted, needed to see his face while you please him. With your other hand you grabbed his chin and made him face you. He let go his lower lip, his moans echoing in the bathroom.
He was so loud, and though you loved the sounds coming from his mouth, you were scared someone would hear. Yes, the music outside was loud too, but not enough to make his voice go unnoticed (also considering there was a certain person who could hear everything).
“Jesus, Bruno, shut up”. You whispered covering his mouth with your free hand. He looked so hot, craving your touch, almost falling to his knees when you kissed him so he could bury his moans inside your mouth, your tongues intertwining desperately.    
You could feel he was close already. His hands reaching for your body, grabbing your waist, your ass over your clothes, trying to hold on a little longer. A total mess. And you wanted it to get messier.
“Don’t make a sound”. You ordered him, talking directly on his lips, his eyes staring at you in confusion when you took your hand off his pants. Instead, you kneeled over and pulled his pants down in front of your face.  You grabbed his cock again, but this time leading it into your mouth. You took as much as you could inside, licking it and sucking it hard. He covered his face with both hands, trying as hard as possible to muffle his even louder moans.
You tried to reach for his arm, looking for his attention. When he did eventually paid attention at you, you stopped what you were doing to tell him to look at you, so instead he only covered his mouth while his glowing eyes stared at yours, and his furrowed brows made you melt while your tongue went crazy on his tip.  
You felt his warm and salty cum on your tongue as shives went down to your core and he couldn’t feel more flustered. He was embarrassed, but you made him know that you enjoyed every little bit of him. He fell to the floor, sitting right in front of you, completely stunned and weak, so you helped clean his mess, his eyes following you all the time. When his breathing finally got steady you pulled him into a hug. He needed a lot of aftercare. He craved it. He wanted your touch and words, and kisses. You made sure to give it to him.
“So… did you like that?” You asked, softly to his ear. “I really did” and grabbed your hand, his face still red. He wanted to tell you something, but wasn’t sure how, so you talked first. “You know… you can tell me anything you want, right? If I did something you didn’t like, please tell m-“ “No” He interrupted. “I liked everything you did. I just want to… make you feel the same, you know…” You smiled and gave him a small peck on the lips. That man did make you feel things, even by just looking at him, and the fact that he trusted you enough to do and say things like that meant so much to you.
“Of course you have to. You think I did this for free?” You joked and he giggled. You got up from the floor and offered him a hand and before reaching for the door, he stopped to whisper in your ear. “Maybe… we can go to my room after the party?” “Yes please” You answered and both of you headed back to the party, pretending to be very close friends again.
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batemanslut · 28 days ago
Pairing: Bruno Madrigal x GN Reader
•reader will have female anatomy, but will use gender neutral pronouns. also was inspired by @incubum !! this is my first fic so I hope it turns out well!!!!
WARNING: There is an age gap between Bruno and the reader. MINORS DNI 18+
Bruno Madrigal was a creep, a pervert, and most of all, a sexual deviant. God only knows how long he's wanted you. He watched you through the cracks of the wall for years now, longing for the day he'd be able to touch your smooth skin, to know how you smelled, to taste you. You were the object of his desires, what he thought about when he wrapped his hand around his aching cock, wondering what it would feel like to grope your soft tits, or to grind his needy cock against your ass.
He never thought he'd have his fantasies fulfilled, that he'd forever be a whorish virgin dry humping his pillow in desperation.
Oh boy was he wrong.
༻✦༺  ༻✧༺ ༻✦༺ ༻✧༺ ༻✦༺
Sticky summer air clung to your clothes as you tried to battle the heat, and losing. Sweat beaded across your forehead as you pushed your way into the Madrigal home, Isabela following quickly behind you. She had wanted to go venture into town, but the duo had quickly discovered that it was too damn hot to do anything.
Isabela sighed, fanning herself with her hands as you tried to wipe the sweat off of your face.
"Well..." Isabela sighed out, disappointed that their adventure would be cut so shortly by the sweltering heat.
"We could always try tomorrow?" You say, setting yourself down on the stairs, leaning and resting your arms on the step behind you. Little did you know there was someone watching you from afar, a secret admirer.
Bruno groaned quietly as he saw you lean back. His eyes scanned your body over slowly, watching as you glistened from sweat. You had just pulled your skirt up, trying to cool yourself off, and Bruno nearly lost whatever sense he had left. He was a 50 year old virgin, I mean what do you expect?
He knew he had to have you. A little mischievous grin spread across Bruno's face as he thought about all the things he'd do to you. He nearly came like the little pervert he is at just the thought of ravaging your perfect body- biting down on your neck, pulling your hair, and especially (his favorite of his daydreams) fucking your cute face.
Isabela invited you to spend the night, because although the adventure into town didn't work out, that doesn't mean the day should end there.
Later on in the evening, the weather was just as hot as ever, and your clothes basically became one with your body.
"Isabela, do you mind if I showered?" You asked. You were sprawled out on her bed, your head in her lap as she played with your hair.
"Do you even need to ask? You basically live here." She joked, giving you a genuine smile. You grinned back at her, pushing yourself up from her lap.
You walked your way over to the bathroom, not noticing the man who was lingering behind you, creeping. Bruno obviously overheard your plans to take a shower, and he decided this was the perfect time to strike. It's now or never.
Before you shut the bathroom door, a short scrawny man slipped his hand over your mouth- shutting the door for you. You tried biting his hand, flipping the fuck out.
"Calm down." Was all he said, a bit awkwardly at that. You freaked out even more, because who the fuck calms down when someone says calm down?
You glance at your attacker, soaking in all his features. Unruly curly hair, sprinkled with salt and pepper, soft doe-like eyes, and somewhat of a stubbly beard and mustache among his face. You don't know why, but you feel like you know him.
Oh. Oh fuck you do know him.
Bruno Madrigal. Which didn't make sense, because no one had seen Bruno in years. It didn't make sense.
Your body relaxes. Maybe Bruno wanted your help, maybe he wanted you to pass a message along to someone in the family. Maybe this isn't as sinister as it feels.
Bruno notices the change in your body language, slowly removing his hand from the lower half of your face. His fingers felt rough, yet comforting at the same time. He was rethinking his actions, maybe this wasn't the best thing to do, maybe he should turn around and go.
"Ah- just.. I'm sorry?" he stuttered, backing away to the door as he started to grab the door handle. You reach out to him, grabbing his free hand.
"Wait! Don't go!" You exclaimed. He paused, lowering to your connected hands. His pulse shot up, and his blood rushed to certain places. Dios mio, he wanted you. He was tired of waiting. Years of pleasuring himself to you wasn't enough, he needed the real thing.
"I need you.." He gasped out, falling to his knees, grabbing handfuls of your skirt and looking up at you needily. Bruno was grinding himself against your leg, letting out a soft whine. He needed you more than anything.
You stood there flabbergasted, trying to soak in what was happening. Bruno Madrigal was on his knees, after being missing for years. But god, was he hot. It felt wrong, being attracted to your friend's tío.
Fuck it. You bend down and yank his hair back, attaching your lips to his. Your teeth clashed as you both groped each other. Bruno grunted, tearing down your top to expose your tits. God they were perfect. He latched his lips and started sucking. You were as dreamy as he had always imagined. A goddess. He was hungrily biting and licking down your chest, suddenly ripping down your skirt. Fuck your scent made him feral.
He buried his face into your underwear, inhaling your scent before he started licking your clit through the cottony fabric. Bruno's nails raked down your thighs. His moans were muffled. Your knees buckled as he pulled your underwear to the side, slowly teasing his fingers at your lips. You were already so wet. Nobody had ever touched you like this before. His salt and pepper hair tickled your thighs as he leaned in for another whiff.
"Bruno..please touch me.." You begged, grabbing his wrist and forcing him to finger you. He groaned, hearing how wet your pussy was. All he could think about was how beautiful you were. You had this ethereal glow to you. He pumped his fingers diligently, like it was the only thing in life that mattered. Seeing your face twist up in pleasure nearly made him cum on the spot. Your hands wandered to his hair, tugging him closer to your body.
He bit his lip, eyes rolling back into his head. His cock was straining against his clothes. Bruno removed his fingers, heart fluttering when he heard your disappointed whine. Quickly, he pulled down his shorts and underwear down, letting his cock pop out. His cock was thick, veins pulsing on the underside of his shaft, and he had bushy curls leading up to his belly button. The tip of his cock already leaked with precum, dribbling out in little pearls.
He aggressively grabbed your hips, pulling you closer to him. Immediately he rubbed the tip of his cock against your clit, shoving his head into your neck. You moaned loudly, before he shoved his fingers in your mouth.
"Keep quiet, Mi Querido." He warned, before he bit down on your neck. You grunted, sucking on his fingers like it was his cock, bobbing up and down. Bruno continued teasing his cock, slipping the tip in and out of your slit.
Without warning he slammed into you, causing tears to roll down your cheek. It hurt but it felt so fucking good. He continuously pounded into you while biting and licking your neck, fingers still in your mouth. This wasn't your first time, but it surely was the best so far.
He forced your mouth open, spitting into it. You nearly fell to your knees. Bruno noticed and pushed you against the wall, moving his fingers out of your mouth, as to hold your legs up as they wrapped around his waist.
"Bruno.." You whined out in a low voice, moving your fingers down to rub your clit, the other tangled in his hair. Bruno only fucked you harder after you moaned his name. He was determined to make you cum before him.
"You're mine." Was all he grunted out, destroying your body. He went back down to your tits, sucking your nipples. Your brain malfunctioned, and your mouth stopped working. All that came out was quiet rambles about how good he felt.
He wanted so badly to cum in you, to breed your cunt. You clenched around him and he huffed, having to tell himself to calm down before he busted. You worked your fingers faster, climbing faster to your high. Who knew that you'd be fucking your friend's missing tío in a bathroom tonight.
"Cum in me." You demaned, staring him straight in his glowing eyes. He lost his mind. Bruno wasn't even processing what was happening as you orgasmed, arching your back and thrusting your tits further into his face. He felt you clench around his cock again, and that was it.
He came deep inside of you, your body's sticking together as you both reached your highs. He soon pulled out, dropping down as he watched his cum drip out of your pussy. Before he realized it, he was lapping his mess up, licking up your thighs to your lips. He loved how you tasted, both of your tastes mixed together.
Bruno stood back up, panting as he leaned in for a final kiss. You slumped against the wall in shock as your legs shook and your breath wavered. Holy shit.
Bruno slipped back on his clothes, grinning as he scanned you up and down.
"Until next time." He said, leaving as quickly as he entered. You gaped your mouth open. He did NOT just fucking leave.
Little did you know this would become a daily occurance, that every time you spent that night with Isabela, Bruno would creep out to find you.
To perv on you, to watch you from the shadows.
And god you loved it. He was your pervert. Only yours.
And you were his.
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huathirsts · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
# ⠀ ᕱ⑅ᕱ ⠀ TOUCH⠀ ☓ ☓ ☓ ⠀ ( 🕸 )
✦ ⊹ ˚˖ ⠀ bruno madrigal x male reader ! ⠀ — ⠀ ☆
ଘ꒰੭⁄ ⁄ ⁄ ꒱੭⠀⊹ ˚˖ ⠀ ☆ ⠀ sypnosis. In where bruno madrigal finally lost his v card.
★ ⠀ #% ⠀  CW. Praise kink. ⠀ ⊹ ˚˖
ꜜ notes, cause like yes- ⊰
Tumblr media
"nng! Haah! Ah!" you moaned as you lift yourself up again and put your ass again bruno groaned feeling the warmth of your ass sucking on his harden cock as he holds on your hips.
Your dick leaked precum as it stood tall and mighty, you were filled with sweats as your hair looks to be messy, "[na]-[name]...nng! Am I doing good? Haah.. " bruno asked with such teary eyes begging for your praise.
You couldn't help but let out a smirk because of this, putting your hand on his shoulder you whisper on his ear, "your doing so good bruno... So, so good"
Looking at his neck you started giving eat kisses as you ride him moaning as you felt his dick hit your prostate, "haah... Nng! Ah!" you moaned on his ear as bruno moan aloud in pleasure feeling the tight heat of your ass.
He only let his hands travel on your hips feeling it perfect shape, soon bruno felt a knot on his stomach making him look at you with such teary eyes as you smile, "something is... Coming... Haah! Ah!" he moaned as you move again.
"don't worry I'm also near too" with this you distance your face to him as you started riding him much more faster, the sound of squelching, skin slapping and moans of sinful pleasure could be heard on his room as bruno chanted, "im cumming [name]... Im cumming"
"I know bruno, I know bruno ah! Nng!" there he came inside of you as you also came with your high, you planted yourself on top of his chest as you two breath heavily as you slowly move your head to look at bruno with a adoring smile, "you were great mi vida" there bruno couldn't help blush at this as he hugged you closer.
"you were also great... Amor"
© huathirsts — do not repost, modify, copy.
Tumblr media
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ichigobunsss · 9 days ago
Te Deseo Lo Mejor(pt 6)
Bruno Madrigal x O/C Angst/Sexy Smutty Spice in the Walls/ Grab a SNACK
Tumblr media
“Ay, Dolores ya! Enough about the noises please. Ya lo dije, it’s the rats!”
“But Mamá, I think know the difference between rats and footsteps by now. And these were footsteps! Kind of like how Tío Brun-"
Thunder cracked over Pepas head and she turned towards her daughter with wide eyes, who held her hands over her ears. Pepa sighed and quickly shooed the cloud that formed over her head away.
“Lo siento, lo siento.” She said, taking in a deep breath and rubbing Dolores's ears to ease the pain she knew she was feeling from the crack of the thunder.
“Mija, you know how sensitive that topic is to Abuela and Tia Valeria, si? We don't talk about . . Well, just try to ignore it, hm?" Said Pepa. She glanced above her head, sighing in relief as the cloud finally disappeared.
Dolores sighed, tired of her family not listening to her-yet she was forced to listen to everyone else. Shrugging in defeat, she brushed past her mother and out the kitchen, bumping into Valeria in the process. Julieta was close behind her, as she was helping her bring supplies back from town.
"Ay, Sorry Dolores!" Valeria said, shifting the paper bag to one side and quickly fixing Dolores's small bow on her head that nudged a bit out of place. Dolores shook her head and gave her a small sad smile.
"Estás bien?" Valeria asked grabbing Dolores's chin softly, noticing her brows turn down into a sudden frown. But she looked up at Valeria nervously, as if she wanted to tell her something, but quickly nodded her head.
"Y-yes!" she squeaked out and quickly shuffling past her Tias in a hurry. Valeria turned towards Julieta, but her sister in law just shrugged, not knowing what was wrong either. As the two of them made their way into the kitchen, Pepa sighed in relief.
"Ay, please tell me you brought the wine!" she said, leaning against the counter. Valeria smiled mischievously and reached into the paper bag, pulling out a large wine bottle and waving it heartily.
"Eso!" cheered Pepa, a small rainbow appeared over her head as she bounced around in place happily. Julieta sighed as she placed her bag on the counter.
"Pepa, please don't over do it. You know how you get, cuando bebes demasiado." she said, as she began taking some of the groceries out. Pepa rolled her eyes and huffed.
"Julieta, come on. Mama will be at the Guzmán's tonight and the men will be at that silly horse race. It's the perfect night for Las Mujeres de Casa Madrigal to let loose!" she said excitedly. Valeria chuckled and headed over next to Julieta to help her unpack.
"Ay, Help me here muñeca!" said Pepa, pulling on Valeria's sleeve and pouting. She started to notice where Camilo got that from.
"I think . . " Valeria started, glancing over at Julieta who raised a eyebrow at her, a slight smile on her face. Pepa's eyes peered up at Valeria impatiently as her grip tightened around her sleeve.
"Quiero emborracharme esta noche." Valeria said firmly. Julieta rolled her eyes, but couldn't help the chuckle that escaped her lips as Pepa happily danced around them both and hugging Valeria's side tightly.
"And the kids?" asked Julieta placing her hands on her hips, once Pepa settled down. But she just shrugged and waved her hand.
"Ah, you know Luisa and Isa can handle them! Come Valeria, I can finally wear that red lipstick I've been telling you about!" said Pepa as she pulled Valeria away from the vegetables she was happily putting away. Valeria let out a laugh as Pepa led her up the stairs. Letting that familiar warmth, that she hadn't felt in a while, finally seep into her chest .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
"And that's when - Hiccup!- I accidentally shot lightning on Félix's culito! Right after he asked me to marry him! Gritó tan fuerte! "
Pepa's head tilted back as she laughed loudly, accidently spilling some of her wine on the floor as she swayed, Casita helping her balance by shuffling the tiles under her feet a bit. The red lipstick she was excited about not too long ago was smeared all over her mouth, and her hair was loose and frizzed out in all directions, her headband long tossed to the side as she twirled around.
"Ay, Sorry Casita!" She said with a giggle, the rays above her head shining brightly in the dimly lit living room. Julieta and Valeria held on to their stomachs, bending over from sweet laughter as Pepa continued on with her story, dramatically mimicking her husband and prancing about the room.
Valeria had lost count of the cups of wine she drank, letting herself go and feel the buzz of the sweet liquor that melted against her mouth as a rosy tint appeared along her nose and cheeks. Julieta found herself losing count as well, often leaning over to Valeria's side and snorting louding as she watched her sister, her cheeks redder than hers.
Soon enough Pepa grew fatigue with jumping about the living room and plopped down on the floor in front of Valeria and Julieta on the couch.
"Muñecaaa, sing us that song you used to sing! The one about the Brujita!" She asked, after catching her breath. Valeria slumped back against the couch shaking her head with a giggle.
"No, no! " she exclaimed, bringing her hands up to cover her face as she giggled. Julieta nudged her head against Valeria's arm, and nodded.
"Si, Si! Cantar! Pepa sucks at singing! Ella canta como una ganso! Ha! Ha! -Oops!" said Julieta with a chuckle, as she clamped her hand over mouth.
"Oye!" said Pepa, lifting her head up from her spot on the floor, to playfully glare at her sister.
"Ya, Ya!" Valeria said, laughing. Julieta and Pepa turned and began to stare at her with bright drunken smiles on their faces, waiting for her to start. Valeria paused, making them think she wasn't going to sing, before dramatically lifting her arms.
"Ay que bonito es volar! A las dos de la mañana! A las dos de la mañana! Y ay que bonito es volar, ay mama!"
Pepa and Julieta cheered happily and began singing along with her, clapping their hands and standing up to sway around the room.
"Volar y dejarse caer! En los brazos de tu hermana! En los brazos de tu hermana!" Y hasta quisiera llorar!"
Valeria had grabbed the almost empty wine bottle to use as her personal micrófono and stood up on the wooden coffee table, Casita lifting the tiles to give her a bit of a boost, as she continued to belt out alongside her hermanas that happily dance around her.
"Me agarra la bruja y me lleva a su casa, me vuelve maceta y una calabaza!"
On into the night they sang different folk songs and danced until the three of them grew wary and slumped back down onto the couch. Valeria's eyes grew heavy, as Julieta snuggled her head on her lap and Pepa slouched up against the couch on the floor. Soon enough they all had fallen into a quick slumber. Nothing but the soft creaking of the Casita and the soothing winds outside sounding off into the night.
A sharp pain in Valeria's back from the awkward position she was in on the couch, had woken her up a few hours later. She tried forcing her eyes back shut, but her mouth was so dry and she desperately needed a glass of water.
Carefully lifting Julietas head off her lap, Valeria quietly tipped toed around Pepa's loud snoring form. But it had gotten so dark, she could barely see where she was going.
"Casita, por favor, help me to the kitchen." she whispered, turning back to make sure Julieta and Pepa were still sleeping. There was a faint nudge against her foot and after that another tile lightly bounced and a small trail started forming so Valeria could make her way out.
She followed along with the tapping of the tiles, not noticing that Casita was leading her away from the kitchen and towards the walkway of the brightly lit different doors of each of the gifted Madrigal rooms. Valeria lifted her head once she noticed the shining glitter of the rooms, and squinted down at the floor.
"I said the kitchen, silly." she mumbled, rubbing her eyes as she turned around, but froze once her eyes found a pair of green glowing orbs floating across from her on the other side of the walkway of the rooms. Her heart skipped a beat as she recognized the familiar orbs, but she harshly began rubbing her eyes, thinking it was the alcohol fooling her imagination. But when she dropped her hands, the green orbs were still staring back her with. But they quickly began moving away from her and towards the back of the walkway towards a plain painting that was hung up at the end of the wall.
Valeria felt the ground beneath quickly shift her, as the tiles quickly moved her to follow the retreating green orbs before the could escape. Soon enough she was in front of a hooded figure, blocking the painting in front of them that they seemed to be heading towards.
The hooded figure was out of breath and began to walk backwards away from her as she tried to reach up and pull the hood down, but they tripped backwards by one of the tiles that Casita perched up purposely to stop them. Valeria watched as they fell with a loud grunt, the hood slipping off the head, completely revealing a messy head of black curls that she was all too familiar with.
Valeria's hands were trembling and the effects of the alcohol that she had consumed seem to have completely burned off as anger began bubbling inside her, replacing the drunken happiness she had felt earlier that night, as she stared down at him.
His breath quickened as he stared up at her in a panic. The tiles under him lifted him up to fully stand in front of her. His breath brushing against her face as she stared back at him in shock.
But the sound of one of the children's shining doors began to creak open. Bruno forced his eyes away from her and he quickly tugged her arm to pull her away from the front of painting she was blocking, lifting it quickly and dragging her inside with him, covering her mouth in the process so she wouldn't give the both of them away.
Dolores had peeked her head out of her door and glanced around rubbing her sleepy eyes, before shrugging and turning back into her room.
"It's just the rats, it's just the rats. . . "
Bruno had taken Valeria deep into the walls of the home as she grumbled against his chest, pushing and shoving his head and arms for him to release her. When he had finally felt he was deep enough in his hideout for no one to hear, he set her down let his hand go from her mouth. But she began to yell out a curse and he quickly clamped his hand over it again with a sigh.
"Shh! " he hissed. Valeria shook her head aggressively against his calloused hand, wanting to yell out again, but her throat began to burn and her eyes blurred as tears began springing from her eyes as she glared up at the man she once called her husband. Bruno's eyes widened as he watched the tears spring from the corners of her eyes and on to the back of his hand.
"N-No, V-Valeria-"
But Valeria shoved him away and started pounding your fists on his chest over and over again as hot tears streamed down her face. He just stood there, letting Valeria take her anger out as she silently cursed under her breath. Bruno’s head hung low as she pushed and shoved his chest with all her strength.
“M-maldito, Mentiroso-"
She wanted to hurt him. She wanted him feel as empty as she felt the night he ripped himself away from her.
“Te odio, Te odio! No quiero verte nunca más!” Valeria choked out with as much venom as she could muster. She reached to punch his chest again, but he grabbed her arms firmly, stopping her in place.
“No me dejas eso-" he muttered under his breath. "Please. . "
“No-No, you don’t get to tell me that.” she said, trying to free her arms from his grasp.
“Dejarme!” She growled, as the anger continued to rise in her. Bruno finally lifted his head up, his glowing eyes angrily boring into hers. Valeria tried to wrestle free from his grip, but he held her in place, pushing her body against the wall and lifting her hands over her head so she couldn’t hit him again. But she began kicking at his legs, but he was already spreading hers apart with his knees for her to stop.
"Tate quieto-" he warned. But Valeria shook her head, too stubborn to let her anger rest.
“Dejarme-" she choked out, twisting her wrists against his clutch, they began to burn at how hard he was holding them. But Bruno just leaned in closer to her, his breaths hot and heavy on her mouth.
Bruno closed the space between them and kissed her mouth desperately. Valeria tried to move away as his lips attacked hers, cursing into his mouth, but she could no longer deny her body’s longing to have her husband's body back with hers.
Valeria gave in, letting her lips move with his as if he never left.
He let go of her hands, letting them drop from above her head. She instantly wrapped them around his neck, her hands rushing through his dark curls and pulling him closer. Moaning in his mouth as he sneakily edged his tongue between her teeth to tangle with hers.
“You’ve -been-drinking…” he said between sloppy wet kisses as he tasted that familiar twinge of alcohol on her tongue.
Of course he knew she had been, he had watched her sing and laugh with his sisters the whole night from behind one of the small vents in the living room with a giddy smile on his face.
“Gracias a ti. . .” Valeria said meanly against his mouth.
His hands roamed down the sides of her body and lifted her higher against the wall, yanking her legs up to wrap around his waist.
“Te amo-" he said as he pulled back to trail his kisses on her chin and down her neck.
“Te quiero-Te quiero, Mi preciosa mujer -" he mumbled against her skin, desperately nipping and sucking her sweet spots that he had memorized all too well.
“B-Bruno-" she breathed his name, he sighed happily against her neck.
“Si, mi vida- I’m here, I’m here- lo siento. . . Lo siento.” His lips ghosted over hers once more, his luminous eyes shining on her face. He wiped the tears that were stained against her cheek, glancing down at her swollen lips before attacking them once more.
He tightened his hold around her and guided them both to the small cot on the ground, laying Valeria down gently and hastily removing his ruana. His tender kisses never ceasing as he hovered over her body, his hands roaming under her skirt and tugging on the waistband of her undergarments.
“Quiero probarte..” he murmured against her neck as he made his way lower, practically begging . Valeria's mind raced and the air around her was so thick and hot, her eyes could barely focus on Bruno's form. His glowing eyes and the small crack of the wall letting the moonlight in were the only source of light in the small space. It was all happening so fast and felt as though the room was spinning.
Valeria's fingers tugged on Bruno’s hair roughly to get his attention and he groaned in response, looking up at her with wide eyes when he noticed her uneasy breathing.
“D-Do you want me to stop?” His asked, his voice cracking in between. She managed to shake her head no, pulling his mouth back up closer to hers.
“I wanted. . . to make sure. . I wasn’t .. dreaming this. .” she said breathy against his mouth. The corners of his lips turned up in a lopsided smile and he kissed her lips again softly before lowering his head once more.
“I didn’t want to leave. ." She heard him whisper against her stomach. His hands lifted her shirt a bit, just so he could nip the skin, trying to inhale as much of her as he could.
“But I couldn't take it anymore. . . las malas visiones." He said between kisses. Valeria's brows furrowed, wanting to respond as the cracked vision board she found all those nights ago flashed across her mind. But he had made his way back between her legs, her skirt now lifted around her waist as his fingers ghosted over the waistband once more, tugging them down softly. Pulling her lingering questions away from her mind.
Valeria sucked in a deep breath as the cold air hit her center. But Bruno leveled his face in front, his hot breath hovering over. Her hips rolled upwards slightly, as her core ached to be touched by him and him only.
He reached his head over her inner thigh to give it a chaste kiss, before bending down once more, taking a long sweet lick to her slit. Valeria moaned loudly, but Bruno quickly lifted one of his hands up to cover her mouth, his face still buried between her legs as licked and sucked her sweet flower.
"Lo siento querida, but you have to keep quiet. ." he said against herr sweetness , his eyes flickering up at her. Valeria furrowed her brows in annoyance as she glared down at him.
"Please?" his breathed, hot on her core. She huffed and nodded reluctantly. He gave her an adoring smile, before burrowing his head in between her thighs once more. The faint green glow disappearing between her legs.
She bit down on his fingers, trying to muffle her moans as his tongue flickered against her bud. Her wetness filling him with content as he darted his tongue against her, his two green orbs looking up at her from between her legs to watch, as she squirmed against his mouth. His pulled his hand from her mouth and let them snaked around each of her thighs, pulling her closer when she flinched away.
"Y-Ya, B-Brun- Ay- P-Papi-" Valeria clasped her hands over her mouth as she rocked against his mouth. He moaned into her at the sound of the nickname she rarely used for him, the vibrations of his mouth sending shockwaves into her body. She rocked against his head, her legs squeezing around him as she released into his mouth. He gave one last kiss to her heat and lifted himself up, kissing her deeply letting her taste herself on her lips.
Her hands wandered through his hair as he kissed her, his hands frantically pushing down his pants, as he grinded himself against her entrance as she wrapped her legs around his waist again. He moaned into her mouth, slowly pushing himself into her sweet entrance. Valeria ignored the slight pain, as she hadn't been touched by him in weeks, her body had begun to grow used to his absence.
The both of them stayed there for a moment, as Bruno pulled back from her lips to look down at her flushed face, letting her adjust around him. That empty feeling that he had ripped from her was slowly fading as their bodies melted within eachother like a puzzle piece crafted from heaven itself.
But she didn't want Bruno to take so much control so soon. So she pulled him to the side and rolled on top of him, not breaking the connection they formed as her hands pressed down on his chest, forcing him to stay on his back.
"Ay, coño cariño ." moaned Bruno, as he stared up at her, his glowing eyes hazed with lust as his hands found there way to her thighs, gripping them in place. Valeria smiled lazily down at him and began rocking, his hips immediately matching her movements as she let her head fall back, letting him fill her center that had been droughted without his love.
Bruno let out a whimper as he tried to lifted himself up to hold her closer. But she kept pushing him down onto his back as she continued to rock against him. Still wanting to have the upper hand as that small bubbling anger began poking the back of her mind again. Remembering how he left her that dreadful night.
She felt her body twitch at the overstimulating pleasure of having her beloved inside her once more. She hunched over him, her chest was so close to his face, the necklace around her neck kept brushing against his nose. Valeria's eyes peered over to her wedding ring on her finger that shined against his chest. His glowing eyes reflecting on the gold band beautifully as she desperately chased her second release. Bruno snatched her wedding hand and lifted it up to his lips, kissing it over and over as he rocked against her.
“Te A-amo, T-te -ah - Amo-” He groaned against her fingertips as he frantically thrusted up against her , begging for her to say it back. But Valeria continued on stubbornly not wanting to respond.
A wave of euphoria washed over them both, as they blended together in a heat of sweet and sticky release. Moaning into each others mouths as she pressed her lips back to his face to give him a heated kiss. When she pulled back, Bruno’s eyes were already fading back to their normal color.
Valerias eyes gazed into his as she tried to catch her breath. Finally being able to touch the outline of his face and trace the smallest details, like freckles along his nose. His beard was a bit thicker and his hair had grown longer to his shoulders. Her fingers traced his cheek, feeling the slight hollowness it now held as she glanced up at the bags that had grown under his eyes. He watched in silence as his wife mapped out his face, as if she’d forgotten what he’d look like but . . . He was still herBruno.
“Te Amo. ." Valeria finally whispered against his lips. Bruno’s eyes grew glossy as he stared up at her, a wave of relief washing over him as those words left her sweet lips. He let out a sob as she kissed his lips gently, repeating sweet soothing words of love against his skin and letting his tears stick on to her face as she tangled her hands in his curls.
Valeria had so many questions racing through her head as she nuzzled against his body. But she felt that if she dared ask, this moment would end. That Bruno would disappear into the night again, leaving her without a trace. She clenched onto his arms, tightly, not wanting him to move away from her. But he laid under her calmly, letting her slump against him achingly as he stroked her back.
"Please. . . no te vayas." she whispered against his chest. She felt his arms wrap around her body, her eyes growing heavy with exhaustion as she let herself fully drop on top of him.
"I won't."
If this was all her head. . . she did not want to wake up.
🐀 🌿 🐀 🌿 🐀 🌿 🐀 🌿 🐀 🌿 🐀 🌿
shit just got real .
disney i'm so sorry i made your character do SINFUL things plz dont sue me, but it's your fault for making him so amazing
Tumblr media
(btw the folk song our ladies are singing is called "La Bruja" it's a mexican folk song but i'm using the version with my queen Salma Hayek y los vega it's one of my faves)
Yes im making it canon that julieta is a shaddy giggly drunk & pepa is a loud funny one😂
AND YES CASITA IS HELPING OUT ALOT LMAO & poor dolores is so tired of everyones shit
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Tumblr media
Working up a sweat (Luisa x Afab Reader)
Warnings: NSFW, Smut, 18+
Prompt: You ask your friend Luisa to help you learn how to properly work out, the both of you end up sweaty and panting for breath but neither of you would necessarily call what just happened a workout per say.
I’m sitting on Luisa’s bed breathing embarrassingly hard after the ‘small warmup jog’ she made us do before getting to the strengthen workouts. She said it would help loosen me up but all I feel is tightness as I watch her demonstrate the pull up bars, stuck in a trance, staring at her glistening muscles as she works out. I had asked her originally as my friend to help me learn how to workout properly and of course she invited me to her room that stood as a giant gym and even a spa in one corner that I suspect was added when casita was rebuilt. Everything she did was just so effortless, a strong persona I know she holds up, but her muscles aren’t just a performance they are real and tangible, god what I wouldn’t give just to be able to glide my fingers up and down those ridges and curves.
“And its just like that! Pretty simple right Y/N? ......Y/N?” Luisas questioning voice broke the spell I was under. I noticed just how deeply I was breathing and how creepy my staring must have been.
“What? Oh sorry just trying to memorize your technique.” I laugh awkwardly hoping she accepts this partial lie.
“Oh good, would you like to try the pull up bars yourself?” She beamed brightly completely unaware of how quickly she is unraveling me from the inside out.
“Oh.. I don’t know about that, I don’t think I am tall enough. Maybe I should stick to something easier... and closer to the ground.” I say sheepishly while standing up from the bed prepping to start exercising but she’s smiling brightly and grabbing onto my arm to pull me over to the pull up bar.
“Nonsense I’ll just give you a boost!”
“Woah Luisa what are you-“ I end my panicked sentence with a squeal as her hands firmly grab onto my waist and hold me up to the bars, my waist directly in her face causing my face to flush and hands starting to get clammy. “Luisa I don’t know about this.” I stuttered out while gripping onto the bar for dear life.
“It’s alright, I got you, I won’t let you fall.” Her words are so simply soft and gentle. I’m impressed I could hear them at all over my heart banging like a thunderous drum in my chest.
Gulping I try to focus my gaze up at the bar instead of how close Luisa is to me, she was always beautiful and attractive to me but I have never felt the burning desire I feel right now with her hands on my waist. My mind starts supplying fantasies of my back against the wall, thighs firmly perched on her shoulder as her head is buried into me, her hands gripping on my ass and hips for dear life. Ay dios mio I am not going to even make one pull up with the way my whole body is shaking in her hands.
My hands shift slightly to gain a better grip, arms straining as I try raising myself. My biggest mistake at that moment was glancing down seeing just how close her face is to me, seeing her hooded eyes looking up at me with a bright smile. My muscles give out to a shake that rocks my core and my hands slip off sending me down into her arms.
We are staring face to face, her hands pushing more pressure on my waist as she holds on more without the bar support. I am trying to get my breathing under control as I pant out, my hands gaining feeling from the tingling numbness I was experiencing with every breath as I notice my hands placed on her shoulders and upper arm. Her muscles are so much softer than I thought they would be, like a smooth rock still hard and strong but not lacking the gentle softness of the skin.
“Maybe we should get you to start out with something simpler maybe some squats?” She trails off at the end as her eyes unfocus a bit like she is stuck in her mind thinking.
“Oh sure that sounds good.” My tone matching hers but I severely doubt she is thinking the same dirty thoughts I am. “Hey Luisa?”
“You have to put me down first.”
“Oh!” She snaps back to the moment to put me down and tries covering this awkward moment with a small nervous laugh while scratching the back of her neck. “Sorry about that. So have you done any squats before?”
“I think so? I’ll show you what I’ve got but I doubt it’s correct.”
We both back up a bit from the other equipment to a more open area of the room, I take a few more steps away to put distance between us hoping that will cool me off a bit. I immediately jump into the squats doing about three before I see Luisa’s form closing the distance again as she scrutinizes my form. I can feel her eyes raking over me and its send shivers down my thighs that has me loosing any shape or form I was holding.
“Stay right there in that position.” She says behind me as I am lowered down in the squat. She’s making small hums as she evaluates me while I try not to focus on the burning that the squat and her eyes set on me. “Ok lift back up.”
I follow her order and try to turn to face her but she nudges me back to where I was facing. Her hands come up to my hips, flinching slightly at the unexpected touch, as she repositions my legs a bit further apart.
“Good, now back down.” I wasn’t expecting the praise from her or the way it would send a shock right to my core, feeling the wetness already pooling there, and while still in her grip start lowering myself. She was right behind me, lowering with me and running her hand along my back to push my back in a better position. “No no, you’re not going low enough, like this.”
Again her hands are back on my hips bringing me down lower with her. The shaking in my legs is back with all this tension turning into a full rumble as my legs twitch. Right as I feel her hands start to slip from my waist to stand back up a stabbing pain seizes up my thigh muscle sending me to the floor with a cry. The cramping muscle only seems to increase in pain every time I try stretching back desperately to reach the awkward position to rub out the knot, painful cries and groans leaving me.
“Where does it hurt? Let me help you.” Luisa drops to the ground immediately with worry filling her voice as her hands are suddenly pushing up the fabric of my skirt to get directly to the skin, pressing only her thumbs at first on the area. “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have pushed you, I could feel how tense you were.”
“No Luisa I am fine I’m-“ A loud groan rips out of me as she kneads the area, cramp dissipating quickly under her magic fingers.
“There we go just like that, good, you know you’ve got a surprising amount of knots? Let me just work them out a bit more, I never knew you were this tense.” Her voice is echoing around me in the fog of pleasure I am feeling, moans are spilling from me and hopefully Luisa just sees them as relief instead of a touched starved pervert on the ground moaning from her hands alone.
“Dios mio, I really need to go-“ Every time I try to speak I am cut off by more and more moans. If Luisas hand were this good just on my thigh what would they feel like if they drifted more inwards. No I have to go before I start drooling, pushing myself up Luisa is using her other hand to push me back down gently.
“No no no you aren’t going anywhere until I take care of your muscles, I don’t want you to cramp up again and get sore.”
She’s torturing me, how in the world can she not see how she’s unraveling me between her fingers? It seems like with every sound from my lips it spurs her on even more to keep massaging my flesh, moving around even dipping to my inner thigh dangerously close to where I want her. Her weight suddenly shifts as she swings a leg over mine and straddles my legs.
“Sorry, I needed to get a better grip but you are doing so good.” She hums a bit as she works completely oblivious to the melting goo pile she has turned me into. Her hands are now separately pulling and kneading the tops of both of my thighs, each pull slightly spreading me apart in between her palms.
I can’t take it anymore, my skin is on fire, my mind is going crazy, every sense is filled with her. Her pressure is holding me down despite how much I want to squirm away to give my burning nerves a chance to settle and each wiggle gives a tiny bit of friction I am craving.
“Fuck Luisa.”
Time halts, the women perched over me tensed and stilled all her movements. There was no misconstruing this anymore and I wish I knew what was rolling through her head. Was she piecing it all together, my flushed face, deep breathing, my stares, and of course me moaning on the ground for a good few minutes while she pinned me underneath her legs?
“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you.” Incredible, she really has no fucking clue as to what she is doing to me, hell I think I am leaving a wet spot on the ground.
“Ay dios mio, Luisa I can’t hold it back anymore, you are so fucking hot and you’re teasing me. I am going to lose my mind if you touch me anymore or fuck it touch me more, just please Luisa.”
“Oh” She pauses for a second taking a deep breath. “Oh thank god.” It was a quiet mumble before I am flipped over, still pinned underneath her as she captures my lips with hers.
The kiss is hungry and desperate, fueled by tension that had been building until it snapped. Just from the way she is clinging onto my skin, hand combing through my hair to give a soft tug its becoming clear that maybe I wasn’t the only one feeling the sexual tension this whole time. We were a bit sweaty before but now the room is boiling and the air is thick and humid around us making me want to strip my clothes off as quickly as possible but Luisa pins my arms down.
“Slow down cariño, we don’t want you cramping again do we.” She mumbled before going back to my neck to leave little bites and hickeys on the skin.
“I don’t know, if I cramp will you touch me again?” I meant for that to come off with more confidence but at this point I was whiny and needy. I wanted to finally indulge in all the fantasies I was trying to keep at bay for the past half hour.
Her own face flushes before shifting her arm to trail down my body before slipping below the waistband of my skirt. Her hand grabs a hand full of my thigh while lowering her mouth to the shell of my ear. “Touch you here?”
My waist strains against hers as I try thrusting against her hand for some much needed friction but her hand is retreating once more as I whine. I never pictured Luisa to be the woman she is right now, dominate and teasing me, milking out every beg she can like its music to her ears. As her hand retreated from my waist band it instead traveled up under my shirt to firmly knead the flesh there.
“Luisa please stop teasing!” I’m already on the edge of crying, barley done anything so far but the tension is rising with each fleeting touch. Every touch and sensation kicks the ball farther and faster down the hill its racing.
“I promised I would help release your tension didn’t I? Let me massage you.” Her hands quickly slip off my top and bra leaving the skin to prickle under the slight breeze but even so it isn’t combatting the heat that clings to my skin. “Such soft skin.” Her voice is so steady and soft, unaffected by the rising emotions.
She seems so relaxed but tenses as she hesitates for a second before allowing herself to lower down to lay kisses along my curves. With scrunched up eyes my back curls back into the floor, arching my spine to raise my chest more into her hands and mouth. Focusing strictly on the sensation of her mouth, teeth, and tongue I cant pick up on any sort of pattern making my skin jump in surprise as her mouth moves around aimlessly. A bite here on my nipple, hand digging into my waist and raising my body up more for her, a lick across a collarbone.
“You were thinking about me weren’t you?” Her voice whispered against my skin before quickly settling back in to her own pace.
“Huh?” I pant out briefly letting her words permeate my mind that was filled with screaming voices begging for more. “Fuck, of course I was dreaming about you, you’re a goddess Luisa.”
Her face looks a bit surprised but those eyes are blown out with lust like I’ve never seen before. She leans up to give a full kiss, lips soft molding against my own, not rushed just full of purpose as she knows exactly what she wants and wants to take her time with it. Her hand flexes against my cheek like she wants tot tighten her grip but is too afraid of her strength.
“Don’t be gentle with me Luisa, I won’t break I promise.” I bring up one of my own hands to lay across hers guiding her fingers to dig in more. “You promised me you would work me out.”
She smirks against my lips pulling me in deeper as she starts giving in bit by bit. She’s still holding back afraid but is now testing the barrier, seeing how far she can push and keep pushing me. Now as her plush lips close down on mine she pushes in further to take my bottom lip between her teeth, nip after nip after nip. Lips are swelling and brightening in vibrance as it puffs up, her hands pulling me in closer as if she cant get enough of my skin. I find myself suffocating in her but too brain dead to care, I just want her, everything she is willing to give me. She pulls back teeth sunk in my lips as she tugs away before letting go, both of us catching our breaths staring at each other. She glides her hand down from my cheek tracing along the swollen lips gathering the slickness that coats them with her finger before sticking it in between my lips.
“Suck.” Quickly I suck the digit into my mouth to massage it between my tongue and roof of my mouth, letting it curl and swirl around while sucking rhythmically to my tongue movements.
Luisa’s resolve seems to be breaking, now breathing deep which exaggerates her chest and build even more as it expands with each full breath. She’s biting onto her lip and the other fingers not occupied by my mouth comes down to grip my chin line and pull my gaze up to hers. I bet my face looked like pure sin in that moment, flushed skin, eyes brimming with tears from the exquisite torture she’s putting me through, and slowly working the finger in my mouth.
The sexiest noise I have ever heard leaves Luisa in a groan as she pulls her finger from my mouth, my mouth chasing after the digit before letting it go. “So beautiful.”
Her words and noises are sending more electric straight to my clit causing my hips to twitch under her. She shifts downward, always keeping intense eye contact, tracing her wet finger down from my lips, down my chin and neck as I arched my head back for her path. Down the sternum between the breasts, she is taking her damn time and its driving me insane.
Finally her finger hooks along my waistband once more to drag my skirt and underwear down in one fluid motion. She repositions herself between my legs taking in my form all at once, finally completely on display for her. My heart is beating rapidly always in anticipation for what’s next but as she starts tearing at her own clothes to remove them my heart stops completely.
My earlier praises ringing true as I look down at the goddess of a woman kneeling between my thighs. Sweat is coating her body in a fine sheen that glints of the light of each curve and muscle. She couldn’t look more perfect in my eyes if she tried. I try pushing up quickly to praise her body as she took time with mine but she shakes her head with a hum and smooths my body down with a hand that starts at my stomach and ends between my breasts once I am back down.
“I think it’s time to test your flexibility, cariño.” Suddenly her hands are back on my thighs pushing them apart and up. “Keep those legs there.”
Her hands dig down into my hips testing the shaking legs if they will fall before she dips down to my pussy. My body was prepped for the agonizingly slow torture she seems to like to inflict but instead she is switching it up. She’s pushing my limits more and more with her strength holding on and gripping in places as even her super strength tongue is lapping circles around my clit swirling my head in pleasure with each pass. Her voice hums and moans as if she is stuffing her face with her favorite meal which vibrates against me.
I am trying desperately to keep my legs up and spread but jolts are rocking me as she abuses my clit, shaking my legs and threatening to make them fall. I cant think straight, my mind is filled with nothing but her, the feel of her body on mine, the collapsing weight of heat and sweat surrounding us, and the smell of sweat a sex that permeates the entire room. Her fingers are pushing in against the slickness gathered in the folds before pushing into me completely with a curl. Panting as she comes up for air my own air is knocked out of my lungs watching her fuck my pussy at a brutal pace while her own hand is slipping between her folds with head tilted back in ecstasy.
“Touch yourself, beautiful.” Her head lulls back to front and watches my blissed out face contort and scrunch with every jolt that tightens my center.
Reaching a hand quickly down to my clit I know I won’t last long. The tension is seconds away from snapping and every time I watch her hand push into herself in time with me, soft moans escaping her with every exhale, her own hip jutting forward and stuttering along. I am losing myself in her, chasing the snap, chasing my release I want so desperately.
Suddenly my mouth is full filled with her fingers dripping with her taste, wrapping even more of my senses from the indescribable taste of her. Salt tinges my taste buds of her sweat combined with the sweet bitterness of her. Everything is too much, the room is pushing down on me, she is pushing down on me. Tears fall from my eyes as I desperately chase the finale snap, every time I am on the edge it pulls just out of reach, chanting pleases and begs under my breath.
She must have noticed my struggling and slips another finger inside, increasing her pace as she leans down to kiss me again.
“Let go.” She begs against my lips. “Cum for me.”
That was it, my cord finally snapped. Screams rip from my throat with the crescendo singing only of Luisa, chanting her name like a prayer. Warmth flooded along my nerves in tingling waves, her fingers are gliding me through trying to match the pace of my hips rutting against her as they slow to a roll and then still to the ground besides a few shakes. My mind is broken, I swear I can feel my brain pulsing along with every other inch of my body covered in goosebumps.
Luisa falls next to me pulling my body up on top of hers as I come down from my high. Her hand is tracing soothing patterns against my back as I try breathing in time with her heartbeats. Listening to my own heavy breathing, taking note of the sweat gripping to me drenching the edges of my hairline, and my erratic heartbeat I can’t help but let laughter bubble out of me.
“I think I should workout more.” I press a small kiss against her chest before laying my head back down. “I am sorry I didn’t help you, I am a bit broken right now but give me a minute and ill worship you Luisa.”
Her chest rumbles below me with laughter as she brushes the wet strands of hair out of my face.
“Shhh we will have time for that later, this was only the warmup.”
“Warmup?!” I spluttered out between heaving breaths. I couldn’t imagine anymore pleasure after she thoroughly worked and broke me.
“I have to try out my new equipment properly if I am going to add it to my daily workout routine.” Her finger trails across my spine jolting my exhausted and overstimulated body.
“I think I love exercise now.”
We huff out soft laughs together while entangled, prepping myself fully for a long sore night.
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brunos-gf · 10 days ago
please right more smut 😭you’re amazing at writing
Thank you so much, i hope you like what i wrote <3
Such a tease: Bruno Madrigal x Gn!Reader
Summary: You decide to tease Bruno under the table while having dinner with the amazing Madrigals
Genre: Smut
Tumblr media
“Oh keep going~” Bruno moaned while throwing his head back. “As you wish.” You smirked before going down to suck his cock.
Bruno’s eyes rolled to the back of his head while placing a hand on your head, guiding you up and down his cock while he was dying from pleasure.
“Oh y-yes don’t stop! I’m close.” Bruno managed to say between heavy breaths. You gave him a slight nod while grabbing the base of his cock.
You began to pump his cock while sucking on the tip. Bruno was definitely on cloud 9 now. “Oh fuck yes~” Bruno tightened his grip on your hair and began to buck into your face, making you gag slightly.
“O-oh yes i’m going to come!” Bruno announced with short breaths.
And then, just when he was about to come, someone knocked on the door. “Bruno dinner is ready!” Julieta spoke from outside his room.
Bruno groaned in annoyance while covering his face with his hands. “Bruno?” Julieta’s voice spoke again.
“Y-yeah we’re coming!” Bruno yelled back, his voice dripping with sarcasm. By now, you had stopped playing with his cock and joined him onto his bed.
“Don’t worry mi amor. We will finish this later.” You smirked while trailing your fingers up his arm. “I was so close.” Mumbled Bruno.
“And what am I supposed to do with that?” Bruno asked while pointing down at his cock, which was still rock hard.
“Hmm just hide it with your Ruana. Come on.” You smiled while pulling Bruno up by his arm. “Really? You want me to hide it with my Ruana? Everyone will notice mi amor.” Bruno groaned, hoping you would finish him off before going downstairs.
“Bruno!” Alma’s voice yelled from downstairs. “Just wait a minute!” Bruno yelled back while clenching his fists.
“Sst calm down Brunito. No one will see your hard on. Come on we need to go otherwise a war will start.” You mocked while handing Bruno his Ruana.
“Fine, but we’re not finished yet!” Bruno said quickly. You playfully rolled your eyes while nodding.
“Yeah yeah yeah, we’re not finished yet.”
Tumblr media
“So how are things going with you [Y/N]?” Alma asked while before taking a bite of her food.
You and Bruno were currently sitting at the dinner table with all the others. It was actually quite fun to spend so much time with the amazing Madrigals. Although Bruno seemed to think otherwise.
You could see how frustrated he was getting. Probably because his erection was still there and you couldn’t do anything about it.
“Things are going pretty good actually. I’m just enjoying my last few weeks of vacation before i need to go back to work.” You smiled.
“That’s good to hear my dear.” Alma smiled before focusing her attention to Felix, asking him the same question she asked you.
When you saw that everyone’s attention was on Felix, you decided to mess with Bruno, knowing that he was still hard as ever.
You gently placed your hand on his thigh which made Bruno’s breath hitch. Camilo gave him a weird look in which Bruno quietly apologized before Camilo turned away.
“What are you doing?” He whispered while grabbing the table harshly. “I’m going to help you with your little problem.” You whispered back with a smirk.
“P-please don’t.” Breathed Bruno while he felt your hand going higher up his thigh. “Why not? Earlier you practically begging me to finish you off.” You smirked while placing your hand on his bulge.
Your movements caused Bruno to choke on his water which caused everyone at the table to turn around. They all gave him weird looks in which Bruno just quietly apologized, saying he had a tickle down his throat.
“Do you want me to stop mi amor?” You asked while giving his bulge a slight squeeze. “N-no.” Grunted Bruno while holding his hand over his mouth.
“That’s what i thought.” You smirked while undoing his pants. You carefully reached into Bruno’s boxers and pulled out his cock.
“Oh fuck.” Groaned Bruno when his cock was finally freed from the confines of his pants.
“Is everything okay tío Bruno?”
You and Bruno quickly turned to your lefts to see Antonio staring at the two of you. “Y-yes i’m fine, thank you for asking Antonio.” Bruno awkwardly laughed.
Antonio hummed and turned back to his food while Bruno sighed in relieve. “Almost caught.” You chuckled while pumping his cock.
Bruno immediately covered his mouth again while his eyes rolled to the back of his head. “Did you like that, papi?” You whispered in his ear.
“O-oh fuck yes.” Bruno grunted while trying to look as normal as possible. The way you called him papi drove him absolutely insane.
“Please don’t stop.” Groaned Bruno while digging his nails in the wooden surface of the table.
“Don’t worry i won’t.” You smirked while continuing with pumping his cock. “Brunito is everything okay? You seem a bit off.” Asked Alma while she and everyone else turned around to look at Bruno.
“Hmm y-yeah i’m okay.” Bruno nervously smiled while trying his best to keep a normal face.
“Are you sure?” Asked Pepa with a raised eyebrow. Bruno nodded while trying to take a bite of his food while you desperately kept jerking him off.
“Hmm maybe you should keep an eye out for our Brunito, dear.” Chuckled Alma while looking at you. “I will, don’t worry.” You smiled while teasing Bruno’s tip with your thumb. Bruno immediately bit his lip to keep himself from moaning while you were just smiling while talking to his mother.
This was so wrong in so many ways and Bruno knew it. But that didn’t keep him from enjoying it. That was for sure.
When everyone at the table began to have their own conversations with each other, Bruno dared to lower his hand again while softly moaning for you to keep going.
“S-shit i’m close mi amor!” Bruno whispered while clenching his jaw. “I can feel it.” You chuckled while tracing your thumb over his tip.
“Mhmm can i come?” Asked Bruno desperately while his toes curled up in pleasure. “Only if you can keep yourself quiet.” You smiled mischievously while pumping him faster and harder.
“O-oh yes don’t stop. I’m so close.” Moaned Bruno while throwing his head back slightly.
“Come for me Bruno. I know you can do it.” You encouraged while tracing your other hand up his arm which sent shivers down his spine.
“Fuck i’m coming!” Whispered Bruno while bucking his hips upwards. Bruno quickly bit the insides of his cheeks while coming all over your hand.
“Oh fuck~” He groaned while watching how all of his cum covered your small hand which was still around his cock.
“Such a good boy.” You smirked softly while letting him ride out his orgasm against your hand.
“Fuck what do we do about your hand?” Asked Bruno with heavy breaths while looking down at your hand which was covered in Bruno’s cum.
You shrugged while bringing your hand up to your lips after being sure that no one was watching you. Bruno kept a close look on you and watched how you licked his cum off of your hand.
“Oh fuck that’s hot.” Grunted Bruno while watching you closely. You gave Bruno a quick wink before getting your shit together.
Bruno watched how your whole attitude changed in just matters of seconds. You cleared your throat while grabbing your fork and spoon before taking a bite of the food Alma and Julieta had made.
“Hmm it taste delicious.” You smiled while nodding your head slightly. “Oh i’m glad you like it dear. When you’re done we have a dessert you really need to try.” Alma smiled proudly.
“Oh i already had my dessert.” You mumbled under your breath which caused Bruno to choke on his food.
“Really [Y/N]?”
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fluffyheadcanonsyus · 4 days ago
Little embarrassed to ask off anon since that's not available here but, would you be willing to write some 18+ headcanons for Bruno? 👉👈🥺
NSFW Bruno x gn!reader headcanons <333
Art by fuyuao3 on Twitter!
Tumblr media
Don’t worry there’s nothing to be ashamed of here we do not judge <3
This is my first time writing NSFW so you’ll have to excuse me if it’s not that good👉👈
* My dude wants to dom you so bad but he’s so shyyyy
* You do most of the work the first… few times
* Is loud and ashamed of it
* He covers his mouth with his hands and you have to tell him that you love his moans <3
* Might just have to pin his hands above his head 👀
* Loves to go slowly and passionately
* Ugh when you ride himmmmm and you look into his eyessss and he looks away and you tell him to keep eye contactttt
* Drives him crazy
* You know what else drives him crazy?
* Oral
* And that goes both ways
* When you suck him off he just can’t control himself
* He’s a cute blushing mess
* Loves to cum in your mouth, but he would never tell you that
* You know though, you know
* Loves giving you oral too
* Is super embarrassed about it until you moan out his name, then it’s a different story
* And if you pull his hairrrr
* Mans will practically do anything for you
* Definitely has a praise kink
* Please just call him a good boy, he’ll melt into your arms
* If you also have a praise kink it’s just gonna be a room full of praises
* “Mnh such a good boy~”
“Ahn~ Y/N you feel so good~“
* It’s honestly very wholesome
* He might be a sub but he isn’t taking anything up his ass
* The thought of that scares him
* If you wanna see what a moaning mess he becomes when you use a vibrator on him you can do it, as long as you’re willing to pay the price of driving him absolutely nuts <3
* Will have to kiss him a lot to keep his voice down
* He loves you thighs
* He may be shy, but he’s not afraid to just kiss your thighs really close to your area but never quite getting there ;)
* You have to beg him to stop teasing you
* And then he’ll act all innocent like “I’m not teasing you, wdym?”
* Slow kisses <333
* Is so gentle the whole time I can’t-
* Praises your body all. the. time.
* He fucking adores that thing
* Will kiss you all over
* Kiss his nose plz it makes him less insecure about it 🥺
* He is about average length, maybe on the bigger side
* But man does it feel good
* It curves in just the right way to hit your g spot
* Very hairy down there, so he doesn’t judge if you are too
* Aftercare is always so nice with him
*Y’all just cuddle and whisper sweet nothings to each other as you drift off to sleep <3
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lilian-maximoff · 13 days ago
✧ Kiss The Girl ✧
Tumblr media Tumblr media
A/n - Anyways here is my very first Encanto fic. I hope you all enjoy and if you do, please like and if you could reblog, it helps a lot.
TAG LIST Guidelines/Who I write for  Other Movies master list Isabela Madrigal master list
Tags - @dj-bynum3718 @ginger12202​ @sarahp-stan @multifandomfix @hehehehannahthings @evilcr0ne
There you see her Sitting there across the way She don't got a lot to say
And you don't know why But you're dying to try You wanna kiss the girl
Yes, you want her Look at her, you know you do Possible she wants you too
There is one way to ask her It don't take a word Not a single word Go on and kiss the girl
Sha-la-la-la-la-la My oh my Look like the girl too shy Ain't gonna kiss the girl Sha-la-la-la-la-la Ain't that sad? Ain't it a shame? Too bad, she gonna miss the girl
Now's your moment Floating in a blue lagoon girl, you better do it soon No time will be better She don't say a word And she won't say a word Until you kiss the girl
Sha-la-la-la-la-la Don't be scared You got the mood prepared Go on and kiss the girl Sha-la-la-la-la-la Don't stop now Don't try to hide it how You want to kiss the girl Sha-la-la-la-la-la Float along, And listen to the song The song say kiss the girl Sha-la-la-la-la-la The music play Do what the music say You got to kiss the girl You've got to kiss the girl Oh, don't you wanna kiss the girl You've gotta kiss the girl Go on and kiss the girl
There you see her
Sitting there across the way
She don't got a lot to say
Isabela was out on her balcony when she spots a girl she has never seen before, the girl wore a white blouse showing off her cleavage, a short navy blue skirt, and simple white shoes, with her hair flowing freely in the wind. The wide-eyed girl couldn't help but stare at the girl painting her family home.
Then it dawned on her, the girl was the towns, painter and artist. Isa has heard that she was beautiful but she didn't believe that the rumour was, in fact, true, the girl was more than beautiful though, she was gorgeous, she looked as if she was sent from the heavens to grace the earth with such beauty, even having Isabela question if her endless rows of flowers were anywhere near as beautiful as the girl she has just laid eyes on.
She just watched the girl paint until the very said girl looked up at her and threw her a loving smile that causes Isa to redden in the face and sprout flowers from her hair. For what felt like hours, Isabela felt the world stop, her heart skip thousands of beats, and her hands clam up.
The girl waves at her, Isabela waves back and almost fell off of her balcony.
And you don't know why
But you're dying to try
You wanna kiss the girl
Camilo, a close friend of yours was talking to Isabela when you casually walk past, she immediately notices you and just stares, her cheeks redden once again at the light but noticeable scent of mango radiating from your body and straight into the air.
You walk over to her and Camilo with a smile. "Hi, Camilo" You greet him. "Hey, Y/n. Oh, let me introduce you to Isabela, my cousin. Isabela this is the friend I was telling you about, Y/n" You're sweet with no brain friend introduces you both to each other.
"I know who you are, Camilo talks about you all the time," You say with your hand out. Isabela says nothing, she just stares at you and your glossed lips. The shade matches your skin perfectly, it bought out your complexion and drew the starstruck girl in without even trying.
She bit her lip and imagined how soft your lips may be, and how you'll taste, sending fruity butterflies through her uneasy, twisted stomach.
"Isa, say something" Camilo waves his hand in front of her face. "Oh, Uhh-hi" Isabela snaps out of it and shakes your way too smooth and soft hand.
Her eyes travel down to your cleavage with her hand still holding on to yours, she just hoped you didn't notice whatsoever, but you're not blind so you remove your hand from hers and cover the clear show to your breasts with your hand. "It was very nice meeting you, Isabela" You walk away, feeling your cheeks heat up.
"Wow, you were just clearly staring at her boobs" Camilo comments, rewarding himself a face full of flowers.
Yes, you want her
Look at her, you know you do
Possible she wants you too
Mirabel stared at her sister, she wondered what she was staring at until she noticed her gaze was attached to a girl sketching in her book. Isabela stood there with a flower crown in her hands wondering if she should go up to you after making a fool of herself three days ago.
"Isa!!" Mirabel comes up from behind her. "Ah, don't do that!! What are you doing now? Besides getting into my business like you always do" Isabela crosses her arms and scowls at her younger sister.
Mirabel makes a face at her older golden child sister before noticing a flower crown in her hand. "Are you going to gift Y/n that?" Mirabel points at the crown in her hand with a confused look. "NO!! She just dropped it" She lies.
"Well, the last time I checked, Y/n is deathly allergic to those" Mirabel takes the crown from her sister. "And you'll know that because Y/n on your 12th birthday broke out in hives and mother had to aid her right away" Mirabel tosses the crown to the side.
"Y/n wasn't at my 12th birthday party. If she was I would have known" Isabela rolls her eyes. "Really, Isa? She was the girl who you had a secret little crush on" Mirabel whispers and elbows her sister. "I DID NOT- I mean I didn't have a crush on her, I had a crush on Mariano and maybe his sister " She whispers.
"Isa, she is Mariano's sister. She is just no longer following him everywhere and look she isn't even wearing braces - wait did you just come out as a lesbian to me?" Maribel looks at her sister with curious eyes.
"What? No, I'm not a lesbian. Wait that's, my little thorn rose?" Isabela stares at you a little longer, trying to piece the pieces together. "If you stare for way too long you'll lose what's left of your brain cells" Mirabel whispers into her sister's ear.
Isa throws her sister a dangerously angry glare. "Oh, I think that's my cue to leave" Mirabel waddles over to you as Dolores joins you with a cup of tea. "Thank you" Mirabel snatches your tea. "Mirabel!!" You whine with an annoyed look.
"Sorry, but I kinda need something to drink" Mirabel gives you an apologetic look. "Here" Dolores hands you her cup before walking off to get her another cup of tea for herself.
Mirabel brings her voice to a whisper before whispering something to you. "You didn't hear this from me but Isa has had a fat crush on you since you both were kids. She thought you were someone she had never met before until three days ago but I would think the same thing if you looked completely different from when you were a kid" Mirabel stares at you with her wide eyes while Dolores whips her head around.
"Isa, has a crush on who now?" Dolores sits across from you while looking right at Isabela who is still staring. "Her" Mirabel points at you, causing your face to redden. "I knew it" Dolores almost yells. "I knew she had a huge crush on you, after all, she couldn't stop talking about how lovely you were when we were kids but here's the kicker, she never spoke a word to you until Sunday" Dolores recalls her eavesdropping.
"Sorry, I have to go" You hid your blushing face behind your book. You lock eyes with Isabela before running off with embarrassment. You trip but get right back up with most eyes on you, thanks so much for being graceful.
Isabela's face quickly turns to anger when her eyes meet Dolores. "What did you both do?" Isa storms over to their table with anger in her eyes. "Nothing!" both Mirabel and Dolores run for their lives.
There is one way to ask her
It don't take a word
Not a single word
Go on and kiss the girl
You were walking towards casita for Antonios ceremony when you spot Isabela swinging her hips and washing the small crowd around her with flowers. You hid beside your brother who is checking himself out and cleaning his teeth with a steel tray.
You just watch him check Isabela out with puppy love seeping from his eyes, causing a feeling of anger to stir in your stomach, but you didn't have feelings towards her, did you? Your anger didn't last long when you felt someone tug at your arm and drag you to the dance floor. Aww it was the kid who you thought was on crack but he is just a coffee alcoholic.
Him and his little friends dance around you and cheer you on, soon you were swinging your hips, swaying to the music, and spinning each of your little friends around, one by one. Feeling electricity scorching through your veins and manifesting into laughter.
You felt her eyes glued to you, her scent dancing in the air. Your brother casually talking to her but her eyes glued to you, giggling and having fun, giving no mind to Mariano and the eyes clearly gazing at your dancing form.
Isabela just watched, completely ignoring your brother's boring attempts to sway her. She just kept on staring stars at the girl who has her heart in her talented hands. Beads of sweat forming on her forehead, her chest rising and falling with every single breath she takes, her hips swaying with the music, and her smile dangerously drawing Isabela in.
"Sorry, Mariano I have to get something to drink" Isabela excuses herself as she walks over to one of the tables to get herself a 'drink'. The drink she was getting was of you.
"So this is the so-called drink" Luisa teases her sister. "What?" Isa clinches her empty cup in her hands. "I mean her" Luisa points at the girl in blue.
"She's Mariano's sister, Isa. Come on, really? You can't just lead the poor man on like this, if your feelings are aimed at her then stop what you're doing and just tell Mariano. Look at him with his puppy dog eyes, how can you not tell him that you are in love with his little sister?" Luisa explains, trying her best to sway her sister.
"You better kiss the girl before someone else does" With that Luisa knew she had her sister on the hook. "What if she doesn't like me back?" Isabela twirls her hair in her finger while biting her lip with an unsure look. "Well, there is only one way to find out" Luisa disappears with a tray of sandwiches ✧.*✧.*✧.*✧.*✧.*✧.*✧.*✧.*✧.*✧.*✧.*✧.*✧.*✧.*✧.*✧.*✧.*✧.*✧.*✧.*
My oh my
Look like the girl too shy
Ain't gonna kiss the girl
Ain't that sad?
Ain't it a shame?
Too bad, she gonna miss the girl
You sat next to Dolores as your brother and mother sit beside Isabela, enjoying their food. But something about the atmosphere did not feel right, which caused you to question what's going on until Dolores whispered something in your ear, making you shiver and throw Mirabel a worried look.
Before you knew it, Felix was spitting up his water, a cloud appearing on top of Pepa's head causing it to rain, a bright green glass sliding across the table, and oh my god your brother's nose have never seen better days. You looked over to see Luisa sobbing - a flower-like vine breaks through the floor and grabs hold of your ankle while your older brother runs away crying with everyone else.
You scream and squeal, the vine pulling you and dragging you. "ISA!!!" You scream her name hoping she would help you out. Isabela looks around, trying to find where the screaming is coming from. She spots you and without a second thought, she runs towards you.
She successfully frees you from the vine she unknowingly created. Wrapping an arm around you, you both run out of the cracking building. You trip over your twisted ankle, Isa picks you up and gets to running.
Once you both were outside your heart stopped. "Y/n I'm so so sorry I had no idea what happened I just had no control" Isabela starts to throw apology after apology causing you to laugh.
"Isa, it's just a twisted ankle. Nothing that major. I mean have you seen my brothers face, his nose looks like -". "A squashed papaya" Isa finishes your sentence with a laugh.
"Yeah, like a squashed papaya" You nod while giggling.
You both gaze into each other's eyes, just realising how close your faces are. Isa's breath dance across your lips, the smell of summer flowers flow through your nose, her fingers intertwining with yours, and her heart beating faster by the minute.
You lean in a bit - Isa backs up and helps you up. "Sorry again about dinner I really hope I didn't do any major damage to your ankle" Isabela hands you over to your mother who came looking for you.
You wave her goodbye while Isabela smacks her red flushed cheeks. "Isa, what are you doing? She's Mariano's sister goddamn it" Isabela shakes her head.
Now's your moment
Floating in a blue lagoon
girl, you better do it soon
No time will be better
She don't say a word
And she won't say a word
Until you kiss the girl
You were helping Luisa put up a pillar while your brother tries hammering nails. The whole town came together to help the Madrigal family after the falling of their family home.
You felt bad for them, they did nothing but help the town just for their home to fall to pieces and the loss of their gifts. But if you were being honest you loved the Madrigals with or without their gifts.
"Let me" Your voice spooks Isabela. You help her place a cactus into its flower bed. "I love the new look, by the way, it's cute and reflects a lot of who you are" You compliment the older Madrigal sister, causing her face to redden.
"You do?" Isa was more than shocked to hear that you liked her new and improved look. "Thank you, I was actually trying to hide from you so you wouldn't see my mess of an outfit" Isabela hides her embarrassed face. "This a mess? This is art, love. And art should never hide" You bought her face to yours.
"You are a masterpiece, Isabela Madrigal. A beautiful masterpiece" Your kind words deepen the redness in her cheeks. Luisa, Mirabel, Dolores, and even Camilo watch you both giggle and make each other blush.
"Oh, my god when are they going to kiss?" Mirabel moans. "I really wish it's not when I'm looking" Camilo walks away with a disturbed look. "Hey, I might have a plan," Dolores says out of the blue with a mischievous grin.
"Isa?" Luisa called. "Yeah? What is it?" Isabela answers while walking around the corner. "Can you go and take these to Y/n? She is just down at the river" Luisa hands Isabela a box of paints and paintbrushes.
"Sure!!" Without a second thought, Isa picks up the box and almost runs down to the river to find you. When she got there she was not expecting you to be swimming in your undergarments.
She watched as you sat on a rock wearing your black laced underwear and bra, thinking no one knew you where you were but Luisa must have seen you walk down to the river with a towel. You dove in and came back up, feeling the cold water washing over your skin, cooling you down.
Something cracking and breaking caught your attention. "Isabela?" You stood up showing her your whole entire body. "I'm sorry" She covers her face with the box, causing you to laugh a bit.
"No need, I should have known someone was going to catch me at some point" You smile while running your fingers through your hair and walking up to Isabela to take the box. "Sweet, Luisa finally came through with her promise" You look inside the box.
"I-I-Umm-wow" Isabela just continues to stare at your exposed body while her cheeks flush bloody red.
"Do you want to join me?" You randomly ask. She just stares at you wide-eyed. "If you don't want to then that's understandable, I mean-"
"No, I'll join. Just look away while I undress" Isabela shyly watches you turn around.
When she turned around you were already back in the river soaking up the cold. "Isa, are you coming in?" You ask with your eyes closed.
Don't be scared
You got the mood prepared
Go on and kiss the girl
Don't stop now
Don't try to hide it how
You want to kiss the girl
Float along, And listen to the song
The song say kiss the girl
The music play
Do what the music say
You got to kiss the girl
You've got to kiss the girl
Oh, don't you wanna kiss the girl
You've gotta kiss the girl
Go on and kiss the girl
You feel her arms wrap around your waist. "Don't open your eyes" Isa stops you from looking. "Just tell me if you want me to stop" Isabela whispers into your ear.
With the feeling of her soft lips pressing kisses up from your shoulder to your neck, she kissed and sucked until a bruise formed. Sweet little moans slip through your lips as she reaches the sweet spot on your neck, causing you to crave more. "Isa" A hungry moan leaves your ladylike lips while your fingers tangle in her hair and grip for dear life.
She was more than surprised that you were enjoying it. Her grip grew once she felt that you were in fact okay with what she was doing. Throwing your head back, looking her in the eyes, gliding your thumb over her soft intoxicating lip, you drew her in for a soft gentle kiss.
Her tongue whipped across your lips asking for entry, which you gladly accepted. Isa grabbed and kneed your breasts, rewarding her a few horny little moans.
Her heart raised, her hands grew greedy, and her tongue grew hungry. Your free hand pressed to one of her hands on your chest and told her to keep going.
You both missed the cracking of twigs behind you both due to being consumed in your own little worlds of lust and desire. Until you both heard someone clearing their throat, did you both realise someone was behind you both?
You shot your eyes open as did Isabela, disconnecting your lips, your chest rose, with your eyes shot with love. "Umm, so I'm just gonna leave this towel here and go" The sound of Mariano's voice caused you to tense up.
"Dolore was also wondering if you both wanted to join us on a date when you both are done. Anyways see you at home sis. Don't let me ruin your fun" Mariano says with a cheesy smile.
With her hand deep inside your bra and your lips smudged, you both smile at each other and laugh until your ribs hurt. "Well, at least he knows," You say with a laugh. "Yeah, but where were we" Isabela giggles against your skin before diving in for another kiss.
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otegi · 26 days ago
a/n: decided to give into the feeling of wanting to breed bruno 🙄
2nd a/n: lots of people are saying that bruno's a switch but no 😒 he's a sub. hernando is the switch.
3rd a/n: when i started this, i thought it was good, but now i hate it 👹
warning: dom reader. no pronouns used. male anatomy. breeding. size kink. belly bulge.
bruno is the kind of man who religiously worships you. he wants needs your praise and reassurance to move on. that doesn't mean he won't do the same with you. especially, in bed. he's so cock drunk, hungry for you. he whines for you to do something instead of watching him desperately buck his hips back onto yours.
,, after all that, you still want more bruno? " he stares up at you in embarrassment, only tugging at your pants, silently asking for you to remove it from his way. he smiles shyly when you start to unbuckle your pants. he's practically drooling as he waits impatiently.
he squirms in his place. he's underneath you, palms fisting the sheets to keep himself occupied in the mean time. trying to distracting himself from how you can see every part of his body, how his hole twitches or how his thighs tremble and quivers as he hold them together for you. its so pathetic. he doesn't understand why he really wants you inside him?!
,, ahh, what a needy puppy. you can't even wait for a few seconds can you? "
your tone is condescending and it has him panting. he shook his head to agree with your words. yes, he is. you make him feel really good, he can't help it.
bruno ignores the hard on he sports. it's even leaking all over himself from the past orgasms he had, all because you were prepping him up. he can still feel that fuzzy feeling when you had your fingers inside him, pumping in and out, cooing at how loose he was.
,, plea-..se.. " bruno had cried out. ,, just put it in me.. already! "
,, you're so cute " you mutter, leaning down to pepper his face with kisses. bruno turns his head, pressing his lips to your cheek in return. his whimpers start to get louder when you spread his legs apart, hooking them above your shoulders. ,, getting so excited over every little thing... "
his body was so petite, you knew he would break after fully thrusting inside him, but it brought you pleasure at just the thought. imagine how his face would be, maybe he'll cry even harder, maybe he'll start running his hands down your back, or he might even come as soon as you bottom out inside him.
the second you quite teasing him and push the head of you cock inside his twitching hole, bruno's hand shoot out to grip your forearm. his eyes go wide as he mouth falls in an 'o' shape. tiny grunts leaving him.
,, hngg- (name)..! " bruno's grip on your arm tightens. his could feel himself stretching, it was too much for his small body. ,, h-hurts.. "
you coo at the sound of his sobs. you feel his hips squirm around when you press your weight on him. his little whimpers getting louder and breathy by the second. ,, it's alright baby, i got you. "
,, you're gonna feel so good, you won't even be able to think " bruno nods, out of breath. his breath fans across your face. ,, what exactly makes you feel good.. hm, bruno? "
he shakes his head, mouth screwed shut. it's embarrassing to say those thing out loud! ,, don't wanna answer? "
,, well, i feel good when i see a bulge in your stomach, " you stare down at his tummy, thrusting up to test it out, theres a bulge poking out. bruno lets out a broken moan, unsure what to do with his hands. so, he places them on his chest, wrist touching each other. ,, or when you get flustered by the littlest things. "
,, just imagine what would happen if i finished inside you.. " bruno whimpers at the thought, his brain gets all mushy and he can't focus well on your words. ,, do you like that? "
his cock twitches between your bodies. you pick your hips up, and drop them on him. hard. bruno squeaks, squeezing his eyes shut. his tummy! it feels really good!
hot, salty tears fall down his blushing face as you repeat the same movements, thrusting much harden. he couldn't speak! at least not with all the moans that are leaving him! ,, do you think you'd get pregnant? "
you angle your hips up, slowly thrusting in, the head of your cock brushes past his swollen prostate. bruno yelps, wrapping his arms around your shoulders and hughing you tightly.
,, feels good, s'good ! " he repeats, you continue to hit his prostate, bruno's response every time is to scream.
,, w-wait! (name)‐ " without warning, strings of white shoot out of bruno, his body stuttering and trembling without any control. he whines for you to slow down! he can't go on! but finally, you finish —
a warm feeling flood inside him, it bloats his stomach and he feels so, so full. bruno hiccups, struggling to catch his breath. his body goes slack as you pull out, watching your semen drip from him. ,, feels good, doesn't it. "
you lean down to kiss his forehead, praising him for being so good for you.
bruno whines when you move away from him, hands reaching out for you. you quickly grab a rag and help him out ,, let's get you cleaned up now. "
Tumblr media
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a-literal-no-name · 14 hours ago
creepy virgin bruno who feels HORRIBLE about being attracted to his niece's best friend. he remembers the first time he saw you... back when the entire town gathered around the broken casita, and you emerged from the crowd, you sprinted over to his family, fell around Isabela's neck and thanked the Lord in the sky for keeping them alive... and then... then you hugged each individual member. Camilo, Augistin, Julieta, Mirabel.... and lastly, him.
your young, warm body pressed close to his, as your arms wrapped around his neck. and then you pulled away, laughing. "finally I get to meet you, tio bruno!" his heart skips a beat, as you bare your teeth, lips rose and full of life... and just like that, he's got your voice ringing in his ears each time he tries to close his eyes... he's a dead man. a goner. he's doomed.
so bruno tries not to look. he tries to forget the sound of your laughter, or the way you bat your lashes at the dinner table, he tries to act like a normal man his age, he tries to act like Felix acts around you. kind and polite, humorous, without a trace of this possessive darkness he feels inside. he really tries, but he's far too antisocial for that... he's far too. bruno. for that. and you, calling him tio, helps nothing.
because you're wearing those tight shirts and short skirts. and you're so open, so youthful, so wonderful. you love touching everyone around you, hugging his nieces, leaning against him while sitting on the couch, pressing kisses against Julieta's cheek while she cooks. you view the Madrigal's as your own family...
naturally, you don't view him as a man. he knows that. he doesn't blame you, he's old, he's ugly, he's obscure, he's a ruin.....
but still....... he pretends you do.. he pretends those touches mean more than simple gestures of kindness.
damn it all, he needs you.
it all worsens when you announce, blushing and hiding your tiny smile, that you've found yourself a suitor form the village. his family applauds, and he has to clap too, has to pretend he's happy for you, while his heart breaks. that's when he retreats to the space in his walls and screams into his pillow, not even giving a damn if his niece hears him.
he needs you. He wants you. And he can't have you. so his obsession grows into possessiveness, agression, dark and heavy, settled low in his abdomen... he wants you. only you. his teeth grind against each other, at the mere thought of somebody else touching what's his. because you're his, aren't you?
he has to claim you, somehow. so you know you're not free. not in the slightest. the moment you fell around his neck, that's when you became his. maybe even before that.
so bruno waits and plots and schemes, and pretends that everything is fine. and, oh, heaven answers his prayers! you're staying over. there's a storm outside, and not even pepa can do anything to stop it, so julieta prepares the old nursery for you to sleep in. and his heart soars.
when everyone's gone to bed, when he's made sure that Dolores wasn't turning and tossing around in her bed, anymore, that's when he slips into the walls. the casita stands still, ominously still. like it doesn't know what to do to interfere. and there's the hole behind the closet. he slips right out, softly, barefoot, he knows each and every floorboard, he's so quiet when he moves towards your bed.
and there you are. soft and fresh, like an angel. on your stomach, with one leg pulled up, your nightgown so thin, he can see everything. and everything is his to touch. to devour. you're his, and he's yours, isn't he? yes he is. he doesn't need you to answer, he knows it's true.
you turn around, you slip the blanket off of yourself, your legs opening slightly, and he nearly chokes. just one touch. one taste. just... he needs to know you're his, before you slip away forever.
so he leans in. he presses as kiss to your lips, like you're his sleeping beauty, just waiting for true love's kiss. he tastes your skin, tongue darting out. you're fast asleep, and he's so hard, he's not too sure he could take another minute before creaming his pants.
nimble, trembling fingers push your nightgown away from your breasts, your nipples, soft, alluring on display for him, and he leans in, immediately, mouth wrapping around the buds, sucking, licking, tasting you, his rose, his star, his girl... you let out a soft sigh, and his smiles against your tits, as he peppers the soft mounds in butterfly kisses, careful, as to not scratch you with his stubble...
you whine again, as he presses a kiss, just above your navel, your panties soft, cotton, mint green, he pushes them to the side, gently, and his mouth waters, immediately. the gentle mound of your pussy is right in front of him. made only for him.
you were made for him.
he shivers at the way you whine again, as he carefully slips onto the bed, mouth immediately finding your soft cunt.. and he licks at your clit. he laps at your outer lips, his drool soaking into your wet, delicate folds... and you shift again, whining in your sleep. fuck, you're so pretty for him... so pliant and soft... and wet...
he sits back on his heels, rips the lacing of his pants open... all it takes for him... is a flick of his wrist, before his come splatters against your cunt... it rolls down in thick, heavy drops, coats your clit, the soft hairs on top of your cunt, it soaks through your panties.. and he gasps.
he pulls away, horrified, yet sated. he claimed you. marked you up. made you his, in a way... and now he has to get out, as fast as he can, before you wake up. maybe he'll even hide in the walls, until you leave. tell his family he was out at the river all night, looking at the stars, a perfect alibi. his eyes are blurry from the tears as he realizes what he's done, stumbling through the hole in the wall.
if you were ever to found out, he's gonna die. you're gonna hate him. and he's gonna have to flee, a creep, someone who's never had the right to wear the madrigal name. and he breaks down crying in the walls, hand plastered against his mouth... he knows he's overstepped a line. he knows he's never gonna be able to sleep at night, ever..
bruno doesn't know that you were wide awake this whole time. and that there was no suitor to begin with. you've been wanting him, just as much, ever since you first saw him... but oh, how fun it was, to rile him up, to watch his eyes glow green with jealousy... how gorgeous it was to watch him tug at his ruana, as you played your touches off as simple kindness.... you can't help but giggle, as you allow your fingers to play with the mess he's left on you, popping your fingers into your mouth to taste him....
bruno doesn't know what's coming...
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lucarioishi · a month ago
— bruno in sub space !
WARNING: dom reader. sub bruno. sub space. suggestive content. not full on smut but just hcs. pretty short too.
a/n: uuhh to the anon who asked me to elaborate on bruno in sub space, i accidentally deleted your ask 😓🗿
I am not responsible for what you read, if you don't like nsfw content, please skip this!
read part one here.
Tumblr media
when bruno falls into 'sub space' during a scene, he gets overly sensitive. physically and emotionally.
he gets all high and floaty, he can't help but want to be reassured and cared for. as he should be.
his eyes are blown wide open, tears filling them. I would say his eyes turn green when he's experiencing strong emotions, like now, when he's being intimate.
"M'sorry, so sorry!" he babbles, gripping onto your arm. you shake your head and take notice of the signs he gives you. his slurred speech, slow replies...
"Why are you sorry? It's okay," you mummer in his ear, pressing your lips to his temple, shushing his sobs and cries. "You did a perfect job, bruno, good boy, good boy!"
though sometimes; he can't handled being touched, whining for you not to. rolling to his side or covering himself with a blanket. of course, you don't, simply petting his head until he comes down from his high. carefully monitor him when he's in sub space. take the precautions beforehand, while you two don't always get intimate, the times you do, he tends to fall pretty deep.
of course! there's a safeword. but he does get nonverbal, so hand signals, such as tapping the back of your palm twice, with his index finger.
bruno has a lot of trust in you, so he won't call his safeword, he knows when you're going too far and due to it being a safe enviroment, he won't hesitate to say it.
easing him back to a rational headspace doesn't take a lot. focus on things that are currently going on, such as.. the color of the bed sheets or curtains. "look baby, can you tell me how it looks?"
bruno stays quiet for a while, your words barely registering in his brain. he gives a shaky nod, sniffing. "bl..ue.."
"correct! can you tell me what my name is?" "spell your name for me." "such a good boy!" stuff like that calm him down.
now onto aftercare, if he hasn't returned to his original headspace, he likes to get into bubble baths and braid things. like random things. strings, his own hair, he didn't know how to braid at first but after a while of teaching him, he got the hang of it.
which also helps him calm down, teaching him how to braid. different types of braids! he so in tune to what you're saying that he slowly gets out of sub space and tada! you got bruno back!
bruno hadn't realized he's fallen into sub space until after he's out of it, he apologizes for being trouble again but you tell him to not worry it, though he still does. to "make it up" he wants to cook things together. he makes little cookies and decorates them as you and his family, really excited to show them!
Tumblr media
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x-imagines · 17 days ago
Hi dear ! I'm in excruciating pain and was wondering if we could have some Hc's of Bruno comforting a Fem!reader who on her periods ? Maybe she's embarrassed about it and he doesn't understand what's wrong initially until she tells him/he gets the message ?
I need comfort 😭💖 your writing is amazing btw!
Bruno comforting his S/O on her period HCs
i'm psychic 😌 also ty!!
tw: period stuff(?), fluff, swearing, mentions of nsfw
Tumblr media Tumblr media
you guys were cuddling in bed being all cute 😌😌
and all of a sudden you get the worst cramp, hurling in pain
mans was shitting himself
he thought HE hurt you
"no, bruno you didn't do anything wrong! it's just..." you tilted your head, expecting him to get the hint
"what? do you think there was something bad in the food?"
"no," you giggled, "my period, bruno.."
you saw his eyes light up, the lightbulb finally went off
he immediately asked what you needed
he made it his personal mission to get you though that week.
he would go out on snack runs to the grocery store,
to the pharmacy to get you medicine
whatever you were craving he was already out the door to go get it
that also includes when you need tampons/pads
would ask what size pussy u wear (as a joke dw 💀)
still wouldn't be sure so he just got every type
he'd be babying you 24/7
he'd cook your meals, make you tea, put on your favorite shows 😍
he did some research and confided in one of his sisters
both the internet and julieta said that heat pillows and hot water bottles helped with cramps so he immediately bought some for you
bruno is normally very nice and respectful to you, but when you're on your period he knows that your emotions are heightened
he just makes sure he doesn't take one of his jokes too far or anything like that to upset you
most of your time would be spent in bed
bruno would be there of course, rubbing your stomach and whispering you sweet nothings
bitch you best be ready for the rail of your life when your cycle's finished 💀
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batemanslut · 24 days ago
Pairing: Bruno Madrigal X GN Reader
@mevruree For the love of god, give us another Bruno x reader smut please 😭😭😭😭 I accept anything 🤲🏻🤲🏻🤲🏻🤲🏻
reader will have female anatomy, but will use gender neutral pronouns.
WARNING: This fic contains dom reader and anal stuff if you're not into that MINORS DNI 18+
Bruno was nervous all day. He wanted to try something new with you, but he was anxious you'd find it weird or gross. He fiddled with his fingers, trying to figure out a way to approach you. You see, Bruno wanted to be rimmed. Ever since he had this wet dream about it happening, it was all he could think about it.
How do you even bring something like that up? "Hey could you lick my asshole?" He cringed, rubbing his temples. No matter what he was going to feel stupid. How could he ask?
He paced back and forth in this room. He twirled his hair, thinking hard. Maybe he should just bring it up casuslly. Bruno knew you would never judge him about his sexual fantasies and that eased his mind quite a bit. With that, he decided he'd just tell you next time you came over.
He invited you to spend the night, which you gladly accepted. You loved spending time with Bruno! You could listen to him talk about his telenovelas all day. He had grown more confident over time, and wasn't as quiet as when you had first met him.
Casita's door swung open for you, basically pulling you in. You gave out a soft laugh as you hopped up the stairs. The sun was beginning to set and the sky quickly faded to night. Bruno was still in his room, wondering if this was a good idea or not.
Bruno was so deep in thought he didn't notice you entering the room. You took the chance to surprise him with a hug, pushing him onto the bed he was perched on. He laughed, hugging you tightly in his arms. You rolled off of him, reaching out to hold his hands.
It was quiet for a few minutes, the two of you just basking in each others company. Sometimes you didn't need to speak, all you needed was to just be there and everything would be perfect. Bruno cleared his throat, breaking the silence.
"So, there's something I've been wanting to ask..." He says, trailing off. His eyes look at everything in his room except for you. Bruno started playing with the quilt on his bed, biting his lip.
"Go on babe, I'm on the edge of my seat." You joked, poking his side to try and lighten the mood so he wouldn't feel as nervous as he looked.
"Would you be open to.. ah." He stumbled on his words, feeling his body heat up as he tried to set himself straight.
"Maybe, trying new things... in bed?" He asked, his voice getting a tad bit higher when he said "in bed." You raised an eyebrow, slightly confused and slightly interested.
"Like what?" You ask softly, laying back down on his bed and stretching out.
"I'm kind of curious about ass stuff, you know?" He says, trying to play it off as casual when in reality he was sweating enough to fill up a river. You nod your head, letting him know you were interested as well.
"A few nights ago I had this dream.." He explained, watching your facial expressions as he went on. You silently screamed for joy, glad he trusted you enough to be honest about what he wanted. Experimenting wasn't something Bruno did often, he normally liked sticking with what you both knew felt good.
"We can try that, Bruno!" You exclaimed, sitting up on his bed, placing a hand on his cheek. You leaned in and kissed him. He let out a soft sigh of satisfaction. Bruno felt safe with you. His fingers traced around the old quilt, a silly little grin spreading across his face.
You studied his face, a grin appearing on your face as well. There was a tension between you two, tempting. Who was going to make the first move. It was intense, your eyes locked and your breath mingled together. Bruno's heartbeat sped up as he slowly leaned forward.
Your lips connected, his hands placing themselves on your hips. He guided you onto his lap, and you laced your legs around his back. You sucked on his bottom lip, tugging it.
Bruno's chest puffed up, filled with desire for you. Your lips were soft, and his skin tingled as you left tender kisses up his jawline. His hands slowly moved up your body, careful as his hands cupped your chest.
His hands were rough, with long skinny fingers. They felt amazing. You both ended up laying down on the bed, you still on top of him. Your fingers tugged at the bottom of Bruno's ruana, wanting him to take it off.
He got the hint, tugging it off and flinging it to the side. Your fingers fumbled with the buttons on his maroon button up, revealing his chest filled with curly salt and pepper hair. You ran your fingers through it, before settling on his nipples.
"May I?" You ask, hovering above them. All he did was let out a whine, pushing your head down. You got the message. Your hot breath felt heavenly against his body, licking and sucking on his nipples as he squirmed beneath you. Bruno wouldn't admit it, but he was a complete sub.
You palmed his cock through his clothes, keeping your eyes on his reactions. You worked his torso for a bit, leaving bruises and lovebites across his chest. You peppered kisses down his stomach, listening to his breathing as it got deeper.
You tugged down his pants and underwear, revealing his desperate cock. It looked just the same, bushy hair, veins under the shaft, and you loved it just the same. His cock was perfect. Instead of going straight for the tip, you nuzzle your face against his sack. His moans were quiet as he shoved his hand over his mouth.
"Flip over." You said sternly, and Bruno obeyed. He grinded against the bed, like the little slut he is. You start by rubbing up his thighs, hearing Bruno whimper into his quilt. You gave gentle kisses to his ass, which was somehow perfectly round.
His body twitched when you spread open his cheeks, starting from his sack licking a strip all the way up to his ass. He had already taken a shower, so everything was prepared. You teased him more, not quit getting the spot he wanted you to touch. You help Bruno get into position, his ass up, and his face snuggled into a pillow.
Bruno nearly jumped when he felt you spit on his hole, feeling his face heat up. You started off slowly, making figure eight's with your tongue. You push your face against him. Your brain goes off as you think of something he might enjoy.
You use one hand to wrap around his cock while you continued to eat him out. He groaned, his mind screaming in pleasure. He was so glad he told you. Your wrist twisted, and you used more spit to lube up his cock. You milked him, teasing the tip.
"You like that slut?" You cooed out, taking a look at the mess Bruno had become, panting and gasping out. He pushed himself back at you. You continued with the figure eight's, stroking his cock faster.
"You look so pretty like this, bent over for me." He whined at your words, trying to look back at you. His attempt failed and he shoved his head back into his pillow, muffling his moans. His stomach twisted into knots, feeling close already. He never realized how good this would feel.
You pulled away, trying a new position. Bruno grunted at the loss of your warmth, but followed along. You laid down flat, encouraging him to hover above your face. He choked on his spit, surprised at how into this you were.
He sat facing away from you, using his hands to keep him balanced. You went straight to work, licking as you reached one hand in front of his thighs so you could reach his aching cock. He was dripping beads of precum, twitching in your hand.
He threw his head back, letting his moans out freely. His moans echoed in the room, along with the sound of you jerking off his wet cock. It was all too much for him to handle. His stomach tensed up as her neared closer and closer.
"I'm about to cum!" was all he could shout out, gripping your thighs.
"Cum for me, whore." and he did just that, spurting strings upon strings of hot sticky cum all over his quilt and your thighs. You carefully guided him off of your face, laying him down. He was panting, sweat dripping down his face. He couldn't catch his breath, instead just clinging onto you.
"Did you have fun?" You asked quietly, replacing his quilt with a different one, one that was not covered in fluids. He nodded his head, hooded eyes looking up at you. He was tired. You laid the blanket over him, crawling in beside him.
"Cuddle..." He sighed out, curling up into your arms and laying his head on your stomach. You smiled, playing with his curls.
You were so happy Bruno trusted you enough to share his fantasies with you.
You loved him, and he loved you. You laid there for hours together, embraced in one anothers arms.
It was an amazing day, for both of you.
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huathirsts · 7 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
a/n: look.... I couldn't get enough of him okay- also not proofread cause im a dumbass 🙂🙂👌👌
❀ 𝐜𝐰, male reader! Overstimulation! Dumbification!
© huathirsts ー do not repost/copy/plagiarize my work.
needy husband bruno madrigal who loves to depend on you waaaay too much! He just can't do anything on his own without needing you okay?! He sometimes thinks he's burdening you so much with his neediness, he tries his best to do something without calling out for you to help him! Though even if he does tries it always ends up you helping him as he unconsciously called out for you!
Bruno madrigal who would sometimes stair at your figure with perverted gaze looking at something he isn't supposed to look at, he would imagine how it would feels like being inside your cute tight ass again
He wants to feel that warmth all over again, He wants to feel that wet and warm ass enveloping his entire hard dick, Clinging on it as if its afraid to let it go
He wouldn't catch himself until he felt that dent on his pants! And with that he would be embarrassed, After doing sex so many times bruno can't cum anymore without you touching his dick at all, He wants you to touch it, you and only you
Bruno who would tap at you and whine how his hard, You being his dutiful husband can't say anything else but take him somehwere private where you can just suck him off all you want, His little dick is now squirting so much inside of your mouth as bruno cries out of too much pleasure such a cute husband he is <33
bruno who would cry out of pleasure just by you touching his aching dick and literally do anything, Loves the way your tounge roll on his dick as he cries in pleasure, bruno who loves your kisses and would literally melt on it
He would beg for more even though he knows he wont last that much long he begs of you to to ride him so much that he cries, Poor poor bruno! It's okay though he asked for this <33
bruno who would fuck your ass and make your dick cum as he went drunk on your ass, He just couldn't get enough of it the way your hip swayed, it was practically seducing him, Bruno who would end up being a mess, He loved it though he asked for it <3
"[name]! Ah! Nng! Haah! Use... U-use my cock please! Use me as if I'm your dildo! Ah! Haah! Your ass... 'stoogood!"
"mmh! Haah! Ahh! Nng! Ah bruno! So good your dick is... So big and good!"
Afterall he was the one to beg to use his dick as long as you want he cummed many many times and so did you the two of you fucked your brains out using eachother! Awwe thats so cute! What a perfect couple you two are! <33
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camilosluvr · 20 days ago
The Madrigal Triplets x GN Reader
The madrigal triplets during the nasty with letters P,B and J from the NSFW alphabet (CONTAINS NSFW CONTENT!!!)
«────────────« ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ »───────────»
Julieta Madrigal
P = Pace
She goes slow as she doesn't wanna hurt you but if you ask her to go faster, she'll go faster but not too fast because again, she does not want you to hurt
It doesn't matter what she's doing, riding you, fucking you with a strap on, it doesn't matter because your safety is more important than anything
B = Body Part
Her favorite body part on her body is her hands, she likes that she can make you become undone with just her hands and fingers, it's hypnotizing
Her favorite body part on you has to be your face, she likes to watch your expressions as she pleasures you and how they change just because of a small movement she did
J = Jack Off
She doesn't do it much because her libido isn't very high and whenever she is in the mood you're probably around or she has chores to do
Pepa Madrigal
P = Pace
It honestly depends on her mood but at the end of the day, she'll never go at a pace that would hurt you in anyway because she cares about you too much and she makes that absolutely clear when both are cumming.
B = Body Part
Her favorite body part of hers is her mouth, she likes how you're cumming all over and in her mouth with just a flick of her tongue
It boost her ego knowing that she doesn't even need to use her fingers to have you cumming within seconds
Her favorite body part of yours is you're legs, the way they tighten around her head and shake as you're cumming is hypnotizing, it makes her want to make you cum over and over again and that's how you end up overstimulated
J = Jack Off
She doesn't really do it much but definitely does it more than her older sister.
If she's horny, she will ditch chores to either go home and masturbate or go get you to help her and you always agree to help her everytime because the way she moans while you're in between her legs makes you dumb but she will always remind you that she's in charge here.
Bruno Madrigal
P = Pace
He always says he'll go slow as to not hurt you but he always ends up just rutting into you as fast as he can but he can't help it, he's just very needy:(
He'll never do anything to hurt you on purpose so he's always asking you if you're alright and always apologizing for going too fast even if you tell him that he's fine but he can't help but be concerned
B = Body Part
His favorite body part of his is legs, because of all the parkour he did inside the walls of casita, his leg muscles are very strong so his legs don't get tired easily while he's thrusting deep into you
His favorite body part of yours is your eyes, he thinks that your eyes are beautiful just in general but he loves them especially when they roll to the back of your skull as you're coming around his cock
J = Jack Off
Tbh, he jerks off A LOT like anytime he has free time, he'll do it because he's always thinking of you and sometimes a little bit of his dirty thoughts about you sneak inside those innocent thoughts which make them not so innocent anymore
He feels ashamed and feels like a pervert because of it and says that he'll never do it again but always ends up doing it the next minute.
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