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radishearts · a day ago
Finishing my wips <<<<< making a mini animatic for the las Nevada’s crew to the family madrigal
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Im so surprised at how well it fits tho,,
idiots (affectionate)
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neo--queen--serenity · 17 days ago
When Isabela falls to her knees during her song and says, “how far do these roots go down?” it just breaks my heart for her every time. It’s at this moment she seems to fully realize her burden as Abuela’s golden child, her position as the inadvertent surrogate for Abuela’s happy youth that she believes she lost, and how so much of Isabela’s personality and passions were still unexplored because of these limitations. It’s just so SELF AWARE that it makes her epiphany all the more beautiful to watch.
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911-i-fell-in-a-hole · 22 days ago
lyrics that hit(emotionally or musically) from encanto:
“and I glow cause I know what my worth is”😏
“I’m not fine. I’m not fiiiiiine”
*dolores’ lines in wdtab*
all of dos oruguitas
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encanto17 · 12 days ago
I hope this is my legacy. I took We Don’t Talk About Bruno and put it through all of the languages featured on that video via Google Translate, then put it back into English. And I didn’t fix the weird spacing. I left it exactly how Google Translate gave it back to me, punctuation and all. Here’s what happened. Good luck following along.
[Chorus: Paper]
I don't mean Bruno.
We're not talking about Bruno. we are talking about him
[One. Poetry: Page and Philis]
it's my wedding day (Today is our wedding)
they were made
and no clouds in the sky (No clouds allowed in the sky)
Bruno (Toner) laughed happily.
Are you talking about that or are you talking about me? (Sorry, my life goes on)
“It's going to rain,” Bruno said. (Why do you say that?)
It filled my brain. (Grandma, buy an umbrella!)
Marriage Confusion (Fortunately, But Still)
[See: Page and Felix, Dolores]
I don't mean Bruno.
Don't talk to the brunettes (hello)...
[2. Poem: Dolores and Camilo]
He began to worry that Bruno would stumble.
I can still hear your moan
Compare the sound of falling sand (ch, ch, ch).
I work hard with such humble talent.
He is looking for his grandmother and his family.
dream interpretations
Do you understand?
A seven-legged skeleton with a rat on its back.
Everything goes black when I call your name.
Yeah, dream dreams and fall in love with your screams (hello)
[See: Page and Felix, Dolores]
I don't mean Bruno.
I don't mean Bruno. (I don't mean Bruno)
[Father. Parties: Seth, Citizen 1, TP2 and TP3]
He said the fish would die
The next day he died (no, no).
He said he would grow up
as he said (no)
I lost all my hair
Look at my head now (No, no)
When your prophecy is read Your destiny will be determined.
[Four. Poem: Isabella Papua Dolores]
He said this was my dream life.
You promise that one day you will be mine.
He said that my power will increase.
While the vines were growing in the vineyard (hello Mariano on the way)
He told me he was the man of her dreams.
I can't use it, he promised someone else.
How can I hear your voice? (Hello Hyun)
I don't want your voice (as I feel now)
i feel now
[Five. Text: Mirabel, Camilo, Abra, Isabella]
Hello Bruno
to bruno
Here's what I really need to know about Bruno:
Tell me the truth and all the truth, Bruno.
Isabella, this is your boyfriend.
[6. City]
[Camiro] Skeleton Hexapod Rat
[Pepa] Today is my wedding.
[Felix] Today is our wedding.
[Isabella] She said life was my dream.
[Dolores] I'm alive because I'm afraid Bruno will trip.
[Camiro] When I say my name It's all dark
[Pepa] Yes, in the cloudless sky.
[Felix] In the Cloudless Sky
[Isabella] She promised to be mine someday.
[Dolores] I can still hear your moaning and laughter.
Reminds me of the sound of sand falling w-w-ch
[Camille] Yes, he has a dream.
[Pepa] Bruno laughs happily.
[Isabella] Increase physical strength.
[Dolores] Work hard for devotion
[CAMILLE] She likes you to cry.
[Felix] Dietary Supplement
[Pepa] Are you talking about me or are you talking about me?
[Felix] I'm sorry for my life. please keep going
[Isabella] The grapes planted in the vineyard are beautiful.
[Dores] He always challenges Grandma and family.
dream interpretations
Do you understand?
Hello, this is Mariano.
[Pepa] Bruno "It looks like it's going to rain"
[Felix] Why do you say that?
[Camiro] The skull has seven legs and the back is a rat.
[Isabella] I said my dream life was promised. and one day it will be mine
[Dolores] A dreamer will never come true.
[Pepa] My head is flooded.
[Felix] Grandma brought an umbrella!
[Camiro] When I say my name It's all dark
[Dolores] You're engaged to another guy, another guy.
[Pepa] I got married in a hurricane.
[Felix] Today is a good day.
[Dolores and Isabella] ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok Ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok Ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok Ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok Ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok Ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok Ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok Ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok oh K ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok K ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok K ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok K ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok k ok ok
[Everything here
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pinkthirdeye · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
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le-disappointment-of-vere · 13 days ago
Is it me, or do you also listen to multilingual Encanto soundtrack and, when singing it in your head, if you don't remember the text in one particular language you just continue in which one you remember???
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scarletmoon95 · a month ago
An Encanto OST Analysis: The Madrigal Motif :D
(Fair warning: this video is four and a half minutes long and my analysis of the Encanto soundtrack will be tremendously long. We'll first organize this as the presence of what I call the Madrigal/Miracle Motif, its nuance and transformation throughout the plot, and then discuss why it is absolutely absent from certain songs.)
Tldr: this motif does not exactly represent the perfection or pure magic of the family, but the love and bravery and unity of the family in spite of the pain and fear that threaten to tear the family apart. It's not that this motif shows that the family is now absolutely healed, but that they're reunited. Now they know to rely on empathy, patience, and growth. And I believe this is the message that the Madrigal Motif wants to portray for all families.
So let's begin with the most important thing here! We must introduce the Madrigal Motif. I call it this because, even though the entire movie begins with Mirabel's Theme (technically called Mirabel's Cumbia later on), the most repeated motif of chords and melody, and the one that appears to first introduce, and then portray many indispensable parts of the plot, is the Madrigal Motif. In the video you hear many versions, though not all, of this motif, and I tried to limit them to twice per song.
The Madrigal Motif is usually heard in minor, but it holds so much nuance for the family and the miracle it represents. I believe Madrigal and Miracle Motif can be interchangeable, since in All Of You the characters nail down on the meaning that the miracle is the family in itself, instead of the gift bestowed on them. The gift is merely a metaphor, so whenever the gifts are showcased in a sense of belonging, like when Antonio received his gift, it strengthens the meaning of family.
Appearances of the Madrigal Motif
1. Abre Los Ojos [*]: Right after being introduced to Mirabel's Theme, there is a crescendo, and a surge of a gorgeous song. This is literally the introduction to the magical family of the Madrigals! The beauty of this song is that you hear this motif three times, in three different ways (I didn't add the second one, but it's a lot softer and full of ethereal wonder), and by the time the third time it's heard, the motif is cemented and you feel goosebumps and nostalgia and excitement for what's to come of the Madrigals. You're musically and emotionally invested. You may even wish to feel what it's like to be part of a family like this.
2. Meet La Familia [*]: Pretty self-explanatory, the family is introduced beyond the idealistic song Mirabel sang to the kids of the town. Mirabel's Theme* is heard throughout the whole song until the end, where Mirabel is decorating the doorsteps. This is right before Abuela Alma tells Mirabel that she would help the family most by stepping aside. The motif is a little bittersweet, as if it's trying to portray the love of the family, but at the same time showing how imperfect it's beginning to seem.
3. I Need You: The motif was trying to to build, yet was incomplete, but when Mirabel's failed ceremony contrasts Antonio's current one, the motif is truly sorrowful. This is when we see the root of the brokenness of the miracle/family, but then it soars into the beauty of it when Antonio's door comes alive and gives him his gift.
4. Antonio's Voice: Now this song is the most victorious one in the entire soundtrack, even more than ¡Hola Casita! Why? Because of the sheer representation of Antonio's culture, ethnicity, natural wildlife, and his own individual identity and voice! The Colombian cantadoras sing the following words, according to what my ears could pick up: “Antonio viene! Viene Antonio! El niño tiene su don— Ah! Ah! Cuando tiene su don— Ah!” (Translation: Antonio's coming! Here comes Antonio! The child now has his gift! When he has his gift—) The incomplete sentence here could be finished with the simple statement that was already sung: He's coming. And yet, despite implying that, the cantadoras proceed to sing the Madrigal Motif! This is what the magic of the miracle is! This is what the wonderful love of the family is! We're finally seeing it all with our own eyes! But then, the music and the cantadoras' melody descends into chords of loneliness, because Mirabel is left invisible to the family. This is quite literally a contradiction to what the Madrigals and their motif are supposed to represent.
5. Tenacious Mirabel [*]: The motif was, again, trying to build, yet incomplete, as Alma spoke to Pedro and asked him for a sign. What ceases the motif from forming is the fear and helplessness Alma feels, and that she hides from the rest of the family. I John 4:18 words this perfectly for me: “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love.” However, it is only when Mirabel determines to spring into action to save the miracle, without balking at the idea of asking for clues, help, and guidance from her family, she shows that her love for her family defeats her fear and turns it into bravery. This is why we hear an adventurous style of the motif.
6. Mirabel's Discovery: A very eerie, disturbing, corrupted version of our main motif, most likely because of two reasons. First, Mirabel is afraid of being in the midst of Bruno's tower and cave, because she's been taught to fear him (directly against loving him as part of the family). Secondly, we feel along with her the sheer horror of being at center, even probable cause of the destruction of the miracle, her home, and her family. Hence, the motif is corrupted by the real danger of her family tearing apart, as well as fear.
7. The Rat's Lair: Now I'm not even sure if this is a stretch, or if it's a Luigi's Mansion-esque style for the Madrigal Motif. Maybe it's just similar chords. (Unfortunately I'm not entirely formed in my music minor, so music experts please confirm for me!) But as Mirabel's fear and misconceptions of Bruno are fading away during her time with him and seeing his temporary home, it feels like a hesitant, mysterious beginning in seeing Bruno as part of the family.
8. Tío Bruno: Now, here, Mirabel truly sees Bruno as a Madrigal, who disappeared out of a mix of well-meaning love and fear, to protect her. It's also, noticeably, the first time she calls him uncle, like the name of this song implies. It's tragic, that the family has been so convoluted and complex and dysfunctional, that we feel the love as well as the tired pain in the Madrigal Motif here.
9. Isabela La Perfecta: It's beautiful to me that, in the midst of Mirabel succumbing to the family temptation of gossiping and choosing bitterness towards another family member, Bruno quite literally snaps her out of it (and promptly apologizes; I think he noticed immediately she was doing something he's been at the brunt of far too many times). But he then reminds her of her worth, and the importance of her empathy, bravery, and love in saving the family and the miracle. This is why we can hear the Madrigal Motif!
10. The House Knows [**]: First a haunting cello, then haunting vocals (in a stunned silence right after Alma accused Mirabel of hurting the family), before the song succumbs into pure dissonance. Then the melody becomes the desperate one from The Cracks Emerge. This was the moment that the Madrigal Motif faded to pure dysfunction, because Alma would not bend, and Mirabel came to the bitter and furiously heartbroken realization that her worth and the unity of the family would never be acknowledged.
11. El Río: This song takes place after Dos Oruguitas (😭) where Mirabel truly comes to an understanding of Abuela Alma's trauma. She effectively empathizes with her in such a tender, moving way (again, this is her gift! She's an empath!). It is this empathy, “the oxygen of the soul” (in Bill and Kristi Gaultiere's words, founders of Soul Shepherding), that triggers the rebirth of the Madrigal Motif, soft and gentle like Mirabel's words. The song transitions to Dos Oruguitas again, with Alma's beautiful words: “I asked my Pedro for help. Mirabel, he sent me you.”
12. It Was Me: Bruno for the Pedro-esque win! Anyway back to the motif; the song actually begins the moment Alma hugs him, and it crescendoes when the three get on the horse. Bruno asks where they're going; the moment Mirabel says: “Home,” is when there's a true resurgence of the Madrigal Motif, with hope.
13. ¡Hola Casita!: And finally, the magic is restored, with strings, harps, soprano vocals, everything! This is the most ethereal and elysian form of the Madrigal Motif, and it seems to have been perfected and finished. This is not to say the family has been fixed, perfected, or completely grown, but they've learned, and they're going to stay together as they go through external or internal trials to come. After all, the Madrigal Motif was present even in the darkest of moments of the family. This motif, unlike we may have thought in the beginning, does not symbolize the perfect, trauma-less family, but the love and unity despite the imperfections, trauma, fear, and hurt.
Notable Absences of the Madrigal Motif
The Cracks Emerge [**]: When Mirabel sees the danger of Casita and everyone else is celebrating Antonio's gift. Obviously, she is alone, and her family hasn't noticed the very real danger, nor her absence.
Breakfast Questions: This is a typical perfectionist morning, where we see Alma in action, disciplining Mirabel like a child, enforcing the marriage (and future children) on Isabela, and other responsibilities for the day for the rest. It is subtle, but there is not an exact sense of emotional connection in the family (this is emotional neglect in action). This is why we can't hear the motif here.
Bruno's Tower: Like mentioned before, Mirabel feels far more fear than love here. It doesn't leave room for sense of family with someone she barely even knows and also fears.
The Dysfunctional Tango: I don't need to explain this one. Emotional neglect and family pretenses at its finest. Plus gossip.
Chasing The Past: Again, this song portrays fear but also an adrenaline-filled desperation to get answers. It still misleads us into thinking Bruno doesn't belong in the family anymore.
Family Allies: The chords here feel like a darker version of, perhaps, Mirabel's Theme? Not sure. But the title here is ironic. It's like a certain war is beginning, with members of the family taking sides, either for or against Mirabel, or remaining neutral. Explains the lack of the motif.
The Ultimate Vision [***]: A foreshadowing of the climax, where the candle fades and Casita is destroyed. But this is a great song to also empower Bruno individually; just not reuniting him to the family yet.
Las Hermanas Pelean: The title translates to “The Sisters Fight”. Heh. No family unity there.
La Candela [***]: Like in The Ultimate Vision, it's a crisis, the theme of the dissolution of family. It's the antithesis of the Madrigal Motif.
La Cumbia/ El Camino de Mirabel [*]: Since both are only Mirabel's Theme, emphasising her qualities and strengths individually, the songs in the movie work in giving her a spotlight the family didn't give her.
* Song includes Mirabel's Theme
** Songs are connected with a theme of a coming disaster. The Cracks Emerge first foreshadows The House Knows
*** Songs are connected with a theme of Bruno's power, clairvoyance. Bruno's vision visually and musically foreshadows the climax of the movie, and it's just genius. Thanks Germaine
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whiskey-draconequus · a month ago
I would like to point out that at the beginning in the "The Family Madrigal", Mirabel sings "This is my family, a perfect constellation". At the very end in "All of You" she instead sings "Look at this family, a glowing constellation". I personally find this a very important thing to realize.
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mintytrifecta · a month ago
Dos Oruguitas moodboard
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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bittywitches · 3 days ago
I know it wouldn’t have worked as well musically but I keep thinking about how it would’ve been nice if in All of you, instead of Mariano saying “I see you” and Dolores saying “I hear you” it was the other way around because Dolores had spent all this time listening to Mariano on her own and now she finally gets to see him in this way, and now it’s Mariano’s turn to hear her?? To listen to her??? That would’ve been cute????
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boomthedruun · a month ago
I’ve seen a lot of people talk about how Encanto’s songs are not as good as previous Disney songs have been, or how it’s not any of Lin Manuel Miranda’s best work, or how We Don’t Talk About Bruno is the only good song and those are all wrong valid opinions BUT
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sailor-peeking · 24 days ago
Literally no one asked but here's my ranking for all the Encanto songs
Dos Oruguitas
The Family Madrigal
Surface Pressure
waiting on a miracle
We don't talk about Bruno (English)
what else can i do
Colombia, Mi Encanto
All of you
bonus mention:
my favorite song is a background track!
Antonio's voice
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tutubola · 3 days ago
Why I Don't Like The Encanto Soundtrack
I'm latino, I'm a musician, and from my point of view it is not deserving its hype. I also think it's funny how, when I brought it up on instagram, most people who got mad at me were gringo, while lots of latinos agreed. But these are just my two cents, because I think someone has to burst the bubble, so so with it what you must.
And just a disclaimer: I completely understand why people like the soundtrack, and people are 100% allowed to enjoy things!!! But unfortunately liking something doesn't automatically make it good quality. I myself am guilty of liking "bad" songs and disliking really good quality songs, we all are!! Music isn't just about quality
Family Madrigal: This song is supposed to be the exposition, when all the pieces are put onto the table, and especially for a movie like Encanto where there are 11 main characters that are hinted at an eventual development it's so important that they do it right---but they didn't. Having Mirabel sing the entire song on her own, in the same repetitive melody, was a wasted opportunity at introducing the characters. It's so important to have characters introduce themselves in musicals; we can get so much information from the way they sing and which instruments accompany them and what they say. Mirabel drops one sentence about each of them and leaves it be. From that very point the movie already promised rushed and sloppy character arcs, and they really went through with it.
And it did Colombian music so dirty with that lazy accordion/percussion and lack of background vocals. Music is so deeply engrained in latino culture and our music is revered worldwide for its richness and complexity and I'm seriously concerned if gringos think this is as good as it gets. The musicians had all the pieces for an amazing opening number, but they didn't use them, or at least not wisely.
Waiting on a Miracle: This song had so much potential and I was really excited as to where it would go with the slow build up, but I think my main issue with it was the eventual lack of climax. "I want" songs like Let it Go, Reflection and Part of Your World allow the protagonist (and actor) to show raw emotion, which is only truly possible if the instruments and vocals come to a pivotal point where they're being used to the extent of their abilities. In Waiting on a Miracle, you get a single, honestly failed belt, and the music comes down. The build up is there, but the singer unfortunately really can't keep up with it, and by the time it gets to the belt it's underwhelming, ends quickly, and the song finishes so soft it erases the build up without ever getting to the peak.
I'm also so disappointed by the lyrics about how she "can't move the mountains" but "would move the mountains" like yeah we can tell. Mirabel's story is supposed to be so beautiful and could have lead to such beautiful lyrics but they stuck to blunt repetitions instead. Not to mention "hurricane or a summer rain" completely breaks the mood; it's too quick paced compared to the verse before and after it, but would've done wonders if they had used it as a hook for a more powerful or quicker section.
Instead we have the all i need is change/all i need is a chance section, and it's pretty and all and adds more suspense that can only really be released if we get that climax we were waiting for since the hurricane part. And the "open your eyes" part is so so great, it builds up and builds up and you're expecting a burst of instruments and vocals and whatnot, but it never comes. We stay on the ground with the return to the first theme, as much as it was modulated, and never get the satisfaction of a powerful belt.
Surface Pressure: I don't think I need to go too deep on why "I am the strong one I'm not nervous" are...... not great lyrics. We already know she is the strong one and she can say that without having to break into song. Music is supposed to take over when words cannot, so these blunt lyrics that just repeat what has already been said kinda misses that purpose: and this is an issue throughout the soundtrack. The song itself could be cut out and replaced by a conversation and it would feel complete; the song is not eased in with dialogue, it doesn't ease into dialogue, and would do better as an extra released independent from the movie.
We Don't Talk About Bruno: Ah yes. The one and only. I actually liked this song at the start and it was really fun to figure out structurally, but once that was out of the way there was nothing else to be enjoyed. "Oh but the fun part was the structure" is not an excuse, because Lin Manuel Miranda composed Non-Stop with the same structure but used technically demanding parts and theme developments to make it interesting past the structure. We Don't Talk About Bruno is easy enough for teenagers on TikTok to sing through all the parts, and underdeveloped enough that the characters sing the same verses over and over again. Like Waiting on a Miracle, it had a lot of potential, and it really is a fun songs when you first listen to it, but there's nothing too outstanding about it. It sounds more like a demo than a full song, and could've easily been expanded into a grand act one finale.
I was especially upset about Pepa and Dolores; their parts had a really strong start and their actors did an amazing job but then they got put into the background and we don't really hear from them again. Dolores especially never got her time to shine, and I really liked her voice and wished they had used it more.
What Else Can I Do: I think it had the same issue as Surface Pressure. Independently, it would've been a great song. But in the movie they kind of break into it out of the blue and end it of the blue. It felt like I was watching a children's show, like Backyardigans or something, where they're singing for the audience's attention and not to move the plot forward. Not to mention the eventual hug was....... underwhelming. They were encountered by the problem and solved it in the span of 10 minutes (Mirabel needed to hug Isabella to save the plot but they didn't have a good relationship, and then they just sing it out and hug). And the song itself felt so disconnected because it was sung by Isabella talking about how Mirabel was pushing Isabella to be herself.....? It would've been stronger if it were sung by Mirabel, or if she had a more dominant part in it, because the way it was done makes it seem as if Isabella just simply changed without any of Mirabel's influence.
Dos Oruguitas: Now this is a good song. The lyrics are beautiful, the voice is beautiful, the harmonies are beautiful. This song deserves the hype, and it shows the beginning of how far they could've gone with the soundtrack if only they had put more everything into it. The way it comes off is that they composed a soundtrack that scratched the surface of Colombian music while still pleasing gringos and their musical preferences, which is really sad and I sure hope it's not the actual case; I'm a strong believer that music evolves from cultural exchanges, and we can't stump so gringos will be comfortable, and it definitely felt like that for me.
All Of You: I really don't have the patience for this sorry and my issue with this song is really plot-related so unless you guys really want me to talk about it I'll spare myself
I don't think the soundtrack is inherently bad. I just don't think it's Disney level (or latino level) and just because the movie had great representation doesn't make it perfect. I think Encanto was supposed to be enjoyed not as a Disney Magnum Opus but just as a fun little movie. This is not where latino representation should end.
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justtiredaahh · 26 days ago
Everyday I cry to Dos Oruguitas
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skooterskootyskoot · 3 days ago
*slams fists on table*
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crowspebbles · 21 days ago
Rating songs from encanto cause I am bored and have school tomorrow!
1. waiting on a miracle
UNDERRATED UNDERRATED UNDERRATED!!!!!! OH MY GOD IS IT UNDERRATED . Mirabels first "I'm not fine" really hits you and tells you how she feels in just that single line you can hear her pain in her voice and it's just so <333?!? also. "I AM READY, COME ON I'M READY" not exactly about the song but the way mirabel looks at her family during the song is so OUCH?? this song is do full of raw emotion and oh God I just love it so much
2. the family madrigal
First things first Alma's part in this song goes to the tune of Dos oruguitas and that's just so ?!?!?! Lin is a genius. Oh and made it easy to remember that cast but My favorite part is when the kids start pressing Maribel.
3. we don’t talk about Bruno
Probably the most popular song from Encanto and rightfully deserved. I could say this about all songs but it's so catchy and easy to get stuck in your head I love it. Also the debate on what part you sing is so fun! I normally sing pepa/félix's or whoever's loudest to me at that point. ALSO
4. Colombia, mi encanto
The love letter to Colombia sums it up perfectly. So festive and bright and peppy it did an excellent job of showing the beauty of Colombia through music it makes me want to visit again. Lin outdid himself on this one
5. dos oruguitas
Just tears pure agony and suffering. Learning the lyrics did not help. Very soothing kind like a lullaby
6. what else can I do
CATCHY ASF Mirabel "bring it in bring it in" gets stuck in my head allll the time! You can hear your much fun the both of them are having and it makes me so happy. ISABELA'S "I owe this all to you!" IS SO GOOD??? Same when mirabel sings to the tune of isa's part in we don't talk about Bruno
7. All of you
Okay not a fan of ending songs or things like that and not really into the song as a whole but it's more I enjoyed parts separately. Specifically Bruno's part love his "we need a doorknob" it's so like out of place but like in a positive way if that makes sense
8. surface pressure
To me it's good nothing outstanding. I wouldn't go out of my way to listen to it but it's nice! I never really connected to the song but the ending part is probably my favorite out of the entire song.
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brunos-bucket-of-sand · a month ago
I've found that listening to the Encanto soundtrack doesn't hit like it did before watching the movie </3 the visuals just add so much to it all that now it feels like something's missing
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jupitercalled · a month ago
I loved Isa's song in english and in my country's dub, so I wanted to do this literal translation bc some differences make the dubbed version that more magical to me! (My favorite parts are highlighted 😁)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
For some reason, Brazil is one of the few countries that changed "jacarandas" even though we have those here. I imagine it's either bc the pronunciation is different (jacarandás) or bc they thought people wouldn't recognize the plant...
The palma-de-cera line is the whole reason i wanted to do this i just love it so muchhhh
Tumblr media
"Abra o caminho que ela vem!" is highlighted bc i love the way Mirabel's VA sings it, she was so cute!
The word 'color' does not translate 'colorir' properly so just- imagine it more artistic, explosive? idk...
"You will bloom into what you were born to be" is my favorite, it's so beautiful and adds a nice touch to the moment between the sisters 😁❤
I just loved this song so much and latin languages are beautiful, so i hope more people appreciate the adaptation!
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bittywitches · 13 days ago
The three village kids that keep popping up throughout encanto are my favourite storytelling device in the movie. they help navigate the plot but somehow also make me more emotional by being cute young children watching the same thing as the audience and commenting on events with their adorable little voices with such genuine concern and wonder??? Voicing what I’m thinking with such innocence??? Oh my god guys they’re a greek chorus
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