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antivanbrandy · a day ago
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based on yesterday’s ask. camilo please, leave the man alone. you’re gonna give him a complex. he’s 5′6 on a good day and you know it.
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littleoptimist · 2 days ago
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More of Pedro and Bruno interacting
Edit: alright alright, people are confused in the notes- this is from my fic where Pedro is accidentally sent to the future, but I wasn’t gonna link it bc this conversation hasn’t actually happened in the fic yet, so it’s not exactly fic art
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oatskare · 2 days ago
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Same face, 10 years later...
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trash-bin-ary · 2 days ago
found family? yeah I sure did he lives in the walls
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3sides1eye · a day ago
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bruno n kids..............thats all
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learningisfun2021 · a day ago
I know I already made a post about the joy of Julieta and Pepa at Bruno’s return, but I think it should also be noted, just how overjoyed Felix and Augustin are as well. It makes me wonder about their relationships with Bruno as well. Just look at how happy the in-laws are to see him!!
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suzukiblu · 2 days ago
I absolutely LOVE your Encanto headcanons, they all fit my understanding of the characters, they're my canon now. If I may request some, do you have any about Mariano? Specifically how he went from liking Isabela to liking Dolores in just one song lol
Thank you, I'm glad you're enjoying them! :3
My headcanon about Mariano going from liking Isabela to liking Dolores in just one song (heck, just one VERSE) is that he did not actually really like Isabela. Buuuuut she was beautiful and perfect and part of the most powerful family in town, and his family was probably even more eager for him to marry Isabela than the Madrigals were for Isabela to marry him, so he was WILLING to like her, and OPEN to liking her, but they never actually personally bonded or spent much, if any, alone time together.
Therefore! When Dolores comes up to him and says she likes him, and says she actually KNOWS things about him, Mariano is extremely flattered and swept off his feet to be receiving actual attention from a romantic prospect. He says himself that he has "so much love inside", which I interpret to mean he really wants someone to spend said love on, so he's very happy to jump at any opportunity to do so. Dolores, for obvious reasons, is much more open to that than Isabela ever was.
Basically I think a large part of the reason they'd initially work together is that Dolores bothered to learn things about Mariano and Mariano would really appreciate a) having someone to actively romance and b) that someone would actually be interested in more about him than the fact that he's a handsome dude from a good family. Eventually they'd move past that, but to me that'd probably be the initial attraction.
I've said this elsewhere but Mariano ABSOLUTELY talks to Dolores when they're on opposite sides of town, he absolutely does that. It does not even occur to him that anyone would think that was weird and he in fact does it all the time. Dolores is irrationally flustered by being reminded that he's thinking about her when she's not around and everyone very quickly learns not to interrupt when she's listening to him.
The wedding flowers will be mostly extravagant displays of cacti, the sky that day will be nothing but rainbows, and the nursery is already READY for those five babies, Casita is PREPARED. Multiples run in the family, okay, now CHOP CHOP KIDS THE HOUSE IS GETTING EMPTY NEST SYNDROME.
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junistired · 2 days ago
look at him go.....
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little rat man......
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skooterskootyskoot · 12 hours ago
Anyone notice how Abuela only interacts with Pepa when she tells her she has a cloud/is storming (which is obvious and helps nothing) and to calm down in a harsh expectant tone rather than acknowledge her daughters emotions and help her through them, which is probably what caused Pepa to learn how to compartmentalize all of her negative emotions, probably being the major contributor to her emotional instability?
Anyone notice how Felix affectionately brushes away her brewing storm clouds when he can and when Pepa looks at him the cloud goes away?
Anyone notice how Felix, Dolores, Camilo, and Antonio all wear yellow along with Pepa in order to help her by surrounding her with “sunshine” to help her be happy and chipper?
Anyone notice how even Felix has his couple moments of exasperation, and the only person we see actually attempting to calm Pepa down is Camilo, who speaks calmly and soothingly while offering her tea?
Anyone notice that it’s not until her BROTHER tells her “your bro loves you so” and to let it rain, let it snow, letting her know that he loves her no matter the weather and she should let her emotions happen?
Anyone notice when Felix remarks “that’s what I’ve been saying, bro!” implying that he had been saying that to Pepa all along, but in order to actually believe it, she needed to hear it from Bruno, who she believed so deep down that she possibly wasn’t aware, might have left because she blamed him for “ruining” her wedding, when it was actually ruined by her hurricane, and him leaving proved to her that if she doesn’t keep the skies clear, those who she loves most will turn away from her?
Anyone notice that even though her family (except Abuela) isn’t sure how exactly to help, they still try in their own ways and eventually the right person says the right thing that gets through to her?
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dathen · a day ago
Headcanon: Mirabel made tiny vests for Bruno's rats on Antonio's request.
ABSOLUTELY. Heck I don't even think she'd wait for a request on this one--remember how she made all those beautiful doilies as surprises for everyone for Antonio's ceremony? This girl LOVES sewing and loves surprising people with what she makes as a sign of her affection. She meets one (1) long-lost affection-starved uncle and she is gonna be tripping over herself to do the same for him.
Best of all if you look closely at the walls of Bruno's hidey-hole, he has all these little drawings of rats in all sorts of outifts!! I bet Mirabel would take one look at those and be like CHALLENGE ACCEPTED
Now please imagine Bruno's surprise and delight when Mirabel gives him the little outfits 🥰🥰🥰
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elbrujobruno · 2 days ago
Bruno, Pepa y Dolores después que cayo la Casita y todos se quedaron sin dones: 🥳🤩🥰😍🎇🎆🎊🎉 #blessed
Bruno, Pepa and Dolores after the Casita fell down and everyone lost their gifts: 🥳🤩🥰😍🎇🎆🎊🎉 #blessed #glad #relief 🥳🥳
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my poor babies
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the fact that there's a crack in the painting that's in the madrigal's dining room is really very sad. that means that it's likely that bruno was able to watch his nephews and nieces grow up, because he was able to see them every night at dinner. he probably liked to imagine he was sitting there with them, and seeing the younger ones goofing around was probably what made his day and kept him going. the crack in the painting has so many possibilities and every one of them makes bruno's situation so much more tragic.
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smhalltheurlsaretaken · 6 hours ago
Oh, so when Dolores says "I can always hear him sort of muttering or mumbling" and "I can hear him now" in We Don't Talk About Bruno she means that literally huh.
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oatskare · a day ago
im just thinking about how Bruno casually brought out both Hernando and Jorge within 2 mins of speaking with his niece for the first time in 10 years
without skipping a singular beat, after Mirabel asks him if he was patching the cracks, he politely informs her that it was Hernando
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and he gets into character just like that
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and then also not hesitating in eagerly showing her his rat shows
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even while being uncomfortable with the whole situation, the fun uncle instincts (and awkward energy) were too strong xD
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straightfacedstrangeness · 2 days ago
I wasn’t gonna post this given how basic / obvious it feels, but since I haven’t seen any other posts like it in my extensive tag crawling:
Since the Madrigals’ gifts are explicitly tied to their emotions (Pepa’s cloud activity changes with her moods, Luisa loses strength as she loses confidence, Isabela creates different types of plant life depending on her emotions and how she expresses them, the Miracle in general is affected by the relationships among the family)...headcanon that Bruno used to see more variety in his visions in terms of good/bad/neutral events, but as he had more and more experiences of people reacting badly to his visions (whether the event foretold was actually bad or just not what they wanted to see), his resultant anxiety caused him to only see and/or look for bad things. Which of course made people react worse, making his anxiety worse, making his visions worse, and so on.
Thinking about when he revisits his vision with Mirabel—he clearly gets upset at just seeing the same disastrous scene again, but Mirabel and/or the Miracle itself (since it’s a very Miracle-like glow with the usual butterfly motif VS the usual green of Bruno’s visions) encourages him to look in another direction and ultimately see a happy resolution instead of being stuck on the bad situation.
Bonus headcanon: when Isabela brags about Bruno telling her “the life of my dreams would be promised and someday be mine,” I like to think that that also fits under the “Bruno only sees bad things” umbrella—that he saw Isabela being the darling flower child of the town and/or her engagement to Mariano. He assumed that that was a great vision of a great future and told her as much, and maybe young Isabela thought it was great too. But grown-up Isabela is actually miserable in that life and just pretending to enjoy it because it’s what Abuela wants for her, so I’d read her verse as more of that, bragging for show about the prophesied perfect life that she secretly hates.
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floridianfireflyfaith · 2 days ago
Adorable Madrigal Headcanon I Gotta Share Right NOW
I was pondering to myself if the Madrigals ever celebrated the anniversary of the day they received their blessing and that......is a double-edged sword honestly. It was the day they received their blessing, but it was also the day Alma had to flee her home and lost Pedro. An important day, but one that feels strange to be celebrated.
So (and I'm not sure if this would happen before or after the movie) the family decides to take the anniversary and turn into a Deep Clean Day! It technically also counts as Casita's "birthday", really. So for the whole day, the family all pitches in to give Casita a roof-to-floor cleaning and touch-up. She gets scrubbed, dusted, spackled and painted if she needs it, fireplaces cleaned, gutters emptied, etc., etc.
Could she do a lot of that herself? Maybe, but it's basically a spa day for her. A day for one hard-at-work magical house to be pampered! She still does her part through the day though, helping the family as she usually does, as they're probably taking turns helping out in the town. She's also helping Julieta out with the cooking to make sure everyone stays fueled throughout the day.
And it actually proves to be a great thing for Alma, as it gives her a chance to reflect on that night but in a better way than she might just sitting in her room or trying to distract from it by busying herself in the town. After the events of the movie, I imagine the town is quick to pick up it's a day to fend for themselves a bit more since it's a special day for the family. Sometimes people will even show up at the house to offer their help or tools.
Afterwords, Casita is as bubbly and bright as the day she was built, and her flame flickers a little brighter. If nothing else, it's a way for the family to remember and appreciate the miracle that still shelters them. 💖
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ermine-writer · 2 hours ago
I'm gonna be real guys.
I don't think Camilo is actually describing his Tío during "We Don't Talk About Bruno".
I think he's describing a caricature he made up of the monster that ruined his Mami's wedding day. Because his parents are head-over-heels, he's heard the story. He's also a Momma's Boy. I think he is literally making this up as he goes because he is a theatre kid and he thinks his Tío ruined his Mami's wedding.
Camilo was FIVE.
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suzukiblu · 2 days ago
Also if you want, I'd love for some headcanons on Pepa's kids! How do they view each other, how do their interactions look like? Etc etc
god I love Pepa's children, Pepa's children are my FAVES.
Dolores cannot keep a secret to save her goshdang life, ESPECIALLY not from the family. She sometimes attempts to mitigate this by telling Camilo things, but Camilo is actually also terrible at keeping secrets and yeah, yeahhh, there are No Secrets In Encanto. If Dolores doesn't say something about it, her fifteen year-old little brother with the evil grin is gonna, oh NO.
Camilo actually knows a lot of town secrets even without Dolores's assistance, mind, because he so frequently looks like someone else that people just tell him stuff or say things around him. Antonio immediately starts learning town secrets as well, because every animal in the place wants to tell him everything they know. Basically, these children are the local gossip circle, they know all your dirty laundry and they WILL talk to each other about it.
I feel like Dolores and Camilo don't always get along as well because they're a tiiiiny bit closer in age, but they were both older and more mature when Antonio was born and both ADORE him like he is the most precious little cinnamon roll that they could possibly have. Who's their fave sibling? Antonio, obviously, how is that even a question? Antonio does not have a favorite sibling, because he is not ridiculous like these two, but Mirabel is definitely his favorite cousin.
When Dolores gets overwhelmed/overstimulated, the boys distract or silence whatever's setting her off; when Camilo can't QUITE keep his face on right, Dolores and Antonio help him focus; when Antonio can't handle a thing because he is still five and very smol, Dolores and Camilo DESCEND LIKE AVENGING ANGELS AND DESTROY THE PROBLEM. Again: Antonio is their fave sibling, and they both are like "naturally" about the other one sharing this opinion.
The three of them are all very good at not upsetting Pepa more than a light rain might imply, so bad news usually goes straight to Felix. Lightning-causing things are a Dad Problem. Lightning-causing things are DEFINITELY a Dad Problem.
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chaospidgeon · 3 hours ago
Hear me out.
Camilo isn't genderfluid, so he feels dysphoria in other bodies, and can relate to some of the experiences of trans people. He has trouble recognizing himself in the mirror sometimes. He doesn't mind the whole array of pronouns because he grew up with most of them in his different forms, he just prefers he/him.
He understands genderfluid, trans, and otherwise gender nonconforming villagers in a deeper level. He has a complex relationship with gender and gender expression, but because of that, is a generous and very important ally in the town of Encanto.
Just a thought.
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skooterskootyskoot · 2 days ago
Before you lift something heavy, what do you do? You take a deep breath in, then out, and then you lift on the next breath. In a conversation, when you want to keep your emotions down and under control, what do you do? You take a deep breath in, then out, and then take in a breath to begin carefully speaking what it is you choose to say, rather than explode with the tirade your emotions are gnawing at the bit to let out.
Luisa begins the song with lyrics that stay with the steady beat. She is trying to sing a song about being the strong one before she pauses. Then breathes. She starts up again, keeping the same beat and steady pace, still trying to make the song about being strong, and then she pauses. And breathes again. It’s one thing to show us once, but to show us twice lets us know that she needs that moment to breathe in order to keep things under the surface.
When she sings the next verse, she starts as the last two verses did, giving first time viewers/listeners the impression that this was going to be a song about not being afraid or nervous because she’s a strong woman... but she’s not able to take a breath. She has no time to take another breath. The song is pushing her to keep going, and instead, like popping a balloon, with that one “But” all the pressure reaches its breaking point and Luisa is unable to stop from letting out everything she had been trying for so long to keep inside. 
Encanto goes beyond connecting us to their characters through animation, musical score, and lyrics. They connect us just a little bit more; by pausing for a couple of seconds and letting you hear Luisa breathe.
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