#encanto spoilers??
nemideia 22 days ago
The way Isabela's face gets happier when Mirabel starts supporting her on her quest to discover what she can do when she is just feeling and letting it be.
So cute 馃槏
Mirabel is soo supportive.
She sings: Go, Grow, What else, what else?, Seize the moment
When she doesn't know the name of a plant she is like: she is going with that booyahh.
And her expressions!!! She is there for her sibling and it is beautiful!!!
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quietbirdee 24 days ago
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Give it to your sister and never wonder If the same pressure would've pulled you under Who am I if I don't have what it takes? ---- it鈥檚 a listening to surface pressure on repeat kinda day!!!
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belleski 25 days ago
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because people where asking for it, a part 2 to this post! the colours where a lot harder to match, but i hope everyone likes it
and again, background under the cut because it looked nice
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peppermint-joys 29 days ago
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I said what I said.
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fragcc 9 days ago
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Pepa really made a top hit out of spite, huh
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nemideia 22 days ago
When F茅lix said: "That's what I'm always saying bro" Pepa rolled her eyes and smiled and this is so cute.
The fact she rolled her eyes indicates that F茅lix does say it a lot, that she can feel whatever she wants and it doesn't matter if it rains, snows, etc. She is rolling her eyes because she heard it thousands of times.
But her smile? It shows that she deeply appreciate it.
And it is so cute.
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anachronic-cobra 23 days ago
Encanto Spoilers
Encanto Facts:
Bruno left after Mirabel's ceremony when she was 5
Camilo is also 15 in the movie, so he ALSO hasn't seen Bruno since he was 5
He should only know as much about Bruno as Mirabel given no one will talk about him
Camilo's description of him includes rats, which would have no reason to be part of Bruno's characterization until after he started living in the walls
Seven feet would be a pretty typical amount for a small child to remember someone taller than them being years later
Bruno's good at unintentionally looming creepily in the dark
Bruno gets all his food by stealing from the kitchen
Camilo snuck into the kitchen once at night for a late-night snack, Bruno and his rats were stealing food, he says Camilo's name in surprise, Camilo passes tf out
馃幍Seven foot frame, rats along his back, when he calls your name it all fades to black馃幎
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lethiepie 27 days ago
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kittex101 26 days ago
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pelicantownfelon 23 days ago
fun fact: alma absolutely had no idea that her kids would get magic powers when they turned 5 . who was gonna tell her? the candle?
she just wakes up one morning and sees three new doors in her house that she assumes are for her three kids, maybe their magic house decided that they're old enough for their own rooms now bc it's their birthday
the funky lightshow when they touch the doors is overshadowed by the fact that her son's eyes immediately start glowing as wind whips around him and he turns to her holding up some strange green object and asks if they're really having a surprise party in town later
alma's shocked, she's even more shocked when a small rainbow appears over her daughter's head when she hears about the party, they all turn to look at julieta who just shrugs and pushes open her door to find a very cute child sized kitchen
the triplets are delighted to see that the rooms are bigger on the inside,
alma has to sit down somewhere and process whatever is happening
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tiecladartist 23 days ago
I love the idea of Isabela's part of We Don't Talk About Bruno not being a vision at all. Like, I just imagine Bruno tucking in his niece after her gift ceremony, and he notices she's kinda freaking out after everything in the day, and like:
"He told me that the life of my dreams Would be promised and someday be mine He told me that my power would grow Like the grapes that thrive on the vine"
Only, when he told her it'd probably be worded more like this:
"Kid, you're gonna have the life of your dreams one day, I promise. Your power is gonna grow like... uh... like grapes! Grapes on a vine! Because you're sweet like a fruit, and your power is- okay that one kinda didn't work as well out loud, but, y'know what I mean."
And then little Isabela asks if he saw it in a vision, and he chuckles and says yeah, because it'd be nice to predict something nice for once, and he hopes that this particular prediction will come true.
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nemideia 20 days ago
"I'm so sick of pretty, I want something true, don't you?"
I just think that this question is so interisting, because Isabela looks and sounds so sad in this moment. She wants to know if what she is feeling is valid.
She is asking to Mirabel if she understands her, if her feelings about her powers and her situation are not silly.
And Mirabel answers saying that she understands where Isabela is coming from, her feelings are valid, and she should continue to explore her powers, in fact Mirabel will do it with Isabela.
A beautiful sister moment, at least that's what I got from the scene.
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