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harryxdraco5576 · 2 days ago
What encanto characters would post on Instagram:
Mirabel: Random quotes, pictures of her family (mostly Antonio,) pictures of her and her parents, her clothes, random pretty things in town.
Isa: She’s an influencer, posts daily, kinda gives off Amelia vibes if you’ve ever watched bizardvark, her page inspires people to be imperfect, pretty plants she’s made, videos of her sisters.
Luisa: Barely posts, doesn’t really know what to post either, pictures of Isa and mirabel, does more commenting than posting.
Julietta: 47927381992747910109384656829 Pictures of her kids.
Agustin: Only has like 5 posts, is on the app to keep up with the pictures his wife posts.
Antonio: Too young to be on Instagram but if he was, purely pictures of animals
Camilo: Prank videos, posts a lot, selfies, has posted thirst traps (Pepa took them down, he put them back up,) he actually covers serious topics sometimes to.
Dolores: Not very active, mostly posts pictures of her and Mariano.
Pepa: On there to monitor Camilo, posts quotes sometimes.
Felix: Everyday poster, dad jokes, dance videos, always doing challenges and trends, loves to collab with Camilo.
Bruno: Doesnt really get the app, mostly posts really bad selfies of himself.
Abuela: 0 posts, she uses it to stalk her family.
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never-ending-fanfic · 2 days ago
Encanto: the ending
Tumblr media
I found some posts saying that the ending of the movie was not satisfying: that the Madrigals should have stayed without their powers and that it would have been a better lesson- that you don't need gifts and that by getting them back, the characters learned nothing.
And here we will once again quote Pepa's famous:
Tumblr media
I think they did learn that they don't need their gifts to achieve something great. It's clear when you listen to "All Of You" (especially Abuela's part), when you see all of the Madrigals finally accept Mirabel how she is, especially when Alma does.
But what's more important is how they all rebuild Casita with no gifts. They make walls without Luisa's strength, plants grow without Pepa's weather power or Isa's gift, they do it all by themselves. And so when Mirabel puts in the doorknob and Casita comes to life once again, it's satusfying to see their gifts coming back, because they worked for them. Just as Abuela sings in the beginning of the movie, they all help people to "earn the miracle" and they did earn it when they finally came together as a family and rebuilt Casita with no gifts.
(bonus: in the gif notice how Mira flinches at Pepa's sudden "BUT" and then, as she begins the story, Mirabel leans forward, eager to hear, I swear Disney nowadays is something else)
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cassiebones · a day ago
Casita and What I Think The Magic Rooms Look Like
Or at least the ones we didn't get to see in the movie...and maybe an expansion of the ones we did.
Alma wasn't expecting her five-year-olds to get gifts. There was really no way Casita could have communicated this to her (if it could, I'm almost certain it would have told her that Mirabel wasn't going to get one, bc Casita is not a dick), so these three doors probably just appeared on their birthday. They may have had a celebration planned, but it wasn't for a few hours or days, so only the four of them were there. So...
1. Julieta (and, later, Agustin) - Julieta had spent some time in the kitchen with her mother, helping her cook. Pepa and Bruno slacked off and goofed around, so they didn't have as much of a hand in the food, but Julieta loved cooking because she loved stories of all the meals her Mama and Papa used to share, which Alma would tell her as they made arepas and empanadas. It influenced her gift. So, when she opens her door, everything that she helped make is instantly healing. Nobody knows it really until later. Inside her room is a little kitchen, child-sized, that will grow with her. Everything is perfectly within her reach and she has all the ingredients she needs to make everything her family loves. She has spice jars and an icebox and a brick oven. She has a sink and counters and bags of flour and sugar and eggs and just...everything a good little chef needs. She can experiment with recipes all she wants. It's all fireproof, because Casita understands that this is a five-year-old and, despite being able to cook, she may still make some mistakes. Julieta is super excited by this little kitchen, but there's more. She'll need ingredients on a continuous basis, so the cabinets are probably magically refilling, or she has a source of ingredients that can be grown (a vegetable/herb garden) with plants that will never die. Further in is the actual bedroom part, where she'll sleep. There's a big bed, bedside tables, a canopy, a dresser, a desk...all the things a little girl needs in her bedroom, but a lot of the design is food-centered (because Casita is basically a living Home Makeover team that focuses on one aspect of your personality and runs with it).
Like I said, as Julieta grows, so does her kitchen. Everything she needs is always within her reach while she's cooking in her little kitchen. It's mostly for practice. Whenever she needs to do a big meal, she uses the main kitchen, especially as she gets older. But she practices her recipes in the little one, so that she can tweak them as much as she pleases. Sometimes, Pepa and Bruno help her. Pepa loves how soft the bread she makes is and Bruno is addicted to her arepas. A lot of their bonding is done in the little kitchen. There are pictures of the three of them posted all over her cabinets, at different ages. When Julieta misses her brother especially, she'll just stare at these pictures for a while.
When Agustin comes into the picture, the room shifts a bit to accommodate him. Another dresser is added, a small table for two (so they can have private meals as a couple) and when he cooks for her (which he does at least a few times a week, just to give his wife a break, especially after she pops out his kids), the kitchen will adjust to him and also help keep him from getting hurt. There's also a small storage room where she can keep excess food, which Casita keeps from spoiling with magic.
2. Pepa (and later Felix) - I think we saw a small part of her bedroom when Camilo makes her the tea. There are weather vanes and pictures of her kids, so I think it's a fair guess. I think there are various other, weather-related things in her room; a thermostat, more weather vanes, umbrellas (if she ever wants to keep dry), etc. Just things to let her know that her powers are starting to pick up. But she also has a small sleeping area that may dampen her powers a little bit, so that she isn't woken by a storm in the middle of the night. Something that allows her (and her husband/family) to sleep a bit more soundly during the night. There are also things to help her stay calm (like a small stove for her to make tea or coffee) or happy, like water-proof books or games that she can play with her siblings or, later on, kids. She does get her gift when she's five, after all. So I think it's safe to assume Casita makes her room child-friendly.
I can't even imagine what she must have been feeling as a five-year-old when a storm cloud just appeared above her head. The thunder must have scared her at least a little. I wonder if it began to rain immediately or if she was able to control it. This is why I think the part of her room where she's supposed to relax/sleep dampens it. Not all the way, but at least it keeps storms away. Growing up, I can see her spending a lot of time in her bedroom, hiding away from her mother's constant nitpicking ("Pepa, you have a cloud!" "I know, Mama!") and from all the people who treat her like a nuisance because her anxiety tends to make her storm a lot. Felix and Julieta are the ones that can make her calm, so she lets them in.
When Felix moves in, he makes her tea in the evenings so she can unwind. He even makes her coffee in the morning so she can start off her days well. He doesn't mind when she rains on him and tries to make her laugh or smile when he sees that she's starting to feel stressed. He helps her shoo away the clouds and withstands the wind. People talk about the chaos that must have ensued when she had her babies, but that's why I think her bed can dampen the gift, so that there's not a full hurricane outside when Dolores or Camilo or Antonio is born. And Felix is there to hold her hand every single time, while Julieta and Alma help birth her babies.
3. Bruno - okay so we know what his room looks like, but we never see a bed, so I'm assuming it's somewhere up all those stairs (why couldn't you have given him an elevator, Casita?!?! HE WAS FIVE). Although, I don't actually think it began like that. Like, maybe when he was little, there was a small staircase up to where he told his visions and past that was an alcove sleeping area.
Somebody on TikTok suggested that Bruno's room looks more like it's for the people who used to come to him for visions, so maybe as more people began to show up, more stairs were added (which was not fair at all for him), to accommodate him. I think this is a good theory, but also, what if it changed, too? Like the room shifted depending on how many people wanted visions. Maybe when Bruno disappeared, all the people in the village were worried about the miracle, so they lined up to figure out what was going on, but Bruno slipped away (and cut down that bridge) before any of them could get their answers. When he "left" the room, the magic also left it, so it couldn't shift back to its original form. IDK, just a theory.
4. Isabela - we know what her room looked like. But I want to talk about her new bedroom. I personally think that it's more succulent and cactus-centric. All these sharp objects and new flowers (she has so much Sundew) are replacing all the pretty flowers she used to grow. Her bed is still on vines, but it's a lot more...colorful. She loves all the colors and there is no pastel to be found. She uses the dyes from her new flowers to spread colors all around. She uses it to color her own clothes and even gifts some to Mirabel to use to make new clothes for the family. Mirabel uses it to make her a whole new, very colorful, dress. Isabela routinely changes the color of her hair with the dye, as well. She's finally a lot happier being perfectly imperfect.
And she has so many succulents.
5. Dolores - Without a doubt, Dolores has a part of her room where she can go to not hear anything. There are couches and books and a hammock, so she can just relax and rest her sore ears for a little bit. It has to get tiring listening to everybody's bullshit all day long. I think she may be able to control her power a little bit (she was able to hear Mariano specifically when she needed to) but overall, it's all like a dull buzzing for most of the time. So to have a part of her bedroom where that buzzing just...disappears? That's a must.
Like her mother, I think Dolores's sleeping area also dampens her power so that she can sleep at night, even with her uncle running around in the walls of the casita. But, when she does want to listen to something (say...her uncle's telenovelas), there's an area for that as well. She settles down with some tea and her auntie's arepas and tunes in.
6. Luisa - In a deleted scene, we see a part of Luisa's room. We know that it's basically a gym. The creators of Encanto even tell us that her room is made of stone and there are weights everywhere and a secret door that opens up to a festival/circus for her to have fun and relax at. I don't know how often she gets to use this area (because she is always doing chores because my baby is under so much damn pressure), but I feel like she would give herself at least one night a month to go to the fairgrounds and play for a little bit, because she probably didn't get to be a kid a whole lot since getting super-strength at 5yo and being expected to do literally EVERYTHING for the lazy townspeople. Luisa, the donkeys got out again :( THEN GET THEM YOUR FUCKING SELF YOU USELESS PIECE OF - never mind.
Anyway, Luisa definitely starts taking more time to herself after rebuilding Casita. Maybe her room even shifts so that only part of the room has weights and the rest is filled with relaxation areas for her to unwind. She even eventually shares the part of her room with the circus with her family and they make outings there every once in a while when they all need a break (nobody else in the village is allowed to know about this and Casita makes sure that anybody who isn't officially a part of the family can't even get that door open to go to the fair. It's only for Casita's familia).
7. Camilo- This is the one I'm majorly stuck on. I have no idea how to fit a bedroom to a shape-shifter. Maybe there are mirrors so he can practice his shifting. Maybe he practices making modifications to the people he shifts into. Or maybe he just has a bunch of games and toys because Camilo has literally been an adult since he was five. He is currently fifteen and routinely shifts into adults to take care of their children while they take a rest. I can only imagine what that does to his psyche. I like to think that when he's in his bedroom, he turns into a younger version of himself and just does all the things he was never able to do because he had "chores" to do. A little like Luisa.
Side note: this kid has definitely had an identity crisis at some point in his life.
8. Mirabel - yes, Mirabel got a room after they rebuilt, because I refuse to believe they didn't build her one in the new house. And I refuse to believe that Casita would have gotten rid of it, instead of adding to it to make it more her.
Mirabel has a sewing machine and all the thread and yarn one could hope for, in so many colors. Her room is bigger on the inside and she has mannequins for the clothes she makes. She has a corner where she can have her family members try on their new clothes and she can tailor them a bit more. There are dressing rooms, as well. She has a corner where she can knit and crochet and embroider in a big easy chair and she even starts to sell some of the clothes she makes to the townspeople, who absolutely love the little personal touches she adds to her work. She doesn't charge very much, mind you, because her family has all they need thanks to Casita, and she loves what she does, but if somebody gives her a deadline, she gives them a price and she does not waver. Because she is 100% a girlboss.
Now, eventually, Mirabel will become the new matriarch. I believe this 100% because there's a reason Casita didn't give her a gift and it's because she was meant to take over after Abuela passes. Abuela realizes this, too, and when her time is coming, she refuses any of Julieta's food because she's finally ready to meet her Pedro again. She's seen at least two of her great-grandbabies (Dolores' and Mariano's kids) and it's clear that Mirabel, who is 25 at the time (same age as Abuela when she received the miracle) is ready. She holds a ceremony similar to the Gift Ceremony, where she officially hands the candle over to Mirabel, who feels the magic flow through her as the responsibility of the encanto is passed over to her.
When Abuela passes away peacefully in her sleep, Mirabel's room shifts to the one at the center of the house, her name replacing Alma's. The picture of Alma handing the candle to Mirabel is placed among the pictures of the rest of the family at their gift ceremonies and they hang a portrait of Alma next to the portrait of Pedro, because they're finally together.
9. Antonio - honestly, Antonio's room remains a jungle. We see, when he first steps in, that there's a little desk there, so I imagine his bed is just out of view of the camera, but he prefers to sleep in the hammock, surrounded by all of his animal friends. I wouldn't change anything about his room at all.
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bruno-madrigal · 16 hours ago
So, it's canon that the stairs in Bruno's room grew like that as a manifestation of his emotional distance from the family.
I was thinking about it and, the stairs to his door didn't used to be there, at all. (If the picture from 'the little gold book' is canon). The implication being that without even going into his room, the family could see that happening.
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sleazyandplush · a month ago
ok listen listen
Tumblr media Tumblr media
anyone notice how Isabela looks so much like young Alma, right
and AND
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Mariano kinda looks like Pedro, less so but still there's a vibe
all i'm saying is this kinda explains why Abuela Alma was so into the idea of Isabela and Mariano being together
she saw herself and Pedro thru them
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thespidersystim · a month ago
Anyone else thought it was super interesting how casita didn’t actually start breaking until Mirabel was distraught after years of build-up of her emotions. And how every time it got worse, it was because Mirabel was feeling some awful negative emotion. Mirabel’s gift was her connection to the house, I think. I think she has so much more power over la casita than anyone else in the family, and that’s proven when she sets the doorknob and it all comes alive. She wasn’t ruining the magic, the casita was just reacting to her the same way the weather reacts to Pépa.
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✨like tío, like sobrina ✨
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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thisisjustanormalplace · a month ago
Tumblr media
They are so in sync! I feel like this represents how everyone is familiar with one another to the point that they know exactly what to do at any point and time, especially when setting up dinner!
Tumblr media
But then we can see Mira, not part of any of this and off to the side where no one even acknowledges her. This may show that she is not in the sync with everyone else, even though they're supposed to be this large family unit.
Tumblr media
Mira looks down at her bag here, which may mean that she is thinking about how Bruno's vision could be her in into her family's 'sync', so that she can finally be acknowledged and seen for once in her life. To finally have done something of value. Honestly, I feel really bad for Mira in this short scene, mainly because she's left out because she has no gift yet her father and Tio Felix are both in the family sync.
Tumblr media
But then Dolores just places a mug/bowl on the table, just a bit out of sync of everyone else. If you look at the other gifs, she's a little out of sync there too. Also, I looked at the dinner scene and what she placed down isn't there, so I like to think she placed it there just to show that she isn't as in sync with everyone else!
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fra080389-2-me · 2 months ago
"Bruno left us because of you"
I think the biggest (maybe the only one) surprise of the movie for me was learning Bruno actually wasn't disowned or kicked out, but that he willingly went away to protect Mirabel. Sure, he felt he needed to go because people always thought the worse of him and his visions, but still he wasn't literally chased away like we were brought to believe by the spoilers and songs.
The accusation of Alma was rich, but it even means imho she was honestly upset Bruno was gone, and now she finally had someone else to blame for that. Even the fact everybody (beside Camilo) were happy to see him when he show up, I think the family maybe found more easy to be angry with him than to fret about where he was gone and why. We know from Luisa the adults suspected he saw something terrible in the future before to go away, so they maybe just thought Bruno panicked and ran away, leaving the in the dark. That was actually a better reason to be angry than a wedding... more so they actually lived together for years and years after that particular fiasco, (Bruno went away when Maribel was 5 years old, a lot of time after Pepa's wedding) and I doubt they could live together if Pepa was actually thundering every time she saw his brother at lunch. LOL.
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jelsafan0 · a month ago
Just realized I never told anyone this
I don’t think Bruno’s little ritual thing he does is actually necessary to have visions, and I also don’t think it focuses the visions so they’re more solid
I think the clarity of Bruno’s visions is dependent on the clarity of Bruno’s mind, and that the whole process he does with the match and the leaves is purely to help him focus better
I think the sand, on the other hand, is necessary
I can perfectly envision that when Bruno first got his gift, the door to his room swung open and the sand from inside it swirled around him and it was really kind of vague because he was distracted, and there was a 3-hour cleanup afterwards
I also think that’s why it took so long for Isabela to come into focus, because Bruno was so frazzled by the fact that there’s more and he just didn’t see it, he was having trouble focusing
Uhh yeah so
TLDR: I think Bruno’s visions are focused when Bruno himself is focused
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araminakilla20 · a month ago
Encanto theory: The seer and the priest
Something I noticed in "All of You" is that in this scene when Bruno is helping to built Casita, there are two persons who sang about Bruno's predictions in the "We don't talk about Bruno" song.
Tumblr media
Those are the priest who lost his hair and Osvaldo, the guy of the "Not special-special" gift basquet who became fat.
If we look carefuly, the former is the only one of the two who was always following Bruno with his gaze while smiling.
Tumblr media
And then we have this little, silent interaction after Bruno stops to do the chore. He looks back at the priest apparently for validation and...
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
He gets a thumps up! (The quality of these pictures is bad but I saw the movie and the priest indeed gives a "well done" sign to Bruno)
This little interaction could imply many things. One of them is a theory of mine:
It could be that long time ago, Bruno was close or friends with the priest of Encanto. They appear to have similar ages so they could have been childhood friends along with Julieta and Pepa.
Take in consideration that the person who would act as a substitute for a therapist especially in a small latino village would be the local priest.
I imagine that sometimes Bruno would go to visit him for life advices and positive validation, something his mother couldn't give to him.
Someone who could tell him many times that his "gift" is indeed a gift and not a curse. They would talk about good things in hopes that this could inspire Bruno to have good/positives visions.
That could have been one of Bruno's routines in his young adult/adult years and the priest would also enjoy his company (even liking his pet rats)
Until everything went down after Pepa's wedding. That was when people started to see Bruno as a bad omen to the community. Things became worse when he told the priest about the future of his hair. Bruno hoped for the priest to understand that this was only a warning so he could be prepared.
Unfortunately, the latter started to think all the bad visions becoming true were Bruno's doing and thanks to this big misunderstanding, the two stopped to see/talk to each other.
But then the lost Madrigal returned and the bald man seems happy that his old friend was back in town.
It would be interesting if we see those two interact in a future series or short as both mean well and want to help their community but one does it sharing the Lord's teachings and the other sees the future using chaman/pre-colonial rituals.
Tumblr media
Jorge Bruno doing a thumps up.
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peppermint-joys · 17 days ago
Baby Brunito’s eyes are obviously brown (unless of course I’m crazy). However, when he’s an adult they’re green. When babies are little their eyes do have the possibility of changing color however it’s more common for blue to change to green or vice versa. So I’m theorising Bruno’s eye’s became green when he got his gift. The green glow must have altered sort of tainting his natural eye color.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
When he leaves the family and stops using his gift, his door dims as well as his eyes. Which is why they appear brown for much of the movie and more noticeably green after he starts using his gift again. (Or the production team couldn’t decide what his eye color was.)
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never-ending-fanfic · 3 days ago
Isa and Abuela Alma
So obviously Isabela is Abuela's favourite grandkid, it's clear that while she doesn't show her irritation with other grandkids (except Mira, my beloved), she favours Isa. But why?
The easy answer is that Isabela behaves in that perfect manner, always does as she's told and really, who wouldn't want such a kid? However, quoting Pepa's famous:
Tumblr media
Have any of you noticed that Isa looks identical to young Alma?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Same lips, face shape, eyes, ears, hair (not hairstyle), Isa only has slightly thicker eyebrows and smaller nose and her skin is darker. Even in Bruno's vision, when he still had a problem to see who Mirabel was hugging, the person looked like young Alma.
It might have been that Abuela wanted to direct Isa's life like it was her own, if she and Pedro didn't have to leave their house, hence if Pedro lived.
Also notice that while Pepa's side of the family all wears the shades of yellow, oranges and reds (ignore the fact that Antonio's clothes are white here)
Tumblr media
And while Julieta's side of the family dresses in blues and teals, Isabela does not exactly match
Tumblr media
Isabela wears a pastel purple/pink dress and it doesn't exactly match her side of the family, if anything, it matches Abuela's magenta dress more (plus notoce how similar their earrings are)
Tumblr media
And when she finally breaks the spell of forced perfection and gets her dress all dirty and wild in "What Else Can I Do", it turns that deep navy color, that matches her with her family
Tumblr media
Do with this whatever you want
(Side note, notice how Félix's face is all serious in the gif but brightens up with an exited smile when Pepa mentions their wedding day, too cute)
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riot-meme · 23 days ago
Are there limits to the Madrigals' gifts?
Like can Julieta make a salad or sandwich and would it heal? Could she make cheese or butter and would it alone just make someone feel better? Could she heal or prevent cancer? Say she dies but there is still food that she has made around, would that still heal or would the magic leave it the moment she dies?
How much can Luisa actually lift? Like she can lift literal churches, could she actually move a mountain or reasonably hold up the village of Encanto? Is there ever a time where something is physically just too heavy for her?
How much can Dolores hear? Is there a radius? Can she hear beyond the mountains of Encanto? Can she hear just surface level things like people talking, foot steps, and items moving or can she hear e v e r y t h i n g? People breathing, the blood moving within their veins, muscles tensing and loosening? Can she walk outside after a rain and hear the water settling into the earth, worms digging through the soil, the ants marching to their homes, and the magma moving far below the crust?
Can Isabela control the scent and taste or even genetics of her plants with just a flick of her wrist?
Can Camilo only shapeshift into people or could he turn into a bear? Could he turn into people or creatures he hasn't even seen or would he needed to look at them first? He turned into an exaggerated version of Bruno in wdtab but technically he has seen him before, both in real life and in paintings and pictures like the mural in the village.
How far can Bruno see into the future? Has he been able to see technology evolve, wars and natural disasters centuries before they happen? Could lil 10 year old Bruno have gotten too curious and accidentally seen the end of the world and time itself in a vision?
Can Antonio talk to bugs too? Or maybe bacteria or other living organisms. Does it mean he just automatically tames every animal or would some animals still try and attack him like it would any other person?
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mushroom-grey-scale · 18 days ago
What if the gifts of the Madrigal family were more dangerous and not like their Disney version:
Julieta heals anyone with her food. Now, what if her healing factor is equivalent to the golden apples of Norse mythology? She seems to have specific recipes for certain illnesses so why not a recipe for immortality. She is one of the most powerful as her powers ward off death.
Pepa gift is the easiest to see as dangerous. She can destroy the entire city in minutes with a hurricane. But what if it wasn't just the weather she controlled. After all, everything revolves around Pepa's emotions. She doesn't control the weather, she is the weather. Pepa manages to transform her body into the fog at her disposal. Freeze a person with one touch of her finger. Shine as bright as the sun. Never piss her off because that woman is as close to a living goddess as we'll ever get.
Bruno sees the future and all the possible intersections it might have. He looks at a person and sees each one of their actions. But Hernando is the one that has to do all the hard work. Fears nothing, Hernando knows who the traitors will be. The sand doesn't lie after all. His rats will find you.
Dolores hears everything. Not just the whisper you let out at night but the dark thought you've kept in the back of your mind too. She knows, she always knows. Because she hears everything even thoughts.
Isabela can make plants grow. She can create an entire army of vineyards and annihilate anyone who tries to invade her city. Never underestimate the pretty one. She will make roses sprout from your lungs with grace. Her plants are alive and after blood.
Luiza is not only strong she is indestructible. She is Achilles without the ankle. Nothing can stop her, an army, a bomb, not even a natural disaster. She could dive into a volcano and walk away as if she had gone to the pool.
Camilo is a shapeshifter and that's why he's the most dangerous of all. He not only takes the person's form but also their memories and abilities. He alone has all the gifts of his family at his disposal. Except for his Abuela's because she ordered him to never under any circumstances assume her form.
Antonio communicates with animals on a deeper level than we thought. They obey him. He has the gift to tame every single beast that walks on the Earth. The boy is the only one besides Bruno capable of ranking the city into a chaos of rats. Big. Little. doesn't matter Antonio reigns over all non-human beings.
Alma's gift is described as being the matriarch of the family and protector of the candle. But what if her gift was the order. Simply having the ability to boss everyone around while people are forced by magic to obey. Full control over any individual. This keeps her as the head of the family as she is the only one able to control the other gifted and protect the candle by fending off anyone who dares approach with a simple order: Don't come back.
And Maribel... Well, we don't talk about her.
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jokingmaiden · a month ago
encanto crack theories
(in which i don’t actually think they’re intended to be the truth by the writers but i think they’re really funny)
theory one: camilo knew abt bruno
-camilo clearly cares about his family and wants to keep them safe
-he also pretty accurately knows what current day bruno looks like, even if it’s modified to be creepy (we’ll come back to this)
-bruno didn’t want to be found. if camilo discovered him, his family-loving self would probably want to keep him safe. it’s his tio, after all, and estranged family is still family
-camilo makes bruno look scary to try to throw mirabel off his scent (camilo doesn’t know why mirabel’s looking for him, just knows he doesn’t want to be found)
-in the end when camilo is confused/frustrated by bruno’s sudden appearance, it isn’t bc nobody seems to be reacting, but bc he’s like “i put in the effort to keep a secret and this bitch just walks back out like it didn’t matter??”
-ex. “we gonna talk about bruno?” isn’t him acknowledging the return, but basically saying “oh so we’re talking about him now????”
-dolores saying she knew the whole time pisses him off more bc he’s like “who was he even hiding from if y’all just know????????”
-he’s bitter for a week
theory two: casita is the reason for the movie being a musical
-casita is the embodiment of the miracle, like a sentient personification of the gift given to the family. the closer to the house, the stronger the magic, like the candle being the heart and the house being the ribcage wgile the rest of encanto is a body
-therefore, casita has magical influence over the lands, able to alter reality within the bounds of the island(??) for the sake of musicality
-casita is a madrigal. this bitch is definitely dramatic/extravagant as all hell
-they assist the madrigals in turning their musics numbers into magic to add a little spice
-their influence is also what makes all the animals so friendly (they’re especially friendly to antonio bc his gift not only allows communication but makes them like him)
-the animals aren’t just friendly tho; casita offers them an ability to understand english and comprehend life on a human level (and even make them sing like the donkeys in the surface pressure number)
theory three: the family will live to the longest possible extent of their lifespans (especially bruno) bc of julieta
-julieta’s cooking completely heals the body and restores it to perfect health
-eating her food would repeatedly reset the body, thus removing any negative effects of the day whatsoever, including fatigue
-most people only eat her cooking when in need of healing, but the family eats them a pretty decent amount. this probably partially nullifies the effects of aging, oxygen combustion, and other natural processes accelerating the body towards death
-they’re all in pique condition all the time and are healing even the smallest things
-even the family doesn’t eat her arepas all the time, though
-except bruno
-bruno only eats julieta’s leftover healing food, which explains why living with rats and only eating bread never gets him sick and why, at 50, he’s so agile, looks rather young, and is strong enough to bash his head through a sturdy ass magical wall
-bruno will probably have the longest lifespan bc of how long his diet consisted of only magical healing arepas and nothing else
yeah i have no idea what i’m talking about i just really love this movie
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lightmotif139 · 16 days ago
Theory: Pepa pushed the “don’t talk about Bruno” thing because she missed him so much that every time she thought about him she would rain.  She wanted people to not bring him up, so that she could keep the sun shining by not thinking about him.  When people brought him up anyway, she would tell the wedding story as an excuse to be angry rather than sad, because it was a less genuine emotion and so was easier for her to control.
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Hey do you guys think Bruno feels even lonelier and more left out than he already feels when the Madrigals eat outside and he can’t join them behind the little crack?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Like imagine him sitting down, waiting for the family to get together for a meal but no one shows up and he goes “ah… must be a sunny day outside…It’s good that Pepa’s happy!” and just eats alone or doesn’t eat at all because he doesn’t care about the food he just cares about feeling included
Tumblr media
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thisisjustanormalplace · a month ago
Tumblr media
Isabela dances into the scene looking so gosh darn happy and proud of herself, followed by fish girl dancing with a dead fish-
Tumblr media
We then can see Pepa and Felix walking in, also incredibly happy and very much in love! (Love these two---)
Tumblr media
Camilo also struts in; man is playing just dance with those moves like---- But we see Isabela again, now with a sad expression while saying 'I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine'. This is the first shot we get of Isabela being sad by something and honestly it goes under your nose if you don't make a gif of it!
Tumblr media
And Luisa is our last to walk in sad and honestly looks like she's about to cry (or she may be crying already). But it can also be seen that dead fish lady has been replaced by Dolores. Also, she is visually distraught like Luisa and Isabela but again, it's a blink and you miss it moment. And she shares Isa's line of 'I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine'. This is a quick nod, or note if you would, to show us about their swapped feelings with Mariano.
Gosh, I platonically love all the madrigals <3
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fra080389-2-me · 2 months ago
Even if the movie had various funny scenes, I actually cracked a laugh only in two scenes.
The first scene is when Bruno says: "If I see something you don't like, you will say: Bruno makes bad things to happen, he's creepy and his visions killed my goldfish".
That exposes egregiously the backhanded still blatant ridiculousness of the way which characters was talking about him in the "misleading" song: "We don't talk about Bruno". They even put that goldfish woman in the last part of the song where otherwise only family members are gravitating around Mirabel, just to be sure to enforce the ridiculous of the thing.
The second scene is when Bruno arrived at horse to "stop" Abuela who (he thought) was scolding Mirabel.
He is just too funny. 😂
About the first scene, it's interesting to note he is implying people ASKED him to look in the future, just to become upset because he saw bad news. In fact, when Abuela asked him to look in the future in the flashback, Bruno looked reticent, as if he already stopped to use his gift at that point (in consideration of people's reaction to it or simply because they stopped to ask him for visions).
Considering he had visions about Isabela and Dolores' futures, but not about Camilo, my idea is he already stopped to use his gift before of Camilo's fifth birthday. My theory: the day a Madrigal child received a new gift, initially the ceremony included to have Bruno looking in the future of the birthday girl/boy. The vision about Isabela was positive, so they were inspired to ask one for Dolores too... but when Bruno saw such a sad outcome for her, they decided to stop to do that. So that could be the reason because Camilo didn't mention a vision about himself and Bruno was reticent to use his gift again in the flashback.
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