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More Madrigal Triplets Headcannons
I would love to see someone draw some of these. Just tag me if you do.
The triplets can feel some of the effects of each other’s powers. When Pepa’s raining or snowing her siblings feel a little cold. When Julieta’s food heals someone her siblings feel warm. When Bruno has a vision his siblings feel pressure right behind their eyes.
When it hails, Pepa is extremely happy. No one knows why hail is the effect but she loves it.
Whenever Julieta and Pepa would argue when they were young it would stress Bruno out. He’d have visions just to make sure they were gonna make up. He’d try to speed up the process of them healing but never connected that he was “changing” the future in a sense by helping them get along.
Pepa became interested in make-up first. She practiced a lot on her siblings. It always relaxed Bruno the most to have her put it on him. It became a big way for them to bond when they were teens.
Julieta learned how to do her make-up but she still asks Pepa to do it for her if she misses her and they haven’t had the chance to catch up in a while. Their children have seen how serene it is for them and usually don’t interrupt. Sometimes Julieta tells Pepa her hands are too tired to do it herself.
Bruno has always liked to hold hands with the people he loves. He likes to give Julieta hand massages when she’s been in the kitchen for too long.
The triplets used to all three get sick if Pepa was having a bad week. They’d all curl up under her rain cloud to comfort her. Julieta would heal them each night before bed but the next day they’d end up feeling sick again from all falling asleep in Pepa’s room.
Alma taught them all how to sew. Bruno insisted he learn too. She didn’t argue since he was so willing. He’s not very good at it but he knows how it works. His hands just won’t do what his brain tells him is right.
Sometimes Bruno likes to tease his sisters by saying he doesn’t want to be in the middle anymore. It never works because he always ends up giggling at their expressions when he protests.
Julieta and Bruno figured out early on that when Pepa’s lip quivers she’s about to cry and then rain. Julieta offers a hand on her shoulder and Bruno will hold her hand and they both squeeze.
After Bruno comes back they all set aside time each day just for the three of them. It gives Julieta a break from the kitchen, Pepa has time to express her emotions, and Bruno gets to feel all the affection he missed over the last ten years.
Pepa walks faster than her siblings because she’s the tallest. When she gets too far ahead she stops in the middle of the walkway and holds her hands out. Her siblings run up and grab her hands. This may or may not have almost gotten her trampled by a horse.
One time Pepa and Julieta got into a fight and then a shoving match. Julieta refused to heal the scrape on Pepa’s arm because she was still upset. Pepa kept tossing snowballs at Julieta. Bruno stayed out of that one. The fight had been over the last cup of coffee and he ended up drinking it while they argued. (You can decide if they’re young when this happens or if they’re 50. It’s funnier if they’re 50.)
When Pepa sees her siblings cry she cries. She often needs help calming down after comforting her siblings. She feels things very deeply and she’s an empath. She can’t just switch from an extreme feeling to contentment without a little help.
The triplets will always cover for each other. Pepa had a hickey once and Julieta instantly made food to heal it so Alma wouldn’t see. It was the middle of the night but she did it anyway.
Sometimes Pepa wakes up swinging. She says it because she fought so much with her siblings in the womb. Clearly she won since she’s the tallest.
Bruno had a good two years of being taller than Pepa until she hit a growth spurt and he just never caught up.
Pepa used to have insecurities about being the tallest until Bruno kept telling her how cool it was. She got really confident in her height when she met Felix and he never noticed her height as being a problem.
Sometimes Pepa trips over Bruno.
Julieta: How’d you trip over him?
Pepa: He’s really small.
Bruno: In her defense I was laying on the floor.
Waking Pepa up is always a dangerous game. You never know what you’re gonna be facing. Could be a small cloud over her. It could be some thunder from her annoyance. She could even create some snow and hit you with a snowball.
Sometimes Pepa’s rain leaves puddles of water and Julieta slips on them the most. She’s never paying attention to the ground when she’s working. Casita usually stops her from falling.
Alma taught them how to play guitar. She picked it up from Pedro when they were young. Pepa is more drawn to the guitar than her siblings. Julieta loves piano because of Augustin. Bruno would rather rap with his rats.
Julieta and Pepa have walked in on Bruno having and hosting rap battles with his rats on more than one occasion.
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Triplets of Encanto Book 1: Pepa Madrigal
Chapter 2: The Size of a Dime
before the 3rd generation of Madrigals were navigating the world, their parents dealt with their own struggles. so let’s go back a couple decades and see what life was like for them.
Everyone’s worried Pepa can’t keep her emotions in check, including her, but what happens when her cloud acts out of turn, and their concern turns into fear?
Word Count: 3, 502
Tw: mention of burn injury (idk if that’s a trigger but might as well just in case)
First Part, Next Part
a/n: AH sry this is a whole week late hope the word count will make up for it, anyways hope you like this chapter :)
Tumblr media
Every time their birthday came around, each of the Madrigal triplets had a separate party.
Even though they insisted they’d be fine if they were all celebrated at once, Alma insisted on it, proclaiming that each one of her little amors deserved their spotlights.
Each year they’d take them celebrating their actual birthday, and this year it was Pepa’s turn.
The three of them were turning fifteen, and now the time had come for Pepa’s celebration, right on her birthday.
She’d swapped with Bruno the year before because their birthday fell on a super moon night that year and he’d always been into astrological events, so she let him have it.
Pepa had grown into a nice young woman. Her eyebrows were perfectly defined and her hair resembled that of Aphrodite’s in the Birth of Aphrodite.
She would have been textbook pretty if not for the noticeable gap between her teeth. But despite this, none could deny that she was one of the most beautiful girls in all of Encanto.
But with her growing up came concerns, specifically concerns about her emotions.
Whispers and mutterings were shared about all the possibilities of what might happen when her ‘teenage emotions’ took control of her.
People prepared for funky weather, especially the farmers who would adjust their planting to whatever Pepa Madrigal happened to be feeling.
At times she’d hear them blame her for it. Like she asked for any of this. Her gift was fun but only when she was alone or just with Juli and Bruno.
But other times of course she was amazing because her crying brought them out of a dry spell.
They were all concerned about what she was feeling in the worst ways possible.
Even though the Madrigals were the sort of head family of the village, their birthday parties were usually private.
But since this year their birthday fell upon the final day of harvest, which they usually had a celebration on anyways, it was public this time.
That’s where she heard most of the rumors spread about her.
Often she’d have moments where she felt a strong emotion and silently panicked until it went away, no need to repeat the fiasco that went down at her gift ceremony.
Pepa stepped away from the crowd and stood off to the side, half hazardously gazing up at the mountains that surrounded the Encanto.
The summer air was one of her comforts. Sometimes just standing there and letting it wash over her was enough for her to be ok.
She turned to see Julieta running up to her and a smile immediately graced her face.
“Did you try the pound cake Carlos brought?” Julieta laughed when Pepa shook her head, “you have to! It's amazing! But you better get over there, Bruno’s already eaten like half of it.”
Running off with Julieta towards this supposedly amazing pound cake, Pepa forgot about whatever was troubling her.
Her siblings were her main outlet. Whether it was picking flowers with Juli or drawing pictures with Brunito she loved them both to death.
But then came time for the singing.
Pepa had grown to hate the birthday song, or at least when it was being sung to her. All that attention wasn’t something she enjoyed.
Of course, she used to love it, but that was back when she didn’t have to wonder why people were staring at her, whether they were laughing with her or at her.
Seated at the head of the table, she simply panned around at all the singing guests, hoping whatever expression she wore on her face was pleasant and didn’t seem forced.
The thought that it would all end soon was the thought that kept her going, and the constant reminders that her siblings had her back helped too.
That night, when the three of them were supposed to be sleeping, they all met up in the nursery to talk before bed, as they usually did.
The nursery was where they’d all stayed before they’d gotten their gifts and rooms along with them.
What started as a barren green room, now had writings and drawing covering the walls.
Pepa often focused on a part of it they’d all contributed to when they were around 8.
She’d written, ‘Pepa was here’, in big yellow letters, and Julieta had added, ‘you live here idiot’ in blue. And of course, ever the peacemaker, Bruno had written in his favorite pink marker, ‘I love you guys and they’d added hearts all around it.
“I think this year went well,” Bruno was lying on the floor parallel to the two of them when he looked up and noticed Pepa’s face, “honest!”
“It may have looked that way,” Pepa shook her head, “but I had so many close calls.”
“No one could even tell,” Julieta spoke in a soft tone, sitting behind Pepa as she braided her hair, “besides, even if you let a few clouds, who would care?”
“Everyone would Juli!” Pepa sighed, “everyone except you two. And it would’ve been a big disaster.”
Julieta and Bruno shared a look.
“Do you want comfort or advice, Pepi?” Bruno asked.
“Advice,” while comfort would be nice, it wouldn't have helped her in the long run. She just wanted a solution. A way to not feel so much. Or at least as deeply as she did.
“Well,” Julieta began, “I don’t know how to suppress your emotions, but I’d recommend whenever you’re feeling something harsh, you try and remind yourself of something not so harsh. Maybe a favorite food, flower, etc. And if that doesn’t work, step aside and take a minute or two to let it all out.”
She’d always been the best at giving advice, and her reputation remained accurate.
“Step aside and let it all out,” Pepa repeated the words quietly to herself. That sounded good. She could do that.
“Have I ever told you guys you’re the best?” Pepa grinned at the two of them.
Bruno faked embarrassment, “Oh stop it.”
“I’m sure you have,” Juli nudged her, “but I’m always open to hearing it again.”
Pepa laughed.
She’d be sure to try out Juli’s advice when the time came, and she was almost certain it’d come soon.
And sure enough, it did.
A couple of days after the party, the three of them had lessons in the school building near the center of town.
Bruno and Julieta usually stuck with Pepa anyways as they had most of their classes together, but they were sure to be especially attentive to her.
Pepa thankfully didn’t hear anything people were saying about her, because she was sure they were talking, but she still did get people staring at her cloud.
She already felt insecure as is just being a teenage girl, she didn’t like having to worry about her emotions being on display.
Trying her best to ignore it, she hugged Julieta and kissed Bruno on the cheek as they left for the only class they didn’t have together.
“Pepi!” Bruno pulled away, “not right now.”
“Oh! Suddenly shy of kisses are you?” Pepa accused, wearing an offended look on her face, “I'll see about that!”
She grabbed his face and started covering one side of it in little pecks, and soon Juli took on the other side.
“Stop! People are gonna start staring! You’re making a scene!” Bruno tried to sound stern, but they both could hear the playfulness in his voice.
“Now we should go,” Juli looked at the two of them, “don’t want to be late.”
Bruno and Pepa both nodded, and with that, they were off.
Pepa simply had to round the corner to get to her class.
Sitting down in her usual spot and pulling out her, she’d grown used to the subtle shadow that her cloud cast. She didn’t always have one, a cloud that is, but today when she was constantly feeling gloomy as ever, she’d had one consistently.
“Surprised you didn’t explode yesterday, Madrigal,” some girl Pepa didn’t care to look at remarked, “I even remembered to bring my umbrella this time, just in case.”
Focusing all her attention on her textbook, Pepa drowned everyone else out until the teacher walked in and class officially started.
Pepa liked her teacher, she was good at teaching and always seemed to have good intentions, but Pepa admitted that at times she could be somewhat ignorant to things happening in her classroom.
Including when a couple of kids decided to start throwing crumpled balls of paper at Pepa.
She couldn’t see who was doing it, because she sat in the second row near the center of the classroom. And of course, it wasn't anyone in the first row, that’s where all the goodie goodies sat.
Pepa took in a sharp breath after the next piece of paper hit her back, and tried to imagine something that would calm her down before she did something she’d regret.
“Clear skies, clear skies,” she mumbled under her breath and her eyes followed the words her teacher was writing on the board.
“Alright class,” the teacher glanced at the time before looking back at the class, “it’s quiet hour, but this time I will step out to finish a few things. The same rules apply.”
And with that Pepa was left alone in a classroom of people who just loved to tease her.
Trying to make the best of the situation, she pulled out her textbook.
At least then she’d have something to focus on when they bugged her.
But then instead of people throwing things at her, they started whispering.
“Imagine if she killed all the crops just because she was having a bad day.”
“At least I can control my emotions.”
“Literally why can’t she just calm down.”
Her cloud growing just seemed to encourage them all.
“Hey Reina del drama!” this girl however wasn’t whispering, and Pepa couldn’t help but listen, “does it rain blood when you get your period?”
Whipping around, Pepa glared daggers at her.
“How dare you say such a thing!” She started yelling. How was she expected to just ‘stay calm’ while every one of her classmates was doing their best to make sure she couldn’t?
Pepa was thundering, and it wasn’t like she hadn’t thundered before, but soon her cloud would act out of turn.
Sometimes her cloud seemed to be a separate entity, something that she couldn’t control.
And what it did would change everyone’s perspective on her. From now on, people wouldn’t simply tease Pepa Madrigal, they would fear her.
In her rage, a lightning bolt rained down and struck a boy on the arm. The teacher’s son.
Guilt was the only thing Pepa felt.
He hasn’t even been involved. He hasn’t even been teasing her or being mean to her, yet he got hurt anyway.
“I’m sorry, sorry, I didn’t mean to,” she started rapidly apologizing. In her eyes, the wound looked massive, in all actuality it was just a small mark the size of a dime.
But Pepa wasn’t just gonna let that slide. And neither were the other students that witnessed it. Except for the boy, he didn’t look upset.
When the teacher came back, the other students weren’t shy to exaggerate the tale, and Pepa believed everything they said, despite knowing deep down they weren’t true.
Up until then, she’d thought of her gift as harmless, annoying but harmless.
Punishment was inevitable, and eventually, she found herself in an empty classroom.
The Encanto always seemed filled with the warmth of home, as if everywhere you went there was some sort of familiarity that would never leave you.
But in that room, Pepa felt no familiarity. It was cold, like harsh rain blown into your face like sharp winds. And her constant coughing due to the chalk dust didn’t help.
She’d been made to write lines on the chalkboard,
specifically ‘I will not thunder’.
She had to get better at suppressing her feelings and learn to shrink her clouds. She couldn’t let something like this ever happen again.
Drowning in her thoughts, the sudden call of her name pulled her out of it.
“Pepa!” Julieta ran into the room, Bruno holding onto her arm, both of their faces were filled with concern.
Had the school day already ended?
She’d lost track of time.
“Dios Mio,” Julieta put her hands on her mouth when she looked at the countless lines on the wall, all written by Pepa, “how could they?”
“How dare they,” Bruno’s wasn’t usually angry, and if he was he didn’t show it on his face. But it was always clear to everyone that he was.
Pepa had been trying to keep it together, but now that she was with her siblings she broke down.
Running into Juli’s arms, Pepa started explaining everything, including the story about how she electrocuted that boy, which at that point was more of a fairy tale.
Thankfully, Julieta had heard the story in the halls and knew it wasn’t as awful as Pepa claimed it was.
“How could she do this to you?” Julieta muttered to herself, “we have to tell mom.”
“She’ll just get angry! Please don’t,” Pepa pleaded with her.
“I’ll tell her,” Bruno spoke up, and Pepa nodded. Pepa knew he had a way of saying things that got their mother to feel for him, even if he wasn’t talking about himself. And Bruno knew that the story wasn’t that bad, so he wouldn’t even need to be convincing.
Wiping her eyes, Pepa breathed in deep, “I’ll be ok, we can just go home.”
Julieta just nodded, pulling her eyes away from the wall.
The two of them went to leave but Bruno put his hand on Pepa’s shoulder.
“I won’t stand for this,” he shook his head, “who did this to you?”
“Bruno, no one did,” Pepa’s voice was cracking with guilt, “I’m the one that messed up.”
She starts going on again about how awful of a person she’d been.
Bruno once again shook his head, “No, no,” he pushed past them out into the hall, muttering to himself as he did.
Sharing a worried glance the two sisters followed him.
The other students were lingering in the halls, not seeming to notice when Bruno went to stand among them.
Pepa and Julieta were both worried he was going to lash out. Bruno was usually slow to anger, but once he was pushed far enough there was no telling what he would do.
“Hey!” Bruno waited for them all to quiet down, before sticking his arm out towards a blond girl, “you!”
Pepa recognized her to be a friend of the girl who’d made the blood rain comment towards her.
Just as casually as he would’ve asked one of them to pass the salt, he said, “I had a vision, and you’re going to die in two days.”
It was a quiet few seconds before subtle panic broke out.
“Come on,” Bruno motioned to his sister as he walked to the door.
Pepa knew she should’ve scolded him like Julieta eventually did, but she couldn’t help but find it funny.
“Thanks, Bruno,” she kissed his cheek. She knew they’d never mess with her again.
Soon enough Julieta laughed, “I have to admit it was quite brave of you of our little Brunito.”
“Stop!” Bruno always got defensive about being the shortest of the three of them.
When the three of them reached home, Bruno kept his word and was the one to tell Alma about what had happened, while Pepa stood with Julieta listening in on the conversation.
It was safe to say within five minutes Alma was marching down to the school to have a word with that teacher, dragging Pepa along with her.
Pepa would have enjoyed laughing about it all outside the school while her mother spoke to her teacher, but Alma had instructed Bruno and Julieta to stay home.
So there Pepa was sitting outside alone, crouched down in the dirt.
She made a small rain cloud and drew pictures in the mud it made.
How would the teacher even react to that?
She'd probably be targeted in class for this if it went awfully. Pepa loved her mom, but sometimes she was a bit, well, fiery.
Guess she knew where Bruno got it from.
After drawing a very accurate stick figure portrait of her family, a shadow was cast over her work.
She ignored it, chalking it up to just her cloud enlarging or shrinking or whatever it felt like doing.
“I’m sorry about what happened in class today.”
Pepa looked up to see the boy. The same one she’d burned in class.
He was short, shorter than Pepa at least, with black tightly curled hair, light brown streaks running through because of his time spent in the sun. His clear dark skin also reflected that.
Pepa always noticed how mischievous he looked no matter what he was doing.
She’d spoken to him a few times when they were younger, they were on a soccer team together once when they were 6, but that’s all she could recall.
Her face became paler than it usually was, and she shook her head, “It was my fault,” she tried to keep her words sparse. Not wanting her cloud to go wild again.
She couldn’t help but glance down at the burn she’d left on his stem before she turned back to her mud.
“It wasn’t,” he leaned his shoulder against the schoolhouse, looking down at her, “Maria shouldn’t have said that to you, and I shouldn’t have stayed silent.”
Pepa was taking her turn now to stay silent.
“I get it if you don’t want to talk to me,” he sighed, “but I really am sorry.”
It was quiet for a while, neither of them talking, the only sounds being whatever noises the mud made as Pepa painted circles in it.
After a while, she looked up at him and nodded, still not saying anything.
He returned it, though a bit awkwardly, as if he’d gotten used to the silence.
Then without another word, he turned and walked away.
She was stunned out of her thoughts, not being able to help her habit of overthinking every interaction she had with anyone.
It was Bruno.
He ran up to her, though his eyes were trailing after Felix.
“Why are you here?” Pepa didn’t mean for it to sound as mean as it did, “didn’t mom tell you to stay at home?”
“Well yeah,” Bruno shifted a bit, “but I wanted to make sure you were alright.”
She smiled at his efforts, “I’m fine.”
He gave her a look.
“Really, I am,” she stood and put her hands on his shoulders, “I’m fine.”
He seemed satisfied with that answer, and moved on to another topic.
Furrowing his brows he asked, “Why was Felix talking to you?”
She was about to ask how he knew his name, but Bruno knew practically everyone.
“Oh,” Pepa had almost forgotten, “he was just apologizing for earlier.”
“Was he the one that made that comment about you?” Bruno looked like he wanted to run after him.
“No, no!” She laughed at his suspicion, “it was some other girl, apparently named Maria. He’s the boy I burned.”
“Not surprised,” he scoffed, “still weird he came to talk to you. Glad he left.” He started looking in the direction he had gone, a glare forming on his face.
Pepa sensed his tone of voice, and a small smile formed on the corners of her mouth, “Bruno, are you getting protective?”
Bruno quickly looked back at her, “Of course not, I was just worried some boy was messing with my sister.”
She still didn’t believe him and it showed on her face.
“Really! I’m not,” Bruno crossed his arms.
“Alright then,” she still wasn’t convinced but let it go, “head back to casita before mom catches you, Vamo, vamo, vamo!”
He did as she said, and soon enough Alma came ‘round the corner to fetch Pepa, and they headed home.
“He really stood there with you all that time!” Julieta was in shock.
Once again the three of them had met up in the nursery, recounting the day's events, and Pepa had been telling Julieta about Felix. If there even was enough to say for it to be considered telling about.
Nonetheless, Julieta was interested, and Bruno was rolling his eyes.
“They barely even spoke!” He was once again sprawled out on the floor.
“That’s the good part,” Julieta had started obsessing like a mother, “he waited there for her, and didn’t push her at all to speak, it was so subtly perfect.”
“Wasn’t it?” Pepa has to admit she’d thought it was sweet.
“It wasn’t.”
“Bruno!” Julieta kicked him, and the two got into a friendly argument, while Pepa sat there, thinking.
Of course, this was all nice to think about, but she didn’t need anyone else to think about.
Anyone else to feel for.
She was probably thinking too far into it.
Bruno was right, it wasn’t that big of a deal.
Surely it wasn’t.
Yay! Enter Felix :D I love him sm isnfjdbdb but yeah I was looking for a way to add him into the mix and I thought this would be a cool way especially since I love the idea of Pepa and Felix being childhood sweethearts
Anyways yeah that’s all for this week the next one will come out sooner 😭
Have a nice day and night !! ⛈
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✨like tío, like sobrina ✨
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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majodump · 23 days ago
I need more content with the madrigal triplets
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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danicloth · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
Aww siblings love 💞... I loved that part of the movie TwT ✨
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Original audio for this
I got inspired by this tiktok and this comic (go check them out, they are great)
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encanto-side-blog · 20 days ago
Ok I know no one asked but…
What if the reason Pepa was so antagonistic towards Bruno was because they use to be the closest siblings and she was hurt after he left? This would explain why she doesn’t want to talk about him or why she doesn’t want others to mention him.
She then makes it seem like her anger about him was because he “ruined” her wedding but in actuality she is just hurt and confused as to why he would leave without saying anything?
Cause Julieta looks like she’d be the responsible motherly type and especially with Alma’s obsession with making her kids “useful to the community”, I can imagine that she was probably always too busy with cooking healing food to play with her siblings.
So at home it’ll usually just Pepa and Bruno together, whose gifts are less “practical” and also not as easy or possible to control.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You can see how quickly she rushed over to hug him.
And how Bruno puts up his palm in a 👋 motion not expecting a full on hug. They’re so cute.
Tumblr media
Speaking of Pepa, imagine having your emotions broadcasts 24/7. She can’t even turn it off. At least Bruno can just choose to stop using his gift. And her “gift” manifests in such a physical way that any negative feelings causes inconvenience if not downright danger to herself and those around her.
Just look at the bags under her eyes. Imagine having to bottle up your emotions 24/7 and every time you show even the slightest upset or worry people are telling you to “just stop feeling those feelings, it’s making us uncomfortable”. Every time she has any sort of emotion, it’s not “Pepa, what’s wrong?“ but instead, “Pepa, the cloud”.
Bruno telling Pepa he loves her for how she is and that she shouldn’t have to bottle it up made my heart turn to mush with love.
Anyway I just thought it was fun to think about.
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4swearitsight · 14 days ago
I see everyone’s wholesome encanto triplets headcanons and raise you: Bruno and Pepa would throw hands with eachother at the smallest inconvenience as kids. Julieta would play peacekeeper until one of them pissed her off, which sent them both running for dear life. Bruno was faster then Pepa, and she hated him for it. If Julieta accidentally hurt either of them, she would do the big sister thing of SHH SHH DONT TELL MAMA and forcefeed them food to hide the evidence. Casita would snitch every time.
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random-cryptid · 5 days ago
My Encanto Headcanons!
(Mostly about the triplets cause they’re living in my mind rent free. I’ll be adding more when I came up with them.)
Julieta’s hands are worn out and full of scars and burns from cooking, not because she doesn’t want to heal herself but because she doesn’t have time to stop and do so (as a professional baker I say this from experience), and when she has time, she’s way too tired to eat anything.
Also because Agustín sometimes is the one that heals her the “non gift” way. She’s not gonna say no to her man, in fact she finds it cute.
When Pepa blushes she creates fog. The more embarrassed she is, the more fog she produces.
Julieta is one of her main sources of embarrassment. She will squeeze Pepa’s face and call her every single pet name related to the weather (“mi sol, my sunshine, my little ray of sun, my summer rain!”) she can think of.
Julieta LOVES embarrassing her loved ones by showing them how much she loves them (the kitchen scene). Sometimes unintentionally, but mostly intentionally when it’s her siblings.
Thing is that it has the same effect for her. Most of the time Alma or Agustín would to the same to her and she will get full red and cover her face. Cue to Pepa laughing in the back while Bruno smiles.
Félix calls Agustín “Agus”.
The triplets would do slumber parties when they were kids, and now that Bruno is back and have more time for themselves, they’re starting to do them again… husbands included.
“If any of you kisses I’m throwing myself off my tower”. He says it jokingly but he also means it.
Pepa’s room either looks like the disney version of the Mount Olympus (basically made of clouds) or like that one valley with the little cottage from Howl’s Moving Castle. Basically an open space to let her feelings set loose without hurting anyone.
Julieta’s room probably looks like a lab, so she can experiment with different recipes (women in stem 😃👍🏻).
After the film timeline she started hanging out with her girls and niblings. She would teach Isa about plants and their properties while Isa would teach her about exotic plants. They would sit and paint the flowers they discover.
When she was a kid, Dolores would feel overwhelmed by the sounds, so Pepa would sit beside her without saying a word and lend Dolores her hands so she would have something else to focus on. Dolores would do the same if her mom is feeling anxious.
On an attempt to spend more time with her children and grandchildren, Alma starts hanging out with them.
Thanks to Antonio being the mediator, she ended up befriending the butterflies. Toñito would explain and show her the different types of butterflies that exist.
Bc of that, sometimes Alma would go out to the streets while being followed by several butterflies. The townsfolk would look at her in awe, for it’s definitely an angelic view.
Alma would talk about her life to the butterflies, but mostly about her children. This lead to the butterflies posing on the triplets at random times. If Toñito is around he would say “they like you! Abuela talks a lot about you!”. Julieta would be so honoured, while Bruno would be like ☺️ and Pepa would be on the verge of crying. They didn’t expect her mom to talk about how much she appreciates her family and even less her children. Pepa would rush to hug her mom.
When they were teens, Julieta would pass out in the kitchen from exhaustion, so Pepa would always check on her and carry her to her room while Bruno would be following behind.
Agustín and Julieta declared to each other at the same time. It was early in the morning, and Pepa and Bruno were looking from a distance. Needless to say that morning a rainbow painted the encanto’s sky.
Julieta’s hair started greying prematurely, around her mid 20s.
Julieta's love language is words of affirmation, Pepa's is physical touch and Bruno's is quality time.
Felix's love language is also physical touch and Agustín's is acts of service (even though y'know... He's accident prone. He's trying his best alright?)
Alma's is quality time, always has been, but the trauma she was carrying made her unable to actually do so. That's why she tried to compensate it by hanging out with everyone in the family.
She even made a schedule so she won't leave anyone behind. And yes, it does include Felix and Agustín too. If they have to do any chores, she'll help them out in any way she can. If not, she just chills with whoever she's hanging out with (see the butterfly headcanon from above).
Agustín would play the piano for her and Alma would sing along. Surprisingly, she has a really good singing voice.
So does Julieta.
Julieta would sometimes start singing while cooking and if Agustín is passing by, he will just stay on the doorframe until she notices.
Needless to say, she gets really embarrassed when someone hears her sing.
Alma used to sing lullabies to her children when they were kids (I believe that Dos Orugitas is, in fact, a song that exists within the Encanto universe. I mean that this is one of the lullabies Alma would sing to her children).
Julieta would also sing this song to her kids and her sister's kids when they had trouble sleeping. She has a really soft and soothing voice so it definitely works wonders.
The years prior Mirabel's ceremony, Isabela, Luisa and Mirabel would go to sleep to Julieta's room, so you would see them (Agustín included) all sleeping together in the same bed, cuddled up.
Agustín sticks out his tongue when he's concentrated, so sometimes you will see him playing the piano and going >:b. Same with Mirabel.
Feel free to draw (or write) any of these if you want, and if you do, please tag me!!! I would love to see it!
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amoalasmadrigals · 19 days ago
*The triplets is getting into the car*
Julietta: I’m driving.
Pepa, out of view: Shotgun!
Bruno, turning to face Pepa: Aww! But you had it on the way here-
Everyone except Pepa: WOAH-
Pepa, holding a shotgun: No! I found a shotgun! And I want the front seat! *Pumps gun*
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esmiblood90irisglimmer · 26 days ago
Headcanons Encanto Pt 1
Pepa: *Seeing Bruno dressing his rats up*
Bruno: *Heavily distracted and focus on tonight telenovela*
Pepa: *smirk mischievously* Pussy!!!
Bruno: *glaring at Pepa* I will knock your ass out
Pepa: *giggling a bit*
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Madrigal Headcannons if they were in 2022
I couldn’t shake the idea of them with Tiktok and social media
Isabela and Camilo do Tiktok dances together. They spend hours doing it and laugh whenever Camilo shape shifts into another family member to do a dance. Cause like… how else would they ever see Tia Juieta twerk??
Mirabel taught Julieta how to do TikToks and she blew up sharing recipes and giving advice. She has similar content to Tabitha Brown. Everyone loves her.
Bruno is always walking around mumbling Tiktok sounds. He spent weeks going “That’s a big word for Elmo”
Isabela listens to Doja Cat. She probably listens to Ariana Grande too.
Luisa’s workout playlist is the best.
Antonio only quotes Tiktoks he hears from his siblings and cousins. Mirabel sometimes posts him on her page giving animal facts.
Luisa likes to vlog. She doesn’t do it every day but she tries to put a video out every week.
Bruno has an old boom box from the 90s to perform his rat rap battles. Camilo keeps trying to tell him to just use his phone but Bruno likes the authenticity of the boom box.
Isabela wanted to shave her head for a while but they were afraid she’d kill Abuela if she did.
Mirabel has the led lights in her room. She changes the color to reflect her mood.
Mirabel sends Abuela Tiktoks just to make her laugh. Abuela only knows how to watch them if Mirabel sends them to her. She thinks it’s sweet that Mirabel only sends her stuff she’ll like.
Isabela and Camilo are both on gay Tiktok.
Everyone knows when Pepa is stuck in a Tiktok rabbit hole because she laughs so hard it rains and sometimes hard enough to stir up some wind.
Isabela and Camilo can’t drive. It’s the rules. They’re gay.
Felix never drives. He’ll ask Pepa to go somewhere with him and then toss her the keys. She complains every time but she’s always happy to be spending time with him.
Everyone loves when Abuela uses her record player. There’s one song she loves just because the record skips every time. (If you know you know)
Antonio likes to watch nature docs all the time.
Camilo and Bruno watch Cocomelon with Luisa to unwind.
Isabela is convinced she invented iced coffee when she was seven. Pepa is the only one to support this theory. It only happened because Pepa was hailing and some of the ice landed in Isabela’s mug.
Luisa and Agustin like to watch animal videos. They cry all the time.
Abuela plays coloring games on her phone. So does Bruno. They bond over sharing pictures they’ve done.
Felix has a secret SoundCloud. Pepa knows but she’s sworn to secrecy…Julieta and Bruno are also sworn to secrecy. Dolores is also sworn to secrecy.
The triplets discovered Snapchat filters and spend hours taking selfies. It’s really cute. Sometimes they get them printed to hang up in their rooms or to go in photo albums.
Isabela’s lockscreen is herself. Queen shit.
Luisa likes to watch cartoons with Antonio and the animals.
Bruno plays Minecraft.
All of the cousins love animal crossing. They trade turnips and stuff all the time.
Sometimes family game nights are on the switch or the bust out the Wii.
Antonio plays Roblox.
The whole family did a murder mystery once. Agustin and Dolores planned the whole thing. Everyone got really into it.
They like to race go karts and are extremely competitive.
Pepa likes Megan Thee Stallion.
Dolores hates that her Mami knows all the words to Wap.
When Bruno was away Julieta used to watch home videos on their birthday. It made her cry every single time. She was afraid to watch them with Pepa because she knew Pepa would get angry just from the hurt she felt.
Mirabel loves YouTube tutorials. So does Agustin.
Luisa is scared of roller coasters but she’ll go on if Mirabel holds her hand.
Isabela definitely dyed her hair with the money pieces in the front. They were pink first then eventually green.
Pepa likes to embarrass Julieta by telling her kids she had an undercut once. Julieta will always deny it.
The triplets have a group chat. It’s called
“PB&J 🥜🧈🍇”
Pepa got called a milf once and asked Isabela what it meant. Dolores was screaming the entire time. Julieta knew what it meant but she wanted to watch it all go down.
Pepa isn’t allowed to watch Titanic.
Antonio ordered a bunch of toys and treats for his animals on Amazon and got his iPad taken away.
Camilo is more of an iPad kid than Antonio.
Luisa writes fanfiction. She’s really popular online.
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aspenluvsbirds · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
I like to think that there was a bit of a fuss when Bruno befriended his very first rat 🐀🐀🐀
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Hey do you guys think Bruno feels even lonelier and more left out than he already feels when the Madrigals eat outside and he can’t join them behind the little crack?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Like imagine him sitting down, waiting for the family to get together for a meal but no one shows up and he goes “ah… must be a sunny day outside…It’s good that Pepa’s happy!” and just eats alone or doesn’t eat at all because he doesn’t care about the food he just cares about feeling included
Tumblr media
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blandsashimi · 19 days ago
Madrigal Triplets HCs: Where do they love to kiss you the most?
Tumblr media
Pairings: Encanto Triplets x Reader (gender neutral)
Warnings: Small warning for Pepa's headcanon b/c it's slightly suggestive. Also just fluff. Pure fluff.
Author's Note: I haven't written in awhile but watching Encanto has made me want to jump back into writing so go a little easy on me! This isn't beta read or heavily edited so excuse any typos. Enjoy! :D
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Julieta Madrigal -
She loves to kiss your forehead.
Julieta likes to embrace you after a long day. She loves softly grabbing the sides of your face to pull you into her so she can sprinkle little kisses across your face.
But what she loves the most is to gently kiss your forehead, she’ll brush any hair out of your face if there’s any in the way with her soft hands.
She loves looking at the way you look at her when she’s holding your face, it makes her melt.
She thinks forehead kisses are the most comforting to you, so when you’re having a difficult day she tends be more generous with her affection.
“Having a bad day?”
“Anything I can do to make you feel better, mi amor?”
She just gently smiles at you and signals you to come over to her with her arms, which you do. That woman loves the hell out of you, giving you all the forehead kisses and pecks you want, all while she’s warmly holding you.
Tumblr media
Pepa Madrigal -
She loves kissing your neck.
Pepa’s a tease. She loves watching how you and your body reacts when she pulls you into her so close that you can feel her softly breathing near your ear.
“What’s wrong mi vida? Why so tense?”
You ignore the cloud forming above both of you as she grins to switch her position so that she’s standing behind you.
She hums in response and you feel her wrap her warm arms around you. You can always feel her body tensing up too. You return the affection by clasping your hands with the ones around your waist.
“Can I kiss you?” the redhead asks softly.
“Of course.”
She loves it when your voice is shaky, the cloud growing bigger is a sign of that. You can feel her trace little kisses from your ear and eventually down to your neck.
The contrast between your warm body and her cold hand makes both of you melt into each other. She’ll spoil you after by sprinkling you with so many cheek kisses.
Tumblr media
Bruno Madrigal -
He loves kissing the palms of your hands.
He wasn't used to being an affectionate person but when he met you, he knew he wanted to change that.
Bruno’s a gentle lover. He makes sure he never harms you so he’s a bit more careful and reserved with his kisses.
Hence why he loves kissing the inside of your palms.
No matter how rough and callused or soft and dainty they are, he loves them all the same.
He loves to tenderly grab your hands and press them into his face before kissing your palms lightly.
He loves to watch how your face warms up or how you get flustered when he’s being so gentle to you.
“Your hands are so lovely mi amor.”
"You're only saying that."
"No, I mean it."
After kissing both of your palms, he’ll wrap your arms around him to pull you into a hug.
You love to make fun of him for being so whipped for you, but he knows you appreciate it so much.
Bruno just loves everything about you.
Tumblr media
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maryheart22 · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
Still have Encanto brain rot, so decided to draw the Madrigal triplets as kiddos 💖
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jadzio · 19 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ohhhh the sibiling dynamic these three have~~
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bluesketchydoodles · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
Madrigal Triplets ⏳🌈🌿
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wrens-wramblings · a month ago
Absolutely love how just the mention of Bruno's name makes Pepa start thundering and yet he appears suddenly with no warning shown on screen (sure one of the other kids who knew about him could have said something but considering how shocked she looked I doubt it) and she just immediately launches into a hug
The sibling relationships in this movie are great actually
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cattheo · 25 days ago
back in the time when the triplets were children, sometimes julieta or pepa would be scared of something and bruno would want to protect them bc he doesn't like to see his sisters feeling bad in any way
but he himself was a little bit terrified of everything too
so then hernando "appeared",,
like- just imagine them being scared of some bug, but abuela wasn't around at the moment to make it go away, so 8-year-old bruno pulls up his hood and he's like "dO nOt fEar! i'm HERNANDO and i am afraid of NOTHING!!" and steps on the bug
and julieta being like wow omg thank you hernando!! you're my hero!!
or when they were in their shared room together (probably before they got their gifts and all of that) and pepa would have a nightmare and feel like there were monsters under her bed or inside her closet and hernando appeared again just to check the room to show her that there weren't any monsters and if there were he would fIGHT THEM because HERNANDO IS AFRAID OF NOTHING NOT EVEN OF scary MONSTERS
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