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mango-tango69 · 2 days ago
i really think that after Casita was rebuilt, Abuela stopped wearing her hair in the hairstyle we saw for most of the movie and went back to her braids to represent her letting go of the need to be perfect
Tumblr media
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angelltheninth · 2 days ago
Fluffy Couple Headcanons With Camilo Madrigal x Gn!Reader
Pairing: Camilo Madrigal x Reader
Tags: fluff, hugs, dating, cheek kisses
A/N: never wrote anything for Camilo but he's such a adorable bundle of energy so I knew I was gonna write something sooner or later
Tumblr media
Camilo is very physically affectionate towards you
He will come up and hug you from behind, whispering "Good morning" into your ear
He loves gentle kisses
He'll kiss you behind your ear when he's feeling playful
Camilo loves to cuddle with you, he's usually the little spoon
Camilo will always insist on walking you home after a date
If you're cold he will lend you his ruana to keep you warm
Every time you part ways he will take your hand in his, kiss your palm and then your cheek, telling you how he can't wait to see you again tomorrow and wishing you sweet dreams
He's always there to be a shoulder to lean on or to make you smile when you're down
He loves to dance
Sometimes he will randomly break out into a dance and pull you in, a big smile on his face all the while
He has a lot more energy than you and you know where he gets it, it's really fun to see him shapeshift as he dances around or is trying to tell a story
Very attentive to all your needs and emotions, if there's anything wrong he wants you to talk to him, if you're sick he wants to take care of you, if you're injured he will run back to Casita as fast as he can, shape-shifting be necessary, and get you some of Julieta's food to make you better
He used to shape-shift a lot more at the start of your relationship but has since toned it down, wanting to be only himself around you
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kattsukki · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I Named Him After You!
Camilo Madrigal x Gn!Reader
Contains: Antonio being the cutest, Camilo having fun with u and your new companions
Sypnosis: Antonio gives you a rather suprising present for your anniversary.
Kat: made this based off my hcs with my friend @xdyledz ! (Ps. Will proofread when I wake up later, since it's currently 5am lol)
Tumblr media
"Okay Antonio, why are we here?" You asked the excited looking boy with an amused smile, curious as to why he dragged both you and your boyfriend to his room.
"I know it's your anniversary, so I got you something." He says holding what looks to be a colourful box with... holes on the top?
He gives it to Camilo and warns him to be careful as he opens it. Pulling the ribbons apart, he lifts the lid off and— oh my god.
It's the cutest sight to see. Two chameleons that were beside eachother in the box that was in Camilo's hold.
A gasp leaves your mouth, this was the sweetest thing that's happened today, besides the things your lovely boyfriend has done of course.
You thank the little boy for doing such a sweet thing for the both of you. Kissing his cheeks and enveloping him in a little squeeze as his older brother pats him on the head with a big smile on his face as well.
"What are you gonna call yours corazón?"
"Hm, I think Cami would would suit him just fine." You say with a little smile, it really did resemble him.
"AMOR!! HELP!!" He exclaims, running towards you.
"WHAT?! WHAT IS IT!?!" You shriek, very confused and panicked as to why he's yelling.
"Alright alright! Don't yell so much." You cover his mouth for a second as you rub his hand to calm him down, already knowing that Dolores has probably muttered a "thank you" wherever she was.
But as you still try to calm him down, your face deadpans.
"It's on your head."
"It's sleeping in your hair. You dummy."
"You know, you're giving him an awful lot of attention today." Without giving him a glance, you could tell his cheeks were all puffed up from his jealous mood.
"I'm literally just feeding him amor." You snicker at his rather sour attitude, finding it quite amusing.
Stuffing a strawberry in his mouth and placing a kiss after, "Will that keep you quiet?" You coyly say, finding the dash of red on his face even funnier.
Long story short, Antonio has made you both extremely happy with his cute little gesture.
Tumblr media
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joleneswriting · 2 days ago
camilo madrigal with an s/o that can sing really well !
would camilo find your voice endearing? <3
Tumblr media
adults do not interact or read.
warnings and others: one cuss word 😭😭
a/n: i have no motivation to write atm !! im so sorry for no content
Tumblr media
after a hard day of work in town making people laugh, and doing chores back at home, all camilo needed was a bit of relaxation
and of course, you were his nirvana
so camilo decided to visit your home unexpectedly
he was welcomed in by your parent(s), and told him that he'd be able to find you in your bedroom
you had no idea he was here, because like the sneaky little shit he is, he snuck upstairs super quietly
you were practicing for your group choir performances at church tomorrow by singing a few ballad songs
your voice was clear, beautiful, and pleasing to the ears
as camilo approached your bedroom, he thought he'd entered heaven and heard the angels sing to him
he cracked the door open slighty and saw you standing in the middle of your room, singing your heart out
it's either he said that louder than he thought or the spirit of dolores posessed you, because you whipped your head around so quick
in a state of panic, camilo shut the door as if you hadn't seen him
you opened the door again
you were so embarassed
nobody had ever heard you sing before, not even your parent(s), but here was your boyfriend in all his beautiful glory
"sorry, i uh... didn't mean to eavesdrop."
you were literally about to cry 😭😭
"your voice is beautiful."
when he said that, all your worries really washed away
you smiled and assured him that it was okay, and thanked him for thinking your voice was good
he just covered your face in kisses after that
if you couldn't already tell, he's obsessed with your voice
sometimes he would bring a tiple and write songs for you to sing while he performed
your favorite song by him is titled "my boyfriend is very handsome"
and in the afternoon, you'd sing him to sleep while running your fingers through his soft curls
oh my god i can't even describe how much he loves it
safe to say that you'd be doing mini concerts for him every time he visited you
Tumblr media
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peppermint-joys · a day ago
Being Bruno’s Child Would Include… Pt. IIII
Tumblr media
Went back to school getting busy again, but here’s part four. I swear I have a problem all of my headcanons turnout way longer than planned. The reader’s age ranges from 9-10. Stay tuned for part five.
Parts: 1 2 3 4
Tag list: @jayleneblack @zzzzzzzzzzoom @bozowrites @meyocoko @dog-cats-fandoms @thebadasssass @crazykira @lost-lonnie @kenzi-woycehoski @venomsvl @mobuaddiction @raysreads @azzabynes @justagurlintheworld99999999 @queenotaku23 (I guess if you want to be tagged ask in the comments?)
I couldn’t tag two users @breadglasses and @4rin4 here’s a link that should explain why.
Since closing the book on the case of your father, you’d begun to spend more time with your family. Still, you're the quietest Madrigal family member.
Reading with your tía Pepa, playing with Antonio, gossiping with Dolores, cooking with your tía Julieta, gardening with Isa, and racing against Luisa were just some of the activities that brought a smile to your face. You love your familia.
Eventually, you had to continue using your gift to help the community. However, you now approached it differently.
You were Encanto’s therapist. A heavy burden for a child to bear; but with your gift, you could dig to find the core moment that triggered one’s issues. You couldn’t fix everything to be clear. Tapping into their past allowed you some ease in helping them heal their present.
“Sra. Valdovinos, I understand that you’re worried about your son. It’s hard when a child loses a parent, especially when they're so young. However, do you think you might be focusing on them to distract yourself from the pain you yourself are feeling?”
Finally ten; They say with age comes wisdom. Not your case. Instead, wisdom came with reflection. In looking back on people's lives, you learned from their failures and achievements.
No longer were you Encanto’s darling. You were the community's saint, though you kindly requested they not call you that. (Y/N) was fine.
You brought together broken families, facilitated healing in home taken over by grief, you brought joy to the elderly allowing them reminisce about their younger days, you built up other's confidence pushing them to pursue their true dreams.
You, you’re a good kid.
Antonio’s gifting ceremony was tomorrow. You hoped for his sake he’d at the very least get a gift, though it would be nice if he received one he would actually enjoy.
You spent the morning with Antonio. Hiding with him from Abuela and the onslaught of well-wishers. You did your best to ease his nerves, describing to him the past gift ceremonies of his siblings and mama. All of those went well. You assured him his ceremony would go well too.
When the time came, you stood in the courtyard with the rest of the family. You anxiously watched as Antonio appeared at the front of the room. All eyes on him. You remembered how isolating it felt standing where he now stood for your ceremony.
You smile, seeing Mirabel appear at his side, letting him latch onto her arm. The crowd gasped at first, then you began to clap in approval. It wasn't long before the crowd followed you, their saint’s lead.
Antonio was granted the ability to talk to animals, which you knew was perfect for him.
Abuela was overjoyed. While you two had come to a mutual understanding since your outburst, you couldn’t help but feel a bit jealous. She openly celebrated Antonio’s gift. She still somewhat mistrusted yours.
Just as the party was in full swing, stress flared up in your head. The headache was the kind that throbbed, a billion bees buzzing in the brain, suddenly demanding to be let out. You whined, moving your hands to the sides of your temple.
In an instant, you were alone. The party and people around you disappear in a blur. As the world took shape around you, you found yourself in the nursery.
“Hola estrella durmiente.” You were startled by the soft voice behind you. There, on the windowsill, a young girl kneeled. One you knew all too well. “Tomorrow I turn five. Everyone’s saying I should be excited but… they’re worried, I can tell. I am too.” You remembered this moment. “I just, I want to be helpful.” A five-year-old, you admitted, staring up at the brightest star in the warm summer night sky.
From outside you heard tía Pepa calling your name. “Coming tía,” the small you responded. As soon as they disappeared, your headache returned. In an instant, you were back, surrounded by music and celebrating. No one appeared to have noticed your moment.
At that time, Mirabel came through the door in an obvious state of panic. “The house is in danger!”
You spent the night tossing and turning in your bed, picking at your cuticles. You traveled into your own past. You shouldn’t be able to do that. You do fall asleep, eventually.
By breakfast the next morning, your worries had subsided. You decided it was a one time thing. The headache must have been, so you lost focus and somehow fell in on yourself.
Besides, you had more important things to do today. You had people to check in on and your favourite client, Sra. Valdovinos, the town’s baker, had asked you to stop by. They always give you fresh polvorosas.
After breakfast, you went straight to the first house on your list. You spent your day helping others work through their issues and resolve problems created by their past. Few were one day fix-its. You promised those who continued to struggle you’d be there to help until they no longer needed you.
Finally, you arrived at Sra. Valdovinos. As per tradition, she gave you three polvorosas, fresh from the oven. Then shared her news; she was engaged to be remarried. While they would never forget their first husband, she and her son were both happy. Additionally, her new partner had two children of their own to add to the mix.
Around two in the afternoon, Mirabel found you at the center of town. She begged you for any information you had on your father and the meaning of his visions. She told you everything she’d heard thus far.
“You talked to Camilo, didn’t you?”
You tried to convince Mirabel not to dig into the past too much. You’d charted this path and there was nothing at the end.
“Mira, the past is a nice place to visit, but it’s not where we’re meant to stay,” you lectured. “I have some stuff in my room,” you conceded.
Mirabel had never been in your room. No one had. The day of your gift ceremony, everyone celebrated in the courtyard. It was the nature of the room itself that told you it was more for your eyes only. People needed your blessing to be allowed inside.
Your room is a labyrinth of book shelves, spanning as far as the eye can see. The library is walls upon walls of leather-bound volumes. Though some shine signaling their youth, most are ancient.
Your library is one of a kind; The Library of Remembrance. Each book living on your shelves catalogued an event from the past. Your room held the complete series of history. Most everything that had been could be found in a book somewhere in your vast library.
You lived in the center of the Encanto section. The small square formation of the section of shelves allowed you to create a cozy nook in which to rest and relax.
As you pulled the chests out from under your bed, a book flashed, appearing in a previously empty spot on a shelf beside Mirabel. It startled her, drawing your attention.
“What was that?” Mirabel called. You rush to her side and take the book that’d just appeared on the shelf.
“It’s back! They really are okay.” You beamed, it was the kind of smile you rarely used, so wide your cheeks dimpled.
“Back? What’s going on?” - M.
“Like treasure, sometimes people are lost, and with them, their history. But again, like treasure, people have the ability to find themselves again. Looks like Iria isn’t so lost anymore.” You explained, wiping your hand across the cover. In reaction to your touch, the name ‘Iria Valdovinos’ etched itself in gold on the front cover.
Mirabel noticed then that no bookshelf was complete. There were missing books, gaps in the shelves. It made her wonder. “(Y/N), does tío Bruno have a book?”
You crinkle your nose, in that way you do when you’re thinking about something hard. “Everyone has a story, Mirabel. Even Bruno. It’s just a matter if it’s lost or not.”
You gestured with your head over to the chests you’d pulled out. “Everything about my Pa is in there. Hope you find what you’re looking for.”
You left Mirabel alone in your room, trusting her not to disturb the library. Even if she did, the only book she’d be able to read is her own. Without you, all the other histories would appear blank.
You head down to the dining table to prepare the table cloth and help Julieta with the cooking. You make a mean cholado and brazo de reina.
You’ve always loved cooking with Julieta. She has such a calming aura and lets you lick the leftover dolce de leche from the alfajores off the spoon.
Isabela's boyfriend, Mariano, was coming over. Everything had to be perfect tonight.
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justanothercamilofan · a day ago
gagi what if.. Camilo x Filipino!Reader... 😳😳😳 Wouldn't it be sweet to see them both show the similarities and differences in their culture? gageeee ToT <3
Tumblr media
best request ive ever gotten salamat talaga sa kung sino man nagrequest nito sana talaga masarap ulam niyo
Tumblr media
The moment you and your family arrived in Encanto, people immediately knew that you weren't from around here. The way you all dressed, the language you spoke... it was all foreign. The the town accepted you wholeheartedly despite the fact that none of you were Colombian.
Over the time, you eventually made some friends, most notably with a certain prankster. You and Camilo just... clicked with each other from the moment you two met.
"Nay, aalis po ako ng bahay! (Mom, I'm leaving the house.)" You yell out, but before you could exit the door, your tita stops you.
"Makikipagkita ka na naman sa lalaking yun, no? Gwapo naman, kasintahan mo ba? (You're meeting up with that boy again, aren't you? He's handsome, is he your boyfriend?)" She teases you. A blush spreads out on your face and you stutter out a bunch of words before giving her a clear answer. "Ay, tita, kaibigan ko lang po siya...(He's just my friend)"
The grin on her face is enough to tell you that she's not buying it. She sighs, shaking her head. " 'yan din sinabi ko nung nakilala ko Tito mo, tingnan mo kami ngayon. (That's what I used to say when I met your uncle, look at us now)." Your tita holds up her hand, revealing the ring on her finger.
You say nothing more than a simple goodbye before walking out.
"(Name)! Over here!" Camilo waves from a far. Your eyes lit up at sight of him, hurriedly making your way to him.
"Sorry, did I keep you waiting?"
He shakes his head. "For a few minutes, but it's fine."
"My tita stopped me before I could leave just so she could tease me." You say, chuckling.
Camilo raises a brow, "Oh? What'd she say?"
"Something about you being my boyfriend because we're always together." You respond and he laughs at this. "Ah, I know how that feels... Mi primas do the same thing."
"They tease you about me as well?"
Camilo nods, cheeks tinted pink. "But enough about that. I heard that there's a new shop in the plaza that sells amazing food, we should go check it out!"
You, of course, agreed to go with him. What kind of person turns away from good food anyway? "Libre mo? (Your treat?)" Camilo looks at you, confused. "What does that mean?" He asks and you giggle. "Is this your treat?" Your friend rolls his eyes, lightly elbowing you. "Fine, my treat."
The both of you burst into laughter as Camilo tells you one of his dumb jokes. You take a bite out of the snack he bought, and you hum in delight. Tama nga tatay mo, mas masarap ang pagkain pag libre. (Your dad was right, food tastes better when it's free.)
"Say, (name), do you and your family still eat Filipino dishes or snacks?" Camilo asks and you look at him like he's the dumbest person on earth. "Okay, jeez, don't answer that. Uh, what're your favorite foods then?"
Now that was a hard one. You have so many favorites, but which one did you like the most? Whatever, you'll just say the first thing that comes to mind.
"I really like rice."
"Don't you eat rice for every meal of the day?"
"I love (insert ur fave filo dish)! Oh, and also (another fave dish)! You've got to try them some time, Camilo! It's so... my mouth is watering at the thought of it!" You exclaimed, causing the boy to chuckle at your excitement.
"And chicharon! I just finished eating and now I'm starting to feel hungry again..."
Camilo stares at you, wide eyed. "You know what chicharrón is?" He asks. "Yes...? Is there something wrong with that?"
"If you had told me sooner I'd give you some! We had them yesterday!" He says. "Well it's not my fault we're having this conversation just now!" You reply, matching his energy.
You and Camilo look at each other for a few seconds before erupting into laughter.
"Okay, okay, I'm interested in your country. Since you've been exposed to mine, I think it's fair if you tell me about yours." Camilo states. You ponder, thinking of what to say.
"Ayun!" You snap your fingers. "We have this word in our language... It's engkanto. It's basically mythical environmental spirits that have the ability to appear in human form. Like, tikbalang for example... It's this human human horse hybrid!" You explain. "That sounds so cool but also creepy at the same time... Antonio would probably want to see one." He says, chuckling.
The both of you spend the next few hours just chatting about Filipino and Colombian culture, marking the similarities and it's differences. Camilo pointed at random things and asked you to translate it in your language and he'd do the same.
"What about cheese? How do you say that on Filipino?"
"Out of all the words you could think, you seriously chose cheese?"
"Yes, now tell me."
"Keso, but instead of a Q and U it's K." We don't have the letters C, F, J, Q, V, X, Z in our alphabet."
Camilo seemed really amused, it made you feel proud.
"Since you're really interested in this, how about coming over for dinner so you can have a taste of our food?" You suggested. The boy looked overjoyed, he happily accepted your invitation. Camilo trusted Dolores to tell the family for him.
"Oh and remember, never forget to bless to the elders. Pagmamano is really important. Just gently take their hand and place the back of it to your forehead."
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camilosluvr · 2 days ago
May I request a yandere!camilo x a reader who would do anything for him? Like not in a yandere way
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairings: Camilo Madrigal x GN Reader
Genre: Horror, Yandere
Synopsis: You would do anything for Yandere! Camilo, you would do anything he told you to do and that's a reason why he loves you oh so very much, you're not difficult like he thought you would be.
Tumblr media
You were always like this with camilo during your reaor you to the point that he would kill for you but he didn't have to do that though.
Because, you would do anything for camilo as you trusted him the most and you loved him the most but not as much as camilo loved you but you would still do anything for him and do anything he said because you trusted him and nothing would ever make you stop trusting him.
If camilo told you not to talk to a specific person, then you wouldn't talk to them ever again, if camilo told you to stay in casita for the day or just stay somewhere, then you would stay wherever he wanted you to stay, if camilo wanted you to stay and go wherever dolores went then you would stay with dolores and the list goes on.
Camilo was also very pleased about this because he could trust you to be by yourself, all he had to do was give you one or two orders and then you would be fine and he could go do whatever he had to do but of course, he let you have your own life and do what you wanted but as long as you didn't become close with anyone other than his family because then, it would be a problem but you never did it.
If someone told you that camilo was a psychopath that would kill anyone if they tried to take you from him, you would call them crazy because camilo wouldn't do that...he's just over-protective is all.
You had no idea that camilo was a yandere or that he was obsessed with you to the point that he would commit murder, It was because camilo made sure that you didn't know because who knows what might happen if you knew! You might not want to be with him anymore.
And he can't have that, now can he?
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queercodedredcoat · 2 days ago
Camilo Madrigal First Date Headcanons
Headcanons about the first date Camilo ever asked you on.
Tumblr media
So, first date!
I feel like he would go the classic route, stopping by your place and asking you with flowers
Wild flowers to be more specific
Like, yeah he is more than capable of asking Isabela for help
But he wants this to be something he does for you
He's so endearing
Please help this poor man
Bc God, if you don't answer him he will keep talking,
You have to cut him off
"I guess what I'm trying to ask is-"
"What I was here for was kinda-"
Dolores 100% gives him a hard time for it later
I feel like he would put a lot of time into it
Like, this man would go all out
Honestly, I get the vibe that he would be happy about the work he put into it
I feel like it would be a late-night picnic
Hear me out okay, he refuses to tell you where you're going, and then finally when you get there it's a small clearing overlooking the village and he cared so much
This blanket already spread out and wicker basket sitting in place
Lanterns dimmed slightly and gigging off this soft glow
And he would be sitting their like ":)"
But he's 100% watching your reaction closely and praying you like it
Conversation is, like always with Camilo, engaging
Never a dull moment
And if he sees that you are nervous you best believe he's going to get you to laugh one way or another
Full stop
You were both meant to get home earlier but you lose track of time and it's dark out and you spend time star gazing
He would walk you home!
Bc if Pepa and Félix taught him anything it's how to be a gentleman
Pulls the fuckin' "This was, a lot of fun. I really enjoyed tonight" line
Seeing as you're his first official date ever, I don't think you guys would kiss
I think he might jokingly kiss you a hand, making a show of it before he leaves
Like dramatically bows as he steps backward and tells you that he hopes that you had a good time
Smiling like an idiot the entire time
It doesn't take long for him to start planning a second date
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ashdreams2023 · a day ago
Bruno madrigal x fem!reader smut (story or hc whatever ya want)
Bruno is sitting is his room on a chair reading a book and yn comes and suddenly pulls his pants off and starts giving him a blow job and Bruno is to surprised to do anything,after he first have yn takes him to bed when they do some more
Giving bruno a blow*ob surprise
Look he’s already not used to people just giving him affection out of nowhere much less a blowjob
He was just minding his business reading a book Pepa let him borrow with the promise to not let the rats touch it
It was going all fine until you walked in, which wasn’t strange on it’s own but he noticed a sparkle in your eyes
He wondered what thoughts you hid behind those doe like eyes
Well he was quick to find out when you dropped to your knees all of a sudden in front of him
He was too startled to react when you pulled his pants down
And more shocked when you took him in your mouth
"Amor…what are you doing" he whimpers
He whimpers a lot
Grips the sides of his chair because he doesn’t know what to do with his hands
He can’t help but thrust into your mouth time a few times
When he cums he grabs your hair tugging on it
It felt good he makes sure to tell you that but of course will try to repay you back
Takes you to bed and goes down on you and doesn’t stop until your legs are shaking
Then some good old love making because he wants to do something both of you enjoy in the same time
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camicuddles · 2 days ago
▽‖Never Forget‖▽
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairing → Camilo x Reader
Genre → Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Fluff
Warning → Just some Camilo angst I thought of before sleeping🙂
Word count → 1K words
Summary → Camilo's gift has a side effect were he could forgets who he is if he used his gift too much, and it looks like it's taking a lot out of him but you're there to help him through his identity crisis
Inspired by this and this
Tumblr media
It was yet another day in Encanto and it looked like the madrigals has more chores than usual, and that explains the sort of cloudy weather. You too were busy with your own chores helping your family with the store you owned, that was until you spotted a certain curly haired boy helping around. You decide to go greet your boyfriend Camilo since you were too busy this morning to meet him like you usually do and it looked like he was just as busy if not more. "Hey Camilo!" You say as you approach him but surprisingly he doesn't turn around to look at you but you are sure you're close enough for him to hear you "Camilo?" You call out again but still no reaction, you then tap his shoulder lightly making him jump and shapeshift into multiple people before turning back.
"O-oh hey amor, didn't see you there" He laughed nervously, making you give him a worried look "I called your name twice though and I'm pretty sure you heard me" You said as you cupped his face in your hands. "M-my name?" He mumbled softy looking confused. "Yeah, Camilo are you sure you're ok? Do you want me to take you back to Casita?" Now you were really worried and ready to take him back home but he gave you a nervous smile "No you don't have to do that querida, I'm fine really" Not believing his words you give him another worried/frustrated look and let go of his face, he sighed cupping your cheek in his hand "Ok how about this, I'll continue with my chores and if I don't feel too good I'll go back" You placed your hand on top of his on your cheek, leaning into his touch "Fine but as soon as you feel tired you leave whatever you're doing and rest ok?" He could tell you were REALLY worried and he appreciated it "Alright mi vida, calm down ok?" You sighed letting his hand fall from your face, then you leaned forward and pecked the tip of his nose gently "Ok, I'll stop by Casita later to check on you though alright? I gotta go back to the store" He smiles at you and leans in kissing your forehead "Alright I'll see you then mi amor" And with that you waved at him and got back to what you were doing.
The sun was already starting to set when you were done with your chores but you still had some time so check on Camilo, so once your father told you that you're done for the day you rush to the Madrigal household to check on your boyfriend as you promised. Once you got to the front door of Casita the window started moving as if it was waving at you but weirdly fast as if telling you to hurry, one you step on the tiles they immediately started moving you into the house and around it until you bumped into Pepa, who was pacing around with a thunder cloud forming above her head and when she saw you she immediately hugged you "Oh thank got you're here Y/N, I was so worried that you were not coming today" After that she started to pull you upstairs "Why? Tía Pepa, what's wrong?" You were confused but then you and Pepa came to a stop when you were in front of Camilo's door, and it was weirdly glowing a little too much making it hard to look at it properly, You then look at her with a worried expression "Camilo came back a little early today saying he wasn't feeling too well, he would not react to calling his name and then started to shapeshift into random people at weird times then rushed to his room and then locked himself in. I tried to talk to him but he wouldn't let me or anyone in then his door started to glow like that. Dolores said that she could hear him mumbling your name while crying so I sent Antonio to look for you" You then looked at the door worried out of your mind trying to prosses what Pepa said, You then walk forward and knock on the door lightly "Go away!" You could feel your heart aching when you heard how hurt his voice was "Camilo? Mi vida, It's me" You then heard some shuffling before the door opened and you were pulled in and the door was locked behind you again, and the sight in front of you made your heart shatter. There was Camilo standing in front of you, his face full of tears, his eyes red and puffy from crying and he was just shapeshifting randomly but not returning to his own body, he then looked up at you with a terrified expression "I don't remember" Is all he could say as he collapsed into your arms still shapeshifting randomly "What is it amor? What don't you remember?" You ask with a worried voice you too on the verge of tears. Camilo tried to speak but he was crying too much, you try to calm him down a little so he would be able to speak. You stayed in that position for a little bit more until you pick him on his feet at walk him to the bed, when he finally spoke "I don't... I don't remember what I l-look like Y/N..." He was about to start sobbing again when you pulled him closer to you, rubbing his back soothingly "I-i don't even remember my own name..." and with that he starts to cry harder making your heart ache even more. You try to comfort him by rubbing his back and wrapping your arms tighter around his waist, pulling him closer as he cried into your shoulder.
A while later he started to calm down a little, settling on 3-5 people to shift into instead of the whole town, you then pulled away from the hug to cup his face "Is it better now? Do you still not remember?" He only shook his head and buried his face into your chest, you then had an idea to somewhat help him. "Hey Camilo" He slowly looked up at you before shapeshifting into Antonio accidently, making it easier to hold him into your chest "That's m-my name..." You smiled, nodding you reach into your bag for something "Yeah, and look here..." You pulled out a picture of you two that you took after you officially started dating, Camilo had you on his back giving you a piggy back ride around the town, looking at the picture you remember how chaotic that day was making you smile. "... This is our favorite picture of each other" He took the picture from you and looked at it before looking back up. "T-that's me..." He points at himself with an almost un-noticeable smile on his face, you hugged him tightly while smiling too. "Yeah that's you... You wanna try turning back to yourself?" He nodded and got off your lap, standing in front of you.
And there he stood, your boyfriend was back to his usual self and you couldn't help but jump into his arms burying your face into his chest. He wraps his arms around your waist pulling you closer "Thanks Y/N" is all he said as he squeezed you tighter bringing you closer to him, now he doesn't go anywhere without a picture of you two that you wrote his name on it's back to make sure that he doesn't forget himself again.
Tumblr media
Hey!!! This is my first fic and i hope you enjoy✨✨♥♥♥
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lovesgnf · 2 days ago
˗ˏˋ MAKE ME! ´ˎ˗
Tumblr media
*ੈ✩‧₊˚ IN WHICH: two enemies find themselves getting lost in each others eyes.
˚ · . camilo madrigal x fem!reader.
Tumblr media
ೃ⁀➷ Y/n and Camilo despise each others presence. Every time someone brings the others name up in a conversation they would just loudly groan and change the subject. 
Everyone knew about their obvious hatred for each other and the worst thing is that they have to see each others face almost every day. why? oh well because Y/n is best friends with Mirabel and she would often help Julieta with her restaurant.
This detesting for one another began when they were 10. One bright day, it was a birthday party of another kid in the village. Every thing was well, lights, the sound of grilling food, and laughter. The two kids were minding their own business, running around with a big smile on their face like all the other children. 
“I’ll be right back, guys! I’m going to go get a desert because i haven’t gotten any!” Y/n notified her friends and walked towards the large table where all the treats were. As she eyed the table she noticed that she was too late to get any deserts. 
There was only one pink glazed donut left in the tray. The small girl huffed and reached her arm out to grab it but her hand bumped against someone elses soft hand. She looked to her side only to notice a mixed curly haired boy. He looked around her age.
They locked eyes, lips slightly apart. Y/n was admiring the boys features until she felt the hand back up. Her eyes trailed down to the donut but she then realizes it’s not there anymore. The h/c girl gasped and looked back at the boy she was admiring a few seconds ago.
“Hey! Thats mine!” Her high pitched voice yelled. “Who said?” Camilo responded with a smirk while he took a big bite of the desert. “I haven’t aten any of the deserts!” She added, annoyance in her tone of voice.
He shrugged and continued chewing the sweet, unfazed. Y/n grew angry with this random boy and took the donut out of his hand. He gasped and furrowed his eyebrows. “Mine.” She affirmed and walked away. Camilo sprinted up to her and snatched the poor donut from her grasp. 
They fought for the sweet until both their parents caught them. “Camilo Madrigal!” “Y/n L/n!” both their mothers yelled out in anger. Camilos eyes widened as he saw his mom standing there with a cloud above her head.
“Mierda” The small boy cursed under his breath.
And thats how it all started. Julieta took notice of their acts, noticing that hatred isn’t the only thing going on between the two. The mother just smirked and thought of a perfect plan.
“Camilo!” Julieta called out for her nephew. He sprinted down and questioned. “Yes, tía?” He asked her. “Mijo, Could you please call Y/n down here please. I need a word with you two” She smiled gracefully. Camilo let out a groan at his aunts words. “Why me? You know shes with Mirabel right now, right?” He complained. The woman just nodded. “Yes, but i need to talk to both of you” She repeated. 
The boy simply nodded and lazily walked up to his primas room. He knocked on Mirabels door and rolled his eyes when he heard the two girls giggling. “Who is it- Oh! Camilo, what’s up?” Mirabel questioned. He could hear Y/n let out a deep sigh at his name.
“Tía said she wants to talk to Y/n and I” He murmured. Y/n got up when she heard. Camilo swore he felt his heart skip a beat when he saw her e/c orbs glare at him.
“I’ll be back, Mira!” Y/n told Mirabel as she walked down to the kitchen with her enemy right besides her. Y/n reached the casitas kitchen and greeted Julieta with a warm smile. “Hola señora Julieta!” Y/n smiled at the woman. “Buenos días, Y/n!” Julieta kindly said. 
Camilos eyes rolled at how pathetically sweet she was to others but him. She always gave others her true warm and vibrant smile, but to him? All she gave was frowns and insults.
“Okay, i called you two to say- Camilo, are you listening?” Julietas loud voice snapped the green eyed boy out of his thoughts. “Ye- Yeah?” He stuttered nerviously. Julieta softly shaked her head and continued. “Y/n you’re working at the restaurant tomorrow?” She asked, in which her answer was yes. “Great! Perfect! So you two can get along more-” The two teenagers raised an eyebrow at her.
 “-Camilo, i want you to be spend one day in the restaurant with Y/n-” She spoke and got interrupted by two loud yells. “WHAT?!” Both Y/n and Camilo shouted.
Mirabel suddenly came walking near them, grabbing an arepa and smirking. “Pepa agreed too.” She mentioned before taking a bite of the arepa con queso. “No way! That would be one day of total torture!” Camilo shouted. Y/n lightly shrugged and soon Pepa walked up to them too. 
“You two have to get along! Todos estos años han sido pesadillas!” (all these years have been nightmares!) The ginger complained with her hands covering her face. “Hmm, i agree. It’s just one day either way. Can’t be that bad, verdad Camilo?”(right, camilo?) Y/n boldly smirked, facing the boy.
Camilo looked at the h/c girl like she was absolutely crazy. “I mean.. sure..” He sighed. Pepa’s smile was so wide she even had a rainbow above her head. “Excellent! My two angels will finally get along!” She grinned hapily. “Might” Camilo muttered. 
                                 - ͙۪۪̥˚┊NEXT DAY┊˚ ͙۪۪̥◌
Y/n took small steps while walking to Julietas restaurant. As she stepped inside, Camilo was already there wiping the tables clean for the customers. “Finally, you’re here” Camilo groaned causing Y/n to roll her eyes. “I’m not late you’re just too early” She joked. Camilo chuckled but hid it with a super fake cough.
While they were cleaning, Y/n was reaching to grab the mop but when she felt another hand against hers she huffed without looking up. “I grabbed it first” Y/n simply said but the boy wouldn’t let go. “Not this again, princesa” Camilo teased. “Just let go. I will mop” She told him. “No, i’ll do it. I’m bored” He replied. 
Y/n pouted, looking up at the freckled boys face. “dios mio, Camilo! Why dont you just let me do it?” She frowned. He laughed a bit at her face. “And why don’t you just shut up and let ME do it?” He replies back. “Make me” She bitterly answered not expecting the next action to happen. With no hesitation, Camilo pressed his lips against hers. She was surprised at first but melted quickly.
They pulled away, their faces tulip pink. “That shut you up, didnt it, hermosa?” He joked with a playful smirk plastered on his lips. “be quiet..” Y/n whispered embarrasingly.
Tumblr media
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mango-tango69 · 2 days ago
i have this headcanon for Encanto based on a sketch that i saw. i forgot who the user was, but it was basically Pepa being mad at Bruno for giving her boyfriend a vision when they were younger. it also included something along the lines that her previous boyfriends ran off when Pepa had any emotion that gravely impacted the weather and based on that information i can just imagine:
younger Pepa thinking that Félix will be the same after breaking down crying, as a gigantic, storming, rain cloud sits over her head, a storm brewing above the Encanto. she knows what's coming, and she prepares to have to start over again after another heartbreak. but to her surprise, she's met with two large arms embracing her, as Félix holds her while they both sit under the rain cloud, both getting entirely soaked. and that's how she knew he was the one.
Tumblr media
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angelltheninth · a day ago
Signs of Affection With Bruno Madrigal x Fem!Reader
Pairing: Bruno Madrigal x Fem!Reader
Tags: romantic fluff, crushes, love languages, PDA, dating
A/N: Did someone ask for more Bruno? No? Well here he is again anyways!
Tumblr media
Bruno is very shy with you at first
He doesn't really know how to act around a pretty woman like you, he stutters over his words a lot but his looks are genuine and affectionate
You think it's cute that gets so flustered around you
When he finally gets the courage to ask you to be his girlfriend you can tell that he's rehearsed it so it can be perfect
You take his hand in yours, making him yelp a little, you tell him that you don't expect him to act any different around you, you like the blushy, shy guy he is
He smiles bashfully
Then he notices that he's still holding your hand, his yes widen for a moment before he intertwines your fingers with his
He comments on how warm your hand is and that it's nice to have someone to hold your hand
After that he always holds your hand and he will gently brush his thumb over the back of your hand while doing so
Cheek kisses are a must, even though it makes him flustered every time, no matter if he's the one giving or receiving the kiss
He loves words of affection
He will tell you how lucky he is to have you every day
When you compliment something about him, his looks, his acting skills, tell him how cool and handsome he looks when his eyes glow he will be reduced into a flustered, blushy mess
Of course Pepa and Julieta tease him a little, they are his sisters after all, but they also give him advice and encourage him, they want him to be happy with you
Bruno is a more than a little nervous about PDA, especially in front of his family
He knows he's awkward and knows he gets even more awkward when he's with you
But he also wants everyone to know how much he likes you
So whenever you show up at the Casita, he will have his rats waiting for you with flowers and then he will show up to walk you trough the house, arms linked
When you kiss him goodbye he always gets a goofy smile on his face and sighs lovingly
He is very clingy in private
He loves to hug you, or to be hugged by you
He always whispers to you as you both fall asleep and wakes you up with little, slightly shy kisses
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mitzimania · 2 days ago
help i feel like camilo would know all the fnaf lore, can you do a hc where he explains to the reader all about it?
absolutely . when i say 'bad requests' this is not one of them
Tumblr media
"and so, circus baby is like, back to normal even though she just, like, ate that kid," camilo spoke, gesturing wildly with his hands. he sat on the bed of his room while you were seated on the floor, leaning against the frame.
you were only half-listening as your partner went into excruciating detail over some video game franchise's lore. he had been preaching about the storyline for well over half an hour now, without stopping. you were surprised he hadn't passed out by now.
"but the kid she totally ko'd was actually that guy from earlier's daughter." seriously. he'd been talking nonstop for a while- was he okay?
you glanced away from the book you were absentmindedly skimming and looked behind you to where he was sitting on the bed. his eyes were fixed in the air as he continued his speech, talking with not only his words but his hands.
you returned your gaze to your book with a sigh, which went unnoticed by your partner. he was too immersed in his own explanation to notice much else.
you couldn't help but smile. while you didn't care much for the lore, it was still cute to see him so excited.
Tumblr media
this is a joke. plz check out my masterlist and send me headcannons , i promise im actually a good writer
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zafirosreverie · 2 days ago
Who are you?! (Pepa x reader)
Tumblr media
Your laugh echoed loudly across the field as you jumped through the mud puddles that had formed moments before. The rain above you dimmed a bit before coming down hard again. The little rainbow over your girlfriend's head did not go unnoticed by you.
Pepa tried to contain herself and not turn to see you, your laughter was already making it too hard for her to finish her work. It was a watering day in the fields and you knew how difficult it could be for her, so you had offered to accompany her. The redhead didn't think it was a good idea, precisely because it was almost impossible for her to generate rain when you were with her.
But she couldn't say no to your little face, you were too adorable for your own good, always ready to smile at her and remind her how beautiful life was. Also, you helped her to recognize the beauty of her powers, to enjoy each and every one of her emotions. You brought out the best in her.
"Peps" you called her "Watch out for the rocks"
The older woman just rolled her eyes, giggling softly as you went back to playing with the rain and puddles. She was sure that she would have already finished if you weren't here distracting her and chasing the clouds away from her, but she preferred a thousand times to take a few more hours than not to have you by her side.
"Watch out for the rocks!" you yelled again "they're slippery"
"I know dear" she replied "I have it under control"
Pepa walked a few meters past you, ignoring the way you complained about the lack of rain. Just a few more meters and the whole field would be completely watered and you could go. Just a few more meters and-
You gasped and ran to your girlfriend when she tripped over precisely one of the stones you warned her about. Why did she never listen to you?
"Are you ok?!"
The older woman just grunted as she pushed herself off the ground to sit up. Her ankle was hurting and the cloud above her was getting darker and darker. When she looked at you, there was no trace of the childlike joy that always shone in your eyes, only deep, sincere concern. It was something she had never seen in you.
"I'm fine" she lied "Just-OUCH!"
You frowned when you touched her ankle. Definitely broken if it hurt like that.
"We have to take you to Julieta" you said firmly
"What are you doing?" the redhead asked when you put one arm under her legs and wrapped the other around her waist.
"I'm not going to let you walk or jump there" you rolled your eyes "besides, it will be faster this way"
You didn't give the older woman time to register your words. In a quick and precise movement, you picked her up and turned around, walking with her in your arms. Pepa let out a small gasp of surprise and she couldn't stop her cheeks from heating up (or the temperature around you rising considerably).
She had never known this side of you. You had always been fun, playful, happy, and adorable, where did this strong, protective and serious person come from?! You didn't even seem to be making any effort as you carried her bridal style back to Casita.
Pepa didn't register her sister's voice either, or the way you placed her carefully on a chair or the hasty way Julieta practically stuffed an empanada into her mouth. All she could think about was this new side of you.
You laughed softly as you placed a playful kiss on the corner of her mouth and a small rainbow exploded above the cloud above her head. Yep, you'd have a great conversation after your girlfriend recovered from the shock.
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peppermint-joys · 2 days ago
Being Camilo’s Tag-Along Would Include…
Tumblr media
I've been wanting to write some Camilo. The reader's age is five.
You’re the same age as Antonio.
At home, you have eight brothers and sisters. You're actually the third youngest. No longer the baby, and nowhere near first born; Being one of the middle kids, you often feel unnoticed, voiceless.
It doesn’t help that most of your siblings like to tease and blame things on you.
You were watching some other children play futbol. You’d have joined them, but most of them were bigger than you. You're certain they’d trample you before even had the chance to get the ball.
One second you’re sitting criss-cross, picking at grass; the next you’re laying flat on your back, a stinging pain burning one side of your face. You’d been hit! Smacked by a ball on the side of your face.
Some kid's scattered, afraid to get in trouble for hurting someone so young, two of which were your siblings. The remaining three argued about what to do until one approached you.
"That was really hurtful. I understand that you're sad and that's okay." Their tone was soft yet warm.
"Would you like help?" When you nodded, holding your arms out in silent expectation of hug, they scooped you up. "Let's get some bollo de mazorca."
They carried you all the way to the middle of town; telling you jokes, asking questions in an attempt to distract you from your pain.
"¿Cuál es tu color favorito, pequeño?"
They held your hand the entire time while you waited in line for a women's food cart. You noticed everyone ahead of you looked injured in some way.
As soon as you swallowed your first bite of bollo de mazorca your nose stopped throbbing, and the sting at the side of your face ceased.
After arguing/assuring the woman at the table they weren’t the one who injured the teen clade in yellow tenderly offered to walk you home. Again, they were telling jokes and showing an actual interest in getting to know you. The latter of which rarely occurred at home.
“I’m (Y/N), (Y/N) (L/N)” You finally spoke.
“Oh, so now you speak to me,” they joked. Their teasing was different from your siblings’; kinder. “Hola, (Y/N), soy Camilo, Camilo Madrigal.”
From then on, you followed Camilo everywhere.
Camilo’s big sister, Dolores, nicknames you “anadón” (duckling). She and the rest of the family think it's adorable how you follow Camilo around.
It becomes a regular sight around Encanto, Camilo and their anadón. If someone was looking for Camilo, they need only find you. Shifted or not, it;s safe to assume you’d be by their side.
Camilo never complains. You aren’t causing any harm, and you “help” them with their chores (you’re five, you’re only capable of so much). Besides, Camilo’d seen you with your siblings. It wasn’t hard to figure out why you followed them around.
You remind Camillo so much of their other little sibling, Antonio.
When you cry, Camilo’s quick to pick you up, wrapping their arms around you in a tight hug. Camilo’s learned you don’t like it when they shift for you. You very much prefer Camilo just the way they are.
As you spend more time with the middle, yellow, madrigal child, you become more open to being yourself around them. You’re a silly child when you choose to be.
Camilo recruits you to assist them in some of their more minor pranks. You’re a proficient accomplice and an excellent alibi.
They also turn you into a theater kid. Tío Bruno reports, he’s never been so moved by the death of one of his least favorite characters (played by you).
It can be embarrassing at times. You following Camilo practically everywhere (for them not you). In that way, it might be embarrassing for your grandmother to hug you in front of your friends.
All the Madrigal’s love you, Camilo’s side of the family especially. You’re frequently invited over to theirs’ for meals and sleep overs.
Felix and Pepa have somewhat adopted you as one of their own, despite you having loving parents of your own. When Camilo is busy and cannot have you following them, Antonio is your playmate. He’s your best friend (Camilo’s just your favorite.)
If your siblings give you any trouble, Camilo won’t be the only one to hand it to them. All of Casa Madrigal is protective of you, including Casita itself. Though you don’t technically live under their roof, they all consider you part of the family.
Mirabel makes a ruana in your favorite color to match Camilo’s. Camilo pretends it isn’t a big deal when you show them and say, “now I can be just as amazing as you!” However, inside his heart is absolutely melting.
You’re Camilo’s anadón. Their third sibling. They don’t mind if you follow them everywhere. So long as you’re happy and smiling, they’re content.
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justanothercamilofan · a day ago
Tumblr media
i am absolute shit at comforting people so i struggled more with what camilo had to say in response to the reader HAHAHAHHAH
Tumblr media
Ever since you hit puberty, you’ve grown acne. Your parents told you that they were natural for people your age and that it often disappears on its own, but you still couldn’t help but feel a little… insecure of your looks. You tried everything to get rid of it, you’ve read every book you could find about it and did almost every possible method there is, yet it still wouldn’t go away. It frustrated you to no end. It didn’t help that it was most evident on your cheeks, you couldn’t bring yourself to go outside without thinking that everyone was looking at you, judging you for your face, but it’s not like you could lock yourself inside your room until the acne disappears.
You were hanging out with Camilo in his room, cuddling whilst chatting with each other. Though, your lover has been trying to get you to look at him, but you wouldn’t move your face from his shoulder, complaining to him that you were already comfortable. Now while that is true, there was another reason why. You didn’t want him to see your face up close. It was already disgusting to see it from a far, so why would you let anyone see you at a very close range.
“Come on, mi vida, I just want to kiss you…” He whines, yet you don’t budge. Grumbling something incoherent, he pushes your shoulders back. You blush at his actions and he gently holds your chin in between his fingers, making you look at him. Camilo moves his hand to gently cup your cheek and your eyes widen, slapping his hand away. The shape shifter stares at you, stunned. You chewed at your bottom lip, sitting up from his bed. “Lo siento…”
The bed shifts and Camilo is sitting next to you now. “Is everything alright, mi amor?” He asks, voice laced with concern. You turn your head away from him and that’s all he needs to know your response. “What’s wrong? Did I make you uncomfortable?” A heavy sigh leaves you as you slowly shake your head.
“It’s just that…” You trail off, unable to find the right words to use. Your boyfriend reaches for your face once more and you stop his hand, squeezing it gently. “Won’t you be… grossed out?” Camilo knits his brows together. “I don’t know what you mean, (name).”
You take a deep breath. “My… My face. All the… you know. Don’t you think it’s ugly? Why would you want to touch my face?”
“(Name).” Camilo says in a stern manner, causing you to gulp. “What’re you on about? We’re teenagers, this is normal.” He says, and you grip his hand even tighter. “I know, but I hate it. Some people my age don’t have this, you know?”
Silence fills the atmosphere for a few moments.
“You’re beautiful, (name). Having acne doesn’t make you unattractive, beauty is who you are on the inside.” He spoke. You won’t lie, it was incredibly cliche, but because it was from Camilo, it made you feel a little bit better about yourself. “Yes, I know that… I just wish I had flawless, smooth skin.” Camilo frowns at your words. “No one is flawless in this world, (name). Not you, not me... not even Isabela." He pauses for a while before continuing. "I love you for you. To me, you are the most beautiful person on this planet. Inside and out, mi amor."
Slowly, you finally turn to look at him. "Do you... really mean that?"
Camilo nods, taking his hand away from your grip. "Can I?" He asks, you don't need to question what it is that he wants as you whisper the word 'yes'.
Your lover gently holds your face in his hand, leaning in towards you. You do the same until your lips meet. The two of you shared a short yet sweet kiss. He pulls away after a few seconds, smiling softly at you.
"Eres hermosa, (name)."
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sweetgazes · a day ago
the one who makes you smile
Tumblr media
camilo madrigal x reader
word count: 0.7k
DNI if you are 18+!!!
summary: camilo always finds a way to make you smile or laugh, but as he kept doing it you become increasingly curious as to what his reasoning is behind it.
Camilo had always made it his mission everyday to make you smile. Whether he was calling you the nicknames that make you flustered, or telling you cheesy jokes until you laughed.
This all had really begun when the two of you had started to become friends.
He could care less about how embarrassing it could be; if he was the reason he had made you smile then his whole day would be made no matter how cliché it may sound.
You had never really read into it all that much, seeing that he always found a way to make the town happy. But it wasn’t until the two of you had gotten closer did you begin to notice it a lot more, always managing to find you during the day.
It had taken some time, but eventually you had caught onto what he was doing and there were times where you had ignored the jokes he would say to make it harder for him, knowing what he was doing, but somehow a smile always ended up on your face in the end.
Even if he did notice that you had caught onto what he was doing, that did not slow him down.
You had tried to come up with reasons why he would do it, but none of them ever stuck. Though every time you had asked him why he set out to do that, he just shrugged, gave you a smug smile, and walked away.
It had been like that for weeks, but today you were more determined to figure it out, and now felt like the perfect opportunity to ask as you sat in his room.
Waiting a few moments, you look at the floor before you rush out what has been on your mind for a long time. “Why do you do it?”
Looking over at you, Camilo scrunched his brows in confusion for a second. “Do what?”
“At the most random times during the day you’ll come up to me and tell me something or do something that’ll always make me smile. Why? Why do you do it?” You elaborated, propping your head up on your hands as you waited for him to answer.
He never did answer. Instead he gave you a small shrug with a smile, a reply that should’ve been expected.
But just because he brushed it off did not mean you were going to let it go.
Camilo had once again found you around town and walked beside you until he achieved what he always set out to do.
Then when he had done so, before he could do anything else you quickly asked him the same question you had asked him yesterday.
Why do you do it?
“This time,” you continued crossing your arms over your chest, “I want an actual answer.”
“Why does it matter?” Camilo asked, curious as to why you want to know his reasoning.
You ran your hand through your hair. “Because this has been something that you’ve been doing even before we got close. So I’m very interested as to why you do this.” You explain before pointing an accusing finger at him. “And if you just shrug and walk away I will not hesitate to—”
Throwing his hands up in surrender he gives you a grin. “Okay, I get it.” He told you dropping his hands. “Do you really want to know that badly?”
You give him a blank look. “It’s not like I’ve been trying to get an answer out of you for the past couple weeks.”
“Buen punto,” he said before glancing around as if thinking of his answer before looking back at you. “I just like being the one who is able to make you smile in a day.” He explained simply.
Though, the simplicity of his statement had shocked you, brows shooting up in surprise you turn to give him a smug grin. “Careful, Madrigal, or else it’ll seem like you have a crush on me.” You teased and he rolled his eyes playfully.
“Maybe I do,” Camilo shrugged, and your face went from one of being smug to shocked.
You fumbled for a response, having no clue what to say, and Camilo laughed at your flustered appearance before he began to walk away.
“See you around, mi amor.” He waved, while you still stood awkwardly in your position, still reading into the words he had previously said.
But besides all that he had made you smile once again from those words.
authors note: hello hello I hope you all are having a great day/night! i’ve been majorly procrastinating so i’m so sorry i haven’t posted anything in awhile BUT i hope y’all enjoyed this, it’s kinda short but i wanted to get something out! ALSO please correct me if i used any of the spanish wrong!!
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somethinginthethunder · 20 hours ago
dos oruguitas [1] (camilo x reader)
Tumblr media
part 1, part 2
summary: (y/n) and camilo have been inseparable since their friendship first started. what happens when they're suddenly taken away from each other?
notes: what up, i'm rae, i'm a minor, and i never learned how to write!
jkjk anyway since i can't come up with a name of a stranger prologue, have this! :) this part is 3k words so have fun ily all <3
reblogs and comments appreciated!
warnings: slow burn but not really, angst, camilo not knowing who he is at one part (after he loses his gift)
“ay, camilo, don’t be shy!”
your mother’s friend, pepa, had come to your house with her son. your mamá had insisted that she bring him over to get the both of you acclimated to each other. in fact, she presented it as an opportunity for the both of you to get out of your shells and to become a bit more social with other kids who aren't in your family.
being four-and-a-half years old, you didn’t know what to expect. living in encanto obviously meant knowing who the madrigals were (and by extension, camilo), but there was a part of you that was nervous, a part of you that made you jump when you heard the knock on your door, and a part of you that avoided eye contact with the short-haired boy in the door.
“(y/n), mijo/a, why don’t you show camilo your drawings?” your mother suggested cheerfully, looking down at you as you hid behind her taller form.
you wanted to be friends with him. really, you did. and on the inside camilo did, too. but something about you made him freeze up on the spot. instead, he said, “i don’t want to!”
immediately the sky became darker, mirroring the look pepa’s face morphed in to. she had never seen her son reject a social opportunity before. in fact, she felt more surprised than angry. still angry, of course.
awkwardly, your mother tried to combat the oncoming weather and asked politely, “why not?”
if little camilo had known the answer to her question he probably would’ve answered honestly. however, he did not, so instead he hid away his face and shook his head.
even though you were barely five it still embarrassed you to be rejected like that before even a simple hello. your lip quivered as though you were about to cry, but instead you just walked off to your room so you could avoid the entire situation.
your mother and pepa called after you. as you sat in your room and played with your stuffed toys, you could hear muffled apologies between the two mothers. soon after there was the shutting of doors and distant scolding as the two madrigal’s footsteps faded into nothingness.
that would be your first interaction with your childhood best friend.
the second interaction with him was after his gifting ceremony. most of the kids had gone from the party because of it being so late into the night. you, however, had stayed, as your mother decided to have an extremely long chat with pepa (as mothers do).
as the last few adults left, you spotted camilo sitting in the corner of his rather huge room.
it was enchanting, to say the least. his bed was a giant bunk bed that had a slide in the shape of a chameleon’s tail. all around were poorly drawn pictures by him of him and his family, as well as a few spare photos abuela and dolores found around the house. the floor was carpeted with soft material, and the lights were like fireflies waiting on the ceiling.
in the corner of the room was the birthday boy, hanging up his last photo.
you approached with your hands nervously wringing your skirt, tapping him on the shoulder.
he turned around enthusiastically, only to pause when he sees it’s you.
“your gift is really cool,” you said quietly, glancing up at him.
“thanks,” he answered, smiling so wide that you could see one of his teeth missing from the corner of his mouth.
“what are you gonna do with it?”
this made him pause for a moment. usually, when a madrigal got their gift, abuela would help them decide how to make the most use out of it the next day. however, since it was not the next day yet, camilo decided he could be the one to choose for the time being.
“we could prank mister guzmán!” the young boy suggested excitedly.
“i mean-” he stuttered. “i-if you want to come, of course.”
and the rest was most certainly a chaotic history.
camilo had turned into his prima isabela, fooling poor mariano into thinking she was dramatically pining for him. the only reason the both of you had been caught was when the real señorita perfecta had walked in with her mother looking for one of her lost earrings, scolding the both of you for not only being out of the house at such a late hour without an adult but also for pranking the young boy.
when pepa and your mother caught wind of this, they were surprising less mad than the both of you thought you’d be. both of you had chalked it up to them being in a good mood that day, but if you had told this to your older self, you’d know the real answer right away.
when you were ten years old, one of your bullies decided to really ruin your day.
it wasn’t something basic this time, like you having cooties or anything. he had decided to really take a stab at you, making fun of the way you walk, the way you looked, and your family in general.
you weren’t planning on telling camilo. he was naturally kind, but you knew from past incidents that he could be very easily mean if someone was rude to a person he cared for.
the only reason your best friend had caught wind of this was because dolores had heard what your little bully was saying. she had heard his previous things, but she knew that they were small and you didn’t care. (honestly, it was mostly because you didn’t even know what cooties were).
but when she heard his more ‘mature’ insults, she decided that would be the last straw.
marching downstairs to abuela, she announced, “andres is a nasty boy!”
the grandmother turned in surprise, more confused rather than concerned. “what makes you think insulting a ten year old is a good idea?” she wondered aloud.
“he’s saying terrible things about (y/n), abuela. making fun of the way they look, the way they sound, everything!” the seventeen year old insisted, her hands on her hips as she snitched on said boy.
what she didn’t know, however, was that while she and abuela were going to andre's house to have a talk with his parents, camilo was already heading over to see his best friend.
he had overheard from his room what was going on, immediately furious at the perpetrator but also still having you in mind.
you were sitting outside your house, drawing on a little pad that your mother had lent you for the day as she was away for some work.
sitting down beside you, he gave you a strangely serious look for a little kid. in a silly but stern voice he said, “andres is bullying you?”
the entire reason that you were drawing by yourself was that you didn’t want to run into your bully. trying to ignore even his existence, you shrunk into yourself and ignored camilo’s words.
“they’re just being a baby,” a voice said from a few feet away the street.
there he was, in all his boyish glory. andres was a lean kid for his age, taller than the average child. in fact, that’s what made him scary. he was well known to ram his body into doors and tables when he wasn’t happy with how his day going. it was a wonder his parents weren’t able to make him behave despite being older than a lot of the children currently in the village.
seeing your bully had camilo feeling his anger bubble up inside him on the spot. clenching his fists, he stood and said, “what’s your problem?”
“what are you, their little boyfriend or something?” the other kid laughed, puffing up his chest like an animal about to attack.
this statement made you turn a little red, facing a way for the moment. surprisingly, however, camilo didn’t react.
“who cares? you can’t just bully people like that,” he stated.
“and why not?” andres said snobbishly, crossing his arms as he took a step closer to your friend.
when you turned to look at them a pit in your chest started to form. the older kid was concerningly close to the madrigal, a good couple inches taller than him with a mean look on his face.
camilo, however, was not intimidated like you were. he knew his worth.
in response to the attempted intimidation, he instantly transformed into an even taller version of andres. he towered over your bully with an unamused look on his face.
“because i’ll always be the bigger person,” he answered, mimicking his crossed arms.
a sudden wave of fear fell over the bully, but of course he wouldn’t show it. instead he tensed up, dropped his arms, muttered a ‘whatever’, and then stalked away. that successfully left the two of you alone.
transforming back into himself, camilo took a few strides toward you and held out his hand.
“come on, i’m sure we can fool tia julieta into giving us a few extra empanadas,” he said cheerfully, his demeanor from 10 seconds ago immediately washed away.
it was extraordinary, really, how much this boy would do for you.
at fifteen years old, the two of you had grown considerably.
camilo was now a charming young man, his curls much longer than they were before. he still adorned that iconic ruana, taking the main responsibility of watching the town's children.
you had also flourished beautifully. you were taller, of course, and your style had mirrored your maturity as the years passed by. he wouldn’t tell you this, but camilo thought you were the most gorgeous person he'd ever seen.
this also happened to be the year that casita had fallen down. the town, to show their thanks for the service the madrigals had been, offered to help them rebuild casita. your family was kind enough to allow a few of their family members to stay at their house as the construction was going on.
one of those people was camilo, of course.
despite being happy about how his family was able to work on their imperfections, he was still attempting to grapple with the fact that he could only be himself, now.
he regularly put on a cheerful face for his family, knowing that his other family members were dealing with the same thing. being a caretaker, he decided to help them through it. unfortunately, that meant he believed that there was nobody who could help with his dilemma because of this.
after a few weeks it had gotten to him. he sat in the guest bedroom, his heart beating way too fast and his chest feeling like it was about to be crushed into tiny little pieces.
all his life he was able to be everyone, not just one person. if there was an issue, he could become someone taller, someone shorter, someone younger, or someone older. his gift just made everything easier, like he didn’t have to confront himself because there was literally no reason to.
but who was he now, if without his gift?
this thought made him distraught, sitting beside the bed with his head in his arms.
thankfully, you had planned to come in and bid him goodnight. this had allowed you to see him in his state, a feeling of worry immediately washing over you.
“milo? what’s wrong?” you ask quietly, sitting down beside him.
he turned his head to the side so it was away from you, whispering quietly, “who even am i?"
he knew this shouldn't be getting to him as much as it was, but he couldn't help it in the moment.
his question made you bite your lip, unsure of how to start. there were a lot of things camilo was, and you knew this. all these years, you had been paying attention to all the little things he did. the question was, however, would he think it to be too much if you told him?
in a short amount of time you decided it didn’t matter. he was in distress, and it was only right to help him out of it.
“you're camilo madrigal, obviously,” you started. “the boy who would always tease me for not being able to reach things on the highest shelf before going to get it for me… you’re the boy who held me and consoled me when mi abuela had gotten terribly injured, and the one who helps your mother calm down when your father is not there.”
and now his eyes were on you.
“you act like you’re just this caretaker who services everyone else, but in reality you’re really smart and so much more than that. you’re more than your gift, and even if you never get it back, i’ll still be here because even just yourself is the most remarkable thing about this town,” you told him, placing a hand on his back to help him steady his breathing.
not only did your words help him to steady his own fears, but it only made him fall deeper in love with you. what did he do to deserve your presence? how could he tell you that he wants you to be his?
a month after you had turned sixteen was the moment where everything had gone downhill.
after having dinner with your family, your mother had brought you the news that your family would be leaving encanto.
the moment camilo found out he had refused to believe it. the thought of you leaving and not being within arm’s reach of him hurt more than anything he had ever felt.
this ended up with the two of you spending your last full day in encanto together.
the madrigals had set up a farewell event for your family, acknowledging how much you’ve been a part of the community. everyone was incredibly upset, with pepa trying to help his son just feel a little bit better about the love of his life leaving.
despite him believing you were the love of his life, the two of you had never dated. it was remarkable to all the citizens, really. everyone could see how love struck you two were, but the fear of losing your friendship was stronger than your wish to confess to each other.
after the event had died down a little, the two of you had snuck out away from the town. the both of you sat down under the slightly foggy night sky (pepa’s sadness had dulled down since she found out the news), the both of you peering up at the moon together.
“you’ll write me, right?” you ask him.
“every single day, mi vida,” he answered. “i promise you.”
“and you won’t forget me?”
“the day i forget you is the day i die,” he laughs. it was such a silly question. in what world would he ever forget you?
the both of you sat in silence for a moment, with him wondering what to say. years of knowing each other and these being your last moments together, the both of you felt like there should be more you need to say.
of course, there was one thing on both of your minds. this would be a prime moment for a confession. if it was unrequited love, you were never going to see each other. if the both of you did, then that would be fine as well.
except it wouldn’t. an unrequited love would ruin the memories and letters you’d share with each other. and both being in love with each other would be worse. you two would have to live a part knowing that you could’ve had it all.
so instead, you both kept your mouths shut.
“i would give up my gift if it meant you got to stay with me,” he murmured quietly.
“and i would give up my entire being if it meant you'd always be okay,” you replied.
you were seventeen, now. your current home was fine. the neighbors were kind enough and your house wasn’t at all disappointing.
however, you couldn’t help but miss your old home, your camilo.
the both of you tried to write letters consistently, but eventually they died out.
camilo was the last one to send one, but you hadn’t responded because of how busy you had been with having a city life. that and you also couldn’t take not being able to actually see him.
there was a long period of time where you thought not talking to him would be easier than writing letters. knowing he was thinking of you but he couldn't be with you was painful.
your heart ached to write him again, to tell him everything that had been going on in your head, but you were afraid he would be angry at you for not replying in so long.
despite this strong fear, you sat down at your desk and picked up a piece of paper and pen.
my dearest camilo,
i’d like to apologize for not replying to you after such a long time. to tell you the truth, i was afraid you would not want to hear from me. it’s taken me such a long time now because i had believed that not talking to you would be easier than having to hear from you. not because i hate you, not by any means, but because you’re too important to me.
it hurts to have to talk to you through these letters, and not just face to face. it hurts to not be close to you and be able to mess around with our neighbors as we pretend like we did nothing wrong. it hurts to not be with you.
but now i know i was wrong, and i’m sorry. i should have never stopped talking to you, and it will be my greatest regret.
my second greatest regret is not telling you that i love you. that i’m in love with you, in fact.
i’ve felt it for a long time now, since the moment you told off my bullies after hearing their terrible words. i felt it in the way you would smile to me when you'd see me at your door. i felt it in the way you’d help me with my work even though you had more than enough on your plate. and i especially feel it whenever i read your letters, all of which i have kept near me at all times.
these letters are the closest i will ever be to encanto, anymore. and more importantly, they are the closest i will ever be to you.
and i’m sorry for not telling you sooner. i was afraid you wouldn’t love me back, but i know now that it doesn’t matter. you’re not the kind of person to ostracize another just because of their feelings, but the fear of you looking at me differently was too great.
so here’s to us and our friendship. if i end up not receiving a response from you, then i understand. please do not feel guilty for not reciprocating, because even just having been your friend is more than enough.
(y/n) (l/n)
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ashdreams2023 · a day ago
Could you please do some Camilo X GN!Reader Hurt/Comfort headcanons?
Ok this is gonna be general so no order
Camilo x GR Reader hurt/comfort headcanons
If he likes you, like really like you he wouldn’t flirt right away but go ask his papa for advice first
When he misses you he shifts into you and looks into the mirror, he just want to see your smile
He’s very considerate so if he notices you’re not comfortable with him being around you he’ll leave and give you as much as you need
At first he’s very private in announcing his relationship like he isn’t going to hide it but if somebody asked if you’re both dating he’ll say yes
Loves it when you bond with his family, especially his Antonio
He’s a little self conscious about his appearance because he shape shifts a lot
Has random ticks if he’s under extreme pressure
He doesn’t like sleeping alone and likes to cuddle so you might end up napping with him a lot
He always wants to look perfect to you, it’s his way of showing that you only deserve the best
Likes to dance with you whenever there’s a celebration in the casita
he will cherish every gift you ever give him
He learned how to make flower brackets from Isabela and made you both matching ones
The silent treatment is the worst thing you could possibly do to him
when he first dated you he was afraid you’ll fall under the same family pressure he’s under
He cries a lot….when he feels overwhelmed and suffocated he comes to you and cry on your lap until he can’t anymore
Feels like it’s his responsibility to keep you safe even if he knows you can defend yourself
He’s very ticklish so when you tickle him he’s going to laugh uncontrollably and shape shift into different people including you
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