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Being friends with Camilo
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Request: Yes or No
You fanned the cookies, watching the steam rise from them. Sliding on your mittens, you carefully picked up the tray and turned. You raised your gaze, a squeak leaving you as you stared at... yourself? A huff left you, quickly realizing it was just Camilo. You watched as he laughed, clutching his belly as shifted back into himself.
"Oh, you should've seen your face!" He wheezed out, wiping away a tear. You scowled, kicking the shapeshifter in the leg and moving around him.
"How many times have I told you not to scare me in the kitchen, Camilo?"
"Como... cinco veces?"
"More than that and you know it. One of these days I'm gonna throw coffee in your face." You set the tray down on the table, feeling Camilos curls brush against your cheek as he peeked over your shoulder. You watched him reached out, hearing the satisfying hiss and whimper when he realized they were still hot.
"Karma." You muttered, grinning when Camilo let out a soft offended scoff. "And anyway, these are for your brothers ceremony. Speaking of, shouldn't you be getting casita ready?"
"I've already helped."
"Your presence isn't help."
"Yes, it is. You get work done when I'm here which means I helped." You scoffed.
"I get zero work done with you around, Camilo." You took off the mittens, setting them down. You motioned to bowl beside Camilo, quietly thanking him when he handed it over.
"Can I have one?"
"Pretty please?"
"You're so annoying." You picked one of the cookies up, seeing Camilos eyes light up. He happily took it, humming as he ate it.
"(Y/N), could you get back to work? You've got all night to flirt with your friend." Your mother called from the front of the bakery. Immediately, both you and Camilos cheeks flushed.
"We're not- he's not even-" You turned Camilo around, pushing him towards the backdoor and shoving him out.
"See you tonight." Camilo muttered, rubbing his arm. You nodded, closing the door and exhaling. You shook your head, deciding to get back to work.
When all the desserts were done and taken care of, you set off to the Madrigal residence. Alma greeted you and your family at the doorstep with a smile. You got the desserts set on the tables around the center of casita, adjusting plates and making sure the desserts looked presentable.
"Hola, (Y/N)!" You glanced over your shoulder at Mirabel, smiling and offering her a wave. You noticed the box in her hands.
"Need any help?"
Before Mirabel could respond, a voice caught your attention. "Finally." Your head snapped towards Camilo, smacking his hand before he could dip his finger in the cupcake frosting. Camilo pouted, rubbing his hand.
"Camilo, stop bothering (Y/N)." You heard Felix call from the stairs.
"Yeah, Camilo, stop bothering me."
"You love me." Camilo huffed, cheeks flushing once more. You looked down at the table, picking up one of the cupcakes and offering it to the boy.
"Your favorite." You smiled. Camilos blush darkened, taking the cupcake and muttering a thanks. He stared down at the cupcake before glancing up at you.
"Would you.. Would you like to dance later?"
Gifs aren't mine.
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Busy Schedule || Camilo prompt
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tw: Dirty talk (brief), Markings, Mentions of being caught
Characters: Camilo, Dolores (brief)
A.n: Camilo is 17 years old in this prompt.
Tumblr media
૮ ˙Ⱉ˙ ა rawr!    
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smilelion5 · 19 hours ago
The madrigal family with male older sibling reader who can transform into a dragon (Night Fury)
Quick a/n: your dragon form is a Nightfury so you basically look like Toothless and you have nightfury ears and tail and wings and your hands look like Nightfury paws/claws
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Your Pepa and Felix's son and first born
You have everything from your father and personality from your grandpa, Pedro
At age a young age Castia have you your door when no one was looking
When you were three years old it was when your got your gift which shocked everyone in Encanto including your family who were both surprised and excited to find out you got a gift
When your sister, Delores, was born she was attached to you she wouldn't want to be anywhere near everyone else so your mom or dad would get you to calm her down when she was a baby still
Grown up she still is attached to you and will tell you everything
Then Camilo came in and he wanted to be just like you
And Antonio who wouldn't leave your side. AT. ALL
Your cousins love you
Isabella talks you about how she really feels about her being the golden child
When Castia was falling apart you saved Maribel by using the last of your gift and having her make it to the family but you didn't get out on time
Luckily Castia managed to cover you before something hurt you or worst to you
Your papa, mama, and siblings hugged you hard when they saw you were still alive and ok
Getting along with Bruno
When Castia was rebuilt and the magic was back
You happily flew up and did tricks happy to be back as a Nightfury
Your family and village loves you dearly with it without your gift
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Camilo Madrigal - Stargazing
A set of ideas that goes off what I said in my last post about stargazing with Camilo. Request are Open! So if you want to see anything in a particular comment let me know! If I end up doing the request I'll make sure to @ you
Tumblr media
Going off what I said before, this man loves physical touch
He would lay down next to you
And just, hold your hand
Shoulders brushing up against one another
I don't think he would be the kind for like,, the deep conversations that come up late at night sometimes
I think he'd just want to live in the moment
He'd make up constelations
Just, pointing out random shapes
And 100% make jokes towards the beginning of the night to make you feel comfortable
I feel like in a family so musical he would definitely get the hang of that kinda stuff
So maybe if the night goes well maybe he'll play guitar
Just, softly playing leaning up against you
I'm sorry but like
He would 100% pull the cliche; "It's such a beautiful night,"
While looking at you
It's just,,,,,
He tries to count the stars
"Wait,, hold on what number was I on?"
He'd just kind, slowly quiet down and let it fade out
And that would be the first silence of the night
And it's so comfortable
Any conversation after that point would be quiet
And finally, when your are both struggling to stay awake he would hold out his hand
And start to walk you home
Then right before you guys make it to the town square
Theirs a shooting star overhead
And he would wrap his arm around your shoulder
And watches as it streaks out of sight
Maybe a bit longer
He'd give you this tired but warm smile
And tell you he can't wait for the next time you do this
And he can't!!
He loved spending time with you
Idk man,,, just
Stargazing w/ Camilo <3
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sweaterweather-247 · 5 hours ago
Luisa x self harm reader
TW for blood and self harm
Luisa discovers you self harm
You kept your depression and self harm hidden from Luisa, she had a lot going on and you thought her knowing about your addiction, would only burden her. Luisa loved you so much and your safety and happiness was her top priority.
The days you got the urges was the worst. You would get numb and your brain would tell you to hurt yourself and that you didn’t deserve Luisa. After you finished cutting, you’d quickly get yourself all cleaned up like nothing had happened. You’d hide your blade and bloody bandages before Luisa came back.
This went on for months, you were thankful that she was busy because that way you could make sure your cuts didn’t scar or weren’t noticeable. When you were with Luisa, everything felt better, her hugs made all of your worries melt away and your urges would disappear as well.
You’re terrified of Luisa finding out you do this, you think she’ll yell at you or leave you or tell everyone, but those are just fears and you know she’d never do that, she loves you.
Luisa wanted to spend more time with you. Lusia was going to surprise you in your house one day with hugs and a picnic. She felt bad for not spending time with you and she wanted to make it up to you. Luisa loved you so much and you are her everything. Luisa packs up the picnic and heads over to your house.
Meanwhile you were cutting, you were having a bad day and the urges just weren’t going away not matter how much you cut. Luisa walks in and sees your thigh covered in blood and and a blade in your hand. She runs over to you and grabs the blade. You two look at each other, not able to say a word.
Luisa resists every urge to scream at you but she can’t hold it in. Luisa demands to know what you were doing. You get scared and back into the corner, Luisa sees how scared you are right now and knows yelling at you will only make things worse. She slowly walks over to you and gives you a soft hug.
Luisa doesn’t care if blood gets on her, she just holds you and kisses you on the head. Luisa let’s go and tells you that you have to go to Julieta to get healed, you tell her that you don’t want anyone to know. You get the bandages and Luisa bandages you up.
You both lay in bed facing each other, you can’t find the words you want to say. You try to explain why you cut, you tell her how you feel and how much you’re hurting. Luisa feels guilty that she wasn’t there to help you but you tell her it wasn’t her fault and she made everything in your life better
Luisa tells you this needs to stop, you tell her you can’t just quit cold turkey and it takes time and patience to stop. Luisa looks worried, you tell her that if you get urges, you’ll tell her right away. You two cuddle for hours and she holds you so tightly because she’s scared you’ll slip away if she doesn’t hold tight.
Luisa wants to take your blades but you tell her you keep them clean and it’s better to have clean blades than rusty dirty ones, Luisa reluctantly let’s you have them. You’re never left alone for a few months. Luisa keeps you by her side all the time, she’s scared of leaving you alone.
You’re ok with it because you know she just wants to keep you safe from yourself. There’s some days you get urges but Luisa is right there to comfort you, some days you relapse but Luisa is never mad at you and just bandages you up and tells you to keep trying to stay clean. Luisa always celebrates your clean streaks, she’s always proud when you stay clean.
Luisa loves you and never wants to see you hurt, she cares so much about you and you love her so much.
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blueberry-sunshines · 15 hours ago
✾ ⋆Hello everyone!
Tumblr media
⋅︓︒ ∘ ∗ ✧ ∘ ︒ ⚬ ∙︓ ⋅ ⠄✯ ∘ ⠄✧
┊ ┊ ┊ ┊
┊ ┊ ✼ ┊ ┊
┊ ✼ ✼ ┊
✿ ✿
I’m opening back up my one shot and headcanon requests!!
I’ve gotten really into Encanto and I’ve been writing things for myself but I think I am comfortable in writing for others now too!
If you would like to request something please check out my rules!!
˚ ༘✶ ⋆。˚ Rules!
-ˋ₊˚. What I won’t write:
NSFW for any minor characters, aged up or not.
Illegal ships, incest, pedophellia, etc
Unhealthy relationships/yandere
Extremely graphic topics, I don’t like majorly triggering things but I will write hurt/comfort for certain things
Large age gaps between character and reader even if they’re both adults.
Character x Oc
-ˋ₊˚. What I will write:
One shots, multi-parts, headcanons!
Character x reader romantic for teens/adults, platonic for younger characters
Family x platonic!reader things!!
Character x child!reader PLATONIC/FAMILIAL
Light nsfw for adult characters but keeping it to a minimum
Angst, fluff, hurt/comfort, most non-weird things
-ˋ₊˚. How to request:
Send an ask or PM
Include if character x reader or a ship
If you want a oneshot or headcanon
For x readers, what pronouns to use
For nsfw x readers, what anatomy like afab, amab, etc
The plot idea/headcanon/au you would like included
⋅︓︒ ∘ ∗ ✧ ∘ ︒ ⚬ ∙︓ ⋅ ⠄✯ ∘ ⠄✧
That’s all I can think of for now! Please send requests and I’ll do my best to fill them, I’m a busy person so it may take a while for me to get to them all so please be patient! I’m excited to get to work!
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lostchild · a day ago
Tumblr media
a camilo madrigal x fem!reader fanfic [chapter3]
wordcount: 2.8k
Tumblr media
You shifted your weight from one side to another. Sitting on the cart and watching the passing landscape. You were only a few minutes away from your destination. Your heart did nearly explode in your chest. You sensed a hand on your shoulder, “See these mountains over there.”, your dad pointed towards a huge wall in front of you. “Right behind them…” – “Encanto.”, you completed his thought with a sparkle in your eyes. Your dad just nodded with a smile. The last days were full of bugging your dad and Jean about the old times. You couldn’t wait no longer. You needed to see this town yourself. You wanted to meet your abuela. You were so desperate. The way went by faster than expected. It took you only two and half day to arrive and now you were so damn close. You would rather start running to this place now then waiting any longer, but you needed to be a bit more patient. Just a little while longer.
After what felt like forever you finally arrived at a bigger court where you would stay the next time. Actually, you didn’t know how long you would stay in Encanto, but you were grateful for every second you could be here. The court was a bit outside from the town itself. So that there would be enough space for every cart, wagon, and the tents. Today you wouldn’t start with the set up of the big tent. You would just make some space that everyone would be able to catch enough sleep, so that the preparations could start tomorrow. As everyone started to make them comfortable, you were just standing there. Your eyes locked onto the path into the town. You could see the first houses at the end of the street. It was still early; the sun hadn’t begun to set. You would totally be able to visit some places before helping with the dinner. “Excited?”, an old voice appeared next to you. You couldn’t really answer but nodded. The urge to just run towards the town grew bigger and bigger. Even if you would stay here to help, you wouldn’t be able to focus properly. Your thoughts were all down this road. “I think we wouldn’t mind if you would go check the market out. Maybe buy some ingredients for dinner, you know.”, your head snapped towards the old man. A smile growing up onto your face. “Está seguro?”, you looked at Jean, and he nodded with a teasing grin. Your smile dropped a bit, brows furrowed at him. “What you want in return?”, you crossed your arms. Of course, you wouldn’t ask a second time for a permission to leave, but you knew him to well. After all he raised you just the same as your father did. “Maybe take the younglings with you? They need some distraction from the journey and for real, we need to restock some stuff.”, he smiled at you bright, and you couldn’t suppress a chuckle. “Yeah, of course, but then I’ll also take Bee with me.” You held your hand out and he took it to shake it. “Deal.”
Berthold was just placing a box from your cart down, while you jumped on it. Facing him with way to less space between your faces. “Damn, corazón.”, he stumbled back while he grabbed his chest, “I nearly got a heart attack.” – “Perdón.”, you smiled bright at him, sitting down on the box. He cupped your face. “What do you want y/n?” – “Jean asked if we could go buy some stuff for dinner. Also, we shall take the kids for a walk. So, you’re in?” – “I think I have better things to do.”, you started pouting while he still held your cheeks in his hand. He had quite big hands, but those were the hands who always saved you from falling. Either in the arena or just in daily life. “Please, cariño. Pleeaaseee.”, you gave him the sweetest gaze you could at this moment. “Ugh fine.”, he let out a sigh and before he could react you jumped off the box and hugged the boy. “Brats with me!”, you screamed and six children in the age between five and seven appeared in your sight. Two girls and four boys saluted in front of you. “I already hate myself for saying yes.”, Bee rubbed over his brows. You picked the youngest girl, Emilia, up to carry her, while the others followed you and the dark-haired boy into the city.
Your hands got sweatier as closer you came to the entrence. You could have sworn that everyone would hear your heartbeat at this point. You felt a huge weight onto your chest, and you just couldn’t hold on anymore. You gave the little girl to your friend as you entered the town and a shiver run down your spine. “Y/n? Are you okay?”, Bee caressed your back with his free hand. This damn concern in his voice, but you couldn’t blame him. Actually, you felt stressed. You couldn’t say if all this was just overwhelming or pure happiness or even kinda anxiety. Still, you didn’t want him or the children to worry about you. That’s why you just smiled at him, “Everything is fine. Mind if I take a look around?”
“So, you’re going to enjoy the Encanto and I’m here babysitting and grocery shopping? For real?”, he gave you a playful pout, before slapping carefully onto your back. You stumbled a bit forward. You smiled at each other. “Just don’t get lost, okay? We meet at the market then, that you will at least help carrying the stuff.” – “Thanks Bee. I'll make this up to you!”, you shouted while your feet already dragged you through the town. You left the group behind you. You didn’t even know where you wanted to go, but you had to explore a whole town. Where to start first? The marketplace? The little alleys with those charming stalls. Your emotions were boiling over. After nearly seventeen years you finally walked through the town your mum called her home.
Right, your mum. You suddenly stopped your movements. Your view got slightly blurry. You starred just straight in front of you. Slowly moving backwards into a smaller alley, trying to gain some hold at a wall. This was the town you should have grown up in. This is the town where you parents and you should have lived happily together. Your eyes started to water up. This was definitely too much for you. Maybe you should have waited a bit longer. Maybe you should have stayed with Bee. You weren’t ready for this. With one hand you pulled the hood of the blue ruana over your head to isolate yourself a bit. With the other you grabbed onto your shoulder. First you needed to calm your breathing. Yeah, it totally was a bad idea to leave the others.
You weren’t the only one who decided to go on a walk alone. On the other side of the marketplace was a little girl crying and screaming for her sister until an older guy patted her head. “What’s wrong pequeña?”, the girl stopped crying and looked at the man with longer dark hair. “I need my hermana…”, she just said while clinging on his green ruana. He then picked her up. “So maybe you should tell me your name and then I’m going to help find her.”, he said while poking her nose. “I’m Emilia.”, the little girl chuckled.  “That’s a wonderful name for such a wonderful young señorita. I am Bruno and that is my friend Piek.”, he pointed on a white rat on his other shoulder. The girl started laughing and so both started looking for you. While also Bee and the others were searching for Emilia and you with worry in the back of their heads. 
You didn’t know how much time has passed, also you didn’t know where you were anymore. Suddenly something or better someone brought your back to reality. Before realizing what really happened you found yourself on the ground again and your butt started to hurt. “Are you okay?”, a really calming voice caught your attention and so you looked up. You were greeted with one of the most endearing gazes you ever saw. A pair of emerald eyes staring into yours. Wait, why did he stared at you? He leant onto his thighs and closed his mouth to a soft smile. You pulled the hood of your ruana down and rubbed your eyes. They burnt. Did you cry? “Hey, I asked you something.”, his voice was so calm and still demanding. Well, you needed to answer. “Yeah. I’m fine.”, you couldn’t look up at him. You know that he wouldn’t believe you. You looked exhausted, at least you felt this way. You felt like you were passed out for a while. Did your feet carried you around without even relaizing? You looked up to the sky and noticed that it must got quite late. The sky already turned yellow. “Are you sure?”, what was this thing that you couldn’t look at him. He followed your look up and looked back at you. “You seem kinda lost.”, he added with a chuckle. “I guess, I am lost.”, you answered with way more calm voice then you wanted, not averting your glance from the sky. “Well, good that you bumped into me.”, he grinned, “I can help you out. I know this place like nobody else.” You now looked back at him. His eyes meeting yours for a few seconds before you looked away again. Heat was carrying up to your cheeks. Embarrassment? You could have sworn that he stared again. Did you looked so wasted? Well, you were still siting on the ground like a lost child. “It would be great...” before you could accept his offer a familiar voice echoed through the alley. “Y/N!”, you turned your head and noticed Daniel, one of the older boys, waving from the other side of the alley. Your face light up and your body somehow relaxed. You needed to shove your own needs behind, you couldn’t show you weakness in front of the children. You laid yourself flat to the ground, which earned and confused look from the boy in front of you.
Before he could say something, you swung your legs to the sky to lunge out, so that you would land onto your feet in the next seconds. All the worries from before were gone and your lips curling up in playful smile. You quickly needed to change your mood. “Thanks anyways.”, you told him while turning on your heels. The boy you left behind could only stare in disbelief and somehow curiosity after you, while your figure got smaller and smaller. Till you disappeared around the next corner together with the boy.
“Primo?”, this time someone snapped him out of his thoughts. Camilo didn’t face his cousin, he still stared down the path you took. “Yeah…”, still confused from the present events. “Who was this?”, Mirabel asked while standing next to him. “Y/n.”, he answered without paying much attention to her. “Who is she?” – “I don’t know… but I kinda want to know…” Mirabel raised a brow, but before she could question the boy, he said something nearly voiceless. She wasn’t even sure if Dolores could have heard him. “Her eyes were breathtaking.”, Mirabel needed to listen really closely and as she thought she understood him, her own eyes widened. “Wait, can you repeat that?”, she said with a teasing tone, bumping her shoulder against his. This brought him back to earth. He scratched his neck with a nervous smile. “I just said…Wait didn’t you want to meet with tio?” – “Dios mio. I totally forgot. Don’t think your off the hook Camilo. We will talk about this later!”, she said while running into the other direction. So, the boy was left alone again.
Indeed, he meant what he said before. Your senses were too over flood that you could realize, but he really did stare. He stared into your eyes. Never ever did Camilo Madrigal saw a person with two different eye colors. Not only two different ones, but a pair so beautiful, that he for a moment forget to breath.  However, the thing that bugged him more was that those pretty eyes were puffy and swollen. He wanted to know what hurt you. He wanted to help you. He could always make everyone smile. So why didn’t you smile because of him. He didn’t try hard enough he thought. No, you started smiling after that child appeared. He didn’t even know why, but he wanted to be the reason that you smiled. He wanted to see those eyes light up again. With an odd feeling he went back home to eat dinner with his family, but maybe, maybe he wasn’t really hungry today. Maybe he just couldn’t stop thinking about those eyes he never met before.
On the other side of the road you threw your arm around Bee who was waiting annoyed at the place Daniel led you to. Firstly, he didn’t respond to the hug, but he couldn’t resist long before embracing you. “I hate you.”, you just shoved your head deeper into his chest. “We still need to find Emilia.”, Daniel said. You suddenly let go from your friend and faced the boy. “What do you mean?” – “After you didn’t come to the settled spot, she started running away to look after you. The others are still looking for her.” – “Actually, we hoped she would be by your side.” Your heart sunk to the bottom of your stomach. It was your fault. Everything today was your fault. Why have you been so selfish?  The other children returning also without her to the place you were standing.
“Hermanaaa.”, the joyful voice caught your attention just as you wanted to drown in your thoughts again. The man put her down and she started running towards you. He followed the girl. You fell onto your knees pulling her into a tight hug. “Emilia. Please, you can’t just run away. You need to stay with Bee.”, said boy flicked against the back of your head. “You can advise me later, okay?”, you said while cuddling the little girl in front of you. That was such a relief. “Promise me to never run away again.”, you said in a worried tone while letting go of her. She just nodded energetic. You then looked up to the man standing a bit awkwardly in front of your group. “Thank you, señor…uhm.” – “Just Bruno.”, he said while rubbing his arm. “That somehow sounds wrong to me.” - “You can call me tio Bruno if you want.”, he chuckled. “Alright tio Bruno. Thanks for taking care of her.” – “Actually, that was a joke.” You started laughing together with the girl. “Well, too late, I guess. I’m y/n. Nice to meet you.”, you reached out to his hand. He just laughed a bit. His eyes looked really concentrated into yours while shaking hands. “Do I know you from somewhere?” – “I don’t think so.” – “No for real. I swear I have seen you before.” – “Maybe you mistake me for someone else.” – “Maybe.”, he let go of your hand but still looked with a tight focus at your figure.
“I really don’t want to interrupt your bonding. But the folks will get angry, if we need any longer.”, Bee came to pick up Emilia and gave Bruno a grateful smile. “I don’t want to stop you from anything.” – “Hopefully see you soon tio Bruno.”, you smiled playful while joining the others on their way to your place again. Bruno waved after you before he turned away to go meet with Mirabel. Still thinking about where he did see your face before. Why did you seemed so familiar? 
“You wanna tell me why you cried?”, Bee whispered to you while walking home. The children walking a bit in front of them carrying some bags while singing a little song. You played with the hem of your ruana. (Or better said your dads.) “C’mon. I see that you went through something back there.”, he took your hand into his. “I guess I had a panic attack.”, you simply said. Before your friend could answer Emilia turned her heads towards you. “One deep breath in.”, she simply said, and you responded with “One deep breath out.” A little smile grew onto your faces. The first day in Encanto wasn’t like you imagined, but everything was just fine. You wanted to believe this. At this point, you just wanted to hide under your blankets and catch a handful of a good sleep.
Tumblr media
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authors note:
so we have the first meeting and im kinda proud of this chapter. This will be the last chapter for this week because its my birthday tomorrow and i need to do some reallife stuff. we will continue next week
If you have any questions my asks are open. Also if you want to be added to a taglist just lmk.
comments and reblogs are highly appreciated ❤
Tumblr media
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mari-mari-maricela · 9 days ago
⇨ encanto
⇨ camilo x fem reader
⇨ fluff, embarrassed y/n
⇨ in which camilo is getting measured for the suit he'd be wearing for his sister's wedding, but will not allow the tailor to get her work done.
"Camilo." Y/N huffs, taking the tape back from him and rolling it back up, "Stop messing around with my stuff."
"What? I'm not doing anything!" Camilo retorts, shrugging his shoulders as he sat up on his bed. He watched as she began placing her other equipment on his desk, hand on her hip as she wrote down her new client. A small smile appears on his lips. "How's your family doing anyway?"
Y/N turns to him, leaning against the desk as she places her pencil down. "They're doing well. Padre was about to forbid me from measuring you, but Madre was persuasive enough to tell him off though." She chuckles, walking towards him now.
Camilo raises a brow as he stands up. "Your dad doesn't trust me?" He says, pouting playfully with a tilted head, "He doesn't trust his daughter with her loveable, mature boyfriend?"
She rolls her eyes and unwinds her tape, taking his hand and placing Camilo in front of the mirror in his room. "Yeah, whatever you say, mi querido." She hums, standing behind him.
He watches her in the mirror, how she eyes gaze at his shoulders and begins to measure the width.
Y/N and her family were the town's tailors. If anybody was looking to buy some new fitted clothing, then they were the ones to go to.
Her father would be the ones to acquire the materials and cut them to the needed size for any client. Her mother would be the one to sew the clothing together as well as do the finishing details. That left Y/N with the task of taking their measurements and delivering the finished products to the houses of the clients.
After all, she was probably the most approachable out of the three of them.
The reason they were here today at the Madrigal house was to get everyone fitted for their wedding attire. Since there was twelve of them, and Y/N and her mother would be handling the measuring while her father gathered materials, the Madrigal family was split into groups of six.
Y/N's mother would be taking care of Abuela, Julietta, Augustin, Isabella, Luisa and Mirabel.
Y/N would be measuring Bruno, Pepa, Fèlix, Dolores (with the exception of her trying on her dress for the first time), Camilo and Antonio.
"How has your family been, 'Milo?" She questions, pulling away to write down his shoulder width.
He looks over to her. "Same old, y'know. Dolores keeps asking me if she thinks that dating Mariano for two years is enough to get married." He chuckles, shaking his head, "Did you know she's thinking of asking you to be one of her bride's maids?"
Y/N stops, blinking at Camilo before making her way over to him. "Ah, no, actually." She says, looking away in a flustered motion, "Why would she want me?"
"Maybe because you two are basically best friends now?" He huffs, tilting his head, "You guys bully me all the time."
"No we don't." She scoffs, a smile on her lips.
"Yes you do."
"Aw, I'm sorry, 'Milo."
"No you're not, encantadora."
Y/N rolls her eyes again, now facing him to the mirror. She ducks under his raised arms to stand in front of him, Camilo's eyes now on her. She states, taking out her tape again, "I'm going to measure your waist now, alright? Sorry if I tickle you, querido."
He shrugs it off, allowing Y/N to place the tape against his stomach and snake her arms around his waist, aiming to put the end of the tape to the roll, thus getting the measurement she needed. "That tickles." He says.
"Tough it out." She retorts, making Camilo let out a snort. Y/N tries to glance over his shoulder to watch her hands. She sees the it's connected, so she leans away, ready to read the measurement.
But she widens her eyes as Camilo's arms drop around her shoulders, pulling her closer into a tight embrace. She sighs, chin on top of her boyfriend's shoulders, "'Milo."
"Yes, mi amor?" He hums, nuzzling into her shoulder with closed eyes.
"I haven't finished." She states, unable to stop the smile on her lips as she gently hugs him back. Camilo was always the one of the pair to hug the other first. And Y/N could never reject him.
Camilo responds, slightly swaying the both of them, "Mm, that's alright. A quick break never hurt anybody." He pulls away a little, now able to look his lover in the eyes. Leaning his forehead against hers, Camilo taps behind her shoulder a few times. "I'm your last client, aren't I? You can take it slow now, encantadora."
She closes her eyes, grinning softly at how relaxing her boyfriend was. "Don't you think your parents will be suspicious if I spend too long in here?" She jokes, moving so that she can rest her head against the crook of his neck.
He chuckles, holding her closer, "Not at all. That's a lie. They were suspicious of me as soon as your mother said you'd be measuring my family." He feels her shake her head at that. "But it's alright, my family loves you."
She stops, looking towards Camilo as she relaxes even more in his hold, pulling away a little. "Is that true?" She mumbles.
Camilo glances at her as if she was stupid. "Um, of course?" He says, bringing a hand up to hold her cheek, "They think you're an angel and that I'm gonna', like, turn you to the evil side, ya'know?"
Y/N gives a small smile, leaning into his warm palm.
He can't help but stare at her. "You're absolutely perfect." He whispers out.
Sometimes, Camilo could be so sweet and loving that Y/N found it hard to actually take it all in at once.
She huffs, pulling away and moving to stand behind him, redoing the measuring tape around his waist, "Okay, okay, I—I need to finish now."
And Camilo knows how that gets her whenever she suddenly moves off to do something else. He can't help but smirk every single time.
"Aw, what's wrong, mi belleza?" He laughs, turning around with his hands on his hips, tilting his head. The tape is still snug against him and he watches as Y/N quickly takes note of the measurement and turns to write it down. He only smiles wider, following her. "Ooh, you're so embarrassed and cute and ignoring me now—Y/N, come on! It's okay!"
She only covers her face as Camilo hugs her from behind, chin on her shoulders as he watches her write down meaningless words. He notices that she's already got his size written down. Now, she just keeps writing 'mean Camilo' over and over again.
He squeezes her tighter, giggling like a little kid, "Oh, stop that, I'm just telling the truth." He gently turns Y/N around, who immediately hides her embarrassed and burning face into his shoulder. "Que hermosura..."
"Stop it." She whines, muffled by his clothing.
He pulls away and holds her chin in his fingers. He gets to let out a short chuckle before leaning towards her, pressing a kiss onto her lips and letting her ease into him.
As she reciprocates the action, Y/N rests her hands on his shoulders. He did know how to make her feel better.
When he pulls away, Camilo presents this wide and loving smile on his face. "Alright, let's finish this up and then eat lunch with Tia Julietta." He pats her arms before walking off towards the mirror again.
Y/N takes in a deep breath, soon following along.
"Right. Before Dolores tells us to shut up."
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ichigobunsss · 6 days ago
Te Deseo Lo Mejor (pt 4)
Bruno Madrigal x O/C Angst/Sexy Dancing lol
Tumblr media
Ay, amor, me duele tanto. . . Me duele tanto.. Que te fueras sin decir a dónde Ay, amor, fue una tortura perderte. . .
Valeria would never forget the night she first met Bruno Madrigal. The rhythm of the music that played around the Encanto was intoxicating as she swayed her hips alongside her primas.
The Madrigals had thrown another party and Valeria was certainly glad she let her cousins drag her along with them this time. After a few drinks, they all had made their way to the middle of the floor where a small crowd of people were dancing, and happily joined in. The smell of food, alcohol and a mix of the senores sweet tobacco smoke filled the air as she danced the night away, forgetting what they were even celebrating. Little unbeknownst to her, a pair of green eyes had been watching her. Entranced by the swinging of her hips as she danced freely around the room, hands tangled in her hair as she let the beat of the music take her away.
"Mira Agustín! Bruno's finally got his eyes on someone!" said Felix, as he gave the back of Bruno's back a harsh slap, causing some of his untouched drink to spill out a bit. Bruno forced his eyes away from Valeria's swaying body and down towards his feet. "N-no, no. I was just-" "Ay, Bruno. It's okay to look! No harm in that, eh? She's a pretty one!" he said jokingly, nudging the sides of Bruno's arm. Agustín shook his head and slapped the back of Felix's head. "Ya! Be careful Pepa doesn't hear you! The last thing we need is for her to get jealous and start a rainstorm." said Agustín, glancing about the room to spot his sister in law. Bruno had glanced back up at Valeria and gulped at the thought of her dancing form in the rain as her wet clothes clung to her body- "Ay Brunito, talk to her! Turn up the charm!" said Felix, shimmying his arms out and swaying his hips. "Pero don't be forceful, be respectable. But also compliment her-" said Agustín. "Si, si- Dile que es hermosa! Pero unbutton your shirt a bit como yo, mira-" said Felix as he began undoing two buttons of Bruno's shirt. Bruno sighed at his brother in laws as they continued on to try and give him advice. Their voices were beginning to fade out as he lifted his eyes back to watch her dance.
"Mira, mira! One of the Madrigal men is looking at you!" one of her primas said, nudging her side for her to focus. The swaying of Valeria's hips calmed down as she looked behind to where her cousin was nodding her head over to. Bruno tensed as he locked eyes with her and heat sprung up into Valerias body when she noticed how intensely he was looking at her before she caught him. "Luckyyy, I wanna be with a Madrigal!" whined her other prima as Valeria gave Bruno a smile. He turned his head, thinking she was smiling at someone else before turning back and giving her a small wave. "I heard he gives bad visiones, like he's kind of the odd one of the three." said her prima as she turned back to them to continue dancing. Valeria shrugged, not really caring for the rumors that circled around town. "Maybe he'll give me a good one." she said, smiling cheekily over to her cousins. They squealed and giggled as she continued to dance, occasionally glancing over her shoulder to see if Bruno was still staring.
He was. The music had died down a bit and la banda had changed the beat to a calmer rhythm. Valeria casually walked her way over to where Bruno was by the small drinking station (that Casita had generously set up for the party). Bruno froze up the moment he realized she was walking towards him and took a quick chug of his drink. "Hola!" Valeria said happily, the alcohol in her body had given her the confidence to walk up to him so calmly. She watched as Bruno stared at her in shock, probably because he hadn't expected her to approach him. "H-Hola-ahem! M-Mucho gusto." he said softly, trying to avoid staring at the faint beads of sweat dripping down her plump chest. Felix and Agustíns mouths dropped as she stood in front of Bruno (also not expecting her to approach him first) and quickly scurried away, leaving the two of them alone as the band began playing their next song. "Quieres bailar conmigo?" she said, raising her voice a bit as the music got louder. Bruno looked behind her at the crowd of people dancing around happily, before turning back to her. "I uh, I don't really dance. W-Well I do! I like it but- I've never uhm- Ay, cómo se dice-" "Never had a good partner?" she mused, smiling at him. Bruno sighed and nodded his head with a small chuckle. "Si, Heh, you could say that." He mumbled. She reached out her hand towards him, motioning him over. "Come, I think I could be a good one." Bruno looked hesitantly at her welcoming hand, then back up at her eyes with a warm smile. He placed his drink behind him on the counter, Casita happily whisking it away, as he let her lead him to the dance floor. He stood there awkwardly for a moment, staring at her dancing, before she took his hands and placed them on her hips. "I thought you said you liked to dance?" she said with a laugh. Bruno shook his head shyly and avoided her gaze. "I-I don't think my family has seen me dance before-or anyone really-" he said, frantically looking around the room. But Valeria turned his head back to look at her. "Déjalos mirar! It's just me and you dancing, right?" Bruno's shoulders relaxed at her words and he nodded, cracking a smile as his grip slightly tightened on her hips as he began swaying with the beat. "Esooo!" she cheered happily as Bruno began to loosen up and bring her body closer to his, swinging his hips with hers along with the rhythm of the music. Valeria wrapped her hands around his neck as they danced to the music. Their noses were barely touching at how close their bodies had gotten, fading out everyone else in the room.
"Soy, Bruno." he said, slightly out of breath as leaned in to her ear. His hot breath sending chills down her body.
"Yo sé." she said with a bright smile as the two of them continued to dance the night away.
The night you met was the first time Bruno had felt that relaxed and free since the day he got his gift. · · · · · · · · · · Valeria had awoken the next day with a jolt, clutching the blankets around her hands, turning her knuckles white. It took her a moment to realize she was in the bedroom. The sheets surrounding her were messy and bundled. Clearly her nieces and Camilo had woken up earlier and let her sleep in some more. Plopping back down on the pillows with a sigh, she frowned up at the ceiling, silently cursing herself for dreaming about Bru- him. The sound of tiles tapping against the bed pulled her from her mental debate. But she rolled her eyes and flipped herself to the opposite side of the bed. "No, I'm mad at you too." she said to Casita. She truly was. The least this house could've done was give her a heads up. The windows creaked open and waved a bit letting fresh breeze and sun flight seep through. Clearly Pepa had calmed down. The tiles began tapping against the bed again, this time leading up to the door, letting it open and swing back and forth a bit. Casita was clearly trying to get her out of bed. "Fine. I'm only getting up because I want some coffee, not because I'm listening to you." Valeria said bitterly. The windows tilted a bit, but quickly perched back up as she grumpily made her way out the bedroom. The smell of cafecito practically had her floating in a daze to the kitchen. As she tiredly walked down the stairs, her eyes glanced over to the candle perched on Almas window. It's bright light slightly flickering as her eyes glazed over it.
Maybe it's just the wind. . . Most of the family was seated at the table, but froze in their conversation once they noticed Valeria's form in the archway. Camilo smiled brightly at her and started waving happily. “Tía!” He yelled. Dolores winced beside him and clamped her hands over her ears, nudging her elbow to his side harshly. “B-Buenos Días..” Valeria croaked out. She winced at how coarse her voice sounded. But the family greeted her as if nothing was wrong, forced small smiles plastered on their faces as they carefully watched her make her way over to them. “Ven, Mija. Have something to eat.” Said Alma with a warm smile as she gestured to the empty seat by her. Valeria tried not to grumble, only wanting a cup of coffee and to go back upstairs to curl in her sheets. Making her way over to the table, Casita hastily made her coffee and roll your plate of food over. She tried to ignore her usually spot and Bruno’s empty chair beside it and plopped down in the middle of Alma and Camilo. She noticed Bruno's plate had already been taken away, probably due to Alma’s request. Pepa stared at Valeria from across the table with a worried look, probably noticing the redness and puffiness of her eyes, but Julieta nudged her sisters side and gestured above the small fog forming above her. “Bueno…” started Alma. Valeria felt her heart sink, knowing where this was going to go. “As we all know, Bruno has left the family." said Alma, far too calmly for your liking. Tension immediately filled the room and Valeria felt eyes glancing over at her, but hers was locked on the coffee that Casita had rolled over to her. She played with the wedding band on her finger, it's gold shine reflecting back at her almost mockingly. "I will speak with the town once they start noticing his absence. Mija, I think it's best if you stay in the Casita for a few days until then. Julieta and Pepa will help you clean out his things from your room. I will also speak with Mirabel today, try to explain why she was not given a door. . Not that any of us know. . " she said, taking a sip of her coffee. Valeria looked up at her, surprised at how calm she was acting about this, as if Bruno was some worker that had simply quit his job. "Espere, you want me to just wait around the house? Like some boba?" said Valeria, clutching on to the small cup in her hands. "Si, Mama maybe we should take some time to-" tried Pepa, but Alma lifted her hand to speak. "Valeria the sooner you realize he never cared for you or this family the better. He left us. He left you. And for what? " she said with a shrug. Valeria felt her eyes sting, but she refused to let them fall. She was so tired of crying.. "How could you say that? He loves me, he loves this family!" Valeria said, raising her voice. She didn't know why she was defending Bruno. Perhaps it just became natural for her to defend him against Almas often harsh words. Besides this wouldn't have happened if she hadn't asked him to have those visions in the first place-
"Then why did he leave?!" she shouted back, slamming her hand on the table. Valeria flinched back, not exactly knowing how to answer. Her mind flashed to the green glass she found in his tower. She knew somewhat of why he might have left but yet. . didn't understand how he could actually bring himself to do it. Alma sighed and reached over to hold one of Valeria's hands gently. "Lo siento Mija, I am not angry with you. I just want what is best for our family. I do not want you to feel abandoned as I felt when I lost Pedro. . So we must carry on. Forget these unfortunate events that have happened to us these past few days. . and move on. For this family. . and for our Encanto." Valeria barely noticed the tears that fell from her eyes as she stared down at her coffee. The burning sensation started to boil up against her chest as her mind raced. How could a mother be perfectly fine with just forgetting her own son? To force his wife to forget him? "Alma, I can't just forget Bru.." she sighed, lifting a hand up to her face as she let out a sob. Camilo had leant in closer to her, clenching his small fist around the sleeve of her shirt, noticing her trembling. The fog that Pepa was frantically trying to fan away, had already turned into a small cloud as she stared sadly at Valeria's crying, her hands over her chest with a sad frown as Felix tried to shoo Pepa's cloud away. Julieta and Agustín were by Valeria's side in no time, shushing her quiet sobs as Agustín placed his head on top of hers, nuzzling it affectionately as Julieta wiped her tears, uttering soothing words. "You have to try Mija . . You have to try. . ." 🐀 🌿 🐀 🌿 🐀 🌿 🐀 🌿 🐀 🌿 🐀 🌿
PART 5 LINK https://ichigobunsss.tumblr.com/post/673567743286575104/te-deseo-lo-mejor-pt-5-bruno-madrigal-x-fem
Creo que todos necesitamos un abrazo grupal😭🖤 I did wanna lighten the mood a bit with their first meeting lolol Also I just KNOW Bruno can fucking dance 😂 I wanted to make their meeting kinda spicy cause tbh this is exactly how i would approach brunito💀😂
ALSO YES LA TORTUA & te deseo lo mejor (bd bunny bby) IS WHAT INSPIRED THIS MINI SERIES LOLOL i know its a cheating song but some of the letras stucks w me
hope you all enjoyed this chapter! stay tuned for the next one :D heres my insta if yall wanna follow me there and chit chat im always down to make new amiguitos❤️ feel free to dm me ! https://www.instagram.com/natasharomeroo/
My Etsy Shop💖 https://www.etsy.com/shop/GlamGhoulzStore
(thank you for all the sweet messages i have been getting as well im so happy we are all equally thristy for bruno LMAOO)
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cherios · 17 days ago
Root beer Float ( Camilo x Reader )
Tumblr media
When you had ultimately decided to live in Columbia and leave the states your boyfriend's one request was to bring back some foods he could try so you did! You brought back (well mailed back since airport security would lose their minds over how much you brought) various candies, sodas, and chips.
So to say he was over the moon excited when the package of goodies had finally arrived was an understatement. He was practically bouncing off the walls as he hauled it into the kitchen whilst you took out the empanadas Julieta left for the two of you to eat for lunch, in the oven.
“This is heavy, Qué hay aquí?” he questioned as he sat it atop the tiled countertop. With a mischievous smile, you took a knife letting the sharp part of the blade split through the small opening between the two flaps, and took out the contents.
“Lots of stuff.” You told him as you placed all the items on the countertop whilst casita moved them into storage spaces around the kitchen. Once you got towards the end of what was in it you grabbed the two-liter bottle of root beer and moved to get two cups not saying a word to your boyfriend who was watching in wonder.
After pouring the drink into two cups you made your way to the freezer where the Madrigals kept a tube of Ice cream from the city just out of Encanto just for you.
“What are you doing?” Cam asked as he peeked over your shoulder grimacing a bit as he watched you put the vanilla ice cream into the cup with the soda.
“It’s a root beer float, here try it.” You turned around swiftly pushing the cup into his hands to which he nearly spills on his poncho before taking a whiff of the sugary drink.
“esto huele a mucha diabetes”
You shook your head with a smile watching as he drank the contents of the cup getting a bit of ice cream on his top lip.
“So what’d you think?”
He looks from the cup, up to you, and back down to the cup.
“You Americans have the weirdest stuff.”
Tumblr media
this is so stupid lmao 💀 but i was with the idea struck while drinking a rbf, anyways my request are open for encanto!! i write for all characters and will even write for poly relationships with pepa/felix as well as Julieta/Agustin
taglist (to be added fill out this form !!! xxxxx )
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rysket-blog · 8 days ago
Pairing: Pepa x Female!reader
Warnings: 18+ nsfw, brief mention of homophobia (In theory not in practice)
Pepa had never been so interested in the boys she had dated. You on the other hand had become to center of her little world. Of course, she still completed all her chores, and made sure to spend time with her family. After all her mamá wouldn’t be pleased with her if she knew how often she was sneaking out at night to go see you. Most nights that meant just sleeping in your bed instead of hers. On rare occasions where she didn’t need to be out early you two would stay up late cooking together something small to snack on as you two talked for hours.
Pepa hated having to sneak out to see you. She could hardly help it though; she was too scared to even be honest with Julieta and Bruno her own siblings. Of course, they knew you two were friends you all had been friends for a long time before your relationship changed. Julieta had her suspicions, but she knew it wasn't really her business and if she pried it would only upset Pepa. The time she had caught Pepa sneaking out to go see you after dinner had been enough to confirm it for her anyway. Pepa made her swear that night that she wouldn't mention anything to their mamá or Bruno. Afterwards she insisted she only left to get some freedom from the home, and that she liked how quiet [y/n]'s home was. Julieta merely nodded in agreement knowing you lived on your own she could see the appeal of that, even if she didn't really believe her sister.
Again, tonight Pepa was quietly waiting for casita to give her a signal that she was safe to leave her room without being caught. After what felt like the longest hour of her life casita's tiles jumped up pushing her shoes over to her. Pepa wasted no time tossing aside the book she had been reading to instead grab her intricately sown bag she had taken to using as an overnight bag. She knew casita would never lead her astray purposely, but she still preceded with caution. Careful to not let her door creak as she peaked her head out of her room. Seeing the coast truly was clear she exited her room making her way down the stairs with practiced ease. Pepa no longer needed to look where she stepped to know what parts of the stairs creaked and which didn't-- this was second nature by now.
Once she was out of the house, she turned around to wave goodbye to casita and whisper a quiet thank you for the help. When she was out of sight from the house, she slowed her pace down enjoying the quiet streets. It wasn’t so late that she was the only one outside, but it was always more suspicious to try and hide. Instead, she opted to not meet anyone’s stray glances, and walk with purpose. It was enough to keep anyone from greeting her though with her reputation people weren’t typically lining up to talk to her anyway.
Upon reaching your home she let herself in. “[y/n] I’m here,” she called out finding you in your room already in your sleep clothes. You were brushing your fingers through your hair which was clearly still damp from the shower. Seeing her walk in you quickly got to your feet wrapping your arms around her waist once she was close enough. “Hola mi amor.” She peppered your face with kisses causing you to giggle and let go of her to dodge the affection. Pepa looked at you with a pout reaching out to grab your hand before you got too far. You didn’t put up a fight. “Was it easy to get out tonight?”
Pepa scoffed,” As if it would ever be difficult.” You rolled your eyes at her playful offense knowing full well how much anxiety it used to cause her. You had offered plenty of times to sneak into her house instead, or to ask Alma if she could date her to make it even easier. She refused to let you sneak in, and the storm she created when you mentioned wanting to tell Alma had put a pin in that idea. Her mamá loved her of course, but Pepa wasn’t so sure how she would react to her being in a relationship let alone one in which her partner was a woman. Pepa had needed much reassurance that you wouldn’t do that until she was ready before the storm let up. When she got home that day, she had to lie to her hermanos that she had tripped and twisted her ankle to explain the bad weather. They didn’t press her instead Julieta made her a snack to heal her faux sprained ankle.
“No of course bebé nothing is difficult for you. You’re so talented,” your voice held a tone of teasing despite you meaning every word. She tugged you back over to her with the hand that was still holding yours pulling you onto the bed with her. “Talented and so strong.” She gave you a sly grin nodding her head for you to continue. You stared dumbly for a moment before you perked up quickly adding,” And so so pretty. I thought that went without saying.”
“Maybe,” the ginger conceded, “But I’ll never get tired of hearing it from you.”
Gently you cupped Pepa’s cheek placing a gentle kiss to her forehead. “You’re so cheesy mi amor.” She huffed letting herself fall backward on the bed looking away from you in mock offense once more. Her eyes came to a rest on the clock on the nightstand.
“Come here idiota,” at least it was said affectionately. Pepa moved over holding out her arms for you to come snuggle in close to her. You were a bit disappointed that it was already time for bed, but you knew tomorrow Pepa would need to be up before the sun rose. The fields needed water, and during summer that meant getting out there before the sun was too high least the heat fry the plants.
Deciding to be a bit cheeky you moved so you were hovering over her glancing from her eyes to her mouth. You loved how little it took to fluster the ginger. You dipped down a bit closer not yet kissing her. “Bebé... don’t tease me,” Her little whine was enough for you to finally kiss her. Her hands had settled on your waist playfully pulling you in closer. You felt your heart leap at the action you had meant to pull away so you could both go to sleep, but her hands were keeping you in place now. She swiped her tongue against your bottom lip wanting access. Obediently you opened your mouth letting her control the kiss. Deliberately she started rubbing slow circles against your hip. You let out a small noise pulling away just enough to see how blown out Pepa’s pupils were. Well now look at what you had started.
You leaned forward again this time placing kisses to her neck the small humming sound she made only spurring you on more. Gently you nipped her neck before moving down to the sensitive spot right where her shoulder and neck met. This time you bit down harder earning a gasp from the pretty girl. Her grip on your waist tightened now as you sucked and nipped at the same spot, she was still doing her best to stay quiet, but her resolve was fading.
Not one to be dominated so easily she pulled you flush against her propping a leg up so that her thigh brushed against your core. She started a steady pace moving one of her hands to the back of your head holding you close as you gasped against her neck. You were still placing kisses to her neck, but it was much gentler now your focus switched to trying to keep your hips rocking to the pace she had set. In tandem with your arms wobbling, she used the hand still on your waist to push you onto your side next to her. Her leg was still between yours but had stilled almost completely as she brushed some hair away from your eyes. “You’re so pretty,” she murmured capturing your lips for a slower more sensual kiss. She wanted you to really understand how she felt so often she tried to express it in words, but Pepa never felt that you truly understood how much she cared about you. You broke the kiss with a goofy grin,” I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of hearing that from you.”
Before she could comment on you mimicking her from earlier you took this as your opportunity. Your ran your hand down her stomach loving how whatever words she had to say died before she said them. Your fingers found the hem of her negligee pushing the silky fabric up around her hips. With the easier access now, you snaked your hands between both of your bodies caressing her through her underwear. Gently you pressed against her clit through the fabric. Her hips stuttered forward with that leaving you fighting desperately to stay in control as her knee pressed against you again. Not willing to risk yourself giving in to her you quickly broke the kiss pushing her knee away from you and spreading her legs apart. You raised your eyebrows questioningly,” May I mi princesa?” Instead of verbally answering she reached down hooking her fingers under the hem of her panties quickly tossing them to the floor. Any thoughts of sleeping had long been banished. You captured her lips again gently nipping her lower lip. Your hand had dipped down to her entrance gathering the wetness there before proceeding to circle teasingly around her clit once more. Her hips pushed up trying to gain some friction with your fingers, but you pulled your hand away instead gently splaying it over her stomach stilling her movements. Pepa broke the kiss in frustration groaning at your antics. “[y/n]”, certainly that was meant to be a warning, but with that desperate look on her face it sounded more like begging.
Who could say no to that? Obliging her you start pressing wet open mouth kisses down her neck making sure to leave a few more light marks, and then you were positioned between her legs. You licked your lips looking at her, but her impatience was showing as he hips raised upwards wanting attention. Not wanting to keep her waiting any longer you dove in licking her from her opening to her clit. You circled around her clit with your tongue flicking it with practiced ease. Her whimpers were immediate a hand finding its way to tangle in your hair holding you close to her. The grip was tight, but the tugging sent shocks of pleasure through you making you even more eager to please her.
Your index finger found her opening gently entering her. The strangled moan she let out had heat pooling in your stomach—that was a sound you’d never take for granted. The way her walls tightened around your digit was intoxicating. Usually, you preferred to take your time, but time was your enemy tonight. That in mind you curled your finger as you pumped inside her knowing you had found her g-spot as she started cursing. Her hips were bucking to meet you, but her pace was starting to become erratic. You had leaned your head back to watch your finger thrust in her. The grip on your head was iron, but more so to just give her something to focus on as she wasn’t pulling you back to her anymore. Your eyes flickered up to her face and you couldn’t help your cocky grin seeing her so lost in the pleasure you gave her. It was an intoxicating feeling. “[y/n] please,” her free hand was covering her mouth now.
You slowed your pace down drastically grinning at her,” Please what mi querida?” Thunder growled from the clouds that immediately formed. Pepa let out a shaky breath tugging on your hair again. “Use your words Pepa.” You really were playing with fire. You expected more thunder, but instead the clouds became a lighter gray. It was embarrassing for her to beg, but she wasn’t above it by any means.
“Please,” she hesitated for a moment her hips grinding uselessly against your hand still. Her hand that had only been covering her mouth was nothing covering her entire face. “More,” she tried uselessly to explain her brain to unfocused to really explain what she meant.
You knew though you had known as soon as she said please, but this was more fun. “More?” you parroted back you curled your finger again enjoying the way she gasped. You considered teasing her more, but the soft noises she was trying to cover up were too tempting to ignore. “Okay amor I’ll give you more.” That was her only warning before you added another finger your pace picking back up.
You moved so your free arm was curled around her thigh as they started to come together. You place a gentle kiss above her clit before adding you tongue back to the mix. She cried out immediately as you sent her over the edge. You removed your fingers using that hand to keep her from closing her legs to tightly around your head as you helped her ride out her orgasm. Slowly Pepa untangled her fingers from your hair as her breathing steadied.
Quickly you moved to lay back down next to her pulling her against her chest before she could protest. Not that she had enough strength back to be able to yet anyway. All she could do was tilt her head upwards to kiss you softly. You gently took her hair out of its braid running your fingers through the ginger strands. “Do you want some water princesa?” It was a question, but you were already moving to get up. Before you could she grabbed at your wrist looking conflicted. You were great at understanding her without her needing to explain herself, and this was a great example of this as you shook your head. Of course, she wanted to return the ‘favor’ or more so wanted to make you pay for making her beg. “Let me take care of you,” you requested.
Pepa bit her lip considering your words. “The best way you can take care of me is by staying right here.” She pulled on your wrist to emphasize her point. There was no fighting with that, so you moved back in wrapping your arms around her waist. She relaxed against you again nestling comfortably against your chest before her eyes fluttered closed. “Good night amor.”
“It really is.”
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seungmoe · 8 days ago
genre | platonic au, angst, bittersweet 
word count | 2930
warning | ooc (?), mention of blood, mention of injuries, mention of knife, mention of harm (using the knife)​
note | vent piece; a little all over the place, but the important part is at the end. nevermind the reader’s background, can count as a metaphor. 
Tumblr media
"let me talk to them."
bruno's voice was meek and timid, and there was a hint of a nervous lisp in his pronunciation that was so small that only dolores managed to catch from outside the dining-room door, which the rest of the family other than the adults—the older adults, the parents—were casted out to.
"here, have some more and see if it helps," julieta instructed softly, her usually kind eyes for a brief moment laced with only concern and fear, as she pushed a plate of arepas toward you.
you felt like puking, and surprisingly, your full stomach was partly to blame. you haven't eaten properly in days due to being stranded in what seemed to be a mostly deserted area, far away from the small town you escaped from. you would have thought that nothing could ever fill your stomach anymore now that you have gotten a taste of starvation, but apparently, you were wrong.
on top of that, you have stumbled yourself into a hidden town, encanto, that was—you just got the privilege of learning—ran by a magical family, and the said magical family turned out have not seen any newcomers in so long that they had to sit you down and interrogate you on your whereabouts, your intentions, and your possible future actions regarding encanto.
there was an alarming suspicion in you that you were only let off easier because you arrived with both your past and your new injuries, to which the mother that heals was mortified with—even more so when she realized she was unable to fully heal the stab wound to your chest. there was a pesky little scar there that just refused to go away, and the probability of it being torn open again seemed too high to be neglected.
"i really don't think anything is going to help me with this," you muttered as you closed the buttons of your crumpled shirt, sealing away a memory that should not be mentioned. "it wasn't an ordinary knife that did this."
the stormy cloud above pepa's head hollered with a second of downpour, but the rain just barely slid across her figure and down onto the floor, ceasing to soak her in the process. her husband, felix, jumped aside reflexively before quickly approaching pepa in hopes to calm her down. he kept his questioning eyes on you, however, as did everyone else who was as confused as the next person in the room.
"what kind of knife could it be, then, if it wasn't just a regular knife?" agustín asked, putting a hand on julieta's shoulder and letting her lean against him for support. "my wife can heal a lot of injuries, even fractured bones. i can hardly see why she couldn't heal a stab wound."
that was a million-dollar question because the answer was that you have no idea. you grew up with very limited knowledge of the weapon that did you harm, only that it was created to ensure harm once a target has been selected. it was the god's will, you were once told as a child, it was magic that crafted such horrendous weapon. but you never used to believe in magic and fairytales... until now, that was.
"if you do not mind me asking," you started, putting a strong hand against the wound in your chest as you leaned forward, ignoring julieta's protest. "where is the source of your power? is it an intelligent being? does it have relatives or more of its kind?"
abuela pursed her lips. she sat up straighter and her unwavering gaze fended off the doubts in her head. you were asking about the candle, and despite showing clear signs that you have no knowledge of the miracle's existence, she felt that her protectiveness and caution were warranted, which they were. the miracle of the candle was what gave her this family—any outsider asking about it would be deemed a threat no matter what.
"why are you asking about our powers?" abuela asked, folding her hands on the table and holding her head high.
you huffed in nonchalance, it was exhaustion that caused your troubled breathing. carefully reaching into your bag, which consisted of one thing and one thing only, you pulled out a sharp yet rusted knife with a golden handle covered in stained red and aftershowers of rainy mud. you didn't place it on the table, only held onto it tightly in your hand, and you made it visible to everyone.
bruno widened his eyes—he has seen that in flashing visions. perhaps the quick vision was hinting at your arrival, not warning him of a dangerous accident.
"this stabbed me on accident," you said. "it was supposed to be someone else, but–" you stopped yourself with an inaudible exhale as you shifted your gaze to the side, and you continued, "nobody who has been hurt by this knife has healed before. i used to think that only applied to the target, but apparently not so because mine wasn't healing entirely."
"why are people stabbing you?"
"i am not comfortable with answering."
"that is too suspicious! somebody better take that knife away!"
"pepa, mi vida, please calm down."
"bruno!" abuela demanded with a simple name, her sharp eyes glaring daggers at the man who has approached you quietly, seemingly with unknown intention. "what are you doing?"
"yeah, what the hell are you doing?" you asked right after, moving your arm away from his direction so he could not come in contact with the knife in your hand.
"i–i am not taking it away from you, i am just trying to see something," he reassured with both hands held up in immediate surrender. his eyes looked more worried than calculative, which you noticed has been his stance since you were brought into this sentient house. "my gift is the ability to see vision, kind of like... seeing into the future. a while ago, i saw a knife that looked exactly like the one you are holding–" he jumped when the room gasped, "–i'm sorry!"
"you didn't think to say something when you saw the vision?" abuela asked.
"i had no idea what it even meant! it was just a knife, i didn't see them!" he pointed at you, "i didn't think it was that important!"
"well, now they are here! with a magic knife!"
you furrowed your brows at the drenched woman. "stop acting like i plan to hurt everyone here. i am the injured one here and you guys have magic. if anything, the threatening ones are you guys!"
"hey! you don't get to assume anything about us!"
"there is a girl downstairs who has been throwing donkeys up in the sky, literally, this whole time!" you snapped with your arm stretched and an accusing finger pointed toward the window, where a donkey just happened to fly past with an illusional wave and a smile. "i have an untreatable stab wound that my mother gave me and i haven't eaten in days! so no! i get to assume everything!"
"so the blood was yours," bruno whispered to himself, but the room had been so quiet that everyone heard everything. the audible gasp from dolores outside the door made you sigh in faint annoyance.
"could be mine, could be the children's,” you grumbled under your breath and stood up. You threw a wave behind your shoulder nonchalantly. “Who knows, who cares." 
you barely winced at the pain that reverberated in your chest when you stood up. julieta's food made most of the pain disappear, and since you have been surviving with it for days now, such little sting from a stab wound could do no real harm to your toughened body.
"i'm leaving. thanks for the help," you said as you waved absentmindedly.
"wait, hold on!" bruno exclaimed hastily, stumbling through chairs and almost hitting the corner of the dining table before stopping before you. "i think–i think i can help you, just a little, with a vision."
you raised your brows incredulously and laughed. "i'm sorry but you don't look very credible."
"ah–well–uh, um, yeah, okay. i may not be the best fortune-teller or vision seer or whatever out there, okay? yeah, fine, i get that, i admit that," he rolled his eyes, shrugged, threw his head around gently, and did a little hand spasm. then he relaxed a little and looked at you, sincerely. "but knowing something is always better than knowing nothing."
that almost got you, you would have bought into that if you hadn’t been through what you did. all you could do was fix him with a cold stare, deadpanning. "knowing nothing is always better than anticipating something wrongly."
"okay, that’s fair–but how about this? i will give you a vision for free, not that i charge anyone in the first place but! i will give you a vision! for free! you can take it however you want!" he said, scratching his head and pointing at air. “you can believe it or scrap it! it’s your vision, do whatever you want with it!”
you could tell he was nervous, you just weren't sure if he was nervous about talking to you or if he was nervous that you would reject his offer. more so, you weren't sure why he felt like giving you a vision in the first place, and neither could you see the value of knowing the possible future. bad things have already happened, and oh, sure, lord forbid they keep happening—what a joke.
"i think i'll pass," you replied.
"wait! but!" bruno panicked upon seeing you turn. he jumped forward, attempting to grab into your shoulder, but his hands fail him at the last minute and his hand landed right on your fist, which held the knife tightly in place.
startled, you jumped and attempted to pull away. but you have graciously miscalculated your strength, so much that when bruno voluntarily backed away with his eyes flashing a bright shade of green, you ended up falling backward and slamming right onto the ground. pain oozed out of your chest, like electricity powering up a heart, and you curled up into a fetal position just to breathe.
julieta immediately came to your aid, helping you up and patting your back in hopes you soothe you. everyone else concentrated on bruno, who took a moment to calm down from the flash vision he saw. when the vision faded from his sight, he looked down at you with eyes you knew spoke sympathy.
"what did you see, bruno?" abuela asked, already out of her seat.
you calmed down, somewhat, as much as you could. tears glossed over your eye but you refused to cry, and despite claiming that you didn't care, you looked to bruno expectantly anyway because what if? what if good things happen? what if the pain goes away? what if a miracle happens?
"i... nothing new. i saw what i saw the last time, the knife and just blood–it was the same vision," he answered.
you pursed your lips in defeat.
the fate was sealed. whatever happened in the past would continue to happen in the future, maybe under a different circumstance and a different location, but the same tragedy would prevail. there was not a single breathing moment, not a single pause, not a single trace of peace for you. you no longer deserve good things, not when you have protected your tradition from its own children, you disrespectful brat.
you cannot save yourself, and you cannot preserve the good in everyone around you. doom awaited even after isolation; everything you did was worthless.
"i have to go now," you said as you stood up. "they will catch up to me."
"i..." bruno's eyes trailed after your back as you slipped past the group who was eavesdropping outside the door. he clenched his fists and straightened up, feeling a surge of determination yet letting the coward in him deter his good intentions.
he saw himself in you, just a little bit. there was very little of you that he managed to gather, but like him, it seemed that you have sacrificed yourself for loved ones, and turned everyone against you in the process. now you were stranded in isolation, away from your family and stuck with the very thing that made you leave them in the first place. yet, despite all the suffering done upon you, the sheer love you held for the people you knew was the one thing making sure you would never go back.
it was the worst. feeling affection for those who harmed you and guilting yourself into holding yourself accountable for the loss was the worst.
"casita! hold them!" bruno requested as he stumbled out of the room as well.
the tiles underneath you moved—it was not your imagination. tilting your head, you carefully stepped over it, testing the waters, then you began to comfortably walk again. however, not a few steps later, you found yourself being pushed back to where you came from. clicking your tongue, you repeated the same movement and tried to walk out of the house once more, only to have the same result—you were pushed back.
“hey! just hold on, okay? just hold there!” bruno hollered as he went down the stairs, and he yelped in startlement when casita suddenly flattened itself and the stairs turned into a slide. he slid down into the ground harshly and got flung into the air by the house, and when he landed, the tiles stacked on top of each other to give his back leverage to steady himself.
“i don’t think your house listens to you that well,” you commented upon seeing his stunned face and frozen figure.
bruno nodded faintly, his fists clenched tightly before his chest and his eyes unfocused. “yeah, my niece has a way better connection with it.”
“cool,” you said. “goodbye.”
“wait–wait–wait!” he shot his hands out to grab your shoulders and immediately retreated into himself. “i’m sorry!”
you exhaled in annoyance. the way this man seemed to have no control over how his mind and his actions should correlate with each other bugged you to no end. your reaction would have been different if you did not feel like you were in a dire situation, but you were, and there was no time for you to waste. 
“things get better.”
oh, jeez, talk about wasting time!
“you know, i really thought i can go through this without any talk on how time heals and how good things are coming for me,” you said, and you gritted your teeth into a forced smile. “what matters is now! i am suffering now! the future doesn’t matter. i am not going to look forward to a time when i would stop feeling pain. i care about what is happening right now and right now, i am hurt.”
“i understand that–i get that. i lived behind the walls of this house for probably more than thirty years, i don’t know, time is a weird thing–i didn’t have a cock or a calendar when i was hiding behind the walls and i didn’t actually speak rats so my rat friends couldn’t really tell me anything either–but, they were still really great friends of mine. they were the only ones i talked to those years–”
“no offense, but i think you need help more than i do,” you chimed in quietly.
“we both! we both need help, okay? we both do,” he paused his train of thoughts to say. “there is no shame in needing help, i know that now. and even though it was this family that drove me to live in the walls in the first place, they are what is healing me as of right now–” he breathed in, breathed out, and calmed down. 
fiddling with his fingers, bruno sighed wistfully and smiled. “i spent my entire life thinking i will never see the light of day again but here i am anyway.”
he understood the pressure, he was saying. there was a dutiful pressure, sprouting from the kindness of your heart, that you felt the need to save whoever you needed to save, and you were willing to do it even if the cost may be too high. he understood the disappointment in believing that the best solution was to remove yourself, to think that you were the problem, and he understood the inner conflict of allowing yourself the shoulders to blame even though subconsciously, you would rather not have it this way.
“i don’t know what you did or what is after you. maybe it was your fault, maybe it wasn’t,” he said, tentatively moving closer to you to take your hand. “but i hope you can forgive yourself and everything that caused it.”
i hope you heal.
you pursed your lips and looked skyward. you could barely remember, you just knew things have been terrible and you were running away from it, even though what it could do, you have not the faintest idea. you just needed to go somewhere else.
i hope your stone turns back into a heart. 
a green ward wrapped itself around you both. wind blew at your hair, sand appeared from thin air and obscured your vision, but the figures in green silhouettes cannot be ignored. they came in flashes, but you recognized them: there was you, and the child you saved, and your mother. finally, the knife as it dropped from a weak hand—letting go.
i hope good things happen to you.
i really do. 
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michu-writes · 20 days ago
Goodbye | Bruno x reader | Encanto angst scenario part (1) ?
Tumblr media
Warnings/genre: Angst, Encanto spoilers, scenario, short fic, depressing themes, implies that the reader is pregnant, but doesn't specify which gender they are
A/N: I'm literally on the urge to write just a bunch of Bruno x reader angst because I found a lot of prompts that just gave me ideas 💀
Prompt: "Why does it sound like you're saying goodbye?"
⚠️DISCLAIMER⚠️: This prompt is not mine!
Tumblr media
Bruno Madrigal, and (y/n) (l/n).
You were both a happily married couple in Encanto, expecting a baby really soon.
You both were going to have a family of your own! You both were extremely happy with the news, you would never leave each other's side.
Nothing could go wrong, right?
Everything is going to go as planned, leaving a happy life with your baby and husband, right?
Bruno was nervously walking up to you, as you were sitting on the bed of his now shared room with you. You could tell something was up, but you didn't say anything. You shrugged it off.
"Ah... Mi vida-" Bruno called as he was finally standing by your side, waiting for a respond and hoping not to interrupt you with whatever you're doing.
"Yes, Brunito?"
"I.. uhm..." The brunette was struggling to find his words.
"Y-You're an amazing person, and is everything I'd ever wish for! B-But..." He began looking down, not holding eye contact.
You were starting to feel a bit anxious from that little 'but'.
"...I-I don't know if I can stay..."
And then it hit you.
You were confused.
Is he... Leaving Encanto? Leaving Madrigal? Unhappy with something?
Or perhaps leaving you?
"Why does it sound like you're saying goodbye?" You asked desperate to get a safe answer. An answer like 'Oh no, I'm not leaving you.', but you already know that wouldn't be the case.
It was an awkward silence, as you were waiting for your husband to say something.
“I’m… I’m sorry.”
You cradled your hands into his face, making him lock eyes with yours.
“Sorry for what, mi amor? Tell me… Please. Make me understand.”
“I-It’s Mirabel..” He began as you began stroking your thumb gently across his cheek
“…She- I fear that something might happen.”
“Is it because she didn’t get a gift?”
Bruno slowly nodded.
“Yes. I have to.. I need to look out for her, make sure that nothing bad happens.” You started to tear up. For how long is he going to be gone? And why now? He could’ve at least stayed here until their child have been born.
“B-But.. Why? How would that work?” You asked, your voice starting to shake a little.
“I don’t know.. Mama begged me to see into the future.. To find out what was happening.”
“At least take me with you! Please.. Please don’t leave me, Bruno.” You pulled him into a tight hug, crying into the crook of his neck as he wrapped his arms around you back.
“You can’t! It’s not safe.. it’s not safe for you or our child.. I’m sorry, mi vida.” He denied as he started to tear up a bit as well.
“Please.. Bruno… Can’t you wait..? I don’t want you to leave..” You begged. You did everything you could to make him stay. It wouldn’t budge to help, you knew it. But you still wanted to try.
You cried even more as he was shaking his head. “Take care of yourself, and our son, okay? Promise me that. I will come back as soon as possible to see you both.” You pulled away from the hug and you nodded, Bruno gently brushing your tears away, but only to come more.
“I love you, mi amor.” You said, giving him a long last kiss on the lips.
“I love you too, (y/n).”
Tumblr media
A/N: Just saying that I might make a part 2 if you guys liked it :>!!
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lostchild · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
a camilo madrigal x fem!reader fanfic [chapter2]
wordcount: 2.1k
Tumblr media
„Grab all your stuff, c’mon… we don’t have all day.”, the old man shouted while clapping his hands together. A deep sigh escaped your throat. You tried to shove some boxes into the cart in front of you. They were heavier than expected, and the ground underneath wasn’t the most solid one. Your feet started to slip, and you loomed to kiss the floor in the next seconds. Suddenly some strong arms provided you better support and saved the boxes from falling. “Carefully!”, firstly the guy helped you to gain your hold again and then he shoved the boxes himself into the cart.
“Thanks Bee.”, you said a bit under your breath, not facing him but the horizon. Your head was full of thoughts. He then rested his hand on top your head and lowered his statue to be on your eye level. This brought your attention back, so you looked into his greyish eyes. “I get it that you’re overly excited but keep yourself together. We still have things to do.”, he smiled softly at you. “I know. I know…”, your voice sounded a bit exhausted, and somehow nervous. He ruffled through your hair before straightening himself up again which led you to roll your eyes. “Well, just, maybe…maybe lower your expectations. I don’t want you to get disappointed, you know…”, his voice was filled with concern. You couldn’t help it but smile at him, “Everything will be just fine.” He responded with a smile before he left you alone again and went back to carrying boxes from one place to another. You looked back to the horizon where the sun just started to rise, the slight smile never leaving your face. That’s how you knew him, Berthold Gabka. The boy two years older than you, the boy who always looked after you. The boy you grew up with. The boy everyone just called Bee because his German name sounded ridiculous. The boy who was always by your side. Some people would even say that you shared one braincell, but after all, he was way more serious than you and you were the more childish. You would always take a risk, while he thought everything through. Sometimes you hated him for being so serious and always worried about everything. Couldn’t he understand that the next days meant so much to you? Why couldn’t he just share your excitement?
“Don’t blame him.”, a rougher voice appeared right behind your back. Another sigh from your side. “I know. Dios mio, why is everyone so cautionary today.” You jumped into the cart while your dad handed you some smaller boxes for you to sort in.  “Because we care for you mi estrella.” – “Well, I’ll be fine. It’s not like I’m going to fight a dragon or something like this.” You earned a small giggle from the old man in front of you. “I am not saying that it’ll be dangerous,”, he put the box in front of you and took your hands in his, “but maybe it can get really emotional.” He caressed the back of your hands with his thumbs. “Papi, I can handle this, okay? I am not like you.”, you playfully pouted. “Remus! We need your helping hands here!”, he let out a sigh but smiled before he turned towards the woman who was calling after him.  He then just nodded towards you and went to help both women. “Coming!”
You started sorting everything into the cart you were standing in. This cart, this little wagon was your safe space. You didn’t have a fix place you could call home. Those people here, they were your home. Everyone was quite worried about you at the moment. Travelling to a new place was always as exciting as terrifying. You never knew how the townsfolk would react to your family or to your shows, it’s not like you could change it. Over the years you have earned so many experiences with strangers. Some people loved what you did and some thought of you as some kind of freaks. Who could blame them? The circus and especially nomads hadn’t really a good reputation, but you loved it that way. To know you could bring pure laughter, and joy to strangers. You were a performer and so you were always excited for a new place to stay. You stopped counting the places you’ve been to long ago.
This time was a bit different. This time you wanted everything to be perfect. After fourteen years you would finally come back to a really special place. The place you were born. You would finally meet your abuela and maybe, maybe you would be able to be a bit closer to your mom. You always wished to see this place yourself. You knew about the past events of Encanto and its history. Your dad told you many things about this magical place and you always dreamed about sharing the same views your parents did. Anyways, you understood that it was difficult to just visit this place. After years Encanto finally opened for foreigners, visitors and tradesman. So, you started begging to Jean, the head of the circus, if you would be able to visit Encanto, but he always denied.
The town needed time to adjust to the new situation, but this year was different. Jean talked to the heads of Encanto, and they said yes. They accepted the offer, that the circus could came to the town. Since that evening, you were sick of excitement. You trained harder, and you counted every hour till you would be able to walk those streets, where your parents first met and tomorrow you would finally take off. From your current locations it would take the whole team about three days to arrive safely, and you just knew that you wouldn’t catch a good sleep the next days. You knew you would annoy the hell out of Bee and your dad. As a child you could never stop asking questions about the Encanto, about their villagers, about the landscape and now you would finally be able to see everything with your own eyes but first you needed to pack everything.
A three-day ride away was a family getting ready for the day. Family Madrigal was known for their miracle and especially for their way to brighten up everyone’s day. To help each other in their community, but the Encanto needed some changes after the incident from about two years ago. After the family nearly lost their gifts, the town was on their way to collapse. So, the family and the heads of Encanto choose to change a major thing after rebuilding the Casita:
The town should grow more independent. The townsfolk should stop putting all the pressure on the family Madrigal and the family should gain some quality time again. Well, not much changed. The children and grandchildren of Alma Madrigal still had their daily chores. They would still meet for breakfast, lunch and dinner and discuss contingencies. The thing that definitely changed was, that everyone grew more together, and that everyone was more themselves than ever. Also, the fact that the lost child, Bruno came back home was a miracle itself.
In fact, the members of the family had more time to do whatever they pleased. Mirabel made sure of this. She had a time schedule for Luisa, so she wouldn’t overwork herself again. She helped Isabella, who now run her own flower stall besides the time the three girls helped their mother. Julietta opened her own restaurant. After so many new people came into the town, they had to make sure, that everyone could feel safe and sound.  The children of Pepa and Felix helped wherever they where needed. They helped in the restaurant, they helped with baby sitting or whatever someone need. But still, everyone had time for themselves to do whatever they wanted.
The life in Encanto was peaceful, but somehow it also could get boring. Besides all the new people they got to meet and besides all the strangers wondering about their gifts, nothing was really new. Nothing was really exciting anymore.
Under a tree in the back of Casita were sitting some children. Still a bit sleepy they were lean against each other.  A small boy laying in the lap of his older cousin, reading a book and his brother by her side just looking at the passing clouds. “How are you always ruining your clothes. For real primo.”, Mirabel said while fixing a hole in a yellow ruana. The older brother just chuckled. “Just don’t tell mami.” – “I think she already knows.”, Antonio threw in. “Probably.”, he shrugged with his shoulders. “We should agree for a payment for the future.” – “You won’t get the seconds I work so hard for.”, the other two started laughing and Camilo just smiled. “Ninos, breakfast is ready!” Mirabel handed the ruana to her curly haired cousin. “Just be more careful, okay?” A big smile started to grow on his face while he put his head into his beloved clothing. “You’re the best prima.”
Everyone took their place at the table while starting to eat together. After finishing breakfast their abuela stood up to take the word. “Listen up. First things first, senora Elena asked me for some help in the afternoon. I hope that someone of you is still free to go over to the Tamayo’s to help out.”, Dolores raised her hand. “I can take a look.” – “Good, good. Maybe one of your brothers can help you as well. She needs someone to help move furniture.”, Camilo just nodded as sign that he had understood. “Wouldn’t it better when I join?”, Luisa threw in, but before Alma could answer the girl earned some stares. “We talked about this, your tasks for today are full.”, Mirabel reminded her. “But it would make so much more sense.”, she started to explain but before she could go on, Camilo cut her down. “We can do this on our own. Don’t worry.”
“So, next thing. It’s more like an information. Our Encanto will get some new visitors the next day. After every one of this town adjusted to new normalidad, the heads and me thought about something special for everyone.”, now everyone was listening closely. What could she mean? “The circus is coming back to Encanto.”, she clapped into her hands after she ended the sentence. Instantly the eyes of her children did light up, as well as the eyes of Augustin and Felix. “What does that actually mean?”, the youngest at the table asked. “Oh mijo, you’re too young to know about it.”, his mama soothed. Bruno chuckled, “Well, we’re kinda old you know.” – “It was years ago. We were all around your age.”, Felix looked to his middle child and ruffled through his hair, which earned him an annoyed gaze. “It really was some time ago and only for one week, when the circus came to our town to brighten up our day.”, Augustin remembered. “I can’t remember their name. Wait, it wasn’t Spanish….”, Julietta thought out loud. The younger ones didn’t really understand why their parents got all excited, but this feeling was infectious. “Circus Dubois!” Pepa remembered. “And this time it will be the exact same one.”, Alma said with a slight smile on her lips,” Only thing that the leader changed over the years. The ringmaster from the then already has passed and his grandchild is now running the family business.”, everyone started now to whisper to each other. This news brought more happiness with it than Alma did expect. “But…”, her tone changed to a more serious one and so everyone turned quiet. “That also means, that there will be more people in our Encanto and that means there will be more work for all of us.” – “But we can manage this all and still have a good time together. After all, we are familia Madrigal.”, Mirabel shouted and raised her glass. Alma gave her an approving look and also raised her glass. Everyone did the same and shouted together. “La familia Madrigal!”
Everyone thought the whole day about the advantages and disadvantages what would come with this news, but someone who was overly happy about the news was Camilo.
“This is going to be excited.”, he started to point out while he and his sister were on the way to senora Elena.” Finally, something new, some people who weren’t used to my pranks and finally something new to explore. Some new people to get to know.” – “Hermano, calm down.”, his sister chuckled. She loved it to see him so excited, but somehow, she had an odd feeling about all this. Who would know what they have already experienced? What stories could they tell? What could he learn from those people? Would everything just be exciting and fine?
Tumblr media
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authors note:
So in this chapter i wanted to introduce you to all the important characters I made up for this story. I hope I could make everything clear so far. If something is weird or you have questions in general, don't hold back and ask me. Of course we will learn also more about the new characters. And well writing conversations with so many people is really challenging. I really try to write as in character as possible.
Tumblr media
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mari-mari-maricela · 8 days ago
Deal Between Strangers
⇨camilo x fem reader
⇨ in which the madrigal family and l/n family are connecting together, but only through a seemingly unwilling proposal.
⇨ part one | part two
"We will be having another family at dinner tonight, so everyone please be on their best behaviour." Abuela states, setting herself down at the head of the table for breakfast. Everyone suddenly turns their eyes to her. "You all know of the L/N family, correct?"
"How could we forget?" Fèlix chuckles, leaning back in his chair, "The head of the L/N family came here from out of Encanto, and they're pretty impressive, aye?"
Augustin hums out, putting down his glass of juice, "Yes, they're a family of mechanics. Their inventions are magnificent."
"Yes, they are." Abuela says, tilting her head up to her family, "They've reached wondrous feats, which is why we've decided that our families will be working together to keep Encanto safe from harm."
Mirabel furrows. "How are we going to do that?" She questions cautiously.
"That will all be explained when dinner comes along." Abuela reassures them.
But everyone already knows.
As soon as breakfast is done, all the cousins as heading out to town together. Dolores is the first to speak up.
"I hear Abuela talking to someone earlier this morning, I think it was Mr L/N." She explains, looking at each of her cousins and siblings, "There was something about how both of our families combined would be able to give Encanto a good start to the next generation, whatever that means."
Luisa then huffs out, hands on her hips, "Oh no, this isn't another one of their arranged marriages, is it?"
The rest look scared now. Who would be the unlucky pick?
"Well that sucks, but at least we'll be able to have some mechanics around casita." Camilo says, trying to make the sun shine a little bit brighter.
"What if they try to marry me off again?" Isabela mumbles, holding her cheek in her palm.
Mirabel shakes her head. "There's no way, especially since Abuela knows how your last one went down." She states, hand on her bag strap, "Congrats on your four year anniversary by the way, Dolores."
"Ah, thank you." She squeaks in return.
"Are you sure Mr L/N even has any sons?" Antonio suddenly speaks up, grabbing everyone's attention.
Nobody answers. Because nobody knows.
"He could have a son." Luisa mentions, "But... we don't know for sure."
"There you have it!" Camilo chimes happily, dusting his hands off, "No arranged marriages for la familia Madrigal. Now let's go, the town needs helping!"
Antonio follows after his brother with joy, ready to do as he needed to.
Dolores and Isabela share a look before sighing, walking off to do their part.
"How else would they join our families together then?" Mirabel questions, looking to her strong older sister.
Luisa shrugs her shoulders, tilting her head. "Maybe this is just another deal between families."
Hours would pass before dinner had struck, and everyone was nervous about it.
Camilo sets the table along with Antonio, Dolores, Mirabel and Augustin, not minding having to do the extra plates and cutlery. He's about to make a joke with them when he feels a tug on his shoulder.
"Mami, what's wrong?" He asks as soon as he sees who is holding him. Pepa has a growing cloud above her head, turning into a deep shade of grey that made him more worried.
"Aye, Camilo, I need to speak to you about dinner." She whispers out, trying to calm herself by playing with her hair, "It is very important."
Camilo raises a brow before noticing his father waving him over, looking serious for the first time in ages. He takes a deep breath in and takes hold of his mother's hand, walking towards Fèlix.
When they are away from the family, Pepa takes Camilo's hands tightly in her own. "My son, I have to tell you something." She begins, voice wavering a little before Fèlix rests a hand on her shoulder.
Her son watches her with careful eyes, slowly reaching out a hand in case she needed it. Pepa clears her throat, "Your... Your Abuela has organised something with the L/N family, and we—I had just found out because she told me a few minutes ago."
He waits, furrowed brows as he squeezes her palms. "Mami, wait a second." He says quietly, "Try to relax first, casita will be in the middle of a tsunami if you continue. It's alright, take your time."
Pepa is eternally grateful for her children, always so patient and loving. Fèlix and herself must've done such a wonderful job.
"He is right, mi vida." Fèlix claims, sending his wife a smile, "Take your time."
She loves this man with her whole entire life
A few moments of reassurance later, the clouds above them are dispersing and Pepa is able to think properly. Fèlix lays a gentle kiss to her forehead, nodding towards their son.
She turns to Camilo with a determined expression. But is cut off at the sound of casita's front door's opening.
"Oh no." Pepa mumbles, lightning striking the floor in between them.
"Camilo, go help your cousins, I will calm down your mother." Fèlix asks of his son.
Camilo listens, hugging Pepa one last time before moving off downstairs. He sneaks passed Abuela, who is greeting the guests.
"Welcome to la casa de la familia Madrigal." Abuela says, happy tone as she shakes hands with two people, one of them notably being Mr L/N.
Camilo takes one look, not seeing anyone else in front of Abuela before getting into the dining room and finishing off whatever needed to be done.
Then Abuela entered the dining room. She wears a joyous grin on her face before speaking up, "Please take your seats. Our guests have arrived."
Each of the families sat on one side on the table, Abuel being at the head and leaving at the other end for the guests. Camilo watched as his parents entered, Pepa still looking shaken up and Fèlix keeping his eyes on his wife. They sat down soon after.
Here entered the L/N's.
Mr L/N is giving a friendly smile as he enters with his wife. "Thank you for inviting us into your home, familia Madrigal." He speaks up, arm wrapped around the woman beside him.
She says, sporting the same coloured outfits as her husband, "We hope it wasn't a hassle."
Julietta then states, "No, it wasn't. We are always happy to cook for friends."
A few more greetings before Mr and Mrs L/N take their seats. There is one seat empty, making everyone glance around to each other. An awkward silence falls over the two families before Mrs L/N begins to apologise for the delay.
Before she gets to the cause, the front doors open and hurried footsteps are heard.
"La excusa!" The person calls, panting a little while she fixes her blouse, "I was caught up with work and lost track of time, I apologise."
Abuela only smiles, gesturing over to the seat beside Mrs L/N. "Oh, it's alright, it's good to see that you are a hardworking young woman." She chimes.
The new girl gives a nod before setting herself down. She takes a deep breath in, sitting up straight. She can feels eyes on her, then looking to see Isabela gawking.
She knew. It all came together now.
Everyone fell into a steady beat, food going around and drinks being poured. But Isabela only had one thing on her mind.
Did Camilo know?
He did not know.
Until Abuela clears her throat.
"Now, we should talk about the whole reason for this dinner." She says, placing her hands on her lap, "Mr and Mrs L/N and I have been discussing something."
Dolores gulped.
"Y/N." Abuela calls, making the girl look over to her, "You're of age now, yes?"
She nods her head, a slightly clenched jaw as she tightening her grip on her skirt. Here it comes.
"And so are you, Camilo."
He snaps up from his glass, furrowed brows as he slowly nods.
The clouds above them tell the table all they need to know about the situation.
"We have decided that the best way for our families to protect Encanto would be to join together through marriage."
All the dread and fear that Y/N was feeling seeps in.
Almost everyone is shocked at the table. Augustin and Julietta are wide eyed and mouth agape. Luisa has stopped pouring a drink for Antonio and holds the jug in mid-air. Mirabela's glasses nearly fall of his face and Delores is letting out a few small squeaks of surprise.
But they can't understand why Y/N isn't reacting.
Camilo slowly breathes in and out. He glances towards Y/N, who only stares down at her lap for a few seconds before lifting her head and giving a big smile.
"Muchas gracias." She says, tilting her head, "It's an honour to be able to join our families."
Abuela gives a big grin, about to say something when Camilo suddenly stands from his seat.
Everyone watches him.
"I'm sorry, I just need to get some air."
As soon as he leaves, Abuela is turning to the L/N's. "I apologise, this is not how dinner was supposed to go on." She claims, shaking her head.
"No, it is alright." Mrs L/N says, waving her hand.
It's quiet for a few seconds before Y/N stands up. "I will go talk to Camilo, if that is alright." She says quietly.
Thunder booms around the room.
"I promise not to hurt your son." She says towards Pepa, who is unable to look back at her.
The Madrigal is holding onto her husband's hand tightly, closed eyes as she tries to calm herself down.
Abuela nods at Y/N to go, so she does.
Outside, Camilo is among the birds and bushes, a few feet from the treeline as he sits on a trunk. He's furious, he's appalled. He's picking at a stick and drawing lines in the sand. He's so angry, that he won't even let a word out.
It's not that he didn't like Y/N. It's that he didn't know her.
How could you marry a person you barely knew?
Camilo closes his eyes with a sigh.
"I'm very sorry."
He doesn't have to turn around to realise it's Y/N. It's the same voice that so publicly thanked Abuela for the chance to be apart of the Madrigal family.
"You seemed happy about it." Camilo claims, continuing to face forward.
"I'm far from it." Y/N retorts, setting herself down on another tree trunk beside him. Camilo looks at her. "I just turned 19, and now I'm supposed to get married off to the town's magical family."
He raises a brow. "So what? You just don't like me?" He mumbles, furrowed brow.
Y/N blinks at him, shaking her head. "We just met today, Camilo." She reminds him, "I just... I wish I got to do a lot more before I got married."
Camilo turns away from her, dropping the stick. "Like what?" He asks light-heartedly.
She lets a fond smile grace her lips. "I, um... want to finish my projects." She informs him, "I really love working as a mechanic around town, but I just want to make something for my own enjoyment, y'know? Just because I want to?"
"And why can't you do that after you get married?" He inquires, leaning back a little.
She chuckles back, "Because after marriage, you're expected to start a family. I don't think I could juggle both at once."
Camilo gives a tiny grin.
She didn't seem too bad.
"So why did you agree to this if you don't want to get married?" He sighs, rubbing the side of his neck.
Y/N fiddles her fingers. "Because my parents asks me if I could." She states, "See, I'm an only child, so they want me to carry out our bloodline and all that. I'm doing this purely because it would make them happy."
She stands up, brushing the dirt off of her skirt before holding out a hand to him. Camilo takes it after hesitation, pulling himself up. She squeezes his hand with a serious expression on her face.
"I have no intention of falling in love here."
Camilo raises his brow at her words.
"Please just pretend whenever you need to. In return, you can do whatever you want and I won't bat an eye." She says, shaking her head once, "I'll finish my work as usual, and you can help the townspeople and not have to deal with an actual marriage."
Y/N gives him a pleading look, lips pressed into a line. She just needed him to do this one thing.
Camilo then sighs, showing her a tired smile, "Okay. You got yourself a deal, amor de mi vida."
"Are we doing pet names?" She deadpans.
"Yes. It's what I would do if this was an actual loving relationship." He claims.
"Fine. But don't call me the 'love of your life', you literally walked out of dinner after you were told to marry me." Y/N huffs, walking towards the house.
Camilo snaps his fingers. "You're right." He says, "How about just mi vida?"
She stops, hand against the door as she glances to Camilo.
"Try not to use it that often."
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dumbweebfanfics · 3 days ago
Imagine going to a big ass party and spending the whole night dancing with a seductive and unrecognizable stranger. Only to wake up the next morning and realize you were so drunk you forgot Camilo could shapeshift.
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dos-oroguitas · 19 days ago
His amor
Tumblr media
In which Camilo turns to his sister for help but she insists that he hears the truth from you. You shed light to who you are and where you came from.
The long awaited part 2 of ‘his girl’. Part 1 is here ! masterlist !!
t.w abuse, mentions of blood and beating
Tumblr media
The walk back to Casita was silent with Camilo deep in thought. He kept trying to think of the reason why your mother despises him so much. Was it his pranks? He was sure he hadn’t done anything to mess with her. Maybe she caught wind of his troublesome ways and thought he was a bad influence? No, something inside the shapeshifter knew that it was something much deeper than that.
And he knew one person who had the answers to his questions.
He was somber, gazing on the ground as Casita opened its doors for him. As he trudged to the direction of his big sister’s, a little soft ‘hm’ interrupted him from his thoughts.
He looked up to see Dolores, with those wide round eyes staring at him and she played with her fingers whilst pursing her lips.
“I know something you don’t..” Dolores had covered her lips, shaking her head. No, no, that wasn’t your story to tell, she scolds herself. “I know something you would never know.” She had continued before slapping a hand on her mouth again.
Camilo bit his lower lip, making his way over to the balcony and looking towards the direction of the rest of Encanto and you were. He had also wanted to know but he wanted to hear it from you. Or at the very least, know how you were after that ordeal.
“She’s okay.” Dolores’ soft voice had brought him out of her thoughts and she looked down. “You know, sometimes the gift I was given doesn't seem like a gift at all.” The young woman murmured as she joined her brother on the veranda, leaning against it. “You hear some things you wish you can’t. You know things you should never know. I don’t want to say anything for her sake.” She smiled down at her brother.
The girl sucked in a breath and Camilo knew she was trying her hardest not to tell him and he smiled, grateful but also in a comforting way as he patted Dolores’ back.
“Just.. When you finally know why, be there for her, hermano. Be by her side.”
Camilo gazed at his big sister before slowly nodding. “I will, hermana. I will.”
It would be a while before he returned to his room, laying in bed as he stared at the ceiling, curiosity eating him up as well as the desire to check on you but he had to restrain himself. Until he could no longer just lay there.
He grabbed his ruana in a flash, grabbing a lantern to light his journey to you. Though at his preparation, he failed to hear the soft ‘clinking’ of rocks against his window.
Camilo breathed in before opening the window and instead of being greeted with the cold breeze of the night, he was instead hit with a particularly large pebble. Startled and slightly pained, the boy held onto his nose with a groan.
What the..
“I.. um.. oops?” A voice had squeaked out from outside his window and his eyes widened, immediately running over to see you with an apologetic smile and rocks and pebbles of different sizes in your arms. You were wearing a thick shawl, a little lantern in your hand and some mangoes from before as a.. ‘sorry’ gift of some sorts.
“Agh, there are small pebbles there, princesa, couldn’t you have just stuck to one size?” Camilo had whined quietly, rubbing at his now red nose. You would only laugh nervously, dropping the assortment of pebbles and rocks.
“I didn’t know which one to pick.” Dios, you were lucky you were adorable.
He had chuckled, shaking his head as he had gently tugged down one of the winding vines that Isabela had created around the house and with Casita’s help, you had entered his room. Immediately, you ran up to him, enveloping him into a hug.
“I missed you, Camilo.” His eyes softened as he held you close. “I missed you too princesa.”
Slowly you pull away and you purse your lips. Cheeks heating up at what you had just done and you shake your head. Now was not the time for that. You were sure Camilo was still reeling over the events before. And you dreaded telling him just why your mamá reacted that way but something told you that he would understand somehow.
You took a deep breath. “I have.. something to tell you.” The shapeshifter’s eyes widened. “Are you sure, princesa? You don’t have to tell me anything until you’re ready.” And you would nod. He deserved to know what had happened after that run-in with your mother.
Where would you even start? Taking in another deep breath and closing your eyes, you felt Camilo’s hand hold yours as if telling you without words that he was there. He would listen.
“My mamá and I came from a village far, far away from Encanto.” You murmured. “She was married, married to this.. awful man that was my father.” Your voice wavered. “Father was a businessman, a noble of sorts if you will, and she was betrothed to him at a young age. I heard people say that they were happy, the perfect couple.. and when I was a child, I thought so too.”
Suddenly everything had made sense for Camilo. Your elegance, the blatant lack of knowledge or wisdom of even the simplest thing such as picking out fruits, and as well as your not so simple outfits. You were once in a higher place in society. Loveless marriage in nobility was more common than one may think and yet your mamá tried to love your father as best as she could.
Camilo looked at you, nodding a little and offering you a reassuring smile. He was listening.
“Until the beatings started.” You whisper, voice trembling as you try not to break down in front of the Madrigal boy whose expression had been appalled. “At first it was just scolding, y’know? Father would get mad, he would yell and shout.. and then it snowballed into harsh squeezes, pinches, and my mamá, my poor mamá thought that it was nothing. Couples fight all the time, she said.”
You were always so careful as to not anger your father. Your mother, when you would manage to mess up, would always take the blame in order for your father to spare you but she couldn’t hold him off for long.
The squeezes and pinches turned into full hits and slaps. You mamá wore nothing but long sleeved tops and skirts that reached down to her shoes. Her face was always caked on with powder and covered with a silk fabric to hide the bruises your father inflicted on her. You had bruises as well though not as much as your mamá, it was mostly from pinches or slaps on the back of your headvwhenever you would say something he didn’t like.
You can still remember the day that he got her scar and you grimaced, hugging yourself. Camilo would place an arm around you. He didn’t speak. He wanted you to know that he was there for you and to take your time. “Don’t force yourself, princesa.” And again you would shake your head. You wanted him to know. No more secrets.
“The last straw was when he lashed out on me.” Your voice shook. “He was drunk, he was angry and I dropped something. I was clumsy. I didn’t mean to. I don’t even remember what I dropped.. but my father, he was so angry was going to.. he had a navaja in his hand, he was out of control. There was glass breaking and mamá, all I saw was mamá on the ground and blood on the floor.”
Camilo shut his eyes tightly, already knowing what became the outcome of the incident. The scar that ran through your mamá’s face.. was caused by your father.
“And that was it. After that we had snuck off in the dead of night. We didn’t know where we were going but we heard whispers. Somewhere safe, in the mountains where no one could find us.. there was a cart bound for Encanto and now here we are..” You swallow thickly as you finish your story, chest heaving up and down and tears threatening to roll down your eyes.
“I’m sorry, about my mamá, she wasn’t like that before.. She was gentle, kind, and always so helpful but..” Camilo slowly shook his head. You didn’t need to explain anything more but you continued.
“She’s just.. afraid, afraid that I would end up being a fool in love with a man like my father. Afraid that I’m going to get myself hurt.” You admit. “Not that I ever thought you would hurt me.” You quickly added. “I promised myself I wouldn’t fall for someone unkind, promised myself I would find someone who wouldn’t hurt me and would always treat me right.. and I think I fulfilled that promise.” You glanced at him before looking away quickly, your cheeks turning warm.
And Camilo was taken aback, his heart hammering against his chest as he quickly whipped his head towards your direction, eyes wide and heat creeping up to his cheeks. He had honestly looked dumb, gaping at you like a fish.
“I.. you..” He stammers out. Was he hearing right? Did you just..?
“You heard right!” Dolores’ voice had quipped from inside the room next door. “.. Sorry!” She calls out her apology for ruining the moment.
And as you two had sat in silence, cheeks burning hotter than any sunny day that Pepa had made, he held your hand in his.
“I think you fulfilled that promise too.” Camilo says bashfully before clearing his throat. “I want to prove myself to you and your mamá first though. I want to do this right. I want to earn both you and your mamá’s trust. And to prove to you that I will never ever hurt you.” Your eyes would widen at his declaration before he gently made you look at him.
“If I should ever raise my hand at you, it is only to caress your face in my hands. If I should ever shout, it is only to let the world know how much I love you.. know that I will never hurt you. Te prometo esto. This is the promise that I will fulfill to you, mi princesa, mi amor.”
Tumblr media
Your father is a dick, Camilo would jump him with the Madrigal Family if he ever showed up.
Also Camilo being the absolute king he is. I hope you guys liked this one. Though as always I would love to hear your thoughts!
taglist: @writing-shroom @ilorichi
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