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bumblesimagines · 2 days ago
Being friends with Camilo
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Request: Yes or No
You fanned the cookies, watching the steam rise from them. Sliding on your mittens, you carefully picked up the tray and turned. You raised your gaze, a squeak leaving you as you stared at... yourself? A huff left you, quickly realizing it was just Camilo. You watched as he laughed, clutching his belly as shifted back into himself.
"Oh, you should've seen your face!" He wheezed out, wiping away a tear. You scowled, kicking the shapeshifter in the leg and moving around him.
"How many times have I told you not to scare me in the kitchen, Camilo?"
"Como... cinco veces?"
"More than that and you know it. One of these days I'm gonna throw coffee in your face." You set the tray down on the table, feeling Camilos curls brush against your cheek as he peeked over your shoulder. You watched him reached out, hearing the satisfying hiss and whimper when he realized they were still hot.
"Karma." You muttered, grinning when Camilo let out a soft offended scoff. "And anyway, these are for your brothers ceremony. Speaking of, shouldn't you be getting casita ready?"
"I've already helped."
"Your presence isn't help."
"Yes, it is. You get work done when I'm here which means I helped." You scoffed.
"I get zero work done with you around, Camilo." You took off the mittens, setting them down. You motioned to bowl beside Camilo, quietly thanking him when he handed it over.
"Can I have one?"
"Pretty please?"
"You're so annoying." You picked one of the cookies up, seeing Camilos eyes light up. He happily took it, humming as he ate it.
"(Y/N), could you get back to work? You've got all night to flirt with your friend." Your mother called from the front of the bakery. Immediately, both you and Camilos cheeks flushed.
"We're not- he's not even-" You turned Camilo around, pushing him towards the backdoor and shoving him out.
"See you tonight." Camilo muttered, rubbing his arm. You nodded, closing the door and exhaling. You shook your head, deciding to get back to work.
When all the desserts were done and taken care of, you set off to the Madrigal residence. Alma greeted you and your family at the doorstep with a smile. You got the desserts set on the tables around the center of casita, adjusting plates and making sure the desserts looked presentable.
"Hola, (Y/N)!" You glanced over your shoulder at Mirabel, smiling and offering her a wave. You noticed the box in her hands.
"Need any help?"
Before Mirabel could respond, a voice caught your attention. "Finally." Your head snapped towards Camilo, smacking his hand before he could dip his finger in the cupcake frosting. Camilo pouted, rubbing his hand.
"Camilo, stop bothering (Y/N)." You heard Felix call from the stairs.
"Yeah, Camilo, stop bothering me."
"You love me." Camilo huffed, cheeks flushing once more. You looked down at the table, picking up one of the cupcakes and offering it to the boy.
"Your favorite." You smiled. Camilos blush darkened, taking the cupcake and muttering a thanks. He stared down at the cupcake before glancing up at you.
"Would you.. Would you like to dance later?"
Gifs aren't mine.
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queercodedredcoat · 2 days ago
Camilo Madrigal First Date Headcanons
Headcanons about the first date Camilo ever asked you on.
Tumblr media
So, first date!
I feel like he would go the classic route, stopping by your place and asking you with flowers
Wild flowers to be more specific
Like, yeah he is more than capable of asking Isabela for help
But he wants this to be something he does for you
He's so endearing
Please help this poor man
Bc God, if you don't answer him he will keep talking,
You have to cut him off
"I guess what I'm trying to ask is-"
"What I was here for was kinda-"
Dolores 100% gives him a hard time for it later
I feel like he would put a lot of time into it
Like, this man would go all out
Honestly, I get the vibe that he would be happy about the work he put into it
I feel like it would be a late-night picnic
Hear me out okay, he refuses to tell you where you're going, and then finally when you get there it's a small clearing overlooking the village and he cared so much
This blanket already spread out and wicker basket sitting in place
Lanterns dimmed slightly and gigging off this soft glow
And he would be sitting their like ":)"
But he's 100% watching your reaction closely and praying you like it
Conversation is, like always with Camilo, engaging
Never a dull moment
And if he sees that you are nervous you best believe he's going to get you to laugh one way or another
Full stop
You were both meant to get home earlier but you lose track of time and it's dark out and you spend time star gazing
He would walk you home!
Bc if Pepa and Félix taught him anything it's how to be a gentleman
Pulls the fuckin' "This was, a lot of fun. I really enjoyed tonight" line
Seeing as you're his first official date ever, I don't think you guys would kiss
I think he might jokingly kiss you a hand, making a show of it before he leaves
Like dramatically bows as he steps backward and tells you that he hopes that you had a good time
Smiling like an idiot the entire time
It doesn't take long for him to start planning a second date
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mitzimania · 2 days ago
help i feel like camilo would know all the fnaf lore, can you do a hc where he explains to the reader all about it?
absolutely . when i say 'bad requests' this is not one of them
Tumblr media
"and so, circus baby is like, back to normal even though she just, like, ate that kid," camilo spoke, gesturing wildly with his hands. he sat on the bed of his room while you were seated on the floor, leaning against the frame.
you were only half-listening as your partner went into excruciating detail over some video game franchise's lore. he had been preaching about the storyline for well over half an hour now, without stopping. you were surprised he hadn't passed out by now.
"but the kid she totally ko'd was actually that guy from earlier's daughter." seriously. he'd been talking nonstop for a while- was he okay?
you glanced away from the book you were absentmindedly skimming and looked behind you to where he was sitting on the bed. his eyes were fixed in the air as he continued his speech, talking with not only his words but his hands.
you returned your gaze to your book with a sigh, which went unnoticed by your partner. he was too immersed in his own explanation to notice much else.
you couldn't help but smile. while you didn't care much for the lore, it was still cute to see him so excited.
Tumblr media
this is a joke. plz check out my masterlist and send me headcannons , i promise im actually a good writer
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yoursweetdenial · 2 days ago
Y/N: *deep breath* Everything is gonna be fine. It's just a crush.
Pepa: Hello.
Y/N: I love you!
Tumblr media
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illuminatedlover · 2 days ago
Julieta dating someone who is autistic
Reposted because @rysket-blog asked me to thank you for the confidence boost <3
Tumblr media
She impressed you with her understanding, patience, and overall comfort with you. It shouldn’t have been much of a shock because her brother Bruno is also autistic.
She’s got the magic touch her hands are always firm, grounding, and assuring. Her touch is full of love and it makes you feel safe.
You fidget often usually fiddling with a homemade knitted cube, but your favorite thing to do is play with Julieta’s hands.
She loves your enthusiasm when you talk about your special interests, no matter which interest you rotate from. She is attentive, engaging, and finds you adorable.
Thinks it’s a bit humorous when you take certain things too literally, but is always willing to clarify what others mean. Sometimes mistaking her mothers metaphors for actual directions.
She helps you create a sturdy routine when dealing with executive dysfunction. Giving you small achievable tasks, and always encouraging you to do your best. She’s so proud of you all of the time. Lots of kisses are rewarded.
When experiencing sensory overload she takes you to secluded areas to allow you to decompress. Sticking by your side when in large crowds, always checking to see if you’re okay. Never forcing you into situations that make you uncomfortable.
Suddenly becoming mute is common. Whether it’s how you start the day, or end it. This was a bigger adjustment, but through trial and error communication is achievable. Through notes, sign language, and body language.
Isn’t offended by your lack of eye contact or overuse of it. She loves looking into your eyes seeing who you are, and often times she’s turned away when she cooks. It’s an easy compromise.
She’s clear and upfront with what she thinks and says, never over complicating things. It’s proven to strengthen your trust and flexibility in your relationship.
Spent days learning about your eating habits and understanding what tastes good, and what doesn’t cause any sensory discomfort. The two of you love to spend time in the kitchen together.
When dealing with alexithymia she helps you map out your emotions, guiding you through them. Never pressuring you to know exactly how you feel, she’s very patient.
Seeing you and Bruno interact together always warms her heart to see her two favorite people bonding together. Knowing you have another person in your corner.
She loves you a lot for who you are and she is a very caring person to be with. Never once making you question otherwise.
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smilelion5 · a day ago
The madrigal family with male older sibling reader who can transform into a dragon (Night Fury)
Quick a/n: your dragon form is a Nightfury so you basically look like Toothless and you have nightfury ears and tail and wings and your hands look like Nightfury paws/claws
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Your Pepa and Felix's son and first born
You have everything from your father and personality from your grandpa, Pedro
At age a young age Castia have you your door when no one was looking
When you were three years old it was when your got your gift which shocked everyone in Encanto including your family who were both surprised and excited to find out you got a gift
When your sister, Delores, was born she was attached to you she wouldn't want to be anywhere near everyone else so your mom or dad would get you to calm her down when she was a baby still
Grown up she still is attached to you and will tell you everything
Then Camilo came in and he wanted to be just like you
And Antonio who wouldn't leave your side. AT. ALL
Your cousins love you
Isabella talks you about how she really feels about her being the golden child
When Castia was falling apart you saved Maribel by using the last of your gift and having her make it to the family but you didn't get out on time
Luckily Castia managed to cover you before something hurt you or worst to you
Your papa, mama, and siblings hugged you hard when they saw you were still alive and ok
Getting along with Bruno
When Castia was rebuilt and the magic was back
You happily flew up and did tricks happy to be back as a Nightfury
Your family and village loves you dearly with or without your gift
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camilomarrymegal · 2 days ago
Take a Break
a luisa x reader fanfic
warnings: none! gender-neutral y/n and some fluffiness. luisa has she/her pronouns!
summary: you and luisa are best of friends. recently, though she said she would carry less, she has obviously been carrying a lot more than she should. you decide it’s time she takes time to relax while you conjure up the confidence to tell her something.
it was a nice, sunny day. you hadn’t seen luisa since a few days ago when you finished rebuilding casita. you went into town to find her when you spotted her putting the donkeys over her shoulders to bring back to the barn, all while listening to the requests of other townspeople that she’d have to keep in mind.
she looked at you and smiled, unable to wave in case she dropped a donkey. you ran over to her in a few long strides. “hey luisa! donkeys got out again?”
“yeah,” she chuckled. “it’s becoming a daily thing with these rascals.” she glanced towards the donkey on her right shoulder then back to you.
“want to join me on a walk? i just have to put these guys in the barn, reroute the river again, move some buildings around and then i’ll be free!” she said beaming. you noticed the sweat that was forming at her forehead.
“luisa… didn’t you say that you’d carry less..?” you looked at her with worry as you both walked towards the barn. she gazed off to her right side, opposite of the direction you were.
“well… i get a lot of requests. i can’t just brush them off, y’know..?” she laughed nervously as she approached barn, putting the donkeys in their respective places. you crossed your arms while watching her.
“it’s okay to say ‘no’ or ‘i can do it later’. i hope you know that.” you said softly, she really shouldn’t still be doing as much as she was before casita fell. her whole family agreed on that.
“i know but i just feel bad. we spent so long building casita that we couldn’t help people, with or without our gifts.” she turned towards you, not meeting your gaze.
you walked towards her, grabbing one of her hands. “why don’t you finish a few more things then come meet me at casita? you can do the rest tomorrow.”
she looked at you with worry. she glanced back at the donkeys before turning to you and nodding. you smiled.
“see you then!” you said and she waved as you ran off to casita. you had to see dolores.
you knocked on the door which casita opened as it pushed you inside the new and improved madrigal’s house, straight to dolores’s door.
you knocked gently. the poor girl got her gift of hearing back, the gift she wished she didn’t have but is thankful for it nonetheless.
the door opened and dolores peeked out. she opened it wide when she saw you. “hey, y/n!” she smiled, talking in her usual soft tone. “what brings you here?”
“i need to talk to you, about luisa.” dolores got the jist and opened the door wide, waving you inside. you stepped in, glancing around her new room that you helped build when casita fell. it was full of plants, plushies and all the things dolores liked.
you sat down in a chair next to a small table she had, her seating herself on the opposite side. “i heard you tell luisa she needs a break. finally someone had the guts to tell her.” she paused, glancing at you. “what’s the catch though?” she asked questioningly, it felt like an interrogation.
you opened your mouth to speak and dolores leaned over the table from her seat, excitedly awaiting your response. “i-i’m going to confess. later.” you said quickly, hoping she couldn’t make out your words. she gasped, reeling back.
“i knew it! i knew that you were being a little bit suspicious in asking her to meet but i had a feeling it was for this exact reason—” you leaned over and put a finger on her mouth.
“not so loud! camilo might hear, i’m not up for his teasing just yet.” you glanced around as if he was secretly in the room with you. dolores covered her mouth when you moved your finger.
“sorry… i’m just so excited for you! one day, maybe we will become in-laws.” she held her hands together and looked up dreamily. you smirked.
“yeah right, i bet i’m gonna get turned down as soon as i ask her out!” you exclaimed, leaning back with a sigh.
“mhm, just you wait.” dolores giggled mischievously as you looked at her with worry. you checked the time and figured you’d wait for luisa at the door of casita, she should be getting home soon.
as soon as you opened the door, there she was walking towards casita. seeing you she smiled and broke into a run. she stopped in front of you. “what’s up?” she said, patting your head.
you took her free hand and ran out of casita. when you turned back, luisa looked back with a face full of confusion. you kept running, right into the woods. you had planned everything out this morning.
you made it to a clearing in the woods. luisa was panting with her hands on her knees. she looked up and gasped. you had readied a picnic area just for the two of you. a blanket, basket, food and drinks. she looked at you, then to the setup, then back again.
“you did this?” she said standing up. you smiled, leading her towards the blanket.
“i did. just for us. make sure to take your sandals off before you step on the blanket!” your words made luisa stop, her sandals just about to step on the picnic blanket.
you both took your footwear off , setting it neatly on the side of the blanket. you both sat on your respective sides. you grabbed the picnic basket, pulling out food you had made prior. your own arepas, though nothing compared to julieta’s, sandwiches, sweet chocolate bread pastries.
luisa gazed at them, eyes locked and mouth wide open. you giggled and shoved an arepa in her mouth. she slowly chewed, then quickened her pace. “these are better than julieta’s!” you beamed at the comment.
“hey, try one of these!” you gave her one of the chocolate bread pastries and she ate it all in almost one bite.
“where did you get all this heavenly food?” she picked up a sandwich to eat as well. you shrugged, a good chef - or customer - never tells their secret!
you simply smiled. “i feel like you had intentions on bringing me here. trying to bribe me with food, are you? there’s no way you did all this,” she waved her arm around. “-just to get me to ‘take a break’, which i was doing by the way!” you playfully rolled your eyes, although your heart started beating quicker and quicker.
“you’re right about one thing, i did take you here for a reason.” you took a few deep breaths to calm your anxiety and quickening heart rate. she moved and sat closer to you, putting a hand on your shoulder with a worried look on her face.
“what’s the matter? is everything okay?” you looked up to meet her gaze and gently took her hand off your shoulder and held it in your own.
“luisa… this may be sudden but, you work so hard all the time. it’s admirable to see you doing all you can to help the town and your family, though i can’t help but worry about your wellbeing. i constantly think of you and how you’re doing when you aren’t in town, and whenever you are i can’t keep my eyes off of you. i’m always worried that something might happen and—” you noticed the tears falling from your cheeks. you smiled, releasing luisa’s hand to wipe your now wet face.
“i just, i love you, luisa. more than family, more than a friend. i love you as you are.”
luisa inhaled and opened her mouth as if to speak but nothing came out. she closed it and you looked down, facing rejection.
suddenly your head was jerked up as a soft kiss was placed on your lips, leaving you stunned long after.
“y/n, i’ve truly been waiting to hear those words. i was actually going to confess first but i got so caught up in trying to be a hard worker to make up for what i couldn’t do when casita was being rebuilt… i’m sorry i made you worry.” she wiped your still-falling tears and you smiled at her.
she pulled you into a hug, a gentle one despite her size, and you could hear both her and your heartbeats mix, beating rapidly. it was a warm hug that you could never forget.
the days after that were nothing less than the happiest days of your life. you and luisa were officially a couple and told the family over dinner after days of contemplating doing it. everyone was accepting of you both, dolores putting on a smirk.
it was a cool summer evening. luisa was out at town doing her chores so you ran down to meet her from casita. you found her moving the church, again. when she set it down, wiping her hands, she noticed you and smiled. you waved, running to her. she lifted you with ease, spinning you around. she set you down and you jokingly tried lifting her up in return, but you both knew that was probably never going to happen.
“hey luisa, wanna take a break?” you asked with a smile.
“of course, as long as it’s with you.”
this one took me a bit to write. i was worried it was getting too long and didn’t know how to finish it, and then i had really bad congestion which led to a cough and lazy me not wanting to do anything. i finished it though! also its not proof-read so if you find typos or wrong pronouns, just let me know and i can fix it! if not thats okay too :]
thanks for reading!
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wwillowtrees · 17 hours ago
you do magic to me baby.
camilo x fem reader | pure fluff | a sad attempt to break out of writer’s block, but a also short celebratory fic for reaching 140+ followers! tysm for the support, all of you are amazing.
someone said camilo wears a ruana and not a poncho, so thank you again! im not colombian nor do i even speak spanish, so these comments help a ton.
not-beta read, we die like abuela’s old town.
Camilo laughed as he happily ran through the colorful streets of Encanto, his ruana moving wildly in the early morning wind.
The Madrigal skidded in his steps, quickly placing a hand onto a nearby pillar before clumsily spinning around it. He turned towards the direction of a quiet alleyway, a slight skip in his step as he lets go of the column.
His eyes lit up in excitement when he spotted a familiar structure in the distance, the silhouette of your house standing out amongst the rest.
Camilo quickened his pace, smiling to himself at the mere thought of seeing you today for your two’s date. The sounds of harsh gravel accompanied his footsteps as he sneaked into your backyard, careful not to make anymore noises.
He swiftly shape-shifts into the tallest person he knew before moving his hand to unlock the fence-gate from the other side, only tripping on some undetected weeds that nestled in your walkway right after entering.
The shapeshifter huffed in annoyance, kicking the plants away. Camilo shook his head as he transformed back into himself, adjusting his appearance while he made his way towards your window.
The teen knocked on the wooden frame, stepping back as he rubbed the back of his neck.
He snorts at the sounds of loud shuffling and hurried cursing, leaning down to pat some dust off his pants as the window bursts open.
“Camilo, you’re early!”
He looks up to see you in a slight frenzy, your dress slightly disheveled and your hair in disarray. He smiled anyway, doing a dramatic bow.
“Morning mi reina.” He greeted in a deep voice. You chuckled, greeting him back as you moved up to sit on your windowsill.
“Guessing you’re ready?” You asked, your leg bouncing up and down in excitement. He nodded enthusiastically, hoisting up the blanket he carried.
“Let’s get going then!” You hopped down, walking past him with a determined look.
You tilt your head towards the boy, your back facing him as you placed a hand on your hip. Camilo’s breath hitched, his brain going haywire.
Even after all this time, he could still feel those familiar butterflies flapping around his stomach whenever he’s with you.
“Are you coming cariño?”
But hey, he didn’t mind one bit.
“Mhm.” He reassured, his body moving on autopilot as he followed you out the gate.
The grass underneath you crumbles with each step you took as the flowers that nestle in the dirt swayed with the gentle breeze. Giggles fill the air as you led Camilo up a hill far away from the village, leaving the place all to yourselves.
The stars slowly fade away from your sight as the moon took its leave, trusting its celestial counterpart to watch over the people of Encanto while it rests.
You pause in your tracks, tugging Camilo’s hand when he started walking past you. He stumbled slightly, tightening his hold onto the blanket as he turned to look at you.
“What’s wrong mi luz..” He trailed off, his mouth dropping open in utter awe.
You stayed silent, staring at the sunrise happening right before you, amazed at the colored orange and purple hues that colored the atmosphere.
His gaze softens at your ethereal beauty, the sun’s rays perfectly reflecting off you. The orange light successfully bringing out the best of your features, making you shine brightly.
“What a beauty.” You murmured, the sun slowly starting to take its place in the sky.
“Truly.” He replied breathlessly, his eyes still locked on you.
He could feel his heart pounding, almost threatening to run anyway as you turned your head towards him, your sun-kissed face making him flustered.
Were you glowing? Dios mio you were glowing under the sunlight, how in the world was he dating you-
He breaks out of his daze, perking at the sound of your giggles. “A fly is gonna enter in that mouth of yours if you keep it open.“ You teased, making a clicking sound with your tongue.
He snaps out of his daze, the tips of his ears matching the red poppies that were scattered across the grass field.
“Well, it might as well pay its rent!” Camilo retorted, sticking his tongue out in fake irritation.
You cackled, shaking your head in endearment.
“C’mon mi sol, we’re almost there.” You stated, pulling on his arm as you two made a mad dash towards the hill, a tree nestled at the top of it all.
Your dress flowed freely in the summer breeze, the wind brushing past your knees as you watched your lover place the blanket against the tuffs of grass.
Camilo eagerly flopped onto the material, sprawling out in comfort. He eagerly patted the space beside him, motioning you to it.
You snort at his antics but complied anyway, the blanket dipping slightly under your weight as you sat beside the boy.
He moves up unexpectedly, grabbing your arm before dragging you down with him. You laughed in surprise, resting your arm on his chest as you buried your face into your boyfriend’s shoulder.
Camilo grinned, tightening his on you before closing his eyes in content. The smell of your perfume lulling him to sleep.
You two basked in the comfortable silence, the birds chirping and the crickets singing keeping you company as the rest of Encanto began to wake up and start their day.
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lostchild · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
a camilo madrigal x fem!reader fanfic [chapter3]
wordcount: 2.8k
Tumblr media
You shifted your weight from one side to another. Sitting on the cart and watching the passing landscape. You were only a few minutes away from your destination. Your heart did nearly explode in your chest. You sensed a hand on your shoulder, “See these mountains over there.”, your dad pointed towards a huge wall in front of you. “Right behind them…” – “Encanto.”, you completed his thought with a sparkle in your eyes. Your dad just nodded with a smile. The last days were full of bugging your dad and Jean about the old times. You couldn’t wait no longer. You needed to see this town yourself. You wanted to meet your abuela. You were so desperate. The way went by faster than expected. It took you only two and half day to arrive and now you were so damn close. You would rather start running to this place now then waiting any longer, but you needed to be a bit more patient. Just a little while longer.
After what felt like forever you finally arrived at a bigger court where you would stay the next time. Actually, you didn’t know how long you would stay in Encanto, but you were grateful for every second you could be here. The court was a bit outside from the town itself. So that there would be enough space for every cart, wagon, and the tents. Today you wouldn’t start with the set up of the big tent. You would just make some space that everyone would be able to catch enough sleep, so that the preparations could start tomorrow. As everyone started to make them comfortable, you were just standing there. Your eyes locked onto the path into the town. You could see the first houses at the end of the street. It was still early; the sun hadn’t begun to set. You would totally be able to visit some places before helping with the dinner. “Excited?”, an old voice appeared next to you. You couldn’t really answer but nodded. The urge to just run towards the town grew bigger and bigger. Even if you would stay here to help, you wouldn’t be able to focus properly. Your thoughts were all down this road. “I think we wouldn’t mind if you would go check the market out. Maybe buy some ingredients for dinner, you know.”, your head snapped towards the old man. A smile growing up onto your face. “Está seguro?”, you looked at Jean, and he nodded with a teasing grin. Your smile dropped a bit, brows furrowed at him. “What you want in return?”, you crossed your arms. Of course, you wouldn’t ask a second time for a permission to leave, but you knew him to well. After all he raised you just the same as your father did. “Maybe take the younglings with you? They need some distraction from the journey and for real, we need to restock some stuff.”, he smiled at you bright, and you couldn’t suppress a chuckle. “Yeah, of course, but then I’ll also take Bee with me.” You held your hand out and he took it to shake it. “Deal.”
Berthold was just placing a box from your cart down, while you jumped on it. Facing him with way to less space between your faces. “Damn, corazón.”, he stumbled back while he grabbed his chest, “I nearly got a heart attack.” – “Perdón.”, you smiled bright at him, sitting down on the box. He cupped your face. “What do you want y/n?” – “Jean asked if we could go buy some stuff for dinner. Also, we shall take the kids for a walk. So, you’re in?” – “I think I have better things to do.”, you started pouting while he still held your cheeks in his hand. He had quite big hands, but those were the hands who always saved you from falling. Either in the arena or just in daily life. “Please, cariño. Pleeaaseee.”, you gave him the sweetest gaze you could at this moment. “Ugh fine.”, he let out a sigh and before he could react you jumped off the box and hugged the boy. “Brats with me!”, you screamed and six children in the age between five and seven appeared in your sight. Two girls and four boys saluted in front of you. “I already hate myself for saying yes.”, Bee rubbed over his brows. You picked the youngest girl, Emilia, up to carry her, while the others followed you and the dark-haired boy into the city.
Your hands got sweatier as closer you came to the entrence. You could have sworn that everyone would hear your heartbeat at this point. You felt a huge weight onto your chest, and you just couldn’t hold on anymore. You gave the little girl to your friend as you entered the town and a shiver run down your spine. “Y/n? Are you okay?”, Bee caressed your back with his free hand. This damn concern in his voice, but you couldn’t blame him. Actually, you felt stressed. You couldn’t say if all this was just overwhelming or pure happiness or even kinda anxiety. Still, you didn’t want him or the children to worry about you. That’s why you just smiled at him, “Everything is fine. Mind if I take a look around?”
“So, you’re going to enjoy the Encanto and I’m here babysitting and grocery shopping? For real?”, he gave you a playful pout, before slapping carefully onto your back. You stumbled a bit forward. You smiled at each other. “Just don’t get lost, okay? We meet at the market then, that you will at least help carrying the stuff.” – “Thanks Bee. I'll make this up to you!”, you shouted while your feet already dragged you through the town. You left the group behind you. You didn’t even know where you wanted to go, but you had to explore a whole town. Where to start first? The marketplace? The little alleys with those charming stalls. Your emotions were boiling over. After nearly seventeen years you finally walked through the town your mum called her home.
Right, your mum. You suddenly stopped your movements. Your view got slightly blurry. You starred just straight in front of you. Slowly moving backwards into a smaller alley, trying to gain some hold at a wall. This was the town you should have grown up in. This is the town where you parents and you should have lived happily together. Your eyes started to water up. This was definitely too much for you. Maybe you should have waited a bit longer. Maybe you should have stayed with Bee. You weren’t ready for this. With one hand you pulled the hood of the blue ruana over your head to isolate yourself a bit. With the other you grabbed onto your shoulder. First you needed to calm your breathing. Yeah, it totally was a bad idea to leave the others.
You weren’t the only one who decided to go on a walk alone. On the other side of the marketplace was a little girl crying and screaming for her sister until an older guy patted her head. “What’s wrong pequeña?”, the girl stopped crying and looked at the man with longer dark hair. “I need my hermana…”, she just said while clinging on his green ruana. He then picked her up. “So maybe you should tell me your name and then I’m going to help find her.”, he said while poking her nose. “I’m Emilia.”, the little girl chuckled.  “That’s a wonderful name for such a wonderful young señorita. I am Bruno and that is my friend Piek.”, he pointed on a white rat on his other shoulder. The girl started laughing and so both started looking for you. While also Bee and the others were searching for Emilia and you with worry in the back of their heads. 
You didn’t know how much time has passed, also you didn’t know where you were anymore. Suddenly something or better someone brought your back to reality. Before realizing what really happened you found yourself on the ground again and your butt started to hurt. “Are you okay?”, a really calming voice caught your attention and so you looked up. You were greeted with one of the most endearing gazes you ever saw. A pair of emerald eyes staring into yours. Wait, why did he stared at you? He leant onto his thighs and closed his mouth to a soft smile. You pulled the hood of your ruana down and rubbed your eyes. They burnt. Did you cry? “Hey, I asked you something.”, his voice was so calm and still demanding. Well, you needed to answer. “Yeah. I’m fine.”, you couldn’t look up at him. You know that he wouldn’t believe you. You looked exhausted, at least you felt this way. You felt like you were passed out for a while. Did your feet carried you around without even relaizing? You looked up to the sky and noticed that it must got quite late. The sky already turned yellow. “Are you sure?”, what was this thing that you couldn’t look at him. He followed your look up and looked back at you. “You seem kinda lost.”, he added with a chuckle. “I guess, I am lost.”, you answered with way more calm voice then you wanted, not averting your glance from the sky. “Well, good that you bumped into me.”, he grinned, “I can help you out. I know this place like nobody else.” You now looked back at him. His eyes meeting yours for a few seconds before you looked away again. Heat was carrying up to your cheeks. Embarrassment? You could have sworn that he stared again. Did you looked so wasted? Well, you were still siting on the ground like a lost child. “It would be great...” before you could accept his offer a familiar voice echoed through the alley. “Y/N!”, you turned your head and noticed Daniel, one of the older boys, waving from the other side of the alley. Your face light up and your body somehow relaxed. You needed to shove your own needs behind, you couldn’t show you weakness in front of the children. You laid yourself flat to the ground, which earned and confused look from the boy in front of you.
Before he could say something, you swung your legs to the sky to lunge out, so that you would land onto your feet in the next seconds. All the worries from before were gone and your lips curling up in playful smile. You quickly needed to change your mood. “Thanks anyways.”, you told him while turning on your heels. The boy you left behind could only stare in disbelief and somehow curiosity after you, while your figure got smaller and smaller. Till you disappeared around the next corner together with the boy.
“Primo?”, this time someone snapped him out of his thoughts. Camilo didn’t face his cousin, he still stared down the path you took. “Yeah…”, still confused from the present events. “Who was this?”, Mirabel asked while standing next to him. “Y/n.”, he answered without paying much attention to her. “Who is she?” – “I don’t know… but I kinda want to know…” Mirabel raised a brow, but before she could question the boy, he said something nearly voiceless. She wasn’t even sure if Dolores could have heard him. “Her eyes were breathtaking.”, Mirabel needed to listen really closely and as she thought she understood him, her own eyes widened. “Wait, can you repeat that?”, she said with a teasing tone, bumping her shoulder against his. This brought him back to earth. He scratched his neck with a nervous smile. “I just said…Wait didn’t you want to meet with tio?” – “Dios mio. I totally forgot. Don’t think your off the hook Camilo. We will talk about this later!”, she said while running into the other direction. So, the boy was left alone again.
Indeed, he meant what he said before. Your senses were too over flood that you could realize, but he really did stare. He stared into your eyes. Never ever did Camilo Madrigal saw a person with two different eye colors. Not only two different ones, but a pair so beautiful, that he for a moment forget to breath.  However, the thing that bugged him more was that those pretty eyes were puffy and swollen. He wanted to know what hurt you. He wanted to help you. He could always make everyone smile. So why didn’t you smile because of him. He didn’t try hard enough he thought. No, you started smiling after that child appeared. He didn’t even know why, but he wanted to be the reason that you smiled. He wanted to see those eyes light up again. With an odd feeling he went back home to eat dinner with his family, but maybe, maybe he wasn’t really hungry today. Maybe he just couldn’t stop thinking about those eyes he never met before.
On the other side of the road you threw your arm around Bee who was waiting annoyed at the place Daniel led you to. Firstly, he didn’t respond to the hug, but he couldn’t resist long before embracing you. “I hate you.”, you just shoved your head deeper into his chest. “We still need to find Emilia.”, Daniel said. You suddenly let go from your friend and faced the boy. “What do you mean?” – “After you didn’t come to the settled spot, she started running away to look after you. The others are still looking for her.” – “Actually, we hoped she would be by your side.” Your heart sunk to the bottom of your stomach. It was your fault. Everything today was your fault. Why have you been so selfish?  The other children returning also without her to the place you were standing.
“Hermanaaa.”, the joyful voice caught your attention just as you wanted to drown in your thoughts again. The man put her down and she started running towards you. He followed the girl. You fell onto your knees pulling her into a tight hug. “Emilia. Please, you can’t just run away. You need to stay with Bee.”, said boy flicked against the back of your head. “You can advise me later, okay?”, you said while cuddling the little girl in front of you. That was such a relief. “Promise me to never run away again.”, you said in a worried tone while letting go of her. She just nodded energetic. You then looked up to the man standing a bit awkwardly in front of your group. “Thank you, señor…uhm.” – “Just Bruno.”, he said while rubbing his arm. “That somehow sounds wrong to me.” - “You can call me tio Bruno if you want.”, he chuckled. “Alright tio Bruno. Thanks for taking care of her.” – “Actually, that was a joke.” You started laughing together with the girl. “Well, too late, I guess. I’m y/n. Nice to meet you.”, you reached out to his hand. He just laughed a bit. His eyes looked really concentrated into yours while shaking hands. “Do I know you from somewhere?” – “I don’t think so.” – “No for real. I swear I have seen you before.” – “Maybe you mistake me for someone else.” – “Maybe.”, he let go of your hand but still looked with a tight focus at your figure.
“I really don’t want to interrupt your bonding. But the folks will get angry, if we need any longer.”, Bee came to pick up Emilia and gave Bruno a grateful smile. “I don’t want to stop you from anything.” – “Hopefully see you soon tio Bruno.”, you smiled playful while joining the others on their way to your place again. Bruno waved after you before he turned away to go meet with Mirabel. Still thinking about where he did see your face before. Why did you seemed so familiar? 
“You wanna tell me why you cried?”, Bee whispered to you while walking home. The children walking a bit in front of them carrying some bags while singing a little song. You played with the hem of your ruana. (Or better said your dads.) “C’mon. I see that you went through something back there.”, he took your hand into his. “I guess I had a panic attack.”, you simply said. Before your friend could answer Emilia turned her heads towards you. “One deep breath in.”, she simply said, and you responded with “One deep breath out.” A little smile grew onto your faces. The first day in Encanto wasn’t like you imagined, but everything was just fine. You wanted to believe this. At this point, you just wanted to hide under your blankets and catch a handful of a good sleep.
Tumblr media
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authors note:
so we have the first meeting and im kinda proud of this chapter. This will be the last chapter for this week because its my birthday tomorrow and i need to do some reallife stuff. we will continue next week
If you have any questions my asks are open. Also if you want to be added to a taglist just lmk.
comments and reblogs are highly appreciated ❤
Tumblr media
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royaltysuite · 16 days ago
Bruno: Baby...?
Y/n: Yes, Brunito?
Bruno: .....Do you still love me?
Y/n: *grabs Bruno by the waist* Of course I do~
Bruno: Then, why don't we have any kids?
Y/n: *confused* We do have kids?
Bruno: We do?
The rats, squeaking sadly: 'Cousin Antonio, our father doesn't love us anymore...'
Antonio: It's okay, I'll love you.
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levithestripper · 16 days ago
I have no shame, anonymous thingy off, can you pls write for Cam <3 no specifics tbh I just love him
Misc. Romantic Headcanons with Camilo Madrigal
✩ Masterlist! ✩
✩ Warnings: gender-neutral reader ✩
✩ Taglist: @ban-canram ✩
✩ Length: 1.2k || Read on Ao3 ✩
✩ A/N: hey i love you and i love Camisole here you go <3 expect a part 2 soon ✩
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Camilo is singlehandedly the most clingy boyfriend you’ve ever met. He refuses to let go of your hand. Doesn’t matter where you are. You’re holding his hand, and you’re gonna have to deal with it. When Cami has something he wants to show you, he laces your fingers together and pulls you along.
Kisses. Kisses all day, every day, constantly. Nose kisses, forehead kisses, kisses on the back of your hand, kisses up your arm like Gomez from Addams Family. Camilo gets the last one from his father, who does the same thing to Pepa.
Camilo’s love language is physical touch and acts of service. He makes the bed in the morning, makes you breakfast, even does some of your chores for you if he has time. At dinner, he sets a place for you next to him at the dinner table so he has an excuse to a) constantly bump your hand when he passes you stuff, and b) so he can easily press his leg against yours underneath the table.
He lets you wear his ruana!!!! He sees you shivering one day when you forgot to bring a jacket, so he slips his off and puts it on you. Cami wraps you up like a lil’ burrito <3 He also uses it as an excuse to hug you from behind.
One day, Cami finally convinces you to have a sleepover with him, so he plans the entire day with cute, couple-y things to do. The day begins with breakfast with his family, then right after he speeds through his chores, he takes you on a walk through the forests surrounding Encanto. Camilo leads you to a secluded spot where he had an entire picnic already set up, a wicker basket chock full of his tía Juliet’s arepas, empanadas, and other various snack foods she decided to pack for you two.
While you were eating, Cam notices that you had gotten food on your face; so being the little romantic devil that he is, instead of simply telling you about it, he kisses it off of your cheek. He loves how flustered you get when he does it <3
The rest of the day consists of Cami dragging you around town shopping and watching people perform in the town square. When the sun starts to set, Cam brings you back to Casita, where Isabella was waiting for him with a smirk on her face.
“You having fun, loverboy?” she teases him.
“Isa, shut the fUCK UP—”
When you actually do get to the sleepover part of your day, Camilo is all over you once he gets you inside his room. If you think he’s glued to your hip when you’re out in public together, you won’t believe how glued to you he is in private. Cam’s hands cup your cheeks when he kisses you, the pads of his thumbs stroking your cheekbones. He doesn’t go past aggressive make-out sessions, however. Mostly because he doesn’t want to rush the relationship, not wanting to push your boundaries.
Camilo is so lovesick, it’s disgusting. He literally looks like a cartoon character with heart eyes. When he hasn’t seen you in a while, he pushes the food around on his plate because he’s too caught up in his own head thinking about you. Abuela thought he was sick, so she asked Julieta to cook him something but, Dolores spills the beans about his crush on you.
Now, the whole family is invested in Camilo’s crush/relationship with you. Even Casita is in on it. Whenever you come over, Casita moves the tiles so you’re now standing directly in front of Cami. Like, nose to nose, can feel his breath on your skin, kind of close. It makes Cami super duper flustered, which is a wonderful bonus. Whenever Casita does it, you simply kiss Camilo on the nose and smile at him.
Dolores tells you all about Camilo, even things he thought no one knew about. Like how his heart beats really fast when you’re around, or how his palms get really sweaty when he’s waiting for you to arrive. Or how he paces around his room at night when he’s nervous.
Dolores loves to tease her younger brother about you, elbowing him in the side with a knowing smirk. At dinners, she’ll purposely bring up embarrassing things that Cami’s done, just to see him grow flustered and hide behind his hands, pulling his hair down in front of his eyes. Specifically, embarrassing things that he’s done because you were around. One time, he saw you shopping on your own in town and he stared at you instead of looking where he was going. He ran right into a wall, causing his gift to glitch, making him look fish-eyed.
Camilo loves to entertain you with his gift! He enjoys shapeshifting into people and putting on little skits to make you laugh.
“Hey, mi vida?” he asks, his head cocked to one side.
“Who’s your favorite person?”
You didn’t even have to think about it before replying, the answer obvious. “My favorite person is you, silly.”
Cami asked you who your favorite person was so he could shift into them to use them in a skit, so he wasn’t expecting you to reply with such a sweet answer. It made him feel all soft and mushy on the inside, almost as if he was going to melt into a puddle right then and there. Camilo moves to sit on your lap, his arms wrapping around your neck. “Mmm, cariño,” he groans, nuzzling his face into the crook of your neck. “Te amo tanto, mi vida.”
He’s so genuinely in love with you it’s not even funny. In the big foyer of Casita, he’ll teach you how to dance if you don’t already know how. Even if you do know how to dance, he’ll show you new moves he’s made up recently, or he’ll just opt to sway around with you like a slow dance. Camilo stares at you unabashedly when you’re looking down at your feet as you try to match his footsteps, only looking away when you catch him staring. Once you get the hang of it, Cami’ll spin then dip you, allowing him to smirk and kiss you like the romantic he is.
It’s always either early in the morning before everyone else is awake, or later at night when the sun is setting when he dances with you. He chooses those times specifically since he loves the way the rising/setting sun washes over your pretty features. And it’s typically when most of his family is out of the house, giving you two some alone time together outside of his room.
Camilo will fall asleep in your lap sometimes when you two’re snuggling together. At first, it starts off with him resting his head on your shoulder before it eventually evolves into him sliding down enough for his head to fall into your lap. You always run your hands through his soft, curly, golden-brown hair. Whenever you do, a smile appears on his face, even when he’s sound asleep. You keep a hand free, so you’re able to trace the soft curves of his face, the pads of your fingers running back and forth over the bridge of his nose and over his eyebrows.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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squeamishdionysus · 8 days ago
Twists and Turns
Pairing: Bruno Madrigal x Reader
CW: none to note!
Summary: Bruno begins to fall for a single mother with triplets and a bookshop.
Notes: reader uses she/her pronouns! I may make this a series, so let me know if you'd like to be tagged!
Tumblr media
You huffed, setting in the last book on the shelf in alphabetical order. You did love Camilo Madrigal, but sometimes you wondered if the boy was trying to drive you insane. He always had a hard time choosing books to purchase, meaning he'd pull nearly every book in your store out of the shelves and then put them back in the wrong place, leaving you to reorganize it every time. Sure, this is what you signed up for when you decided to open up a book shop, but that didn't mean you enjoyed doing it.
You sighed heavily, pushing in the last book right as Julio, one of your little boys, shouted from the front desk.
"Mama! Amira is trying to drink your coffee again!"
You groaned, rolling your eyes and turning just in time to catch your five year old daughter trying to take a sip from your cup of coffee.
"Amira, no! Coffee is for grownups!" You scolded, walking over and taking the cup away from her. Maybe Camilo could make things up to you by watching over your kids sometime this week, because you were getting to the point where you needed a break.
Amira crossed her arms and pouted, giving a glare towards Julio.
Julio gave her an angry look, standing by your side.
"I am not a tattletail!"
"No namecalling either!"
The ringing of the bell at the front of the shot quickly distracted you from the argument your two kids were beginning to have, your head turning to spot your last child at the front door with a big smile on his face.
"Mama, mama! Can I have my future read?" David said, running up to you and throwing his arms around your waist. You were perplexed as to what he meant, returning the hug hesitantly.
"David, honey, what are you talking about?"
David looked up at you with big wide eyes and an even larger grin.
"Mirabel's tio is coming to the shop, and I wanna have my future read!"
Oh, right, of course he meant Bruno Madrigal. Admittedly, you didn't know much about the man other than he was the tio of your best customers and the town's resident fortune teller, and you had never really given him much thought beyond that. Of course, you became a little more intrigued when the man came out of hiding, beginning to spot him more and more around town. You still didn't know much about him, other than the fact that he was oddly handsome and your kids seemed to love him.
Before you could answer your little boy, the bell at the front rang again, this time the man in question being the one to open the door. You looked at him right as he looked up at you, his eyes wide and surprised as if he wasn't expecting you, the owner of the book shop, to be there. Of course, he may have been overwhelmed by the sight of your son squeezing the life out of you while your two other children fought in the background, which would be... understandable.
You gave an awkward cough and smiled at him, gently leaning down to pick up David.
"Hi! Welcome to the Encanto bookshop. How may I help you?"
He continued to stare for a moment before snapping out of it, stammering just a bit before he cleared his throat.
"Oh, um, I'm just here to browse. My niece recommended your selection and i just thought I'd... check it out."
You noticed that his voice was oddly shaky and unsure for someone who was supposedly in his fifties, but you guessed living alone for ten years would make anybody a little unsure, so you just nod.
"Ah, Mirabel?"
He stood up a bit more, peaking up as you mentioned his family.
"Oh, um, Dolores actually!"
You grinned, recalling the numerous times the young woman had visited your store. You were sure if you didn't get any new shipments, she would've nearly cleaned out your romance section by now. If you let her, she would go on and on for hours about the most recent one she had read, and you let her know that she was always welcome to talk to you about her love of reading whenever she wanted to.
"Ah, that makes sense. She's one of my best customers. Well, your whole family is, but she's definitely my most frequent one."
He laughed hesitantly, smiling affectionately.
"Yeah, she lent me a few of the books she had gotten here and I decided I ought to just check out the shop myself."
"Well, take your time! Let me know if you need anything, I have some shelves I need to restock."
He gave you a nod and immediately went off to the nearest shelf to browsed. You watched him for just a moment, taking note of how he immediately seemed to gravitate towards the dramas and plays more than anything else, seeing how his brown eyes lit up when he saw you had a certain title. But, when you heard a sharp cry behind you, you quickly lost your focus, turning around to see your two other children swatting at each other.
You gasped, immediately beginning to scold the two of them.
"Now, you two are old enough to know better than to fight each other! Amira, go sit in the back room. Julio, go to the front. I don't want to see either of you move until I finish restocking! Is that clear?"
They both gave remorseful looks and nodded, Amira making sure to stick her tongue out one last time at Julio before making her way to the backroom.
You sighed, putting David down and ruffling his hair.
"Now, don't bother Mr. Bruno, okay? He's just here to buy some books, not to read your future. Now, why don't you go find something to do and watch your siblings while I do my job?"
David nodded with a grin, going off to a little table with paper and crayons on it to draw. You let out another heavy sigh, stretching out your arms and heading back to your desk to drink the rest of your coffee.
"Triplets, huh?" you heard your only customer say, causing you to look up at him. He already had a red book in his hands surprisingly and a warm smile on his face.
You gave a small smile, chuckling.
"Yeah... they're a handful sometimes, but I love them."
"They remind me of me and my sisters when I was their age."
Your eyes widened as you suddenly recalled that Bruno was a triplet himself, your hand running over your face.
"Oh, yeah! You, Pepa and Julieta are all triplets, right?"
He laughed, nodding.
"Guilty!" He rolled his shoulders, looking to the side. "We were just like your little ones when we were kids. Julieta and I would always manage to get on Pepa's nerves and we would just keep pressing her buttons until we swore she was going to shoot us with lightning."
You laughed, already imagining Pepa fuming up and a storm brewing above her head.
"Why am I not surprised?"
"Hey! That's siblings for you."
"Well, I guess I'm just lucky my kids can't control the weather, then."
He laughed, nodding. You smiled and looked back down at the book he had in his hands, holding your free hand out to him.
"May I see what you picked out?"
Bruno looked down at your hand then back at you, nodding and passing it over before going to scratch at his neck.
"Uh, yes!"
You gave him a grateful nod and began to look over the book, turning it so that you could read the title on the spine.
"Ooh, this is a good one! Lots of twists and turns in it. I take it your a fan of drama?"
He chuckled, nodding.
"Yeah, I guess you could say that."
"I get it. It's nice to worry yourself with other people's problems sometimes."
He sighs, nodding as if he knows that feeling all too well. He looks like he's about to ask you something before he's interrupted by a certain someone running up to him.
David looks up at Bruno with big doe eyes, surprising the man as he's taken back by the little boy.
"Is it true you can read the future?" he asked loudly, standing on his toes to look up at the man.
Bruno gave him an awkward look, chuckling shyly and nodding hesitantly.
"Um, yes, but I'm afraid I can't do any uh... prophecies right now, sorry."
You were about to scold David for trying to ask for a prophecy before David spoke ahead.
"No, that's okay! I predicted my own future!"
And with a quick motion, David held up a picture he had drawn, of what appeared to be him, albeit grown and super tall, with the bookshop and a stick animal in the back.
"In the future, I'm going to be big and strong, so strong I'm going to be able to carry the book shop all around the world and I'm gonna give everybody books! I'm also going to have a dog!"
Bruno looked at the drawing curiously, grinning as he looked down at your kid. You looked down at him, too, surprised at the creativity and thoughtfulness he had put into the drawing.
"Yeah, kid, seems like it to me!"
David giggled, bouncing excitedly. You heard Julio whine from the front of the store.
"I wanna draw my future!"
Amira echoed back a "me too!" and with that, you sighed.
"Alright, you two can come back out if you promise to behave."
The two kids quickly ran up to you, nodding and swearing they wouldn't fight again as they quickly turned to the drawing table. Bruno smiled at your three kids as you gave David a squeeze.
"Why don't you go help them out, sweetheart?"
And with that, David was gone as well, leaving just you and Bruno again.
"Your kids are really great," he said, gazing over at the three of them all passing crayons to each other. You gave a proud smile and nodded.
"Yeah... they're my babies, after all!"
He looked back at you and smiled, before pointing back down at the book.
"How much do you think it'll cost?"
You hummed, looking up at him through your eyelashes and giving him a sly smile. You hand it back over to him, your fingers brushing lightly against his as you pat his hand. You take a sip of your coffee before saying, "since it's your first selection, you can have it for free. Your niece buys enough from me that I can afford to give a few books out."
The man seemed to flush at your gesture of kindness, looking down at the book and then at you with a surprised reaction.
"I- uh- I can't, I'll just feel bad later. Seriously, I have the money, I can just-"
"No, no! Please, just let me know if you enjoy it, maybe over a cup of coffee? That's the most you could do for me."
Bruno's face began to burn slightly as he stared into your eyes. Your own face began to heat up as you realized you just inadvertently asked him out on a casual date. Well, not date really, but still.
Regardless of your flustered selves, Bruno managed to smile and give you a thumbs up.
"Alright! I'll swing by whenever I finish."
You beamed, happy you managed to convince him. Bruno began to walk out the door, before looking back at you.
"I'll see you later, Miss...?"
He flushed even further.
"Right, (Name). Goodbye!"
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queercodedredcoat · a day ago
Camilo Madrigal - Stargazing
A set of ideas that goes off what I said in my last post about stargazing with Camilo. Request are Open! So if you want to see anything in a particular comment let me know! If I end up doing the request I'll make sure to @ you
Tumblr media
Going off what I said before, this man loves physical touch
He would lay down next to you
And just, hold your hand
Shoulders brushing up against one another
I don't think he would be the kind for like,, the deep conversations that come up late at night sometimes
I think he'd just want to live in the moment
He'd make up constelations
Just, pointing out random shapes
And 100% make jokes towards the beginning of the night to make you feel comfortable
I feel like in a family so musical he would definitely get the hang of that kinda stuff
So maybe if the night goes well maybe he'll play guitar
Just, softly playing leaning up against you
I'm sorry but like
He would 100% pull the cliche; "It's such a beautiful night,"
While looking at you
It's just,,,,,
He tries to count the stars
"Wait,, hold on what number was I on?"
He'd just kind, slowly quiet down and let it fade out
And that would be the first silence of the night
And it's so comfortable
Any conversation after that point would be quiet
And finally, when your are both struggling to stay awake he would hold out his hand
And start to walk you home
Then right before you guys make it to the town square
Theirs a shooting star overhead
And he would wrap his arm around your shoulder
And watches as it streaks out of sight
Maybe a bit longer
He'd give you this tired but warm smile
And tell you he can't wait for the next time you do this
And he can't!!
He loved spending time with you
Idk man,,, just
Stargazing w/ Camilo <3
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nezuscribe · 22 days ago
ᴡʜᴇɴ ʜᴇ ᴄᴀʟʟꜱ ʏᴏᴜʀ ɴᴀᴍᴇ, ɪᴛ ᴀʟʟ ꜰᴀᴅᴇꜱ ᴛᴏ ʙʟᴀᴄᴋ (2)
Tumblr media
(part one)
pairing: camilo madrigal x shy f!reader
summary: you like to watch from afar the madrigal family, quietly observing their magical nature as they bring life into your tiny village. unbeknownst to you, a certain madrigal noticed you, too.
genre: fluff
general navigation
Despite the obvious openness, Camilo opted to have his room off-limits to most of the people that lived in the house.
For you, however, he seemed to bend that reasoning.
"Princesa, don't worry," Camilo seemed to not be able to contain the giggles that slipped through his mouth as he watched you nervously pace around his room, a look of fright overtaking your features as you nervously nibbled on your bottom lip, "My family adores you."
"I just," You stopped, looking at him as you gave up, shuffling along so that you sat at the edge of his bed, "I don't want to be intrusive, or anything."
Camilo's eyes widened at that, quickly overtaking your frame in a large hug, shaking his head profusely in the crook of his neck at your statement.
"Mi amor, come on, do you seriously think that? Do you realize my tío Bruno lived in the walls for most of his adult years?" You let out a breathy laugh at that, and Camilo smiled, his hands holding you close to his chest as he put his chin atop yours.
"Are you sure, Camilo? I don't want anybody irritated with me." You muttered, skin growing hotter as his fingers drew little patterns on the fabric atop your waist.
"Y/n," He gingerly kissed atop your head, and you knew that when he dropped the nicknames he was being serious, "Nobody is irritated with you, no matter what you think."
And with that you felt your chest ease, your breathing calm down a bit as you let Camilo trace shapes onto your skin, the calmness his room offered leaving the two of you in another sense of tranquility.
"Camilo?" You looked up at the ground, your heart beating rapidly, how it normally seemed to do whenever you were around him.
"Yes?" His thumb moved up and down your arm, not noticing how the small act helped you relax.
"I love you," You whispered, hiding your flaming face inside his chest as you felt it rumble beneath you, his hands trailing down your spine, hugging you closer to him if it even is possible.
"Honestly, princesa, do you know how much I love you?"
And those few were enough for you to completely collapse on him, mind reeling, heart fluttering, eyes squeezing shut as you fell in love with him even more.
After that, you tried your best to ease whenever you were around his family.
When some time passed, you felt his words getting to you, seeing that maybe, perhaps, it was all in your head.
You noticed how Isabella also got you a bouquet whenever you passed her by, placing little flowers atop your head as she cooed when she saw Camilo slinging his arm across your shoulder.
And you noticed how quick Luisa was to help you lift the dirty plates off the table, ruffling your head when you thanked her profusely, telling you that it was 'no problem, Hermosa, we're all just glad to have you here,' and leaving after that.
Perhaps the most fearsome of them all, Abuelita Alma, seemed to approve of you, nodding in acceptance when you scolded Camilo for taking Dolores's arepas, and smiling softly to herself when Camil pulled out your chair for you, kissing your forehead before he went to sit down.
"Princesa, can you pass me the patacones, por favor?" Camilo leaned in towards your side, whispering in your ear to make sure that those around him would hear.
Save for Dolores, of course.
You nodded, giving him a small smile as you gripped the dish in front of you, passing it towards him as he muttered a thank you, flashing you a grin as he took it.
The two of you didn't notice how the table had fallen hushed, multiple sets of eyes on the two of you as you two quietly spoke to each other, leaning towards one another as the other whispered in the other's ears, lovesick smiles growing on your faces.
Señora Pepa squealed, her husband having to shush her as the two of you looked up to see what the sound was.
"Aye, Camilito and Y/n! Oh, my heart," She had to pound her chest, her sister having to calm her down as the both of you ducked your heads, looking away from the scene in embarrassment as everybody else was quick to jump on the two of you.
"It looks like there might be another Madrigal in the family in the future!" Isabella said excitedly, clapping her hands as she and Maribel conversed some things with one another.
Camilo tried his best to calm them down but the talking kept getting louder and louder, so much so that Dolores quickly excused herself, and soon Camilo gripped your hand underneath the table, tugging it towards him as he pointed his head towards the door, quietly slipping away from the scene as the two of you left.
It happened from time to time, so it's not as if you were shocked, but it never failed to fluster you whenever the Madrigals gushed over you and Camilo.
"'M sorry about that, they're just enthusiastic, you know," He explained, his cheeks twinged red as he peeked over at you, hoping they hadn't overwhelmed you yet.
But you just shook your head, a giggle falling from your lips, soon growing into a loud laugh as you threw your head back, clutching your stomach.
Camilo didn't know what he had said that made you laugh this much, in fact, he can't remember ever seeing you this carefree, but seeing it made him fall for you all over again.
"It's okay, Camilo, it's endearing. I like it," You promised him, squeezing his hand as he kiss the back of yours, tugging you into his chest, where it seemed that you're two bodies were made for each other as you fit so perfectly in his arms.
The two of you didn't say anything for a while, admiring the picturesque view the house gave of the town as you sighed contently, holding him close to you, never wanting to let go, not wanting to escape from the warm furnace he seemed to be.
You hoped that Camilo couldn't tell that way your hand was shaking, nor the way your blood seemed to warm up when he held you so tight to his side.
And Camilo hoped you couldn't see his cheeks blush a deep red, his lovesick smile goofy enough to make anyone swoon at the two of you.
And everybody else who peeked their head around the corner, shushing each other up as they swooned, hands gripping at their chests as Camilo whispered little jokes into your ear, his smile growing wider as you giggled softly in his hands.
The Madrigals held magic unknown, but even the moon and its stars seemed to be falling short in the way you two measured your love for each other.
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dead-inside-writer · 19 days ago
idk if this would be too much but can you do camilo with an s/o who over works themselves and one day they just like faint or something if not that’s fine 😎 but i think it’d be interesting to see how he would react!
"Personal doctor" Encanto Camilo x GN! Reader
Tumblr media
a/n: AAAAAAAAAAAH THANK U SM FOR THE REQUEST! This is such a good one AND NO IT'S NOT TOO MUCH DW! Hope it meets ur expectations <3
pairing: Camilo Madrigal x Overworked! reader
summary: Camilo taking care of you after you fainted from exhaustion
theme: fluff and slight angst
pronouns: he/him for Camilo, they/them for reader
warnings: none
word count: 1.2k
Camilo hasn't seen you lately, and when he did, you had to do something like babysitting the neighbor's kid (which he volunteered to help but soon was called to help out his cousin with a task), sell fruits, clean the house, help prepare parties, and so on. You were busier than him and he's Camilo Madrigal, a member of the busiest family in Encanto! He knew that you were a hardworking and independent person, after all that was what made him adore you so much, but to the point where you had no free time at all? It was starting to worry him. Did his amor even eat at all today? Did you get enough rest? So many questions with little to no answer.
So he take it upon himself to make sure that you were alright. He decided that no matter what, he'll help you with your task, anything he can do so your burden will weigh less. If it's possible, he'll make you rest for once (he won't admit it but he's also itching to spend some quality time with you.)
He went straight to the market after Dolores told him that Y/N was there to help her aunt sell handcrafted goods. It didn't take him long to spot you as you were advertising the goods with such confidence that there was a whole crowd listening to your words.
"Not only that, but it's a wonderful gift for your wife!" You dramatically said, showing the crowd the item in your hand.
Soon, a long line of men queued to buy the item after what you had said. You smiled in relief, glad that your trick worked.
You sat down, taking a short break after all of that talking, to hydrate yourself. To your surprise, the love of your life appeared in front of you.
"Mi amor! You did so well before, you almost got me wanting to buy it for you," He smiled, taking you in a hug.
You hugged him back, missing his embrace and for some reason, you felt a bit dizzy, so you held onto him for some support.
"Thank you querido! What brings you here?" You looked up to him, still hugging him tightly.
"I haven't seen mi vida in a while since they were sooo busy, so I'll be helping them!" He smiled.
"Wow, lucky them for having such a wonderful boyfriend," You separated from him, having to go back to work, "Here, please carry some of these boxes to over there,"
"Aye aye captain!" He raised his hands to his forehead like a soldier then took the boxes from your hand to fulfill his duty.
You smiled at the playful action from him. He just always knows how to make your days feel less hard. You were about to get the next item to promote when suddenly your legs just gave up and your mind shut down in exhaustion. Before everything went black, your boyfriend's voice was heard screaming for you, filled with worry.
Camilo rushed to your frail body lying on the ground.
“M-mi vida, what’s wrong?” His voice shakes and his hands tremble over you. He was a mess at first, checking your forehead then flinched at how hot it was. You look so weak and in so much pain laying down there on the floor.
You worked so hard while suffering a fever this hot? Why did you push yourself to this extent?
‘How did I not notice that mi vida was in this much pain?” He hates himself for not being able to stop you from overworking.
He stopped himself from going into a deep hole of self-hatred and carried you bridal style. You were his main priority and he hurried off to Casita. He tried to run as fast he can, holding you tight in his arms so you won’t accidentally slip out.
He barges into the kitchen, hoping that his tia Julieta was there. Luckily, his tia was currently making her special arepas.
“Tia, please help! Y/N fainted!” He begged his tia, as tia Julieta gasped at the sight.
“Lay them down on the couch! I’ll be back soon,” Julieta said calmly.
Camilo softly lay you down on the couch, putting a pillow under your head. He looks at your pale face, how your lips slowly tremble, and your breathing messy. His heart aches at the sight of you being sick.
He pushes your hair out of your face since it was slightly drenched with your sweat, then holds your hand, never leaving your side.
Soon tia Julieta came back with towels and a bowl of cold water.
“Sobrino, make sure to change the towels every hour,” Tia Julieta said as she drenched the towel into the cold water, placing the wet towel on your hot forehead.
“Okay tia,” He said, “Will they be okay?”
“Don’t worry mi sobrino, they’ll wake up soon,” Julieta ruffled her nephew’s hair, smiling at how worried Camilo was over you.
“You must really love them, huh?” She asked.
“Of course, I love them with all of my heart,” He looks at you, rubbing your hand with his thumb.
Your head aches as you groan, stretching your body. You slowly opened your eyes not used to the bright light.
“Mi amor, are you awake?” Camilo hold your hand tightly.
“Yes querido, I am,” You slowly sat upright, your boyfriend's hand placed on your back to help you as he mutters a soft ‘careful’.
“How many hours was I knocked out for?” You asked, thinking about how many tasks you had missed.
“Around four hours and a half, why do you ask?” Camilo replied.
“FOUR HOURS AND A HALF? OH NO, THAT’S BAD I MISSED SO MUCH WORK, I HAVE TO GO BACK AND-“ You panicked, trying to get off the couch, but your head stings from the sudden movement.
You let out an ouch as Camilo nags you to stay still on the couch.
“Mi vida, why are you overworking yourself? Don’t you see that your body is exhausted?” His voice sounds desperate to make you stay and his eyes are so full of worry that your heart throbbed.
“Let me help you mi amor, it pains me to see you like this,” He softly caressed your cheeks, “Tell me what's going on in your life, all of the details."
"I'm so sorry that I made you worry carino," You said as you leaned into his hand that was caressing your cheeks.
"It's just that..." You bite your lips, thinking of a way to explain everything, "My Madre is sick and we can't afford the medicine for her."
"Why didn't you tell me? I would have helped you mi sol," Camilo looked you in the eye.
"I didn't want to bother you and I thought that I could do it all by myself but look at me now," You scoffed at yourself.
"You tried your best and it's good that you're independent but it's okay to ask someone else to help. I would drop anything to help you mi amor," He smiled at you and those words hit you hard. Tears pricking your eyes after hearing it from him.
You truly were lucky to have him.
Full of mixed emotions, Your body shakes as you remember how much pain your Madre had to suffer through. You sob into Camilo's shoulder, his hands stroking your back gently.
"There, there, mi vida, it'll all be okay," Camilo whispers to your ear, "I'll help you earn money and give you some of tia Julieta's arepa for your mom, okay?"
You weakly nodded yes, your voice gone from crying.
"Rest now mi cielto, I'll try to make you some soup," He kisses your forehead as you lay down to sleep with a small content smile.
You're so happy that you have your very own personal doctor.
note: sorry if this took so long GUDWGIWOOI i might do a bonus part for this, please do leave a like and feel free to request! -din
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illuminatedlover · 4 hours ago
Bubbly pt. 1
Pairing: Julieta x Agustín x Reader
Summary: Julieta and Agustín meeting their future spouse for the first time. A little meet cute!
Requested: @argent-I-p
Word Count: a lot of words
Authors note: thank you friends for being so patient ! This is probably one of my favorites I’ve written. I just enjoyed the idea, and being able to write for Agustín because he is delightful. Please excuse any typos I forgot to edit
Tag list: @dj-bynum3718 @poptartpoppyy @veryberryghoul @madhurijuhikajol @biancam70 @the-true-alpha-04 @moooncoffee @moonxpluto @georgethatperson @elliee-doodles @wandamaximoffssslut @destinydrawssometimes @scarlettvostokoff
“Come on Lola! Vamos! You can do it, you’re almost there!” You cheered in hopes it would motivate the young calf. She was only a month old, her little legs still wobbled as if she were walking on ice. You let out a chuckle as she lost her footing falling on her tummy all four limbs spread out into a split. Walking over to her you gently hoisted her upright, patting her head lovingly “You’re okay, you got this. You’re doing great.” Your voice was gentle as you guided her to the correct destination. Your left hand planted on her backside while your right hand held onto the pink colored collar around her neck. Once the two of you made it into the pasture where her mother stood patiently waiting, you affectionately fluffed her ear “Good girl, now go on.”. Watching as the duo united you exited the field securely fastening the steel gate.
Dusting your hands off on your overalls you wracked your brain for the next task, but couldn’t for the life of you remember. You mentally ticked off everything you had done up until this point: let the dogs out, fed the chickens, herded the cattle, and counted all of the food supplies. Huffing in annoyance you knew that there was something missing, mentally kicking yourself for not having written it down. Before you could rummage through your list again trying to jog your memory, your train of thought was interrupted by a piercing shriek. Startled, you grabbed the herding hook beside you. It wasn't often you had people pass your farm, and the last thing you needed was someone scaring all of your animals. Moving towards the commotion with caution you were prepared to warn the jerk to get off your property, but as you came onto the scene it was not at all what you had expected.
Right in front of you was a grown man down on his knees, the rich navy blue of his suit riddled with dirt, his two hands grasping at what seemed to be a tie, or an expensive garment. Opposite of him was none other than Snatching Stella, the old sheep loved to snatch anything that was within mouths reach. She was not known to generously give it back either. You watched him struggle with a hand covering your mouth trying your best to not give away your presence.
He tugged the accessory from her mouth which prompted her to tighten her hold on it. “Please give me my tie back, I’ll give you anything you want! Do you want money?! I have money! o-or uhm-” he stuttered searching around his person to trade something of equal value. Spotting a singular dandelion he plucked it from its home waving it in front of the creature's face. “This dandelion! Last one of the season you don’t wanna miss out! Mmmm yummy!” He lifted the flower towards his mouth pretending to eat it the way you would with a toddler, chewing dramatically. Stella looked on unimpressed.
You couldn’t hold it in anymore, failing to conceal your mirth, you burst out laughing startling the odd stranger. He looked up at you with wide eyes, the frames of his lenses emphasizing his bright brown orbs, his face flushed as red as a tomato. He opened and closed his mouth like a fish out of water trying his best to explain the situation.
Strutting towards the pair you gently grabbed the sides of Stella’s mouth using your fingers to massage her jaw open, “Aha! There we go! Good girl, Stella. Now, don’t go snatching anything else, you better behave.” You said in a stern tone scratching underneath her chin as she released the tie, the wooly creature only stared blankly at you before focusing her attention elsewhere. As for the man behind you he scurried to his feet dusting off the dirt, and wincing at the grass stains on his pants. You swiveled around meeting his gaze with a shy smile, holding out his tie for him to grab.
“Oh! Thanks! Uh things may have gotten a little out of hand, I rarely wrestle sheep…” he trailed off rubbing the back of his neck self consciously. You could only giggle because you found him so endearing, he was certainly not like anyone you’d met before.
“It’s no problem, Stella has a bad habit of grabbing things that don’t belong to her. I’m [y/n] by the way, it’s nice to meet you…?” You faltered looking at him expectantly
“Agustín! Agustín Madrigal, and the pleasure is all mine.” He shook your hand, his hold firm, but you could feel the softness of his palm. The second he said his name you took a double take searching his face coming to realize he did look familiar, it was quite hard to miss the Madrigals when they were helping around town. Although, you had to admit as you gazed at the older man he was quite handsome up close. His smile was warm and inviting, the sides of his hair streaked with silver, and you thought his glasses were adorable. Unaware your hands were still interlinked, your haze was broken by a polite cough.
Shaking out of your musings you dropped Agustín’s hand nervously rubbing your palms against the denim you wore, you could feel the heat rise to your cheeks. You weren’t entirely sure on how to escape this feeling of embarrassment, though, Agustín didn’t seem to mind. In fact you felt his eyes trace where you stood which made you even more nervous.
“I apologize I didn’t mean to stare, i didn’t recognize you until you had said your name. I-I don’t go out into town very often.” You explained timidly tucking a piece of your hair behind your ear.
“It’s quite alright, I’d say you don’t look too bad yourself.” He winked playfully an acknowledgment towards your get up. This man was charming and he knew it, his face lifted into a smirk. The chores you were concerned for now long forgotten as you had something much more interesting to focus on.
You turned around walking towards where Lola was perched inside her field, her little nose poking through the bars of the gate. You perched yourself against it reaching down to gently stroke the bridge of her nose. ”So, if you don’t mind me asking, what is a well dressed guy like you doing out here in the middle of nowhere?” You questioned titling your head to the side waiting for his response.
“I was assisting an older gentleman out here. I come out every couple of days to chop wood for him, tidy around the house, and make sure his well-being is okay.” He responded humbly even though those acts were more than anyone ever had to do. You knew whom he was speaking about, it was your neighbor Señor Rolando, a veteran vaquero who still raised horses, and owned a small ranch. You often went by to offer him the goods that you harvested.
“That is awfully kind of you, I’m sure the old man is grateful. Not many people would do that, ya know?” Your voice took on a softer tone than before as your admiration grew.
He shook his head in protest. “It was nothing, really.” his hand reached down to meet yours atop of the calf’s head gently stroking her ear. “Now, who is this little lady? She is a lady right?” He asked concern on his face at the thought of offending you or the newborn.
What a dork. “Yes, she’s a lady. Her name is Lola, and that big beauty over there” you pointed across the field where a cluster of other cows sat “is her mamá Delilah.” You beamed with pride. Agustín followed your direction letting out a low whistle impressed by the beauty of the wild creatures.
“She is a beauty, have you always worked on a farm? Not that I mean I don’t think you can handle it— you seem very comfortable is all…” he shrugged his shoulders helplessly it seemed like he couldn’t keep his foot out of his mouth. You didn’t pay any mind to it.
You opened your mouth to respond but before you were cut off by a soft spoken voice, you could swear it was velvet. “Agustín? Mi Amor, what are you doing? I’ve been looking everywhere for you. Dolores told me that you were wrestling with a sheep? What did she mean?” Recognizing the woman as Julieta, his wife you cringed internally, hoping you didn’t upset her. The woman stalked towards you her left fingers twirling the right ones, perhaps a nervous habit of hers. She looked between the two of you except no animosity could be found on her face. She looked caring, sweeter than sugar.
“Lo siento Coraźon, I was on my way back to town when I accidentally dropped my tie, and I had some trouble with Stella the naughty little cotton ball. So, [y/n] here helped me retrieve it! We got to talking, and I simply lost track of time.” He explained reaching for her hands bringing them up to his lips to kiss each knuckle in apology, you saw her shake her head endearingly. It was obvious she was used to his antics, you were interested in how often he got himself into trouble. As if remembering you were still there Agustín perked up, startling you with his quick gestures.
“Ah! Where are my manners? Coraźon this is [y/n], [y/n] this is my lovely wife Julieta!” He jutted out his chest beaming with pride as his wife blushed beside him bumping her hip against him, chiding him to stop.
The older woman reached out to shake your hand, her big doe eyes meeting your own, you felt goosebumps all along your arms. Keeping your cool you gently smiled at her admiring her beauty as you did with her husband. They’re both attractive, why are they both so attractive? You panicked internally.
“It’s nice to meet you Julieta, I can thank your husband here for keeping me company.” You nodded gratefully towards a newfound friend.
“It is good to know that no matter where he goes he still can make friends with anyone. I’ve always said that was his gift.” She praised looking at her husband with hearts in her eyes, while he blushed, batting away the compliment. They’re so cute, oh my goodness.
Even if this tenderness was enough to sweeten your tea, as much as you would have loved to stay and chat with them for the rest of the day. You knew you cut a huge chunk of time into your chores. It was going to bite you in the ass if you didn’t start them right away, but you didn’t want this conversation to end. You worried the bottom of your lip as you debated on what to do. Agustín must have sensed your apprehension because he swiftly chimed in, “Amor we should head back to town, we don’t want your mother to worry. I’m sure [y/n] has to get back to their work, we shouldn’t hold them up!”
You smiled up gratefully nodding in agreement even if your heart protested. Julieta reflected your smile, making your cheeks bloom like roses in spring. For someone who didn’t say too much she knew how to make you melt. How is she doing that? Did it get warmer?
“It was nice to meet you [y/n], thank you for looking after my husband.” She spoke gratefully, you shook your head letting her know it was no trouble at all.
“I’m sure it won’t be the last time we run into each other, I’m sure we’ll meet again.” You assured them knowing that Agustín would be back once more, and making a point to head into town more often. If it meant getting to see this charming couple more often.
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mitzimania · 6 days ago
I imagine Camilo mirroring his parents’ relationship with his s/o. Like I believe he would definitely fall for somebody whose personality is kind of short-tempered and unpredictable. Like father, like son lmaoo. Love your blog <33
YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS SLAY ANON!!!!! ur mind>>> im not too sure if i did this req justice but there was an attempt LMAO
Tumblr media
it was nearly your last straw. watching kids was fun sometimes, sure, but right now? you were just irritated. currently, you were looking after a herd of 6-year-olds in the town square so their parents could have a few moments of peace.
it had started off nice, sure, but after a few hours, you had gotten sick and tired of their nonstop chatter. there were about 8 kids and each one of them was trying to get you to do one thing or another- you weren't sure how much longer you could put up with it.
you could feel your eyes twitch and your heartbeat pick up, and you were milliseconds away from snapping when a warm hand slipped onto your shoulder and a familiar voice drew the childrens' attention.
"hey, guys! i think tía julieta has lunch ready for you all in her stall, just down there! go get something!"
the kids scrambled away to harass the poor woman, leaving you and your partner camilo alone in the plaza. an exhausted breath escaped your mouth and camilo laughed and gently bumped against your shoulders.
"everything good, y/n?" you shot him a glare to which made him grin further. "you need to stop agreeing to watch the kids for so long- we all know they're a little too annoying for you."
"trust me," you scoffed, "you are far more annoying than any of them." despite your words, you shuffled closer to where he stood and leaned your head on his shoulder, grasping his hand.
your partner feigned an offended gasp, dramatically placing his free hand over his chest. "oh, y/n, you hurt me!"
with a laugh, you buried your face into his sleeve as the two of you watched the wild 6-year-olds sit down on the floor to eat their food, chatting with each other energetically.
little did you and camilo know, his parents had just walked into town to speak with julieta, seeing the whole scene. félix and pepa looked on in pride as two rainbows graced the sky.
"cami's partner reminds me of me," pepa sighed dreamily. félix laughed and nodded, joy glistening in his eyes. he was so unspeakably proud to see his oldest boy so happy and in love- he was glad it was with you.
Tumblr media
this is so slay queen
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larrythe1st · 4 days ago
camilo: come on, I wasn't that drunk last night
mirabel: you were flirting with y/n
camilo: so what? they're my partner
mirabel: you asked them if they were single
mirabel: and then cried when they said they weren't
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wwillowtrees · 15 days ago
Forehead touching. Forehead kisses.
camilo madrigal x gn reader | feminine aspects written, but honestly it’s not that much.
not-beta read, we die like casita.
You smiled softly, looking up from your book to see your lover. It was a quiet morning, a rare occurrence for the Madrigals as it seemed like those people could never catch a break. Their schedules usually filled to the brim with chores, not a single second for themselves, but not today.
Naturally, your boyfriend decided to spend his day with you.
“Milo?” You called out, folding the corner of the page you were reading on.
Camilo looks at you before looking back up for a moment, eyes on the rubber ball that he kept throwing at the ceiling of your room seconds before.
“Un segundo.”
With one hand, he swiftly catches it, and you feel your heart begin to swell as you see a small smile forming on his face at the impressive move.
“Need anything mi vida?” He asks, turning to face you, his gaze never leaving as he drops the small toy to his side.
He tilted his head slightly as he patiently watched you place your book on the nightstand near you.
“Mhm, affection.” You reply cheekily, crawling over to him.
Camilo chuckled, his eyes full of love as he stared at you.
“About time!” He teased, wrapping his arms around your waist as you made yourself comfortable on his lap.
You scoff.
“Dios mio, it hasn’t been that long.” You retorted, though, your actions quickly contradict your voice as you gently cupped his face. Camilo shook his head in endearment, his curly hair flowing around at the action.
“Mhm.. whatever you say.” The shapeshifter murmured, his voice slurred at the touch of your warm hands. You rolled your eyes at your lover’s antics while your boyfriend simply smiled in return.
“I,” You began, placing a soft kiss on Camilo’s lips.
“Love-“ Another kiss.
“You.” And another! Well..
Maybe more than just three, but come on now! He had such a kissable face!
How could you resist the temptation to kiss every single one of those pretty freckles that resembled the bright stars scattered across the night sky, or even that empty canvas that is his forehead which was just waiting to be painted with your lipstick, and don’t forget his cheeks too!
Besides, who was complaining? Certainly not you, nor him.
As you continue to pepper your boyfriend with your kisses, he giggled with each one, tightening his hold on you.
You ended with one last kiss to the lips, pulling away to see a lope-sided smile on Camilo’s face, his muddy green eyes shining brightly as he stared into yours.
God he was absolutely drunk on your love, and you savored every second of it.
You laughed, throwing your head back as Camilo smiled even wider at the sound of your laughter.
“You’re an absolute idiot mi amor.” You said, using two of your fingers to gently push him, his back hitting against the headboard of your bed.
“Yeah, yeah.” Camilo replied nonchalantly, grabbing your hand and pulling you close, your foreheads touching due to the lack of space.
“I love you too querida, y te amaré por siempre.”
“Woah! Have you’ve been malled by a tiger Camilo?!” Félix shouted, laughing loudly when he saw his son walk through the entrance door with lipstick all over his face.
Camilo groaned, hiding under his yellow poncho.
“Stoppppp!” He shouted, dragging out each syllable while he scurried away to his room. If he wasn’t in such a hurry, he would’ve seen the worrying rain cloud turn into a beautiful rainbow on top of his mother’s head when her husband explained what he had seen to her in full detail.
He flopped onto his bed, rolling around in hopes of getting the embarrassment off his body.
Of course he forgot to wipe off your lipstick, so enthralled by you and your stupid beauty that he forgot to think for himself! His pride!
He’ll never hear the end of it from his familia at din-
Oh dear god, he forgot about dinner.
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yoursweetdenial · 14 days ago
Pepa, pointing to the wall: What color is this?
Bruno: Gray.
Julieta: Grey.
Pepa, turning to Y/N: Now tell them what color you think it is.
Y/N: Dark white.
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