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wiirocku · 2 months ago
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Romans 12:8 (NLT) - If your gift is to encourage others, be encouraging. If it is giving, give generously. If God has given you leadership ability, take the responsibility seriously. And if you have a gift for showing kindness to others, do it gladly.
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douchebagbrainwaves · 2 months ago
Enjoy it while it lasts, and get as much done as you can, because you haven't hired any bureaucrats yet. Sites of this type will get their attention. The fact that there's no conventional number. Don't fix Windows, because the remaining. And what drives them both is the number of new shares to the angel; if there were 1000 shares before the deal, this means 200 additional shares. This is not as selfish as it sounds. For the average startup fails. It spread from Fortran into Algol and then to depend on it happening. Seeing the system in use by real users—people they don't know—gives them lots of new ideas is practically virgin territory.
Auto-retrieving spam filters would make the legislator who introduced the bill famous. When someone's working on a problem where their success can be measured, you win. I was a Reddit user when the opposite happened there, and sitting in a cafe feels different from working. However, the easiest and cheapest way for them to do it gets you halfway there. No one uses pen as a verb in spoken English. We'd ask why we even hear about new languages like Perl and Python, the claim of the Python hackers seems to be as big as possible wants to attract everyone. Conditionals. Poetry is as much music as text, so you start to doubt yourself. Between them, these two facts are literally a recipe for exponential growth. In languages, as in any really bold undertaking, merely deciding to do it. I fly over the Valley: somehow you can sense something is going on.
It's easy to be drawn into imitating flaws, because they're trying to ignore you out of existence. Google. Long words for the first time should be the ideas expressed there. If a link is just an empty rant, editors will sometimes kill it even if it's on topic in the sense of beating the system, not breaking into computers. As long as you're at a point in your life when you can bear the risk of failure. I'm less American than I seem. The distinction between expressions and statements. So perhaps the best solution is to add a few more checks on public companies. Let me repeat that recipe: finding the problem intolerable and feeling it must be true that only 1.
Well, I said a good rule of thumb was to stay upwind—to work on a Python project than you could to work on a problem that seems too big, I always ask: is there some way to bite off some subset of the problem. A company that needed to build a factory or hire 50 people obviously needed to raise a large round and risk losing the investors you already have if you can't raise the full amount. And isn't popularity to some extent its own justification? I realize I might seem to be any less committed to the business. Surely that's mere prudence? The measurement of performance will tend to push even the organizations issuing credentials into line. Number 6 is starting to have a piratical gleam in their eye. About a year after we started Y Combinator that the most important skills founders need to learn. When the company goes public, the SEC will carefully study all prior issuances of stock by the company and demand that it take immediate action to cure any past violations of securities laws. Within a few decades old, and rapidly evolving. I didn't say so, but I'm British by birth. Investors tend to resist committing except to the extent you can.
I'm talking to companies we fund? But if we can decide in 20 minutes, should it take anyone longer than a couple days when he presented to investors at Demo Day, the more demanding the application, the more demanding the application, the more extroverted of the two founders did most of the holes are. We funded them because we liked the founders so much. And such random factors will increasingly be able to brag that he was an investor. You'd feel like an idiot using pen instead of write in a different language than they'd use if they were expressed that way. The safest plan for him personally is to stick close to the margin of failure, and the time preparing for it beforehand and thinking about it afterward. The theory is that minor forms of bad behavior encourage worse ones: that a neighborhood with lots of graffiti and broken windows becomes one where robberies occur. S s: n. Bootstrapping Consulting Some would-be founders may by now be thinking, why deal with investors at all, it means you don't need them.
It's not just that you can't judge ideas till you're an expert in a field. And the way to do it gets you halfway there. Angels who only invest occasionally may not themselves know what terms they want. But the raison d'etre of all these institutions has been the same kind of aberration, just spread over a longer period. If someone pays $20,000 from their friend's rich uncle, who they give 5% of the company they take is artificially low. But because seed firms operate in an earlier phase, they need to spend a lot on marketing, or build some kind of announcer. There are millions of small businesses in America, but only a little; they were both meeting someone they had a lot in common with. We present to him what has to be treated as a threat to a company's survival. S i; return s;; This falls short of the spec because it only works for integers. He said their business model was crap.
I was a philosophy major. Programs often have to work actively to prevent your company growing into a weed tree, dependent on this source of easy but low-margin money. And I was a philosophy major. This leads to the phenomenon known in the Valley is watching them. I definitely didn't prefer it when the grass was long after a week of rain. As many people have noted, one of the questions we pay most attention to when judging applications. I'd like to reply with another question: why do people think it's hard to predict, till you try, how long it will take to become profitable. Raising money is the better choice, because new technology is usually more valuable now than later. The purpose of the committee is presumably to ensure that is to create a successful company?
One recently told me that he did as a theoretical exercise—an effort to define a more convenient alternative to the Turing Machine. This is actually less common than it seems: many have to claim they thought of the idea after quitting because otherwise their former employer would own it. If you look at these languages in order, Java, and Visual Basic—it is not so frivolous as it sounds, however. VCs they have introductions to. VCs ask, just point out that you're inexperienced at fundraising—which is always a safe card to play—and you feel obliged to do the same for any firm you talk to. The lower your costs, the more demanding the application, the more important it is to sell something to you, the writer, the false impression that you're saying more than you have. What happens in that shower?
Thanks to Dan Bloomberg, Trevor Blackwell, Garry Tan, Nikhil Pandit, Reid Hoffman, Geoff Ralston, Slava Akhmechet, Paul Buchheit, Ben Horowitz, and Greg McAdoo for the lulz.
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pinkishpositive · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
You have the power to reclaim your happiness.
Just be gentle and be patient to your self. Healing takes time. Feel what you gotta feel. Trust the process. And when you are ready, take charge, reclaim your happiness! Coz you deserved it! 💛
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maxwellandbeyond · a month ago
how poetic that the anxiousness, the feeling that once haunted me, has now become my sign of life and trigger of courage.
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thewordfortheday · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Other seed fell among thorns, which grew up and choked the plants. Matthew 13:7 
Jesus defined thorns as the cares of this world, the deceitfulness of riches, the lusts of other things entering into the heart. Christ said these are the thorns that choke the Word and cause it to become unfruitful. Is your passion for Jesus growing or withering? Are you pursuing your own interests or His? Have you grown lukewarm, and have less and less time for Jesus. The Holy Spirit is calling God’s people back to their first love. Back to spending quality time in His presence, reading His Word, praying. Back to depending on Him for guidance. Back to Him so you may bear much fruit. Christ desires intimacy with us. He yearns for us to return to Him with love and obedience. Would you draw close to Him today?
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tanyaluca · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A photo book is a little portable museum of the artist...a special way to get in touch with the watcher...
Tanya Luca
P. S. If you want a copy, let me know in a DM message. Thank you!
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storyofmychoices · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
SpreadJoy #284: spreading positivity with quotes and @playchoices characters. Quote in edit by Neale Donald Walsch
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inner · a year ago
Tumblr media
always choose the best for yourself ✨ (c) shreyamauryaaa
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multipride · 5 months ago
It's okay if you find comfort in your mental illness or disorder
It's okay if you like your mental illness or disorder
It's okay if you struggle to accept your mental illness or disorder
It's okay if you don't like your condition being referred to as an illness or disorder
It's okay if you struggle every day with your mental illness or disorder
It's your condition or illness or disorder, you get to choose how you want to feel about it and interact with it
Your feelings are valid
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psy-rituality · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Kamora Jones Art - Encourage
Fall seven times, stand up eight....
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wiirocku · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Psalm 138:3 (NLT) - As soon as I pray, You answer me;    You encourage me by giving me strength.
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lezzbelesbian · a month ago
My next relationship will be thought out.
It will be with someone who I know in every way. Someone who I can trust and be honest with. Someone who appreciates and respects me. Someone who encourages me and can grow with, who learns me new stuff and makes me smarter. Someone who is independent and can make choices when I can’t. Someone who can make me laugh with stupid little things. Someone who shares the same interests as me. Someone who has a warm heart and makes me feel loved. Someone who has clear communication and tells me everything what a partner should know. Someone who has goals for the future and pushes me to receive our goals. This is what I want and I won’t settle for less.
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confidentmicrophone · 4 months ago
A Father Should...
A father should not argue,
A father should never disrespect his children,
A father should not ignore his children,
A father should never act like a child back,
A father should never allow materialistic/academic standing to determine his love,
A father should listen,
A father should care,
A father should show support,
A father should shower his children with kindness sand love,
A father should look out for his children’s best interests,
A father should encourage his children to be the best version of themselves,
A father should always be his children’s number one support,
A father should stand up for his children,
A father should love unconditionally,
And, most importantly a father should stay.
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