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girlmikeyway · 5 days ago
MCR do this challenge
Tumblr media
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bike-wheeler · 3 days ago
the mike wheeler having a bit of a crush on eddie munson thing brings me so much joy for real . i like how we all just saw him with his silly new haircut and smiling at this dude and were like. ah yes his homosexuality is showing 
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hemera-is-alive · 24 days ago
everyone said "haha, mcr liquid tour, the next one is going to be piss" and I laughed. I laughed along with them.
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workingforitallthetime · 4 months ago
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bluntjustice · 4 months ago
Okay, like literally idk what happened and I'm kinda afraid to ask and you're like the person I trust the most so, what happened? Why people are taking sides and/or leaving?
Warning for mentions of domestic abuse
Keep in mind what I know is/may be limited but to the best of my knowledge this is what has happened/ is happening. I’ll do my best to let no bias known or unknown into what I tell you.
A couple of threads were started on Twitter about someone, whom is claimed is Manatreed, who has domestic violence charges against them. However their seem to be slight physical differences and different birthdays. The abuser’s name is James.
A problem here is one, Manatreed has no way to prove his innocence without sharing his license which even when blacked out is very traceable from what I understand. Two, the person who is pressing these allegations is not the victim. The victim of the abuser is also getting doxxed.
In short Manatreed’s allegations are if he is an abuser or not with no way to prove he isn’t without doxxing himself.
Dream, first to keep in mind as a domestic abuse survivor and victim of threats, doxxing, false accusations. He also reacted quickly to another situation with having an domestic abuser on the dsmp. However he did react to this situation perhaps poorly. Which could have been brushing it off as just anti’s giving misinformation or a trauma response. I don’t know nor can I confirm anything of the likes. Dream’s old residence from 2020 as I understand was doxxed and seemed to line up with the place the person on the court case put down. However I don’t know if the times they were there lined up. Dream’s family was also starting to be doxxed in response as I understand to his response making him deactivate his private account yet again.
To the best of my knowledge that is it. Sorry for the late reply it took me a while to figure out how to format this and go through information I have collected. Here are some sources so you can see for yourself.
And to anyone panicked or sad or tired or anything else because of this. Here a nice video for you. Just watch this cute video and that’s all you have to do. Just watch the video. You’re going to be okay. It’s going to be okay.
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ferverdream · 6 months ago
I usually never think stuff like this but everytime I see Quackity do that smile where his eyes go all scrunchy I think about that one tumblr post that was all like "when kittens meow and their eyes get all tiny" he just smiles like a kitten
(but ... you are right his smiles are Everything and they are so sweet and .. perhaps ^—^)
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paulnewmanlover · a year ago
oh boy one of the fun things about living in a liberal city inside a dramatically conservative state: I signed up to testify in a state house committee hearing against an anti-repro healthcare bill (essentially looking to defund planned parenthood, typical right-wing stuff) and while I wasn't given the time to speak (too much testimony to get through in 2 hours) I listened to the whole thing and what an absolute clown show!! you would not believe some of the moronic dingleberries who were actually elected into their positions and run my state legislature... just absolutely incredible hearing the drivel that comes outta some people's mouths in public office. it's both deeply sad and incredibly entertaining 🙃
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firelord-frowny · a year ago
It’s hard to feel bad for them most of the time, considering their frequent repugnant and just fuckin obnoxious behavior, but WOW cis men often live such empty, miserable lives. And then they fight - literally fight in a violent way - to keep that emptiness and misery alive, lest their fuckened concept of ~masculinity~ be threatened or diminished.
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louehvolution · 3 years ago
#confused. anon#because harry got not that important. don't knock it til you try it. rainbow mug. flags. pin. shoes. not defining his sexuality#and articles about these. as well as about his lgbt+ support. possible bisexuality. and purported breaking of gender norms#- none of it linked to larry#and. as an anon pointed out. has even arguably had non het ships outside of larry insinuated and encouraged by his team#seriously. and even jokingly as with obama. and all his het relationships left as alleged. girlfriend in quotation marks. and even denied#while every effort has gone into refuting louis' homosexuality. and pushing his heterosexuality. and this constantly tied to denying larry#as far back as the bullshit tweets. but even as recently as this year for tou promo with an article talking about larry stylinson#and freddie and eleanor. a toddler to his name and a long term girlfriend - no room for ambiguity for louis#and both pushed to the limit - and denying both explicitly linked to the delusion of larries#see extensive press. dan wootton and andy cohen interviews - and also how it's all been framed so as to try to paint him as homophobic too#or alternatively suffering from internalised homophobia - self closeting. not abused - when is the same ever suggested about harry?#so in essence louis has not been allowed to exist outside of either the stunts and/or larry - with detrimental consequences for him#it's all been calculated to benefit others. hurt louis as much as possible. and put him in an impossible position on all fronts#:(
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bookhobbit · 3 years ago
I'm coming to realize that I had a terrible education growing up actually
my mom was always like "you're so lucky, those poor kids in public school whose teachers don't care" which a TINY part of that is probably to some degree true because of severe underfunding in the school systems which puts huge stress on teachers and students but like
going to an extremely small and unaccredited parochial school run by the local church that wasn't allowed to mention evolution and then when I was homeschooled it was only from Bob Jones textbooks and the Robinson Curriculum, which is, I quote from the website, meant to "teach your children to teach themselves and to acquire superior knowledge as did many of America’s most outstanding citizens in the days before socialism in education" and then after that going on to do a online charter high school with a curriculum designed for parents and their children to do together only I had to do it myself sans parents, not to mention almost the entire semester of school I lost between those in 8th grade when my parents divorced,
probably not an advantage over that
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girlmikeyway · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Hi AI bot why the FUCK would you do this
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bb-bambam · 25 days ago
I can’t even defend jaebeom anymore. Man is never beating the allegations 😩
fortunately you don't need to defend him bc his actions are those of a man who does not WANT to beat the allegations!! 😆
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shinsosweet · 7 months ago
♢ Heavenly | Zhongli
Alternative title: Worship
Includes: Yandere, Cult/Religion, SAGAU, Weird power dynamics
Warnings: Slight-NS//FW undertones, kissing/licking (?), Reader encourages Zhongli’s behavior (implied), obsessive/possessive tones, etc.
Word count: 685 (this is literally 1/4 of what I normally post TT)
A/N: This isn’t a full piece but more like… a thought(TM) I’ve had since I started writing for the SAGAU. I’ll be releasing how I think certain character act in regards to the Cult soon! But this is a sneak peak (IG?) of how Zhongli acts in the AU! I think I might have something with kissing necks… hmmm
This was written with mature audiences in mind.
Tumblr media
Acolyte Zhongli who adores being near you, just your presence alone is enough for him — Zhongli who’s worshiped you through all of his life, as Rex Lapis, Morax, the God of War, and the God of Contracts, and who’d continue worshiping you as long as he remained alive.
Zhongli who after years away from you, having been deprived of your touch, can’t help but need to worship you physically. Who has all of his manners, any and all semblances of self control, thrown out the window when you encourage him to live out his desires.
And who is he to deny his savior?
You smell so heavenly, he’s practically suffocating himself by pressing his face deeper into the crook of your neck but he can’t stop — if his life were to end here, with you in his arms as you allow him to pamper you with thousands of years of adoration, he’d have no complaints whatsoever.
He can’t stop himself, his body has a mind of its own as it plants kiss after kiss on the slope of your neck and your cheeks, behind your ears, on your nose, until there’s basically not a patch of skin in your body he hasn’t marked with his lips. His hands wander aimlessly around your body, as if committing it to memory — so he could carve it out on stone if he ever found himself missing your touch, maybe.
“Thank you, thank you, thank… mhgh, ah,” he moans into your skin, his lips desperately latching onto anything they could find, oh how he wanted to cry from the sheer amount of pleasure having you in his arms gave him, “you, thank you, ah… I love you, love you, thank you, my love, my world, master— ah… mmh!”
You tangle your fingers into his hair and he lets out a low moan at the contact; “Hah… I love you.”
His words were slurred, a bright pink tinted his cheeks – he didn’t care, he didn’t care if he looked pathetic, he didn’t care if in that moment he looked like some sick pervert, not when you were in his arms allowing him to sate the desires he’d kept bottled up for centuries.
He could only thank you, ravishing your body in his touch and kisses, mumbling words of undying devotion, all in hopes you’d feel his love for you.
“Please – hah, please use me as you see fit,” he groaned, the idea felt like heaven; being sent on divine duties by you, to have you praise him, to have you congratulate him, to have him in your mind – maybe you’d become like him and not be able to live without each other, “I’ll be your servant, I’ll lay my life down, I’d have Liyue burn, I’d let Teyvat crumble – if, m-mh! If you told me to do so.”
You only let out an airy laugh, amused by the sheer desperation in his voice, but Zhongli doesn’t feel offended at all. He’d be willing to become a jester if it meant it pleased you – you had a God kissing the ground you walked on.
In exchange, all he asks for are two things – you pay attention to him, let him worship you like this more often. Let him have you in his lap as he dedicates his afternoon to praying against your soft skin, maybe even… let him explore you and show you his devotion in more explicit ways. All while he shows off how precious he is to you in comparison to those peers of his, lowlifes who’s alleged love to you could never compare to his own. Letting them glare at him as you sit in his lap, allowing him to become your new throne, have them want to rip him apart but knowing they can’t touch him as long as he’s in your good graces.
But that can come later; in the meantime, why don’t you tug his hair a little more and let him kiss your pretty lips, hm? He’s still got so much love to show you.
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inukradfem · 5 months ago
Euphoria is a hypersexualized, voyeuristic, male fantasy into teenage girlhood. It sexualizes minors, encourages teenagers to engage in dangerous behavior, and in five years every actress on that show will come out with sexual abuse allegations against the disgusting director.
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soulprompts · 2 months ago
literally letter threads are elite. that’s. that’s all the context we have here. also bc the language is obviously being changed slightly here. so, for clarification: the person receiving the meme, is the writer of the letter! the person SENDING the meme, is RECEIVING the letter! now. go write letters, u magnificent cupcakes, and DO NOT ADD TO THIS LIST!!! i will know, and i will hunt u down and curse ur potatoes to be soapy and bland and messy for all eternity.
[ LOVE ]:     the writer begins the first of a series of love letters to the recipient.
[ SORRY ]:     the writer delivers a letter of apology to the recipient.
[ LAST ]:     a letter sent in the aftermath of the writer’s death.
[ TWIST ]:     a letter sent in the aftermath of the writer’s alleged death, only to reveal that they are, in fact, still alive.
[ FINAL ]:     a letter written in the aftermath of the recipient’s death, where the writer knows they’ll never get the chance to read it.
[ INITIATE ]:     a letter written to the recipient in order to maintain communication between the two while the writer is far away from them.
[ FAREWELL ]:     a letter written to say goodbye to the recipient, where the writer knows there’s an extremely high chance that they’ll never see each other again.
[ REVELATION ]:     a letter written that reveals the truth about an event(s) that the writer believes the recipient may be misinformed about.
[ EXPLAIN ]:     a letter that explains the reasoning behind choices that the writer has made in the past, which they would like to explain to the recipient.
[ BAD ]:     a letter that delivers bad news to the recipient.
[ UPDATE ]:     a letter that updates the recipient on the writer’s life, or certain on-going events that are happening in their life.
[ AFAR ]:     a letter delivered by the writer from another country/city/planet/etc in order to reassure the recipient and let them know they’re okay. (not intended to be a back-and-forth, like [ INITIATE ] does).
[ HIDDEN ]:     a letter written and delivered to the recipient in secret, for the recipient’s eyes only, as a result of information it contains, or because of the person who wrote it.
[ UNSENT ]:     a letter written for the recipient, but which the writer ultimately never sends for reasons that the writer conceals, or may reveal within the letter itself.
[ MISTAKE ]:     a letter which is sent to the recipient by mistake, and which may contain sensitive information about the recipient.
[ UNVEIL ]:     a letter which reveals the truth about a plan that the writer previously and deliberately concealed from the recipient for their safety/well-being.
[ NEEDED ]:     a letter that the writer wrote for the recipient after learning of their recent struggles in their personal life, and which contains uplifting words of encouragement, support and other things they feel they should hear to help them through.
[ PILLOW ]:     a letter left neatly atop a pillow on the bed that the writer and recipient share, that is discovered by the recipient the following morning after the writer leaves the room/home.
[ FRIDGE ]:     a letter attached to the fridge with magnets for the recipient to read in the kitchen.
[ KNOWN ]:     a letter which the writer left in a place that only the writer and recipient know of, knowing that only the recipient would be able to find it first.
[ HELP ]:     a letter written by the writer to the recipient, asking the recipient for help.
[ STOP ]:     a letter written for the recipient which the writer intends to be their final letter to them, and which ultimately concludes all communications between the writer and recipient from that moment forth.
[ PAST ]:     a letter which the writer wrote in the past, that reveals a piece of their backstory, that the reader finds and reads out of curiosity. (this could also be a letter written TO the receiver of the meme, or about them, or anything at all!)
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ukrfeminism · a month ago
Police rape investigators dismiss women as liars and time-wasters, leaked findings from a Home Office study reveal.
An academic-led inquiry commissioned by the Home Office has found that some police officers investigating allegations of rape and sexual assault believe that a significant number of reports are false and feel frustrated that some victims are “wasting” their time, political sources have told The Telegraph.
The study, known as Operation Soteria, has examined case files and interviewed police officers in three forces in England. They discovered that some detectives described minor discrepancies or inconsistencies as “false”, which failed to understand how trauma can affect evidence given by victims.
One survey of almost 200 officers in the Metropolitan Police found that only one in four agreed that “very few” reports of rape and sexual assault are untrue, according to well-placed Whitehall sources.
The results of the £3.2million Home Office investigation have not yet been made public, but one MP familiar with the findings said they are “profoundly troubling”.
Several sources have suggested that publication of the report has been delayed to avoid political embarrassment.
The revelation comes as charities and rape crisis centres have written today to the Home Secretary to express concern that key results from the academic-led inquiry are being “shielded” from public scrutiny, saying the information has been available since January.
Police forces – particularly in the Met – are facing mounting scrutiny into their apparent culture of misogyny amid ongoing shock over the death of Sarah Everard, who was murdered by a serving officer.
The police and criminal justice system has also faced pressure over low prosecution and rape conviction rates.
In the 12 months to September last year, only 1.3 per cent of the 63,136 rape offences recorded by police resulted in a suspect being charged.
A Home Office spokesman told The Telegraph that Operation Soteria is “still in progress and a full evaluation will be conducted at the appropriate time”, and that stakeholders are being regularly updated.
But several academics have privately expressed frustration that they are not allowed to discuss these results publicly.
The leaked finding from Operation Soteria states that “only 26.3 per cent [of officers] agree that very few reports of RASSO (rape and serious sexual offences) are false”.
Sources have confirmed that this statistic relates to the Met.
One MP told The Telegraph, “the attitudes expressed by officers in the research are profoundly troubling, as they suggest greater scrutiny of the victims of crime rather than the perpetrators.”
A spokesman from the Met said that rape is an “abhorrent crime” and that all victims of sexual offences “deserve the best possible response from police”.
They said that they encouraged all sexual assault survivors to make a police report, and added: “We will support you and we will investigate thoroughly.”
Academics leading Operation Soteria have been investigating police handling of sex crimes in three forces – the Met, Avon and Somerset and Durham, with a fourth only recently joining the scheme.
Research from several of these “pilot” forces is understood to have found that officers incorrectly used the word “false” to refer to cases with only “minor falsehoods or inconsistencies” – going against a “trauma-informed understanding of victim evidence”.
Findings are also said to include a frustration that victims are “wasting” police time, with some officers saying they would like to “come down harder” on victims who make “false” reports.
Officers’ “emotional exhaustion” is being explored as a factor leading to these negative attitudes – with current levels of burnout said to be higher than “front line medics during Covid”.
Concerns have been raised that widespread exhaustion, combined with a lack of specialist training, negatively impacts the quality of sex crime investigations.
The Met said that their training for staff handling sex crime cases – including on “recognising victim trauma” is continually reviewed.
They said their force was “determined to achieve justice” for survivors of rape and sexual assault.
The Home Office and Met say they are participating in Operation Soteria to help overcome the challenges faced in police handling of sex crimes, challenges that Scotland Yard say are “reflected nationally”.
The Telegraph understands that the Home Office is expected to fund Operation Soteria for a further 12 months, allowing the programme to expand to 14 more police forces. Avon and Somerset have previously highlighted how they launched Operation Bluestone in June 2021 which was designed to improve how they investigate rape cases. This included having a specialist team of trained officers dedicated to investigating rape and serious sexual assault allegations.
A Durham Constabulary spokesman said: “It is clear that survivors of sexual offences can have the confidence to report to Durham Constabulary and will be treated with respect and sensitivity by our officers when they do.
“In Durham, the Soteria researchers did not identify a single case over the last four years in which the victim had not been listened to and their evidence taken seriously.
“They also found a widespread understanding among detectives about pervasive rape myths and a willingness to challenge them whenever and wherever they were encountered.
“But if we are to deliver justice for survivors and bring about a fundamental improvement in how we deal with rape and sexual offences, then we have to be open to fresh thinking to bring about genuine and sustained change”.
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odinsblog · 4 months ago
the uyghur "genocide" has been disputed numerous times... completely agree that china is not faultless when it comes to human rights but the uyghur "genocide" should not be included in that list
[re: this post, I think]
First of all, my exact words were, “…I beg you to research the what’s happening in the Uyghur community in China.” It’s right there in the post, so please don’t try to put words in my mouth that I did not say. So anyway, I encourage everyone here to do said research, verify that it is coming from reputable sources, listen to those who have lived through it, and then draw your own conclusions. Is that clear enough for you, anon?
Second, I don’t like contrarians, or people who seem to think that if they can find one punctuation mark out of place, then they can somehow use that as a “gotcha” or use it for some foundation to dismantle a broader argument. In that post I was talking about how China, Russia and America are similar because they each have significant human rights abuses, and they all have used imperialism. The broader point was that colonialism is wrong no matter who is doing it, even when it’s the geopolitical opponents of the U.S., and therefore we should all be supporting the Ukrainian people and not Putin or the invading Russian army.
Lastly, “those (provable) human rights abuses are disputed” is not the winning argument you seem to think it is. Do you know what is, unfortunately, also being “disputed”? The Holocaust. Know what else continues to be disputed where I’m living? The horrors of American slavery and the lingering impact of structural, systemic racism. So I really don’t care if it’s being “disputed,” most often by the groups who want to diminish their culpability and ultimately erase the crimes they committed. You think what’s being done to the Uyghur people is “in dispute”? I. Don’t. Fucking. Care. It is STILL HAPPENING, despite your alleged “concern” about conveniently timed “disputes.”
Oh and btw, putting the word genocide in quotes like you did is pretty fucking shitty. The Uyghur. The Ukrainians. Who aren’t you willing to throw under the bus just to protect your tankie image of communism?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I am always feel hesitant to even answer asks similar to this one (and believe me, I am “coincidentally” getting a ton of them since Putin’s war began), because they feel like attempts to diminish and derail the primary conversation at hand—Ukraine!—and because I never want to lend even my tiny platform to those who like using “whataboutisms” to change the subject. My gut reaction is to delete the ask and keep scrolling. But I know that if I’m getting these type of asks, then many other people probably are too, and if nobody refutes the underlying implications, that’s a net negative, and unchallenged propaganda can easily become “fact.”
Sometimes you gotta just ignore the sea lions, but for this once or twice, it feels like it was worth answering.
Anyway, if you can, please support the Uyghur people and amplify their voices. Their struggle shouldn’t fade into the background.
And also,
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
SN: I don’t do succinct, sorry for the long post.
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starryevermore · 5 days ago
misfortune grimaces at the meek ✧ chris evans
angst city™ library | send in a request (consult request faqs first)
request: i don't know if this will be angst enough for you but... evans, second time trying relationship out with original character (is the lead singer in a band), first time he kept on assuming she was cheating with guitarrist (fans ship it) and was a bit abusive towards her, leaving emotional scars and such. they found each other once again years later, he finds out that in the middle of the first break up she had a miscarrage then idk what else… - anon 
pairing: chris evans x singer!fem!reader
summary: chris only had one real regret. 
word count: 1,785
warnings?: angst, (false) cheating allegations, discussion of miscarriage, not proofread
note: went slightly off the request, but i think it still follows the basic spirit of it lol  
i DO NOT consent to my works being reposted, translated, or published on any third party site or app. if you see my work posted on any platform that is not my tumblr, my wattpad (starryevermore), or my ao3 (illiterate), it has been stolen and reposted without my permission. 
reblogs and feedback encouraged. 
my blog is strictly 18+. by clicking on the links or read more, you are agreeing that you are an adult. any minors found interacting with my blog will be blocked.
Tumblr media
Breaking up with you was, perhaps, one of the stupidest things Chris had ever done. And, look, Chris was aware of his party phase. Hell, even outside of his party phase, in his childhood, he’d done a lot of stupid things. For Christ’s sake, he busted his brother’s head open on accident! Look, the point is: Chris knew he’d done a lot of stupid things. But a lot of those things didn’t still haunt him to do this day. A lot of those things were fun anecdotes, something he might pull out in a Jimmy Fallon interview or vaguely hint at in a press junket if he was feeling so bold. Breaking up with you though…That was easily his biggest regret. 
You had been amazing. You were still amazing. He was the one who fucked everything up. Chris had gone and let his insecurities burrow under his skin, eat him from the inside out, until all that was left was a husk of a man. He knew he could trust you. Really, truly, he did. You had never given him any indication otherwise. If anything, you’d done the opposite. You were fiercely loyal. You would never do anything to hurt him in that way.
It’s just…Your bandmate—Logan. He was the guitarist in your band, and the two of you were as thick as thieves. You’d been childhood friends and, when you were in high school, you both decided to start a band. It had gone over incredibly well. And, of course, with great fame came great shipping. 
It was easy to laugh about in the beginning of the relationship. It had seemed so ridiculous to Chris that your fans thought you and Logan were dating. Especially once you and Chris went public with your relationship, it seemed silly that people thought you could be dating anyone else. Chris had his insecurities, sure, but that didn’t extend to how you felt about him. Until it did. 
The longer the two of you dated, the more he began to see that maybe, just maybe, your fans had a point. You and Logan were always together. The pair of you wrote nearly all of the band’s songs together. You would go help him at the drop of a hat. Logan always seemed to be dropping by your apartment, and he would long overstay his welcome when it was made clear that Chris had been hoping for some alone time with you. Even when you tried to set boundaries with Logan, he still pushed through. 
Chris tried to look past it. He knew you loved him. He knew you didn’t think of Logan as anything other than a friend and bandmate. Hell, he knew Logan didn’t think of you as anything other than a friend and bandmate. But that green-eyed monster…It sure is a bitch. 
He played the scene in his head over and over again. Trying to find the moment he threw it all away. Trying to figure out why he let the insecurities eat at him. Trying to figure out why he didn’t just talk to you. You were such an understanding person. You would’ve tried to comfort him, explain to him that you only loved him. But he already knew that, and it hadn’t done anything to stop him. And so, he ruined it all.
You had just gotten back from tour. Chris had planned on surprising you with dinner. But when you got to your apartment, you said you were exhausted, that Logan had kept you up the entire flight back to LA, pestering you about when you were going to get back to the recording studio, having already come up with a great concept for the next album. 
And, God, just hearing Logan’s name…he just snapped. 
Chris can’t exactly remember what he said, what you said. He just remembering you throwing all of his things at him, yelling for him to never talk to you again, that it was all over. He remembered stumbling out into the street, the anger finally melting off of him, realizing that he just made a horrible mistake. He almost turned and ran back to your door, falling to his knees, begging for forgiveness. But then you opened your window, chucking more of his things that you found at him, and he knew that you wouldn’t take him back. That you were done with him. 
That was three years ago. He hadn’t seen you since. At least, not in person. He’d seen pictures of you at award shows, saw edits of clips from your music videos and concerts. He’d read an article or two or twenty, trying to keep up with what you were doing. 
But now…Now he was seeing you for the first time, and Chris was trying his damned hardest to not lose his mind. He tried to be casual, only glancing your way every once in a while, trying to gauge whether it may be a good idea to speak to you or not. Whether you still (rightfully) held a grudge against him. 
Eventually, though, he had to bite the bullet. He had to at least try. Maybe then he would be satisfied, be able to put all of this aside. 
You stepped out onto the balcony, and he followed after you. When you leaned against the railing, he leaned beside of you. 
“Haven’t seen you in a while,” he decided to say. If you were upset with him, you gave no indication. “How’ve you been?”
“…Good,” you said. You turned to look at him, before looking back up at the moon. “Band’s decided to take a break. Everyone wanted to try out different things.”
He already knew that. He saw it in an article on Twitter—couldn’t believe his eyes. The band was at the height of your guy’s career. It was a strange move to back out now. 
“Yeah? What are you thinking of doing?”
You shrugged. “I suppose I should correct myself. Everyone else wanted to try out different things. I admit, I never saw it coming. But I suppose I’m really good at ignoring when things turn south.”
That was fair, but it still made Chris’s chest ache. “I’m sorry, for what I said back then. I should have talked to you about how I was feeling. I knew it was ridiculous at the time…I don’t know, I thought if I didn’t talk about it, it would just go away.”
“It is what it is. Can’t change the past.” You looked at him again, chewing on your lip. It almost looked like you had something to say, something right on the tip of your tongue. But then you turned away again, looking at the stars. “I suppose I should go back in. I’m supposed to be making connections in the acting world.”
“Oh? Is that what you’re planning on doing?”
“No. I don’t know what I’m doing. But my agent says that it’s a good idea to make nice with folks while there’s still a lot of intrigue surrounding me at the moment, you know?”
You started to walk away, brushing past him, but he couldn’t let you go. He just needed to say one more thing. 
“Wait. Before you go—” Chris said, throwing all caution to the wind. When you looked at him again, he said, “I love you. Every day, I wake up missing you. Every day, I wish that I hadn’t been so goddamn stupid. Every day, I want you in my arms again. Please, please, let me make this right.”
“I wish I had a time machine. I wish I could go back and change things. I wish I could make things right. What you and I had—that’s once in a lifetime stuff. I can’t get you out of my mind. I can’t stop replaying the scenarios.” He took a deep breath. “Please, let me take you out to dinner. Just one more time. Please.”
You shook your head, looking away. It broke his heart, seeing how tears started to well up in your eyes. “I can’t. I can’t do this again.”
“Why not? Please, if you’re gonna say no, just tell me why.”
“Because you weren’t there,” you whispered. “And I know I can’t hold that against you. I shouldn’t hold that against you. I-I chose not to call. I chose to break up with you. I chose to not tell you when I-I got pregnant.”
“You were pregnant? With my kid? B-But I never saw anyone say anything—”
“I lost her,” you whispered. “Fuck, I don’t even know if it was a her, you know? But I always dreamed of having a little girl, and then it happened, and then it was gone and—”
You jerked away when he reached out to wipe away a tear streaking down your cheek. 
“Look. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you until now. That wasn’t fair to you. You deserved to know what we could’ve had, what we lost,” you said. “But dammit, Chris, you broke my fucking heart. I thought I was gonna spend the rest of my life with you. Then you said those things…I can’t get them out of my head. I can’t forget that. I can’t forget how much you hurt me, over nothing! And I can’t do that again. I can’t be scared that you’re gonna blow something like that out of proportion again and not even try to talk to me about it. I can’t. I refuse to. So, this is goodbye, Chris. For real this time. I don’t want to talk to you ever again. Okay?”
Chris looked down at his shoes, swallowing hard. “I-If you do consider taking up acting, I know of a couple movie musicals that are in the works. I can forward them to your agent. You know, if you decide to take up acting during this break. Might be a good way to dip your toe in.”
“I appreciate that. Thank you.”
“Have a good life, Y/N. I mean that.”
“I know you do. And the same goes for you, okay? I’ll always love you, but…I gotta put me first.”
“I understand. Goodbye.”
“Goodbye, Chris.”
As he watched you walk away, Chris knew that breaking up with you was, by far, the stupidest thing he had ever done. Chris had done a lot of stupid things in his lifetime. But nothing would ever haunt him quite like this. The other things…Those were funny stories to pull out at interviews. But this? This was something that would never leave him. This was something he would regret forever. 
And so it did.
Tumblr media
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CFP: Centering Blackness in Fan Studies
This special issue centers Blackness in fandom studies. Fandom studies has gestured toward race generally, and Blackness in particular, from its alleged white center while always keeping race at its margin. It has largely co-opted the language of race, difference, and diversity from the margins and recentered it around white geeks and white women. Indeed, fandom studies has done lots of things—except deal with its race problem. But as Toni Morrison (1975) asserts, that is the work of racism: it keeps those at the margins busy, trying to prove that they deserve a seat at the center table. In this way, those considered marginal expend energy trying to be granted access to the center while citing, reifying, and expanding the supposed universality of the center that fails to engage the margin because it is too particular. If, as the title of Audre Lorde’s famous 1984 essay reminds us, “The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master’s House,”  then it is time to willfully ignore white fandoms, just as Black fandoms have been willfully ignored.
For this special issue, we seek to privilege and celebrate Blackness, not as a comparative but as enough on its own. We want essays that build on the relatively small but groundbreaking scholarly work that centers Black fandoms, including work on young Black male (Brown 2000) and female (Whaley 2015) comic readers; Black gay sitcom fans (Martin 2021a); Black fan “defense squads” that protect fictional characters’ Blackness (Warner 2018); Black fan labor (Warner 2015); Black antifandom (Martin 2019b); Black fans’ enclaving practices (Florini 2019b); Black female music fans (Edgar and Toone 2019); and Black acafans (Wanzo 2015). It also engages and with and builds on our Black feminist foremothers, including bell hooks (1992), Jacqueline Bobo (1995), and Robin Means Coleman (1998), who showed us ways to think about how Black audiences engage with media. This corpus of work on Black audiences and fandoms provides a base for further theorization about the experiences and meanings of Black fandom. We encourage work that engages, nuances, and challenges this foundational work, leading to novel reconsiderations of how fan studies defines and understands Black fandoms.
We invite submissions that contribute to a conversation that centers Black audiences, fans, antifans, and global Blackness itself. We are not interested in comparative studies of Black fandom practices, because Blackness is enough. This issue seeks to center Blackness and (anti)fandom in all of its permutations. We hope the following suggested topics will inspire wide-ranging responses.
Black folks and “doing” fandom.
Black fans and deployment of (anti)fandom.
Black fan practices imbricated in a politics of representation.
Affective Black fandoms.
The politics of Black (anti)fandoms.
Interactions between Black fans and media producers.
Audience/fan response to Black-cast remakes and recasting non-Black-cast texts with Black actors.
Black fandoms of non-Black-cast media.
Blackness and enclaving.
Black music fandom.
Black sports fandom.
Black fandom and labor.
Black fandom and affect.
Black antifandom and hate.
Global Black fandoms.
Black fandom and contemporary or historical politics.
Mediated constructions of Blackness.
Black fandoms and celebrities/parasocial relationships.
Black queer fandom.
Disabled Black fandom.
Case studies of specific texts related to Black fandom.
Historical and archival accounts of Black fandom.
Submission Guidelines
Transformative Works and Cultures (TWC, http://journal.transformativeworks.org/) is an international peer-reviewed online Gold Open Access publication of the nonprofit Organization for Transformative Works, copyrighted under a Creative Commons License. TWC aims to provide a publishing outlet that welcomes fan-related topics and promotes dialogue between academic and fan communities. TWC accommodates academic articles of varying scope as well as other forms, such as multimedia, that embrace the technical possibilities of the internet and test the limits of the genre of academic writing.
Submit final papers directly to Transformative Works and Cultures by January 1, 2023. 
Articles: Peer review. Maximum 8,000 words.
Symposium: Editorial review. Maximum 4,000 words.
Please visit TWC's website (https://journal.transformativeworks.org/) for complete submission guidelines, or email the TWC Editor ([email protected]).
Contact—Contact guest editors Alfred L. Martin Jr. and Matt Griffin with any questions before or after the due date at [email protected] 
Due date—January 1, 2023, for March 2024 publication.
Works Cited
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Martin, Alfred L., Jr. 2019b. “Why All the Hate? Four Black Women’s Anti-fandom and Tyler Perry.” In Anti-fandom: Dislike and Hate in the Digital Age, edited by Melissa A. Click, 166–83. New York: NYU Press.
Morrison, Toni. 1975. “A Humanist View, Part 2.” Presented at Black Studies Center public dialogue, Portland State University, May 30, 1975. Transcription available at: https://www.mackenzian.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Transcript_PortlandState_TMorrison.pdf.
Rose, Tricia. 1994. Black Noise: Rap Music and Black Culture in Contemporary America. Hanover, NH: Wesleyan University Press.
Shankman, Arnold. 1978. “Black Pride and Protest: The Amos 'n' Andy Crusade.” Journal of Popular Culture 12 (2): 236–52. http://dx.doi.org/10.1111/j.0022-3840.1979.1202_236.x.
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Wanzo, Rebecca. 2015. “African American Acafandom and Other Strangers: New Genealogies of Fan Studies.” Transformative Works and Cultures, no. 20. https://doi.org/10.3983/twc.2015.0699.
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Warner, Kristen J. 2015. “ABC’s Scandal and Black Women’s Fandom.” In Cupcakes, Pinterest, and Ladyporn: Feminized Popular Culture in the Early Twenty-First Century, edited by Elana Levine. Champaign: University of Illinois Press.
Whaley, Deborah Elizabeth. 2015. Black Women in Sequence: Re-inking Comics, Graphic Novels, and Anime. Seattle: University of Washington Press.
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jediapplegist · 3 months ago
The prequels were not Jedi-critical, that was not the "point of the prequels"
People really say "the movies are all Jedi critical, that's the point" ok show me. Show me the evidence. Where did Lucas say that? Aside from "yeah they were drafted and forced to compromise on their ways."
Because that's hardly Jedi critical, lmao, if anything it's Senate critical.
"Do they stick with their moral rules and all be killed, or do they defend the Republic?" (Also George Lucas)
Oh yeah, the prequels were soooooo Jedi critical =_=
Mr. "the Jedi are the most moral people in the galaxy" Lucas said that the movies are Jedi critical?? Really?
"Oh yeah the Jedi Order was flawed"
Really. If you mean individual Jedi, sure. Everyone has flaws. It's called being a normal, breathing, living being. But an actual flaw of the Order?
And no, their political entanglement wasn't their fault, at least not during the prequel era. George Lucas specifically blames the Senate for becoming corrupt, and he not once blames the Jedi for the Jedi's alignment with them.
No, Timmy, posting a video about alleged war crimes that specifically use the Geneva conventions that don't, for one, apply to the Star Wars universe don't count. And even if we do apply the conventions to them, they still didn't commit any war crimes.
Great meta made by @topsy-cryptid about that:
Them not somehow finding Palpatine out "sOoN eNoUgh" is not a fault of theirs either. Dooku never explicitly said anything about Palpatine being the Sith Lord, only that many senators were under the influence of one. That could be interpreted in many ways, yet you as an audience member blame the characters onscreen for things that you know, only due to your being a viewer.
Also it's victim blaming. Genocide apologia.
No, the Clone War wasn't their fault either. Dooku and his Separatist terrorist group were the ones who declared war and tried to burn the Republic to the ground. Them getting drafted and fighting for the Republic they swore to defend doesn't make them warmongers.
And they had nothing to gain from this war, other than members of their Order murdered in droves. And getting trauma. They gained nothing from it.
Now, the exploitation of the clones. The clone army wasn't owned by them, they were owned by the Republic.
"bUt tHey lEd tHeM aNyWaYs!!!"
Well, what other choice did they have? We've already established that they'd been drafted, and not fighting would have led to their collective demise.
Oh, and don't ignore the fact they were the ones who inspired independence in the clones, were the ones who encouraged them to take names, are repeatedly shown to care for their lives, say that they view the clones as not expendable, assert that the clones are individual beings...
If the Jedi hadn't fought, which wasn't an option, but let's say in this impossible hypothetical situation, that they didn't, somehow.
The clones would've fought anyways. If the Jedi went to them and went "hey, you don't wanna fight, do you?"
Realistically, the majority of the clones would probably be insulted and respond with "yeah I do want to fight, actually."
And then Palpatine sounds the alarms and has them all killed, because he'd just accuse them of treason. And then the clones would just stay mind controlled and thrown in the galactic trash can.
Or, say you accuse them of "not fighting hard enough to attain clone rights." How would they go about that, exactly?? They're already super stretched out, fighting on too many fronts, it's not like they can just go and have a monthly debate with the Senate whenever they want. They already sent Shaak Ti to Kamino to make sure the clones were treated like living beings. Oh, and they also had no sway on the Senate. None. In Dooku's novel, he literally gets brushed off when he tries to appeal to them, and we see this happen many times to other Jedi. They get brushed off, disregarded by politicians constantly. The Jedi do not have any political power.
"tHey sUpPrEsS eMoTIoNs!!!"
No they don't, do some damn research. You're just insulting the Asian cultures and philosophies Lucas based the Jedi off of. Expand your worldview instead of trying to apply your western values to a non-western conforming culture.
"They were mean to Anakin"
Yeah no they weren't. Boo hoo, your white fav didn't get everything handed to him. How tragic.
"They condoned slavery"
No, they didn't, and this argument baffles me. They didn't.
They did not have the numbers to eradicate slavery, there's only 10,000 of them, and billions of planets. Full of people. Hyperlanes, criminal syndicates everywhere. The Senate wouldn't approve, as well, because it could give many different factions a reason to unite against the Republic. Also, they're corrupt.
The Jedi didn't have the manpower, the resources, or the support. They also did not have the necessary equipment. And that would require them to, like, take control of the planets who practice slavery and rule them, which they literally cannot and wouldn't do. And it would require resources they did not have.
"tHeY tOoK baBieS fRoM thEir fAmIliEs!"
The Jedi Order is canonically shown to only accept children their biological family willingly gives them. The baby "not choosing it" is pointless because you could say the same for adoption in general, plus they have the choice to leave anytime they want. This also stems from the idea that the Jedi aren't a real family because they're not your typical nuclear one. Which isn't true. It's called communal living, nimrod. A loving, supportive community where their members are allowed to choose their own paths in life. George Lucas literally says that Anakin would've been a better Jedi, had he been trained at a younger age.
Ahsoka's trial was complicated. They were basically strong-armed by the Senate into handing her over, she had a lot of evidence against her, and she looked guilty as hell.
There was also a jurisdiction problem, because even though it was an attack on Temple grounds, clones and Republic citizens were killed in the attack, effectively giving the Republic the jurisdiction to prosecute. The Jedi couldn't really refuse them.
And after her trial, they apologized, and welcomed her back when she was found innocent. They complimented her preservering in the face of hardship and was even going to make her a Knight. The reason they looked so bad was probs due to the fact that it was in Ahsoka's pov.
Where is it? This so called, elusive, "point of the prequels" being "Jedi critical"
I'll tell you. It doesn't exist. Sure, you're allowed your incorrect interpretations, just don't go around acting like it's canon. It's not.
To me (supported canon evidence) just makes it seem like ""the point"" of the prequels was the rise of corruption, and the heroes being tragically killed off because of an evil Sith Lord's 100 year old plans. And a man causing it all because of his refusal to let go, and his greed.
Antis, probably:
Tumblr media
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