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rawhoneybliss · 8 months ago
The person who reblogged this from you is rooting for your success.
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limonsuggestions · 3 months ago
look at you, doing things you never thought you'd ever do. you strong motherfluffer, i’m so proud of you.
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the-healing-mindset · 5 months ago
Hey, if you’re reading this right now, I want you to know that it’s all going to be okay. It’s possible for you to feel safe again. It’s possible for you to find happiness again. It’s possible for you to feel enthusiastic about life again. I understand if things are hard right now. I get it. But you are finding your way out of this. You are strong. Remember that. Keep going.
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uncanny-tranny · a month ago
Your life isn't a to-do list. You're allowed to exist, to take life as slow as you'd like. The dreams you have won't suddenly disappear. It's okay to stop and smell the roses, or to engage with "childish" things, or to recover, or do what you need to.
#positivity#encouraging words#life doesn't need to be a speedrun or a 100% run#sometimes it feels like i'm wasting my life but... who gets to tell me what is wasteful? i'm surviving out here and that's okay#and it's okay if you're also somebody who people think is 'wasting your life'#that's such a meaningless and frankly a very cruel thing to say to a person#because you'll see people call somebody's life wasteful because they're simply coping with disability/mental illness/grief/ect#it's a meaningless saying to tell somebody how YOU think they're wasting life. your life isn't a waste point-blank#we ought to be kinder to ourselves for choosing what we want/need out of our lives rather than placating to what is imposed on us...#...or the expectations we impose on ourselves#be kinder to yourself whenever you can. it's hard as hell but please choose kindness toward yourself#just something i thought about and felt like it was impirtant to me#i couldn't complete high school 'on time' because of covid and because i was in crisis. i felt so much shame about that. i felt stupid...#...i felt unworthy. but who decided that i am those things? the crisis i was in could have killed me. i couldn't deal with school then...#...it humbled me because i had to learn that i am not immune to needing to be kind to myself. i am human - i'm not a mindless drone...#...you aren't a mindless drone either. you are an individual. you deserve to feel safe. you deserve understanding and compassion...#...but not ONLY from others. you deserve it from yourself as well
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lovveclub · a year ago
I saw a caption today that said, “you don’t eat the fruit the same day you plant the seed” and I hope everyone reading this takes this as your sign to keep going. You might not see your progress now but I promise you that you will.
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love-from-middle-earth · 18 days ago
It is not a betrayal to be happy while others are suffering. No matter what is going on in the world, in your life, or in the lives of those around you, you are allowed to do things you enjoy. You are allowed to smile. You are allowed to think about other things. Never taking time for yourself is not a sustainable or healthy strategy in any context, but especially not when you’re handling heavy emotional matters or working to make changes in the world. Those things are vital and important, but so are you, and without you, that important work couldn’t get done! So allow yourself to rest. To be joyful. To laugh and have fun. You—and life—are both complex enough to hold dualities.
Rosie Cotton-Gamgee
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akindplace · 13 days ago
You will come through. You will shine through. You will stand your ground. Hold on to life, you are still growing and you will see that this current situation will pass, and you will be stronger, you will have blossomed. You are on the process of becoming the future you that you deserve.
Accept your growth, don't hinder it. Allow yourself to grow beyond those problems, you will face them all, you will make it through. One day, these things will be far behind, and you will have your progress to show for it. You are capable of so much, so keep going, just because it feels like the end, it doesn't mean it is. You have survived before, and you will survive this, and you will be able to live a happy life.
You will grow beyond these troubles, but growth and strength don't happen overnight. But everyday you keep trying to take care of yourself and your issues, you grow a little. Even when setbacks happen, you are capable of growing from them by learning from your mistakes. You will get there, please be patient with yourself. You will blossom. You are already in that process. 🌱🌷🌻🌿
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him-first · 6 months ago
perhaps we will never fully understand the many reasons why God allows us to walk through hard seasons. seasons that feel so dry and empty. seasons that bring a storm of tears. seasons that bring us to our knees in full surrender, reminding us we are not strong enough to walk through this alone. but perhaps we don't need to fully understand God's reasons, because even if we did, the hurt would still be the same. the questions would simply multiply. and our hearts would break a little bit more. we may not always understand God's reasoning, but we can stand on the firm foundation of His goodness.
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thepoetryofascension · a year ago
gratitude doesn't have to be reserved for something miraculous or large; it's the little things, after all, that give life so much meaning.
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loveyourlovelysoul · 2 months ago
To those kind empathic souls who would love to help everyone or almost: you cannot. Keep that in mind, find a way to be aware of it. There will be times in which you'll have to give up. I know it may seem overwhelming and scary cause, especially for your loved ones, you want to be of help, but sometimes you won't be able to. And you have to let that be so. I know this will cause you pain, it's the same for me. But that's it: they have some battles that you cannot fight for them. You can support them, and all ofc, but they need to fight their battles alone, cause those are part of their own lives. Not yours. Same goes for you.
Take a breathe, get yourself back together, and go on as the cheerleader you feel like being. Remember that even this shows how strong you are. Cause you are. Don't be scared, be strong. Be positive. I'm with you.
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faithwithserena · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
thank you 800 followers!! 🕊
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rawhoneybliss · 7 months ago
You will achieve a high level of success this year. This is your year, and there is nothing you can do about it. It is your time. Accept it.
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limonsuggestions · 7 months ago
do not mourn for who you once were forever; learn to love who you are now and build who you will be.
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the-healing-mindset · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Don’t stand in your own way! It may have been a while since you asked for the change, and thus you may have forgotten. But now it is here! Welcome it in. It feels different. It feels scary, but this will grant you the life you so desire! Take advantage of it.
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geezerwench · 2 months ago
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greaterawarness · a year ago
Tips if you're struggling to write or are feeling discouraged!
Figure out where you write best! For example I found out that I can only really write and focus when I write on a desktop computer at a desk. I can write on a laptop but I succumb to distractions much easier and like having a larger screen. Maybe you do better with a laptop or even pen and paper.
Know what environment you write best in! I do my best work when its quiet and calm and inside. I cant focus with music or if someone is in the room watching a loud video or something. Maybe you do best listening to music or with someone to bounce ideas with. Maybe it's in your bed or on the couch or even outside. Move around and see what works best.
READ! I used to be a big reader in middle and high school until I graduated and went to college. I also worked full time and didnt want to waste my limited personal time reading. It was much easier to just watch a show on TV. So if you're like me it might take some time to get back into it but I promise it helps. I found it easier to get back into reading by finding people who write similar to my own writing and then branch out to other styles. I also found I really can only read hardcover books. Dont know why but the odds of me reading and finishing a book are higher when its hardcover. Reading makes writers better and is recommended by many authors such as Stephen King.
Don't believe you have to write every day! Just like the saying absence makes the heart grow fonder sometimes the best thing to do when you hit a wall is to just stop writing and take a rest. Do that thing all writers love and just think about your story or don't! Taking time away from your story can help you come back to it refreshed and excited to start again.
Don't beat yourself up for not writing large chunks of story every time. If all you can write is a paragraph then all you can write is a paragraph. Some days you may be able to pop out 10 pages others barely a page. All that matters is you sat down and wrote something.
Stop discouraging yourself for choosing yourself over writing. Chances are you arent a writer full time and have to work and go to school. Maybe you have kids or obligations that take time and energy. Life happens and it takes a lot out of you. If writing is making you stressed or even depressed similar to a normal job then stop. Take the time you need to feel better and come back to it when you're ready. Writing is HARD. And it takes a lot more effort and energy then most people think. Writing should be a fun and exciting thing but if you arent getting anything positive from it then its okay to stop and take care of yourself.
Encourage yourself and other writers! We're all in the same boat and we're all evolving and getting better at the art. Not everyone has supportive friends and family to cheer them on and give encouraging feedback. Help each other out and let someone know if you like their work. It may be what they need to keep on going and improving.
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coffeewritesfiction · 9 days ago
Slow progress is still progress. Don’t give up on yourself.
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