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By Kurose Pixiv ID 45528
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Ahhhhh what a torture this week...
I'm glad the show kept the narrative that attracted me the most to it, which was the fact that they weren't going to give up on their relationship! I've always liked their determination to stick together no matter the obstacles! If hiding the relationship from the world was the way to keep it, they would go along with that plan. I also liked the fact that reality was present by showing the two also focused on their careers!
It was a simple ending, it was a story without a complex plot, but at the same time it was big and touching! I liked that, I'm a little tired about big dramas...
I think it was the bl that fascinated me the most, despite the simplicity of the plot, and that's precisely because of how PatPran's relationship was put in such a magnificent way, their chemistry, how healthy it was...
I am very grateful to have followed this show, although I never liked to follow any shows when they were still in progress, I only watched them when they were over. With badbuddy I couldn't resist and I never let go, I don't regret it despite all the anxiety.
Anyway, I love love love love!!!!
And yes, I would like another bl with these actors, but I don't ask for season 2 of badbuddy, the risk of ruining this couple is immense and I prefer to remember them like this, how it ended!
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prince ranboo has had a very long day of dealing with poor people
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This is one of my favorite places to visit, ignoring the water and humid atmosphere...
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Love will never end well for me.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Films watched in 2021.
205: Picnic (Shunji Iwai, 1996)
“The world’s gonna end soon.”
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Infinity Train Book 4 END
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She realized that she hadn't tried to end her life because she was miserable, but because she had managed to convinced herself there was no way out of this misery. That, she supposed, was the basis of depression, as well as the difference between fear and despair. Fear was when you wandered into a cellar and worried that the door would close shut. Despair was when the door closed and locked behind you.
The Midnight Library by Matt Haig
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*after 20 years*
MC: It seems that all of you got a high score in your exam.
The class: Yes, Miss!
MC: Keep it up and I shall reward you—
Barbatos: *knocks on the door* *then smiles* MC.
The class: *squeals*
MC: *gives her class a glare*
The class: *all went quiet*
MC: *crossed her arms* *raised an eyebrow* How may I help you, Mr. Barbatos?
Barbatos: The young master and the brothers are hoping if you can attend the grand opening of new company Mammon has successfully established.
MC: I'm glad that brat is doing well. But isn't this his 5th company already? Do I have to attend every single grand opening he will be doing in the future? *slightly annoyed*
Barbatos: Madame, *kneels before her* everyone is progressing with their own path.
Barbatos: How about you start thinking of our own?
MC: ...
MC: Your display of affection is kind of infuriating.
Barbatos: That means you're falling for me, Madame.
MC: *scoffs*
Mammon: Miss-! You arrived!
MC: Mr. Mammon, if someone have heard you, they would have thought that I'm your mother.
Mammon: *pouts* But Miss... You were the one who called me your son before.
MC: Are you answering me now?
Mammon: Of course not, Miss! *cheeky grin*
Asmo, Levi, and Belphie: *running towards them* Miss!
MC: *frowns*
*the three slowed down*
Lucifer: *approaches MC* Miss, how have you been?
MC: I'm doing well, Mr. Lucifer.
Lucifer: I'm glad to know that, Miss. *kisses the back of her hand*
Levi: Lucifer! I was the one to do that!
Asmo: Right! Why do you always have to steal our moment?!
Belphie: I even practiced today.
Satan and Beel: *walking towards them*
Beel: Miss won't like it.
Satan: You all suck to backhand kisses and there's a chance you wouldn't let go of the Miss's hand.
Levi, Asmo, and Belphie: *pouts*
Mammon: Miss, you should sit at the VIP seat at the front.
MC: Hmm... I'm glad there's no red carpet this time.
Mammon: *laughs awkwardly* There was... But Lucifer had told us to remove it.
MC: ...
MC: Be thankful you're not my student anymore.
Mammon: Miss...
Diavolo: Ah! MC! *goes to hug her* It's been a while!
MC: Mr. Diavolo, we've met just a few weeks ago.
Diavolo: Was it? I barely remember because of my workload. *sad frowns*
Diavolo: Anyway, how's the new batch of students?
MC: As expected, demons of Devildom are becoming smarter and smarter. I might retire sooner than I initially planned.
Diavolo: Would you also think of getting married?
MC: Marriage is still in question.
Diavolo: *laughs* You're not really letting Barbatos to have his way!
MC: In the next couple of years, I have to solidify more my resolution.
Diavolo: *sigh* I must say you got worse after your pact with Lucifer.
MC: *smiles* I have stubbornness within me.
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Quote by Blake Auden
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Cops know there are no consequences for their actions. We will have this problem until there are.
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o toque do teu beijo, tuas mãos segurando as minhas, nenhuma riqueza do mundo poderia me impedir de querer isso, mas eu já não tenho mais o direito de te esperar, de querer que fique. tudo passou tão rápido né? a verdade é que quando nos conhecemos eu estava em um momento muito estranho da minha vida, sabia exatamente o que queria, mas meus pés estavam presos em resquícios do passado que me impediam de seguir. eu nem queria abrir a porta, sequer responder, mas naquele dia, não sei por qual motivo, respondi você e dali em diante eu achei que seríamos apenas mais uma conversa meio iniciada que morreria antes mesmo de um novo amanhecer. como sempre, estava tão errada.
sabe eu já estava desiludida com o amor e seus presentes temporários, estava me recuperando de um tombo, de um caos e noites sem dormir. eu não queria deixar ninguém entrar! mas você chegou e foi tão natural, acho que tudo só aconteceu e eu me vi querendo ver a gente tentar e a gente tentou, com tudo que tínhamos e acredito que os resquícios do passado ainda grudados no sapato nos fez cair daquela forma, doeu, como doeu! 
você chegou quando eu achei que não merecia ser amada, quando não consegui ver valor em quem eu era. te perder tão logo foi uma das dores mais cruéis que eu senti. nossa volta e nossa queda novamente, todas as noites em que me agarrei ao travesseiro chorando até o ar faltar, aquilo era como o fim. eu não sei se meus textos são boas lembranças ou apenas lembretes doloroso do que não podemos ter. 
acho que nunca te disse, mas eu te escolheria um milhão de vezes. te amei a cada batida do meu coração, dos dias quietos e aconchegantes ao teu lado, aos dias de terror longe de ti. te amei e te desenhei no meu futuro, em mim, não temporário, eterno como uma tatuagem na alma. 
(eu nunca disse)
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„It's not the end of the world“ she said. But he felt his world shattering.
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What is the point of loving when it always ends like this?
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All Light, Everywhere (Theo Anthony, 2021)
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“edge of tonight” part eight - the night, end
Tumblr media
pairing: namjoon x reader (lots of platonic ot7 x reader)
rating: T (for tears)
summary: A part of him died that night. A larger part died when they couldn’t find you, and over the years whatever was left of him grew cold and hard. It was that ice inside him that got their gang to the top, that gave them power, and money, and all the things a normal mafioso would be more than satisfied with. But none of it meant anything to Namjoon. All Namjoon wanted was you back in his arms. That was the underlying motive in everything he did. For the past ten years, Namjoon built himself an empire, just so he could find the reason his heart beat.
this chapter: What did happen all those years ago?
tw: mafia!au, swearing, violence (fighting and gun usage), kidnapping, fluff oh my god so much fluff that it gets cheesy at some points, and also angst, this is still an angst story and it hits hard this time, sexual content includes lots of kissing and making out, discussions of sex, and heavily implied smut (non-explicit)
word count: ~10.2k i am so sorry
the edge of tonight series masterlist
an: Thank you so much for being so supportive and patient with me!! This chapter was surprisingly difficult to write and I had the longest and worst case of writer’s block with it too. I hope the 10k+ word count makes up for not updating anything for nearly two months. And here’s to hoping the next chapter won’t take nearly that long to get up (and won’t be nearly as long). Please let me know what you think! Thank you so much for reading!!
You had never been more relieved to fall onto Namjoon's couch. Your extended stay at Jin's had taken its toll on you and Namjoon, who fell onto the seat next to you and let out a breath. "Home sweet home," he said to nothing in particular, before turning his head to you, a small, sweet smile on his face.
You wanted nothing more than to slide next to him, to curl up into his side like you had been doing for the past weeks, but something stopped you. You didn't smile back at him, instead holding his gaze with a serious look that made him sit up. "What's wrong?"
"You need to tell me what's going on, Namjoon," you told him, your voice still carrying the weight of everything that had happened. "What you guys are doing, the parts you all play—I need to know."
Namjoon sighed. He knew you were right, and honestly, bringing you into their operations was probably a good idea. You had a unique perspective that could serve them well. But your safety was priority, and the less you knew, the better off you would be.
"Clearly keeping me out of things didn't work," you spoke up again. You knew Namjoon well enough at this point to know what he was thinking. "I'm involved now, so the more I know the better chance I have of staying safe."
He couldn't fight that logic. So Namjoon relented, sat back and filled you in on everything they had been doing over the past few months, what everyone's role was in their little make-shift gang. You listened intently, worked to commit as much to memory as you could, and paid special attention to the few enemies they had made.
"So where do you want to fit in?" Namjoon asked you once he finished. If you wanted to know everything, then he could only assume you wanted in.
Instead, you shook your head. "I don't." You kept your face blank as you watched Namjoon's brows furrow in confusion. "I didn't just run away because my father sold me, Joon. That was just the final nail in the coffin. I wanted—I want out of the mafia life altogether."
Namjoon let your words sink in. For once, his mind wasn't racing with a thousand questions. There was no hidden meaning behind it, no secret to try and pull out. That was it. You wanted out. And by simply being around them, they had brought you back into the world you escaped from.
"If I know what's going on, I know what to stay away from. Keeps me safer that way." You offered him a smile. "None of this changes how I feel about you guys. You do what you need to." With that, you stood and went into the bedroom, leaving a dumbfounded Namjoon on the couch.
You wanted out. That was all Namjoon could think of. You wanted out, and by being with him, you were probably the furthest thing from out. You got yourself out of your father's gang, your father's rule. How was being with them any different?
It was different because they cared about you, Namjoon realized. You were just a game piece to your father, a pawn he could—and clearly would—sacrifice to win. You weren't an object to them, you were a person. You were one of them, and they took care of their own.
So Namjoon made you another promise, a silent one, as he sat on the couch and listened to the shower turn on in the bathroom. One way or another, he would get you fully, truly out.
┈     ┈     ┈     ⋞ 〈 ⏣ 〉 ⋟  ┈     ┈     ┈
Jin made good on his word to take you shopping, and pointedly left Namjoon out of the trip. He picked you up from Namjoon's in the middle of the day and drove you to a small thrift shop out of the way, and even took you out for lunch afterwards. The backseat of his car was filled with shopping bags from the small thrift store he took you to. He had helped you find a number of clothing items that you were comfortable in (while also making sure you looked good in them).
He sat you down at a nearby café and ordered you something that was maybe a bit too much for you to eat in one sitting. He'd taken it upon himself as the eldest to take care of you since you were the youngest in their little group (although he really didn't need to). That meant making sure you were properly clothed and extremely well-fed.
Which you most definitely were.
Lunch passed in awkward silence, both of you abnormally quiet. Meals with Jin were normally loud and fun and full of jokes and laughter – but that's because it wasn't just you and Jin, it was all five of you. This? This was weird.
"So what are you going to do?" he finally broke the silence, halfway through the meal.
"What do you mean?"
"I mean," he paused to take another bite, "now that you're out of your father's reign and roaming free on the streets?"
Oh. That. Well, see, you hadn't really thought of anything. You were so content with just staying with Namjoon and eating at Jin's every week that any thoughts of what comes next had completely escaped you. Jin had guessed this a while ago, but wanted to talk to you about it without any interference from the others (namely Namjoon).
"Are you going to finish school?" Jin questioned. "Try to get a job? I don't imagine you want to help us out with our less-than-legal activities, but you must know you can't just hide out at Namjoon's forever."
You looked down, wanting nothing more than to avoid this conversation. You did know that, you knew that eventually you would have to leave Namjoon's place for one of your own, to make your own living instead of mooching off of him and his friends. It wasn't that you didn't want to, you just didn't know where or how to start – and you didn't want to leave the four of them.
Jin wasn't always the voice of reason with these types of things, that was normally Yoongi. But Yoongi hadn't started asking these questions, so when Jin took it upon himself to open the conversation and Namjoon, Hobi, and Yoongi all scurried away, Jin was left very confused and highly concerned.
"I don't know what to do," you finally admitted, your voice small and timid. "I never had a plan for any of this, I've just been doing and hoping I don't end up killed. Or get taken back."
"I get that, sweetheart, but you're still only 16." He tried being gentle – he thought it was going to be harder to get answers out of you – but this wasn't the kind of thing he could only be gentle with. "You went from having your life planned out for you to having a blank slate in front of you, and you need to figure out what you want to do with it."
You took another bite, hoping to avoid the conversation for a little bit. You hated how right he was, how your heart crumbled with each new thing he said.
"I’m not saying you need to have it all figured out tonight, or even a week or month from now," Jin continued. "But you've gotta figure out something."
You finally lapsed back into an awkward silence, both of you quickly finishing your meal. The walk back to the car was still tense, but for different reasons now. Jin had made some very valid points: you were only 16, and your entire life up until you ran away had been planned out for you – but based on those small yet crucial facts, how exactly were you supposed to figure out what you wanted to do with your life from here on out??
You spent the drive back to Namjoon's looking out the window, lost in your own thoughts.
┈     ┈     ┈     ⋞ 〈 ⏣ 〉 ⋟  ┈     ┈     ┈
It was one of those lazy days, the days where Namjoon didn't have anywhere to go or any business to take care of, so he could just stay in with you. You had alternated between talking about anything and everything you could think of, and simply reading, just enjoying one another's company. Occasionally one of you would get up to get food or a drink, but otherwise your time was spent together on the couch.
The sunlight coming through the window took its time trailing across the floor, until finally it had started setting altogether, but neither you nor Namjoon wanted to get up and turn a light on. Your head was resting comfortably in his lap and he didn't dare move. Soon it got too dark to continue reading your respective books, so you closed yours and placed it on the floor, happily resigning to just look up at the man above you.
"So," you said quietly, not wanting to startle him, "IQ of 148, huh?"
Namjoon chuckled nervously. "Yeah, not that it means much though." He placed a bookmark in between the pages and set the book down on the small end table. One hand joined yours on your stomach, playing with your fingers, while the other began softly carding through your hair. "It's easier for me to notice things other people don’t, but that means I usually miss the obvious stuff right in front of me."
You bit your lip, it was now or never. "'Obvious' and 'right in front of you', as in, me?" Namjoon's hands froze as he looked down at you, eyes wide as he worked out what you meant. He didn't recall mentioning his IQ to you, nor could he remember any of the others bringing it up, except—
"Jin is not as quiet as he thinks he is," you told him, gazing up at him sympathetically. Namjoon groaned, letting his head fall back against the couch. That's not how he wanted you to find out! He was going to tell you himself, he was! He was just… waiting for the right moment to come up. You pulled yourself up and turned around to face him, resting your legs on his lap where your head had been a moment ago.
"And," you continued, not giving the man a chance to rest, "for what it's worth, Jin's not wrong." You brought a hand up to his cheek, gently coaxing him to meet your gaze again, despite the reddening of his face. You offered him a small smile, then repeated Jin's words. "She likes you, dumbass," you paused for the nervous little laugh he let out, "and you should tell her before she thinks you don't."
Despite Jin's assurance that you did, in fact, like Namjoon over literally every other guy, Namjoon had still questioned if you wanted to be with him. But hearing Jin's words repeated back to him, seeing you look at him so shyly like you were the one waiting for the rejection, the concept finally broke through Namjoon's thick skull.
You liked him back.
And it was about fucking time he told you.
"Y/N?" he asked, feeling brave and terrified at the same time as he looked directly into your eyes because if he didn't he would've been staring directly at your lips – your pretty, pouty lips that were probably so soft and would fit against his so perfectly— "Can I kiss you?" Your eyes widened at his question, and so did his. Those weren't the words he was expecting to come flying out of his mouth, but he didn't regret them either.
You looked straight into his eyes, golden honey meeting dark chocolate. Carefully, but with a small smile on your face, you nodded. "Yeah."
It was almost agonizing how slowly he started leaning towards you, as if every move needed to be calculated, like this was some equation he needed to solve. So you moved forward faster than either of you realized and pressed your lips against his.
Namjoon was right. Your lips were so soft, if a little dry, and they did fit against his perfectly. Something clicked into place inside him, like the final piece in a jigsaw puzzle. For this one moment, everything was right with the world. The apocalypse could be happening outside, but Namjoon wouldn't care. Right now, there was just you and him, and that's all that mattered.
Your brain short-circuited. This was your first kiss, and you were kissing Namjoon. You had no idea what you were doing, but you didn't really care either. You were kissing Namjoon! You had been dreaming of and picturing this moment for months now.
You both broke away with a small gasp, eyes opening to gaze at each other again. You couldn't help the smile that grew, while Namjoon stared at you in amazement.
"Joonie?" you asked, a glint of mischief in your eyes. His cheeks reddened at the nickname that he hated, but hearing it from you was different, better in a way. If you said it then he could learn to like it, love it even. You waited a moment for a response from him, but when none came (he was too caught up in you) you continued.
"Can I kiss you again?"
┈     ┈     ┈     ⋞ 〈 ⏣ 〉 ⋟  ┈     ┈     ┈
A knock on the door scared the shit out of you.
Namjoon had left with Hobi hours ago – Jin had finally cleared him, saying he'd officially healed enough to resume his normal life, albeit carefully and with someone else in case something happened. Normally he was with Yoongi, but he was off doing something else today. You also knew Jin was working right now.
A second knock made you rack your brain for a hiding spot somewhere in the house. Obvious places would be in the closet or under the bed, but those were obvious places – the first places someone would look. The cabinet under the kitchen sink was kinda big, maybe you could fit under there?
"Jagiya, I know you're in there. Open the door before I let myself in."
The muffled voice from outside made you pause, and curiosity took you from the bedroom to the living room. There was only one person who called you jagiya, and the voice sounded strangely like that person. Trying to swallow down your fear, you unlocked and opened the door.
"Yoongi?" Your voice was small, coated in shock and confusion, as you looked at the man casually leaning against the doorway. "What are you doing here? Hobi said you were busy."
"I am. Get dressed. I'm taking you out." When you simply stood and continued staring at him, not understanding in the slightest what he was talking about, Yoongi rolled his eyes and let himself in around you. You blinked, but closed and locked the door, turning to lean on it and crossing your arms over your chest.
"Is everything okay?" You asked, trying to keep your voice steady. Yoongi sat on the couch, between where you and Namjoon normally sit. "Did something happen?" He only shook his head, pulling his phone from his pocket. After waiting another moment for any further elaboration, you relaxed, rolling your eyes. If something serious was going on, Yoongi wouldn't be acting so nonchalant. "Which question are you answering ‘no’ to, jackass?"
The tip of Yoongi's mouth twitched upwards. How you managed to be the only one allowed to get away with insulting him like that you'd never know. He locked his phone and dropped it next to him, then looked at you. He had that same serious look in his eye as the night you were all attacked, and that sent a chill down your spine.
"Do you know how to shoot a gun?"
You bit your lip at the question. "In theory."
"In theory?"
"Yeah, you pull the trigger and the bullet shoots." Yoongi closed his eyes and took a breath, as if your words had physically pained him somehow.
"Do you know how to throw a punch?" He asked, keeping his eyes closed like he was already waiting for another shitty answer from you.
"You don't tuck your thumb into your fist."
"Well, that's something, at least," he muttered, picking his phone up again. "Go get dressed, we're going out."
You walked into the bedroom, towards the closet now filled with yours and Namjoon's clothes. "Does Namjoon know?" You called as you looked for something appropriate to what activities you and Yoongi would be doing.
"Does he need to?" Yoongi called back.
"He'll have a panic attack if he comes back and I'm not here."
"Good, kid probably needs one." You rolled your eyes again. It didn't take long to change and soon you were following Yoongi out the door. He locked the door behind you, and you wondered if each of the boys had a key to the apartment, if you were the only one who didn't. Not that you really needed one though, you never left unless you were with one of them. Yoongi started walking, hands in his pockets, in a different direction than you were used to going with Namjoon.
"You're going the wrong way," you told him, standing still with your arms folded. You didn't know the exact way to get through the maze, but you knew that at least.
Yoongi didn't stop, but he did look over his shoulder. "Has he not shown you the short way yet?"
"There's a short way?!" You chased after him, excited and annoyed all at once. You didn't discredit the need for the long way, it was the safer way, but knowing there had been a shorter way you could've been using this whole time was a bit upsetting.
In a few short minutes Yoongi had led you from the apartment, down maybe two and a half alleyways, and suddenly you were on the street. His car was parked against the curb, and you quickly climbed into the passenger seat.
You sat quietly for a few minutes, listening to the quiet car sounds and trying to ignore the faint lingering smell of blood, before your curiosity finally got the best of you. "Where exactly are you taking me?"
Yoongi didn't answer for a while. He had a habit of doing that, letting questions just hang in the air, until he either had the answer he wanted or he felt enough time had passed. He let out a breath before speaking. "We were talking, a few nights ago, about getting you some type of training, in case something happens, again."
"That didn't answer my question."
That got a small glare sent your way, but there was nothing behind it. "So I'm taking you to a small training area of sorts. Somewhere secluded where I can show you a few things."
You let his words sink in for a moment, then it dawned on you. "Namjoon was against it, wasn't he?" you asked, though it was more of a statement. "That's why you don't wanna tell him I'm with you."
"Namjoon is a little too blinded by his feelings for you. He cares about you, don't get me wrong, but he doesn't think you need it because you aren't actively working with us. He thinks that just keeping you out of things will keep you safe; but there's still danger in just hanging out with us, and we'll all feel a bit better if you know something, rather than nothing."
You were amazed. Yoongi had never spoken that much to you—to anyone, as far as you knew. He was a man of few words, so hearing all this from him hit you differently. This was something that meant a lot to him, to all of them. It was something worth not going along with Namjoon's exact wishes.
"I'd still rather not give my boyfriend a panic attack," you brought up again. "So if you could tell him that I didn't run away and I wasn't kidnapped, that'd be great."
"Boyfriend, huh?" Yoongi chuckled. "About fucking time, I was about to lock you two in a closet together."
You smiled, "Yeah, you and me both." The rest of the drive was spent in comfortable silence, and the rest of your afternoon was spent with Yoongi teaching you the basics of self-defense and shooting a gun. To his surprise and yours, you picked up most of the information rather quickly. You had always been a fast learner when it came to academics and mafia politics; you just thought that physical things like fighting would be different. Apparently, and happily, you were wrong. You weren't perfect, or up to par with Yoongi by any means, but you were steps above where you started.
At some point Namjoon did call Yoongi in a panic because he got home and you weren't there. Yoongi laughed—Yoongi actually laughed—and handed his phone to you, told you to "tell your boyfriend to chill." It took you a few minutes to calm Namjoon down and convince him you were perfectly fine and safe and would be home soon. The drive back was spent with you chewing Yoongi out for not doing the one thing you asked him to do.
Namjoon held you a little closer that night, pulled you against his chest tighter as you went to bed. You didn't blame him.
┈     ┈     ┈     ⋞ 〈 ⏣ 〉 ⋟  ┈     ┈     ┈
"Do you remember," you started, sitting crossed-legged on the bed a few nights later, "the last time we saw each other?"
"You mean five minutes ago in the kitchen?" he asked in return, laying on his stomach in front of you, not able to hide his dimpled smile. The line got a laugh out of you, but only briefly.
"Very funny," you told him, "but not what I'm talking about." At the serious tone of your voice, Joon rolled onto his back, looking up at you and giving you his full attention. "I mean, the last time we saw each other as kids. Do you remember?"
It took him a moment of thinking before he recalled the day in question. "I remember… you were running around in the backyard like a maniac—"
"I was six!"
"And I was trying to keep you from hurting yourself like I knew you were going to," he finished, a soft smile on his face at the memory (and your interruption). "Your mom had put you in that stupid floral dress that looked like it should've been used to upholster a couch in a retirement home—"
"Okay, you're one to talk," you cut him off again between laughs. "You looked like you'd just come from church, in your slacks and sweater vest." Although, if you were being honest, you wouldn't mind seeing him clean up like that now, now that you were a bit older and you could appreciate it. "And then your father came and dragged you and your mother home, and that was that."
You sighed, that part was always your least favorite. You remembered his father looked so angry, and his mother looked so scared. Once they were gone your father came down the stairs and you saw that same anger on him.
"And that was that," Namjoon repeated, his own voice saddened as well. "Why are you bringing it up now?"
A small smile lit your face, but it wasn't as bright as your smiles normally were. "Well, you see," you explained, "right before you were forced to leave, you made me a promise."
"Oh did I?" He lifted an eyebrow, but not in the threatening way he did with one of the guys. This was more playful, more flirty. "And what was this promise I don't recall making?"
Your eyes narrowed at his words, and you were tempted to stick your tongue out at him. "I asked you, in all my childhood innocence, if you would come back the next day, and you promised me that you would."
"In all my childhood innocence?"
"In all your childhood innocence," you affirmed, "but you never did." Though you didn't have many memories with Namjoon from your short childhoods together, you did remember this day with almost perfect clarity. You remembered how much fun you had with him, how happy you felt playing together. And you remembered how sad you were the next day when he never showed, and the next, and the next, until days bled into months that bled into years, and you still hadn't seen him again.
"Would you believe me if I told you that I tried to?" he asked, looking into your eyes with the sincerity you had come to love. "I asked every day for nearly a month when I would get to see you again, until my father told me we would never be going back, and to forget it." A soft smile lifted the corners of his lips before he continued. "But I never forgot about you."
A blush spread across your cheeks as you looked away from him. Namjoon loved it when you got flushed, and he loved it more when he was the reason. Jin made you turn red when he yelled at the two of you for making out in his kitchen; Yoongi caused it when he added "jagiya" to the end of an insult; and Hobi did it when he got you laughing too hard.
But Namjoon could do it with just a look, a simple wink, a small sentiment meant only for you. And he loved doing it with his words. He would never tire of the way your eyes sparkled as you listened to him. He called you his universe once and you swooned so hard he had to catch you from hitting the floor (a fact you heavily contested to this day).
"You barely recognized me on the street," you pointed out, still not looking at him.
"In my defense, you aren't six anymore—and you didn't recognize me until I told you my name!"
"I was in shock that I found you again," you tried defending yourself, but you both knew he was winning this faux argument.
"I think I found you, angel, not the other way around."
"No no no, I ran into you. I found you."
This was a familiar debate you had with him, who found the other first? Your stories were the exact same, you were both walking down the street, head down, keeping a low profile, and you both crashed into each other. There was no way to tell who was first, but Namjoon did recognize you before you recognized him, so in his head that counted.
"Okay, okay, how about this," he said, sitting up to face you properly. He raised his hand, pinky finger sticking out. "How about I make you a new promise?" You said nothing, just looked at him with an eyebrow raised, a glint of mischief shining in your honey eyes. "Come on, pinky promises only work if there's two pinkies."
With a small amount of hesitancy, you reached out and intertwined your pinky with his. His hands were larger than yours – he was larger than you in general, and you secretly enjoyed feeling small and protected whenever he wrapped himself around you – and wrapping your pinky around his was similar to a newborn trying to grasp onto anything.
"I promise you," Namjoon said, voice clear and steady, dark eyes staring straight into yours, "that I will always find you, and I will always come back."
Growing up under your father's less than enjoyable reign, you had learned from both him and your mother that promises meant nothing. They were just words, and words could be erased and taken back and undone. What mattered was someone's actions, what they did, what they showed you. Looking into Namjoon's eyes now, all you saw was determination, loyalty, sincerity.
You saw love.
And you believed him. In that moment you couldn't think of anything that would ever make you change your mind about him. Come hell or high water, here in this room or somewhere across the world, today, tomorrow, or ten years from now – no matter what, it would always be you and Namjoon.
"I will always believe in you," you responded just as emphatically, "and I will always wait. I promise you."
It was nearly midnight by this point, but the way you smiled at each other was brighter than the sun at noon. Namjoon brought his free hand up to cup your cheek and gently pulled you towards him, sealing your promises with a kiss.
┈     ┈     ┈     ⋞ 〈 ⏣ 〉 ⋟  ┈     ┈     ┈
The mid-August air was hot as you walked between Namjoon and Hobi. Part of you was still careful, never letting your excitement cause you to stray too far away from the safety that came with them; but you also couldn't remember the last time you had been this excited for something.
The fair was a few blocks away from where you and Namjoon lived, and the closer you got the more you could hear the sounds of fun and games, the more you could smell the concoctions of festival food, the more you really wanted your friend and boyfriend to just hurry up.
You had never experienced anything like this before. The crowds, the colors, the game booths – there was so much to do and you wanted to do it all! Your patience had run out, you grabbed firmly onto Namjoon's hand and raced forward, pulling him behind you as Hobi laughed.
Namjoon caught up with you easily, and couldn't help the smile that lit up his face. Your excitement was contagious. "Slow down, angel, we have all day," he told you, holding on tightly to your hand to keep you next to him.
"No we don't, we're already half-way through the afternoon, there's so much to do and so little time!" You made him laugh, you loved it when you made him laugh, but you were serious too.
"Okay, okay, where do you wanna start?" Namjoon asked. You bit your lip, looking around at everything you could do. A small grumble from your stomach gave you your answer.
You looked up at Namjoon. "Food first?"
"You can't tell Jin-hyung if anything is better than what he makes," Hobi said, acting more like Yoongi the way he was messing around with his phone. You nodded and began pulling Namjoon in the direction of all the delicious smells that were captivating you.
Hobi only tagged along as extra protection, another set of eyes that could keep track of you and help out if something were to happen. He was the one who suggested to Namjoon taking you to the fair, taking you out on a real date instead of another night cooped in eating Jin's leftovers and watching a movie on Hobi's laptop.
So for the most part, Hobi planned on laying back, simply watching as you enjoyed yourself for the first time in a long time, and trying to ignore the sting inside him as you threw yourself at his friend over and over again. Maybe he was a bit jealous of Namjoon, but you were clearly happy and that's all that really mattered.
You couldn't remember half the names of the things you ate by the time you decided you shouldn't eat anymore, especially if you still wanted to go on some of the rides later. Namjoon couldn't deny you anything, he was entirely wrapped up in the spell you didn't even know you were casting with your smiles and laughter. He did, however, often glance over his shoulder at Hobi to make sure they had brought enough money with them for everything you wanted.
You and Namjoon and Hobi walked around for the next few hours, waiting in lines for various rides—Hobi never joined you on the rides, letting you and Namjoon have your time alone—and generally messing around the way a few teenagers would at an event like this. It was so easy to forget who you and Namjoon were, where you came from, how you got here. You could let all those worries go, and pretend you were normal for once. You could pretend it so well, you almost believed it yourself.
"Joonie," you whined, walking slower than your boyfriend but never letting go of his hand. "My feet hurt."
Namjoon's face hurt from all the smiling he was doing around you, but he couldn't help it. "Are you expecting me to carry you?" he teased, looking back at you while still walking forward. "'Cause I don’t think I can."
Your free hand flew to your chest in fake offense. "What are you trying to say?" You both knew full well he could, in fact, carry you, but playing along with him was more fun in the moment.
"That I'm a twig and you would break me," came his answer, and you could hear the smile on his face better than you could see it.
"I'm also a twig! And you can't lie to me, I know you have muscles underneath all that twiggy-ness!" You poked at his chest, as if that would prove your point. Namjoon laughed, and you joined in.
"Alright, okay, you win," he conceded all too easily, and turned so that his back was facing you. "Jump up, angel." You did just that, clinging onto his back like a koala. He hooked his hands underneath your knees, helping to support you. "Comfy up there?"
"I'd be comfier with a kiss." You leaned over his shoulder as much as you dared, trying to get your face as close to his as possible. He turned his head to meet your lips in a short but sweet kiss. "Perfect," you laughed, resetting your position on his back. Namjoon stared up at you for another moment, dimples showing.
Hobi watched the whole thing go down silently, a few steps ahead of you. Perfect was right, he didn't think he would ever see something as sweet and pure as you and Namjoon were in this moment again. He opened his phone's camera and quickly snapped the shot before either of you noticed. It was a beautiful moment, frozen in time. He'd send it to Namjoon later, maybe on the way back to your place.
The last ride you went on was the Ferris Wheel. It wasn't particularly tall, and it wasn't your favorite of the day (that title belonged to the large boat ride that rocked back and forth at ridiculous speeds). But the sun was setting and you wanted to see it from the top, and maybe sneak in a few more kisses with Namjoon.
The walk back was filled with you talking on and on about all the fun you had, and neither boy could stop themselves from falling further, although only one of them made it known. Hobi walked with you until the start of the alleyways that would lead you home. "See you at Jin's later this week, Honey Bunches of Oats!" He smiled at your eye roll, at you trying to hide your laugh, at how tight you hugged him.
"Thank you," you whispered in his ear, something meant just for him. Hobi squeezed back a bit tighter than normal.
"Anytime, honey." He didn't watch you walk away with Namjoon, instead getting into his car and driving off, leaving a part of his heart behind with you.
┈     ┈     ┈     ⋞ 〈 ⏣ 〉 ⋟  ┈     ┈     ┈
"Yah!! You brats!" You couldn't help but giggle at Jin's (fake) outrage. "How many times have I told you two no making out in my kitchen??" You buried your face in Namjoon’s shoulder, trying to hide yourself from the eldest. Namjoon did his part, wrapping his arms around you tighter, as if he were protecting you.
"Sorry hyung," he said, not really meaning it, if his kilometer-wide smile was anything to go off of.
"Get her ass off my counter, Joon, before I do." You quickly hopped off and attached yourself to Namjoon's back, wrapping your arms around his front. He laughed and lovingly rubbed at your hands on his stomach.
Jin had told you two frequently not to make out in his kitchen, especially on the counter – or in his bathroom, or on his couch… You were starting to think Jin just didn't want you making out in his apartment at all.
"Casual reminder," Yoongi spoke up from the couch, not looking up from his phone, "you two are not the only ones in the room, contrary to what you keep thinking." It was this thing you did that always got on Yoongi's nerves. You'd all be having a nice conversation, and then suddenly you and Namjoon would just zone out, suddenly only interested in each other. You went off into your own little world wherever you were, where it was just you and Namjoon.
You bit your lip, standing up on your tiptoes to look over Namjoon's shoulder at the others. "Maybe we should take dinner to go?" you asked. It wouldn't be the first time you'd done this, and everyone knew it wasn't going to be the last. Jin rolled his eyes, but began packing food into a container anyway.
None of them really had an issue with you and Namjoon; on the contrary, it was nice that at least one of them was this happy. There were simply times when you two were a bit too much, in a way that only young love could be. They were all banking on you getting it out of your systems now, so that they could go back to how things used to be.
Namjoon went ahead and called a cab to come pick you two up and take you home. Home. You loved the thought of that. You couldn't remember exactly when it transitioned from Namjoon's place to our place, but you were sure you had never been happier than you were with him.
"Will you make it home without making the driver go insane?" Hobi teased.
"Contrary to what you keep thinking," you used Yoongi's words against them, "we can control ourselves when we want to." You felt safe with them, that's what made it so easy for you to let go. In a cab with a stranger, you would resemble something closer to how you were when you first ran away, nearly five months ago.
"Sure you can, jagiya," Yoongi mumbled, "and I can turn myself into a cat."
"You'd be a cute cat, hyung," Namjoon threw in, never missing a chance to mess with the ever-stoic Yoongi. "All black, but the tip of your tail and your paws would be white." You and Hobi laughed along at the image, and Yoongi glared at the lot of you.
"Oh my god, I can see it!" Hobi agreed, still giggling.
"Pick a side, Hobi," he muttered, turning his attention back to his phone, actively choosing to ignore the lighthearted teasing going on around him.
Hobi did not pick a side, going back to teasing you and Namjoon, Jin filling in for Yoongi. He handed you and Namjoon a container full of the delicious food he'd made to enjoy together, right as Namjoon got the notification the cab had arrived. You bid your friends a good night, and basically shoved Namjoon out the door.
"Age of consent is 20!" Jin called as you raced down the stairs.
"You're not in charge of me!" was your cheeky response before you climbed into the back of the cab. Jin rolled his eyes, muttering about how irresponsible you and Namjoon were as he went back inside, unable to hide his amused smile.
┈     ┈     ┈     ⋞ 〈 ⏣ 〉 ⋟  ┈     ┈     ┈
Contrary to what you had said in Jin's apartment, you and Namjoon had barely managed to make it back home without disturbing the driver. You weren't sure what was in the air, but you knew you were both feeling it. Once you were dropped off, you stood up on your tiptoes, whispering in his ear, "Can we take the short way, Joonie? I wanna get inside soon."
Namjoon was at an internal war with himself, for more reasons than one. This particular battle was between what he knew he should do, and what you wanted. He should take you home the long way, it was safer to walk through the maze in case anyone was watching you. Unless you knew the way, you were going to get lost.
But the way you were looking up at him, the way you said his name in his ear – holy shit, that went straight down, and if you did it again he was sure his self-control would crumble and he wouldn't be able to deny you anything.
Namjoon sighed. "Alright, but just this once." He had his own reasons for wanting to get you inside as soon as possible. Your smile beamed up at him as you grabbed his hand and started racing towards the alleyway that led directly home.
You bounced on the balls of your feet as he unlocked and opened the door, then practically shoved him inside with your enthusiasm. You took the food from him and ran to the kitchen to put it away (you wouldn't be eating for a while anyway) while he locked up and sat on the couch.
The second he was down you pounced, sitting on his lap, lips moving against his, legs straddling his hips, hands running through his hair. Namjoon responded in kind, tilting his head to deepen the kiss, placing his hands on your waist and pulling you closer to him.
It was when your tongue started pushing into his mouth that Namjoon pulled away laughing. "Slow down, angel, we have all night." Him being right did not stop the whine you gave him, and a darker part of Namjoon's mind wondered how to make you make that sound again.
"But Joon," you pouted, accidentally grinding against him. He bit his lip to hold back a moan, hands tightening on your waist ever so slightly. "Please, we never take it farther."
And not from a lack of trying on your end. You knew Namjoon wanted you as much as you wanted him, but every goddamn time—
"I just want to make sure you're ready first," he told you for the millionth time. You resisted the urge to roll your eyes. "I don't want to hurt you."
"But shouldn't I be the one to decide when I'm ready?" You countered. If you'd had your way, Namjoon would've claimed you as his the night of your first kiss, but clearly one of you was having reservations.
And you were trying really really hard to not feed into the insecurities that kept popping up in your mind because of it.
Because he kept telling you it was because “he wanted to wait until you were ready” and how “he didn't want to hurt you”. But those were the only reasons he ever gave you, and after being told that so many times your mind had started wondering if there were other reasons he wasn't telling you.
But that was just ridiculous because he was Namjoon and Namjoon liked you a whole fucking lot so clearly he was just holding himself back for what he probably considered very logical reasons. Right?
With a heavy sigh, you began to push yourself off of him, now determined to let the small fire in you die out in bed. "Hey," he coaxed you, wrapping his arms around you to keep you on his lap, pulling you even closer. "I know that look, it's your I'm sad but I'm not gonna tell you about it look."
"That's an oddly specific name for a look," you said, trying not to let him know he was right. Despite you not wanting to be near him anymore – out of fear for further rejection – you wrapped your arms around his neck. You loved sitting on his lap, it was the only time you were ever taller than him, just by a few centimeters. It meant he had to look up at you and you relished that.
"Well, it's an oddly specific look you have," Namjoon told you, and when he looked at you like that you were so angry at yourself for doubting him. Jin told him that you looked at him like he put the stars in the sky, but the way Namjoon often looked at you was like you were the stars in his sky. "I know that you want to—"
"Really bad!"
"Really badly," he corrected you with a smile, not even caring that you interrupted him, but the smile didn't last long as his own insecurities flared up. "It's just that…well…I mean…" He looked down, trying to find the right words for it, to ask you in a way that wouldn't offend you. "You haven't done this before, right? This would be your first time?"
He wouldn't meet your eyes, and that only caused your fears to skyrocket. "Yeah," you answered softly, scared to see where this was going. Was he really going to reject you for something so trivial? "Is that a problem?" you hesitantly asked.
"No!" Namjoon looked at you once more, wanting nothing more than to put you at ease, these types of conversations just weren't easy to have. "No, no, no, it's not…I just…would you still want to if—if it wasn't mine?"
Two sides of you lit up at the same time, and for drastically different reasons.
One side found it hilarious, and you were so damn relieved. That was what he was so worried about?? That he had had sex before? Honestly, no, that didn't bother you in the slightest—it meant that one of you would know what you were doing, and you were beyond grateful that it was him.
The other side of you flared in jealousy and anger. Because he had had sex before, and that meant that someone who wasn't you had touched him, had felt him, had loved him. Possibly. Or maybe it was just a casual fuck. But still, it meant that he had something – someone – to compare you and your virgin ass to. And that made you even more insecure than before.
The answer to his question was an easy yes, but the feelings that came with it were a bit harder to decipher. So you turned a different question onto him. "But, it would still be our first time, and that would still be special, wouldn't it?"
OH, that look you were giving him, eyes wide, lips pouty. There was such a soft earnestness and quiet determination shining back at him—no, it really didn't matter to you. You just wanted to be with him. I love you, he thought – and not for the first time – but maybe for the first time he would tell you that.
"So, can we, Joonie? Please?"
God, fuck, there it was again. And it was so fucking hot. He couldn't tell you no, not again, not when you looked at him like that, not when he wanted to know what you sounded like when you were breathless underneath him, not when you wanted him and he wanted you and for once just once he was okay with letting go.
So Namjoon kissed you, soft at first, your head held so gently between his hands. And for a second you thought that would be it, just another soft, gentle kiss in a long line of soft and gentle kisses. And then he pulled you closer, he started kissing you deeper, faster, harder. You were thrown off for just a moment, not used to this behavior from him, but you weren't about to stop this from happening.
You didn't part until you were breathless, pulling away with a gasp, but Namjoon's lips never left your skin. He migrated along your jaw, trailing down your neck, never losing his new-found hunger. He lingered on a particularly sensitive spot, one you didn't even know about, gently sucking on your skin. A small moan escaped your mouth as something lit on fire inside of you.
Namjoon pulled away, meeting your gaze once again. His eyes were darker as he looked at you, the only sound in the room was your light panting and the pounding of your hearts. "You're sure?" he asked one last time, his voice deeper than usual.
You nodded, lifting a hand to his cheek. "I want this. I want you." You leaned in for another kiss, trying to pour all the love you have for him into it. He broke it after a moment, wrapping his arms around and underneath you.
"If anything hurts or you feel uncomfortable in any way, you tell me immediately, okay?" You smiled as he stood up, still holding you to his chest. Your arms and legs wrapped around him automatically, holding on tight as he carried you from the couch into the bedroom.
"Joonie, I trust you," you said as he laid you down on the bed. You pulled him down on top of you, not willing to let him go. He laughed as he went down, trying to push himself up a bit so he wasn't crushing you. "I love you."
Namjoon froze at the words, looking at you with wide eyes. You felt your cheeks heat up as you bit your lip. You had never said it before, and neither had he, but you couldn't think of a better moment to finally tell him how you really felt.
Slowly, Namjoon smiled, dimples showing, and he leaned down to capture your lips in another heated kiss. Your fingers threaded through his hair, anchoring him to you. He pulled back just barely, lips still brushing, breaths mingling together. "I love you, Y/N," he whispered, pecking your lips again. "I love you, I love you, I love you." He kept repeating it, peppering your face in kisses in between each phrase, making you giggle in a way that filled him with butterflies.
The next few hours were spent with the two of you wrapped together, limbs tangled and skin touching. Namjoon's experience was a blessing in your eyes, you had never felt anything like what he made you feel. The tension that had built up between you two ever since your first kiss was finally used up and burnt off.
You could barely move, everything felt heavy and weightless at the same time. Namjoon continued to place soft gentle kisses against your skin as he took care of you, helping you get the bare minimum of clothes back on. He put one of his shirts on you, you both knew you liked his clothes more anyway.
You curled yourself into his chest, smiling lazily as your legs tangled together again. Namjoon held you close, still leaving tender kisses on your forehead, your cheeks, the top of your head, the tip of your nose, everywhere he could easily reach. You snuggled against him, getting comfortable, ready to let your exhaustion overtake you.
"I love you, Joonie," you whispered again, pressing a chaste kiss to his chest, closing your eyes.
"I love you too," Namjoon whispered back, like it was a secret meant just for you. "Sleep, angel, I'll be here all night." You hummed in response, already drifting off.
┈     ┈     ┈     ⋞ 〈 ⏣ 〉 ⋟  ┈     ┈     ┈
The jiggling of the door is what woke you up.
You weren't sure how long you'd been sleeping, but you did know you needed more. It was probably just Namjoon trying to sneak out without waking you up, off to do something you didn't want or need to know about with Hobi or Yoongi. You paid it no mind as you rolled over in bed, snuggling against Namjoon's back, making yourself comfy so you could fall back asleep.
Your eyes flashed open. Namjoon was still in bed with you, asleep, his breathing even and soft.
So who was at the door?
Fear gripped your heart. "Joon," you whispered, "Joon!" You sat up and shook his shoulder, trying to wake him up. "Joon, someone's at the door!" Namjoon rolled over, eyes squinting in the darkness.
"Angel, what's wrong?" Any other time you would've loved to relish the deepness of his voice after he woke up, but not now, not when something bad was about to happen, you could feel it.
"Someone's at the door!" You repeated, shaking him again as if that would help cement the gravity of what you were saying. "I think they're trying to break in!" You knew the others all had a key, but if any of them were coming over they would've let Namjoon know.
Namjoon's eyes widened as he heard the same sound that woke you up. He jumped up from the bed, all traces of sleep gone. You watched as he peered around the doorway, looking at the front door. You knew his mind was working in overdrive, trying to come up with a plan, a way to keep you both safe.
He didn't have much time. The easy thing to do would be to hide you somewhere in the apartment, but that wasn't likely the safest option. Hiding here meant there was a chance you would be found, depending on how many people there were. Getting you out was probably your best chance, but was extremely more difficult. And if Namjoon couldn't get out with you, you'd more than likely get lost, or worse.
"Listen," he said, reaching a hand out to pull you from the bed. "I'm gonna let them in—"
"I'm gonna keep them busy—"
"And you're gonna get out of here. Try to get out the window, but if you can't you'll have to get out the front door."
"I'm not going anywhere without you!"
"You have to run, don't stop until you find somewhere safe to hide, and then stay there no matter what."
He wasn't listening to you, protesting wasn't going to help your situation. Tears started welling up in your eyes, out of fear and frustration. "And what about you?"
Namjoon forced a smile. "I'll be fine, don't worry about me right now. Focus on getting yourself safe, please." He wiped away a single tear that started trailing down your cheek. "And I'll find you again, okay? I promise. Wherever you're at, I promise I'll find you."
You were out of time.
You stood on your tiptoes, pressing a quick kiss to Namjoon's lips, daring to believe it wouldn't be your last. "I love you."
"I love you. Go."
The door opened.
Namjoon swung around the door jam into the next room while you climbed over the bed to the other side of the room. You did your best to ignore the sounds of fighting in the next room as you fought to get the window open. By the sounds of it there was more than one person breaking in, which meant you and especially Namjoon were outnumbered.
"Find the girl!"
Those three words sent you scrambling faster. Whoever they were, whatever they wanted, they were here for you.
You got the window up with a grunt, and an unfortunate screech from the metal. You didn't hesitate before shoving yourself through the small opening.
"Out the window!"
"Get her!"
"Run!" You heard Namjoon's voice over the others, weighed down with fear for you. Your feet carried you forward before your mind could fully process anything. Several footsteps pounded against the concrete behind you. Yoongi's voice was the one that rang in your head.
"Running will always be your best option. You're small, so your strength isn't brute force, it's speed and agility."
So you turned into a random alleyway on a whim, knowing it would be harder for the men chasing you to follow as quickly. You didn't know the alleys that well, but you knew them better than them. You could make tight turns faster, gaining small amounts of distance as they slid past the openings you went down.
For a moment, you thought you'd be okay.
Then, somehow, you ended up on the street. It wasn't the usual spot you and Namjoon came out at when you exited the maze, but it was close. In front of you was a large black van, pulled up against the curb and still running.
You turned around to go back into the alleys, but they were already there and you weren't about to go running into them. Maybe you could take the short way instead, run back to Namjoon and get both of you out of there.
You were doing just that, heading up the street, when two more came out from there. You skidded to a stop, turning again to run the other way, but the ones who followed you were blocking that route. Another two climbed out of the van, one opened the trunk.
"Where you gonna run now, little girl?" Someone sneered at you.
"Just get her in the trunk," someone else ordered.
"If running isn't an option, try to get a hold of a gun. Any gun wound will slow someone down, even if it isn't fatal. Otherwise, aim for the nose and the dick, as hard as you can."
But Yoongi only taught you how to get away from one person. You were up against seven. None of them had guns that you could see, and you doubted you could land any hit to more than two of them.
Rough hands grabbed you right as a gunshot sounded. One of them dropped dead, but it wasn't the ones pulling you towards the van. You fought against them, screaming to be let go and for someone to help. Another shot rang, and you felt one pair of hands slip away with a cry, only for them to be replaced.
You were being herded, practically carried, as the few who were left shouted out orders to each other. Don't worry about the kid, focus on the girl. She's what we're getting paid for. We should ask for more since we're dealing with all this trouble.
Another shot, and this time the hold on you loosened enough for you to start to fight back, to try to get away. You managed to turn around, felt a foot touch the ground, and you saw him.
Namjoon was leaning against a building, a handgun shaking in his hands. Even from this distance you could tell he wasn't doing good. A trail of blood ran down the side of his face, one of his eyes already black and swelling.
He wasn't shooting as much as he wanted to, because he couldn't guarantee he wouldn't accidently hurt you in his condition.
Your resolve shifted slightly from 'get away' to 'get back to Namjoon'. You fought a bit harder, pushed back more, elbowed one of them in the face when you saw the chance.
One final gunshot rang, and you watched as Namjoon cried out, dropped the gun, clutched at his shoulder – the one that had just finished healing a few weeks prior.
"NO!" You screamed, your movements becoming frantic as you fought to get to him. "Namjoon! Namjoon!"
"Get her in! Let's go!"
It took the four remaining and uninjured men to push and pull you into the trunk of the van. One grabbed a fistful of your hair and yanked you backwards, making you cry out and tears sting your eyes.
The carpet in the trunk was rough against your skin, and the backseat was caged off so you wouldn't be able to climb over and escape – as if that was actually an option for you. You pushed back against the doors, trying to keep them from closing. The one who grabbed your hair shoved your head back, making it collide with the metal. Your vision went black and blurry for just a few moments, but it was long enough for them to get the doors closed and locked.
You knew at that point you'd lost, but you still couldn't stop fighting. The rest climbed into the front of the van, and you kept hitting on the doors, staring out the window, screaming as Namjoon watched.
As the van started moving, your screams turned into cries. Namjoon's form got smaller and smaller as you were finally taken away from him.
Namjoon fought against his own tears as he watched you. He couldn't chase after you, not in the state he was in, especially after the gunshot. It would be a miracle if he could get back to his phone to call someone before he passed out.
His words to you rang in both your minds when you were too far away to see the other anymore.
"I'll find you again, I promise. Wherever you're at, I promise I'll find you."
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