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☆.~*∴*~★*∴ HAPPY NEW YEAR ∴~*★*∴*~☆
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i want your midnights
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END GAME (Dir. Joseph Kahn)
I bury hatchets but I keep maps to where I put 'em
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Come Back 》 Loki x Reader
a/n: idk what came over me to write this, i just wanted something angsty, so this is what came out onto the screen... i hope you guys like it?
warnings: angst
summary: Loki has been gone for two months without any word on why. You're starting to lose hope that he's not coming back until one stormy night you find yourself on the balcony crying out to him.
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The flashes of light in the sky were soon followed by the roaring sound of thunder, the horrendous clapping causing you to jump. The strikes were violent in the sky as you held the cup in between your hands. You were nestled on the edge of the balcony, your feet swinging absentmindedly as the rain continued to pour harder across New York.
This is where you contemplated your life, regretted most of your choices, and wished you could change it all.
The city shone with tremendous amounts of light, but nothing was as bright as the lightning. “Thor?” You asked yourself with a slight laugh, your throat was hoarse from all of the crying you had done earlier. You checked the time on your phone to see that it was midnight. You had awoken from a nightmare… It was the same one that occurred in a pattern.
One moment? He was there.
The next? He vanished.
Those bright blue eyes would swim into yours, those skilled hands swaying you back and forth gently as you held him close. He was portrayed as the villain to the normal eye, but you knew better. You chose to understand him, see beneath his hardened exterior. Those whimsical looks he’d deliver you were like daggers to the heart as he spoke through his eyes. He told you secrets unlike anyone else and promised to hold yours to his very last breath.
He was your everything.
The dream began in the moonlight, the ocean crashing around you. The storm was raging, but he was the calming sequence. He broke insomnia and lulled you to sleep with just the gentle grazing of his fingertips across your rosy cheek, which now was left bare.
You had all of him, most of him, some of him, now none of him.
No one knew where he went. He left without saying a word. He flew underneath the radar and it troubled you to the greatest extent. He told you everything.
Why did he leave without a warning?
Biting down on your lip, your eyes gazed up at the dark clouds. The moon was completely hidden by the fog, your breaths faltering. You hoped he was okay. All you asked was for one last touch… One final kiss… One single goodbye.
Loki Laufeyson was your world and more, now suddenly ripped away from you with no answers whatsoever to dull the ache in your heart, mind, and soul. Mischief had a way of gripping you even when he wasn’t present. He always chose to tease you relentlessly, saying you could never get enough. He pretended as if you being underneath him at all times annoyed him when in reality it made him feel more wanted than ever before.
“I need you, Loki…” You whispered under your breath, a tear slipping free without your knowledge. You felt as it slid down your cheek and touched the corner of your mouth, your eyes squeezed shut.
You replayed the dream all over again, how one second he was right in front of you within arms reach, and then he was snatched away. That’s when you would wake yourself up from the screams you produced. No one else in the compound could hear you, but you were breaking on the inside.
Was he dead? You hoped not. Even if he did manage to fake his death so many times before, there was no way he could…
You shook your head, not wanting to dwell on that thought any longer. You chose to make yourself believe that this was just some game he played. That he’d appear within a moment’s notice to tell you everything was fine; he was fine.
Gazing back out, you swayed your feet back and forth.
“Please… Come back to me.’ You begged softly. It had been almost two months. You were counting the days, marking each one on your calendar with a red X. He wasn’t home.
“I thought you loved me?” You asked as though he could hear you. “I thought you wanted to spend forever with me?”
The questions were running wild in your mind and they continued to leave from your dried lips.
“Why did you do this to me? Was I not good enough anymore?”
Your heart was starting to hurt more behind your chest. He probably went back to Asgard and found another girl… Yet Thor never saw him. Or else he would have informed you.
The sniffles grew louder as you finally stopped moving your legs. The cries then transitioned into sobs as you sat there, clutching the mug that had now gone cold.
Little did you know… he was there.
He was slowly making his way through the glass doors that led out to the balcony. He heard your every question and his heart shattered at the sight of you.
“YOU SAID YOU LOVED ME!” You screamed out loud into nothingness. “WHY DID YOU LIE TO ME?!”
Loki’s eyes widened at the outburst. He owed you an explanation, but he first needed to hold you. He felt like that was going to be hard under these circumstances. You felt so close but so far away at the same time.
“I do love you… I never lied to you, Beloved.” His voice said, causing your eyes to widen. You pinched the bridge of your nose as you set the mug to the side.
“That’s it… I’m going crazy. It’s like I can hear you.” You groaned.
“I’m right here,” Loki tried again. “Turn around.”
Your breath caught in your throat. Slowly, you turned around to face him. Your eyes grew wider as you stared at him, tears staining your cheeks. It was a reflex. You quickly grabbed the coffee mug and threw it at his image, unsure if he was an illusion.
You gasped when his hand came out to grab the cup.
“I’m here.” He repeated again, more firmly. “And I’m so sorry.”
Pushing yourself up to your feet, you blinked rapidly, rubbing your eyes. Another flash of lightning and loud rumbling of thunder sounded.
“How dare you?” You spat out suddenly. “I’ve waited for you for two months, Loki!” You cried.
Loki nodded his head. “I know,”
“I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD!” You screamed.
Loki bit down on his bottom lip. He hated seeing you so upset, but he knew you had every reason to be.
“No apology in the world will ever be enough for the hurt I’ve caused you, Love.” Loki breathed out, taking a step closer to you. You scoffed, crossing your arms.
“That’s the truth.” You said, rolling your eyes.
The rain started to pour faster around you, soon beginning to soak your pajamas. Loki stared up at the sky, then back down at you.
“I want to fix this.” He said, taking another daring step closer. You weren’t moving away from him, but you weren’t moving closer either.
“It’s too late for that, Loki.” You exhaled.
His eyes flashed with hurt. “No, it’s not.” He instantly argued back. “Darling, please.”
Now you need to move. Pushing past him, you ensured to hit his shoulder on the way inside although it didn’t budge him much. Making your way inside to your bedroom, you could feel the ends of your hair beginning to drip onto the floor beneath you. Loki was quickly following in behind, soon using magic to dry you both.
Glancing down at your now dry clothes, you grimaced and walked over to the bed. Loki stared at you, his eyes clearly noting his apologies, but you were too hurt.
“Love,” - “Don’t.” You cut him off. Stepping back to your feet, you made your way over. Standing in front of him, he towered above you.
“You don’t get to just waltz back in here and think everything’s okay, Loki!” You screamed. “You’re not allowed a free pass. I don’t know what you’ve been doing or where you have been… But it was a low blow. I shouldn’t even be talking to you right now, so you’re lucky I’m even entertaining the simple thought of you. I cried for you, mourned for you all because I thought you were dead… My nightmares have gotten worse and it’s YOUR fault! For someone who’s told me constantly that I’m the best thing to ever happen to him… You have a horrible way of showing it. I can’t even begin to fathom all of the ideas I’ve had of what happened. You went MIA! One moment, I woke up in your arms… The next? You vanished.”
Loki listened to you, watching as your eyes blurred with more tears.
“Darling,” - “I love you too much to go through this! You are the worst person… You’re vile, vicious, and you only care about yourself! You’re so selfish! And… and I’m in love with you. I can’t stop.” You fisted your hands through your hair as another cry erupted from you.
Loki looked down at you, slowly pushing his hand out. He tucked his finger underneath your chin, seeing if you retracted from his touch. When you let his cool fingertips rest on your skin, he tilted your head up.
“I am so sorry, my Love. You’re right, I’m vicious, I’m horrible, I don’t deserve you. But you are the best thing that’s ever happened to me… What I did to you, it’s unforgivable, but please don’t shut me out forever. I love you so much. I need you.” Loki expressed, his hands now cupping your cheeks.
Your bottom lip pushed out as you listened to his words.
“Love, please.” Loki cut you off this time, his own eyes glistening with tears. “I love you.”
Sniffling, you reached your hands around his wrists and held him. “I love you, too.” You whispered. You soon found your lips meeting the other’s for a kiss, your cries erupting into his mouth. He swallowed every whimper you formed, his arms wrapping tightly around you.
Leading you over to the massive bed that had become cold without him beside you, he laid you down. Resting on his back, in one simple flash of green, he was down to his sleepwear. You crawled onto his chest, your eyes focused solely on him. You were terrified to close your eyes, afraid that if you blinked, he’d disappear.
Loki knew the hesitation immediately and it made his heart hurt.
Wrapping his arms tightly around you, he knew sleep wanted to overtake your body.
“Go to sleep, Darling… I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere, I promise.” Loki promised you.
It still took a lot more coaxing and his hands rubbing your back in order to make you give into sleep. Once you had, it felt like hours before you finally woke up.
And when you did?
Loki was peacefully asleep, his arms still wrapped around you.
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🤣🤣🤣🤣 iconic
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Ok, calling in Godzilla is no freaking fair...
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i don’t wanna miss you
like the other girls do
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Beth Harmon + style
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I don't wanna miss you like the other girls do.
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Jack Black gets his Covid shot
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I will NEVER ever stop thinking about Sam looking back at Bucky before taking the shield, and only turning back to pick it up when Bucky gives him a small nod of the head. this a connection beyond what canon had shown us so far, how did this purity and trust go to ignoring texts. Sam legit looked at Bucky for reassurance, he gave him the strength to pick it up, with a single look. this is one of their most pretty and precious moments EVER.
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Happy birthday Chadwick 🙏🏿
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But what is grief, if not love persevering?
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