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#enemies to lovers
i-write-midnight-snacks · 21 minutes ago
Enemies to Lovers Time Travel
Just think about it.
One morning, the MC wakes up just like any other day , and everything’s the same and nothing should have changed.
But the day goes on, and something is off. The person who hated them the most, the enemy who spent their time making life as difficult as possible for the MC, suddenly seems to be hovering at the edges of everything.
Just out of the middle of the action, they’re staring at the MC in constant, baffling contemplation.
The MC tries to go about their day, but the enemy will not stop following them around, and suddenly, they approach the MC.
And they aren’t being rude, or condescending, or confrontational.
“Is this a dare?” the MC asks. “Are you playing a prank? Are your friends going to jump out of the bushes in a few seconds?”
But the enemy just awkwardly scratches the back of their head and mumbles something about errands. And the enemy runs away, and all the MC can do is stand there, staring after them.
Or maybe, the enemy’s POV.
Everything they’ve been through, all the thing they’ve accomplished, are suddenly erased from existence.
Their spouse only remembers them as the vindictive figure constantly throwing sticks. And it hurts, being looked at with so much suspicion by the person they’ve learned to love so deeply. It hurts more than they ever thought it could, and the first thing they want to do is find a way back to their present.
But the more they look at their beloved from a distance, the more they notice.
They notice how the MC’s shoulders are no longer burdened by the years of hardship they haven’t yet experienced. How their smile comes so much easier.
And they can’t look away.
Can’t stop watching those eyes they love, not darkened by storm clouds from the horrors they’ve braved. Can’t help smiling at the way their manner is so much livelier, because they haven’t yet had to learn how to keep themselves in check.
And the enemy wants to go home, wants, desperately, to return to a time where their beloved’s eyes don’t gaze upon them with the frost of suspicion and hatred.
But what if?
What if, by giving up the future they’ve cultivated, they could help preserve some of that joy and innocence that their beloved was forced to shed along the way?
What if they could prevent some of the horrors that are coming?
What if by doing that, they lose everything they’ve gained before?
Idk. Just a thought.
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shizayaismyotp · 45 minutes ago
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katavicbun · 2 hours ago
How come enemies-to-lovers is spicy but enemies-to-friends-to-lovers is wholesome
I love them both
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depressedhatakekakashi · 2 hours ago
Why ship Madara and Gai, when you can ship Gai and Kisame and have an actual interesting ‘enemies to lovers’ build up with multiply fights and the increasing aggravation of Kisame wanting Gai to remember him
And Gai never remembering him XD
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maeples · 2 hours ago
interacting with tpw stuff on tumblr is like... i want to post my thoughts and my kitay analysis that i have drafted and maybe some art but also if i ever, EVER saw headcanons or incorrect quotes or fanfic or AUs for this series i would turn and run the other way
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professional-sim-p · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
*I found the empty meme and I had no heart not to finish it 👁👅👁*
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everyonehasamnesia · 3 hours ago
I know I love an enemies to lovers trope but let’s be real: if any of my enemies even TRIED lowering the animosity in our relationship I would pump in extra on my own, fuck you
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stilljumpingback · 3 hours ago
I Think I Love You by Auriane Desombre
I Think I Love You by Auriane Desombre I love a good queer love story, and I love fanfic tropes, but I Think I Love You fell flat for me. Maybe I forgot what it's like to be a teen, but there was too much drama for the sake of drama.
A sweet and funny debut novel about falling for someone when you least expect it . . . and finding out that real life romance is better than anything on screen. Emma is a die-hard romantic. She loves a meet-cute Netflix movie, her pet, Lady Catulet, and dreaming up the Gay Rom Com of her heart for the film festival competition she and her friends are entering. If only they’d listen to her ideas.…
Tumblr media
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antiqueremains · 3 hours ago
My mind is craving childhood friends to lovers or enemies to lovers with Atsumu rn. I just want some slowburn pining pls.
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my-complicated-pairs · 5 hours ago
What about Lovers to Enemies, do you ever reblog those?
Sometimes - Anidala and Senshi/Shitennou definitely count as such pairs in canon.
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dramione4eva · 6 hours ago
I shall be forever grateful to anyone who can tell me which book she is talking about at 4:28 seconds…
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fanficmemes · 6 hours ago
In another life we’re together until the end, in another life I’m allowed to hold you, in another life I’ve never hurt you. But in this life, darling, oh the things I’ve done to you just to survive.
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hardsr · 9 hours ago
do you think irene is more of an enemies to lovers person or best friends to lovers person?
best friends to lovers person even though enemies to lovers is my favourite trope. i don’t see irene as ‘hating someone’ and then growing to love them (i love this shit in fics though :)) i think she’s a really caring and loving person right from the start
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