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You Deserve To Be Here
Pairing- Stephen Strange x Fem!Sorcerer!Reader, Mention of Wanda Maximoff x Reader(platonic)
Summary: Your crimes against the multiverse and Kamar Taj are pardoned, something Stephen doesn't agree with. Feelings are hurt and confessed.
Warnings: Multiverse of madness spoilers, Enemies to lovers, Angst, Cursing, Mentions of death, Unrequited love, Daddy kink, Unprotected sex, Oral sex(f receiving), Creampie, Praise kink.
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Tumblr media
Strange had every right to hate you. You helped Wanda destroy Kamar Taj, murder almost everyone in it, try to take away America's powers and kill the Illuminati.  It wasn't entirely your own doing, so thankfully, there weren't any serious repercussions. You were corrupted by the darkhold, Wanda and your desire to be with your family again. With Wanda gone, (you weren't sure whether she was dead or alive), you had to take the blame for her actions. After all, you were trained in the Sanctum and at Kamar Taj, you betrayed them. 
"Watch where you're going, no reading and walking in the Sanctum," Strange sneered as you accidentally bumped into him.
"It was an accident and that's a stupid rule," you sneered back.
"Was also allowing Sara to be killed an accident? She was your friend."
Every chance he got, he took a jab at your actions. You already acknowledged your wrongs, what more did he want. You had no energy in you to argue and so you stormed away to your room.
Just like Wanda, you lost everything, the sanctum was all you had but you needed more. She convinced you to help her get America, then she would get you to a universe where your family was alive and you were with Stephen.
Secretly, you craved his validation and his love but you gave up and kept up the front that you hated him just as much as he hated you. He had always hated you, and now more than ever.
Later that night after crying for what felt like hours, you were finally about to leave your room but closed it as soon as you saw Stephen passing by. He quickly noticed that you had been crying. He had only seen you cry one other time before, when he had been snapped back and seeing you in that state hurt him more than the first time.
This time you were crying because of him. You closed the door and sat on the floor, your head leaning against it and waiting for him to pass by. Instead of his footsteps receding, they stopped outside your door and he sat down just as you were, your backs against each other, separated by the thick wood.
You both sat there silently, all that could be heard were the other sorcerers in the Sanctum--the few that hadn't perished. 
"You don't deserve to be here. You don't deserve to be here after having so much blood on your hands. You deserve to suffer the same fate 838 Doctor Strange did, the same fate Wanda did," he spat, breaking the silence.
"And you think I don't know that? You think I don't wish I died like Wanda did? Fuck you Strange," you said, your voice cracking. 
His jaw clenched, regretting his words and for a second, he contemplated comforting you but he left you behind the door, wallowing in guilt and remorse. 
After he left, the waterworks began and when they started, they didn't stop. Deep down, you knew he was right. If it were anyone else Wong would've casted them out. You didn't deserve to be there. 
The next morning, you didn't leave your room. Not to train, read books in the library or for food and Stephen noticed. Instead, you opened a portal to a pizza place and bought a box but when it was time to eat, you remembered the Sorcerer's words and lost your appetite. You slept all day, too ashamed and hurt to leave you room to see his face.
The next night, after another day of you isolating yourself, he put his ego aside and walked up to your room and knocked. His sling ring clinked as he did and he waited impatiently.
"Go away Strange," you finally answered.
"I'm not leaving until you open this door," he replied.
"Are you here to tell me that I don't deserve to be here?" you asked.
There was a pause.
"No Y/N. I was wrong for saying that," he sighed.
There was another pause before a click of a lock was heard and the door opened. Even in your depressive state, you still looked as beautiful as ever.
"What do you want?" Your tone was less harsh than it was before.
"You were being reasonable Y/N, in some sick and twisted way, you were. You lost so much, you lost the only family you had ever known and you just wanted to be with them again. To find the happiness you once had. I don't blame you Y/N. Another version of me did the same thing, destroyed the world and stole as much power as he could to get his love back. I was wrong for what I said. You deserve to be here. You deserve happiness," Stephen said.
A tear fell down your cheek at his sincere apology and you gave him a small smile. The first smile you had ever gave him, the first time you weren't butting heads.
"I'm sorry Stephen, I truly am. I've realized that losing my family was an Absolute Point in time, in every single universe, I lost them and I was selfish." Your voice gave out and eventually, you broke out into sobs.
Stephen's arms unexpectedly wrapped around you and he entered the room, kicking the door shut. The cloak of levitation wiped your tears and you gave them another smile.
You slowly let go of each other, silence falling as you stared longingly into each other's eyes. 
His eyes averted down to your lips and before you knew it, your lips were locked in an intense kiss.
His large hand cupped your cheek, his sling ring cold against it as he deepened the kiss. It was filled with passion and need. His tongue lightly brushed against yours and he explored your mouth as if he was a starving man.
Pulling away to catch your breaths, his eyes were lust blown and his lips red.
"God, I've always wanted to do that," he admitted.
"Me too," you smiled, rubbing the grey hair at his temples that you had always found weirdly hot.
"Do you want this? Can I..." he trailed off, his cheeks getting red.
You took his shaky hands and placed them under your shirt, giving him the go ahead to tug it off. His breath hitched as your body was left only clad in your thong in front of him.
"You're stunning," he said, flabbergasted, "can I touch you?"
You took his hands and placed them on your soft breasts. He gently kneaded them and flipped you round, pushing you against the door. You shivered as he pressed his lips on your neck, kissing and sucking.
"Stephen, baby," you moaned as he pinched your nipples and continued sucking on your neck.
Your moans were even sweeter than he imagined. No melodious music could compare to it and he swore he could've came right there.
He captured your lips in another kiss, more hungry than the first time. He placed his hands under your ass signaling you to jump and wrap your legs around his waist. 
"Mm- bed," you whimpered into the kiss and he eagerly complied, placing you on the bed. He broke this kiss and knelt between your legs. He kissed your clothed pussy, then your inner thighs and bit them.
"Lift your hips sweetheart," he whispered, tugging at your underwear. You lifted your hips and he threw the piece of fabric to the side. 
"Fuck," he muttered lowly. You were absolutely drenched for him, your juices practically dripping on the clean sheets.
"Is this all for me?" he asked, scooping the wetness onto his finger and swiping across your clit.
"All for you daddy," you moaned.
His eyes darkened with lust even more at the title, practically black compared to his normal blue hues. He brought his fingers to your lips and you gladly sucked them off, humming at your sweet taste. You always thought he was daddy material.
He spread your legs and with his eyes on yours, licked from your entrance to your clit. A wave of pleasure coursed through your body and your hands went to his hair, holding onto it as he devoured you. He focused on your clit, taking the bundle of nerves into his mouth and sucking. He flicked it with his tongue, your breathy and high pitched moans encouraging him. 
He sucked your inner thighs that were smeared with your wetness then teased your hole with his tongue before slipping his tongue inside.
"Daddy, fuck, just like that. Please," you cried.
Your pussy spasmed around his tongue and before you could give him a heads up, you squirted into his mouth. He lapped up all your juices, sucking as if you were his favourite drink.
You slid off the bed and went on your knees as he shed his robes onto the floor.
"No princess, it's about you tonight, yeah? Forget about me," he smiled, his hand rubbing your cheek.
He lifted you up and gently threw you onto the bed, causing you to giggle. It was just then that you took notice of his large, hard, leaking cock. You'd never been with someone as large as him and you were a bit skeptical he would fit.
"I'll fit darling, don't sweat," he smirked cockily.
You sat up and scooped your juices into your hand then slowly pumped his cock. He threw his head back as your small hand gripped and stroked his cock before you were satisfied he was lubed up enough. 
He hovered over your naked body and planted kisses on your forehead, nose and lips before lining the tip with your dripping hole.
"Are you ready? It's not too late to stop, I completely understand if you don't want to go through with this," he whispered, taking your hand.
Truth is, he was terrified you had come to your senses and remembered your hatred for him.
"I want to baby," you smiled and kissed his sling ring.
You squeezed his hand a little as he slowly entered your warm pussy. He felt like he had died and gone to Heaven. Your eyes shut as the pleasure overtook you, his cock going deeper and deeper until he couldn't fit. He bottomed out and teased your clit with his tip and collected your wetness before slipping back into your pussy.
"So perfect, so good," he moaned into your ear.
"Daddy," you moaned.
Hearing you moan and finally adjust to his size, he couldn't help but drive into you harder. He was supposed to meet Wong earlier but he completely forgot, only thinking of the way your tight pussy was squeezing his cock.
As he thrusted into you, his lips brushing on yours, you could feel that familiar feeling building inside you. The breathy moan he let out in your ear did it for you, and your orgasm shot through you causing you to whimper and jolt under him.
"Good girl. Such a good girl for me. You're even more beautiful when you cum," he said, kissing your forehead.
Two orgasms in and you were already exhausted and your legs were jelly.
His eyes rolled into the back of his head feeling your warm juices coat his cock and he hardened even more inside you.
Your eyes fluttered shut, feeling his thrusts grow sloppier and more frantic.
"Eyes on me pretty girl." You opened your eyes, your lips parted as his cock brushed against your cervix over and over.
He pressed down on your clit with his thumb as he thrusted harshly, your body jolting upwards. Before you knew it, you could feel heat pool in your lower belly and you wrapped your legs around the Sorcerer.
"Daddy, gonna cum," you sobbed into his ear.
"Cum for daddy then princess, keep your eyes open and soak daddy's cock," he growled.
At his command, you rolled your hips, meeting his thrusts and came on his cock. The intense orgasm had you clawing his muscular back, leaving long red lines. He groaned at the stinging but pleasurable feeling.
The feeling of your juices once again coating his length made his third eye open and you stared up at it in awe as it stared back at you.
''You're so submissive for me," he smirked.
He rolled his hips slowly, savoring your warm wetness before he let his seed spurt into you and paint your walls white, all three of his eyes rolling into the back of his head.
"Fucking hell," he breathed as his cum filled you to the brim. You milked him dry, your pussy squeezing him as he whispered sweet nothings into your ear.
As soon as his load was emptied inside you, he collapsed on the bed and pulled you closer. He kissed your temple, then your forehead as you snuggled close to him and laid your head on his chest.
"That was amazing princess.. and I'm sorry for how I've treated you. You never deserved that, I was an asshole," he said.
"I'm sorry too, for everything," you replied, feeling a bit of shame at your actions.
All he did was hug you tight and pull you close and for the first time in years, you felt genuine happiness. 
"You're everything to me Y/N, everything."
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Hello! I hope inspiration has been good to you lately. Mind if I request a villain x heroine tango scene with all the enemies to lovers tension you write so well? Thank you!
"May I have this dance?"
She looked at his hand, outstretched towards her, and knew that she shouldn't take it. There was nothing to truly be won by dancing with him, though she could find the usual justifications, certainly:
his eyes on her and not her team
his distraction
his attention
All ways of saying the same thing.
All a slippery trap of need and want, where valid reason and her entire purpose was mixed with the messier undercurrents of simply liking his eyes on her and not anyone else. Excuses. Truths. A tangle of thorns.
She needed his attention.
But she shouldn't have enjoyed his attention. His distraction. His eyes on her, and not her team. The electricity already tingling down her spine should have been a warning sight, a revulsion, and not a siren call sparking in her bones like she was some creature he had brought back to life with a flick of his fingers. And, well.
She was not his. She was not his. She would never, could never, be his.
(But maybe...)
He smiled at her like he knew what she was thinking and took her hand. He drew her towards him, stupid moth to brilliant blinding burning candle, and onto the dance floor.
Her heart hammered as they took up the familiar, simmering, frame of the tango. She placed no weight on his arm. His fingers curled strong against her own, elegant, but not forceful.
The tango was a seduction after all. A game. With a last glance, a last chance to protest through her dry mouth that he'd been far too presumptuous, their eyes met. Then, they finished the frame and turned their heads away.
The dance began. Slow, slow, quick quick, slow. The scent of his cologne, warm and sensual, dashed through with amber and cedarwood.
"You know, I'm starting to think," she managed finally, "that you throw all of these ridiculous events simply so you can have an excuse to do this again."
"Oh?" His voice was a low rumble near her ear.
Her head turned sharply, in time with the music, and their eyes met for another sizzling instant, inches away.
"And what if I am?" he asked.
She wasn't sure if it was a confession or a dare. Both. Her stomach squeezed. Both of their gazes flicked aside, as the dance demanded. Already, it pulled them along as inexorable as their fate.
"I'd say you're a pretentious twat."
He huffed a laugh, his voice a wicked delighted purr. "And I'd say you were a stunning dancer, all the better with me to lead you."
Heat flared indignant to her face but - the music had started proper, and there was no time for further words. Only the cut and glide of feet, of rising breath and heart, the skim of touch that danced the borders of intimacy.
Slow, slow, quick quick, slow.
Trust. That he would match her moves and she would mirror his. It betrayed them utterly, that trust. Exposed them surely to anyone looking at them, and everyone was looking at them, but even when her head was turned away all of her focus was on him.
Every thing they were was in the tango. Twisting and coming back, even every seeming effort to flee or be coy only another step to bring them, inevitably, together by the end of the song.
They ended breathless, facing each other, the careful frame of arms still the only things that were touching. Somehow. It was strange to think that it was only ever during this dance that they came this close.
His eyes were dark. Fixed on her. Always for her.
She swallowed and tried again, desperately, to summon up the hatred of that which used to come so easily. It wouldn't come.
His mouth curled into another smirk beneath the dip of her stare, but his eyes...
Well, the tango betrayed him as much as her. He might be leading but he couldn't help but react, responsive, sensitive, to every little thing that she did. He couldn't help but ask her every time, despite all his hosting duties and demands. He couldn't help but look at her like that.
If she was his, than he was hers.
An explosion sounded. An alarm began to wail.
She froze.
His fingers slid into her hair, holding her close, preventing her half step away because they knew each other's moves so damn well, didn't they?
"I guess," he said. "That it was my turn to play the distraction for once. How did I do?"
her eyes on him and not his team
her distraction
her attention
"Oh," it came out with feeling, "you bastard."
"Given your intentions tonight? Please." The music started up again. His lips brushed against hers, intoxicating, giddy as an adrenaline high as they moved into another dance. "It takes two to tango, darling."
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Tumblr media
Romeo and Juliet angels :)
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sidepartskinnyjeans · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Part 11
Summary: A little domestic bliss for you and Bucky.
Warnings: 18+, language, FLUFF, suggestive conversations, kissing, hand kink.
Credits: dividers by @firefly-graphics, beta read by @christywantspizza
A/N: Definetly influenced by this gifset.
Series Masterlist | Masterlist | Soundtrack
Tumblr media
8 Weeks Since the Snap
You stayed with Bucky in the apartment while Steve, Sam and Natasha explored the woods and mountains around Stark’s cabin. At first, you burned with embarrassment, feigning tiredness half the time and hiding in the gym and shooting range or at the deli around the corner. 
How had you let yourself be hurt? You should have checked to make sure there was no one else, but your judgement was clouded. You heard Bucky struggle and your feet had carried you before your self preservation could kick in. 
Although Bucky assured you there was no shame in getting hit sometimes, he still didn't agree with your daily activities, instead trying to keep you in the apartment, or at least in the tower, until they'd managed to discover the reason for the break in.
Irritated, you'd argued and, briefly, you fell back into your previous pattern of terse silence and angry glares until Bucky cornered you in the kitchen and reminded you of your agreement to deal with your differences, his soft lips tickling under your ear, his hands caressing your skin. 
Your arguments started to end with you still together, panting and sated in each other's arms rather than storming off as you had before. 
Tumblr media
Bucky followed you everywhere. The shooting range, the deli and, most irritating of all, the gym. He was a menace in the gym, sitting on the end of a bench curling an unreasonably large dumbbell with one hand while looking at his phone with the other, as if he was merely scratching an itch and not picking up your body weight. 
“Why are you here?” You asked, “Do you even need to work out or are you here to show off?” 
He grinned back, “Maybe I just like your company.” He winked and then went back to his phone. He was glued to it, making playlists, watching videos too loud and trying to understand the memes that Peter and Wanda sent him. 
“Bullshit.” You snorted, swapping machines to work on your legs for a while. Honestly, you hated exercising, but after your recent run through a Louisiana Bayou and complete lack of ability to climb a tree even to save your own life, you thought it might be time to hit the gym again. 
“Maybe I like your shorts,” he muttered and you looked down at your legs, where the tight black lycra stretched over your thighs, sweat appearing on your skin as you worked your thighs open and closed against the resistance. 
A short laugh escaped you, “That sounds more like it.”
“What if I worked out, would that make you less suspicious?” 
For some reason the smile he gave you made you feel like you were about to fall over, even though you were sat down. Flirting with Bucky was exhilarating, half the time you weren’t sure if you were about to fuck or tear each other’s hair out. Sometimes it came down to both, tugging at the short strands at the nape of his neck as he took you apart and put you back together again with his tongue, his fingers, his cock. It was hard to ignore the way his sweat pants stretched over his prominent bulge, made all the worse by the way he had decided the only usable piece of equipment was the pull up bar directly opposite where you were trying very hard to concentrate, thank you very much. 
Every time he pulled himself up his t-shirt rucked up a little higher, exposing a soft band of tanned, lightly freckled skin above the waistband of his sweatpants, a hint of brown hair trailing up towards his pecs and lower… you couldn’t resist. Stepping into his space, you ran your hands up under his shirt and back down, raking your nails against his nipples and over his ribs. 
“Are you trying to put me off?” He smiled as you tickled over his sides.
“I thought you were enjoying my company, not showing off?” 
“Fine.” He dropped down, surprisingly graceful and silent on the tips of his toes.
“Jump up.” He held his arms out and you jumped into them, wrapping yourself around him and breathing him in, even slightly sweaty he smelt good, his arms making you feel safe and protected. “Hold on.” He pushed up on his toes again, reaching for the bar and pulling himself up. 
“What, you said I don’t work out, I’m working out.” He huffed.
“Are you even out of breath?” 
Bucky pretended to inhale deeply and then blew it out into your shoulder “No.” 
You giggled, pressing kisses into the crook of his neck in return, fingers sneaking into his t-shirt again. “You know, I think it’s cheating using your arm.” 
“Yeah?” Suddenly you both lurched to the side, his left arm wrapping around your back, teasing lower until his hand cupped one lycra clad cheek, squeezing playfully.  
“What about now? Is that better?” 
“Perfect.” He slowed to a stop, tipping his head to the side to catch your kisses, sliding his tongue along your bottom lip until you were both tangled on the mats, kissing as if he possessed the air you needed to breathe. 
Tumblr media
When he managed to convince you to stay in it was always with the promise of a movie and snacks. Each film bringing you closer together until it became second nature to plant your feet in his lap or lift his arm to snuggle in against his side. Your attraction to each other seemed to be formed on some animal instinct to touch each other constantly, a far cry from Bucky's previous attempts and staying as far from you as possible. 
Even now that he seemed to be yours, although you hadn't actually talked about your relationship, the butterflies still took flight every time he flashed you a smile or his skin touched yours. Everything about him made you flush with pleasure and pride, hoping the feeling would last forever, that you could keep this man in your arms, all the time. Keep being able to lay with him in your living room, your living room. Suddenly, living together seemed right, all the loneliness of your first weeks together echoing backwards into history. 
“You paying attention, sweetheart?” He held your foot tightly, tickling the sole until you thrashed around. He had pulled your feet into his lap automatically as soon as you sat down, the natural position you assumed in the evening. 
“I’m paying attention! I’m paying attention! Stop!” You squealed and he relented briefly. 
“Good, because I was being interesting. Anyway, so I think tomorrow we should watch Lord of the Rings because I haven’t seen -” he always gesticulated when he talked, something you’d noticed he only did in the apartment. Any other time he kept his left hand tucked inside his pocket or inside a glove, but in the safety of your home he waved both hands, dropping and picking up your feet, still sat in his lap, in turns. Calloused palm, temperate metal, finger tips, vibrarium, just to make sure he was still touching you. 
Mesmerised, you watched the intricate layers of vibranium click together, allowing him to roll his left thumb over the arch of your foot and back down. 
“Timber, you’re not listening.”
“Yes, I am!” 
“Then why did you agree to me being the better marksman?” He grinned, triumphantly. 
“I did not!” You sat up to look at him properly, pouting. 
“You did, you were going uhmm, yes...” He made his voice an octave higher and then, as suddenly as he’d mocked you, he dropped his voice low. “I think you were distracted.”
“Was I?” His fingers trailed up your leg, under your knee, causing you to squirm and giggle harder. 
“Yes. I think you were looking at my hand.” 
“Your hand?” Said hand was now under the bottom hem of your pyjama shorts, inching higher and higher. He was right, you were making funny noises now, a gasp slipping past your parted lips. 
“My hand.” He purred, pushing you back against the cushions and blankets. “I think you like it.” 
“I like lots of things, not everything is about you.” 
He moved again, tangling your legs together and holding himself up on his right elbow, his left hand still exploring underneath your clothes, running over the soft curve of your stomach, between your breasts. It was cooler than his right hand, but not cold, just enough for the different sensations to make goosebumps erupt across your skin. 
"I think you have a special interest in my hand." This time, instead of the teasing touch he'd been using, he dug his fingers in. 
"James Barnes, stop tickling me!" You cried between your peels of laughter, your legs kicking underneath him, trying in vain to push him away. He flexed his arm to keep you still and the little plates whirred again, flashing gold and then black as he rearranged you both with ease. You couldn't help it, you bit your lip to stifle your groan. 
"Nope. I think you like my whole arm don't you?"  He sat back on your thighs to keep you still, smiling smugly and using his elevated position to keep exploring your body while you attempted to protest. You were torn between the frustration of being tickled and the sheer joy that came with being touched with such adoration. Bucky's hands felt so familiar now, becoming bolder with each interaction, each gasp and involuntary moan seemed to only fuel his lust until he was leaning back down to kiss you. 
"Jamie!" You schooled your face into a scowl, but he kissed it off, leaving little kisses across your forehead and down your nose, his tickling easing into gentle squeezes. Your arms wound around his neck, tugging at his hair when he finally claimed your lips. 
"Sweetheart?" He nudged your nose with his, mapping the curve of your cheek and jaw. 
"I'll watch Lord of the Rings with you on one condition." You panted, trying to shuffle underneath him without success. 
"And what's that?" 
"You take your shirt off." You'd hoped to sound in control, but you were breathless and indescribably aroused already. 
He pulled his bottom lip between his teeth to hide his grin. 
"Sure, but I think it's only fair you're shirtless too." He started pulling at the hem of your cami before you could even pretend to resist, covering you in kisses instead of soft cotton. "I knew you liked the arm." He smirked.
Tumblr media
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fr0doswagggins · 23 hours ago
Not so Bad
Jason Todd x fem!Reader
warnings: SMUT 18+ MINORS DNI, slight enemies to lovers, p in v, biting, rough sex, reader is a tease
It was a slow day at Wayne manor, and you were sat in the library reading a book to pass the time. It was one of those days where you could read and reread a page and realize that you weren’t actually retaining anything you’d read because you were so lost in thought. 
You heard someone clear their throat and looked up to see Jason walking into the library. Your eyes shot daggers at him. The both of you had a mutual dislike of each other for no particular reason, and you found his presence insufferable. He glared at you and went to find his own quiet corner to read at. You went back to your book, but you knew it was no use. You couldn’t concentrate and your mind wandered and so did your eyes. They looked around the room at the grand library. It satisfied your dark academia soul and normally this would be your ideal setting for diving deep into a book, but your brain wasn’t feeling it today. Your eyes continued to wander around until they finally settled on the boy. The way his eyebrows were furrowed told you he was completely absorbed into his novel. You let your eyes settle on his sharp jawline and made their way down his strong arms and further down to his thick thighs. It didn’t help that he was wearing grey sweatpants. Your eyes decided to settle there for a minute longer and subconsciously dragged your tongue along your lips. You swallowed thickly before signing loudly, so that Jason would hear you. Unfortunately for you, he continued focusing on his book. You got up from your chair and stretched, making sure to reach your arms extra high so your shirt would lift, revealing your midriff. Still, he didn’t seem to notice. You walk around the library and nonchalantly attempt to make your way to him. This earns you another glare from Jason. At least you got his attention. 
You plop down on the couch next to him. “Whatcha reading bird brains?”
“Nothing you’d be interested in. It doesn’t have any pictures, so I don’t think you’d understand what’s going on.” He teases.
“Ha-ha. Very funny.” You reply. He goes back to ignoring you, and you’re desperate for attention so you come up with a new way to tantalize this man. You’re feeling quite daring today, so you decide to snatch the book out of his hands and make a run for it. 
“Y/N what the hell!? Are you really going to make me come after you?” He raises a brow. 
You blow a raspberry, and this earns you the reaction you want from him. He gets up from the couch and runs towards you. You try to get away but in the close quarters of the library there isn’t much room for you to escape. He tackles you to the ground and pins your hands above your head making you giggle. He looks at you quizzically, his faces only inches away from yours.
“What are you up to Y/N?” He questions.
“Nothing. I’m just admiring how look you good from down here” you tease.
Jason scoffs.
“Oh, cmon undead boy, I doubt you’ve never thought about it before. Besides, we’re the only one’s home and the day is just going by so agonizingly slow.” You pout your lips. 
Jason gets up with his book in his hands. “As if Y/N.” 
“Yeah, right Jason. I saw the way you were staring at me during the gala the other night. Besides, you can’t deny that there’s definitely some tension between us.”
“Sure. Ok, and? If I’m getting this right…the only reason you wanna hook up right now is because you’re bored?”
You shrug. “Why are you so hesitant Jay?” You ask, running your hand up his arm and giving his bicep as squeeze. You lick your lips and swallow thickly. 
“If you really want to ease the tension, I suggest a sparring session. That should take care of the boredom as well.”
 You make your way down to the cave where the training area is. Jason doesn’t go easy on you, but you don’t mind. It only takes you one small slip up and he’s got you pinned to the floor once again, panting. Before he has the chance to move, your hands are running through his hair, earning you a confused look. Your heart is pounding in your chest, and you waste no more time in closing the gap between you. Your lips crash against his and to your surprise he’s kissing you back. You part your mouth, and he happily slides his tongue in. His hands move to your wise and you wrap your legs around his hips. 
“Fuck me, Jason” you say into his ear. He grunts and lifts you up to push you against the wall. Your hands fist his hair as he presses open mouth kisses down your throat. You can feel his hard length against your core and you’re already clenching at the thought. 
“Wait, wait” you pant. “Take me to a bed first.” 
Jason rolls his eyes and tosses you over his shoulder as he takes you upstairs to a bedroom. 
He puts you down and you hurriedly undress yourself to jump at him once again. You nearly trip him as he tries getting out of his sweatpants. You take his length in your hands and give him a few strokes although he’s already quite hard. Jason’s not having this though and he lifts you up again and takes you to the bed. He pushes you down and runs his length along your slick folds. You moan. 
“Already so wet for me?” 
You only hum in response. 
Without much warning he pushes into you. This has you dragging your nails down his back. He groans and kisses you deeply. The stretch from his cock stings a bit, but it has you feeling so delightfully full. Jason begins to set a quick pace with his thrusts and your nails dig into his back. He hisses and bites your bottom lip. He places a particularly deep thrust into you that makes you lean your head back on the pillow, leaving your neck exposed for him to suck on. You tug at his hair aggressively and he sinks his teeth into your flesh. You let out another moan. Jason’s hands dig into your hips as he places fast and deep thrusts into you. As he sinks into you, his pelvic bone hits your clit, making you fist the sheets. 
Jason keeps up at a fast pace and you feel that familiar coil inside you. Your walls flutter around Jason’s cock as you come hard, and he keeps rocking into you. He lets out a groan, and you can feel his thrusts getting sloppier. He finishes with a loud groan into the crook of your neck as you run your fingers through his hair. He begins to move off you, but you hold him down against your chest. 
“Wait. I want to feel you a little longer.” You say. He agrees and lays his head against your chest. You continue stroking his hair. 
Maybe bird boy wasn’t so insufferable after all.
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furious-runaway-dream · a day ago
You know that trope of they were childhood sweethearts/ crushes and gifted some personalized gift or even some random offhand token like a handkerchief or hoodie? Yeah but were separated for a long time but then are brought back together in wildly different circumstances and they're at their place and they see it, clearly preserved with care?!;!!
Yeah I'll take 79326038+ of that exact same trope.
I'm being more active lately, pls follow ❤️
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delaber · a day ago
The Colour of Rain (Bucky Barnes x Reader)
Part 2
Summary: On the run from his violent past, Bucky has sought refuge in a small town in Mexico where he enjoys the peace and quiet of not understanding a word of Spanish. A peace that is violently disturbed when he runs into the most annoying woman he has ever met.
Words: 2.1K
Warnings: None for this part
Note: A series in eight parts inspired by the enemies to lovers trope and my never-ending love for anything that is Mexico - the place where I rediscovered the beauty of life and where Bucky will too. Let me know if you want me to add you to the tag-list.
Previous Part | Masterlist | Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
Day sixteen
Suddenly, she's everywhere.
He sees her at his favourite place for an afternoon beer. She eats at his cochinita pibil place. Visits the local market on his preferred days. And every time he sees her, he turns on the spot and curses his inability to just ignore her. But fact is that no matter if he does run into her or not, everything about his day still revolves around her - it revolves around finding a route through the city that her presence has not yet corrupted, around hiding so she won't sneak up on him all of a sudden, around keeping an eye out for her at all times. And when he finally does run into her, it revolves around the small, unsatisfactory peek he got before he forced himself to turn away.
He hates that suddenly his every thought is her, that his actions constantly take her into account, that his entire day is about wanting to see her but wanting to avoid her as well. That whether she's there or not, all he can think about is her.
And her hips. Her waist. Her eyes. Her laugh.
Fuck, it's gone too far already!
He successfully steers clear of her for two weeks until one morning where he accidentally has his guard down. His mind is still heavy and clouded from his nightly terror so when he anxiously crosses the Zócalo, his brain is so deeply buried in his nightmare that he forgets to check the cafés lining the big square for her.
"James!" He hears her happy, velvety voice from a few feet away, and he hates how it instantly makes his heart skip a beat and then hammer wildly - but fuck! She not only remembers his name but she says it with such delight as if she's happy to see him. As if it's pure.
Too late, he realises that he can't ignore her now that he has accidentally slowed down his pace, and he apprehensively turns around and meets her colourful gaze.
"Hi!" She smiles and raises an arm above her head in greeting. The sun is illuminating her very being, shining down on her cheeks and catching on her jewellery, making her look like something out of a dream that's been sent to the middle of Mexico to counteract whatever dark thoughts he'd had just a few seconds before. She is in a blue dress today, short and bright, and even though he prefers the green one she wore to the market two days ago, she's still stunningly beautiful.
"Hey..." he mumbles back and tries not to look too annoyed about the inevitable encounter. This is not exactly the best way to start off the day. He wonders if he will ever stop thinking about her now that he knows she remembers his name.
"I was just about to order coffee," she uses her thumb to point to the waiter by her side who looks mildly annoyed with being held up by her. "- do you want one?" she shadows the sun with her hand and takes in the state he's in; the birds' nest on top of his head, his pale cheeks, the bags under his eyes. "- It sure looks like you could use it," she ends up smiling, urging him to come closer.
He knows he should say no. He should cut off contact immediately, go home and think of something else, but he already knows that he won't be able to do that, and she looks so happy to finally see him again that he can't help but getting drawn in, and eventually, he finds himself stepping closer to her, telling himself that he was probably gonna get coffee anyway. No harm done in humouring her for a bit. No matter how annoying he finds her.
"Americano," he mumbles and nods to the waiter in greeting. 
She smiles triumphantly to herself, turns to the waiter to say something about a cappuccino in Spanish before her twinkling eyes are back on Bucky again. "Rough night?" She asks him with a smile. "It looks like you drank half of the mezcal in this place."
"Something like that," he lies and rubs his eyes, runs a hand through his hair and hopes that he doesn't look too beaten up by his demons afterwards.
"Hope you had fun," she laughs and settles in in her chair, turns her face towards the cloudless sky above them to soak up the sun. The golden thread in the blue fabric of her dress is glinting enticingly and his eyes involuntarily drop to the swell of her breasts before he can stop himself. "- I can't believe it took me weeks to find you again," she chips happily and squints her eyes as she tries to take him in against the sharp sunlight. "I've been holding out an eye for you ever since we met but you're a ghost it seems."
"Yeah," he nods and resists the urge to pick at his fingernails in embarrassment, "that is weird.”
"It is..." she lets her eyes linger on his face and he feels how everything grows hot under her scrutiny. "So what have you been up to?"
"Not much," he shrugs, irritated that he doesn't have a lie ready at hand. "Just walking around, I guess... I like walking..."
"Oh me too," she chuckles and dismissively waves a hand in front of her face. "We must've just been wandering different neighbourhoods then."
"Yeah, maybe," he nods and scoots to the side to make room for the waiter who sits down two cups of steaming hot coffee on the small stone table between them. "Gracias," he mumbles in crummy Spanish and carefully looks back at her.
She's already in the midst of taking a sip of her coffee, and she scrunches her nose when she drinks and closes her eyes with a dreamy smile. "They have great coffee here, don't you think?" she sighs happily and Bucky is quick to look away from her peaceful face when her eyelids flutter open again. "Much better than back home."
"Mmh," he nods while looking down at his cup, eager to agree with her even though he's not sure how the coffee back home tastes any longer. He just hopes she hasn’t caught him staring.
"Have you tried the original coffee they have here? Café de Olla, I think it's called." She asks with interest.
"No," he mumbles.
"It's supposed to be really good!"
"Okay," he too sips his coffee, fixates his gaze on a stain on the table to control his wandering eyeballs.
"Wow, you really don't say much!" she laughs and Bucky feels his chest swell when her soft laughter fills his lungs with air. "Am I annoying you?"
His gaze travel up to meet hers. She’s the fucking personification of colours. She’s warm and happy and way too bright. Of course she annoys him. "No...”
"Okay then. I'm happy to hear that," she chuckles. "- are you this way with every one here then?" She asks slowly, cautiously.
"I don't speak Spanish. So... yeah."
"You don't speak Spanish?!" She gasps before he's had a chance to finish his sentence.
"Well, how do you get by?" she laughs and scrunches up her nose again. He hates that it's the cutest thing he's ever seen. "I think you're the first person I've met who speaks English!"
"Gestures and stuff," he shrugs lightly and sees how his upper body's rigid movement has her eyes briefly graze over his left arm that is has otherwise been packed away under layers of protective clothing before her eyes snap back to his.
Immediately, he panics! Feels how his breathing speeds up, how the blood rushes past his ears. Has she seen something that gives away his identity?? He should have known better and stayed away! "- it's been going fine," he elaborates quickly and hopes it is enough for her to keep her gaze on his. He doesn't want her to see the micro-movements that are slightly different on his left side.
"Well how long have you been here?" she asks and has another sip of coffee, fixates her eyes on his.
"Eight months," Bucky nods, happy that her gaze stays away from his arms.
"You've been here eight months and you haven't picked up the language?" She teases with a crooked smile playing on her lips. "What rock have you been living under?"
"I don't know,” he mumbles with a shrug. “I like that I don't know the words."
She briefly stalls her movements, runs her eyes over his face to check for signs of amusement, but when she doesn't find any, she sits down her coffee cup with a clink against the white saucer. "Mmh" she furrows her eyebrows, sends him a look as if she's building some sort of theory in her head. "...What's your story?" she asks him with interest after a few seconds of intense eye contact. She doesn't look weirded out and the way she asks isn't nosey. It's more interested, caring. As if she truly wants to hear his side on the matter so she can understand him better.
Bucky can once again feel his cheeks burn under her scrutiny but this time for a completely different reason. "M-My story?" He gulps and has to bite his cheek to avoid stuttering even harder. "It's boring."
She twirls the spoon in the cappuccino in front of her without letting go of his gaze, "boring..." she repeats slowly. "You might not say much but you don't exactly strike me as boring."
"Well, what's your story then?" He asks just to turn the attention away from himself, "why are you here?"
"Like I said, I needed a break," she smiles and leans back in her chair so her face catches the sun again. He can’t tear his gaze away from her.
"A break from what?" the curious question slips past his lips before he realises how much he would've hated if it had been directed at him.
"Life," she grins and absentmindedly twirls her spoon. "I needed some colour, some perspective. There are so many interesting ways to look at life and I needed some inspiration to renew the way I do it."
"And have you been then?" He asks, curious to hear whether she's planning on staying to broaden her horizon even more or if she's gotten everything out of her trip already. It sure looks like the colour is back. "- Inspired, I mean..."
"Oh I was inspired the minute I stepped out of the plane!" she laughs and he can’t help but feeling a bit disappointed that she has already found what she was looking for. "I was only a couple of hours on a plane away from being reminded just how amazing life really is."
"You really think so?" He asks perplexed. The words shoot out of him with no chance of stopping them, and he wants to hit himself after they've spilled over his lips. Absolutely no need to show her his overly gloomy tendencies.
"Yeah, don't you agree?" She asks quietly and shoots him a warm look out the corner of her eye.
"I don't know," he gives out a heavy breath, "sometimes it's hard to see."
"I agree," she smiles knowingly as if she understands him. " - but come on, look at this place. The sun is out, the coffee is amazing and the company isn't half bad if I have to say so myself. Isn't it amazing that we're here to experience it?" She cocks her head to the side and grins when he doesn't really react at all. "Okay, let me lay it on you this way,” she laughs, “- think of all the little coincidences that has lead to you sitting right here in this chair. Everything you've been through; people you've met, opinions you've been subjected to, or even just what feels like the tiniest, smallest, insignificant detail has lead to you sitting right here right now, and even though I have lived a different life with different details and different people, the outcome is still the same; I'm here too. The only two English-speaking people in the village are doing something as mundane as having coffee in the sun together, and they're having a good time even though they at eye sight have nothing in common apart from their language. Suddenly their stories connect and their lives intertwine - maybe just for a brief moment in time. Or maybe this meeting is the endpoint for a part of us that we're ready to say goodbye to. It could be a stepping stone to something bigger, or maybe it's the insignificant detail that leads us onwards to the next chapter. Often it's the smallest things in life that pushes us; a good book - or just a small quote in it - a great cup of coffee that changes our perspective, a spontaneous trip to the airport," she laughs, "- and we don't even realise the impact it has on our lives until we look at the bigger picture down the road. That's kind of amazing, don't you think?"
Bucky stares at her as if in shock. She's sitting right across from him talking about the beauty of life and fate as if she isn't outshining it all.
"Yeah," he ends up nodding before he takes another sip of his coffee that suddenly tastes a little better. "- I guess it is..."
Next part
Tag-list: @elemenhoepe @summerofsnowflakes @theselilwonders @cency @selmachoukri @fictional-l0v3r @siesala @navs-bhat @natbarnes1917 @madwitch7 @goldylions @mysticatto @lesbians4levinson2021 @glxwingrxse @cjand10 @ladyravenclaw @kaaashie @ecolle @real-jane @roses-are-deadly @anxietyandtacos @buuuuuuucky @voidshoutsback
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sivuda · 2 days ago
Masquerade balls are the most enemies to lovers thing if you ask me.
Feel free to change my mind
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Prompt #6
The hero courageously walks toward the former villain, the supervillain looks them from head to toe and smirks "So, child, what have you come to seek from an old hag?." The hero although hesitant, still braves through the invisible yet intense presence the former villain had "I want... to learn about a person you know..." the hero said after composing himself The villains heavy presence slowly dissipated and they looked at the hero with a warm and welcoming gaze "Sit child, we have much to speak of." as she leads the boy to a living room "I need to know about-" before they could finish their sentence the former villain cuts them off "Its about villain isn't it?" she says with a noticeable smile "But how?" the hero dumbfounded at them knowing what they want "Youth my child, youth. And I myself know that very well." the former villain said while smiling at the hero "And where do you get that brave assurance?" the hero feints a threat to the former villain "The moment I peered into your eyes, I may be old, but I know if someone's out to get me." the former villain says "You want to learn more about villain and their heart correct?" they ask the hero. "I wont deny it, call me stupid, but this annoying feeling in my chest over encompasses my sense of reasoning." the hero annoyingly explains to the villain "Child, deny it all you want but that's falling in love." they say with a chuckle as to annoy and tease the hero "For the sake of me, villain and the little time we have, just please tell me how." the hero now becoming desperate for any sort of help or answers from the former villain. "I apologize, but I cannot offer a lot of help in that matter." they say to the hero "Yet I can give you a piece of advice." they soon follow up "Well... anything will help at this point so why not." the hero accepts the advice the former villain offers "Child, in each person they have three hearts, one for them to experience and love for the first time, another for them to learn about love and know its pains and troubles, the third one, is the most special of all" "What's so special about the third one?" the hero asks, the former villain smiles to to the hero as they asked "Out of all three the third is the sweetest and purest one to love another. That is why it is the most special out of all three." the former villain explained to the hero
The hero in their silence, looks at the former villain, its as if their eyes have determined their next action "Heart, child, never forget it, its strong enough to change anyone including me." the former villain tells the hero, the hero nods before they get sent off by the former villain. "Youth these days are troublesome, yet I cant complain since I was also the same." the former villain says to themselves as they look at a photo with them and the former hero.
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absolutebl · 4 hours ago
As you’ve watched ALL the BLs, I wonder if you know of one with the following trope - I desperately want to see a real rivals to lovers where both guys are after a third guy…. They should genuinely dislike each other at the start, I don’t want one of them to have been secretly in love with the other all along! Slow burn, in the end the two rivals fall for each other and maybe the guy they were going after gets his own love interest!
I’ve already watched the Vietnamese short about rivals but they were both after a girl…. And FUTS looked like it might do this but then totally fucked it up…
Do you know of anything like this? If not a series than even a book… I’ll take anything at this point!
Ah yes, my actual favorite trope! AKA love rivals to lovers. (Actually this should just be called "rivals to lovers" but the “work rivals to lovers” usually gets the moniker even though that is just a take on enemies to lovers, and IMHO should be called such.)
And you’re right, we were all SO EXCITED that FUTS was going to do this. And then they totally didn’t. ARGH. 
So for readers they one @isisanna-blog mentions is: 
Tumblr media
Hay Rival, I LOVE YOU! 
It’s a short BL from Vietnam and I love it with an unreasonable passion almost entirely because it’s this trope. 
Two boys (jock & nerd) learn that they are both dating the same girl. At first they hate each other, but then they decide to get together and take revenge. In the process, they fall in love with each other instead. 
Honestly it’s great. Too short, but what can you do? 
The terrible Thai BL Love Poison has a side character pairing that is this trope (if memory serves) but that is the only other one I know of. And honestly I could be wrong, it might have changed by the end, or I might have put the wrong trope note in the spreadsheet. I REFUSE to rewatch that. 
Tumblr media
And I was reminded in the comments that JackKoh AKA KohJack did this trope and were pretty darn GREAT. They’re like the 3rd or 4th side dishes in Gen Y 1 & 2, but they so funny and cute. 
Since this trope is, by its nature, queer (whatever the gender arrangement of the 3 participants, at least some of the characters MUST be queer) it’s my absolute favorite. But ALSO it would require futzing with the seme/uke dynamic. Which means we are more likely to get it from Taiwan than anyone else. Fingers crossed because that would be AMAZING. 
But yeah, 400 BLs and... why haven’t gotten this one yet? It’s SUCH a good one and such a great way to subvert a love triangle. 
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jboofan · a day ago
That's something wrong with Manager Kim part 9
“I don’t hate him.” YN looked at the still passed out Yoongi on the floor. "I just don't like him much either."
“Okayy.” Jin wouldn’t get anywhere by insulting her, he reminded himself.
“Honestly, Seok, I really need your help.”
She took a foot, and lightly nudged his ankle, but he didn't respond. She poked his ass cheek with the slipper but he was still out cold.
"Shouldn't we, I dunno, try and wake him?"
“Meh, he'll eventually wake up," he shooed the idea away, "but you need to tell what the heck is going on, and why you are desperate to get your wagon hitched to the world's palest idol. Tell me everything.”
So she did. And watched his eyes grow rounder as the story progressed.
“You lied about having a fiancée for career advancement?”
“You make it sound like that’s a bad thing. And in my defense I said someone." She shook her head at him.
“What were you thinking?” he scolded her.
“Obviously, I wasn’t. I wasn’t thinking they’d actually want to meet this man, anyway.”
She slammed the fridge door shut with her hip before cracking open a can of Coke.
“I cannot believe any company in this millennium thinks it’s okay to withhold promotions based on a person’s marital status.”
She shook her head. “It’s antiquated and wrong, and exactly what she would do."
Jin snatched the coke and emptied it into a glass, not before calling her an animal. "What are you thinking in the big old head of yours?"
She was clearly thinking deep legal thoughts. “The whole thing’s all but illegal. I could sue them?”
She looked so hopeful he almost laughed.
“No. You cannot sue your own parents. No matter how much you want the VP job.”
YN rolled her eyes at him.
“Why did I even bother asking you for your help you dumb llama.”
“I was hoping you might know a nice, unattached man, somebody smart and classy who would be good hubby-of-the-VP material. Who might enjoy coming out to a few business occasions and posing as my fiancée. Then, after I get the VP job, we’d quietly split.”
His face creased as though he’d tasted something bad; like pineapple in his rice.
“If I knew just how badly this situation has spiralled I’d—” He put up his free hand to stop her from interrupting.
“Never mind. It was a long shot. That my own flesh and blood would help me. And right now I really don’t need a lecture, either. Let’s forget we had this conversation and I sincerely hope Jimin orders pineapple rice for you.”
Jin gasped dramatically, eyes like slits. "That was heinous."
"And you deserved it mummy's boy. Now, I must go and find someone else that will be able to solve my problems. She's cut me off. I can only use my cards for work things. How am I supposed to live?"
"You've got shit loads of money. Just use that," Jin suggested.
"I can't touch that trust fund for another year. I never thought I'd be in this situation, otherwise I would never have locked at that money away years ago."
Jin, against his better judgement watched her check Yoongi, who they'd placed on the sofa and then she decided to leave.
YN turned to head outside when his hand shot out and grabbed her arm.
She turned back, hoping he had grown some brotherly love for her.
“Believe it or not, I do know think Yoongi would be desperate enough to do this, if you help him in return.”
Jin nodded.
“His parents have been hounding him to settled down. But he's ignored it for years.”
“I don't really have him pegged as the husband type, but desperate times and all that.. It's just fake shit anyway.”
She felt sorry for his parents, when their son was such an asshole for most of his adult life.
"He's actually really sweet," Jin explained, "Maybe this could be the start of something good."
This time she laughed. Laughed hard with a tear in her eye when she listened to her brother.
"Are we talking about the same Miserable Min who, incase you've forgotten fainted when I asked him to be my fiancé? Had me iron his socks and his teddy covered underwear?? Had made me run the most stupid of errands all just to get me to quit. The man who has thirty three points about food and drink, ten points about how he must be woken up in the mornings, not to mention what he will or will not do? That Min Yoongi?"
The more she thought about it, the more she talked herself out of it.
Both of them hadn't heard Yoongi stir, and come to, or that he had heard the last bits of their conversation.
"I'll do it and support you financially for the next year," they heard.
Both siblings turned to see that Yoongi had indeed risen from the dead, as he stood there disheveled.
"But I didn't even get to explain before you passed out. It's not all that straightforward, and the more I think about it? You know what, don't rush take your time and think about it."
"I made you faint, and you made me pass out. So we are even. But I have rules of my own."
YN felt like her world had suddenly transformed from a bleak black-and-white film into a bright, happy Technicolor K drama blockbuster.
Yoongi watched her.
Bang YN was bright, studious, a little shy, which was fine. She’d lived abroad her entire life, which suggested a level of sophistication. The way she could handle herself? Impeccable. How her body fit her outfits? Delicious. And the fact she could cook? The boys were going to wet themselves when they found out that she was all his. Well, not for real anyway.
YN smiled back at Yoongi. He had money, more than braincells and she thought she knew him inside out. The fact he was agreeing to fund her for the next year, and simultaneously save her from her mother?
Yoongi didn’t know it yet, but he’d just become her perfect fake fiancée.
"Like I said, maybe think about it."
It was almost as though she was trying to put him off.
"There's nothing to think about."
YN looked at him, sceptical. "I told you who I really am, you fainted when I told you my problem, and you say there is nothing to think about? There is ALOT to think about Yongo Bongo."
Yoongi looked at her blankly and it irked her that she couldn't get a read off him.
"I'm not manager Kim. I'm Chairman Bang. And you're okay with that?"
If he was honest, he wasn't sure what to think. His simple little brain only computed that YN had asked for help. Asked him for help. And if he helped her, she would stay here. Or, he doesn't and she leaves. Likely forever, and he wasn't sure how he could figure the rest out. And her keeping from him a secret as big as that? Yep, that was a conversation for another time. But one that would be had.
"I'm sure you had your reasons and we can talk about it."
Jin stared at her, shaking his head before he waved her bye, and turned his full attention back to his almost new brother in law.
Yoongi could imagine what his friend was thinking.
Yoongi was supposed to be the daredevil. He was the one who took risks. Definitely the one that did stupid things, like stupid ex girlfriends who went to press about the size of his dick and how he was a non stop rollercoaster ride. Things with the kind of consequences that could get you in real trouble.
YN on the other hand, was the levelheaded, calm, happy and orderly one. The kind of person who most certainly would never do this.
Yoongi appeared to be speechless as he stared back at him. And if Yoongi was speechless, things had to be headed in the wrong direction.
"Whatever you do, wherever this ends up going, or not going, remember that I'm the older brother in law you don't wanna piss off. Otherwise my golf club and pink slippers will be making a comeback."
The more he thought about it, the now reasons he could come up with that backed up the argument that this was not a good idea.
"You know what, on second thoughts I think I'll pass..sure my dad is on at me to settle down. But I'm not so desperate I need to marry her."
Yep, his ego was back with vengeance.
Shaking his head he glanced at the front door before walking off to his room. What was he even thinking, even for a second that he could be with her?
Jin smiled, clearing his throat and putting all those acting classes to good use. He grabbed his phone and made sure to speak really loudly to make sure Yoongi heard.
"Oh YNah, yeah I'm sorry Yoongi said thanks but no thanks."
Jin spied him in the back pretending to read a book, but forgetting to turn the pages.
"Where are you, I can hardly hear you?" Jin spoke louder, "a blind date? Really? You've been there ten minutes and you think he is the one? Wow jincha?! That's great. It's a good thing Yoongi said no then? It's a shame you say! Well hopefully things will work out with this guy!"
Jin pretended to hang up before 'accidentally' noticing Yoongi was there.
"Omo Yoongi-ah I didn't see you there!"
"Well you were speaking so loudly no wonder you didn't notice me over here, trying to read."
"No worries, I'll let you read in peace. I'm off out to meet YN and her blind date."
"Blind date? Oh that's nice," he tried to sound uninterested.
"Yeah the guy her mom sent her on a blind date with is loaded, sweet and a natural born winner in life. She's asked me to come and meet him, tell her what I think. They'll probably move in together, who knows maybe it's the real deal."
"Move in together? But I thought she just needed a fake boyfriend?"
Jin pretended to be confused. "Noo, she needs a fiancé maybe even a husband. The guy had a penthouse apartment near N Tower, it's a one bed but I'm sure they'll figure it out."
"Yah yah, you're supposed to be her friend, how can you let her move into some guy's one bedroom, when she doesn't even know him?"
"Well, I guess that's why she asked you. Cos on some bizarre level she trusted you I guess. Maybe you were her first choice, maybe her only choice. Never mind, not everything works out right? Guess you dodged a bullet huh?" he patted Yoongi on the shoulder and walked off, ending it with a big dramatic sigh.
"Yeah, dodged a bullet I guess," Yoongi managed as the front door opened and the boys piled in with bags of food.
Why did it feel like dodging this bullet still felt like he had been shot?
Two days later
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Yoongi unloaded his bags from their rental and walked through security, posed for some pictures and met the guys in the dressing room for tonight's live event.
He'd travelled with Jin this week because unlike Jimin he was actually on time. They'd done shows in Daegu, up to Busan and after tonight's show were due to drive through the night to the airport and from there grab a flight for tomorrow's concert on Jeju Island.
"So how's it going with your roomie? You guys settled your differences?" Hobi asked as they waited to go through security having been briefed by Yoongi a little.
"Haven't spoken to her since I saw her last which is probably a good thing. And we are definitely not roomies, she will stay at mine and I'm still living in the dorm."
"Why is that a good thing?" Jin asked as they shuffled forward a little.
"Actually, I'm not even sure why I said I'd do this, come to think of it," he realised, shrugging his shoulders making Hobi laugh.
"You guys are like chalk and cheese, but you know what they say; opposites attract," he sang. "You sure you don't like her?"
"What YN? Don't make me laugh. We have a hate/hate relationship."
"There's a thin line between love and hate hyung."
"Nah, not with us there isn't. We just rub each other the wrong way. One minute we get on and the next-"
"You made her pass out?" Hobi smirked.
"Hey, I apologised! Besides she made me faint so it's not like it's one sided. Since then, we don't exactly see eye to eye, but it got better."
"Wow, and I thought my no love life was bad..most people talk about their feelings - y'all just make each other pass out."
YN smiled as she pulled her flip flops off and sat on the beach and looked at the waves. There are a few surfers sitting cowboy on their boards, waiting for the next set, and a few more walking barefoot in wet suits to join them.  She couldn't think of better breaks in Japan except Jodogahama Beach right now, and who could blame them when they lived so nearby, it's hard to resist. The kids ran around looking for shells, whilst others glided by on bikes, blades or running shoes.
YN knew she should have headed back to her hotel by now, the last few days had been very productive and she looked forward to the fruits of her labour.  She'd managed two meetings without breaks, and figured it was time to take one and try and somehow jump start her creative juices, and she'd ended up down by the shore.
She was just dusting her backside off and had an idea in her head she wanted to get down on paper when Jin rang. Having forgotten her sunglasses back in the car, she shielded her eyes as she picked up his call. He never called. Except when he ran out of toilet paper which made her laugh still. 
"Hello?" she said as she made her way back, heels in hand.
"YN? It's Yoongi."
"Who?" she asked, disorientated a moment.
He sighed, "Look, I don't have time for games," he said urgently. "It's important."
"So why are you calling me?" she looked in the car side mirror to fix her windswept hair, getting into the back, she ran her tongue cleanly against her teeth before pouring herself water.
"Look, I'm trying to be nice but you're not making it easy."
"What did I do? I'm just asking why you called."
"I need a favour."
"Then you're calling the wrong person."
"What? You said yes to our deal but still speak to me so rudely!"
"YN, please! Look, I've forgotten my passport at home, it must be in one of my drawers I need you to get it to me. I need it by tomorrow."
"Just have one of the managers courier it."
"No, I can't take the risk of it getting lost, I need you to come bring it to me."
YN sighed, he couldn't have been far so she grabbed a pen and paper and waited for him to give her the address.
"Ok, I'm at the Marriot hotel in downtown Busan."
"Busan?! That's like over 5 hours away by plane."
"Look, I don't have time to explain, everyone is going to Busan tonight and then I'm flying out—"
"What with the circus?" She couldn't help herself.
"With the boys," he took a deep breath to stop himself from biting the bait, "Please, I wouldn't ask if I had any other choice."
He couldn't believe he had to ask her, but what could he do? He was part of the main event, and if he didn't, or couldn't attend the shows he was booked for, paid for; then the fans would be upset. It wouldn't be much of a BTS show if only 6 turned up.
"What's in it for me?" she purred.
"If I don't perform, I don't get paid by you and then I guess I could always move back into the house with you, getting on your nerves, getting under your feet and you can't enjoy your 7 man free days."
"What??" she froze.
"If I can't stay at the dorm I guess I'll have to move back into my house..I'm supposed to be meeting you on Friday, so might as well move home with you too."
"Alright alright, I'll bring it, only cos I want to move in and be alone. I'm sure without you there, the place won't be so lame," she smirked.
"Ok so you'll bring it yeah? I need you to jump on a plane as soon as you can please, call me when you get to the airport and I'll come get you if I need to!"
"Yeah yeah, cool your pants kitty," she said, "And you'll pay for the flight, I ain't doing this out of the goodness of my heart."
"What?! Fine, Economy and that's it."
"Cattle class? I don't think so. Business class at least. Unless you wanna come home and someone else can perform tomorrow night instead of you?"
"Argh fine, then. You sneaky shit."
"Sneaky? Resourceful more like."
"Here I was, thinking you were stupid."
YN grinned to herself, "I can be smart when I need to be."
"Just get your ass on that plane and get here," he snapped before he hung up on her.
With only half an hour till Yoongi was due out to open the show they watched Jimin run in, red and out of breath clutching his luggage.
"Yo, did you cover for me with them?" Jimin said panting as he pulled off his trainers, referring to the staff.
"Er, yeah told him you had a dentist appointment. Dunno if he bought it though," Yoongi took out his ripped t-shirt, and pants, whilst Jimin was already down to his boxers and rummaging for his gear.
"Hey, what do you think of YN?" Yoongi asked when it was just them two left; Jin had gone to find Namjoon. Hobi, Jungkook and Tae had disappeared to the canteen.
What he wanted to know was if she was trustworthy, he still felt unsure about her when he over thought, and had to trust her to get his passport to him before he left for Jeju tomorrow.
"I thought you didn't care about what I thought after we stuck up for her with the garbage incident, the toilet roll incident, there's the time she set your PlayStation language to Russian..." he started counting off his fingers, "why do you care what we think now?"
"Cos I'm asking."
"Well I think she's great looking, smart and funny. Dude, straight up total wife material. At the very least she is a great housemate, according to all of us."
Yoongi nodded as he laced up. 
"Or she could be another one of your exes, all over again," Jimin said out loud. "You don't know unless you try."
Yoongi clicked his tongue and shook his head, checking his phone.
"I'll pretend you didn't say that."
"And I'll pretend you ain't waiting for her to text you back." Jimin peered over at his phone.
"I forgot my passport at home," he swore loudly. 
"Haha, looks like you're gonna have to be nice to her now."
"But she's just so, so irritating." Yoongi got up, rolled his shoulders and tossed his head from side to side as a runner knocked on the door and Jin called out to them as he jumped about energetically.
"Y'all ready to hit it?" Namjoon asked as the sound guy played a medley of their songs, signalling that the gates had opened for ticket holders.
"Ready to follow you, fearless leader," Yoongi chuckled.
YN smiled as she sat down in first class. She never could forget what it felt like to be under appreciated by Yoongi, until she was shown her seat; the window one and got all excited.
"I'll have a mimosa, thanks," she smiled at the flight attendant. It had to be drinking time somewhere in the world, as she got comfortable and waited for her flight to take off.
"So we finally gonna get to see YN, but it's not Manager it's Chairman? Ay ya ya!?" Jungkook smiled excitedly as they changed and waited for Yoongi so they could record a BTS soundbite.
"No, she's gonna gimme my passport then she has to go, she has work," he said, unsure as to why he didn't want her to meet them.
Probably because anyone would think they were all lunatics if she met Jungkook first; mind you, he thought, she's met accident prone Namjoon so it can't be the best introduction to BTS. Where was Hobi or charismatic Taehyung when he needed someone to convince her of the merits of his occupation?
"I'm surprised she said she would come and give it to you though bro," Hobi mentioned as he leaned back and closed his eyes as Yoongi urged their drive to speed along the freeway to their hotel.
"HA! She made me pay for the flight - first class before she agreed," Yoongi couldn't believe she'd got him to splurge on the flight but she'd had managed it, and even he had to admit that for a messy crazy woman she knew how to negotiate.
He endured one of his worst sleeps that night. Tossing and turning, angry at himself for having gone cities and not having remembered his passport. He'd never been this disorganised before, since she arrived in his life Yoongi had been on time for everything, and now he had to rely on the one person who spent more time scribbling things down on bits of napkins when she had an idea to come to his rescue.
"She should have been here by now," he muttered to himself as he sat down to breakfast with the guys, and thought the same thing when they headed downtown to the arena to go practice.
"Maybe her flight got delayed," Jimin said to reassure him as they walked down the ramp in their workout gear to talk through the show.
It was midday by the time her flight had come in, and when Jin didn't answer his phone she decided to visit a shop or two whilst she waited for his reply. YN sipped her cappuccino by the time Jin finally rang, even though it was to shout at her for not having met him at the hotel.
"It's not my fault the flight was delayed, but I'm here now," she said trying to calm Jin down. 
"Ya, Yoongi is able to lose the rest of his hair. Palli wah!!"
YN heard the phone move hands and Yoongi spoke next.
"Ok, well just come to the show. I can meet you backstage?" he offered, desperate to get his hands on his passport. 
"Yeah I'm good. I'll just meet you afterwards," she said hanging up and ordering some food instead. By the time she'd eaten, and ordered dessert she had only killed an hour so walked around, winding up in the shopping district. It had been ages since she'd been here and she took in the sea air.
YN walked the Busan streets, taking in the people shopping, eating and enjoying themselves. Nearly all of them were wearing BTS shirts, so she found herself walking behind a few animated fans until she somehow, one way or another ended up in front of the arena; - and there in all his glory dressed in black military uniform, his hair out and glistening was a poster of Yoongi - her adversary, the most annoying man on earth, but what struck her as most intriguing was that there were fans; hundreds maybe thousands all waiting and chanting and excitedly recounting his songs that made her think maybe, there was someone in the world that could love him.
Yoongi felt nervous, almost about to vomit as he waited for his passport. The staff were asking him to confirm he had his passport, and management were breathing down his neck wanting confirmation that he would be travelling to Jeju tomorrow with the rest of them.
"Shit, she ain't coming is she?" asked Yoongi rhetorically to Jin as he waited and waited and she hadn't turned up.
"You left a friends and family ticket for her right?" Jin asked.
"Yeah, I did. They said it was picked up, but I can't get through to her."
"She's probably here bro, you know the reception in arenas is always next to nonexistent."
"Yeah but she should be here by now!" agitation vibrated in his voice. "She doesn't even need the ticket when she runs it all! How can she be so late??"
Jin blinked hard and smiled as Yoongi turned to see where he was looking, cos he sure as hell wasn't paying attention to what he was saying.
YN walked backstage, and likened it to some sort of high end costumed Vegas bonanza. There were well dressed men as well as women, people with headsets on, barking orders, or reading through scripts as they rushed around.
She smiled, there was definitely an electrical charge, an excitement to be here that she hadn't yet experienced in a while. YN hadn't seen a BTS concert before, so knew not what to expect, but remembered standing in line to get to the ticket office and how the fans around her were talking, swapping and sharing stories. You'd think you were at the premiere of a Hollywood movie the way some were describing performances, blow by blow action replays. 
"Hi," she smiled at someone who was on their phone, sitting high up, perched on a metal audio container.
"Hey little lady," smiled the guy. 
"I'm looking for Yoongi?" she asked. "D'you know where I can find him maybe?"
"It's a big place backstage, how come you're looking for him?" asked the man inquisitively.
Not sure if she could trust him, she simply smiled. "I'm a courier, I have a package," she smiled.
The gentleman smiled, slid off the box and walked off, before turning back and waving her to him. "You coming?"
Yoongi turned to see who Yeonjun was speaking to, because his laughter was so loud that he could be heard across the hallway that Jin and Yoongi were hanging out in.
"Found someone for you," he smiled as Yoongi saw YN step out from behind him slowly, taking the whole place in.
She wore a tailored jacket, deep crimson lipstick and her hair looked like it had been styled perfectly. She wore cropped jeans which made her look even cuter and petite, and suddenly he was worried for her safety.
"Hey," she waved small, a little uncomfortable to be surrounded by people she didn't know.
"You made it then!" Yoongi sounded gruff, Jin raising an eyebrow at him.
"Yeonjun said he knew where to find you, and the reception in this place is rubbish," she declared.
"Oh ok, well," Yoongi said quietly clearing his voice, "it happens with arenas," he reassured her as Jin smirked. "Thanks for coming," he awkwardly looked at her, "and I can see you made use of your free time."
YN grinned holding a Gucci shopping bag. "Yeah well figured why not."
"You shouldn't have, but thanks," Yeonjun joked taking the bag off her and taking the designer bag out.
"Ok, I dunno if they make these in my size though.." he blushed deeply as YN laughed at the pale man holding up a Victoria's Secret bag. 
"I somehow don't think they carry your size," she grinned as he took the new bag out and modelled it. Yoongi watched Jin come back to stand beside her, as she handed him the bag.
"It's the first concert of yours I'm going to, so just a little present."
"Listen, lemme get you a shirt," Yeonjun smiled excitedly calling Soobin over. "Our leader is here somewhere. Soobin!" he called before looking back at her, "Can't believe this is your first show!"
"Yeah, I've been avoiding it for as along as I could, but when Yoongi orders you to get your ass on a plane and turn up you gotta listen to the man," she said sarcastically before looking around at them all. "Y'all going to Jeju tomorrow aren't you?! How cool!"
Hobi nodded, "always cool to entertain the masses, although I did hear that someone forgot their passport," he laughed. "Bet they must be feeling like a right pabo."
YN laughed with him whilst she faced Yoongi. "I know right?!"
Yoongi cleared his throat and looked elsewhere, forcing himself to count to five backwards for fear he might shake her or worse chase her out of the actual arena.
"What an idiot right?" joined Jin as Yoongi shot him with a dirty look, "as in whoever it is."
"Anyways, you stay put I'm gonna go grab a shirt for you, what are you a small?" Yeonjun's eyes wandered over her body briefly.
"Why would she be wearing a TXT shirt, it's gonna be a BTS one," Yoongi said pushing out his chest and moving towards her.
"C'mon hyung, I'm clearly the most charismatic one here," Yeonjun joked as Soobin walked over.
"Yeah, but pabo she and Yoongi live together," Jin decided to throw in, just as Huening had arrived and was too busy kissing her hand and welcoming her in German to hear.
"Nett, Sie kennenzulernen," she thanked him in German.
"Whaddaya say?" Hobi asked impressed.
"I was just saying nice to meet you too," she explained. "I'm YN Bang," she smiled to TXT.
"Heuning Kai. Maknae. Of TXT," he smiled. "Hyung's told us nothing at all about you."
"It would be nothing good I imagine. Don't believe him," she charmed the pants right off him, with her eyes and her smile and Yoongi was not impressed.
"Don't fall for her words," Yoongi interrupted as Yeonjun came back with a shirt for her.
"So you work for HYBE?" he asked.
"Yeah, I do indeed."
"Here," smiled Soobin as he presented her with it. "A token of appreciation for you, from TXT."
"That's so nice, my first concert t-shirt."
"She can't accept it though, is what's she's trying to say," Yoongi grabbed the shirt before she could take it. "Told you, she's a Yoongi girl."
"Far from it, I assure you. Where's Hobi? Seoki? I like his shirt better," she chuckled as she called out for him, wherever he was.
"How was your flight?" Yoongi asked politely ignoring her comment.
"It was great thanks to you," she gave him her best smile and he did his best to not guffaw at her. She was taking the piss out of him again.
"Ok, well you wanna have me take you to your seat or would you like a quick tour?"
"What and pass up the opportunity to see some more backstage? Lead the way Agust D!"
He walked a little and stopped as Jin sniggered and Hobi pretended to suddenly find the floor interesting at her nickname for him.
"I am Suga around here," he turned around and tried to sound intimidating. "This is my playground," he pointed out to her, giving it his most dramatic tone.
"Yeah yeah, my dad named you after sugar cos you're so pale. Would it hurt you to sit in the sun a little and get some vitamin d Agust D?" she asked grabbing his cheeks and giving them a squeeze.
"If I could live without you in my life right now I would," he smiled at her.
"And how's that being nice to me Meow Meow?" she batted her eyelashes at him, with a sad pout.
"Blinking them fake lashes at me ain't gonna change anything princess."
"They aren't fake, but I'll take it as a compliment."
"It wasn't a compliment."
"I'm still taking it as one." She smiled as Yeonjun walked back up to her.
"Hey, if it gets boring with BTS you should come hang out with us instead," he flirted with her.
Yoongi want sure he could hold back any longer, his vein was about to pop in his forehead, and he'd just about had enough of all this and just wanted his passport. 
"Unfortunately she can't, she's a BTS girl so it's a no. So unless you wanna go home instead of opening the show for us, you best back off."
"I'm sure the lady can speak for herself," Yeonjun smiled.
"I can—" 
"I'm speaking for her, and I'm telling you no—" Yoongi interrupted.
"I'm right here—"
Yoongi stood staring at Yeonjun, YN left standing confused in between them. "We gonna have a problem?" 
"Are we?" Yeonjun asked as Soobin pulled him back.
"You tell me. I'm here all night baby," Yoongi flexed.
"I'm a BTS Girl, a Suga, Yoongi, Agust D girl, sorry. Can't be fraternising with the enemy," she clarified, diplomatically answering as she witnessed Yoongi get all dramatic.
Yeonjun backed off and walked off cheekily smiling. 
"Ok, so dunno what that was all about but here's your passport, and can someone tell me where I can get a drink please?" she asked. "Wow, y'all drama queens and the cameras aren't even rolling yet.."
Yoongi stopped her taking out the passport from her handbag and instead grabbed her hand in his, taking the shopping bag for her with the other.
"C'mon, I'll show you around," he managed as Jin grabbed Hobi and they made their excuses before disappearing.
"You never said you were in Japan when I called," Yoongi finally asked, as Jin had filled him in on the reason for her delay was she had to go back to Seoul to collect his passport and then get back on a flight to Busan.
"You've never asked," she said following him just before a member of staff accidentally knocked into them, YN grabbing hold of Yoongi tightly to not fall.
Poker face or not, Yoongi needed to put some space between them when YN thanked him for his help.
Where the hell had this woman come from? Why was his heart thumping so loudly?
He stood up and took a few steps back and schooled his expression once again. Staying calm despite her smile that he just wasn't ready for.
"I'm really excited to be here now that I'm here. I'm really looking forward to seeing you perform actually," she unhanded him again with a smile.
Yoongi swallowed hard.
What was happening to his ordered world?
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roonyxx · a day ago
Anyone interested in (another…) enemies to lover fic ?
It would be a Dean x reader!
And here’s the aesthetic to set the vibes:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I haven’t written it yet so lol it’s not for soon but as soon as school is over I’m getting started on it!
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hopelessromwriter · 2 days ago
hi:) I'm not sure if you're writing for him but maybe something with eris x reader?? That would be awesome.
Tsk tsk eris deserves some love hehe
A chilly night
Pairings: Eris Vanserra x reader
Warnings: Eris I guess oop—(just kidding)
You had enough of the ball and the ridiculous music so you decided to head to the palace gardens, hoping to catch a breath.
You leaned against the wall, staring up at the sky.
You felt a presence behind you and only now realized your least favorite person has been following you.
"What do you want?" You groaned, not bothered to deal with him.
He slumped against the wall, his arm brushing yours.
"Honestly, i'm a little offended." He drawled, lips turned upwards in a mischievous smile.
"What have I possibly done this time?" You asked, turning to face him.
His face filled with mock sadness. "You hadn't complimented me at all this evening," he paused as if thinking.
"Actually never, not even once, can you believe that?"
"Yes actually, I can."
Seriously? This was what he was offended about.
"And plus, you'd probably already received thousands of compliments tonight."
He rolled his eyes, clearly unsatisfied. "Well | couldn't care less about any of them. I want one from you."
"You have never complimented me too, you know?" You said, if only to avoid boosting his ego any more.
He grinned and lifted his brows. "Oh yeah? l'd never realized you wanted one."
You narrowed your eyes at him, trying to ignore the fast beating of your heart.
"Not from you." You lied, hoping he didn't hear the small wobble in your voice.
He grinned before turning and starting to walk, his arm brushed yours.
"No matter how long it may take, I'll wait."
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marchtothefuckingsea · 2 days ago
Alliance - John Wick
My Masterlist.
Hurt/comfort, enemies to lovers/allies, x gender neutral reader, x assassin reader
Word count: 3k
Warnings: Injury, injured reader, blood, canon violence. Not proofread.
Summary: Alliances shift all the time.
Tumblr media
"Fuck. You." I grunted out, shoving the dead body of a man I recognized off of me and rolling unsteadily to my feet. He worked-had worked– for the same organization I did. I bent down to retrieve my knife out of his side, briefly wiping it on his jacket before inserting it back into its sheath at my hip. Heaving a heavy sigh, I realized one of the men had gotten away. He was probably going to go tattle on me.
I had been fired by them, to say the least, and now I had one of the biggest organizations of the Underworld on my ass; and probably a large bounty on my head by now. They had left me with a single option: repay the debt I had cost them. The information had been priceless, but the crew that had to send in to clean up after my fuck up was not. They charged me with a hefty fine that I didn't even have a fraction of to my name.
They had been..merciful enough though, to offer me a second option: Kill the boogeyman. Although I was pretty sure he had worked for them at some point, I knew he was someone many people wanted dead.
I turned the keys to the ignition of my car, the tires squealing against the pavement as I floored it down the busy streets. I glanced nervously in the rearview mirror, noticing a suspicious car that tailed my every move. I took a sharp turn down an alley that absolutely nobody else would have any business going down. The car followed. I took a deep breath, pressing down harder on the gas. The car still followed.
I took another sharp turn back onto the busy streets, weaving in and out of traffic and receiving several honks of disapproval. The car was hot on my trail, and after a number of turns and red lights, they still followed. I cursed under my breath, glaring at the reflection in the rear view mirror.
A brightly lit sign for a mechanic suddenly caught my eye, and an idea popped into my head. I passed it by a couple blocks, then quickly swerved down another street, planning to double back. A brief glance into my mirrors told me they were still following me. Good.
I zigzagged down another street before turning sharply onto the street the mechanic was on. Their garage was open, much to my luck. I skidded into the garage, a couple of mechanics barely able to dive out of the way to avoid being hit.
"Where's the control for the door?" I asked sharply. They stood there, dumbfounded.
"Where is it?" I hissed impatiently. I heard the tires of my pursuers squealing as they rounded another corner. One of the mechanics hastily unclipped a remote from his shirt pocket and slid it across the floor to me. I snatched it up, pressing the button to shut the door. It closed much too slowly for my liking. I held my breath as the door barely closed in time, the headlights of the car visible under the last inch of a crack beneath the closing door.
The car circled back several times, and I waited with the mechanics, pacing impatiently. They watched me cautiously from a safe distance, silent.
The car circled back for a last time, and I gave them some lag time to make sure they were gone. I sighed in relief, clicking the button to the door and tossing it back to the man.
"Thanks. I appreciate it." I slammed the door to my car shut, setting off for my final destination.
I pulled up several blocks away, meaning to walk the last bit to not draw any attention to myself, and just as importantly, not be tracked. I took off at a brisk pace, all my senses on high alert. My battered body protested with every move, but I hadn't sustained any serious injuries. Yet.
My given deadline had passed a full day ago by now. They hadn't given me enough time, and I hadn't been able to find an opportunity to catch him off guard. It was, all in all, a series of very unfortunate events.
Maybe, just maybe, I had thought, I still had a chance. Surely, if I could take down the John Wick, the deadline wouldn't matter anymore? Right?
But, what had he done to me? This was different, somehow, than my other jobs. I wasn't getting paid for this, and this wasn't a personal grudge. He wasn't even in the line of work anymore, why did they want him dead? Was it just a standing grudge? Regardless of my work, I still had morals. I only killed the people that deserved it. I didn't get involved with personal issues. I had nothing against this man, and no reason to kill him.
My hesitancy only grew as I walked, his house now coming into sight. I sucked in a shaky breath, creeping around and giving the place a wide, wide berth. As I neared, I suddenly heard a man's voice.
"Hurry up, Dog. I'm freezing my ass off out here." He spoke to his dog. I settled into a crouch behind the bushes, the smallest of twigs catching on the toe of my shoe. I mentally kicked myself as the pit bull's head shot up, a low growl emanating from its throat. It glared in my direction, its body language poised to face a threat.
"Who's there?".The man immediately stiffened too, his posture shifting instinctively into one of a born fighter. His hand came to rest on his hip, where I suddenly noticed a gun tucked into the band of his sweatpants. I cursed myself for–ironically enough– bringing a knife to a gun fight.
The dog suddenly took off in my direction. Before I could react, it was tackling me to the ground, its jaws clamped firmly around my neck. I struggled against it, not using any of my weapons. I was strongly against bringing animals into fights.
It dragged me out of the brush as I kicked and fought to free myself. Its teeth only sunk into my neck further, beginning to draw blood. It suddenly released me, and I scrambled to my feet. The man in front of me narrowed his eyes at me, his gun already poised in front of him.
"What do you want?" He growled. I began to reach for my knife, but stopped when his finger tightened up on the trigger.
"To kill you." I shrugged.
"Who sent you?"
"I'm not sure, really." I shifted my weight from foot to foot. "I sent myself." I suddenly lunged at him. A gunshot rang out, and I barely felt a burning pain in my shoulder as I tackled him to the ground. I heard the dog growling and barking.
"Stay, Dog, stay!" John grunted, rolling over on top of me and pinning me to the ground. He dug his fingers into the bullet wound and I hissed in pain. I kneed him in the groin, scrambling back to my feet as he released me.
"You play dirty." He narrowed his eyes at me. We both breathed heavily, glaring at each other with calculating eyes.
"Gotta." I replied.
"This isn't all you've got. " He continued. I knew it was an attempt to get under my skin, and it was working; I was already hesitant to begin with.
"Why?" He asked.
"Just woke up today and thought I'd try to kill the boogeyman." I hissed out sarcastically. I suddenly dove for him again, shaking a hidden knife down my sleeve and into my hand. I managed to land it in his shoulder at a relatively harmless spot. I was here to kill him, my own life depended on it. Why wasn't I even trying? I didn't know what I was doing.
He just grunted in pain, pulling the blade out and wielding it at me. He stabbed me in the side, and I choked out a strangled cry, staggering away from him. I hastily backed up as he took several steps towards me. This was it.
His eyes suddenly focused on something behind me but before I could react, a loud shot echoed around us. I staggered forward, clutching my stomach in shock and falling to the ground. Pure fear made my blood run cold. I looked back over my shoulder and saw another man with a gun, his finger on the trigger and still aimed at me.
He must have been the one in the car. Somehow. he followed me here. My worry was no longer John, but the man here to kill me, as terror flooded every cell in my body. I crawled away, the energy draining from my body just as quickly as my blood from the gunshot wound. Crawling away from the man meant getting closer to the boogeyman in front of me, but fear overwhelmed my senses. I gurgled blood as I fell onto my side between the two assassins, curling into a defensive ball. I coughed, tasting blood in my mouth.
Another shot rang out, and I flinched, but this time, it was the man that fell to the ground a meter away from me, dead. Now my worry was John Wick, whose shoes I blurrily saw walking towards me. I hastily shoved myself back while simultaneously trying to prop myself onto my elbows. Weakness overtook me.
"Get away from me." I tried to spit at him as he neared, but it came out as a pained whimper.
"Calm down." John told me, crouching beside me. I could do nothing but press my hands to the heavily bleeding exit wound on my abdomen, my eyes flickering closed. My breath came in quick, shallow gasps. I sucked in a final breath before I passed out completely.
Two fingers gently prodded my neck. I shot up in alarm at the foreign touch, ignoring the pain as my eyes darted around wildly. John Wick sat on the side of the bed beside me, pulling his hands back and watching me cautiously.
"You're safe." He reassured me carefully. I struggled to the other side of the bed, a hand curled defensively around my abdomen. I swung my legs over the side, shoving myself to my feet and staggered forward into the wall. I gasped in pain, hunching over and squeezing my eyes shut. A presence and hands on my shoulders caused me to stumble back in a blind panic. My back hitting the wall, and my body visibly trembled with amount of effort it took to keep myself upright.
"You're safe." He repeated. "I'm not going to hurt you."
"What do you want?" I panted out, intending to sound more forceful.
"I should be asking you that. Lie back down." He told me, edging forward.
"Get away from me." I hissed. I shrank back against the wall, hunching slightly. I could tell the stitches in my wounds had already torn..Stitches? I was suddenly aware of the fact I wasn't wearing my own clothes, either.
"Calm down. You're hurt badly."
"Because of you."
"If I wanted to kill you, I already would have." He said with finality. He continued. "I could have just left you there to bleed out."
I was cornered, my resolve weakening as he inched closer. My breath quickened, and I flinched back when he reached for me, expecting violence, but he only offered support, guiding me over to the bed. I didn't fight this time. I was too exhausted and in too much pain. I let him gently push me back onto the mattress, letting out a quiet whine at the movement that pulled at my injuries.
"Who was that?" He asked.
"I don't know who you're talking about." I answered, avoiding the question.
"You know exactly what I'm talking about." He narrowed his eyes, his voice hardening. "Who was that?"
"None of your business." I hissed, defiantly pushing myself into a sitting position. He glared at me, but did nothing to stop me.
"I think it is. You show up here, trying to kill me, then someone shows up trying to kill you. What's the connection?" I stayed silent, glaring at him.
"Tell me and I won't finish you off." He growled.
"Oh, now you're going to threaten me? A little late for that." I retorted, ignoring the jolt of fear in my gut at his words.
"It's not, I assure you." He stood up abruptly, stalking out of the room.
I immediately swung my legs over the bed, groaning quietly as my entire body screamed in protest. My arm instinctively curled around my waist, pressed against my bandaged injuries. I sucked in a sharp breath, now standing on shaky legs, leaning heavily against the wall. I hunched over, blinking hard to clear my vision.
I stumbled out into a hallway, my sight blurring and darkening dangerously. I had no idea where I was, or where I was even going, but I continued several steps forward, almost making it to another room before my legs buckled. I was sent tumbling to the floor with a choked cry. Curling onto my side, I gasped out in pain. I felt blood rapidly seep into the bandages, indicating I had torn my stitches badly.
I struggled to force myself onto my elbows, noticing a blood stain on the front of the shirt I was wearing. I groaned, collapsing back onto my side, panting. My eyes threatened to close as I fought not to give up. Suddenly, I heard heavy footsteps approaching the hall. My struggles became more frantic, and I managed to get onto my hands and knees before a hand gripped my shoulder.
"Get away." I panted, flinching away from him. My limbs suddenly gave out underneath my weight, causing me to fall back onto my side with a cough. I fought against him weakly as he rolled up the shirt I was wearing to see my injuries.
"Let me help you." John demanded. I immediately stilled at his tone, fear gripping me. I heard him curse under his breath when he saw the state of my wounds. I protested feebly when I felt his arms slip underneath me, my eyes widening in alarm.
"No, no." I mumbled. I began to panic and struggle in his arms.
"Calm down." He said sternly, carrying me back to the bed. I fought to right myself as he laid me down on it, telling me sternly to stay. I shot up, scrambling away from him when he came back carrying a box. A first aid kit.
"What do you want from me?" I pressed myself against the wall, as far away from him as I could get.
"First, let me help you with this." He frowned, reaching for me. I shrank away from him, unable to hide my trembling.
"Hey." His face softened as he bent down to my level, meeting my eyes. "It's okay. I'm not going to hurt you."
I was unable to calm my senses, but I allowed him to unwind the bandages around my waist. I winced as he pulled the final, soaked layer of gauze off. Blood began to run down my side faster, and I sucked in a sharp breath, visibly tensing
"Sorry." He apologized softly. I thought he was apologizing for reopening the wound but, wadding up a roll of gauze, he pressed it against the wound, hard. I hissed in pain, my hands darting up to grip his, eyes wild.
"You're okay." He said soothingly, looking into my eyes. I panted, staring back at him and attempting to calm myself. I continued to keep my eyes glued to his face as he re-bandanged the wound, not daring to look away.
"It's done." He eventually told me, meeting my stare. I took a deep breath, wincing and pulling away. His hands hovered over me, prepared to stop me if I tried to get away. I didn't, however, I lied back down on the bed with a pained sigh. My arm settled over my bandaged abdomen as I closed my eyes.
"I..owe somebody a large sum of money." I said finally, forcing my tired eyes open. I was surprised to see him sitting in the chair by the bed, now watching me intently.
"That doesn't tell me much."
"I know, I'm sorry."
"Give me some idea what we're dealing with here."
"We?" I asked in surprise.
"I'm housing a fugitive." He deadpanned.
"I can leave." I started.
"No, you're not going anywhere. Just tell me."
"See, the problem is you're going to boot me out– or kill me–regardless." I argued.
"I won't." He promised.
"Let's just say.." I hesitated. "One of the families of the Underworld may or may not have a bounty on my head by now."
"Fuck." He breathed out, scrubbing his face.
"I told you, I can leave. I'm not going to drag you into this, you don't even know me." I began to prop myself on my elbows, wincing.
"Lie back down." He said sharply. His face softened when he saw my expression.
"I've kind of already accepted it." I smiled weakly. "That's why I came here to try and kill you. I knew I'd die one way or another but I guess I figured it was worth a shot."
"You're not going to die." His voice was firm.
"Why are you helping me? I tried to kill you; I'd expect the boogeyman himself to be more heartless."
"Alliances shift all the time."
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Sorry babe, the thigh garter holding my daggers stay on during sex
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Me reading enemies to lovers fics in 2012
Tumblr media
Me reading enemies to lovers fics in 2021
Tumblr media
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Me: I hate cliches
Writer: The enemy goes to the main character for help because “they didn’t know where else to go”
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Tumblr media
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I rewatched this scene a disrespectful amount of times🧎‍♀️
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"enemies to lovers" no enemies AND lovers. they cant fucking stand eachother yet cant get enough of one another, they get into fist fights and melt in eachothers arms, theyd die for eachother, theyve tried to kill eachother, one of them was brutally gutted at the same table that they've shared so many romantic meals at. they'll make eachother bleed because they just look so pretty all covered in blood. Love is poisonous and these bitches are suicidal.
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