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coralcatsea · 12 months ago
Hima told me this was the original comic. Then everything changed when the anti-Libertea nation attacked.
Tumblr media
This is 100% canon, I swear.
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plagooey · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
i just really felt the need to share this rn
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amerakandreamz · 3 months ago
Rewatched Endgame the 1st time since theaters (went thru many of the movies chronologically on Disney+ since arm pain back) and the ending... I couldn't help but cry. Dad asking me what happened like why didn't the bad guy just snap his finger again,coming in at the end, like it's impossible to explain it esp when crying. Idk,I'm tired, but that... all the build up from the movies then those words and the inevitable but ur heart breaks
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winter-soldier-vibes · a year ago
You saved me (Steve Rogers x reader)
You saved me
Steve Rogers x reader
Summary: Steve Rogers loses you (his girlfriend) in the battle of Wakanda (set in Infinity War) and mourns. Until he finds out he might be able to bring you back
Word count 2146
Warnings: spoilers for one, death/dust, mourning
A/N: THIS CONTAINS INFINITY WAR AND ENDGAME SPOILERS. Also, I know that this isn’t verbatim what happens, but I paraphrased. A lot of the battle is included here, so seriously, if you haven’t watched the movies, don’t read this quite yet. Sorry if I got something wrong. I DON’T OWN ANYTHING MARVEL the battle in Infinity War and Endgame are both mentioned and paraphrased but it is not my ideas.
It had destroyed Steve so much. You were fighting with him inj Wakanda against Thanos, and had joined him to try and protect Vision and the Mind stone while Wanda was trying to destroy it before he got to it. You were a skilled fighter, and had learned from Natasha years ago. Fighting was your specialty.
You were fighting some of Thanos’ army when you heard a yell from Steve and turned around just in time to see him get punched by Thanos
“STEVE!” you yelled, running over to him. Thanos paid no attention to you, turning back to Vision. You crouched down beside him, checking to make sure he was just unconscious, not dead. You put your ear to his chest to feel his heart still beating. Thank God, you thought. 
You tried waking him up, slapping his face gently. “Come on, Steve. They still need us Cap…” you said. You took a breath before giving him a hard slap across the face.
His eyes opened and he made a move to defend himself. “Hey hey hey, Steve, it’s me, it’s y/n. I’m sorry babe, I just had to wake you up.”
He nodded, sighing in relief. “Where’s Thanos?” he asked.
The two of you looked around to see Thor fly out of the sky and shove his axe into Thanos’ chest and push it further. You sighed in relief. Maybe it was finally over.
You could see the two of them talking, and Thanos raised his left hand. You heard Thor yell “NO!” as he snapped.
Confused, you watched light flash out from the stones and you looked around, trying to figure out what had happened. Nothing seemed to have changed, but then you started getting this weird feeling in your stomach, like you were about to pass out. 
You tried to stand, but stumbled. You looked at your hands to see them turning into dust. “Steve….” you looked up from your dissolving fingertips. “I - I don’t know what’s happening.” you said, starting to panic as your arms vanished.
The last thing you heard was Steve saying your name
Steve watched in horror as you dissolved into thin air. He knelt down in front of where you had been, running his hands through the pile of dust on the ground. He looked up when he heard his name from his friend Bucky
He looked up just in time to see Bucky dissolve just as you had moments ago.
He went over to where Bucky had just been, seeing the dust fall to the ground just like it had with you.
He found out later that the same thing had happened to trillions across the universe. Thanos had done it. He had annihilated half of the population. 
When they followed Nebula to where Thanos was living to retrieve the stones, he was devastated when he learned that the stones were gone. Along with any chance of saving you.
He spent the next 5 years in despair. He tried to look on the bright side, tried to move on like he told everyone else to. But he was falling apart inside. When he woke up after being frozen for 70 years, he thought he had lost Peggy. A few years later she had really died. On Zola’s train, he thought he had lost Bucky only to find out that he was the Winter Soldier in 2014. When he found you he had finally been moving on from all of that. Starting over. But now you, and his best friend, were really gone.
He would try and replay every memory he had of you, making sure to remember every single detail. He couldn’t let himself forget. It was painful to remember, but he couldn’t bear to think of not being able to remember everything he had with you.
The love you had for each other.
Gone with the snap of the fingers
Literally dissolved into nothing.
He tried to keep it together for everyone, tried to get people to look on the bright side, but he never was able to himself. He couldn;t help but wish it had been him instead.
He didn;t know what to do with himself. There wasn;t a fight anymore, you weren;t there and neither was Bucky, he needed to do something but there wasn;t really anything to do. 
They were the longest years of his life.
Eventually he learned to move forward, but never fully. He couldn’t ever hope to find love again. He still loved you. No, he ran a group to help people cope. He figured if he couldn’t help himself he could help other people.
When Scott Lang showed up at Headquarters rambling about the quantum realm and time travel, he dared to hope again.
Maybe he could actually bring you back.
He went to Tony’s house with Scott and Nat to ask him about Scott’s idea. He tried not to show it, but he was desperate. When he said no, he tried to understand. But once again, he was crushed.
When Tony showed up a few days later having figured out a way to go back in time successfully, he tried to contain his excitement. He didn;t want to get his hopes up too high, but he couldn’t help it rising within him. He might actually be able to save you this time.
The entire time of gathering the stones and time travel, he kept you in mind. He’d do anything to get you back. Whatever it takes.
He stood there as Bruce snapped, and he looked around. Clint looked at his phone that had started ringing, and he could tell by the way he spoke that it was his family. That had died 5 years ago.
“Did we do it?” someone asked.
Steve just stood there in shock. Could it actually have worked?
A missile was shot through the ceiling, blowing everyone back. “What the hell was that?”
More missiles were shot, scattering everyone throughout the compound, and smashing the compound the smithereens. Most of the people fell down into the earth, along with the gauntlet and the stones. The missiles had come from a ship that was making its way down through the atmosphere, and it was apparent that it was Thanos.
How the hell did he get here?
Steve was one of 3 that hadn’t fallen underground, and Tony stood over him with his shield. He handed it to him, helping him up and walking to where Thor stood at the edge of the wrecked building, where he saw him
Sitting on the edge of a rock, just waiting. But for what?
The 3 of them walked over to him. “You could not live with your own failure. And it brought you back to me. I thought that getting rid of half of you would cause those who survived to be grateful. But you’ve proved me wrong” he laughed to himself. “At least now I know what I must do.” he stood and picked up his sword. “I’ll build a new universe.”
“Out of what? S[illed blood?” Steve asked.
“At least they won’t know it.” He replied.
Tony suited up and Thor summoned lightning, helping Tony blast Thanos. He stumbled back, but grabbed Tony just in time to block Thor’s hammer from hitting him. Tony flung back and the impact knocked him out.
Thanos turned to Steve and threw him before throwing his sword at Thor. He battled with him before flinging him to a rock and standing over him with the axe Thor had been using.
Steve got up and focused his concentration, holding his hand out and praying that this would work. He saw the hammer start to move, before it flung past Thanos and into his hand.Hell yeah.
Thor shook his head. “I knew it.”
Steve walked toward Thanos and began fighting him with the hammer, summoning lightning and even surprising himself. He directed it to Thanos, and ran towards him to hit him in the head with the hammer. He missed and Thanos grabbed him and threw the hammer out of reach, before holding his shield up to block the sword. His shield began chipping away until he barely had half of it and was thrown across the battlefield, flat on his back. 
Steve pushed himself off the floor, not listening to what Thanos was saying to him. He watched as his army was beamed down from spaceship after spaceship. He kept trying to stand, trying to figure out a scenario in which this ended well. He finally stood up and heard on his earpiece,
Steve, do you read me?
He stood there, trying to believe what he was hearing. It had sounded like Sam
Steve it’s Sam, do you copy?
He felt the breath leave his lungs.
On your left
He turned around in time to see an orange portal open and T’Challa, Okoye, and Shuri standing there. After having a silent conversation through their stares, Sam flew through the portal, and more portals began opening around him, the people he mourned walking through them. Steven Strange, Peter Parker, Wanda, Bucky…
He looked around, only looking for one person in particular. And then he found them
You stood there. Suited up and ready to fight. You nodded at Steve, smiling. He wanted nothing more but to run over and hug you, but he knew there was a war to be run first. More people pooled through the portals, all of them ready to fight. An army stood beside and behind him and he held out his hand for Thor’s hammer. “Avengers!”
He caught the hammer whirling at him.
Shouts were yelled and everyone began charging, the world vs Thanos and his army. It was brutal. For you it had just been moments ago that this same battle took place, and you didn;t know what had happened in between your arms dissolving and a sorcerer showing up from the sky saying that 5 years had passed and the battle was still happening. For you, a few minutes had passed. For Steve, it was a lifetime.
You fought beside Steve for most of it, like you usually did when you were on a mission. When there was a brief moment, you looked at your boyfriend. “Since when are you able to use that thing?” referring to Thor’s hammer. He looked at it. “About 5 minutes ago.” You nodded, turning back to the incoming aliens and stabbing them.
You kept fighting them as they came, not willing to lose this time around. It happened once, it could happen again. You had never fought so fiercely in your life.  A Few times you were overwhelmed by the sheer number of aliens around you, but a bolt of lightning would save your ass and you’d go back to fighting.
You don’t know how long it lasted, and you were covered in lacerations and blood, but as you were running out of stamina, the aliens around you began turning into dust. You looked around, panting, as Thanos’ army began to disintegrate, eyes landing on Tony laying limp against a pile of buildings. You were about to go check on him, when you felt someone grab your arm.
You turned around to meet his eyes that were bloodshot. “Y/n?”
You smiled and let out a breath, bringing your hand to his face. “It’s me Steve. I’m okay.”
He pulled you into a bone crushing hug, and you could feel him trembling. Hell, you were trembling too. The adrenaline was wearing off and the pain was setting in. 
“I missed you so much y/n.”
You hugged him a little tighter. “I know. I missed you too.”
You knew it had been a lot longer for him, but you didn’t want to seem insensitive. You couldn’t imagine living 5 years without Steve, especially if you didn’t know he was coming back.
“I’m here Steve. I’m safe.”
He spoke with a wavering voice. “I’m so sorry I couldn’t protect you.”
You pulled back and shook your head. “No, Steve. You did everything you could. It’s not your fault.”
He cupped your cheeks, shaking his head. “I thought I lost you.”
You smiled. “You didn’t. You saved me, Captain Rogers.”
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rebelmeg · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tony grinned and started singing to her, his voice husky and smoky in a way that never failed to send shivers down her spine. “Hey there, little red riding hood, you sure are lookin’ good.”
Pepper went gladly, easily into his arms when he held out a hand for her, tipping her head to the side to let him nuzzle at her neck, singing the words into her skin.
“You’re everything that a big, bad wolf could want.”
Sitting on the other side of the room, Morgan shook her head in a show of disgust. “You guys are so gross.”
Posting in October because of the barely there hint of spookiness!  (That, and I tried to work a werewolf thing into it, but I got tired.)
The moodboard is for a square on my @tonystarkbingo card, and the drabble is for my @ladiesofmarvelbingo card!
Title: Little Red Riding Hood Collaborator: rebelmeg TSB Card Number: 4034 Squares Filled: TSB, A2 - Happily Ever After LoMB, O2 - Iron Family Ship: Pepperony Rating: Gen Major Tags: moodboard, drabble, sorta song fic, tooth rotting fluff Summary: Tony is a crooner, Pepper’s almost a swooner, and teenage Morgan thinks they’re both disgusting. Word Count: 100
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supermoviemaniac · a year ago
Tumblr media
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falcon-caps · 2 years ago
okay but tony has that goofy shot of him and peter framed. he has it fucking framed. look me in the eye and tell me they don't have a father-son bond, that they don't care deeply about each other. this is tony "no one has ever accused me of being sentimental" stark although lets be real he's the biggest fucking sap and he had their photo framed.
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starkn · 5 months ago
just thinking about the fact that tony stark and nat died because of the infinity stones that are currently being used as paperweights
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whateverfuckthis · 7 months ago
Steve “I hate bullying, discrimination and my best friend is black even tho I was born during a different time” Rogers really left his two best friends alone to go live in another racist era. I’m still not over about how amazing that is
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captian-kenobiwan · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I feel like they’ve just given up at this point
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classycoffeecat · a year ago
Just watched the ending of Sawn Song and the META of it all! ... I honestly dont have time to type up my dissertation... but just listen to the last 5:25 minutes when Chuck starts with "endings are hard..."
- all of Chuck's monologue about endings
- ending all supposed to add up to something... 🤡
- Chucks ending Dean with Lisa (and this is coming from someone who did ship that relationship)... Now *10* years later what is the relationship endgame... 😉
- camera pans away from window showing Lisa and Dean... to a street LAMP that goes out (then Sam, etc...) 🛋
- "Endings are hard, but then again nothing ever really ends, does it..."
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rebelmeg · 11 months ago
Pepperony Bingo 2020 Masterpost
Tumblr media
B1 - Tony Stark, Doo Doo Doo-Doo Doo  |  Collab fanfic with @letsallsleepoverwork​, the MCU teens watching Tony being ridiculous with Baby Morgan, Rhodey, and Pepper  |  Gen
B2 - I Don't Want You To Stop  |  Pepper finds out about the Rescue suit, fic  |  Gen
B3 - Pepper Has A Thing For Idiots  |  cracky fic in which Pepper is deeply attracted to one particular moron  |  Gen
B4 - The Start of Something New  |  post IM2 vacation fic with feels and fluff  |  Teen
B5 -  Bot Shaming - Part 8: Cupid Bots  |  social media post  |  Gen
I1 - Mo Kiss Stitches moodboard  |  Gen
I2 -  5 Worse Things Pepper Caught Tony Doing + 1 Better Thing - Chapter 6: Playing With the Bots After Making a Huge Anonymous Donation  |  Pre-Pepperony fic, fluff and humor with a smidge of crack  |  Gen
I3 - Through A Child's Eyes, It's Different - Chapter 22: The Amazing Spider-Boy  |  Post-CACW deaged Tony fic, lots of angst and fluff  |  Teen
I4 -  The Big Cock moodboard |  Teen (for the suggestive title)
I5 - Through A Child's Eyes, It's Different - Chapter 2: A Redhead's Temper   |  Post-CACW deaged Tony fic, lots of angst and fluff   |  Teen
N1 - Pepperony Fairytale Moodboard Story  |  Gen
N2 - Through A Child's Eyes, It's Different - Chapter 6: Very Familiar Eyes   |  Post-CACW deaged Tony fic, lots of angst and fluff  |  Teen
N3 - Pepperony St. Patrick’s Day Moodboard  |  Gen
N4 - Let The Wedding Bells Chime  |  Pepperony wedding planning, banter, and actual wedding fic  |  Teen
N5 - Tony vs. The Hammock  |  cracky fic with Tony trying to manage a hammock  |  Gen
G1 - Moodboard for “From the Heart (Literally)” by newnewyorker  |  Gen
G2 - Kiss for a Kiss  |  collab with @newnewyorker93​, fluffy adorable Halloween fic with Iron Family  |  Gen
G3 - Through A Child's Eyes, It's Different - Chapter 1: A Cold Welcome Home  |  Post-CACW deaged Tony fic, lots of angst and fluff  |  Teen
G4 - Lucky Picture  |  feels-heavy fic where Tony meets Maria in 1970 instead of Howard  |  Gen
G5 - What We Do In The Closet  |  moodboard and silly pre-Pepperony fic  |  Gen
O1 -  Lakehouse Coffee Date  |  Phil and Pepper have a coffee date, FRIDAY can’t keep secrets  |  Gen
O2 - Orange Lily, Geranium, and Buttercup  |  fluffy flowershop AU meetcute  |  Gen
O3 -  5 Worse Things Pepper Caught Tony Doing + 1 Better Thing - Chapter 5: Testing New Prototypes On Himself  |  Pre-Pepperony fic, fluff and humor with a smidge of crack  |  Gen
O4 - I’m Sorry  |  Pepperony fanfic, missing Endgame scene that is sad and emotional (miscarriage), but also good and with a sweet ending  |  Gen
O5 - Fuzzball  |  Pre-Pepperony fanfic, a kitten gets into Tony’s workshop and the bots fall in love  |  Gen
Tumblr media
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