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So one of my classes this semester started off with a coordinated intro that should have theoretically had us intrigued about the course. Except it got eerie very quickly. The class is shared between three professors, and all of them were commenting how fun it will be. At first we were all thinking “okay, its going to be interesting.” But at some point the word fun became integrated into every sentence.
We want this to be a fun experience.
You’ll have fun learning about lasers.
It’s a fun class.

Safe to say we were pretty horrified about what the word “fun” really means. Turns out after 5 years of engineering we finally understand:
It’s students asking questions not directly related to material, which means the prof will lose time and literally race to finish the lecture. Have you ever seen a professor go through 20 slides in 10 minutes? It is not a pretty sight. 

I guess you can say we are having a lot of fun.

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I haven’t felt artistic in while and this has been my first time to make aesthetically pleasing notes after years of not feeling myself. Slowly getting there ;) Trying to decide my layout and colors cause I’m planning to study korean language and get that TOPIK III.
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*me, at my PhD grad ceremony* “And, I’d like to thank MIT OCW for all the fundamental knowledge you gave me on Tissue Engineering. You a real one!”

constantly learning, constantly evolving. june is closing and july is coming. we’re back at the gym (socially distancing ofc), we’re writing articles, we’RE SUBMITTING ABSTRACTS. LOOK! THEY NOT READY! THEY NOT READY FOR THAT ACTION, SIS!

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🗓 june 29, 2020

i should be studying for tomorrow’s test at our review center but instead here i am waiting for 12 midnight for the release of grades for my last semester in college and it’s so nerve-wracking i can’t calm down. 

i also just watched the latest ep of snowpiercer; what melanie said to miles made me tear up so much.

“You’ll be an engineer. But to be an engineer on Snowpiercer, you have to make sacrifices. And that can be hard.”

“We’re engineers. We keep the world alive”


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Hi everyone! So, the idea of this study method was not created by me, my ochem professor actually suggested this at the end of the course (that i failed because he didn’t provide this useful information sooner buT ANYWAYS) however, all the supplemental information about examples, etc is all from me! if you’re interested on how to study more effectively, give this post a quick read :)

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guess who’s being productive!!

me, i’m being productive. finally woke up feeling a bit better!!! i moved to a spot with SUNLIGHT and am slow but steadily working my way through math notes

(i’ve missed my whiteboard SO MUCH you have no idea)

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🗓 june 26, 2020

current desk situation ☕️ trying to finish my classical physics review module today. fun fact, physics is my all time fave subject. i really love and enjoy science, it’s my dream to work at NASA someday.

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I think everyone I know has that moment when they look at the clock that reads 11PM and hopelessly wonder if they can check off one more thing from the list. Honestly, my favourite days are the ones that have a little TODO in the evening which is generally entirely unrelated to school. For instance, today its installing a game that I will not be playing in the near future. But the mere act of installing it is satisfying enough :) 

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  • Engineering is making 27 pages of elaborate notes in hopes to study and remember everything.
  • Engineering is finding out a few days before the midterm that its actually open book.
  • Engineering is sighing aggressively and ranting to people about classes.
  • Engineering is being tested on material that literally was not taught in class…
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hi, i woke up feeling like trash :D and i have a ton of stuff to do and no desire to exist today bye

have a look at my bujo (last week of june already wtf) and some drawings i did for my instagram stories because i was bored and asked for prompts yesterday (and some reminders about math units u.u) i kinda have to erase them bc i need to use the whiteboard again BUT THEY’RE TURNED OUT CUTE I DON’T WANNA

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More rants about online classes:
Okay, I get that invigilating an exam is crucial to avoid cheating, and I appreciate that. Today I had an online midterm where we needed to point the camera at ourselves and the paper to show the prof we are not cheating. 

But to say that if your camera disconnects at any time that you are now suspect of cheating, and may be failed out of the course is terrifying. Everyone I was talking to after the exam was still stressed about the exam because of this. Having so many video feeds on doesn’t always work out, and now we are all hoping for the best. For most of us this is our last semester in engineering, so the stakes feel a lot higher. 

Now I’m being haunted by an exam I already finished because my wifi wasn’t tolerating having a meeting with 50 cameras on.

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Been cramming for a midterm like no tomorrow. Somehow being at home makes it so much harder to focus. Usually I would come home late in the evening, which means it would be the one time I could tend to my house. Now that I am home a lot more, all I want to do is tidy things.

On the agenda today is literally rearranging my desk space for the midterm, only to place everything back in the 10 minute span before the following lecture. This is fine. 


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I used to have a nice little agenda with due dates written out in it. They were highlighted and it felt so nice, but now I have too many deadlines for that. I need to just be able to see everything in one row so I can best plan my time to meet whatever deadline is first.

It is a very safe assumption that I have given up all hopes of having me time and sleep…

On the bright side it is still colour coded :) 

(Update: it got more chaotic, I realized I missed copying over some meetings… )


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I think the one thing no one tells you when you go into engineering is that you will feel like you are minoring in English at times. My team and I finally submitted our project proposal which accumulated to using 41 sources. After countless hours of researching and writing we finally have our ideas in writing and pending acceptance. It feels so nice to have one hefty thing crossed off the TODO list


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🗓 june 22, 2020

so it’s been a while and our review for the licensure exam has already started. i’ve been soooo stressed and sad ever since. i’ve been beating myself up for not being able to keep up so well with the lessons because most of the topics are still new to me and i haven’t encountered them when i was in college. but i realized i cant be depressed all the time, otherwise im just wasting my time.

i promise i’ll do better this week. i’ll get up and try my best. I’ll give my all, i promise myself that i will finish strong, and i will do this for myself and for my dreams. with that, im praying for a healthier mindset, strength, and courage. with God’s grace, i know i can get through all of this ❤️

happy monday everyone ✨

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shoutout to Khan Academy for helping me learn Data Analysis/Statistics because…..I’ve never taken a stats class in my life andddd it’s gonna be on the GRE, so its time to get it poppin with statistical analysis, sis!!

i’m finishing up the spring ‘20 reflection anddd i got more ideas for posts sooooooo im super excited! i want to disseminate my new learned knowledge on the grad school process and such (esp because i’m living through the preparation and application process)

also, started a new book last night called the history of philosophy by a.c. grayling and im pretty excited. i’ve always wanted to learn more about philosophy but actually understand it! i’ll keep you guys posted

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