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season's end ✎ mason mount instagram au
summary: as it was the final chelsea match of the season, your boyfriend mason invited you to the bridge.
a/n: a short and wholesome instagram au inspired by recent photos :)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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yourusername back to back player of the season 💙
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masonmount still trying to get my head around it 😅
↳ yourusername so proud of you baby ❤
cesarazpi money mase, future chelsea captain 🔥
↳ yourusername oh for sure!! 💯
jorginhofrello well deserved papai, happy for you 😊
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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yourusername my girlfriend and kai 😍
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masonmount my boyfriend and soph 😍
↳ yourusername 🙄😂
kaaihavertz29 my 👸
↳ sophiaaemelia mi vida ❤
yn&masonfan love how kai ignored the caption 😂
timowerner y/n and sophia are dating?
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Tumblr media
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yourusername uncle macey duties
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itsamelewigi mace needs to stop trying so hard to be summer's favourite uncle 🤨🙄
↳ masonmount I don't need to try, I already am 🙂
declanrice mason's fanpages need to watch out, they've got competition 🤣🤣
↳ yourusername oh shush you 😂
↳ masonsfanpage it's true 🙄😂
yn&masonfan imagine how cute y/n and mason's babies will be 😅
↳ masonmount @/yourusername 👀
↳ yn&masonfan2 if she isn't now, she might be after this 🤭
↳ yourusername look what you've done @/masonmount
↳ masonmount I think they might be onto something though 😏
jazbenham 😍😍
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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yourusername a bittersweet moment 🥺
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toniruediger 💙
↳ yourusername all the best rüdi ❤🤞
chelseafc 🤗
chelsupdates we did not need to see this 😔
↳ yourusername sorry😶
chelsfan1 why would you do this to us 😭😭
chelsfan2 you're evil for posting this 💔
chelsfan3 brb crying 😀
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The babysitter and the brother| Mason Mount
Part 3
Tumblr media
Notes: This is the third and final part of this cute little series, I hope you liked it, thank you for all the lovely comments and messages! Love ya
Part 1
Part 2 contains smut
Warnings: None
Tumblr media
It was around 8am when you woke up to the sound of tiny little feet running along the hallway. You heard the door creek open slightly as you quickly looked over to examine the predicament you were currently in. You were being spooned by none other than the shirtless uncle of the child you were currently babysitting.
But before you could lay wide eyed for a little longer and quietly panic about your stupid actions, you heard the door creek again so you quickly sat up from the bed. 
You thanked all of the gods for the fact you and Mason had messed around in the kitchen late last night, eating the rest of the cookies so you were somewhat clothed, wearing Masons T-shirt, and some shorts you had packed in your overnight back.
You saw a tiny little frame stand at the door and a whisper of your name, “Y/n/n/, are you awake?”
A wide smile spreads across her face as she sees that you’re awake and makes her way over to the bed.
You quickly grab the top of the duvet and chuck it over Mason’s head, in an awful attempt to hide him.
“Morning sunny.” You smiled at her as she stood on your side of the bed.
Her smile quickly faded into curiosity as she saw the huge lump under the duvet next to you, and then her curiosity really grew when she heard it grumble.
“Y/n/n?” Shit, she knows.
“Why don’t we go downstairs and make some pancakes, mhm pancakes sound nice, yeah?” You ramble, trying to convince the curious child with pancakes.
But as if on queue, you go to get out of bed, but Mason’s arms are tightly wrapped around your thighs, and they don’t seem to be letting go.
“Mase, you need to let go!” You bend down to whisper shout, after elbowing him.
“Ouch y/n, what the fu-“ but Mason stops himself when he removes the duvet from his face and sees his niece by your side.
“Uncle masey!” Summer shouts as she jumps on the bed, swarming her uncle with love.
“Morning poopy pie.” Mason groaned as she jumped all over him, giggling at the surprise.
“When did you get in here?” She questions him after she had placed herself in between the two of you, grabbing for your long hair to twist it in her hands while she spoke.
“I’ve erm-“ but summer cut him off with a rather dramatic gasp.
“Did you and y/n/n have a sleepover, without me?” summer pouted as tears welled in her eyes.
Mason’s heart swelled at the use of summer calling you her own little nickname since she struggled to pronounce your full name.
"No of course not! I just came In to see y/n/n, she was having a nightmare.” Mason pouted at summer, quickly sending you a wink.
“Are you okay y/n/n?” Summer asked you.
“I would be better if I had some pancakes!”
The atmosphere felt awkward considering you hadn’t really had the chance to speak to Mason yet this morning, and you knew once Sam and Jaz were home there would be no way the two of you would be able to talk. You would most likely go back to living your normal life where you were stressing out over uni work, not shagging footballers you went to school with 7 years ago.
At the moment Mason was downstairs with Summer, doing god knows what, so you took the opportunity to have a shower and get dressed.
You waited a while before going back downstairs, you couldn’t stop the anxiety that was running through you over the stupid brown haired man downstairs.
Then, you heard the front door open.
You raced down the stairs to see Jaz embracing summer in a tight hug, Mason was standing in the doorway, leaning against the frame as he watched his niece and sister.
You could only see his back but he had his hoodie on and some plaited pj bottoms, his hair was still messy, probably from where you had a harsh grip on it most of the night, but he just looked so good in the morning.
You knew you were staring so walked over to the doorway to stand next to him. Mason looked down at you and bumped your shoulder with his. You looked up at him through your eyelashes, flashing him a warm smile that he could have sworn melted his heart on the spot.
“I didn’t know you were here mase?” Jaz questions with a smirk, summer placed on her hip.
Mason was about to speak up about how he didn’t know you were here, but summer had cut him off.
“Uncle masey had a sleepover, he helped me and y/n/n make cookies!” Summer said in her excited little voice.
“Where did you stay?” Jazz questioned him.
“They had a sleep-” summer started, but Mason quickly interrupted her.
“I stayed on the sofa, right, y/n?” Mason awkwardly laughs.
“Yeah, he stayed on the sofa.” Your expression most likely gave it away, and the fact Jaz had known you most of your life and knew when you were lying.
“Right.” Jaz and Sam said in unison, smirking at each other.
There was a silence that lingered for a moment as you and Mason were feeling rather caught while Jazz and Sam were mumbling in the kitchen, no doubt about the two of you.
“Y/n-” Mason started but you cut him off.
“I should probably go, I need to get back up to London. I have a friend’s birthday party tonight.” You smile at him as you go to say your goodbyes to Summer.
Mason watched you as you walked through the hallway, he started to bite his lip, what he wanted to say to you was, “I don’t want this to be a one time thing, I want to get to know you, or how he wanted to pick you up and take you on a shitty date like crazy golf or bowling.” But, obviously, the words didn’t come out, mainly because you made him nervous, and no girl ever showed the power to make him nervous.
So Mason just watched you hug his niece as you said your goodbyes, making your way to your car, hoping he would maybe run out after you, ask to see you again, but nope, he sat and watched your car drive off from his sisters driveway.
“Quite foul of you to sleep with the babysitter.” Jazz giggled to Mason, slapping his arm.
“Shut up.” Mason gowned as he flopped on the Jazz sofa, feeling defeated after he just watched you drive away.
It had been about 3 months since then, you rarely thought about your…night with Mason.
That was until you got a phone call from Jazz about a summer BBQ she was having, and your whole family was invited, and it seemed rude for you not to go, even if Mason would be there.
So here you were, on a sunny Friday, laughing with yours and Mason’s mum in Jazz's back garden.
Your hair was down, hanging on your shoulders, and you had a flowy yellow summer dress on that complimented your eyes well. You had noticed Mason playing football with your little cousins at the top of the garden. Your plan was to just avoid him, you where more worried that if you gave in and spoke to him then you might let him fuck you in the toilet.
“Y/n dear, could you get me another beer from the kitchen?” Asks Mason’s dad, Tony, with a smile since he was too busy with the bbq.
“Of course.” You smiled back as you made your way to the kitchen, Mason took this as an opportunity to talk to you. So he had walked into the kitchen not long after you did, hoping it didn’t look like he was stalking you.
“Hey.” Mason smiled as he watched you get a beer from the fridge. You jumped slightly, startled at his sudden presence.
“Hey, mase.” You smiled back, everting your eyes from his gorgeous brown ones.
“I didn’t know you drank beer?” Mason mentally slapped himself as hard as he could, why would he say that? A woman can drink beer. He was hoping he didn’t come off as slightly misogynistic, as he flashed you the widest smile he could.
“I don’t. It’s for your dad.” You were being blunt with him, and he hated that. He realised that this was your relationship now, you had sex once and now the both of you felt awkward around the other.
“You look really pretty, I mean you always look pretty, but today you look exceptionally pretty.” Mason cringed at his words, as he felt the bush rise to his cheeks.
That was when Jaz walked in, a wide smile on her face, clearly hearing what Mason had just said as she put her head down and made her way through the kitchen to the toilet.
“Thank you, mase. You look exceptionally pretty too.” You smile as you pop off the cap on the beer, walking around the counter to exit the kitchen.
Your eyes widened as you walked out the kitchen, did the Mason Mount just say you look pretty everyday? The same cocky mason that has always seemed to think with his dick rather than his brain.
“Y/n.” You felt a hand on your shoulder as you turned around, masons fingers lightly grazing your back, in front of everyone. You tense at his touch, what was he doing.
“You left your phone in the kitchen.” He smiled as he handed you your phone before walking away. What was this man doing to you?
As the night went on everyone was dancing under the summer moonlight, downing drinks and singing karaoke.
You and Mason had shared a few occasional looks, but as mason was on his break he could drink, so the few beers he had went straight to his head, giving him some liquid courage.
As the song “There is something on your mind” By Big Jay McNeely played Mason downed the rest of his drink before making way over to the table you were sitting at, chatting away with his nan.
“Miss Y/l/n, would you like to dance with me?” Mason smirked as he raised his eyebrows a few times.
You felt a blush rise to your cheeks as you knew both your families were currently staring you and mason down, but mason didn’t seem to care, his eyes were too busy fixated on yours.
“Oh come on, don’t be a party pooper.” He smiled, keeping his language PG since summer was sitting on the chair next to you.
You giggled before letting him take your hand in his as he pulled you out onto the grass.
You were both non stop giggling as he held your hand, spinning you around a few times, letting you dress flow. Before he pulled you in by your waist, your hands resting around his neck, not too tight since you knew all eyes were on you and mason right now.
“How many beers have you had?” You giggled as you looked at his face, taking in his long messy hair and lopsided smile.
“Like four?.” Mason just giggled before he started to sing along to the lyrics of the song, and you couldn't help but admire the way his adams apple bobbed in his throat and how his hair fell on his forehead.
“If you even think about me, if I ever cross your mind.” Mason mummed as he took your hand in his, swaying around the garden.
“Well, you know, you know I’m yours, and I know, I know your mine.”
Mason carried on humming, loving the way you were giggling on his chest at his awful singing.
When the song finished and another started to play Mason continued to pull you in close, not letting you go. He was holding one of your hands against his chest, as the other hand was placed on his shoulder.
“I miss you.” He blurted out, but he didn’t regret any of his word vomit as you were clearly mesmerized by the stupid little smile he was flashing you.
“Oh really?” You smirk at him, wanting him to continue.
“I know it’s not very gentlemanly of me since I’m like, what… three months too late? But are you still up to having that relationship we spoke about?”
“The sexual relationship?” You whispered at him.
“I mean yeah, that at some point, but I want to take you out first, like on a proper date.”
“Depends where you would take me?” Your smile wouldn’t fade as you watched him tell you his plan with no hesitation, clearly having planned this in his head beforehand.
“I was thinking, I would come drive up to london and pick you up and maybe we could go cocktail bowling? It’s this place you go bowling but they have a cocktail bar!”
“I gathered that.” You smiled at him, his enthusiasm was adorable, you rarely saw this side of mason, and you were falling…hard.
“And i thought we could put a hat and some glasses on me and you could take me on the tube, show me around your ends.” Mason smirked.
You could tell this had been a thought out plan for him, you could feel the anticipation he was radiating, and as much as you wanted to rip his clothes off, you wanted to sway in his arms forever.
“So, what’s your answer?” he waited in anticipation for your reply.
“Why not.” You shrugged as you could swear you saw his eyes glisten, he just grabbed your hand, as he continued to dance and spin you around on the dry grass in Jazz’s garden, smilie down at you.
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god i cannot wait for the silly little england video of the silly little footballers getting out of their silly little cars
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Dress - Prologue
dress masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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I was foolish thinking that with jadon in manchester he would have more opportunities in the england squad 🤡🤡
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ok yeah mings is a bad at football but he should be included for the girls. this is against feminism
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Tumblr media
Jarrod Bowen’s Instagram story on May 24, 2022.
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we’re finally getting a mason x tammy reunion
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
sobbing 😭
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gareth saying it's cos eric only plays in a back three. girl what does connor coady play in??
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The baby sitter and the brother| Mason Mount
Part 2: Contains smut
Tumblr media
Notes: This is part 2 to the babysitter and the brother fic, you can read part 1 here hope you guys enjoy xoxo
(also do you guys like the saucy gifs? I prefer them to masons ugly face, joking) x
warnings: smut, F/oral receiving, fingering, swearing, dom mason, cocky mason, some dom y/n. There's loads more...
Part 1
And that's how one thing led to another, and now you were both sitting on the sofa, suppressing your giggles and being careful not to wake up Summer as the film you both had decided to watch was long forgotten.
"Remember at Jazz and Sam's wedding when you drank too much and you threw up all on that ladies dress." You giggled at him, you were both reminiscing on childhood memories and living off the nostalgia from your shared experiences at school.
"I think about it nearly every night before I go to bed." Mason sighs as he downs the rest of his glass.
You were both laughing about times in school, laughing about the teachers in the classes you shared. Until eventually, Mason had opened Facebook on your laptop as you were both looking up the people you went to school with to see what they were up to now since school reunions weren't a thing at your old secondary school.
"Oh, look up Jack Grazley!" You smirked, as Mason turned to you with a disgusted face.
"What?" You giggled, knowing what he was about to say.
"Jack Grazley?" Mason huffed as he started to type the name into the search bar, "Everyone used to fancy him." Mason scoffed as he clicked on the profile that seemed to be him.
"He was my first boyfriend." You wouldn't have said that, but the three glasses you had just downed over the last two hours were to blame for anything you did that night.
"I don't remember that?" Mason said as you looked at his profile to make sure he had clicked on the right one.
"Yep. Oh, that's him! He has a wife now." You say shocked.
"And a kid." Mason adds.
"Was it serious?" Mason asked as you took the laptop out of his hand and started to scroll through the pictures of your childhood boyfriend.
"Not really, it was a few months I think, I lost my virginity to him though." You mentaly cringed as you saw Mason's face drop.
"Wait really? There was no way you shagged the fittest boy in our year in secondary."
"Don't sound so surprised." You hit Mason's shoulder as you put the laptop back on his lap.
"You left Portsmouth when you were what? Fifteen for Chelsea, when I was in year eleven I had a bit of a glow up, got my braces off, puberty hit, I grew boobs. I was a real catch, thank you very much." You smirk at him.
"Yeah I remember." Mason smiles. 
"You know I used to have a HUGE crush on you when we were younger." Mason awkwardly laughs as he scratches the back of his neck.
"No you didn't-" you scoff.
"No I definitely did, your sister, Steph used to take the piss out of me because of it."
"There's no way!" You laugh at him.
"Why do you think I always used to sit next to you on the bus, or ask to walk you home? Whenever Steph would come round I would beg her to bring you."
You were speechless. "I- I had no idea."
"Well now you do, fifteen year old Mason was down bad for them bright pink braces you used to have." Mason laughed.
"Ew, why would my mum let me walk out the dentist like that." You both laugh as you turn to look at his face.
Mason still looked the same as he did when he was a child, his jaw had gotten sharper, he had a beard now and the way he had grown his hair out made him look so sexy, especially in the dim light of Jazz's front room.
Your eyes catch Mason's chocolate ones as he's staring deeply into yours, and without warning he crashes his lips onto yours, taking you by surprise, but instead of resisting you end up melting into the kiss. Loving the way his lips feel on yours. He lightly grazes your bottom lip with his tongue, asking for entrance to your mouth, as you open up and let his tongue explore your mouth. Your hand comes up to his chest, then running along his bicep and to the back of his neck, where you hold your hand, your fingertips grazing the short length of his hair as you gently push his face into yours more.
It then hits you what you're doing, you're literally making out with Mason Mount, childhood family friend, on his sister's sofa.
You hum into the kiss before pulling away and placing a hand on Mason's chest, the butterflies swarming your stomach as you could feel his tonest chest through his shirt.
"Are you okay?" Mason says as he brushes your hair behind your ear.
"We probably shouldn't." you whisper, keeping your head down, refusing to look deep into his brown eyes because you knew you wouldn't be able to resist them.
"We don't have to if you don’t want to-"
"I want to. I really want to, but I'm babysitting-" Mason cuts you off with a quick kiss to the lips, you can sense his smile on your lips as he pulls back slightly, bumping your nose.
"You'll have to be quiet then for me then, won't you?" he whispers in your ear as he bends his head to lightly kiss your neck. You whimper as he drags his teeth along your neck before pulling away.
"Can you do that for me?" Mason's stare was like nothing you had felt before, and the way he was suddenly being so dominant with you was turning you on like crazy. You frantically not your head at Mason's question, but that wasn't enough for him.
"Use your words for me y/n." He whispers as he drags his bottom lip along your ear. Fuck it.
"I'll be quiet for you mase." You had no idea how much that just turned him on.
Mason smirked, "Good girl." Fuck, you had put off letting Mason seduce you for years, but here you were wishing you had done it sooner. Something told you this was about to be the best sex of your life.
You frantically nod your head before straddling Mason's lap, he then picks you up, his hands tightly on your thighs as he walks to the stairs, attacking your collar bone with kisses.
You quietly hum so he can hear you as he walks up to the guest bedroom, shutting the door with his foot. After he has you pressed up against it in a feverish kiss. Masons hands are all over your body, running under your top, his cold hands grazing the skin of your stomach and back down to your waist, as his nails grib into you skin in a bruising tightness.
You place your arms up in the air, signaling for him to take your top off, he pulls the t-shirt over your head before throwing it somewhere in the room, he eventually moves back from you red pump lips, taking in the sight of you topless, a sight mason has been waiting to see for years.
"Fuck y/n." Mason says breathlessly as he pulls away, looking at your breasts, his hand comes up to slide underneath your bra and cup one in his hand like a teenage boy.
You smirk at him, before leaning against his ear and tugging at his hair that's in your hands. It was now your turn to seduce him.
"I want you to fuck me mase." you whisper slowly in his ear.
Mason groans at your words, and the feeling of you pulling on his hair. "Your a fucking dream." He moans before pulling you back from the door, squeezing your bum as hard as he can and placing you down on the bed.
Mason hovers over you as you watch him pull his shirt over his head. One of your hands immediately attaches to his toned chest.
Mason then bends down to kiss along the naked skin of your torso before getting to the place you wanted him most.
When he got to the waistband of your joggers he hooked his fingers underneath, running them along the waistband before pulling out, watching the fabric snap back to your skin. He then stops for a moment, he raises his head and eyebrows, looking you in your eyes. You were about to ask him why his movements had stopped and you realized he was asking for consent, with his eyes. You felt the heat rush to your pussy, can this man get any hotter?
You nod at mason before arching you back, pressing your core up into his face as he sends you a smirk at your clear eagerness.  His fingers start to slowly drag down your joggers and thong, he slowly dragged them down to your ankles just to tease you, before pulling them off and discarding them somewhere in the room like he did with your t-shirt and bra.
He then bent back down and pushed your thighs forward, putting them over his shoulders. He kissed the inns of your thighs as he watched you wiggle a bit underneath him, he was teasing you and you knew it.
You could feel his hot breath on your core, and you moaned out when Mason bumped your clit with his nose. You jerked up as Mason pulled away, looking up at you with a smirk. He could see the glistening of how wet you were, seeing how wet he had made you and he hadn't even done anything yet made Mason hungry and he couldn’t wait to taste how sweet you were.
He finally attached his tongue to you, lapping up all your juices as he licked along the bottom of your slit to the top when he got to your clit and swirled his tongue around the nub a few times.
His eyes flickered up to yours a few times, as he watched you throw your head back in pleasure, all he wanted to to hear you scream his name, so he added more pressure with his tongue, using his index finger to tease your entrance as his lips smiled onto you with satisfaction when you started to moan louder.
Mason pulled away as he looked up at you, "We had a deal darling? You've got to be quiet for me, remember." Mason smirked as he dipped his head back down, attacking you again as his tongue started to cat lick your clit.
"It feels so good, mase." You try to whisper moan, as you arch your back, further pushing your core into him as you wanted so badly to cum In his mouth.
With your words of encouragement Mason finally pushed one finger into you, thrusting in and out at a fast pace, wanting to stretch you out since he knew it was big, and he wanted you to be comfortable.
Mason added a second finger, as you had to bite down on your hand to hide your moans.
"I know baby, I know." Mason hummed onto you, sending vibrations through you, but when his lips attached to you nub, lightly sucking you knew you were going to cum, hard.
"Mason I'm gonna cum." Your hips were having trouble staying still as you continued to bite down hard on your hand.
"And I wanna hear you say my name when you do, okay?"
Mason mumbled before attaching his lips back to your clit, sucking on the nub and letting it snapback. Before his lips stayed attached, pulling slightly on the nub, apply incense pressure as he still continued to work his fingers in and out of you. Mason hummed onto your his at the harsh noises of how wet you were for him, feeling a sense of pride every time he felt you drip down his finger.
"Fuck Mason."
You tried your best to keep your moans in but as he pulled off you with a pop then attached back to you again you felt your legs shake as you repeatedly moaned his name at a level you hoped wouldn't be too loud.
"Mase, Mason, Mason." You did as his command as you buck your hips in the air crying out his name as you felt a tear slip from your eye.
Mason lapped up all of your juices before sitting back and conjuring up some spit in his mouth, you watched as he slowly let the spit dribble from your red, sensitive clit, down to your entrance, and onto the bed sheets.
He pulled his joggers off while you were catching your breath before he was hovering over you again, "You taste so fucking good."
He mumbled on your lips before kissing you, letting you have your own taste of yourself.
"You are so good at that." you breathlessly say you cup his cheeks, kissing him intensely.
"I know." Mason winks at you before grabbing your leg, and pushing it up to your head.
His hands hold the back of your thigh as he teases his tip with your entrance, "You so fucking sexy, y/n."
He added just his tip, "I've wanted to do this for so long, you have no idea." He says.
"Mason, please fuck me." You moan into his ear, and mason slams the rest of his dick inside of you as you both gasp as the feeling of you both interlocked.
Mason grabs your thigh, holding it tightly as he starts to slowly thrust into you, which you were thankful for, he was big and you weren't sure if you could handle it.
Mason soaked up every single one of you whimpers and moans and he hums and places his face in the crook of your neck, his pace is slowing down after a while so you pull his head back by his hair.
"I want to ride you."
You roll over so you're on top of him, but instead of laying back, Mason sits up so he can continue feeling the warmth of your naked body pressed up against his.
You start to rock your hips back and forward as Mason hands are all over your back, pushing you both together as tightly as possible. He dips his head as he starts to suck on your nipple. Swirling around the nipple with his tongue and pulling off it with a pop.
That's what sent you into overdrive as you were going to cum for the second time that night.
The angle you were at caused Mason to rub against your clit, and you knew you were about to cum soon from the feeling like you were about to explode.
"You can cum in me."
Mason's eyes moved from where he was kissing your shoulder to looking up into yours once again as he raised his hand from your back and pushed your hair behind your ear.
"Are you sure?" He was trying to hide his excitement like a child at a fairground.
"I'm so sure, I want you to cum in me, fill me up mase. Please." You threw your head back, the knot in your stomach tightening.
"Fuck." Mason mumbled at your words as he pushed your body close together, thrusting up into you so the moment was more powerful, before you both started your climaxes.
Mason held onto you as tightly as possible as you both hit your orgasms at the same time, the feeling of Mason's warm liquid heating up your insides sending you into overdrive.
You both whispered your moans as Mason continued to hold you close as you both fell back onto the bed, wrapping his hands around your back as he continued to kiss your shoulder.
"Fuck y/n." Mason whispered.
You slip out of him, missing the warmth of his cock nestled in you as you place yourself down on his chest, looping your leg with his.
"If I knew you were that good I would have done this a long time ago."
"Is that your way of saying you want to have a sexual relationship with me y/n y/l/n?" Mason smirks as he brushes back your hair, you loved it when he did that.
"Piss off."
"You'll never be able to resist me now, you'll get withdrawal symptoms."
You giggle on his chest as you feel so content in his arms laying on his naked chest in his older sister's guest bedroom.
"Round two?"
part 3
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
A local resident puts love hearts and slogans on the plastic that covers offensive graffiti on the vandalised mural of Manchester United striker and England player Marcus Rashford on the wall of a cafe on Copson Street, Withington on July 12, 2021 in Manchester, England. Rashford and other Black players on England's national football team have been the target of racist abuse, largely on social media, after the team's loss to Italy in the UEFA European Football Championship last night.
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okay now that england lost and domestic violence will rise by 38%
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Edit: additional information
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gorctzka · 5 days ago
put on a show - mason mount x reader
summary: mainly just badly written smut; you and mason having some fun while on vacation with friends, not caring at all about them hearing, which ends in them teasing you about it the next morning.
warnings: 18+ minors dni. dom! mason, sub!reader, teasing, dirty talk, pet names, daddy kink, oral (m&f receiving/69), degrading kink, praise kink, hair pulling, choking, slapping, unprotected sex, overstimulating?,,,,
word count: 4.6k
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“Let’s just go back earlier, Mase.” you whispered in his ear, followed by kisses on his neck. You were on holiday, just at a club with all your mutual friends. But you’d been glued to his side all evening, desperate for him to give you something since the first moment he came out of the bedroom in that outfit. Plain black trousers that looked particularly tight at the crotch, paired with a white button-up. The top buttons were undone so you could see his collarbones and parts of his shoulder if you looked from the right angle. The sight made your mouth water and a wet spot form in your underwear all evening. But to your chagrin, he didn’t really pay you any attention, because he loved to tease you endlessly.
“Or into the bathroom?” you didn’t give up, because you knew how much he wanted you too, his pants were getting even tighter as time went on. The fact that he had more self-control than you was exactly what you didn’t need at that moment, because you would have even let him fuck you right there at that moment, you were so turned on.
“Mason.” you whined, lifting your head from his neck and looking at him. By now even his arm around your waist had left you, frustrating you even more. He usually loved to tease you by kissing and touching you briefly, but not where you wanted him until he pulled away again. You would much prefer that to what he was doing today: just ignoring you completely and not giving you more than a look and his cocky grin.
“Behave, Y/N.” he grumbled before returning to the conversation his friends were having. Looking around, all the girls were having fun, inviting and trying to pull you away several times. The thought of dancing with them and teasing your boyfriend was almost good enough to agree to, but you couldn’t leave his side. He looked ridiculously hot tonight, and you knew he would easily get all the attention of all the girls in the club. Besides, you weren’t ready to give up yet, because you felt like you might explode if he doesn’t fuck you tonight.
“Stop looking so handsome and maybe I’ll behave.” you said with a pout on your lips that turned into a grin when he finally looked at you. For the first time in what felt like an eternity. “Stop being a desperate brat and maybe I’ll fuck you.” he declared with raised eyebrows, obviously slightly annoyed by you visibly begging him in front of all his friends.
His words made you groan, your hands leaving him where they were on his thigh, definitely too close to his crotch for the public to see. And the other from where it rested on his shoulder. For a moment you considered joining the girls, until another thought flashed through your mind, prompting you to head towards the girls’ toilet instead. Fortunately, because of the VIP area you were in, it was a small but private toilet.
As soon as you were inside, you pulled the straps of your dress over your shoulders, undid the bra underneath and put it in your pocket after you had taken it off. You knew you were playing unfairly and risking him not even touching you, but the opportunity was too good to say no. Once the bra was gone, you took out your phone and snapped a picture of yourself standing in front of the mirror, and before you knew it, you were hitting send. Hoping Mason would open it before you got back. So you took the time to pull your dress back up, this time without the bra underneath so that your nipples were clearly visible, something you knew would turn him on even more.
You could already see how some of the people you passed on the way back glanced at your breasts even more often than usual. The hot, but also somewhat cold air and the neon lights showed them off perfectly. When Mason came into view, he was staring straight at his phone, trying to hide it with his hands before putting it away again. His hips lifted off the stool to readjust himself, the sight making you smile. As you approached him, you moved to his side again, him still not looking at you. All the more so now that he was trying to control himself. But when you kissed him on the cheek, nipples deliberately touching his bare arm, his eyes shot down to look at you.
“What are you doing?” he hissed quietly after noticing, swallowing sharply and looking around the group to see if anyone was looking at you.
“What do you mean? I was just too hot.” you smiled innocently before sliding between his legs, leaning back against his chest and talking to the boys for the next thirty minutes or so. While Mason’s attention was no longer on the conversation, the anger inside him bubbled more and more when someone looked at your nipples. While you felt like you finally had the upper hand, which in return he didn’t like at all.
“One more round, but then I definitely have to go, I’m so pissed right now.” you heard Declan say before everyone in the group agreed. Which you were quite glad about, because there was no way you and Mason would have left earlier like you wanted anyways.
“Mason, you?” asked Dec, at which Mason turned his head to him and raised his eyebrows, not paying attention to what he was saying. “I asked you what you wanted to drink, bro.”
“Oh, right. Nothing, we’re leaving now.” he replied, not caring about the confused looks everyone was giving you both. As he jumped off the stool without saying goodbye or anything else, he quickly dragged you outside by your arm.
“Really? We could have stayed another ten minutes, it wouldn’t have made any difference.” you scoffed when you were outside, the cold night air making you regret once again that you didn’t take a jacket with you.
“I didn’t want anything to drink.” he shrugged and walked with quick steps towards the villa, because it was only a five-minute walk back. But since his legs were much longer than yours, you almost had to run behind him to keep up with his pace. All the way there was silence, no one said a word. And when you entered the house, there was still nothing to be heard. Only he went up the stairs and into your shared room, and you ran after him like a lost dog.
“Mason, could you wait a moment?” you called, expecting him to stop, but he didn’t, which made you groan. He sat down on the bed, took off his shoes, took out his phone and scrolled on it while you stood in the doorway. “Hello?”
“Are you angry?”
“I’m not angry.” he grumbled, to which you nodded. You walked towards him, taking off your heels in the meantime and tossing them aside. “Good. Because I didn’t do anything.”
“No?” He raised his head, tossed his phone aside and looked at you incredulously as you shook your head. “Right. You’ve done nothing but act like that in public and show your nipples to everyone in this fucking club. Oh, and let’t not forget the picture you sent me that almost everyone saw.” he stood up as he spoke as he couldn’t just sit there.
“But that’s not my fault, I didn’t—”
“That’s fucking bullshit, Y/N!” He turned to you and pushed you back against the wall beside the bed, making you yelp in surprise. “You knew exactly what you were doing, didn’t you, baby?” His voice softened, his hand slowly stroking up your body until it was around your neck. Eyebrows raised, he put pressure on the sides, wanting you to answer his question even though he already knew the true answer.
“No.” you shook your head, the innocent expression still on your face. Which always made him feel some way, but made him angry at the same time. “My God, Y/N, what am I going to do with you?” he asked more to himself than to you, thinking about how to deal with your behaviour.
“I guess you’ll have to punish me, Mase.” you whispered, looking him straight in the eye. As you did so, you could see a chuckle forming on his face, making you even wetter. Before he looked you up and down, looking at the dress that had been driving him crazy all night.
“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” his eyes were on yours again, waiting for a reaction from you. His grip tightened when you didn’t answer, whereupon you knew better than to lie and mumbled a small “yes” in reply.
“Mmm. Don’t move.” he instructed you, his hand and body leaving yours as he removed his shirt, all the while maintaining eye contact. You had to strain not to look down at the exposed skin, knowing that was exactly what he wanted you to do. When he had it off, he rolled it up in his hands and grabbed your hip with his free hand to turn you around in one swift movement. As he did so and grabbed both your wrists in one hand, you knew what to expect. You felt both your wrists being tied behind your back by the shirt he had been wearing all night, and the feeling of him tightening it hard around them almost made you whimper.
“You want me to treat you like a fucking brat, huh?” he asked near your ear before you could hear him unbutton his pants as well. The sound of the soft fabric falling to the floor made you clench your thighs together.
“Yes.” you whimpered, whereupon he turned you around again, immediately bunching your hair with one hand and forcing you onto your knees. He looked down at you, smirking, for your dress had slipped over your hips and you batted your eyelashes as he took off his boxers too. As he stood before you completely naked, he put a hand around his cock, making you think he was going to give you what you wanted. Causing you to open your mouth for him.
But instead he slapped it twice against your cheek, a disappointed whimper escaping you. You tried to follow him with your lips, tired of him teasing you by touching the skin of your face with his tip. But this sight only made him laugh, pulling you back by your hair, making you look up at him.
“Now you want to be a good girl for me?”
“Daddy, please.” you replied to his sarcastic question and heard him growl in response. You opened your mouth again as he brought his tip to your lips, wasting no time in pushing himself into your mouth with all his might. The sudden sensation of him immediately hitting the back of your throat as he thrusted into your mouth made you whimper and your throat tighten around him. When your nose touched his pubic bone, he took you there for a while and pulled out again. He wanted to give you a few seconds to breathe before he continued, still in his caring way. But you, though already panting heavily, sought his cock again with your mouth and looked up at Mason with pleading eyes.
“You’re such a little slut for Daddy’s cock, aren’t you, baby?” he chuckled, hissing as you pressed a small kiss to his slit. You blinked a few times, already smudging the mascara as you nodded, earning a hard tug on your hair from him.
“Yes, daddy.”
“Mmm, I know, love.” mumbled Mason, with a smug expression on his face as you opened your mouth for him, waiting for him to continue. Which he did, slowly pushing all the way in, hips bucking as he felt you gag slightly again. This caused you to splutter around him, spit to run over his skin and your chin. The sight made him thrust again, your hair still firmly in his hand as he guided you. The other hand went down to your jaw for extra support, thumb catching the tears that fell. You whimpered and moaned around him, your jaw starting to ache from holding your mouth open and spit running down your neck, but you wouldn't have it any other way.
“Stop whining and take it like a good girl, Y/N.” he moaned, and although the sounds he made each time he felt the vibrations of your whimpering around him were so hot, you tried to stop. You didn’t really succeed as he increased the tempo and was now moving your head back and forth as he thrusted his hips at the same time. The way he was treating you and the sounds he was making as he hit the back of your throat made you sure that your panties were soaked by now. Just as your cheeks were soaked, tears running down uncontrollably as you breathed heavily through your nose and felt him twitch inside you.
“Fuck, Y/N, you’re making me cum,” he moaned, before a desperate whimper escaped his mouth as you suddenly hollowed your cheeks. You tried every way you could to help him reach his high, even as he made you feel like you could cum right along with him without him even touching you.
“Do you want me to cum in your mouth, baby? You gonna swallow it all like a good girl?” he asked, to which you nodded feverishly, wanting nothing more than that. Mason grinned at you before throwing his head back with a groan.
“Just like that, That’s it.” he lifted his head again, not wanting to miss the moment your eyes rolled back as he cums down your throat, for just the thought of it made him cum. He moaned a string of swear words and your name as he thrusted into your mouth a few more times and pulled back when he felt your throat contract around him once more. You swallowed before trying to catch your breath, leaning your head against his thigh as he tried to recover from his orgasm.
“Are you all right?” he asked, still caring about you more than anything, even at times like this. When you nodded and looked up at him, the usual smirk returned to his face. “Then stand up.” he said when he saw that your breathing was regular again.
“Good girl.” he murmured as you did as he said, whereupon he leaned forward slightly to press a kiss to your forehead. Before the mood changed again, he pressed kisses to your neck and sucked hickeys on your skin as he almost ripped open the neckline of your dress to kiss down further. Slowly, he pulled down the zip of your dress, but ended up tearing the fabric of your straps as your hands were still tied up. At the exact moment he dropped to his knees, you heard everyone else from the club come home and voices echoed throughout the house, making you whimper for him to hurry up.
“What do you want, baby?” asked Mason, pulling your panties down a little with his teeth until he switched to doing it with his hands. All the while, he never broke eye contact with you. Except for that one glimpse of your dripping pussy, already threatening to run down your thighs, making him groan as his fingers dug into your hips.
“I want you to fuck me, Mason.”
“Mm, you think you deserve that yet?”
“Yes.” you breathed, letting your head sink against the wall as he pressed a single kiss to your clit that made you whimper pathetically with need.
“I don’t think you do, Y/N.” His words made you whimper again and your hips tried to buck into his face, but before you could do that he was back on his feet, hovering over you. “From now on, if you’re a good girl and do what I say, I’ll fuck you. If you don’t, I won’t. Understood?”
“Yes.” you breathed, nodding frantically. And before you knew it, he was pulling you up by your thighs, your legs instinctively wrapping around his waist as he carried you to the bed. The feeling of his cock almost hard against your thigh again only made you want him more, and after hours your body felt so tense now that you felt like you couldn’t wait another second. Mason dropped backwards onto the bed with you above him, but instead he turned you around and pulled you up so that you were hovering over his face. When he pushed you down with one hand on your back so that you were facing his cock, you knew exactly what he wanted.
“Go ahead baby. And I don’t want you to make a single sound.” he instructed you, knowing that it would be hard for you to be quiet and give him a proper blowjob with your hands tied behind your back. But you were determined to do what he wanted, because you wanted nothing more than for him to fuck you. Just as he pulled you further down and began to circle your clit with his tongue, you also took his tip into your mouth and sucked on it lightly. The sounds that immediately came from his lips vibrating against you only wanted you to moan even more.
“You taste so fucking good, Y/N.” he groaned, holding you tight with one hand while the other parted your folds and gave his tongue access to lick up and down. You continued to take him into your mouth as you wanted to make him feel good and knew it would be easiest like this without your hands. The moment you took him all the way in, he moaned against you, deliberately louder because he knew it was driving you crazy. Not caring that he could still hear your friends’ voices coming from the hallway.
“Fuck, baby.” his head fell back on the bed and you felt cold without his tongue on you. You pushed your hips down as best you could, wanting him to continue, but he just laughed and slapped your ass in response.
“Do you want me to fuck you?” you nodded around him and he moaned again as your wetness slowly trickled down your thighs. “Then come.” and that was all it took for you to stop what you were doing, to turn around and sit over his cock, but he had other plans. He lifted you up in one swift movement and turned you both over so that you were now on your knees and face pressed into the mattress, with him behind you. You felt him slap your ass again, causing you to bite your lip to keep from making a sound.
“Now,” he grabbed you by the hair and pulled you up so he was talking directly in your ear, “you always act so innocent, but I bet you want to show everyone what a dirty little slut you are, don’t you?”
“Yes.” you managed to say, but immediately after your answer you felt him slap your arse once more and mutter a little “Huh?” because he wasn’t satisfied with your answer. “Yes, Daddy.”
“Go on then, put on a show for them and be as loud as you want.” he pushed you forward again and pulled you back by your bound hands so that you were directly in contact with his crotch. You tried to wait patiently for him to do something, and luckily it wasn’t long before he was thrusting into you, at which you were moaning into the duvet beneath you.
“I know you want to scream my name for everyone to hear.” he pulled you up by your hair again so that your sounds became even louder. And when he increased the tempo again, you were already a mess. Uncontrolled whimpers escaped your mouth, as you could never get used to the feeling of him filling you so well.
“Fuck, Daddy, you feel so good.” you moaned, followed by another slap on your ass that made you cry out. Before he increased the pace again and fucked you with so much force that you were sure your knees would give way at any moment.
“Mmm, you fuck me so good.” you whimpered as he slowed down a little, trying to hit the perfect spot inside you with slow but hard thrusts. As he did, you cried out his name as you clenched around him desperately, silently begging him to speed up, but he didn’t change a thing.
“That’s right, keep moaning my name, baby.” he took you aback as he slid two fingers into your mouth, moaning as you gently sucked on them. After he pulled them out again, you felt him caress your clit, your body feeling like it was about to explode with the need to cum around him.
“Please go faster, Mase.” he chuckled in reply, and gave you another harsh slap on your ass that made you jolt forward and clench tightly around him. But finally he did as you asked and fucked you at the most gruelling pace, making you moan loudly beneath him. You could feel him twitch inside you several times as he let profanities escape his lips.
“Cum inside of me daddy, please.” you whimpered, whereupon you heard him groan loudly. He put one hand around your neck and pulled you up by it so that you were with your back against his chest. While his other hand was still rubbing circles on your clit, causing your orgasm to approach quickly as well.
“God, you’re so fucking sexy, Y/N.” His head lowered, pressing kisses to your shoulder and the side of your neck. All these sensations caused you to clench around him again and again, your head falling back against his shoulder as you tried to delay your rapidly approaching orgasm as long as possible, but he only accelerated the movements of his fingers even more.
“You going to cum with me, baby?” you only managed to nod, unable to form any words as your mind was fogged. You could feel him so deep inside you, in all the right places, that you really lost your mind.
“Go on then, show everyone what a slut you are for me. And only for me.” he growled the last part, speaking directly into your ear as he watched your side profile and your mouth open in a silent moan. As he applied more pressure to your clit, you were already cumming uncontrollably around him, the wet sounds only getting louder as he fucked you through. He enjoyed the way you moaned his name, no doubt for everyone in the house to hear, and he’d be lying if he said it didn’t fill him with pride.
“Fuck, Y/N.” he finally groaned aggressively loud as he came as deep as he could into you. Immediately after, he turned you around and pressed a kiss to your lips to make sure you were okay. And as your eyelashes fluttered, he smirked at you and listened to your breathless whimpers as he kissed down your body.
“Mason—” your whole body twitched as he pressed a kiss to your clit and held your thighs apart with his hands. Before his tongue kitten-licked over it, making you cry out loud as you were far too sensitive. “I can’t, please-”
“I know you can cum for me again, Y/N.” he mumbled, saying nothing else and eating you out like it was the last thing he would ever do. While his tongue occasionally dipped down to lap up your cum and his own as it slowly leaked out of you. This sight surely one of his favourite sights in the whole world.
“Mason I- fuck,” you almost screamed, breathing heavily as tears rolled down your cheeks and every nerve in your body felt like it was going to explode. He squeezed your thighs comfortably, and when you opened your eyes, you saw that he was looking at you the whole time.
“Please, ‘m so close.” You suddenly felt your orgasm approaching, and your body writhed on the bed as the sounds coming from your mouth grew even louder. “Fuck, fuck, fuck—” you moaned as he sucked on your clit, and before you knew it you were tumbling over the edge again, thrusting your hips against his face as you high-pitched screams left you.
“Oh my god.” you sighed as he pulled away from you, his warmth leaving your pussy as he gently turned you onto your side. He unwound his shirt from your wrist, taking each one in his hand and kissing it before turning you onto your back again.
“They’ll never shut up about this.” you muttered as you came back down from your high. When you opened your eyes, you saw Mason lying next to you on his elbow, drawing random patterns on your stomach.
“It’s not like they never heard us shag before.”
“That’s different, at least we tried to be quiet before.” you replied, running one hand through his hair and stifling a yawn with the other. Mason just shrugged and turned his head to give you a kiss on the arm before getting up from the bed. He fetched something to clean you up with and a t-shirt from him for you to sleep in. Before you fell asleep quickly with your head on his chest.
When you woke up the next morning, Mason was still asleep and snoring softly to himself. The sight of him slumbering so peacefully with his mouth open and eyes closed made you smile. Not wanting to disturb him, but already hearing your stomach growling, you went to take a shower, then got dressed and headed downstairs, last night already forgotten.
“Well, good morning, Y/N.” Declan said as you came downstairs. He was sitting at the dining table with two of the other boys, grinning at you. You mumbled a soft “morning” back before going to the coffee machine, feeling particularly exhausted this morning.
“Had fun last night?”
“Huh?” The question stunned you a little, as you thought it was obvious that you wanted to leave the club, as you were more than bored there. You turned around, avoiding their gaze, and waited for an answer as you pour milk into your coffee.
“Daddy.” one of the boys said, or rather moaned, whereupon the others laughed, obviously enjoying themselves. As your thoughts drifted back, your face flushed as you realised what they were talking about and you suddenly wished you had stayed in bed.
“Shut up.”
“Never knew Mason has a daddy kink.” Declan laughed, and they all talked about it for the next few minutes, making you realise that they really would never stop. You just stood at the counter, watching them laugh and thinking about how you could make them feel embarrassed.
“Okay, okay guys, what did you hear the most last night?” asked Declan, who was clearly having the most fun with this situation. “Oh Mason, was definitely up there.” everyone agreed, laughing together again, making you want to sink into the floor.
“I heard my name?” Mason’s voice suddenly rang out in the room as he came in the door, he could only make out his name, but not what they were talking about in detail. He immediately walked up to you when he saw you, pressed a kiss to your head and put an arm around you.
“Yeah we all did last night.”
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