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What a day to be dreaming,

Looking into the future to see what it holds,

Dreams that give the chills, not so cold.

Paths that I choose will lead me to my desires,

Smells of riches, I will reach my empire.

I gaze into the horizon of urges,

Obstacles stop me but I pass them with all my courage.

Reality snaps when I fall in my dream,

My body flinches, eyes are open,

It was a nice day to dream,

but in reality, I feel like going to sleep.

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Day 3, still writing with speed,

Writing is a form of engagement,

Something I haven’t done indeed.

Spend one week in they said,

It was not a lie,

Spending week 3, am i gonna die?

It keeps going, this shelter in place,

People can’t follow directions,

You will be the reason why we are on a break.

Just do as you’re told and we will be fine.

Counting down the days before I will start to cry.

Day 3, I am still writing with speed,

It don’t take much to write with ease,

The boredom kills me everyday,

Gotta write or my mind will decay.

It starts with a push and ends with a dot.

Day 3, I am writing to beat the clock

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Okay so that thing about wearing no makeup today didn’t last long because now I feel super needy and want to look as cute as possible ahhhhh

Also sorry about the lighting making this look super weird and fake, I had to edit it cos I have a basically yellow lamp and um that ain’t flattering

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A Little More on Language


Maybe it’s because my parents are academics (and required to guide students towards it), maybe because I took traditional singing lessons, but I grew up knowing that on national holidays related to our 1971 Liberation War, we’re meant to do something to pay homage to that. I don’t ever remember not being excited about buying little flags and flag-themed headbands, and participating in themed cultural programs. It wasn’t till about 9th grade (when I stopped being such a shy bean) that I realized not everyone does this.

“Why do you do this?” Because … well, because this is a way of remembering the people who lost their lives, homes and families in the war for us to have the lives we live now.

“Hmmm … Didn’t know you were such a patriot.” Huh. Me either. I just thought it was a normal part of life.

Similarly (for all y’all internationals :D): একুশে ফেব্রুয়ারি (21st February) is International Mother Language Day, but not many really know about it—despite it being established officially (by UNESCO in 1999, then by the UN in 2002), set on the day young Bangladeshis lost lives in their protest against losing the right to speak their mothertongue in 1952. Getting flowers to place carefully at the শহীদ মিনার (Shaheed Minar, literally “Martyr Monument”) was something I always looked forward to every single year. Missing these at-core deshi events feel … just wrong to me. It’s always been about more than hanging out/taking pictures—although idk how much this post helps that point :3. The theme for একুশে ফেব্রয়ারি is black and white (for mourning). Glimpse the li’l black ribbon that I was absolutely elated to recieve in slide 4.

Bangla (/Bengali) is versatile, gentle, poetic. The novels feel like those movies you wish would never end because the slow-going atmosphere washing over you is better than knowing how it ends. My prose skills are limited to English (excluding the spoken part—my social skills are limited to couch pillows). I keep telling myself I’ll read more Bangla soon but reading itself has become a challenge lately. Someday, people. Someday

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🦋🍃💐 Ah to live in a Jane Austen’s novel, to stroll through the green countryside collecting fruits and flowers and gently placing them in a wicker casket, for finally coming back home and sitting in front of the roaring fire while drinking tea and reading a sweet letter from your beloved one 💐🍃🦋

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i had written this as homework before, but I think it fits the topic, so I went through it again and decided to post it here.

In Germany, every student starting from grade one learns English. And even more and more countries start the same in their schools. Nowadays it is not uncommon for someone to be able to speak English, it is more uncommon if someone can’t. 

The world is connected in every single way imaginable. Environment, culture, politics, business and of course: language. And the language that connects us all is English (maybe, very soon, joined by Chinese). Till now, there’s nothing to say against the fact that English is the global language. It only has benefits. Hasn’t it? Or is there maybe a shadow side to all the light? 

Let’s take a look at how the importance of the English language affects our society and world. 

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Robert Louis Stevenson, “The Body Snatcher”
The body snatcher, far from being repelled by natural respect, was attracted by the ease and safety of the task. To bodies that had been laid in the earth, in joyful expectation of a far different awakening, there came that hasty, lamp-lit, terror-haunted resurrection of the spade and mattock.
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