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writingwithacutlass · 7 months ago
How to Speak Shakespearean
Thee and thou:
Thou is the subject and thee is the object
"thou art lovely, i love thee"
Thy and thine:
Thy for words beginning with a consonant and thine for words beginning with a vowel.
"thy book, thine eyes"
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hedgehog-moss · 23 days ago
Did you teach yourself those other languages? Do you have any advice for learning? I speak English and French, but I'm having trouble learning German.
My only method has been reading books, because that's all I'm interested in doing with languages, so I completely skip listening comprehension or speaking. I start with finding children's books that exist in translation in a language I already speak (stuff like The Little Prince that has been extensively translated) and I read both versions at the same time and try to figure out how the grammar works and pick up some vocabulary as I go along, I find this process really fun, reverse-engineering a language by yourself little by little instead of being told how it works. Then I increase the difficulty, like:
easy children's books I haven't read, while reading a translation simultaneously
easy children's books I've already read, and I try to rely less on the translated copy and more on my memories of the plot + a dictionary
more complex children's literature I've already read, and I also gradually move away from translations and start using just a dictionary (for German I re-read the Neverending Story because I loved it so much as a kid, I remembered every plot point really well and could guess my way through the original)
books for grown-ups that I've already read and also remember well, so I can roughly guess what's going on in each chapter (+ dictionary)
children's literature I haven't read before, and I try to stop looking up words and just guess the meaning in context, so I can start reading more quickly and fluidly
books for grown-ups I haven't read before, but I start with contemporary ones because the language is often less complex and literary
then classics, the hardest level.
Reading is the one thing I know I’ll be motivated to do every single day, so for me the best way to make sure regular language practice will happen is to read books in that language. Someone who loves writing could try journalling in her target language, or inserting a character who speaks that language in a story she's writing so she's forced to practise a bit, and research little cultural things, every time she wants to work on this part of her story.... This is not revolutionary advice, but I think the best way to start learning a language and stick to it is to pick an activity you are already highly motivated to do on a regular basis, and find a way to fit the new language into this activity, but gradually and optionally enough that it doesn't turn your hobby into a chore. Make discovering a new language a happy endeavour by finding ways to make it a small part of something that already makes you happy.
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gayforlangs · 3 years ago
Prom vocabulary en français
Prom season is here! Pretty sure most of you know a lot about prom from movies and tv shows, etc, but I wanted to make a little list of French prom vocabulary. Prom is the absolute biggest deal ever where I live and I took part in planning it and I’m so excited! Enjoy!
Tumblr media
(le) bal dance or prom
(le) smoking tuxedo
(le) costume suit
(la) cravate tie
(la) boutonnière boutonniere
(la) robe dress
(le) corsage corsage
(la) limousine limousine
(le) party bus party bus
(le) restaurant restaurant
(la) fête party
(le) rite de passage rite of passage
(le) lycée high school
(le) alcool alcohol 
(le) roi king
(la) reine queen
(le) prince prince
(la) princesse princess
(la) royauté royalty
(le) photographe photographer
(le) dîner dinner
(la) musique music
(la) nuit night
(le) thème theme
(le) lieu venue
(la) danse lente/(le) slow slow dance
(la) proposition proposal or “promposal”
américain(e) american
sortir to go out
demander to ask
prendre des photos to take pictures
faire une fête to party
danser to dance
grandir to grow up
aller au bal to go to the prom
Tumblr media
As always let me know if there are any mistakes French natives :) Since prom is generally only an American rite of passage a lot of translations were rough haha. 
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educationenglish · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Kitchen vervs
English vocabulary
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a-studyblr-in-red · a year ago
Tumblr media
Yesterday I started Russian as a total beginner ! It seems fine for the moment, there is only few things I don't really understand, because of the cyrillic typo.
Due to insomnia I read 60 pages of Harry Potter this night instead of 30, I am super proud of myself!
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linvaniin · a year ago
Apologies for the serious ask but I was wondering how you feel about the claim that Claude is white-washed in game compared to his concept art? I saw it before and its been bugging me so I wanted to get an artist's opinion on it since from what I can tell it seems to just be lighting? His skin color seems consistent aside from that one wallpaper (where all the students and Byleth are looking up at the sky) where its a darker color? Tysm for any help and sorry if this ask makes you uncomfortable!
no need to apologize, it makes me happy that people want to know my opinion! but hm, in order to talk about that, let’s look at some screenshots =Starting off with the concept art (scan taken from the FE fandom wiki, assuming that this is the raw scan, let’s say this is his ‘canon’ skin color)
Tumblr media
His in-game portrait with a warm lighting, giving him a gradient that turns into the shadows from the light (also, the artist’s style, how they shade in general)
Tumblr media
Some screencaps from his in-game model (+ swatches of his skin changing color under different environment/lighting)
Tumblr media
Comparison of his portrait vs the one picture mentioned
Tumblr media
As you can tell, his skin color seemingly changes depending on the environment/lighting he’s in. (Low vs High contrast means lighter lights/darker darks and softer lights/lesser darks) Does that mean he’s being white-washed, or is it just lighting on skin color, appearing darker/lighter due to color theory? Notice that sometimes his skin appears to be lighter or darker because of the colors surrounding him. This is called relative color, which means color as it is perceived by your brain and how it interprets it based on the information it is receiving all together.
Tumblr media
I hope this answers your question! If my answer doesn’t seem clear, tldr; No, I do not believe he is white-washed in game. Color is relative and his skin color definitely seems different depending on the lighting, but it is still the same color (at least within the game’s art).This isn’t part of the ask but I encourage artists to look at his concept art to reference his skin color! (Be aware of whether it’s an edited scan however, as I’ve seen highly contrasted edits of the scans, which makes his skin much lighter than it’s supposed to be) It’s best to not color-pick from screenshots as those are not the local colors of his skin. Thanks for reading and feel free to send me any more asks about art/color related questions!
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educationenglish · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
27 Ways to Say I THINK in English
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cockymclaughlin · a year ago
Is there a level of strangeness? Yes, of course, but they thrive on strangeness. 
He swears this, by the way. 
--Rhett swears his own veins are the ones pumping blood through Link’s body. He swears it’s Link’s heart in his chest. 
It’s a little bit like unpinning butterflies and expecting them to fly when he says it. The words fall a bit flat, but not out of malice. They’re at his feet because Link knows already. 
But Link scoops them up and feeds them back into Rhett’s mouth with his bare hands, presses the words back into Rhett’s skin with warm, dry lips. Chaste and true, burning bright hot across the center of his chest, where he was posing, just a minute ago for the camera. 
Being strange together always makes him feel like this. 
Not strange for them, he guesses. Not strange for him. Him. 
It’s just him. 
And it’s just Link when he tangles his fingers in Rhett’s hair and tilts his head back to get at the line of his throat. It’s his own pulse he kisses, isn’t it? 
Isn’t it? 
Rhett says, “Say it again,” because he’s selfish still, even if he’s working on himself. 
Link’s good about giving in, especially when they’re like this. His fingers are still stained white, and his tongue is blood hot against Rhett’s skin when he says, “Love you, Rhett,” curls it around the edges, filthy. Obscene. 
His skin is on fire, and Link’s palms are dry when they smooth their way down Rhett’s sides. They trace the expanse of him, like he’s saying a prayer. 
Sure and sweet, he touches the sensitive endings of Rhett’s nerves, drags the tips of his fingers through the mess of his emotions. Rhett’s whole body jerks forward, and he’s tumbling his way through a groan, a heavy thing that drags a, “Gosh, bo,” out of him on its way. 
He hasn’t been bashful with Link in years, but the laugh that rumbles out of Link almost breaks his streak. His hands find their way to Link’s hips to hold him in place, to make sure he doesn’t try to sneak away. He looks over Link’s shoulder on accident. 
They bought a house together. 
They painted themselves into the house. 
But, gosh, they’ve been painting themselves into each other since they met, haven’t they? 
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Tumblr media
  But, we should absolutely keep cutting the money we spend on education. It's been made perfectly clear that spending money to make kids smarter isn't important to many politicians. So what do you expect? Can you do the same or more at your job with less money, or fewer people?   This meme really cracks me up. You want school to teach morals? You want schools to teach American exceptionalism? And, yet, their budgets are regularly being slashed. Though, somehow we were able to add billions more to the defense budget. This despite our 2015 defense spending exceeding that of next 13 countries on the list COMBINED! (By the way, 10 of those 13 are allies of the US.)   And, while we're at it, how would you have them teach morals and exceptionalism? Budget cuts are forcing school to cut programs for the arts and sports. In some states, they are cutting English and Literature. ENGLISH and LITERATURE!   One of the best ways to learn morals is by reading. Stories can teach kids many things, not the least of which is seeing that they are not the only person in the world; that not everyone is like them, and they are not like everyone else. Understanding themselves and others only helps kids.   In addition, reading can help teach kids how to problem solve and think for themselves. That leads to exceptionalism. The reason America was once exceptional on every level is imagination; allowing people "to think outside the box," to experiment, to make mistakes (and learn from them).
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maxkirin · 3 months ago
In today's episode of "Learning English as a Second Language is a Baffling Experience"…
I violently remembered that "movies" is just short for "moving pictures" and I'm LOSING my mind. What if that'd happened to other terms? What if people called marching bands "marchies"? 🤯
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restingdomface · a year ago
Modern AU WWX and his kids
Lan Sizhui: Um, we’ve been learning more English in school lately, and, papa, I have to ask. The English translation of your birth name-
Wei Wuxian: *big sigh* Yes. It’s translation is infant.
Lan Jingyi: So. What you’re saying. Is. You’re baby?
Wei Wuxian: ...I feel like this is a meme I’m not getting.
Lan Wangji: *looking at his husband for a moment, before looking back at the kids* He is Baby.
Kids: *losing their minds*
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homo-sex-shoe-whale · 2 years ago
About me!
I'm Ana. Between high school and college.
I'm 17 (2002).
I was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, but I'm going to LA for college.
I'm a huge Slytherin.
My IG is @not_ana_luiza
My Twitter is @_ana_phase (but I hardly use it)
I'm a femme lesbian. You will see a lot of those two words on here. I'm also a cis girl. She/her only please.
DON'T ACTUALLY CALL ME "MOMMY." I don't like it. If you call me that I will snap you in half.
I'm not associated with TERFs and the trans community has my full support.
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