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#english lit student

so my professor for british culture & literature has been lecturing about science versus arts for weeks now and the only good thing about the lecture is that he constantly refers to james joyce’s pieces; if he is in a good mood he even quotes from him and it’s the only thing that’s british about the lecture so far, well in fact; it is irish even?? now i am far more confused and lost, as if i was not at all?? the struggle is reeaaallll

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So, I read ‘Lord of the Flies’ by William Golding today (gotta love that required reading)

I really cant say that I liked it all that much, I mean, for one, the only two characters that I found I liked all that much both died! Like? I’m used to at least one character that I like dyingi, but two? When they’re the only two I like?

As well as that, as someone who has once been a 12 year old and has to deal with other 12 year olds, I would really like to think that put in that situations, kids wouldn’t go apeshit and literally kill each other.

Anyway, I’m going to go watch wholesome videos now do that I can restore my faith in humanity.

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Ominous Gaze, Sinister Grin

A supernova had been building up.

Growing through the thirsty veins

Of a cactus longing for rain

Of a cactus whose thorns have withered in vain.

Of a cactus overcoming it’s overwhelming pain

And who might have scuttled through the body and the soul

But it’s own parched needles?

It’s once succulent flesh that had turned to fine dust

Are building up together into welcoming a steam,

It’s juicy blood regaining it’s heat.

A supernova building up through the roots

A supernova about to burst a cosmos.

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20 de octubre 2020

Slowly but surely loosing the will to live when it comes to college. Ireland is back in lockdown, I am drowning in readings and I am constantly tired and unmotivated. I took these pictures the other day which was the only productive day of this week (I was up early, I got my to-do list done, I went on a run. Who is she????) and maybe by posting them the energy from that day will come will come and save me now✨ 🎇🌸🌞🔮

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I’ve been in a snacky mood today 😋 which usually means distractions. But I’m pretty positive I’ll finish this chapter today.

I also read the first few chapters of Lord of the Flies. I don’t have my physical copy of the book with me so I’m reading it on my Kindle. It’s mostly the same imo but annotating isn’t as fun.

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Day at home. Made cranberry brownies 😘

Did the following:

🕸 75XP on duolingo

🕸 wrote some more for a MA chapter

🕸 took pics for my IG


Watched Shazam tonight and am very tempted to do an Adam Brody movie watchathon 😅 I’m also just starting season 2 of Fargo.

Got a job interview on Fri, which I’m only taking cause I’ve already worked in the same field and don’t have to stress abt learning a new job from the ground up while also working on my thesis. So it’ll be a nice side gig hopefully, a bit of money and a bit of structure to my week.

Turns out my atrocious mood the last few days was due to pms but the fact remains that I’m a little shook up abt personal stuff. I’m alright tho 💕

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New Studyblr

Hi! I’m Deb. I’ve been on tumblr for a while (my main blog is @hopeless-fangirlia) and decided to give studyblr another shot (I had one once but it didn’t go well enough eh).

I’m an English lit student. I like coffee (cliche at this point lol), taking photos of the sky or plants, writing poetry, and staying up late reading fanfiction.

My idea with this blog is to have a space to-

-gain some motivation to maintain a consistent study habit,

-get back to my love for reading books just for fun,

-nerd around about things I feel too nerdy to talk to people IRL lol.

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12/68 | oct-16

i don’t really know if i can call today productive. did my seminar, but then spent all evening playing Beat Saber on a VR headset we bought today.

so, not productive, but fun.

today’s productivity:

  • finished all my seminar prep in time, and made some good notes and contributions in the class!
  • quality time with my family, it probably isn’t stereotypically ‘productive’ but it’s productive for us.

still to do:

  • make study playlists!

🎧 Breezer - Jaroslav Beck

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It has been a looooong day I tell you. Tired beyond recognition 😴


Originally posted by animeadmiration

The work date w/ my friend turned out to just be us catching up and then talking a bit about the things we’d like to teach ourselves starting next week.

But before that I:

🕸 finished a research book for my MA

🕸 read through the current chapter I’m working on

🕸 studied 276 XP on duolingo

🕸 finished a blog post


I want to dedicate tomorrow to taking some first steps with adobe CC, especially primere. But I also want to go bouldering with my sister (though I can’t quite fathom doing that given my current lack of energy).

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