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Day 8/? of My2020Decameron

Today was So. Exhausting.

I woke up at 10:30 am, quickly had breakfast and had a chat with a friend. From 11am to 4:30pm my sister and I completely cleaned and cleared up the living room’s veranda, and immediately after that I spent an hour exercising. After a relaxing shower, I spent the evening hours writing an English Literature paper due today.

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Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

I loved this book ! Easy to read and i love how it dealt with the questions of race and identity (the blog parts were truly the best ! ) however i had a lot of trouble with the main character (Ifemelu) she lost me…

Anyway i don’t want to spoil anything i would definetly recommand this one and i can’t wait to read another book by chimamanda Ngozi adichie.

Here is a link to one of her tedtalks

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Literature students honestly grow into experts. You end up learning about probably every other area of knowledge in your school just from studying literature. Not including the STEM shit. English students don’t vibe with that.

Theatre, languages, religion, psychological debates and concepts, history, mythology, sociology etc. One touches upon so much.

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Jane Eyre

By Charlotte Bronte


Jane Eyre is the ‘autobiographical’ narrative of a governess and the nature of her life. The trails she faces as well as the joy and comfort that she finds in specific areas of her life. Strong-willed, Jane makes sure that she does what she perceives to be the right thing even if it causes her grief.

The romance between Jane Eyre and Mister Rochester is an unavoidable slow burn, but there is uncertainty that makes it impossible to put down. Yes, there is frustration at their apparent inability to talk about their emotions and how they must talk in metaphors and disguised compliments.

Charlotte Bronte may have been able to readjust my view on classics even further (not going to lie I don’t often like them). I enjoyed the journey of Jane Eyre and the ways she observes the world. The honest and inflammatory temper of Jane Eyre makes a so-called 'plain girl’ one of the most interesting characters.

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day 9/? and 10/? of semester b at home

today i tried to get ahead on assignments - took me a long time trying to find some secondary sources but it’s finally finished!

i also managed to write a few more poems for my collection that’s due next month, will be editing over the next few days before i properly submit them.

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❧ 28 March, 2020

after some thinking I realised that instead of needing a new form to be social, I needed a social cleanse. the result is this little nook, focused on

- healthy studying

- literature & languages

- slow, low impact living

- light academia

- cottagecore

❧ I wish you much love and peace of mind, now and always.

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Day 7/? of My2020Decameron

Today was waaay lazier that the previous ones. I got up fairly late (11am) and had breakfast, then helped my mum with some chores. I spent a great amount of time translating a fanfiction I wrote from Italian to English, and though it was hard work, it was a great and rewarding language exercise.

My laziness was cut down by my phone shutting down, because I had forgotten to charge it during the night 😂

So I spent the late afternoon translating the touching poem Dolce Et Decorum Est by war poet Wilfred Owen. It wasn’t the easiest thing, but I had luckily warmed up with that fanfiction already and it was so well written thai I found great pleasure in trying and render it in Italian as well as I could.

🔹song of the day | Old Fashioned Lover Boy by Queen

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Day 6/? of My2020Decameron

My morning was mostly occupied by English exercises about Brooke’s poem The Soldier, which took waay more than expected. Videochatting with a friend took my early afternoon, while after some self care (see also: writing a fanfiction) I took on translating a passage from Tacitus’ Annales on Petronius.

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day 4/? of semester b at home

today was my first official online uni class- an identity workshop. rather than using skype or an online call platform we used our exciting uni platform as a chat forum, i found it interesting to see how people approached the task (such as posting the questions in order of completion or all at once like I did). i think it will take some time to adapt to, but i did manage to make notes in the way i would normally (typing into the thread and then transferring onto pen and paper).

hoping to finish saint death today, and moving on to researching boy, snow, bird with some academic articles and journals

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