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dangosung · 36 minutes ago
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Tumblr media
៸៸ ⛓𝘀𝘂𝗻𝗴𝗵𝗼𝗼𝗻 ✦ 𓂃 𝗆𝗈𝗇 𝖺𝗆𝗈𝗎𝗋 🜸 !
𝗌𝗈𝗆𝖾𝗍𝗂𝗆𝖾𝗌 𝗐𝖾 𝗁𝖺𝗏𝖾 𝖿𝖾𝗌𝗍𝗂𝗏𝖺𝗅𝗌 𝖺𝗍 𝗈𝗎𝗋 𝖼𝖺𝖿𝖾, 𝗐𝗁𝖾𝗋𝖾 𝗐𝖾 𝗂𝗇𝗏𝗂𝗍𝖾 𝖻𝖺𝗇𝖽𝗌 𝗈𝗋 𝖺𝗇𝗒𝗈𝗇𝖾 𝗋𝖾𝖺𝗅𝗅𝗒 𝗍𝗈 𝗉𝖾𝗋𝖿𝗈𝗋𝗆 𝗈𝗇 𝗈𝗎𝗋 𝗌𝗍𝖺𝗀𝖾. 𝖶𝖾 𝗌𝖾𝗋𝗏𝖾 𝗍𝗁𝖾𝗆 𝗈𝗎𝗋 𝗌𝗉𝖾𝖼𝗂𝖺𝗅 𝖾𝖽𝗂𝗍𝗂𝗈𝗇 𝗂𝖼𝖾 𝖼𝗋𝖾𝖺𝗆 𝗂𝗇 𝖺 𝖻𝗅𝖺𝖼𝗄 𝖼𝗈𝗇𝖾.
𝖯𝗅𝗌 "♡" 𝗈𝗋 𝗋𝖾𝖻𝗅𝗈𝗀 𝗂𝖿 𝗒𝗈𝗎 𝗌𝖺𝗏𝖾
┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊
┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ˚✩∘ ∙ ⋆。˚ ✩
┊ ┊ ┊ ∘ ∙✫
┊ ┊ ︎✧ ∘ ∙.
┊ ┊
✯ ┊ . ˚
    ˚✩∘ ∙
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arteqmiss · an hour ago
Hellooo!! I don't know if your shipping request is still open but if you do, can I get one? hehe
Appearance : I have a height of 4'9 ft. Medium length black straight hair. Round face and eyes. 06' liner.
Personality :
• My MBTI is INFJ.
• I'm a very talkative person when it comes to the people i'm close with and the opposite to strangers– I only approached people who I found interesting.
• I'm very blunt with my words and can appear harsh sometimes– I can be rational too.
• I get drained easily when it comes to socializing and I'm a very private person.
• I'm very opinionated and they say I'm mature (but I honestly think I'm not).
• I'm very childish and loves to prank people.
• I constantly look for ways to improve myself.
• I'm sensitive especially to criticisms, I also don't like getting shout at.
• People come to me for advice, help and to calm themselves– they treat me as if I'm their therapist lol.
• I can get very serious but only SOMETIMES.
• I daydream a lot, very imaginative if you must say.
Likes / Loves : Arts, Helping others, Poetry, Music, Dogs.
Thank you uwu
hi thanks for requesting!
i ship you with ni-ki
Tumblr media
ehe playing pranks with riki 🏃. literally this boy is a prankster so get ready for a lot of pranks. i feel like you guys would prank each other more often JAJSJQKSK. ah yes quality time yk 🥰
you guys are both mature so i think communication skills wouldnt be a probelm. although if you get critcism, riki will help you out with it ig ig 😗😗. riki would probably cling onto you because of your calm aura. he’ll probably need you when he’s tired and vice versa so that you guys can rest.
i hope you liked this!
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sunooluvbot · an hour ago
genre : fluff, fate, love at first sight cheesiness.
member : sunoo x fem!reader
warning/s : lower cases intended
words : 3k
synopsis : you two met—saw, rather—on a snowy december night. on the bus. when you saw him, it felt like time stopped. your heart was hammering against your chest. you wanted to shout, "stop!", but you couldn't do anything but stare. you couldn't move, your body was acting as if it'd shut down. in the end, you confess to him in such an unexpected way. over the radio.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
it was another regular and busy december night. the streets were bustling with people, and the shops were open until late. the bus was packed as usual, but somehow, you were able to get a seat next to the window.
you were waiting for the bus to get going. you could fall asleep any moment now. looking out the window, your eyes landed on a boy. his head was buried in a book, his blonde hair was the only thing you saw clearly.
and, as if on cue, he looked up—not just anywhere, but at you. your eyes locked, and you couldn't look away. heck, you couldn't do a thing. it was as if your body had malfunctioned. his brown doe eyes were looking right at your grayish-blue ones.
then, right there and then, the bus started to move. crap! what a timing. your gut wanted to scream, "stop the bus!", but you were too into the moment, you couldn't do anything.
he didn't look away either, his eyes just followed your moving bus.
then that's when you felt it, love at first sight. it was fate. you thought. and the thing is, you weren't wrong.
maybe, just maybe, fate isn't so bad. is it?
click to keep reading!
you looked for him. and believe me when i say everywhere, everyday. for a whole year. you searched all the cafes, shops, bus stops, parks in seoul in hope to find your "bus boy."
your best friend, eunhee, was kind enough to set you up on blind dates to help you get over with "bus boy." unfortunately, no one would ever compare to "bus boy."
that was when you began questioning fate.
you started dating a boy, jake. he was kind, caring, but… not bus boy.
you heaved a sigh, maybe “bus boy” was just a coincidence. maybe it wasn’t meant to be.
jake made you happy. he certainly did, and most of all, he wasn’t just a boyfriend, he was a friend as well.
it was december once more. it's been a year since you last saw this so-called "bus boy."
to your surprise, you met unexpectedly at a christmas party. of course, hosted by eunhee.
"y/n! y/n! this is sunoo." eunhee squealed excitedly. her arm were locked with his. "sunoo, this is my y/n."
i looked at sunoo, and to my shock it was bus boy. you locked eyes, and a feeling of excitement rushed through you—the same way it had when you saw one year ago at the bus stop.
you wondered if he still remembers you, the girl from the bus stop.
"it's nice to finally meet you, y/n." he smiled, lending out a hand for you to shake. you hoped he wouldn't just shake your hand, that would just make things plain awkward.
it was nice to know that he didn't—he didn't shake your hand—he hugged you.
when he hugged you, it was warm and welcoming, and most of all, loved. his hug was able to interpret some feelings words couldn’t describe, love. some strands of his long, blonde hair brushed against my cheeks. and he smelled like boy, but in a good way of course.
"nice to meet you too, sunoo." you mumbled in between the hug.
"i've heard a lot about you." he grinned, clearly, eunhee had been passing some stories about me.
"uh, yeah, i've heard a lot about you too." you lied. although eunhee never really talked about him. all i knew was that he worked in the radio.
that fact of him working at the radio, you'd hear his voice regularly in the morning, at the dorm you shared with eunhee and jake.
after meeting sunoo, eunhee approached you. "he's the best, isn't he?" she giggled.
"uh, yeah, he's nice." you shrugged.
she bit her lip, slightly disappointed with your vague answer. "is he what he expected at least?" she asked.
"yeah, i suppose." she quirked her brow. clearly, she was disappointed with your answer.
"the thing is..." you trailed off, your eyes wondering towards the ground.
how would eunhee react if you told her that sunoo her best friend was your "bus boy?" what would happen now? you finally found him, but you’re with jake now.
"he's..." you sucked in a deep breath, puffing your cheeks. "he’s…” you planned on saying “he’s bus boy. my bus boy.” but you couldn’t. “… spectacular.” you tried on putting a fake smile, thankfully she fell for it. it was probably because of all the soju she’d drank. if she were sober, she would’ve seen right through me.
all you could think of that night was sunoo—bus boy. you spent months and months searching for him, but you’d found him just at the wrong timing.
when you got home to your shared dorm with jake and eunhee, he was asleep in your shared room and you carried a drunk eunhee to her room.
“babe," you called, pressing a small kiss on the temples of his forehead.
“you're home?” he smiled, wrapping his arms around your waist. he smiled, although his eyes were closed.
“mhm," you said, snuggling closer to him and resting your head on the crook of his neck.
“g’night, baby.” he said,
whenever someone calls you “babe” or “baby,” shouldn’t you feel a flutter in your heart? if so, you didn’t. your heart didn’t flutter whenever jake was around. he made you happy sure, but there was only one man in this whole world who was able to make your heart flutter. bus boy. sunoo.
when you got up from your bed to take a shower before heading to sleep, you kept replaying that scene of sunoo hugging you in your head.
there it was, that feeling, the feeling of your heart fluttering. he made you feel that. and every single time you’d replay that moment in your head, you’d feel it—your heart fluttering.
there was only one time when you had the time and the courage to ask him.
you three—you, sunoo, and eunhee—had just came out of the cinema.
eunhee had to go to the restroom to touch her makeup, alone.
you were sure you had at least ten minutes.
“uhm, it’s nice to finally be alone with you, y/n.” he said. you gave him a weird look. he then realized what he said. his cheeks flushed and he gawked at what he’d said. “i didn’t mean it like that!” he said diffusively.
you laughed at his flustered reaction. “it's fine.” you giggled.
"it's true though, we aren’t so close, are we?” you grinned.
“this may be absurd, but why do you look familiar?” he said, moving his face closer to yours. his eyes trailed from you eyes, nose, then to your lips. his eyes stopped there, fixing his gaze at your plump lips.
“so you remember too?” i said.
“remember what?” he frowned, as if he was trying to recall something.
“from the bus?” you snapped. he was probably being vague on purpose.
“uhm, no,” he said, looking down. he looked everywhere except your gaze.
this time, you leaned in, closer to his face. you were looking at his lips. and suddenly, you felt the need and urge to kiss him. you weren’t moving.
“i'm sorry, i can’t do this.” he inched back.
your eyes widened, you weren’t thinking straight.
you wanted to kiss him. while you were dating jake.
“i—i'm sorry, i didn’t mean to.” you bit your lip. “i, uh, better get going.”
you turned around to run away, and you could hear him calling after you. you ignored him. you were guilty after all. you had a boyfriend while you wanted to kiss sunoo. it's wrong.
“y/n! y/n! wait up!” he grabbed your wrist.
you sighed, turning around to look at him. but you didn’t meet his gaze, you were too embarrassed.
“look at me.” he said, gently lifting your chin.
"first, stop apologizing.” he said, cupping your cheeks. “there's nothing to be sorry for.”
how could you not feel sorry? you wanted to kiss him, and you were filled with guilt. “how can i not be sorry, sunoo?” tears began forming in your eyes. “i wanted to kiss you! while i'm dating jake!”
you let out tears that had been threatening to fall out.
“i feel like a bad!” you sobbed, your voice cracking as you spoke. “it’s not nothing.”
“and i'm sorry for wanting to kiss you.” you bit your lip.
“god, y/n, only a fucking saint wouldn’t kiss you.” he groaned.
and because he isn't a fucking saint, he leaned down to kiss me.
sunoo's pov.
i kissed her, not because i liked her, but because she looked so ethereal. the light outside the cinema was dim.
she pulled away first. when she did, she looked absolutely terrified. her eyes were wide, and she didn't look at me in the eye.
"i'm sorry," she mumbled, looking down.
she took a deep breath before saying, "don't tell a soul we kissed, got it?" she hissed. "not even a gold fish."
i smiled bit, the ends of my lips tugging into a small smile. in a mocking way i said, "right. not even a gold fish."
she bit back a smile. "promise?"
"yep, not even a gold fish."
sunoo's pov. end
when eunhee came back, you guys were as awkward as ever.
eunhee stared at you and sunoo and said jokingly, "why are you guys so awkward?" she laughed. "did you guys make out while i was gone or something?"
your head snapped right at eunhee direction, with wide eyes.
"shut up, will you?" sunoo laughed.
"c'mon," eunhee said, teasingly.
"quit it." he said.
"aww! i knew it!" she squealed.
you broke up with jake. you didn't love him, and breaking up as soon as possible was the best thing you could do in this situation.
"i'm sorry," you sobbed.
"it's fine." jake said, cupping your cheeks before wiping the tears with his thumb. "go for bus boy, okay?" he smiled.
"if he doesn't like you back, i'll beat his ass to knock some sense into him, all right?" he said jokingly. he lightened the mood.
"friends always?" you asked, holding up your pinky for him to intertwine his with yours.
"always." he kissed your cheek.
maybe you and jake were better as friends.
weeks past, months actually, but you couldn’t get your mind off sunoo. you couldn’t take your mind off what had happened after the moves. it was awkward between you two, again.
he wasn’t just any other guy best friend, he was bus boy. you spent a whole year looking for him, but now when he’s right there, you just can’t. it wasn’t that you couldn’t, it was that you didn’t. You held it back.
that's when it hit you. it felt like one of those eureka! or light bulb bright ideas you only see on movies or dramas.
you took the taxi and on your way there, sunoo's radio station was on. what a coincidence. the topic was about fate. how much more cheesy could this get?
a lot more.
despite the cheesiness of the topic, you found yourself being able to relate to what he was saying.
and there, you found yourself the next week in front of his office.
it’s not like doing this would ruin your friendship. heck, it was already ruined since that night at the movies, so what was the point?
you rehearsed this scene in your head a million times in your head, but it just felt surreal in real life. straight-forward to what you may have imagined.
you called the radio, you had to fake your name to make sure he wouldn't recognize you. the plan was for it to be an anonymous confession.
you were calling his station. you faked your name, changing it to wonhee. lim wonhee.
"hello?" you mumbled shyly.
"ah, yes! hi, wonhee! we are excited for your stories tonight." sunoo said happily.
"hi, sunoo,"
“actually, i was very inspired by what you’d said earlier, ‘cause in a way, i guess i get the feeling.”
“would you like to share your story?”
“it’s a pretty long one.” you sighed.
“that's fine, take your time. i’m not going anywhere.”
"okay," is all you say before beginning. “actually, the story happened about a year ago, on a snowy december night.”
“fitting,” he murmurs. “go on.”
"i was on the bus, and when i looked out the window, i saw the most beautiful man i’ve ever seen. at first, his head was buried in a book, then the next second, our eyes locked." you paused. "i couldn't look away, something about him was so..." you couldn't describe the way he looked that night. "... so eye-catching, y'know?"
“i never felt anything like it again.” you said, “i searched through all the cafes, bus stops, shops in seoul for a whole year, but i didn’t find him.”
you could hear his breath becoming uneven through the phone. “you never found him?”
“not until my best friend found him,”
“can i tell you something you might not know?” he asks after a second of silence. "i bet it was as tough for him as it was for you."
"oh, i don't think so." you say, "i asked him once, stupidly, if he remembered me from the bus, and he said no."
you hear him swallow. "he lied to you. of course he saw you sitting there. he saw you there with tinsel in your hair, and he felt the exact same way, and he wished that he'd gotten on that damn bus before it was too late."
"do you really think so?" you ask, your eyes closed, remembering.
"yes," he breathes. "but he didn't know what to do. so he did nothing, like a mug, and then he stood on the sidelines and saw you fall in love with someone else, still didn't say it. he had his chances and he missed them all."
"sometimes you just meet the right person at the wrong time," you say softly.
"yeah," he says. "and then you spend everyday afterward wishing that time could be redone."
you couldn't speak; your tears clogged your throat.
"did you ever tell him how you feel?"
"no." tears spill down your cheeks. "i should've."
"is it too late?"
you take a second to answer, to catch your breath.
"i don't know," you whisper.
"i think you should tell him. maybe he's still there, waiting for you to say it. what have you got to lose?"
you were trending on twitter. or rather, lim wonhee is.
#findwonhee #whereiswonhee #sunooandwonhee
you jump when your phone begins to ring. eunhee. of course. she always listens to his shows too.
"oh my GOD!" she shouts. "you're wonhee!"
you put your phone on the table in front of you, and hold your head in your hands. "i'm sorry, eun. i didn't mean to tell everyone just like that."
"chirst, y/n, i'm not mad. i'm crying buckets here!" she says, "now, get your ass up there and tell him, or i'll book a plane to drag you up there myself!"
"what if..."
she cuts your sentence. "check your emails, i just sent your christmas present."
right, she was in jeju. she left last week with her new boyfriend.
"gotta go now, y/n. babe's screaming in the kitchen." she says laughing. "i'll be watching twitter for wonhee updates. don't screw this up!" she says before hanging up.
you opened the email, it was a ticket to busan, where sunoo's radio studio was located.
you couldn't help but smile to yourself. "god, eun, you're a fucking hero."
sunoo's pov.
shit. there's press outside my flat, and my cellphone's been ringing nonstop since i got home last night. everyone wants to know who wonhee is, because it was pretty damn clear from our conversation last night that we knew each other pretty well. unbelievably, it's just scrolled across the rolling tv news tricker tape—have they really got nothing to talk about? busan (the whole korea) has officially gone into a christmas love story meltdown, and as unlikely as it would seem, i'm playing hugh grant.
my roommate appears in the living room and peaks out the window.
"What's all this, dude?"
i struggle to answer. "it's all a bit crazy, hoon. sorry, man."
"the switchboard's flashing brighter than the christmas tree, dude! the whole damn country will be tuning into see if wonhee calls back again. you better make sure you get your ass back in the radio pronto and make sure does!"
what the hell am I supposed to do next? i don't think i can even get out of here without being mobbed.
i pick up my phone and dial the number of the person i really need to talk to right now. her.
"hi, this is y/n. i can't pick up right now. please leave a message and i'll call you back soon."
"big for your boots now, fella," our sixty-something body guard says jokingly. "go on up."
i take the lift to the top floor, and as i step out, i get ripple of applause from the staff currently on duty.
"very funny," i shrug out of my coat, sticking up to hayeong through the studio's glass. she's on air before me every night, and she waves like a loon and makes a heart symbol with her hands.
great. i don't think there's a single person in seoul—korea—who doesn't know about me and y/n. or wonhee. i've tried her a dozen more times, and she still isn't picking up; this whole circus must've freaked her out.
i almost tried her mum last night, but common sense kicked in; i'm sure the last thing she needs is a late night call because i can't find her daughter. y/n's gone to ground, and the whole country's waiting for me to find her. literally.
y/n's pov.
i had to lie to the cabdriver just now. all I knew was the name of sunoo's radio station, and the first thing he said to me after i told him the name of the place where i wanted to go was, "here, you're no' that wonhee, eh?" he was joking around, but my stomach was in knots every time he'd glance at me through the rearview mirror.
i'm here. i'm actually here. i've been on the train since four o'clock this afternoon; i thought the long journey would give me some valuable thinking time. what was i gonna say to sunoo once i got there? or, what was i gonna do once i arrived? but no, i just laid my head against the cold glass as we moved from sight to sight.
"there you are, doll." the cabdriver pulls over in front of a bus stop to let me out. "it's just there." he nods his head toward a glass-fronted building. "good luck with getting in there tonight." i follow his line of vision, and my heart clenches at the sight of a gaggle of press photographers hanging around on the stone steps outside. i look at the cabdriver, uncertain.
"how much is it, please?" my voice sounded thinner than I intended it to be.
he looks across the street, shaking his head. "you're her, eh?"
i nod, terrified. i don't know if i can trust him, but at this point, it seems that i have no other option. "i don't know what i'm going to do."
he drums his fingers on the steering wheel, thinking. "stay there." then he flicks the hazards on and gets out of the cab, dodging the traffic as he jogs towards the radio station building.
sunoo's pov.
every caller so far has been asking about wonhee or giving me some kind of tip on how to win her back, and i've tried to fend them off as vaguely as i can. i'm almost done for the night, and about to treat the listeners with my last song when dongkyu his head at me from his booth and tells me there's one last caller. i flick the flashing red light and wait.
"hey, sun. it's me again. wonhee."
at last.
"hey, you," i say, and i think i can hear the whole country sigh with relief.
"it's so good to talk to you again. i wasn't sure if you'd call back."
"i missed you," she says. there's a soft, husky note to her voice that makes me wish i was the only who could hear her.
"i've missed from the day i met you," my voice cracks; the truth is the only thing i have to give to y/n now, i don't care else is listening.
i hear her take a breath.
"I love you, sun," she says, and I can hear she's crying too.
"don't be sad," i say, gentle. "i've spent nearly a year or so wishing I'd gotten on that damn bus." suddenly i realize, i need to be wherever she is, right now. "I need to see you," I murmur. I see eunji, my assistant, kind of punches her hand in the air.
"i'm here, sun," y/n says, half laughing. confused, i swing toward dongkyu's booth, and she's there. y/n. y/n's really there, smiling at me like the first time we saw each other. dongkyu grins behind her and throws his hands up in the air, then thank god he cuts in the next track.
"i'll take over now." he whispers smoothly in my ear. "get in there. this girl's come a long way to see you."
y/n's pov.
and finally, now, it's just me and sunoo. he laughingly closed the blinds on his cheering colleagues, giving us both some privacy in the tiny glass booth.
"how did you...?"
he cups my face in his hands gently, looking at me as if he can't believe i'm here.
"i had help." i laugh, giddy. "the taxi driver and—"
he stops my words with a kiss, making me gasp, his hands in my hair, his mouth full of longing and sweetness and relief.
after a long breathless minute, he pulls away, and his eyes lock with mine. "why did we wait this long?"
"i'd wait a lifetime for you," i say, "i love you, kim sunoo."
"and i love you, kim y/n." he winks. "stay with me?"
he kisses me and i melt, because kissing him was forbidden for way too long. finally i pull back in his arms and look up.
"do you ever wonder what would've happened if you'd just gotten on the bus?"
he half shrugs, "boy sees girl. girl sees boy. boy gets on the bus, kisses girl's face off, and they live happily ever after."
I laugh softly, "it sounds dull if you put it that way.."
"we got there in the end," he says, pressing a kiss on my forehead.
i hold him, and he holds me. for the first time in years, it feels like nothing's missing at all.
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fantastickpopshiptrash · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Hi! Could I request a private selca ship with SKZ, TBZ, BTS, Enhypen and NCT(OT23?)
Thank you in advance!
@yourjaylaks Hey sunshine :D Of course here is your selca ship <3 You've got a real happy aura and a pretty smile ^^
For NCT I ship you with WinWin
Tumblr media
For Enhypen I ship you with Jungwon
Tumblr media
For BTS I ship you with Jimin
Tumblr media
For The Boyz I ship you with Kevin
Tumblr media
For Stray Kids I ship you with Hyunjin
Tumblr media
I hope you like your ship ❤️
Feel free to request more !
Thanks for requesting ;)
Have an amazing day and stay healthy 🍀
°Admin Kookka
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haechanhues · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
pairing : sunoo x reader 
genre : angst....there’s fluff too 
warnings : uhm heartbroken. a lil guilt and all those great feelings. 
summary : a friendship was built on this relationship and you want it to be worth it. // if this were fiction, he’d have hanahaki
words : 3.1k words 
Tumblr media
Sunoo weaves his fingers through his newly blond streaks as he reaches for you. Wrapping an arm around your shoulder so his hand hangs off of your body. Without much thought your hand interlocks with his and you smile warmly at him. The cool metal rings he wears on his three middle fingers begin to warm at your touch. With a smirk, he kisses at the crown on top of your head and you rest your head onto his shoulder. 
With a coffee cup in one hand and an energy drink in the other, Jay grimaces at the public display of your relationship in front of him, “You guys are gross.” 
“Say that when you don’t have that in your hand,” Heeseung remarks as he takes in your slight hesitancy to involve yourself in their teasing. The other five boys laugh as Jay flicks his middle finger up towards Heeseung in response. 
You can’t help but watch with a longing smile on your face. People had their talents and for you, making friends definitely wasn’t one of them. Even being able to communicate with your brother, Taehyun, was hard. He had a solid group of friends that were glued to the hip. In fact, if it hadn’t been for Sunoo you don’t think you’d had ever built a bridge to befriend any of the boys that had become such important people in your life. 
Jake had been the one to approach you first, much to Heeseung’s chagrin. He had smiled at you with his big brown eyes and rounded features. Your body naturally turning to him and feeling comfortable when he was around. Luckily for you, that sentiment never dried out. He was always someone willing to lend a helping hand and liked to converse with anyone willing to listen (Which really wasn’t hard when you saw how pretty he was). 
Jay on the other hand was quite similar. He liked talking to others and to you there was no exception. Jay didn’t really mind if you weren’t listening though. He just had a lot on his mind. He was a talkative person and for most of your conversations, he led them. He was passionate and it was always fun learning about who he was as a person and what fuelled his fire rant of the day. 
Jungwon was a boy you never really got to figure out all the way. He always seemed to surprise you at every turn. Whenever you were sad, he’d silently console you without bringing unwanted or unnecessary attention to your fluctuating emotions. He’d give your hand a squeeze or sit beside you so your arms would be touching. He’d be the one to wipe at your tears and pinch at your cheeks. He’d always use touch as a way to show his friendship. In return, you learnt to use touch to demonstrate your love and how thankful you were. 
Sunghoon was a shy person in public but loud with his friends. He had been in a couple of your classes and when Sunoo introduced you both he decided you were one of them. He was awkward with you at first, as expected. But as he walked with you to classes everyday and learnt that it was okay to poke fun at you or to tease you, the two of you started to bond. You bonded quickly with how annoying the chairs were and how red pen isn’t the colour you’d choose for if you were a teacher. 
Niki, however, took a while to warm up to you as you did with him. It wasn’t easy striking up a conversation with him or discovering common interests like you did with the other boys but you gradually got there. In order to become closer as friends, you opted to instead visit parks, bowling alleys and cinemas to fill up the lack of common interests with adventures and little anecdotes to fondly remember each other by. He became a boy you were so fond of seeing and he thought the same of you. 
Heeseung had made small talk with you at first. You kept it minimal in case you were to say something insulting, horrible or unfunny. You stumbled a bit of the time but your voice began to get excited when you started finding common interests and confessed your plans for the future. He engaged with you just as well. But, the open day university trip had truly solidified your friendship. You shared everything you ate and messaged Sunoo about how your friend date was going. It was a great day and definitely one you’d remember for the rest of your life. 
Sunoo though, Sunoo was a special one. Before Jake had approached you and before the rest of the boys befriended you, there was Sunoo. In a way, Sunoo had brought colour into your life and showed you the world with linked arms. He made you take photos and encouraged you to write longer day entries in your journal. He liked watching you take the world in with those eyes of yours, drinking in everything around them. Your favourite thing was the way Sunoo taught you. He didn’t judge or make comments about your lack of almost everything. He was always positive and always on everyone’s side. 
People started to talk about the two of you. You weren’t friends because friends don’t look at each other like that. People even said it was mutual. Sunoo looked at you in the same way you did him. People were convinced that you liked him and you believed it. You told him whilst holding hands. He smiled and said, ‘I do too.’ 
Yet, despite it all. If this were fiction, he’d have hanahaki. 
Your heart doesn’t thrum at your chest with an incessant need to be with him in a romantic way. Your hands don’t get sweaty and you’re certain what you feel for him isn’t the type of way people are convinced you feel for him. But you want him to be happy. You want this relationship to be worth it. To be worth the risk of jeopardising your friendship with not only Sunoo but the rest of the boys as well. You want to keep Sunoo in your life. 
But it hurts. 
To have him falling deeper and deeper whilst you remain stagnant and unmoving in your affections. 
You scratch at the fabric at your wrist and do your best to look the part. In your acting, you miss the way Heeseung and Jungwon glance at you from the corner of their eyes. 
The whole day consists of it all. Guilt holds your hand throughout the day and pulls at your vulnerabilities. 
Niki asks if you want to go for pizza. You don’t really feel all that hungry but you agree anyway. The other boys say they will meet you after their other commitments. As Sunoo leaves to meet up with Jaebeom, a friend from another school, he wraps his arms around you in a gentle hug, pressing a kiss to your forehead and a wave goodbye. 
It is through long cheesy slices of pizza, fat chugs of chocolate milkshake and Niki going to the bathroom that you find your head in your hands, agonising over what you should do. 
You bring out your phone and search for ways to break it off. 3,920,000,000 possible search results showed and yet you weren’t convinced by a single one of them. Not one knew that you were you and Sunoo was Sunoo. 
You rack the cogs of your brain to find a solution and come up with nothing. Your heart cracks with every lack of answer. 
The rest of the boys filter into the pizza shop and every happy face you see seems to drain you and rid you of distraction. 
Heeseung's eyes are lined with worry as he takes in your hunched shoulders and lackluster smile. Despite the way you engage in conversations and ruffle Jungwon’s hair, you’re not really here. You’re stuck in your own head. 
You soldier through the afternoon like a true trooper, making sure to giggle and commit yourself to appear normal. At times, Heeseung truly believed you. 
But, he just couldn’t shake the feeling that you were less than alright. 
You collected your things, hugging each of the boys as tight as you could. You pressed a chaste kiss to the corner of Sunoo’s mouth. 
“Want me to walk you home?” Sunoo offered. 
You smiled a little and nodded in reply. He grinned and held out his arm for you to link your arms with. The sky cracked open and rain trickled down the collar of your shirt. But you continued to walk down the pavement with Sunoo by your side. 
As you reached your house, you had an overwhelming need to be inside. You felt like a drenched rat and the fabric of Sunoo’s arm was starting to soak straight through. He brushed back his wet hair in a grimace. 
‘Get inside,’ Sunoo jerked his head to your front door, smiling at you so fondly your head breaks a little more. 
You sighed, frozen in place. You nibbled at your lip and mauled over whether or not you’d bring up your worries. 
You were just so tired of feeling this way. 
“What’s wrong?” Sunoo asked with a raised brow. A dormant feeling was in his chest and it scared him to the core. 
‘Do you need a towel? Or anything? You’re gonna be cold,” You murmured, squeezing his arms and shoulders. Anchoring yourself. 
“Y/N,” His eyes narrowed at your attempt to dodge his questions. The dormant feeling in his gut was gradually increasing as you mulled over your words. 
‘Uh-nothing sounds right,” You let out a fake laugh, “I just- I don’t want you to hate me-” 
Sunoo winced at the direction that this day was going but he felt almost offended, “I could never hate you. Y/N, I-” 
He stopped at the sight of your flinch. 
“I just- I’m not,” You growled at your lack of your ability to find the perfect sentence. Though, you could bet that there wasn’t any. You closed your eyes and with a frustrated determination and overwhelming guilt, “I’m not happy, Sunoo.” 
It was so quiet. 
Sunoo’s heart dropped, “Not happy?” 
“I’m happy I get to spend time with you and see you everyday. You make me happy. But it’s just- the relationship doesn’t make me happy,” You rambled to soothe over the chaos of emotions that have escaped you. 
He paused and nodded, scratching the top of his eyebrow. 
Yet, he didn’t really move or talk. He just stood there.  
You wanted him to say something. Anything. 
Sunoo opened his mouth in desperation to cover the silence, and yet, nothing came out of his mouth. Nothing. Instead tears were seeping into his eyes and it had gotten slightly hard to breathe. 
“Understood, ahh I guess, friends then?” Sunoo smiled the first fake smile you had ever seen him wear around you, “I guess I’ll just get out of your hair. Get inside-it’s cold and raining.” 
He looks down, and the rain trickles from his hair and you have the impulse to smooth it over. But you don’t move a single muscle. 
You don’t know if you should do that anymore. 
He nods at you, wiping at his face once before leaving you at your doorstep. Sunoo zooms past the streetlights you both previously passed, ignoring your shouts of concern. 
Before, you had a boyfriend. 
Now, you didn’t. 
You had caused it. 
You watch out in the rain, wondering if you even deserved to walk back into your home to take a warm shower and to comfort yourself by the warm blankets. 
You felt empty 
Just like that...your relationship was over. 
You enter the house and everything feels bland. Everything tastes like the sour aftertaste of possibly ruining the best thing you’ve ever had. Like a plug being yanked from the bath. 
Your brother's door is open and his friends are over. They’re all laughing and bickering. You bite your lip as you pass his door, not wanting to bring attention to yourself so you can cry in your room in peace. 
‘Hey Y/N!’ Beomgyu spots you. 
You turn to him and send him a warm but brittle smile, hoping that your tears have disappeared at the sight of Beomgyu's face. 
He pauses at your expression, before smiling in a subtle attempt to comfort you. Taehyun goes to turn around but you leave to avoid your brother’s intuition. 
Beomgy’s eyes don’t leave the doorway for a while before pulling Taehyun’s attention towards the TV. 
Taehyun finds you in the dead of the night, when the boys have settled into their spots. Beomgyu had pulled him aside earlier, ‘I think you should check on your sister.’ 
It didn’t take much to convince him. You hadn’t come downstairs since you had come home and the shower didn’t run at all.  
Your light isn’t on and your curtains aren’t drawn. Your brother purses his lips at the sight of your fetal position on the bed. 
He slides in beside you, pulling the blankets up around your body. He leans into your back and furrows his eyebrows at the small shakes you’re starting to make. 
Taehyun directs you to look at him, your eyes are the most miserable he’s ever seen and are welled up with gluggy tears. 
What to do? 
Your eyes squeeze shut and instead focus on your brother’s breathing and the warmth of his embrace. 
‘I might not have friends,’ You whimper into his chest. 
He frowns as he attempts to hear you better asking you to repeat. 
‘I think I might lose my friends’ You blubber. 
‘You’re not going to lose your friends,’ Taehyun scoffs silently, rubbing your back, ‘Sunoo will kick anybody’s ass if they even consider it.’ 
‘But that’s exactly the reason why.’ 
As you say it, you feel regret. The pain is like nothing else you’ve ever felt. It sinks down into your left chest area and it sinks from the weight of it. 
That regret, worry and heartbreak of it all makes you bedridden for three days. Taehyun had taken the day off school to make sure you were okay and Beomgyu had even made an appearance after school. 
After the third day, Taehyun’s conscience caught up with him and he went to fulfill his studies. Everyone else thought you were sick at home with the flu. But in the hallways as Taehyun catches Heeseung’s eye, he realises that not everyone was so convinced. 
Tumblr media
The bell rings at exactly four in the afternoon. Nobody is at home but you. The regret has clung itself onto the host (you) but the small layering of guilt causes you to slowly make your way down to the front door. 
You rub at your eyes and brush back your hair with your fingers to make yourself look at least a little bit presentable. 
The bell rings again as you go to pull the door open, greeted by two people at your door. 
Heeseung and Jungwon look at you with their big eyes filled with worry. Heeseung sighs in relief before pulling you into a hug. 
‘You’re an idiot,’ Heeseung mumbles before kissing the top of your head. You swallow as you twist your grip into his clothes and anchor yourself to him, crying as much as you wanted. 
Jungwon lays a supportive hand on the back of your neck, pulling at the strands of loose hair on your clothes that are in dire need of a wash. 
‘We’ll always be here for you, you stupid stupid girl,’ Heeseung curses at you whilst still holding you close, ‘You need to tell us these things.’ 
‘And that stupid boy too,’ Heeseung adds. 
‘What do you mean?’ You ask with a furrow in your eyebrows. 
‘Taehyun came up to me and gave me the details of your breakup. Everything you should’ve told me or one of the other boys. But mostly me,’ Heeseung says, ‘Not only you, but Sunoo too. The other boys are over at his, looking after him.’ 
‘Why are you two here?’ 
‘You’re our friend, Y/N,’ Jungwon reminded you, pulling you in for a little hug as well, ‘And so is Sunoo.’ 
‘Even after all I’ve done….I’ve lost Sunoo as well,’ You blubber as you grip onto Jungwon’s hand.
‘That’s all shit. You haven’t lost anyone. We’re still your friends,’ Jungwon states, holding eye contact, ‘Sunoo is still in your life. Granted, he may need a few tries but he’s still important to you and you’re still important to him.’ 
With a bitten raw lip you nodded, getting tired of all the nagging you’ve received in the past few days over your insecurities. 
It wasn’t the end of it though. 
Because that night Niki had biked to your house, demanding to have a sleepover. He was banished to the couch by your brother and his friends but still, he didn’t seem to overly mind you on a mattress beside him. 
Jake and Jay had barrelled in that week during lunch period the next day. They forced you to come out and eat with them. Jay had made sure you showered and washed the clothes you were wearing. 
Sunghoon was busy doing his assignments but he had emailed you every hour and Facetimed you. However, that didn’t last very long because then you had started doubting that he was studying much. Even though you had become the nagger, you didn’t mind it too much. 
They gave you updates. 
Sunghoon had just passed his assignments (C’s get degrees) and had everyone promise that everyone would get pork belly and lamb skewers with him. 
Jay attempted to ask out a girl, who unfortunately (Niki didn’t sound so down about it - with the way he was giggling and all) turned him down. He then proceeded to find she romantically preferred the woman kind of human being. 
Jake made the mistake of paying for Niki’s bubble tea. Which in turn, Niki found as permission to try every single available flavour of bubble tea at the restaurant. 
Sunoo was doing okay. Sunoo wanted to see how you were doing. He wanted to see when he would see you at school. 
With that courage, you went to school with a tight grip on your bag. Jungwon was the only one to greet you in the hallway before you made eye contact with Sunoo. You froze in your spot but he had, in turn, rolled his eyes at you. 
He stood beside you, looking very handsome. His eyes were still a bit sad but he was trying. You tried right back and smiled weakly at him. 
He pursed his lips in a fake attempt at being mad, before offering his arm towards you. 
That day we linked arms just as we always did. 
But from now on, we were just friends. 
Tumblr media
A/N : yay! i finished my assignments!!! i wrote this awhile ago but never finished it or anything. it’s been what feels like a long time......
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ENHYPEN animation concept
- okay if they had a cute spin-off series, I wouldn’t know how to act anymore -
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fantastickpopshiptrash · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Can I get a private selca ship for Enhypen, txt, Aespa, and NCT dream? :)
@xivii Hey pretty :D Of course here is your selca ship <3 You've got really beautiful eyes ^^ Thanks for requesting a girl group !
For NCT Dream I ship you with Haechan
Tumblr media
For Aespa I ship you with Giselle
Tumblr media
For TXT I ship you with Taehyun
Tumblr media
For Enhypen I ship you with Jake
Tumblr media
I hope you like your ship ❤️
Feel free to request more !
Thanks for requesting ;)
Have an amazing day and stay healthy 🍀
°Admin Kookka
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Kim Sunoo is a ball of sunshine and surprises🌻☀️
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ENHYPEN Mini Series
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
E N H Y P E N ‎‎ ‎‎as ‎‎ ‎‎Royal Princes‎
pairings: nishimura riki x reader
summary: you’ve grown in love with your royal best friend.
word count: 5.5k
warning: Not yet edited.
a/n: So this is the last one-shot to my royal series! I want to thank everyone who supported this series so far because I enjoyed this very much and I am excited to start my next series. I still don’t know which one I should do next, maybe I’ll ask for opinions. But anyway, thank you and enjoy Niki’s fic! Have a nice day.🌸
tag-list: @rubyanne @crjwon @heuningkai-hour @danyxthirstae01 @izneos @dreamykkoo @sunoosh1ne @bunnylover0193 @en-sun @love13tter @hwangjangmi @affectionaterainoflove 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Niki, come here.” Seven year old, Prince Niki turned over his Mother as she calls out for him. He walked closer to her while holding his toy sword. His eyes soon darted over this young girl wearing a cute little dress. She’s isn’t familiar at all, actually this is the first time he ever laid eyes on you.
His brows furrowed in wonder at the stranger. His eyes looked over the thing above her head and he noticed how it’s different from his and similar to the one on top of his Mother’s head.
“This is y/n and she’s a princess.” Her Mother tried explaining it to the young prince. He was just listening as his eyes was focused at the young girl whose eyes were doe and innocent like. Like him, her eyes were fixed at him curious to who he is.
“A princess?” he asked repeating his Mother’s words.
The Queen chuckled at what she heard before she made you walk closer to Niki. She grabbed his toy sword and put it down over to the ground. She then held both of your hand and put yours on top of Niki’s. “And now, you have to do your curtsy, y/n.” she instructed you using her soft voice.
Despite of a young age, you were taught about the basic etiquettes of royalties and so you cutely placed your free hand over to your dress and do a curtsy. Niki watched silently as you do it and he placed his hand behind his back before leaning in to place a soft kiss at your hand.
The Queen can’t explain how she finds it too adorable to watch the two of you. Niki’s eyes never left you as she kept his hold over your small soft hands.
“From now on, you two should get along very well. You have to be nice to her, Niki.” his Mother told him that he answered with a small nod. She smiled and pinched his cheeks before smiling warmly at you.
“Okay, you two go on and play.” she said. 
At his Mother’s cue, Niki grabbed his sword by his free hand and started to aggressively pull you only to be stopped by his Mother. She panicked a bit and pursed her lips.
“Niki! Oh my goodness! No, son.” she said and Niki looked confused as he stopped from his tracks because of his Mother’s remarks.
“You should be very careful with Y/n! She’s a princess and delicate as a flower.” she told him. Prince Niki still have his brows furrowed hardly over to his Mother.
He was confused as his eyes trailed over to you. Growing up surrounded by six brothers, Prince Niki was used with rough plays and being somewhat aggressive. He was naturally playful so he’s completely clueless about being soft with someone.
“Okay, Mother.” he said and his hold to your hand slowly became a little bit softer as his thumb caress it a little.
You smiled at him and the prince didn’t know but he suddenly felt this feeling like as if he wanted so bad to protect you. Funny because he’s just a mere seven year old.
Ever since that day, you two became close to each other. You often visit their castle because your Mothers are best of friends. Sometimes, it’s them who come to visit and Niki always comes with them in order to play with you. Despite being playful and rough, the prince was very soft towards you.
You two were almost inseparable and grew a bit dependent to each other. Up to this point that you two aren’t no longer seven year old royalties and already Fifteen, nothing had changed. If anything, you two just became closer.
“What’s this?” you gasped a little as the book you were currently reading was grabbed from you. You glared over to Niki who’s smiling playfully at you.
“Hey give it back!” you said to him one afternoon.
You came to visit at their castle and was reading peacefully at their Garden when he suddenly appeared and grabbed your book.
He smirked, “Ohh, someone’s grumpy today.” he pointed out and gently grabbed your hand to give it a light feathery kiss. You watch him do that and your glares was still present.
You didn’t respond and just kept your glares at him. He chuckled, finding it cute, before he pinched your cheeks lightly.
“Who made you grumpy?” he asked and sat down beside you. His hands were holding yours and was already lazily drawing circles using his thumb. It was a habit he developed throughout the years.
You rolled your eyes as you looked over him, “Where were you? I didn’t come here yesterday because I was busy with my private lessons and so I decided to come today. I wrote to you, informing you.” you continually told him, sounding a bit upset that you arrived here with him nowhere to be found.
Prince Niki looked amused as he watch and listen to you blabber whatever that is bothering you.
“I arrived here and found out you were out.” you said sounding so sad.
There was a couple of silence before he let out a light chuckle that cause you to glare more at him. Do he really find this funny? He sighed before putting your book down beside him, then he raised both of his hands to carefully cup both of your cheeks.
“So it was me who made you grumpy?” he asked, a smirk was plastered over his face. He was actually amused at what you just said. So you were waiting for him.
He did receive your letter yesterday that you aren’t gonna come and instead you’d move it by tomorrow. He was a bit sad but then he knew your private lessons was also important.
“I’m sorry, I was at the field today.” he said and lightly caress your soft face as he pursed his lips fighting the urge of a smile to spread across his face.
Your brows furrowed, “The field? Since when did you spend time in the field?” you asked a bit weirded out. He wasn’t the type to go to the field often. You know because ever since you two were seven, you are almost always together.
He smiled and lets go of your face. His hand went over to hold yours once again, now starting to fiddle with it. His eyes were looking straight to yours.
“I started to learn how to ride horse and I practiced again today while I kill time to wait for you. I didn’t even know you arrived.” he said.
“You know how to ride now?” you were surprised and excited at the same time. It even made you stand up from your seat. He chuckled and carefully pull you in front of him.
“Yeah, I learned it already.” he said and you smiled at him, proud.
“That’s good!” you said and even raised a thumbs-up for him. You’re really happy for him because you know how he really look forward to it. He envy his brothers because they were riding their horses alone.
He smirked and his eyes then darted over your dress. “How about you? You look so pretty today.” he said.
You smiled proudly at him before you let go from his hold and did a quick spin in front of him. Prince Niki was smiling while looking at you.
“Do you like it? It’s a dress my Mother bought for me the other day.” you said excitedly at him.
He nodded his head extending his hand over to you. “Yeah, it’s pretty.” he sincerely said before you hold his hand again.
“Do you want to ride the horse with me and go around the field?” he asked.
“I don’t know how to ride yet.”
“It’s okay. You’ll be riding with me.” he said and started pulling you over to where his horse was.
“Huh? We’ll be scolded, Niki!” you said a bit panicking.
He chuckled and just proceed on pulling you. You ended up chuckling and just decided to go with him. Both of you arrived and his horse was just there with his care-taker.
He gave you equipments to keep you safe and one of the guy helpers there was about to help you ride Prince Niki’s horse when he stopped him.
“That’s okay, I can help her.” he seriously said that made the helper back off.
His eyes was serious as he eyed him before he looked over at you. His eyes became softer before he smiled and helped you ride safely at his horse before he came up himself.
You sat in front of him like how princess should and he’s behind you, assuring you that it’ll be a safe ride. You were chuckling as you two started roaming around their wide kingdom. It sure was fun but a bit scary as Niki can’t help but to tease you a bit.
Well, you were used to it because he was naturally playful. When you were heading back to their castle, you started rested your back over to his chest and his face rested at the side of your face.
“Will you come visit me tomorrow?” you asked him as you started watching the sun now setting. Feeling a bit sad that the day was now starting to get over and you have to leave again.
Prince Niki smiled a little as he dropped a kiss at the side of your temple.
“Do you want me to?” he asked. You nodded your head without wasting a time that made him chuckle.
“Then I’ll go visit you.” he said. You turned your heard a bit to the side so you can see him since he’s behind you.
“Promise?” you asked him. He smiled and nodded his head.
“I promise.”
You two arrived safely and prince Niki helped you again to get down from his horse. Then the both of you went inside the castle because the dinner will be ready in no time. You saw your Mother together with the Queen.
“Where did you two go?”  she asked as you and Niki went closer to them
Prince Niki was trailing behind, towering over you. The Queen was just smiling as he watch the two of you. She just loves how you two became so close to each other.
“I rode the horse with Prince Niki, mother.” you said.
She just smiled and nodded her head. They dismissed you two and so you decided to go to the place where they often hangs out. When you arrived, some of his brothers were inside. You smiled warmly at them and did you curtsy.
They stood up to greet you and prince Niki was just behind you watching at how his brothers kiss your hand as a natural greeting for royals. His brows twitched a bit as he glanced away, didn’t really like it whenever they do that. He doesn’t know but he just don’t like it. He knew it was just normal and so he needs to get used to it.
“You look lovely today, princess y/n.” one of his older brother, prince Jake complimented you. It made you chuckle because you were kind of used to it.
“Thank you, prince Jake.” you replied as you felt Prince Niki’s hand rested over your waist as he carefully pull you near him.
You were clueless while you look at him. His eyes were coldly glaring at his older brother and you were confused to why he’s like that. The princes around you were completely aware tho, they just laugh at how their younger brother reacted.
Tumblr media
“Niki!” you shrieked as you ran towards him after your private lesson had finished. He chuckled as he welcomed you with a tight warm embrace.
You chuckled as well as he lightly carried and spin you around. Some of the servants around you were already used to it and were just watching with small smiles over their faces.
Prince Niki’s eyes then trailed over this other person whose slowly walking towards the two of you. His brows furrowed in wonder to who the stranger was. He is new to his eyes and even if he doesn’t want to be rude, he can’t help but to be a bit protective over you.
You noticed that his attention wasn’t over you anymore and so you turned your head and looked at the prince behind you.
“Oh! This is prince (name).” you tried introducing him in a formal way as you slowly backed away from prince Niki’s hug. His hands slowly trailed over to yours and did his usual gentle caressing.
“How do you do?” he greeted prince Niki politely and he tried so hard not to be rude so he greeted back.
As the atmosphere slowly grew colder and more awkward, prince (random) then decided to say good-bye. He walked closer to you and did a bow. You slowly lets go from prince Niki’s touch that cause his brows to furrowed hardly. He watch as you did your curtsy and extended your hand for the prince in front of you.
If he was possessive over you with his brothers, the prince couldn’t explain what he’s feeling right now. The urge of pulling you away from that prince and close to him bursts over his whole system. He nearly went out of control.
“Who was that?” he can’t help but to ask after the prince left and it’s only the two of you now.
You looked over to him and chuckled before holding his hand again. n “He’s the prince from (random) kingdom.” you said and slowly pulled prince Niki over to your study room.
“Why is he here?” he asked again, really curious.
“We have the same teacher and shared a class today.” you informed him and he had no choice but to just shrug it off.
He tried so hard to dismiss the thought of him and just decided to focus on you. He walked behind you as you excitedly showed him the pieces you painted for today. He smiled as he looked at them with a warm smile over his face.
“They’re beautiful.” he mumbled that made you smile and blush at the same time. You looked over his eyes and you felt how your heart beat so fast just by starring at him.
“Really? Thank you.” you said trying to ignore whatever that is that you’re feeling.
He just smiled and dropped one kiss over at your hand before he walked over to the other paintings of yours that he haven’t seen yet. You stayed at your position and watch him carefully.
It’s been months already ever since you started noticing that unexplained feelings that you’re starting to feel whenever you’re around him. You were aware of them and you also know what emotions they were. You were kind of sad because you know it’ll be complicated. These feelings aren’t supposed to be there for the first place. You grew up with prince Niki that’s why he’s sweet and soft around you all the time. You’re best of friends.
“hey, something wrong?” you didn’t even realized that he was in front of you now, looking a bit worried.
You quickly smiled at him trying to assure him that everything’s fine.
“No, everything’s okay.” you said and looked over his eyes.
Those beautiful eyes that always looked softly at you. You always loved starring at them and you hoped he just feel the same way as you. But you doubt because he grew up seeing you as someone like his sister or something.
Everything’s just the same. You went to go visit him and he went to your place to visit you sometimes. You two basically was just living normally. But one day, you woke up to find your servant preparing a dress for you.
“Good morning, your highness.” she greeted you.
Your brows furrowed in confusion as to why she’s preparing such elegant and formal dress when you’re just off to go and see Prince Niki.
“What’s with the formal dress?” you asked her. She knew how you hated going to Niki’s palace wearing formal dresses.
“Oh, the Queen said you won’t visiting prince Niki for today, your highness.” she said that made you furrowed your brows hardly.
“Huh? But I didn’t visit for days now.” you said feeling so sad.
The servant was lost of words and just lowered down her head, unable to respond anymore. You just let out a sigh, you shouldn’t be talking to her about it. You bet she was just told to do this by your Mother. And so you stood up and decided to ask her yourself.
“Mother,” you called her out.
“Yes, dear?” she turned over at you and smiled brightly.
Your eyes wanders around and you saw how everyone seems to be very busy. “What’s going on, Mother? I’m suppose to visit Niki today.” you told her.
Her smile faltered for a while before she gently brushed some hair away from your face, “You can do that some other time, sweetheart. We have visitors today.” she said and you had no choice but to just follow her order.
You prepared that day for the unknown visitors. You were really sad because you’re already missing prince Niki and to spend another day not seeing him is brutal.
You were too occupied by your thoughts about him that you didn’t even noticed the visitors arriving. 
“How are you, princess y/n?” you snapped back to reality and did your curtsy in front of prince (random). Even if you’re a bit confused why they’re here for a visit, you just gave him a small smile.
Your family then invited them to the dining hall for lunch. It was just like a normal gathering. You were trying to enjoy your meal while prince (random) sat beside you. The only ones talking was your parents.
“I hope you start to get along with prince (random).” You were suddenly caught off guard when his Mother had talked to you with her bright smile.
Even if you were still confused, you smiled at her, “O-Okay, your highness.” you answered.
You saw how your Mother glanced at you and watch your face. “After all, you two are bound to marry each other when the time comes.” his Mother added that made your heart sank.
Your smile faltered as the reality sank in. Another reason why you can’t develop feelings with your best friend is because you know very well that a time will come that the prince you are meant to marry will be introduced to you. You just didn’t thought it will be this early.
Tumblr media
“Finally,” Prince Niki mumbled as he saw you getting out of your carriage. He rushed towards you and quickly caged you with his embrace.
You smiled as he buries your face over to his chest. His hug were a bit tight but you don’t mind at all. You had missed him so much that even if he’s there in front of you, you feel like you still miss him. You must be going crazy. But after knowing about your engagement, you started to be a bit more sad.
He leaned away and starred right at your face, “It’s been so long! How are you?” he asked as he eyed you.
You tried smiling widely, “I was fine! How about you?”
“I missed you.” he said and it warmed up your heart, seriously.
You know he’s the one you love and to know that he isn’t the one you’ll be marrying sure hurts you a lot. Well, you couldn’t do anything about it tho. Prince Niki’s family is yet so far the most powerful and influential out of all. It’s almost impossible to force them into marriage. 
“I missed you too.” you honestly said and tried communicating through your yes. He smiled and dropped a gentle kiss over your forehead.
Prince Niki don’t mind if a lot were watching, all he know is that he’s happy that you’re here. He just wish everything comes back to normal again because he doesn’t know if he can take it again if it happens that you two won’t see each other again for a whole week. It was dreadful for him.
You two made it to your usual spot and he was trying to draw while laying his head over your lap. You were reading a book but your mind was occupied by such thoughts.
“Have you thought of marriage?” you asked at him not even realizing what you said. It was too late though and so you just waited for him to answer.
His brows furrowed at your question. “Suddenly? Marriage?” he asked again and lifted his gaze from his paper up to your eyes. When he saw that you’re serious and that there’s something in your eyes, he stood up and faced you.
“I don’t know... have you?” he asked while starring straight to your eyes.
You heaved a sigh and forced a smile, “No.” you lied. 
You haven’t told him about you being engaged to prince (random). And base on how he’s acting, it seems like his Mother didn’t inform him about it as well. Maybe because it isn’t really a big of a deal? Maybe this won’t really matter for him? He may even be happy for you! After all, marriage is like a given factor for royalties.
You watched as he shrugged his shoulders off, “Then I don’t see why I should think about it.” he mumbled and went back to laying over your lap. There’s something hidden through his words that you failed to notice. It’s either you were pretty occupied with your own thoughts or you’re really just dense enough to not notice what the prince feels towards you.
The night of the royal ball came, Prince Niki wasn’t really looking forward to it that much because it isn’t about him anyway. All he can think about is you and how you two will basically spend the whole night together. You’ll be the light to his night.
But it had came to the middle of the party already but he hadn’t seen you yet. He approached his Mother to go and ask since he couldn’t really get a hold of you.
“Where is y/n, Mother? Isn’t she here yet?” he asked a bit impatient.
“Oh, she’s there with her parents. They’re with the prince of west island.” his mother said and his brows furrowed.
“Why?” he asked, confused.
“She’s bound to marry him.” his Mother’s words ringed inside his mind repeatedly like a broken radio.
He doesn’t know what exactly to feel while watching you waltz together with the said prince. He balled his fist tightly while completely starring seriously at the two of you. Mixed of emotions he was currently feeling but out of all of them, the determination of getting you back was the most evident one.
And so he slowly approached the two of you, “Can I have a dance with my princess.” your eyes darted over to prince Niki when he suddenly interrupted you and prince (random).
You gulped and almost lost your breath at how good he looks at the moment. You refused to go and see him tonight because it will just make you more sad and heart broken. But who are you even kidding? This is their palace and he’ll be at the party so you knew very well that it will be very impossible.
Prince Niki was silent but his eyes never left yours as he gently held your hand and pulled you close to him. You instantly felt intimidated by how starred at you.
“H-Hi.” you awkwardly said acting like nothing just happened.
He kept his serious face, “You seem like enjoying with prince (random) too much.” he said that caught you off guard.
“Why didn’t you told me you were arranged?” you were left silent. A bit taken aback at how straight-forward he was. Well, its not like as if he’s not always like this. He was known for his straight up words.
“I thought the Queen will inform you.” you mumbled softly as you held over his shoulders a bit tighter. His eyes were still darted at you, they’re serious and intimidating. Way far from how it usually stares at you.
“Well she didn’t.” he sound sarcastic and mad that’s why you slowly grow worried.
He rarely get mad at you. You can’t even the last time he did and so you really were bothered about it.
“Are you mad?” your eyes went doe while looking at him and he pursed his lips then clenched his jaw. He couldn’t stay mad at you, of course. It’s just he’s irritated about all these things that are happening.
He clicked the side of his cheeks using his tongue, “No...” he said as he glanced away for a while and then he once again looked at you. When he saw how worried you look, he started to feel a bit frustrated.
“No, baby. I am not mad... it’s just why didn’t you told me? That’s so unfair. I thought you haven’t thought about marriage yet?” he’s back with his soft stares at you.
You pursed your lips as you blinked a couple of to prevent some tears to fall out from your eyes. You almost really thought he’s mad at you and to hear from him that he isn’t actually ease you down a little.
 “It was my parent’s decision.” you answered starting to really feel like crying.
He sighed and slowly pull you close to him. Your face was then once again bury over his chest as his face rested over your head. He caress your back comfortingly as his eyes roamed around, like a watching hawk looking for whoever’s trying to take you away from him.
“Don’t worry so much, you hear me?” he whispered, lips a bit too close over to your ears.
“I’ll handle this on my own.” he mumbled softly and even if you cannot understand what he meant by that, you just nodded and continued to get yourself feel safe within his embraces.
A soft, gentle kiss was placed at the side of your temple before he pulled away from the hug as the music slowly dies down indicating that the end was nearing. He smiled and did his bow in front of you. You smiled as well and did your curtsy in front of him, he gently grabbed your hand placed a kiss at the top of it.
Tumblr media
“Don’t you think this looks great, y/n?” you were snapped back to reality when prince (random) had called out your name. Even if you have no clue what he’s talking about, you just gave him a slight smile and nodded your head at him.
It’s been two days since the royal ball and you haven’t heard anything from prince Niki. Honestly, you still have no clue to whatever he’s talking about that night. He seemed serious about it but then you were a bit confused. If anything, he had nothing to do with all of this unless he doesn’t want you to get married.
You understand that you are still young and prince (random) isn’t really the one you love but you know this was just a normal scenario for royals like you. It isn’t always you’re lucky to get married with someone you love. And for the young age, being engaged doesn’t mean you’ll be marrying any time soon. 
Both of your heads snapped over to the door of the room where the both of you were currently doing your private lessons burst open. It was a bit roughly pushed and did create a bit of a loud sound. Your brows furrowed as you saw prince Niki entered. You were confused why he’s here at prince (random)’s palace. It was decided that you will have your private lessons at their castle today since you had it yesterday at your place.
“Niki? What are you doing here? How did you know I was here?” you asked approaching him. You cannot hide the smile over your lips, completely happy to see him here in front of you.
He glanced over prince (random) for a while before it darted over your way and he started acting like as if prince (random) isn’t really inside with the two of you. 
“Well, I was planning to surprise you and actually, I came here to pick you up.” he said not even taking a glance at prince (random).
You bite your lips trying to suppress a smile from appearing. 
“Actually, my fiance and I are planning to go roam around the town before she go home.” prince (random) suddenly interrupted you and prince Niki.
His eyes then darted over to him and his soft stares suddenly turned blank and lifeless. His lips lifted a bit sarcastically before he grabbed over your waist to pull you closer to him.
“Oh, haven’t you heard?” he asked acting like as if he’s surprised.
You furrowed your brows while prince (random) furrowed his as well. Even if you’re blushing because of Prince Niki’s sudden affection, you were also curious to what he’s talking about.
“My parents are currently at their palace right now and asking for her hand.” he announced proudly.
Your eyes grew as your mouth fell a bit open. You cannot believe what you just heard. Prince (random) seems to be insulted about it and a bit upset at what he just found out.
“That’s impossible!” he said.
Prince Niki was smiling at you but his smile fell as he turned towards prince (random). “What’s impossible? She was meant to marry me anyway.” he shrugged his shoulders off like as if it was just nothing.
You approached closer to him and gently rested one of your hand over to his chest as the other one held unto his hand. Your face was serious as you try and catch prince Niki’s attention.
“Are you serious?” you asked softly. He turned over at you and he smiled brightly.
His other hand rested over your cheeks as he leaned down to make both of your noses touch each other. “Yeah, I am.” and after glancing at your eyes once, he slowly leaned down and dropped a swift kiss over your lips.
You blushed after the short kiss and you got shy so you hugged him and decided to burry your face at his chest. He chuckled before caging you between his arms.
“Then why are you here and not there to personally asked for my hand?” you mumbled.
“Is that how it works?” he asked sounding a bit playful. You pulled away and glared at him that he just answered with a chuckle.
“Niki...” you said using your warning tone.
“Kidding. I was about to go straight there but then I figured out my princess is at somebody else’s castle.” he said seriously as he eyed prince (random).
Your eyes soften at the sight of the silent prince in front of the two of you. He was so nice to you and now that your engagement won’t be happening, you kind of feel bad.
 “This can’t be happening... y/n, you are supposed to be married to me.” his voice sound so upset that you can’t help but to feel guilty.
Because you know for yourself that even if you feel somewhat bad about it, you still and will always choose Niki. Prince Niki’s embrace tightens around you before he kissed your temple while looking merciless at the prince.
“Well, it’s already happening. So if you’ll excuse us.” and he gave him a sarcastic smile before he gently pulls you out of their castle.
As you walk side by side, your eyes trailed over to your joint hands.
“Why did you save me from the engagement, Niki?” you asked.
He looked at you, “I didn’t basically saved you, Y/n. You are still engaged, the only difference is you’re engaged to me now.” he smiled at you as the servants in front of the palace prepared prince Niki’s horse.
You looked at him straight in the yes, “Do you know the responsibility of marriage--”
“I know, y/n. I’m not a kid. I love you and I want to spend my whole life with you.” he said cutting you off.
You were once again dumb founded. You just can’t get over of straight-forward Niki. He said it so easily when you find it so hard to confess.
“Y-You love me?”
You asked surprised. Now, its his turn to look confused.
“Huh? You didn’t know?”
You shake your head and that caused him to laugh.
“You’re the only one I treated differently, y/n. I’m always intimidating and rough to other people but to you, I’m softest fur ball.” he even rolled his eyes.
You smiled and opened your arms for him. He chuckled and hugged you after kissing your temple.
“I love you,”
“I love you more, my princess.”
Tumblr media
main master-list
royal prince teaser
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itsrainy0utside · 3 hours ago
꒷꒦ [ So call out my name.. ]
Just some random smut i wrote in mathclass,
It can be seen as [Readers crush x reader] but in third person lol
Pls don’t steal
'Call out my name' by 'The Weeknd'
starts playing...
[ Warning: Smut, Jealously, Crying, Oral (Fem!receiving) Dancing, etc ]
I watched her body move, hips being controlled by her dance partner
The anger and jealousy started building up a wall inside of me, my face turned straight n' cold.
A eyebrow crocked up, the desire to pick her up and fuck her senseless was growing fast.
I wanted to kiss her lips.
Feel her tongue.
feel her skin.
Tie her up.
Hear her moans.
Touch her body.
Mark her up.
Pull her hair.
Leave my handprints.
Make her scream my name.
I just wanna see her mascara dripping down her face.
I wanna see her shaking, begging me to stop.
I wanna fell her nails, pressed into my skin.
I wanna see her juices, dripping down her thighs.
But instead im here.
At a award show.
Watching my secret Girlfriend dancing with another idol.
It’s hard to describe what im feeling right now.. it feels like a burning pile. Inside of me. And there’s no way it can be erased. Only Water could help... and she is my water.
Im thirsty, for her.
I just wanna see how much she can take, with only my tongue.
I wanna know, how much, i can make her shake..
I just wanna get outta here, and just fuck her until she passed out.
And finally, here i am. Backstage. Her, on the couch of the changing room, me, on my knees. Eating her out like my life depends on it.
And i want more. The fire is growing. It wants more. I want more.
I want, no. i need to remind her, who she belongs to.
"Is this what you wanted, huh? Was this your plan? Making me jealous until i lose my shit? Until i can’t take it? You know how fucking weak i am, for you. But now, i want you to scream my name. Let everybody know.. that you are mine. And ONLY mine. Now scream for me kitten."
She was seeing Stars. Everything went black.
Only her body, was pale, marked up with purple and red bruises.
And now, Everybody, knew who did this to her. How couldn’t they? She was screaming his name like no one else did.
You can call it the best or worse, but this wasn’t the first, and definitely, not the last time, she’ll get fucked like this.
"Round two in the shower, baby?"
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markxdino · 4 hours ago
I have officially died goodbye
Tumblr media
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highkeygolden · 4 hours ago
You and I
Jake x Fem!Enhypen!Reader
A list of scenarios that are stuck in my head
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Jake had always been protective of you. He had no problem showing it. A protective hand would always be resting on the curve of your back. If the situation allowed it, he'd have his arm over your shoulders. If you were cold, he wouldn't hesitate to either wrap you in a hug or give you his jacket.
During filming for videos, he'd make sure you were dressed appropriately, especially if you wore skirts. It didn't bother you as much as you expected it to because he wasn't obsessive. It was mostly, brief with his usual smile.
He usually made sure that you sat behind him because he liked leaning onto your legs. On days where you sat in front of him, he'd let her scoot between his legs. It unusual for him to play with your hair.
In fact, it wasn't unusual for any of the members to play with your hair. It wasn't unusual for anyone to lean on your legs if you sat behind them. It was an unspoken ritual- Jake just so happened to enjoy it the most.
He never really got jealous when someone else got to lean on your legs or meddle with your hair. He'd just shrug it off but his constant glancing doesn't go unnoticed.
Tumblr media
You and Jake never had dance numbers together until Fever. It was quite intimate, he had to agree. The first time the pair of you rehearsed it, he couldn't stop getting distracted. He'd laugh or mess up the steps and to be honest, you couldn't keep a straight face either.
He was pretty cautious while you rehearsed too. With his hands hovering over your waist, he'd ask "can I touch you?" Before doing anything else. He'd look at you with longing eyes, softened features and lips parted in awe.
You didn't know what he was so amazed at, but you'd find yourself looking at him the same way sometimes.
You were a great gymnast, mostly in charge of the flips and cartwheels. You did them with ease, so it never came off as much of an issue because it was Niki that usually assisted her in the stunts.
This time, it was Jake that had to assist her. When Niki and you explained to him how he needed to assist you, it didn't seem like a hard task. But he only realized how terrible he was until he started rehearsing it.
Though your dance routine with Jake didn't get cancelled, you still had to spend a week figuring out how to do a flip without anyone helping you. It wasn't an issue, you had fun and everyone else was usually there to watch and cheer.
Tumblr media
The boys really liked making fun of you. It was like their second instinct to find a habit of yours to poke fun at. Though you showed your annoyance, you still knew that it was all fun and games- it was their way of showing that they cared.
But your wit was just as quick as theirs. It was easy for you to poke back. There were compilations upon compilations of moments like those on the internet. You liked to watch them sometimes, it always made you laugh.
It was mostly Jay that you liked making fun of, sometimes Sunoo. You, Jungwon and Niki always teased them until they whined. Jake, Sunghoon and Heeseung would occasionally join in, usually just allowing the others to entertain them.
When the attention was on you, though, Jake would go all in. He'd add onto the jokes, maybe even poke your cheeks because he knew you hated it but he'd be cheeky about it. He'd lean into your ear and whisper "admit it, you like it," and maybe he wasn't wrong.
You'd eventually get back your revenge, scaring or pranking him when you have the chance.
Tumblr media
It's no secret that everyone is mesmerized by the way Jake spoke English. His accent would have you smiling like the Cheshire cat. The way he pronounced things and got shy when someone complemented it- you found yourself talking to him just so you could hear his his accent.
Despite that, you were still better at English. You were better than most people when it came to languages. You were a linguist, speaking up to seven languages. And on top of that, you were only starting to learn Korean and Japanese.
Everyone couldn't help but be impressed by it and of course, Jake would find himself admiring you once again when you spoke Spanish or Chinese.
To be fair, you loved bragging about it. You could speak seven languages, could fluently read Greek and sign language was also one of your skills- and you were learning two more. How could you not brag about it?
So it was you that usually you that spoke in English and Jake or Jay would translate it to Korean. But there was one instance when Jake messed it up, leaving his mistake for the entire world to see because you were all on a V-Live.
He had jokingly said "I've disappointed Y/N, oh no," and it was pretty soft, you questioned if anybody heard.
Maybe they did, because they all laughed.
"When do you not?" The words just slipped out of your mouth and you couldn't help it. Of course you didn't mean it, it was just one of your tics- to have your sarcasm speak before you could think.
Everyone went reeling at that, clapping or just laughing and Jake had almost spit out his water and choked out "that's a bit harsh."
"No! It was a joke, it just slipped out!"
Tumblr media
You were terrible at falling asleep, much like Heeseung. You and him spend most of your nights in the kitchen until 2 or 3 in the morning, talking or snacking. Jake would be there sometimes, but he fell asleep easily.
Your sleep schedule was so terrible that you once fell asleep during a V-Live.
There were times where you would go to the dance room and play music, practicing your gymnastics or twirls or even just sit and sing. Heeseung had fallen asleep on that particular day when you found yourself practicing ball dancing on your for fun.
You laughed at yourself and eventually gave up- which was when you saw the resident light-sleeper standing at the frame of the door. Uncrossing his arms, Jake chuckled and lightly clapped and you cracked a sheepish smile at him.
That night, you find yourself dancing with Jake, one hand on his shoulder and the other weaved with his fingers. It was fun, nothing serious and a part of you had wished you could have taped to watch later.
It didn't get tiring, but you did stop after a while because the pair of you kept laughing. So you sat against the wall and listened to music. He listened while you started talking about the memories you had with your school friends. You listened while he talked about his memories.
Tumblr media
While you were doing a V-Live during Christmas Eve, you listened to everyone talk about how they used to spend Christmas with their family. It was heartwarming, watching everyone take a trip down memory lane.
You just so happened to be sitting beside Jake, mere inches away from the decorated Christmas Tree.
They talked about how and when they figured out Santa Claus wasn't real. When it was your turn to answer, you simply shrugged and said, "I kind of always knew he wasn't real."
At that, every groaned and shook their heads in disappointment. Jake scoffed and said, "you're such a bored," and went as far as to nudge your shoulder with his- which backfired. You ended up slipping, on the verge of crashing into the Christmas Tree.
Jake was quick to catch you, one hand grabbing your wrist and the other digging into your thigh. Everyone yelped in shock, whipping their heads towards you to see if you were got hurt. Jay, as a response to panic, grabbed your foot.
Your laughter rang loud as you finally sat straight, the Christmas Tree still intact as well as your head. Jake helped you up, letting your cross your legs as a halfhearted scowl spread on your lips.
After you assured everyone that you were fine, you took the liberty to flick the side of Jake's head. "Be more careful next time!" You scolded and he apologized sheepishly.
Tumblr media
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trashetc · 4 hours ago
[EN-TER key] Playing the Piano - ENHYPEN (엔하이픈) (ENG/JPN)
[EN-TER key] Playing the Piano – ENHYPEN (엔하이픈) (ENG/JPN)
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arteqmiss · 4 hours ago
hihi i hope your having a good day! anwyays i was scrolling to the enha tag and i found that you were taking requests, so can i have a ship?? ty !
im a 167 cm asian girl with slightly tan skin and shoulder-length, wavy dark brown hair. im considered skinny but i have a bigger appetite and i eat the most when i hang out with my friends 🏃🏻‍♀️
my mbti is infj and my zodiac is cancer. my friends used to refer to me as a mom friend during the starting stages of our friendship but as years ago, i didnt entirely drop that title, but i kind of warmed up more and became more playful (i am one of the youngest). i usually can read people like a book and i trust that instinct full heartedly. i can be competitive when i feel like it. im not rlly of a book smart, but more of people smart. i can procrastinate once in a while when it comes to studies but im very active when it comes to things i love. my love language would be back hugs, sharing songs and talking about movies.
im a film geek and i love editing. im really into fandom and lores but i only share it with selected few i trust and know share some interest in it (i’ve been teased several times and get called “childish”) im into arts, but im not a good painter nor am i musician. i just like analyzing and consuming works of it. kpop introduced me more into dance and even tho im insecure about it, i love to dance with others just for the vibes, and like i mrntioned, with people i trust that wont judge me :)))
usually when i meet someone new, i try my best to lead the convo. i am an introvert, but i absolutely hate awkward situations, so even if im risking my pride, i will always make an attempt to do it. if they give the same energy back, i usually continue it and try to text them often, sending some tiktoks or asking if they want to play games. it takes some time for me to let go of my introvert side, but once it does, i forget i am part of that majority too shxhjsj, but i still need some me time in the midst of all that. i appreciate people who can understand me as much as i understand a majority of people
this is my first time requesting so sorry if this isnt enough!! tysm again :) <3
hi thanks for requesting!
i ship you with jungwon :D
Tumblr media
tries to make you comfortable as possible- he’ll be the type to know if you feel awkward in a situation (in my opinion lols) so he’ll try to make you comfy enough to talk 🤸🕳. if ever you feel drained from socializing or you need time, he’ll definitely give it to you <33
would appreciate back hugs. hUgs yOu bAck- i feel like he’ll bear hug the sht out of you. movie dates with him also sounds very suiting! invites you to dance some kpop with him KSJSKAK but he doesn’t force you if you don’t wanna but you guys will do it impulsively i think :,)
i hope you liked this!
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arteqmiss · 4 hours ago
Hii, omg, I'm not sure whether I'm doing this 'request-thing' right because I almost never interact with most blogs, but your admirable writing drew me in and I couldn't resist.
I actually wanted an enha ship. (This is gonna be difficult because I'm really bad at describing myself but I'll do my best.)
Some basic info abt me:
• I'm an 04 liner.
• Born in October, so I'm a Libra.
• My MBTI type is INFJ-T.
• Brown girl right here.
• I'm around 5'5, I have shoulder-length brown hair (slightly on the longer side).
• I have freckles (idk if this is important lmao) and I also wear glasses.
• My hobbies include singing (although I won't say 'no' to a night of just dancing it out), writing, playing video games and listening to music.
• I love walks in parks, a shopping endeavour, watching a sunset or a sunrise, going out for a 3 a.m fast food run or going on a late night drive.
Aight, so, I'm a bit of an introvert. At first, I find it very difficult to approach new people and if I feel that the conversation isn't going anywhere, it induces this anxiety inside. For this reason, I think I'd like to have an extroverted or an outgoing s/o. Because once I'm comfortable, I could have talks for hours on end.
Adding to this, I don't have a large number of friends but I enormously commit to those I hold dear in my heart.
I may have a pessimistic view about most things in life from time to time, but for the sake of my family and friends (and my mental health), I do a lot to keep the atmosphere cheerful and often act like a complete goofball to make others laugh. But, I also appreciate it when someone can make me laugh instead.
I love to get deep and vulnerable, being raw with your emotions is immensely helpful in the long run from my experience.
I think I also require some reassurance. I usually have these thoughts that I'm a burden and that I'm not going to be able to make it in the future, so just having someone there to hold me and distract me from my distress would be everything.
(Got too serious for a second there), I'm also kind of a romantic. Writing letters, designing birthday cards, hand-making gifts, I'm obsessed with both giving and receiving all of those caring gestures.
(This is getting way too long and I'm so, so sorry) But lastly, I can be clingy sometimes. I tend to backhug people a lot, especially when they're standing or doing work of their own. I just hang onto people like a koala whilst they continue with whatever they were doing. Simultaneously tho, I need my own time as well. My social battery gets drained quickly and I tend to stay holed up in my room for hours.
That's all (it was a lot and once again, I apologize) but I get carried away while writing 😅. I hope you're having a wonderful day/ night <33. (Your works are amazing!)
hi thanks for requesting!
i ship you with sunoo :D
Tumblr media
introvert-extrovert romantic trope whoopie 🏃🏃. sunoo is very outgoing. yes he is a goofball at times too. he seems like the person to help you with new conversations. he will try to make you comfortable as possible!! sunoo wouldn’t like to see you think that you’re a burden so he will reassure you a lot and will hold you.
he will appreciate the gifts you give him. he would very much feel so appreciated. will give you some gifts also <33. doesn’t mind if you’re clingy yeehaw- i feel like he might be clingy as well KSJSJJSAK.
i hope you liked this!
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arteqmiss · 4 hours ago
heya, can i request an enha ship? i’ve seen so many of these now i’m curious and i want one for myself hehehe
aight so the basics;
- ‘03 liner, she/her pronouns
- aquarius sun, virgo moon, taurus rising
- 5’4”, slim build from years of dancing and school team sports like hockey and soccer
- mbti; isfp-t
- filipina-australian (i’m also from brisbane like jake mate whats good aussie gang)
- appearance - hair is long, dyed brown, i’ve got them curtain bangs. my family go as far to say i even look like mf raya from raya and the last dragon just bc we’re south east asian like her bye :’))
i’d say i’m pretty laid back, quite reserved when around new people until i’m comfortable. if i’m really close to someone i make too many references to pop culture and i love a good playful banter once in a while. when in a relationship, i tend to treat my person more like a friend than an actual romantic partner if that makes sense? i’m one of those people who calls their partner ‘bro’ or ‘dude’ every two seconds bc it’s a habit to call everyone that oops. i’m not the most physically affectionate person but i really don’t mind clingy people, it makes me feel safe. i’m more emotionally affectionate and i am quite sensitive and i tend to cry whenever someone else cries.
but my love language is through little hand-made gifts like handwritten letters, drawings etc because i’m quite a sentimental person. another love language of mine- “yo i made you a playlist” or “this song made me think of you”. i’m also one of those people who like to stay up and have deep convos or if someone really needs someone there for them, i’m known as the therapist in my friend group bc i’m quite empathetic no matter how sticky a situation might be!! i am quite a loving person once you get to know me and family is very very very important to me too.
my interests!! literally everything artsy and it’s such a big part of my life. i love drawing, photography etc. i also grew up dancing and i love to sing, act and all that fun stuff. i started uni this year and i’m literally doing a degree in the arts!! and speaking of uni i take my studies quite seriously, study dates at the library are my guilty pleasure kinda dates tbh. adding onto that, i really do love dates that are chill! i’m not really one for going out too much and i’d rather stay home and like idk binge netflix shows and make a mess in the kitchen trying to bake. i do be a sucker for the domestic life :’)) but if i had to pick an ideal going out date- an art gallery date or a picnic in the park.
idk if i’ve overshared hehe but <3333 much love thank you for reading :)))
hi thanks for requesting!
i ship you with jay :D
Tumblr media
right off the bat jay would go like “o_O?” when you call him “dude”/“bro”. i feel like jay would literally appreciate the little things you do for him. whether that’s making him some gifts or making playlists, doesn’t matter. he will take your gifts by heart. makes you playlists in return ig ig.
jay is really domestic in my opinion. like he’ll take good care of you 24/7 365. cooking and baking with jay would be also swag 😎. he’s pretty laid back until he’s loud so ig he’s up for anything. he will take you out in your ideal spots for dating and all because i feel like he’ll try to make you enjoy the date as much as possible 💞.
i hope you liked this!
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