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SYNOPSIS: perv!sunghoon is finding it unbelievably hard to keep his thoughts pure around you. what if you don't want him to?
♡ PAIRING: sub!sunghoon x f!reader
GENRE: smut
WARNINGS: light slapping, male masturbation, perv!sunghoon, gagging
tutoring sunghoon was a pleasure. he listened and learned well, always treating you nicely and his shy demeanor was as sweet as candy. he wasn't quite as sweet as he seemed, though.
sunghoon watches your legs intently as your thighs jiggle with each step you take, your skirt lifting up ever so slightly in the wind. he shakes his head, ashamed of himself as he walks up next to you, looking down to see your face smiling up at his. he shyly grins back, his eyes darting down to the way your breasts go up and down as you walk. he quickly looks away and soon you reach your apartment door.
he couldn't focus. he wanted you. he wanted you to kiss him hard and take off his stupid jeans. he wanted to hear you moans when he finally slipped inside and see the faces you make when you lose all your inhibitions
"...sunghoon?" he snaps out of it and looks to you. his eyes look guilty, and you took a chance.
"were you thinking about me?" sunghoons eyes go wide. could you read minds or something?
"well, i-" he blushes and pinches his nose bridge. you giggle and shift in your seat, now leaning your elbows on the table with your head in your hands. you spot your panties on the floor behind him.
"well, i-" he blushes and pinches his nose bridge. you giggle and shift in your seat, now leaning your elbows on the table with your head in your hands. you spot your panties on the floor behind him.
"was it because of those, perhaps?" you question in an innocent tone. your voice tightens his jeans. he shuts his eyes and nods. you purse your lips and get up, picking up the panties and laying them in front of him. he blushes madly at him being caught darting his eyes from you to the cute pink panties in front of him.
"you dirty boy.. look at you all worked up for me." you motion toward his boner that he quickly tries to hide and averts his gaze.
"i noticed your lingering looks to my chest, hoonie." your nickname for him makes his cock twitch. he's embarrassed that when he thought he was being slick you knew the entire time. but he loves it. he loves feeling embarrassed by you. he fumbled with his fingers trying to keep himself from touching his strained bulge.
"don't hold back, go ahead." he looks at you questioningly. the way his eyebrows furrowed made him look cute enough to eat. you grin and scoot your chair forward, your knee now touching his. you softly grab his hand and place it over his strained bulge. a perv like him swoons over your hand on his.
were you really telling him to jerk off in front of you? his mouth stays slightly agape as he doesn't know what to say. he looks at you with stars in his eyes. you nod toward him. he looks down again, unbuttoning and unzipping his pants slowly with nervous hands. he looks up again for your approval once his cock is out and he catches you licking your lips with your eyes glued to his member.
what he didn't expect was for you to reach over with your fingertip and swipe away a drop of precum from his sensitive tip. he bucks his hips up to follow your finger as it pulls away, desperate for your touch. you giggle before sucking on your finger. he watches in awe of your plump lips.
without fully realizing it, his hand wanders to his length and began pumping it. his big eyes were glued to you as he jerked off slowly. you get bored of his slow and shy pace quickly and decide to encourage him a little more.
you lean over the table, giving him a ripe look down your shirt before cupping his jaw and whispering in his ear.
"go faster, my love." you sound sultry and sexy to him and he obeys immediately. he speeds up his fist by a long shot making him moan out repeatedly. his whimpers were paired with his desperate hips twitching and his feet floating up from the ground every so often. you smile, pleased. but one more thing bothered you now.
"my roommates will be upset. another boy moaning this loud in my room. it won't do." you tap your chin and pretend to think of a solution. you grin and stand up again. you caress his face that was decorated with a thin veil of sweat and his pretty eyebrows furrowed. you reach behind you and pick ip the pair of panties before making him look up at you. you felt powerful looking down at him like this. and sunghoon felt completely under your control, even when you had hardly touched him.
the sight coaxes another loud moan and groan out of him, to which you put to silence by stuffing the panties into his mouth. his eyes go wide with surprise. his saliva is slowly dampening the underwear and him fully enjoying the faint taste of you on them.
you sit back down and notice how close he looks to letting go. you draw patterns on his pale and soft thigh. he hyper fixates on your light touches and imagines you on top of him, your hand being the one to abuse him like this. to further immerse himself in the fantasy he squeezes his eyes shut.
offended, you slap his thigh. he moans loudly through his gag and his eyes fly open. he wasn't expecting you to do that.
"focus on me." you say in a low tone while you begin to soothe the red mark on his thigh. you wanted to treasure this moment forever.
it doesn't take much longer for him to be fully thrusting up into his fist. he wanted to touch you so bad, but something told him he would not be allowed to. he was filthy, after all.
his mouth was getting sore from being opened like this. the pain only encouraged him more. his breathing becomes labored and his legs and spasming before you're able to drink in the sight of him cumming all over himself. his sounds are muffled but you can tell how loud they would have been. you smile wide and take the panties from his mouth, laying the soaked piece of clothing back on the desk.
he takes a few deep breaths and suddenly feels extremely flustered by your eyes on him. he unconsciously curls inward in attempts to hide.
his shirt is ruined.
he pulls it off and begs you for a new one, but you don't let up.
"someone with a physique like yours should have no problem going shirtless, hm?" you say staring at his faint abs and slim waist. his skin was so pale there, begging to be marked up.
he could cry at the embarrassment of walking back to his dorm shirtless, but god was he also savoring it. feeling humiliated to the full extent is exactly what he wanted, and he got it. he's not done though. he wants more.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
sunoo  —  tamed-dashed  (  japanese  ver.  )  performance  @  love  music ↪  for  @jaehyukkies  ♥
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meow. 🐱
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Jay being the best person there is: a saga
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game boy | s.jk
Tumblr media
>pairing: boyfriend!jake x female reader
>genre: smut
>warning: riding, quickie, handjob, kissing, praising, grinding,
summary: game addict jake, y/n in need of attention.
you were in the room you shared with your boyfriend, sitting on the bed with your phone in your hands while he was busy playing his game. it’s been two hours since the two of you were doing different things and you were getting bored. you looked at hee, he was completely focused on his game, his fingers were busy taping on the keyboard while his eyes were fixing his character.
“jay don’t even try to shoot me ! noo, I’m going to die, I hate you !” he yelled on the mic of his headphones.
“jake stop yelling,” you said but he didn’t seem to hear you the volume of his headphones probably to the maximum.
“yaay, I got you !” he kept yelling.
you pouted seeing him having so much fun while you were extremely bored. you sighed as got up and walked towards jake. you lowered yourself and hugged him from the back, your head resting on his broad shoulder.
“what’s so fun about this ?” you asked as you watched the screen. seeing that he didn't even glance at you, you begin to poke his side continuously while calling his name.
“baby, later.” he said.
you shift the headphones from one of his ears so he could hear you. “jake, get off the game it's been two hours now.”
“i’ll finish soon just wait,” he said putting his headphones back correctly and continuing his game. you then went in front of him and sat on his lap your legs at each side of his hips.
“oh- babe, I can’t see.” he squirmed trying to get a view of his game. you leaned forward pressing your body against his, wrapping your arms around his neck and putting your head at the crook of his neck.
“what's happening, bro ?” you heard jay at the other side of the phone.
“nothing,” he sighed seeming a bit annoyed. “shall we do another game ?” he asked.
he didn't seem to care enough to stop his game so you're going to play your last card. you begin to leave small wet kisses on his neck, sucking and biting his smooth skin from time to time while you pressed your chest against his for him to feel your breast. as time passes he started to react a bit as you felt his breath hitching but that wasn't enough for you so you started to grind on him slowly, his crotch against yours. you felt him tense up as his adam apple gulped.
“babe, stop it,” he whispered to you making you smile knowing that you're not going to stop at all. eventually, you started to grind harder while leaving kisses all over his neck.
“fuck... jay I'm sorry I have to stop the game,”
“it's y/n right?,” jay asked through the phone before laughing. “have a good time.”
jake then turn off the computer and took off his headphones. his hands went to your waist as he licked his lips seeing your cleavage right in front of his face.
“baby, don't do that,” he said.
“but that's the only way I could get your attention,” you pouted.
“but now I wanna fuck you so bad. is that why you were doing all of that shit for? you wanted to be fucked, right? ” he asked not letting you respond before he brought his head to yours, and started to kiss you. his lips moved slowly against yours as you kissed back following the rhythm, he was setting up. he joins his tongue to yours making them touch and taste each other while his hands slide to your butt groping your cheeks firmly. you moaned in the kiss when you felt him buck his hips against yours making you feel his growing member through his sweatpants.
“you like that baby ?” he pulled out of the kiss smirking at you then bucked his hips again to see your pleasured face. “you’re beautiful.” he whispered. he squirmed under you to pull down his sweatpants and boxer letting his cock spring out of it. you bit your lip seeing his hard-on some centimeters away from your clothed core.
“what are you waiting for baby? take it,” he said. you look at him then slid your hand that was in his shoulder to his abdomen and down to the base of his member. you wrapped your hand around it and began to stroke it slowly.
“faster baby, yeah like this…” he groaned looking at your hand going up and down his shaft in a faster pace. you felt yourself growing wetter seeing his pleased face and hearing his low groans. his member was now all hard and hot, you could feel his veins pulsating in your hands making you to clench your walls. you took off your shorts and panties throwing them at one of the corner of the room.
“ride my fucking cock, baby,” he groaned as the reddened tip of his member made contact with your wet slit. you pushed him into you slowly making the two of you groan together. you directly started to ride him letting his cock hitting your sensitive point hardly.
“fuck, jake… so good…” you moaned as he was holding your waist helping you taking his member deep inside of you at each thrust.
“baby, you’re so tight…” he whispered in your ear. you kept bouncing on his dick until you started to get tired so he began to buck his hips thrusting into you deeply as he was still holding your waist tightly which will probably leave marks. your arms were wrapped around his neck as he was going in and out of your cunt.
“jake, I’m close…” you moan as you could feel a knot in your stomach.
“wait for me baby, I’m almost there,” he said going faster making the clapping sounds louder. a couple of thrust later, you came undone on him in a long moan. he came just after you filling you up with his warm seed that is now dripping on his length.
“that was good…” jake stated still catching his breath. “I’m sleepy now.”
“me too.” you respond lifting your head from the crook of his neck. jake took your chin between his thumb and index and kissed you slowly. you responded to the kiss before he pulled out patting your hair.
“I’m sorry for earlier, I’ll try to play less games I promise.” he said smiling softly at you.
“thank you, sim jaeyun.”
⚠️ request opeeeen ! ask me whatever you want I’ll make sure to write it !
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first time // p.js
Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing // softdom!jay x sub!fem!reader
word count // 2.4k
genre // smut. minors do not interact
warnings // first times(sex/fingering), unprotected sex, my intention wasnt to have dom/sub relationship but it came off that way. gentle sex, slight dirty talk. nicknames (reader calls jay 'jayjay') use of things like "pretty baby" "good girl" "baby" and "sweetheart". belly bulge. praise. implied cockwarming. overstimulation, cum inside, slight breeding kink if you squint. multiple orgasms (reader)
description // reader asks bf!jay to be her first
"jayjay?" you whispered as you slowly walked into his at home studio, feeling nervous about the question you were going to ask him.
"hm?" he hummed as he looked up from his computer, where he was putting the finishing touches on a song he was working on.
"are you busy? it can wait" you replied, standing near the doorway of the room.
"no baby, im done for now. whats up?" he said as he got up from his desk and made his way to you. once in front of you, he kissed you softly and held both of your hands. "are you okay?" he asked, his eyes searching your face for any trace of sadness.
"im fine jayjay, i just had something to ask you" you told him, looking away from him. you could feel your heart pounding in your chest and you werent sure why. you knew that jay wouldnt turn you down but you couldnt help but feel a tad bit scared.
"come on, lets go to the room and sit down so you can calm down a little bit" he said, letting go of one of your hands and leading you to the bedroom with the other.
once in the room, you sat on the edge of the bed and jay did the same, keeping your hand in his.
"is it something bad?" he asked, sensing your apprehension and taking charge of the situation.
"no its not, its about what we talked about a few days ago" you told him, looking down at your hand that was in his.
"a few days ago... we talk a lot baby, can you be a bit more specific?" he asked.
you could feel your face heating up as you fidgeted on the bed, squeezing your thighs together as you felt your panties stick to you. the very feeling between your legs was one of the things that helped you come to your decision. of course you put a lot of thought into it, but you also realized that you needed something more than your own fingers. you trusted jay with every ounce of your being and so you decided, when would be a better time than now.
jay on the other hand, had an idea of what you were trying to say judging by the way you were hesitating to say what you needed to as well as the way you were flushed and not so subtly trying to get some friction to the spot you needed it most. normally when you were turned on, you would excuse yourself to go handle it, but instead, you were sitting next to him, very obviously needing some type of relief.
"I think i know what you want but i can't help you until you ask, baby" he said, turning your head with a finger under your chin to make you look at him.
"i need you" you whispered, feeling embarrassed under his gaze.
"need me how?" he asked you, placing his hand on your thigh, making you squirm under his touch.
"could you please help me?" you asked as you moved his hand closer to your core.
"you need jayjay to help you? are you sure baby?" he questioned while massaging your inner thigh.
"im sure, i trust you." you confirmed.
"okay baby, ill help you, stand in front of me please" he told you as he spread his legs so that you could stand between them.
you got off the bed and stood there in front of him, waiting for more instruction, but it didnt come. instead, he slipped his hands in the waist band of your shorts and slowly pulled them down, his warm hands rubbing on your thighs and down to your calves until your shorts pooled at your ankles, his eyes raking over your lower half as he went.
"okay, now, lay down with your head on the pillow please" he instructs.
you do as he said and climb on the bed. he crawls on next to you, laying down on his side with his face near yours, propped up on his hand while his other hand turns your face toward himself.
he presses a firm and passionate kiss on your lips before pulling away and letting his hand slowly trail to your pelvis.
"can you open your legs for me sweetheart?"
you nod and part your thighs, letting out a small whimper at the feeling of the chilly bedroom room air hitting your soaked panties.
"you listen so well.." he trails off, speaking to himself. "are you sure you want this?" he asked, wanting to make sure.
"im sure jayjay"
jay slowly slips his hand into the waist of your panties, moving his hand slowly to your folds, slipping 2 fingers between them and finding your clit. he began rubbing circles against the sensitive bud, causing you to scrunch your face in pleasure and let out a string of quiet gasps and moans.
once pleased with your reactions, he slides his fingers lower, feeling the arousal thats steadily leaking out of you. "youre so wet baby, how long were you waiting?" he asks while just barely pressing the pad of his middle finger into your entrance.
"a couple hours" you said shyly.
jay nodded and slowly sank his finger into you, feeling your walls squeeze around it. "from now on, i want you to come to me for help. i want nothing more than to make you feel good, so i want to take care of you now. unless you dont want me to of course. do you understand?" he asks you.
"i understand jayjay" you tell him, reveling in the pleasure he was giving you.
"you know that youre allowed to stop or say no whenever you want, right? i wont ever be upset by it" he says, holding your gaze with a serious look on his face as he pumped his finger into you at a painfully slow pace.
you nodded but jay didnt like that and stopped his movements. "words please"
"I know jayjay" you said quietly.
"you think youre ready for another one?" he asked, thinking that you were relaxed enough to handle more.
"yes please"
"hmm" he hummed at your response. "my baby is so polite, good girl" he finished with a gentle kiss to your cheek.
he slipped his ring finger in and began moving at the slightly faster pace, making you moan his name. jay smiled at the way you were reacting to him and curled his fingers against your walls, making you buck your hips.
"hows that feel?" he asked you, scissoring his fingers inside you.
"feels so good" you tell him, your hand moving to hold onto his arm to help ground yourself as you could feel the knot building in your lower stomach.
"jay" you whined, squeezing his arm.
"be a good girl and cum on my fingers" he said, dipping his head to kiss you again before moving his fingers faster.
as if on command, you came. jay could feel the way your walls continuously clenched around his fingers and slowly pumped them into you, helping you ride out your high.
"jayjay.. more please. i need you" you whined as you yearned for something more, something bigger.
"you want me to be your first baby? are you 100% sure that's what you want?" he asked as he slowly pulled his fingers out of you, trying to remain calm but feeling pleased with your decision. he had been dreaming of those words for months.
he nods, removing his fingers from your underwear.
"can i suck on them?" you ask him, taking him off guard.
he could feel blood rushing to his already rock hard dick and brings his fingers to your mouth, sliding them against your tongue.
you let out a small moan around his fingers at the taste of your arousal and jay just watches, imagining his dick replacing his fingers.
once theyre clean, he slides them out with a slight popping sound and automatically presses his lips to yours, kissing you urgently and slipping his tongue in your mouth. he groans against your lips as he tastes your arousal on your tongue and finds it extremely hard to pull away but he manages to do so, not wanting to keep you waiting.
"can i touch you first jay?" you asked, feeling bad that hes doing all the work
"thank you for asking, but not tonight, okay? i want to make you feel good right now, we can move onto that next time, i promise." he responded as he moved between your legs, glancing at your pussy, and letting out a groan at the sight of your panties which were sticking to you and outlining your folds in a way that had him wanting to put his face between your legs for hours.
"can i take off your panties please, baby?" he asks after taking a deep breath to calm himself down.
you nod and he slides them down your thighs, watching closely as a string of cum connected your folds and panties. jay could feel himself leaking in his pants as he pulled your underwear off completely.
"do you wanna keep your shirt on?" he asks you, moving up your body.
you shake your head as you sit up and he helps you out of it before reaching his arms around your back to the clasp of your bra. "is this okay?" has asks, waiting for permission.
"yes" you tell him and he unclasps your bra before slowly pulling it down your arms and placing on the floor with your shirt and shorts.
once completely bare, you lay back down on the pillow. jay moves off the bed and pulls his shirt off before unbuckling his jeans and sliding them down his legs, his boxers being pulled down soon after.
you watch as his cock sprang out, standing tall and thick and leaking precum.
"jayjay" you call his name while staring shamelessly at his thick length.
"yes baby?" he asks as he climbs back on the bed and positions himself between your thighs, his eyes raking over your naked body.
"are you sure itll fit? its so big.." you trailed off.
jays eyes snapped to yours in shock as his cheeks turned red, feeling slightly embarrassed but also happy that you think hes big. "im sure. ill go nice and slow" he responds as he leans down to kiss your neck and collarbone. you could feel his dick just barely graze against you and let out a whine.
"youre so pretty... so pretty and all mine" he says quietly as he holds himself up with one hand and moves the other to his dick, rubbing his tip along your slit before slowly pushing the tip in.
"does it hurt?" he asked as he heard you take in a sharp breath.
"a little bit" you told him, feeling a slight burning sensation, mixed with the pleasure of being filled and stretched.
"breathe baby, i got you" he said, his voice laced with affection.
you did as he said and focused on your breathing, letting out an occasional whine as he pushed deeper inside you until he bottomed out completely.
jay could see the bulge of his cock in your belly and placed his hand over it to feel it as he pulled out slowly and then thrust back into you. "tiny pussy is so full that i can see my cock in your tummy baby" he said as he rubbed his hand over your lower stomach.
you looked down and let out a whimper at the sight before whispering "so full". you could no longer feel any pain as it was replaced with immense pleasure. you quite literally felt full. "im ready jayjay" you told him while moving your hands to grip his arms that were on both sides of your head.
jay began fucking you at a slow but deep pace, filling you completely with every thrust and pulsing against your walls at the tightness.
he sat up to watch as he sank into you, your pussy slick and stretched around him. "my pretty babys taking my cock so well, im so proud of you, i knew you could do it" he told you, causing your face to flush even more. you couldnt help but attempt to close your legs as you watched him stare at you.
"dont do that baby, youre so pretty that i cant help but watch as i fill you up." jay reluctantly tore his eyes away to look at your face and the sight had him wanting to hold you, so he layed over your body and rolled over, pulling you on top of him.
you buried your face in this neck as he rolled his hips into you. his arms were wrapped around you, pulling you down on him as he thrust up into you, hitting your g-spot.
you moaned his name into his neck as he fucked into you, hitting deeper than before. "such a good girl, taking everything i give you" he said, followed with a groan as you squeezed around him, his words going straight to your pussy. "gonna fill my baby with my cum"
you could feel the knot once again and whined into jays neck.
"cum on my cock sweetheart. be a good girl and cum for me. i know you can do it" he whispered, wanting you to cum first.
with a few more thrusts, you came harder than before and ground your hips down on your boyfriend as your walls clenched around him, forcing his climax out of him as well. jay pumped his cum inside you, coating your walls and mixing with your own cum, making you feel even more full.
jay continued to shallowly thrust into you as your hips bucked against him, riding out both of your highs and causing slight overstimulation. you whined into his neck as you involuntarily tried to pull away but jay held you down on him, not stopping his thrusts. "just a little bit more baby, i wanna make sure my cum is deep inside you" he said quietly, his voice shaking from his own overstimulation.
"you did such a good job sweetheart" he told you as you softly kissed his birthmark to help distract yourself from the overwhelming feeling between your legs.
after a few more thrusts, he finally stopped. he tightened his hold around you, pressing your bare chest against his own and rubbing a hand up and down your back
"lets just stay like this for a bit"
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⌇TO MY: LOVER ❤️‍🩹 — 1 injured hand & 1 injured heart
Tumblr media
“You okay?”
Your eyes tried to adjust to the almost burning light that glared at you from above, slowly taking in your surroundings.
Somebody shifted from beside you and asked the same question again—“are you okay?”
If it wasn’t such a serious time now, Sunghoon would’ve been grinning from ear to ear, butterflies erupting his stomach at your usage of his nickname. But unfortunately, you’re injured, so Sunghoon tries his best to stay as serious and comforting as possible.
“You’re at the hospital Y/N. You and Keiko.”
You suddenly jolt up from Sunghoon’s words, panic filled your brain and your hand felt like it was on fire as you moved. Fuck, why did it hurt so bad?
“Please lay down Y/N,” Sunghoon says as he tries to calm you down, “you’re fine. Just a hurt hand that will heal in a few days.”
You stop struggling, finally coming back to your senses. But what had happened? All you remember was the shouts coming from all directions and the feeling of Keiko’s head colliding with yours as you two are pressed against each other because of the overbearing crowd.
“Is Keiko okay?” You ask Sunghoon, grabbing his hand out of nervousness.
“She’s alright,” Sunghoon reassures you, “she just hit her head really hard—but she still remembers everything and she’s okay.”
“Sunghoon, is she up?” Yejun enters the room, muttering a thank God under her breath when she sees you’re fine.
“Everybody was so worried,” Yejun explains, “Jinyoung and Jaeyun couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t sleep—hell, Beomgyu, Yeji and Jiung called me sobbing earlier asking if you were okay. I think Beomgyu did most of the crying, though.”
“Has Keiko woke up yet?” You ask, concerned for your other member.
“Yes, Jaeyun and Riki’s in there with her. I left because he was feeding her soup and they were being too… how do I say this? Couple-y. I don’t like couples.” Yejun pretends to throw up, laughing as she did so. “Though I wouldn’t mind you and Sunghoon as a couple, eh?”
“Oh stop it,” you say, shooting her a look while Sunghoon looks down, his cheeks red.
“How long was I asleep for?”
“Just a day,” Sunghoon quickly replies, “Keiko woke up a few hours ago, so you slept longer than her.”
“I see..” you look around the room, biting the inside of your cheek. Never in your life did you think you would end up in the hospital due to disgusting antis who wanted you out of the group. “Did Riki stay here the whole day?”
“He did,” Yejun says, “him and Sunghoon. I had to contact Jungwon and tell him they’d be staying here since he’s the leader and all, you know? Anyway, Riki got some sleep, don’t worry so much.”
You open your mouth to speak but Yejun quickly interrupts, “yes—Riki did eat as well. He’s fine Y/N, but let’s focus on you. Are you feeling better? Do you feel sick or lightheaded?”
“I’m fine,” you reply, “it doesn’t hurt much.”
“You’re getting discharged tomorrow. Our manager wanted it to be today but I put up one damn of a fight to make sure you were getting out tomorrow. He said he wanted to get back on track for the choreography and recording as soon as possible, but you and Keiko are clearly fucking hurt—I don’t know why he can’t just let you rest.”
Sunghoon scoffs, “who does he think he is?”
“He’s always like that,” you mutter, “entitled jerk. I don’t know why SM even hired him in the first place.”
“Well as much as I wanna stay longer,” Yejun gives you a pitiful smile, “I’m hungry and I want some jello they have in the vending machine outside.”
Yejun digs into her pocket, looking for some extra coins, “Do you want some Sunghoon and Y/N?”
“I’m good,” you and Sunghoon both say, which makes Yejun shrug and say well alright then, see you later.
The room gets quiet for a while, Sunghoon too nervous to ask you something and you were as equally nervous as him; trying to look anywhere but at him.
A ding from Sunghoon’s phone pulls you two out of your trance, Sunghoon quickly digging into his pocket to get his phone.
“Ah, Riki said he got us some food outside…”
“Go Hoon,” you say, smiling reassuringly at him, “go eat, I’ll be fine.”
Sunghoon is unsure to leave you alone by yourself.
Sure, it was only a hand injury—but Sunghoon thinks he really likes you; which he never felt about anybody else aside from that one girl in seventh grade who was his seat partner. And how could he leave the girl he likes alone by herself?
“I’m serious, go.” You say, laughing at his unsure face, “as long as you tell Riki to visit me when he’s free, alright? I’ll be waiting.”
Sunghoon nods, waving goodbye at you awkwardly as he leaves the room. He was surprised he didn’t let out a scream as soon as he left. Gosh, what were you doing to his heart Nishimura Y/n?
You look at the time, sighing as you pull the hospital blanket closer to you. The AC was on in the room, which made it colder—and the dim lights weren’t helping either.
You hope Riki finishes his dinner quick. You miss him, his nice weirdly calming presence, despite him not talking much. You also miss his stupidly funny jokes—the ones that you swore wasn’t funny but still laughed your ass off at.
So you wait.
And you wait.
And you wait.
But Nishimura Riki never shows up, not even once.
Maybe Sunghoon forgot to tell him. Maybe he was simply just busy… though you can’t help but feel your heart ache as the clock read 11:23pm.
Maybe he’ll come in the morning. He has too, right? No matter how mad he was at you, you knew Riki still loved you deep inside.
But he never showed up in the morning either.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
⌇author note. feminine urge to cry 4 yn is very strong. Riki how could u do that to us BFF 💔💔 what happened to bros (and sisters) over hoes dude.
SYNOPSIS: you and your little brother haven’t always been close; in fact, you would say you were more distant than regular siblings. You would think moving to a foreign country together would bring you closer—but Riki despised you ever since you picked SM over HYBE. Now, as rookies, you were placed on MC duty, and guess who’s your partner? Your little brother’s band mate!
☆、masterlist / previous / next
taglist ( is closed ! ) @02sjy @ferxanda @srjlvr @lachinitaaaaa @i4cho @rasparagus @bubblytaetae @yeppeudau @rkiwai @enloveclub @yjwnoot @ahnneyong @articxari @shakycups @icywhatim @jiawji @ineedaherosavemeenow @nyfwyeonjun @aesunghoon @wtfhyuck @just-mars-writing @keewho @heavenforatlas @abdiitcryy @ja4hyvn @gu8ki @darrensos @afiaaaa19 @jangwonie @c9tnoos @junhaodni @bigtoewinwin @blu3ming-hoon @jeonsoyeonsbae @ohdudehesflirting @enhasengene @prettysung @starzvrse @thisisnotjacinta @arizejkt19 @bestgirl-maddie @sunshine-skz @fairycheol @bearseulgs @wccycc @gyufxc @k1ttyl1x @only2jake @love-4-keum @enhacolor
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sankyeom · a day ago
sorry, i’m an anti-romantic chapter thirty-nine: important business
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
we stan a stable couple who trusts each other !!!
also the way they all turned on him when they joked about him cheating on her lol
masterlist | next
#pairing: park sunghoon x reader (she/her pronouns)
#summary: after years of casual dating and never committing to relationships, your friends challenge you to fall in love. which is why you seek out park sunghoon, the campus heartbreaker, to pretend to break your heart. little do you know: his reputation is a complete lie.
#update schedule: every four days at 3:00pm pst
#tag list: closed! please read this before asking; requests to be added will be (lovingly) ignored because they happen so often. you can check if you’re on my tag list at the bottom of the series masterlist or here
tag list in the reblogs!
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jaeyunverse · 2 days ago
enhypen pining for you
Tumblr media
PAIRING(S) | ot7 x fem!reader
GENRE(S) | angst, fluff, crack, unrequited love
WARNING(S) | none of the members get the girl LOOL i think that’s all but lmk if you want me to add smth else!
SUMMARY | you can love someone with all your heart but you can never force them to feel the same way for you. so, you enjoy the happiness in the small moments and cherish what you already have.
AUTHOR’S NOTE | i accidentally deleted this a few weeks ago when i was getting rid of my smau chapters so i’m posting it again!! i hope you guys enjoy <33
Tumblr media
𝗹𝗲𝗲 𝗵𝗲𝗲𝘀𝗲𝘂𝗻𝗴
a loser and a horrendous simp
cannot hide his feelings for the life of him
you literally have to shake his shoulders and yell his name to pull him out of his fantasies
the same ones where he’s imagining the two of you on a cute amusement park date
smiles at you sheepishly and rubs the nape of his neck after being caught daydreaming
all the while you’re like ??? are you okay do we need to go to the hospital ???
you’re so confused but he just waves you away
will volunteer to do stuff with you because it means you’ll get to spend time together
doesn’t even care if it’s something he doesn’t like or has never done before
like that one time when he offered to help you out with some two week teaching course for kids
he figured teaching math and science to a bunch of middle schoolers wouldn’t be hard
turns out you were teaching them spanish and the only word he knew was puta
heeseung pining for you is a tragicomedy because he’s trying so hard for no reason, it’s almost hilarious
he might be sort of pathetic but he’s a good guy and his heart’s in the right place
you’re very glad to have him in your life
Tumblr media
𝗽𝗮𝗿𝗸 𝗷𝗼𝗻𝗴𝘀𝗲𝗼𝗻𝗴
jay doesn’t remember a time when he wasn’t in love with you
the two of you have been best friends ever since you were in diapers
he longs for something more but doesn’t want to jeopardise your relationship in case you don’t feel the same way
so, he lets things be the way they are
is a very good listener and will never judge you nor give unsolicited advice
will make you walk on the inner side of the footpath because it’s safer
will always remind you to call him when you reach home after a hangout session
will cook for you
knows you love to read, so he will take you out to the bookstore every week
loves the way you look at books and hopes that a day will come when you’ll look at him the same way
lets you sleep in his bed and sleeps on the floor if you’re having a nightmare
will never say no when you ask him to go shopping with you
will buy you ice-cream on your period if you’re craving it in the middle of the night
it’s hard for him to pretend like he’s not in love with you but would never try to distance himself from you
he knows you’ll notice and ask what’s wrong
he hates lying to you but isn’t sure he’ll be able to tell you the truth
so, he suffers in silence
tries to hold back when you hug him
tries to not let his mind wander when you thank him for something by pressing a chaste kiss to his cheek
can’t bring himself to resent you for what you’re making him go through
he loves you too much and fears it’s going to be his downfall
Tumblr media
𝘀𝗶𝗺 𝗷𝗮𝗲𝘆𝘂𝗻
thinks he’s being very subtle but is actually embarrassing himself
says he wants you to rate his pick-up lines and then proceeds to spout some of the most terrible ones you’ve ever heard
“roses are red. violets are fine. you be the six and i’ll be the nine.”
“thoughts and prayers for the girl you like. minus infinity out of ten.”
makes up for his shitty flirting skills by being actually funny
prides himself on how his jokes never fail to make you double over
loves the way your eyes crinkle and you laugh so freely when you’re with him
thinks he’s never heard a prettier sound before
plus, the fact that you bury your face in his shoulder and clutch on to him to stop yourself from giggling like a maniac makes his heart flutter
he doesn’t know nor remember what made him fall for you
but every day, you remind him why he’s still in love with you
doesn’t mind that you don’t reciprocate his feelings; he’s sure he’ll get over you some time in the future
he’s satisfied with what the two of you have now and wouldn’t trade it for the world
Tumblr media
𝗽𝗮𝗿𝗸 𝘀𝘂𝗻𝗴𝗵𝗼𝗼𝗻
sunghoon lowkey hates you a little bit because he doesn’t like how you make him feel
you make him want to miss ice skating practice in favour of spending time with you
you make him want to take time out of his busy schedule to teach you how to skate
which in reality is just an excuse to hold your hands and have you fall on top of him
loves the way your eyes glitter when you watch him glide on the ice and he can’t help but focus on you instead of his routine
his career is supposed to be his main priority, not making you happy
will never act on his feelings and be miserable for all of eternity
will also be cold with you at times because he thinks that pushing you away will make his heart forget about you
too bad that’s not how things work
gets angry at you because you’re unfazed by his rudeness
falls harder because it’s proof of how you’ll be at his side no matter what
pretends to not care about you but will be the first one to help at a time of distress
will suddenly glare at you out of nowhere because he doesn’t like how you’re making his heart go into overdrive
will force himself to roll his eyes when he sees you getting excited over something small like a herd of sheep on the side of the road
but on the inside, he’ll find you cute and admire you for your ability to find happiness in the most normal things
“i hate you because i love you” type beat
Tumblr media
𝗸𝗶𝗺 𝘀𝘂𝗻𝗼𝗼
casual and nonchalant on the outside
freaking out on the inside
sunoo’s face literally turns red from trying to contain his excitement when your teacher pairs you up for a project
he’s so hyped he’s finally going to be able to spend time with you and get to know you
he never approached you before because he didn’t want to weird you out by popping in out of nowhere
plus, he didn’t know how to start a conversation because he didn’t know your interests
all he knew was that you were very kind and helpful—he saw you give your lunch to a homeless kid outside your school a few months back
and then he saw you bring extra food every day after so that the kid wouldn’t be hungry
sunoo thinks that’s how he began falling for you
he rarely lets his emotions get the best of him
his lips always pull up in a soft smile when you talk to him about your dreams so passionately
but then his heart aches as he wonders if you’ll ever talk about him the same way
if your eyes would twinkle and your face would be filled with happiness
he doesn’t mind it when you drone on about trivial things—sunoo lives for the gossip, but most of all, he loves being the person you trust the most
he always has a juicebox handy because you’re such a chatterbox and get thirsty all the time
lets you eat his food and steal his hoodies
never allows anyone to pinch his cheeks except you
there are days when he wishes the two of you could be something more
but he manages to crush the feeling and be content with what you have now
being just friends never killed anyone, did it?
Tumblr media
𝘆𝗮𝗻𝗴 𝗷𝘂𝗻𝗴𝘄𝗼𝗻
the shyest person you ever came across
avoided eye contact each time you tried to talk to him, causing you to wonder if he didn’t like you
the thought of that being a real possibility put you off
you were an extrovert and a people pleaser—no way in hell were you letting jungwon off the hook without an explanation
when you confronted him, you found out he didn’t like to socialise and was very introverted
needless to say, you took him under your wing immediately
within a month, you were his ride or die as he was yours
within two months, jungwon realised what he felt for you went beyond the loyalty of friendship
but he didn’t want to lose you by confessing in case you didn’t return his feelings
and so the pining began
his gazes are filled with longing
his smiles are sad
his heart is always aching
but you’re too blind to see through his pretence
will make small gestures that don’t seem much at first glance
like giving you piggyback rides when you’re too tired and accompanying you to grocery stores because you hate shopping alone
like always keeping bandaids handy because you’re too clumsy
like staying up late to help you study and giving you advice without judging you
jungwon is everything you could ever ask for
unfortunately, you can’t give him everything he longs for
Tumblr media
𝗻𝗶𝘀𝗵𝗶𝗺𝘂𝗿𝗮 𝗿𝗶𝗸𝗶
riki’s love language is making your life a living hell
absolutely delights in teasing and annoying you
loves the way your cheeks puff up and make you look like a cute puffer fish when you’re angry
ruffles your hair all the time and throws his arm around your shoulder to lean on you
loves physical intimacy!! but hates to accept that he does <//3
so you’ll see him trying to be subtle about it
will put you in a headlock, engage in harmless violence, and challenge you to beat him at hand and finger wrestling just to be close to you
also hates to acknowledge that he’s down for you really bad because he believes pining is for the weak
but there are times when riki drops the stubborn bitch act and gives in to his feelings
will find himself purposely losing at video games just so he can drink in the wide grin on your face when you think you’ve finally beaten him
will do sweet things for you and then deny doing them when you question him
“did you wake up at four in the morning to record the concert for me?”
“nah. i wanted to record this movie that rarely gets broadcasted but i put on the wrong damn channel.”
he set his alarm the previous night and got up to record the concert because he knew how much you loved the band
unfortunately, you had an exam the next day and watching it live wasn’t possible
he just didn’t want to see you sad
riki thinks he’s being nonchalant but under the i don’t give a fuck attitude is a boy who deeply cares for you and would sacrifice anything to see you happy
Tumblr media
ENHYPEN PERMANENT TAGLIST | @notbeforelong @w3bqrl @hysique @acciomylove @msxflower @rikiflowers @saucytaehyung @abdiitcryy @iuwon @corosetadpole @mochisnlix @nyanggk @lachimolalah @allorysayshi ​@yeonjunthinkr @kdyism @hiqhkey @seonushine @clarakyunisageek @va1ry @kyleeanne @lavienhwa @angel-hyuckie @markleeisdabestdrug @sunoope @j4kesworld @ilandsghost @sunoosbestie @ninishimura @gyusteez @vantxx95 @outrologist @mavlogist @sweetjaemss @enaus @90sni-ki ​@ahnneyong @lvsn1k1 @sunshine-skz @baekhyunstruly @kimjiho1 @ja4hyvn @yunki4evr @centheodd ​@viagumi @bakubae000 @ily-cuz-i @aizzon @envyryns
Tumblr media
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chiyuv · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
FT. heeseung, jake, jay, sunghoon ( wc. 0.5k )
G. fluff humour | W. none
AN. repost
Tumblr media
you're staring at him? ok stare all you want, he doesn't mind. heeseung would keep focusing on whatever he's doing, paying you little to no mind; but oh god, you do have an effect on him. catch him stealing glances you as a rose-tinted dust settles on his cheeks. asks something along the lines of, "do you need something?" trying to play pretend and oblivious, but little do you know that if your gaze lasts on him for another minute, his mind will short-circuit.
𓆩♡𓆪 JAKE !
my guy jakes has two moods : if he's flustered, a faint blush creeps up his cheeks and he looks away immediately; though still, looking at you to see if your eyes are still settled on him. or; if he's feeling competitive enough, he'll stare back— a determined grimace, stern eyes looking directly at you, hosting a mere staring contest. he'll either resort to unfair means to have you blink deliberately, or something that'll get you flustered and defeated.
𓆩♡𓆪 JAY !
play pretend part two. knows you've been staring at him for a good two minutes and is also aware that if you saw the blush on his face, you're not going to let him live that down. pays you absolutely no attention, just continues to mind his own business, trying to supress his smile. you know the infamous 'jay smile' when he's flustered yeah that, that's exactly what reigns his face right now. "how long are you planning to stare?" is probably the only thing coming out of his mind before jay hits his limit and finally gives in to your plan
this man, here, has no shame. you're staring at me? damn, right you should. you have a handsome boyfriend— that's his thought process. he catches you staring, a smirk dancing on his lips as he steps closer and closer with an unwavering gaze, asking, “like what you see, hm?” and you’re gone. the teasings aren't stopping for next new minutes and you bet, his eyes aren't leaving you either. your gaze flutters, and he comments, "look at me, sweets." yeah that's enough for today, sunghoon.
Tumblr media
idk if i should add my taglist help
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ilvrei · 2 days ago
[9:35 PM] — yjw x reader (gn)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
note: these allergies are KILLING ME and it’s mainly to grass which is everywhere smh. this is more of a drabble but like… that’s not gonna affect anyone soo :)!
warnings: reader is sick like with a cold nothing serious, established relationship between won and reader, and mentions of seasonal allergies?? idk i’m just gonna put it
wc: 743 words
Tumblr media
“What was that?” Jungwon questioned. “Are you sick?” He placed the back of his hand on your forehead. You’d swat away his hand in return as a frown appears on his face.
“I'm not sick, Won. It's just seasonal allergies.” Of course, you'd always get allergies due to pollen and other natural things. But, at least it was customary for you.
You sneezed again as you walked away to the kitchen, which startled Jungwon. “Bless me,” you wiped your nose with the closest napkin you could find and tossed it into the garbage. “Y/n... Are you sure you're okay?” Jungwon was more worried than usual; well, he did think you were sick.
“I'm fine, I'm fine! Don't worry about me, only yourself.” You waved your hand and sent him a gleeful smile to show him proof that you were doing alright. Even if your nose was stuffy, which made your voice sound different, he still nodded in agreement.
Tumblr media
The sun was down, making the light from the lamp Jungwon had on in your bedroom more visible. He was studying the notes he had written down from his class earlier until he heard the sound of constant moving.
He spun around on your desk chair to face your sleeping figure but still couldn't see any difference. He’d get up from his seat and walk closer to you, only to notice the sweat beads that dripped down from your forehead. “Y/n?” He whispers your name, thinking you were only having a nightmare.
He reaches out his hands to shake you awake, which—spoiler alert—did work. “Jungwon?” Your voice was barely understandable as your words slurred together with your groggy voice. “You were sweating in your sleep. I thought you were having a nightmare or something!” He emphasizes the last bit as you attempt to let out a laugh which was then cut off by a cough.
Your eyes widened at how painful the cough was. So this couldn't be your allergies, right?
“Y/n,” he'd reach his hand to recheck your temperature. “You're burning up. You're sick! You lied about not being sick!” Of course, he was pretty quick to assume that you were lying but to be honest, and you didn't even know about this either!
“Jungwon, can you open the windows a bit? And no, I wasn't lying. I didn't know I was sick eith—cough.” You'd clear your throat and watch as Jungwon headed towards the windows. “Here, stay here, and I'll get you a thermometer with a warm mug of tea!” He exclaimed and was out of the room in a flash.
This was the first time you've ever gotten sick while dating Jungwon. So, of course, he'd be worried.
You were startled by the sound of your room door being kicked open—you were sure it was bound to break. “I'm back!” A happy Jungwon exclaimed from the entrance. He was so childish, but you found it cute anyway.
“Here, the thermometer.” He handed you the thermometer as you'd place it in your mouth and wait for a few minutes to pass. “Your tea will be on the side table.” He put the mug on the surface. “I'm going to study. I'll be at your desk.” He pointed at the said area. As he'd lean in to place a kiss on your forehead, you avoided it. You didn't want to make him sick as well.
You took out the thermometer from your mouth and looked at the numbers with raised eyebrows. It was slightly higher than you expected. “Hey, why'd you move?” Jungwon frowned as you looked up at him. “I don't want to get you sick. So from now on, you have to stand a few meters away from me.” He playfully rolled his eyes and nodded along.
Little did you know, he had a plan up his sleeves. He leaned in once again and was able to place a kiss on you, but instead of your forehead, it was your lips. Even worse, he could get sick at any moment now! Your eyes widened at his recent act as he flashed a smile. “You're going to get sick for sure now! Why'd you do that?!” You exclaimed, not out of anger but out of embarrassment.
“Not when it comes to you,” he chuckled and walked away to your desk as you fake barfed and reached for your tea. So maybe being sick and with Jungwon is a win-win situation.
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jaeyunsim · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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yeeunjia · 2 days ago
Hii!! So I just watched a video about Enhypen and their siblings especially Heeseung's brother fanboying about Jay and Sunoo's sister fangirling about Jay and Sunghoon. Which got me thinking... How about Enhypen reaction to their siblings fangirling/fanboying about their Idol S/O? Thank you so much!!!
Tumblr media
PAIRING : idol!enha x idol!fem!reader
▬▬ GENRE : fluff !! ▬▬  WARNINGS : none !!
✧ user yeeun : i’m aware of the fact that heeseung, jake, sunghoon, jungwon, and niki have siblings but i’m not quite sure if jay and sunoo are an only child! + it’s been quite a while since i’ve posted reactions!!! i genuinely hope this doesn’t end up being too rusty ヾ(☆▽☆)
Tumblr media
⌗ .. heeseung !!
❝ heeseung has stated it himself that the fact that his brother is probably one of your biggest fans doesn’t bother him much. he thinks that it’s normal, especially because of how you’re one of the most admired idols too! well, he’s right. it is normal. but when his brother wouldn’t stop praising his girl after seeing pictures from a photoshoot, it did bug him. way more than you think, honestly.
❝ hee would immediately glare at him but wouldn’t even dare to tell him to stop! he’s still his older brother anyway (#><) “when will you introduce me to her, hee? you wouldn’t even get her autograph for me!” his brother chuckles and your boyfriend wouldn’t even know what to say, but after a few minutes of thinking, he finally gives a reply, “i would if you’d just stop fanboying over her too much like what happened in their concert.” heeseung was referring to how his older brother couldn’t stop jumping and screaming your name in your group’s most latest concert in seoul ( ´ ∀ ` )ノ his brother laughs again while giving hee’s shoulder a pat, “you know that it can’t be helped!” “yah! how would you feel if your brother suddenly starts screaming your girl’s name while yelling how much he loves her?!” silence conquers them both once again. oh boy, he’d need to try to convince hee to let you guys meet 100x harder.
⌗ .. jay !!
❝ jay would either feel really jealous + upset or not even care much at all whenever he sees people fanboying/fangirling over you. although, if things get out of hand and he does feel jealous, he wouldn’t make a move either. he’d just glare at the person. still, his own members even fanboy over you and it’s not like he can stop that so he wouldn’t mind it much if it’s them. but seeing his siblings admiring you…?
❝ he didn’t feel a hint of jealousy. not even just a little bit. jay- if he’s being honest, he found it TOO hilarious! i mean, seeing his siblings jumping up and down + screaming while watching your inkigayo stage almost made jay die from laughter! when his siblings finally calmed down and faced him to say something, he could also laugh at their expression and the way they’re panting so much. “i still can’t believe my brother is dating my ultimate bias!” one of them blurts out and a smirk appears on jay’s face, “i’m also the main reason why you can always interact with y/n.” they all pout, jay was right after all. when you finally got the chance to meet each other, everything ended up as pure chaos. but despite that, you all still got along really well anyway!!<3
⌗ .. jake !!
❝ we all know that jake would be the most supportive boyfriend ever! he’d have visible sparkles and hearts in his eyes while showing you the cutest smile you’ve ever seen. but of course, jealousy would be a normal thing too. especially when some starts calling you their girl or the love of their life (*°ー°)ノ jake knows that tons of people would eventually say such things but it still makes him a bit jealous too! and not to mention the fact that sunoo also acts like that whenever you’re around ..
❝ his brother finally decided to give him a visit! there was so much things jake expected. one of those expectations was also his brother talking about how proud he his. there was just one thing jake didn’t expect that was a big big big deal to him. it was his brother saying all nice comments about you when he took a peek at jake’s lockscreen (which was a polaroid of you and jake, by the way) but he didn’t mind. that was until he started noticing how his brother started fanboying over you while showing his collection of your photocards… jake swore that he was so close to losing it, but he didn’t anyway. “you know… i think my brother likes you.” your boyfriend raises his head to look at you while giving you puppy eyes. you chuckle, “how come, jakey?” “he literally collects your photo cards! he even got the ones with your autograph..” jake was really just upset of the fact that his brother has more of your photo cards than he does! (probably even asks for it too (°▽°)/)
⌗ .. sunghoon !!
❝ hoon’s cockiness would be on another level. he’d see so much edits in his fyp and he wouldn’t even be surprise when he sees how much hearts you’ve stolen. he doesn’t admit it directly, but he does find you attractive and even too perfect! <//3 he’d either feel really jealous of really proud + act all cocky 🥲 and when he saw his sister fangirling over you? this guy loved it too much.
❝ his own sister wouldn’t even show a hint of admiration for him and would even keep on choosing the other members so this was a first. he’d walk over to her, a grin on his face, already ready to start teasing her! “you got y/n’s photocard, didn’t you? geez, i didn’t know you love my girlfriend that much!” his own sister wouldn’t even know what to say. it’s true, she does like you way more than expected but she can’t let it be too obvious, especially in front of hoon. still, despite holding back on that day, she still failed to do so miserably when you two finally meet! the poor girl swore that she could just faint right when you gave her a hug! ⊂( ̄▽ ̄)⊃
⌗ .. jungwon !!
❝ wonie knows that you’re everyone weakness! crowds go crazy over you and you’re even able to get other fandoms’ attention! well, you’re also known as the ‘4th gen it girl’ so it’s also not much of a surprise! he understands why tons of people would fanboy or fangirl over you but there are also times where he can’t help but get a bit pouty + upset too!
❝ well… not knowing what to feel over someone REALLY close to him fangirling over you was a first. his sister didn’t show a huge reaction when meeting you, but all he knew was that she loved you (^-^*)/ but the thought of his sister getting excited over you concept photo never crossed his mind. not even once! won told you to wait for him as he was going to get a gift he kept in his room. wonie knows that his sister would eventually tease him by jokingly stealing you but seeing you two getting along is enough to set those thoughts aside. he’d walk over you two with a smile on his face! “hi, won! you’re really lucky to have a pretty girlfriend. you know…. i might even steal y/n from you!” yeah, that smile immediately disappeared and turned into a big frown. ( ◡‿◡ *)
⌗ .. sunoo !!
❝ sunoo is one of your biggest fanboys and he even admits it himself! he never misses the chance to attend your concerts, fansigns, watch your vlives, and buy your most recent albums ヽ(♡‿♡)ノ he’s honestly the most supportive boyfie anyone could possibly want and ask for! seeing your boyfriend even blending in with your fans wouldn’t be surprising as well. not to you and even your members! he didn’t mind the fact that you had tons of fanboys. but he just didn’t enjoy seeing his own brother fanboying over you ..
❝ his parents invited you both over to stay with them for a week. you knew that his brother was also one of your fans and the fact that your new music video was going to be released on that week seemed like a dream to his brother too! it meant that he could watch it with you and sunoo, after all! sunoo was excited too. but not when he saw his brother suddenly getting all TOO excited and close to you while watching your parts! he didn’t mean to be that close too! your boyfriend would glare at his own brother as his grips tightens on the remote while watching him grabbing your shoulders and shaking you out of excitement ( ° ∀ ° )ノ゙ anyone could tell that the way he smiled at you both were all just an act. sunoo then had enough of it and suddenly takes your hand to drag you along with him to his room, “MY girlfriend actually still needs her beauty sleep! BYE!”
⌗ .. niki !!
❝ fans have always wanted and longed for you to finally meet and interact with your boyfriend’s siblings. you’re all dance enthusiasts and you’ve even seen konon and sola talk about you so it was no doubt that you three would immediately get along (^0^)ノ niki wanted that too- but what he didn’t want was his own sisters PURPOSELY trying to steal you from him! his hyungs would often do that to bug him too, he tried not to care but this time was different. it was his siblings so of course he didn’t even bother holding back!!
❝ you agreed to join them when they wanted to pass by their dance studio. the place was still unfamiliar to you which is also one of the main reasons why niki decided to come too and made sure not to leave your side! he only had to leave your side when you asked him to buy snacks and he gladly obeyed. niki was on his phone while he was on his way back to the room, he was trying to think of a caption for your pictures that he was about to post and he immediately gets distracted as soon as he hears giggles and squealing coming from the room (°▽°) this boy immediately starts running and frowns when he sees you teaching his sisters a new choreography. he was supposed to be fine with it, but then again, konon and sola do love teasing niki even if it means needing to steal you from him as a joke <//3 it all ends up with niki sulking for the rest of the time while aggressively chewing on all the snacks he bought !!
Tumblr media
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SUNSUN ✦ EN-o’clock EP. 37 behind
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HEESEUNG ✧ 'Tamed-Dashed' [Japanese Ver.] @ Love Music
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sunghoon  —  tamed-dashed  (  japanese  ver.  )  performance  @  love  music
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something about you ఇ chapter 3 : girlboss
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
synopsis: for two years, jay had been harboring feelings toward you, but he doesn't have any confidence in asking you out. it was until one faithful day, that he was paired with you for a literature assignment. he takes this only chance by confessing his feelings.
masterlist ꩜ previous ꩜ next
a/n: riki is currently throwing a tantrum after that tweet
taglist [OPEN]: @beans-and-jeanes @hseungi @enhacolor @deeznutsriki @aizzon @fairycheol @rrvvby @enhasengene @c9tnoos @bunniin @aleenamya @dipsydoo542 @seosracha @hwalllllllelujah @tomorrowbymoa-together @vantxx95 @lhsng @sroka-zlodziejka @sunghoonsblackgf @kwiniwk @hobistigma @annoyingbitch83
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⌇ TO MY: LOVER ❤️‍🩹 — YN_OUT!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
⌇author note. yneiko r injured </3 pls sorry yall but this story ab to get real. ALSO Hoon being concerned !!! (Riki, where you at)
SYNOPSIS: you and your little brother haven’t always been close; in fact, you would say you were more distant than regular siblings. You would think moving to a foreign country together would bring you closer—but Riki despised you ever since you picked SM over HYBE. Now, as rookies, you were placed on MC duty, and guess who’s your partner? Your little brother’s band mate!
☆、masterlist / previous / next
taglist ( is closed ! ) @02sjy @ferxanda @srjlvr @lachinitaaaaa @i4cho @rasparagus @bubblytaetae @yeppeudau @rkiwai @enloveclub @yjwnoot @ahnneyong @articxari @shakycups @icywhatim @jiawji @ineedaherosavemeenow @nyfwyeonjun @aesunghoon @wtfhyuck @just-mars-writing @keewho @heavenforatlas @abdiitcryy @ja4hyvn @gu8ki @darrensos @afiaaaa19 @jangwonie @c9tnoos @junhaodni @bigtoewinwin @blu3ming-hoon @jeonsoyeonsbae @ohdudehesflirting @enhasengene @prettysung @starzvrse @thisisnotjacinta @arizejkt19 @bestgirl-maddie @sunshine-skz @fairycheol @bearseulgs @wccycc @gyufxc @k1ttyl1x @only2jake @love-4-keum @enhacolor
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runaway bride ( ✶ ) epilogue part two : mrsynpark
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
〈 previous | masterlist 〉
⸝⸝ SYNOPSIS ‎𐪆 right when you thought you could run away from your past life as a figure skater by being an idol, you meet the sole person who made you want to leave that life behind in the first place. ₊˚✸ ༘
read really long note below <3
will this glitch?
⸝⸝ NOTE ‎𐪆 sunghoon writing his password like a kid in kindergarten crushing on his 13 yr old neighbor rn ALSO i know that i said there’s going to be 1 last chapter 2 chapters ago but technically this is the pt2 to an epilogue so it’s basically 0.5 of a chapter right 😅 ANYWAYS THAT IS THE END OF YNHOONS STORY IN RUNAWAY BRIDE!!!! thank u sm for coming along the journey and enjoying it 🥹🙏 my second child is now going off to college too </3 idk if i plan on going back to this fic to rewrite some chapters but if i do, i’ll make sure to update u all about it <3 but thank u sm for all of the support u have all given this fic !!! it wouldn’t have been possible without it srsly !!!! i feel like this fic went by so fast i’m actually kinda surprised it’s ended bc it feels like yesterday when i posted the masterlist for this :( but anyways, i feel like i’m talking sm so yeah ,, THANK U SM FOR READING <3333
⸝⸝ TAGLIST ‎𐪆 [status : closed] @ja4hyvn @soobin-chois @aria-grace-scott @darrensos @c9tnoos @satorinnie @one16core @adnachiel97 @hrjchive @lqvwon @yjwnoot @jakahbot @softpia @chaeflms @d3ads0u1 @i-dubu @nshrkilvbt @ddeonu-s2 @yizhoutv @enhacolor @shynypeacekitten @solitxre @missmadwoman @youngbloodslut @wony6ung @mymomsdisappointment @hrtsforenha @miminyuu @chirokookie @hikruyo @tobiosbbyghorl @dxlicateee @jungwonswifex @mina-yoo334 @kingkaithekiwi @ferxanda @pshwyfie @magssu @bigtoewinwin @nyujjan @jaerisdiction @myluckycat @roseannepwwark @sd211 @cparqx @iz-hoonz @keii-1125 @ohsyanfei @certainyouthpeanut @yunkifoldr @lynnielvsu @itsjynop
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❝blue blood❞ — yang jungwon.
Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS. you and jungwon were bestfriends since remembrance, so would it last when he showed up at your door as a vampire with blood on his hands? More importantly, with your blood on his hands?
GENRE. vampire!au, friends to lovers!au, fluff, angst
PAIRING. vampire!jungwon x fem!reader ft. sunoo and jake of enhypen
WARNINGS. mentions of food, major character death, bittersweet kiss, sunoo and jake trick the two. lowercase intended.
NOTE. i wrote this right after i saw the mix and max performance (they SLAYED btw) so ig this is kind of inspired..? not my best work, don't really like it tbh... *NOT REALLY PROOFREAD🤥*
Reblogs and feedback are highly appreciated!
Tumblr media
When jungwon came to your door, knocking frantically in the early hours of the night. You assumed it was because he'd either come to ramble or join you in bed because of noisy thunder and didn't want to sleep alone.
You, his best friend, were practically used to these gestures frequented between the two. Both were inseparable since elementary school. You currently lived in a dorm for your secondary education, and next door lived yang jungwon, making it easy for him to slip in and out of your dorm.
You weren't anticipating him drenched, with his skin painfully pale as thunder roaring in the back. "are you ill?" you place a hand on his forehead to check his temperature, yet what you felt was sickening.
He was unbearably cold, your eyes dilating while jungwon ripped the hand off his forehead, intensely gazing at you. His fingertips were frigid, no warmth radiating off him like he was... dead.
You watched as his orbs glowed yellow, causing you to back away. "y/n," he voiced shakily, his eyes softening upon your visible fear. "i'm a vampire now."
You marveled at his words, jaw craned open in response. "what… how," you mutter, displaying your apparent shock. You shook your head violently, "come inside and explain."
The drenched boy, or now, vampire boy, agreed. He stepped inside while you maneuvered between his dorm and yours, fetching him a fresh pair of clothes. You return to your dorm, where he dried his damp hair with a dry towel.
You couldn't help but wonder what the boy could be thinking of now, and you knew better than to think he was joking. Vampires were on the loose for centuries, lurking around and turning innocent humans into their kind till immortality.
You offered jungwon the fresh pair of clothes, which he accepted, and peeled the soaked hoodie off him while you watched him. It wasn't any different between you two. Maybe it'd been long since last time, driving heat to rush to your cheeks.
You excused yourself, getting yourself and him a glass of water to quench your thirst. He settled on your bed, staring aimlessly into the air with the glass of water in hand. "how did it happen?" You question slowly, taking note that he could be shocked into consideration.
"i took maeumi on a walk around twelve before it started pouring. When I got back from the park, I realized that I had left my phone there. So I thought I'd retrieve it and found my phone on one of the benches and heard rustling from the bushes.
i figured it might be an abandoned pet. I then bent over to see, but it was a vampire," he paused, hesitancy building in his tone, "…feasting on a human. It launched at me, piercing its sharp canines into the crook of my neck. I thought this was the end, that I was going to die.
some elderly lady throwing out the trash saw me, muttered a few lines in a foreign language provoking the vampire to screech, and ran away... After that, I blacked out and woke up a vampire with a silent heart."
You stay silent, bearing everything disclosed. Jungwon mutely bored his eyes into his pale hands. "that's a lot to take in," you state the obvious, making him chuckle dryly.
"are you… hungry?"
He looked up at you in alarm, fiercely shaking his head from side to side with a gaze that could kill, "i won't."
"but—" "i said i won't."
You sough, honoring his wishes, "want normal food? I have some jajangmyeon from earlier," you mention, hoping he says yes. He did to your avail. "sure," he quipped, a halfhearted bread-like smile blooming on his lips, deep dimples on display.
You'd served him a bowl of jajangmyeon, seated beside him on the kitchen island, overseeing as he ate. How could you aid him possibly, "hate to say this, but what now," you spoke as jungwon stopped slurping on the noodle midway.
Maybe you shouldn't have brought it up. You observe jungwon's eyes glass over. He slurped the remaining noodle into his mouth, chewing on it silently, glancing at the marble top of the island.
He gulped down the bit of food he chewed, moving closer to you as the vampire placed hands on your shoulders, leaning in with his head rested in the crook of your neck.
If it weren't for the heartbroken tone, you'd probably have butterflies swarming your stomach. "I don't know, i don't want to be alone forever," jungwon croaked out, sniffling lightly.
You winded your arms around him, embracing him. You ran a hand down his hair soothingly. Right now would be the worst time to confess that you liked him for years before, moreover that those feelings are returning.
You recall the first time your friend teased you about being his girlfriend in grade 7, and the thought hadn't escaped your mind since.
The denial came and went, acceptance settling in, though you realized harboring feelings for your best friend could end everything.
If it didn't go your way, you'd lose him. As a result, you pushed your feelings to the side, convincing yourself that being friends was enough. You eventually lost your feelings for him.
So why'd your heart pound against your ribcage while you gap into his gloomy and tired orbs?
You put away the bowl in the sink, opting to do the dishes in the morning. You held jungwon by the hand, lugging him to your bed. "it's late. we should get some rest," you say, readying yourself to go to bed, the clock ticking 2:36 am.
Yet jungwon didn't budge from his stance in front of your bed as you tidied the pillows. "jungwon," you voice desperately, hearing your voice crack. He gulped down the unknown lump in his throat, peering at your pleading eyes.
He settled beside you on the mattress, laying down and kicking the blanket onto both. You laid down, turning to him, shuffling closer like a magnet.
"i might have someone who can help with this," you articulate, shattering the silence as jungwon tucked you in his arms. You peer up at him full of hope. "let's pay them a visit tomorrow," he responded.
"good night, won."
"good night, y/n." He returned, resisting the fragrant smell of your scarlet blood and the urge to bore his now monstrous canines into the crook of your neck.
Tumblr media
You'd risen from a painful nightmare eerily early, noting the time on your phone; 7:48 am. It was scarring, where jungwon died at the vampire's hands, fangs injected into him, sucking his blood.
You were shaken awake from fear merely to find yourself being bear-hugged by the very vampire, face buried between your neck and pillow nape.
You attempt to make the boy let go of his death grip around, doing everything possible, yet to no avail. You groaned in exhaustion, opting to text your friend, jake, inquiring about the supernatural friend he claimed to have.
Not expecting a reply in the crack of early morning sunlight, you dozed back to sleep. Jungwon couldn't get you out of his mind, even in his dreams. Whether the indulging scent of your blood or just you, he'd dreamed of both.
He'd seared his teeth in your throat, consumed your sweet blood, and cuddled you while watching a movie. He was sure he'd never taste your blood, not wanting to injure you or turn you into his kind.
But jungwon wondered if he'd ever call you his, though he wasn't sure when he'd initially regarded you as more than a best friend. He fluttered his eyes open, landing his sights on your slumbered face. Your mouth opened in the slightest, rendering a toothy grin from him.
He snuggled to you, pulling into your slumber even deeper. But no, your phone rang through the serene daylight, nudging you awake. Jake read the contact name while you slide the green button to the side, answering the call.
"hello," you spoke, yawning as jungwon clung to you, pouting. You wondered why he was jutting his lips in a pout, dismissing the thoughts while you conversed with jake through the phone.
"no, it's not for me," you pause, gaze falling on the vampire boy who could only groan and shut his eyes while you saddened, "yes, thank you, jake." You conclude, cutting the line.
You turned to jungwon, poking his cheek, "shall we get ready to leave," you spoke softly, lightly pinching his cheek as he nodded. You left to your routine chores after freshening up, washing the dishes, and hanging your clothes and jungwon's wet ones to dry.
You strode to the kitchen, the following task at hand to prepare breakfast, solely for jungwon to be slanted against the island, toasting some bread.
"sandwich?" he asked, peering at you.
"sandwich." You repeated, a gummy smile lifting on your face. He was still the boy you grew up with; You helped the red-haired prepare the assortment of a sandwich, placing the vegetables, meat, and freshly toasted bread in order.
"this friend of yours," jungwon began pausing to munch on the sandwich made not 2 minutes ago. He must've been hungry. "can they really help?"
"only one way to find out,"
Tumblr media
You followed the directions communicated by jake, taking a right turn with jungwon tailing behind you. "I think it should be…right up ahead..?" you drag cluelessly.
Nonetheless, you stepped forward and came across a whimsical-looking store, sharing a wary glance with your best friend. "wait, I'll open the door, just in case," he declared, stepping to the door and propelling it open, the bell chiming as he held the door for you.
"is anyone there?" you ask, peering around the mystical yet cozy shop. "indeed! You both must be here because of jake, i suppose," an unknown foxy-eyed boy not much older than both of your voices, scrutinizing you head to toe.
The vampire looked warily at foxy-eyed, placing an arm in front of you, protectively. "do you work here?" jungwon inquires, skeptical of him.
"i do, indeed," the feline-eyed quips, "how could i be of any help today," he inquires, a sly smile settling on his lips.
Jungwon turned to you, "i don't think he can be of any help. let's just leave," he whispered, producing you to shake your head disapprovingly. "No, we're not leaving," you state, clasping his wrist in your hand and hauling him to where the anonymous boy sat.
"so? do you need a love potion; it's a hot item these days, or to get revenge on the desired person? Many customers say they wreaked their revenge," the unknown boy spoke with his orb glistening, glancing at the two expecting a reply.
You gulp and muster up the courage to ask in favor of your vampire friend, "do you have anything that can transform creatures back into a human?" you question. You hoped he wouldn't stare at you weirdly for it.
"oh…no, I don't—"
"see, i told you he couldn't help," jungwon interrupts, facepalming.
"but i do possess something that can reverse time," the feline-featured concludes, sending a glare disapprovingly at the vampire boy.
Your orbs light up in hope as jungwon feigns silence. You urge the boy to continue, "You'll require this," he says, whipping out a miniature bottle filled with shimmering blue liquid and a red thread. "It's a high-priced item, and only two people can go back in time, but," he pauses, glancing at you two.
"but?" you question, not bothering about the price, "but you involve strong emotions, and I'd say a kiss would do the trick…" He completed, placing the tiny bottle on the table with the ruby thread, sliding them to you across the table.
"oh," you manage, your gaze nervously meeting jungwon's, who equally shared the look. "we'll take it," you answer shakily, placing the pricey amount on the counter and the small bottle and thread in your bag.
"so all we have to do is take a sip of this liquid, tie the thread around my pinky and then his. Then collectively think back to the date we want to change?"
"and kiss," he perks, sheepishly smiling.
"and you have two chances, so it's alright if you mess up the first time." he continued with a mischievous glint in his orbs.
You bid the boy goodbye and a thank you, turning to leave while stepping to exit. "wait!" the unknown boy shouts, "i must inform you, though, you will begin to forget why you've returned in time, so i advise you use your first chance as a test.
and if you find anything wrong with the timeline or such, come back to this shop. I'm always here regardless." He finished, beaming at you particularly. "alright, thank you… foxy-eyed boy!" you shout from the other end of the shop as you hear him chuckle, "the names sunoo!"
You exit the shop with jungwon, smiling that you had a chance at reversing jungwon's fate. "that wasn't all that bad," you say, a grin stretching across your lips, merely for the vampire to scoff, "this could be a scam, y/n, don't believe people so easily."
"don't be uptight, won. We could reverse your fate with it," you retort, observing the time ticked 6:03 pm. "now let's go to the cafe, then get home and try this," you say, referring to the sky-blue liquid tucked away in your bag. Jungwon only groans as you drag him to the nearest cafe, grabbing something for the both of you to eat.
Tumblr media
The most nerve-racking part of the little ritual sunoo instructed remains minutes away from taking place. Your heart thumped while jungwon tied the thread on your pinky after he finished tying his.
"jungwon," you croak out, all the more anxiety invading you as he gazed at you doe-eyed. "yeah?" he asks, slowly corking the cork off the miniature bottle, careful not to spill any liquid.
"I'm nervous," you hurriedly voice, fiddling with your fingers, looking down at them. "I'm nervous too, but it's fine. We have two chances, y/n," the boy replies, reassuring me about the wrong thing.
"that's not what I'm nervous about," you halt, gulping down the tense feeling, urging yourself to continue, "I'm nervous about the kiss." Silence follows as you think the world collapsed on you.
"not that the fact I'll kiss you but what it'll become of our friendship if we—" he cuts you off, placing a hand on your cheek, cupping your face and leaning forward, and connecting his lips to yours.
You felt his cold lips against yours instantly, but it spread warmth through your chest as you reciprocated the motion, grinning into the kiss. Fireworks go off in your head as he pulls away, smiling with his dimples, looking adorable.
"our relationship will be what you want it to be, y/n," he ends, perfectly encapsulating the moment that will remain ingrained in your memory for years to come.
"you know that we had to kiss after we sipped on liquid, not before," you say, snickering while he smacked his forehead, hiding his rosy tinted cheeks.
"it's fine, i wouldn't mind kissing you again anyways," he mutters, promptly taking a sip of the glowing blue liquid, acting like he wasn't the cause of heat speeding to your cheeks. Familiar feelings of butterflies zooming around in your stomach erupted.
He delivers the bottle, only a quarter empty, ensuring there's enough for the second chance. You sip the blue liquid that tastes like blue lemonade, much to your surprise.
"oh wow, it tastes just like blue lemonade," you comment while jungwon shifts forward on the sofa and towards you. If it weren't the present circumstances, you'd think he'd gotten a bit cold or sat closer.
However, you knew he shifted closer to kiss you, not that he would mind as he said. "try not to forget," you manage to utter as there's a slight gap connecting the two. "you too." he returns before going forward with the anticipated motion.
And so he placed his lips on yours softly. It was slightly awkward as the distance between your bodies was considerably larger than your faces. "come closer," he uttered hushedly against your lips. You did as told, his hand resting on your forearm.
He soon broke the kiss, hearing him laugh in a daze as you're lightheaded. You find yourself laying back on the couch's armrest, head spinning, shutting your eyes in accordance. Jungwon gripped your hand as he experienced the same.
Tumblr media
i. April 25th, 7:30 pm
In a second, you sat in front of the tv, flicking through the channels as if nothing had happened, "so it worked," you marveled, astonished. But wait, "what worked?" you question yourself, not sure why you were astonished that the tv could change channels.
Did I forget something..?
Oh well, you think, continuing to switch through the channels.
ii. April 25th, 9:45 pm
You ate dinner, unable to consume everything you prepared, opting to store the remains in a box. You placed it in the fridge to reheat it and eat it later.
You latch the main door to your dorm, knocking on jungwon's to bother him and see what he's doing. He paned the door open, permitting you inside, "kart rider?" He suggested, already setting up the equipment, expecting your excited nod.
You had gotten busy with school, not being able to hang with your best friend as much. You wouldn't pass up the opportunity to play kart rider with him, let alone spend time with him.
Many losses and wins later, you yawn, extending your limbs accordingly. "don't you need to walk maeumi now?" you inquire, making jungwon fling his head up instantly, hard enough to get whiplash, "right," he says in remembrance.
"you should get some sleep. I'll walk maeumi in the nearby park and come back," he says, and you nod, stepping to the door and opening it.
Something felt off, but you couldn't place your finger on what.
Yet you stayed at the doorway grounded, unable to move. Your gut briefed you not to leave but to accompany jungwon, who walked out the door with maeumi.
He waited for you to move out the way of the door so he could secure it. You did once he gained your attention from your thoughts. "jungwon," you say, inching nearer to the boy, "i don't think you should go alone,"
"i'll be fine. I can take care of myself, y/n," the crimson-haired responded, stroking your shoulder. Jungwon retained the instinctual feeling that screamed at him to avoid going alone.
He shook his head side to side, ignoring those thoughts, striding to the park after waving and shouting a brief good night towards you.
iii. April 25th, 11:56 pm
The walk with maeumi had gone smoothly despite the churning gut feeling that hadn't left him since. He twisted the doorknob open after inserting his keys in the respective hole, sparing a glance to your door wondering why you looked so anxious earlier.
He dismissed those thoughts, allowing maeumi inside as it started to drizzle that progressed to rain. He patted his pocket in search of his phone but felt nothing. It then dawned on him that he'd left his phone at the park.
He groaned before tying his shoelaces again, closing the door with an umbrella in hand as it began raining mere seconds after he'd gotten back.
The tall boy advanced to the nearby park, tracing his way to the bench he'd sat on moments ago. He'd forgotten all about his phone on that bench.
He picked up the device and heard the shrubs rustle, gaining his attention. Thinking it was a lost pet, the boy looked over the bush, though his inner voice dared not to.
You jolt up in a panic, momentarily remembering why, where, and what you were here to do. You shuffled your slippers on your feet in record time and sprinted to the park. You were getting drenched in frigid raindrops, but that was your last concern.
You recognize your best friend, still alive and breathing with a beating heart and not unusually pale, looking over the bush. You sigh in relief and call out to him, "jungwon!" you exclaim, a distance away from the boy as the rain pattered on you.
"huh," he expresses, snapping his head to you as a creature launched at him, tackling your best friend to the ground with a thud. In a moment, it'd injected its fangs in jungwon's neck, draining the color out of his face.
You screeched, feet pacing to the vampire, striking it in the head with jungwon's now discarded umbrella. The vampire hissed at you, now advancing to you. You freeze as it approaches you, but jungwon clasps its feet while clutching his neck in pain, making it fall face-first to the ground.
An elderly lady gasps at the scene before uttering a mantra in an unknown language, making the vampire hiss, seemingly in great pain, and flee from sight. You run to jungwon, who lay on the frosty ground as the harsh rain splashed on the two, one no longer human.
"I'm sorry," you sob, though your tears blended in with the rain as jungwon falls unconscious from the bite, his heartbeat coming to a halt.
Tumblr media
iv. April 26th, 8:03 pm
You gasp heavily, lifting yourself off the armrest, panicking as you regard your pale friend. Jungwon was nonetheless a vampire. You feel the water slip from the brink of your eyes. You weep uncontrollably, jungwon front sullen, unsure at the rundown of events.
"it's fine. We have another chance, remember"
"i just saw you die in front of me, won, and just stood there," you convey with a trembling voice, breath unsteady. "It's okay." jungwon mutters, hoping to persuade you that everything is alright.
He grasped the faded blue liquid that no longer shimmered like it formerly did. "jungwon," you utter silently, tapping on his arm to avert his attention to the red thread tied around your pinkies that slowly disappeared.
"don't we need the thread…"
Jungwon remains silent, refusing to accept reality. And so his tears rolled down his cheeks like gold, ever a rare sight to see him cry. You could count on one hand the times you'd see him cry.
"he lied. sunoo lied." he voiced, his words stabbing at your heart repeated as you shook your head, frantically reaching for your phone. You dialed jake, waiting for him to pick up solely for the line to beep and end.
They lied.
"only if I knew— I would've tried harder," you croak, choking another sob. "won," you attempt to pull jungwon out of the palms of his hands as he gutted a heart-wrenching cry, no longer tucking his head in his palms but finding it on your shoulder while you embraced him.
"I'm sorry, i'm so sorry, i should've let the vampire bite me, then you wouldn't be alone—" you pause, reflecting on your words.
"jungwon," he lowly hums in response, head still against your shoulder, silence dragging. "could you do me a favor,"
"if it's for you, I'd give up everything, y/n." "then bite me,"
Speechlessness drawled, lifting his tear-stained face to meet yours, "of course not." He was clear with his statement. "please, at least I can spend my entire immortality with you. Everything's okay if you're with me, jungwon."
"why give up beating heart for a still one like mine," he spoke, teardrops rolling down the length of his pale glistening skin. You sniffle sadly, cupping his cheek, clamping your lips to his cheek stained with tears.
The sentiment was tender, but everything had to end as all things do. You pull away, a soft smile grazing your lips, gazing into jungwon's eyes adoringly, hand resting on his cheek in a soothing action, calming the vampire.
"because I like you, won, I always have."
His eyes watered, this time from both happiness and sadness. "i like you too," he says softly. "but are you…sure?" he questions, breath hitting your neck, "yes," you reply, shutting your eyes and waiting for the impact.
He soughed shakily, complying to mark your neck with his fangs. He soughs shakily, pressing a small peck on the spot of your neck he'd pierce his fangs into seconds later.
His fangs tore through your delicate skin, carefully feasting on your ever-sweet blood. "jungwon, don't feel guilty, please," you voice quietly.
You knew he'd begun to lose control, but you didn't mind as crazy as it seems. You had no regard over your life at the moment and when it came to him.
And like you recognized, he'd lost control, intoxicated by your blood. All till he realized that you'd shut your eyes, breath getting shallow.
"no, y/n, I didn't mean to—" for the nth time in the night, he cried harder than previous as you fastened your eyes, smiling weakly.
"thank you, jungwon." remain your last words.
Jungwon shrieked atop his lungs, enraged. He'd failed to restrain his desire; he'd killed you, his best friend that he knew for ages, a best friend turned crush. Yet he'd drank out your blood, leading you to your death.
Though the smile never left your lips as you stared at him in your eternal slumber. The pleasant expression you adorned contrasted the horror in jungwon's, riddled with immense guilt he would carry for centuries to come.
jungwon thought he was a monster and a cold-blooded murderer ever since.
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