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#enhypen fanfiction
meraniki · a day ago
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DESCRIPTION: giving enhypen a backhug!
TYPE OF WORK: headcanons.
GENRE: fluff, humour/crack.
PAIRING: enhypen x fem!reader. (seperate per member!)
WORD COUNT: 1.5k+ words.
WARNINGS: mentions of injang (rip 😔), talks about needing to go to the bathroom, terrible humour alongside floofy fluff, riki being a menace.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: my very first headcanons JSJSJSJ this is a special for our birthday boy, hee!! i hope you guys will enjoy this, i'm planning to make more headcanons in the future so take this one as more of a practice. (also, i feel like the way i made this way too crack-ish and not very serious, i'm really sorry /gen)
Tumblr media
— the one who can't stop smiling. (birthday boy!)
initially, when heeseung feels your arms wrapping around him, he thinks that you were up to something.
a tickle fight? maybe you have a favour you want to ask him?
"what's wrong, (Y/N)? do you need something?"
but as soon he realizes you are just pressing your face into his back without saying anything, he just keeps glancing back at you with this smile on his face.
you know the smile i'm talking about. that smile where there's just so much adoration it traveled from his lips up into his doe-like eyes.
you're so cute, heeseung thinks. but to be honest? you would beg to differ. after all, he is the endearing one here.
usually, heeseung doesn't mind hugs. but for some reason, when you give him a hug from behind, something about it just flips on a 'please backhug for a smiley hee' button inside him.
maybe it's the way you laugh because he's just too tall and you can't really peer into his face? or maybe it's just the way you sway him back and forth in your arms oh-so gently like a gentle serenade?
it doesn't matter how much his jaw hurts from how much he was smiling. it's a silly thought, but seeing you press your face against his back while laughing makes the ache all worth it.
[ JAY !! ]
— the responsible one who utilizes your hugs as moral support.
won't say anything and just enjoys your warmth enveloping him from behind.
occasionally lets out a hum and places a hand on yours while the other continues what he is doing.
the type to ask you to let him go for a sec because he has to get this item at the other table.
quickly gets the item and tell you to continue backhugging him like nothing happened.
and you're just there like: "wow, i guess i'm just a robot koala to you 🧍"
he chuckles, "no, you're my moral support while i get things done. i need to focus for a sec, ok?"
backhugs just make it easier for him to continue what he's doing while having you close to him, so it's a win-win for him.
although you two look like a baby koala clinging onto its mom who's actually doing productive stuff.
(in all due respect, hugging your amazing boyfriend jay is a productive thing too alright 🙄‼️)
but you're not complaining, at least you get to hug him for as long as you want and your boyfriend's not against it. <3
[ JAKE !! ]
— the giggly one who reciprocates doubles.
your ears are just filled with jake's giggles that sing to you like a melody.
"(y/n), it tickles."
literally turns?? around?? to?? hug?? you?? back??
(that's not the purpose for backhugs, but he's cute so aight‼️)
you literally just clutch both of his shoulders and turn him back around with sheer will and the power of love (girlboss...)
naurrr the way jake chuckles is so devastatingly wholesome.
"ok, ok, i'll turn back if you insist, love." he says but not before he presses a smooch to your forehead.
(he knows what he's doing, your heart is in danger now 😨 /j)
sometimes leans his head on yours AND KISSES THE SIDE OF YOUR HEAD at the most unexpected of times
i beg. sir jake sim, your hand in marriage, now please.
and the both of you stay in that position for god knows how long. jake wouldn't mind if you two stay like that throughout the whole day, to be honest.
BUT DEAR LORD HE WANTS TO GO TO THE BATHROOM SO BAD (human nature is calling y'all, he regrets downing that many glasses of water-)
life decisions. life decisions.
but you know what? human nature can get out, his girlfriend is his priority.
ends up trying to sneak out from your hug without moving you too much... you wake up. (abort mission ABORT ‼️)
please, he apologizes to you exactly three times BEFORE DASHING-TAMING HIS WAY TO THE BATHROOM (ok the flash reincarnate go off ig 🙄✋)
in truth, he could've just asked and you would gladly hug him again when he comes back. but you see, jake is too much of a sweetheart to wake you up — and that's why you love him.
— the stiff one who is a backhug abominator.
naurr because the moment he feels you hugging him from behind, hoon just freezes up and goes blank.
not very used to such intimate display of affection. the first thing that goes out of his mouth is "what do you want from me."
"i just wanna hug my lovely boyfriend ☹️"
please, he looks like he's about to double somersault you.
"can't you just hug me from the front like a normal person? 🤨"
(from that moment on, you slowly begin to realize that your boyfriend is actually uncultured 😨‼️ /j)
but warms up to backhugs eventually, he still thinks it's kinda funny though.
hoon will let you backhug him (because he loves you) but JUST DON'T DO IT IN FRONT OF OTHER PEOPLE.
don't. sunghoon swears to god, DO NOT.
if you backhug him in front of the members or in public, he will get so conflicted between wanting to melt in your embrace or wanting to disown you right then and there.
hoon has his own pride ok let's respect it ig 😔✋
[ SUNOO !! ]
— the one who puts all therapists to shame by allowing you to hug him.
at the first stages of your relationship, he'd get so shy if you backhug him like instant poof! and he's a goner with a red face.
but after some time, sunoo would undoubtedly be the most chill one with backhugs!!
still flinches when you sneak your arms around him though. (oh, haha, he definitely didn't think you were jason from friday the 13th trying to jump him or something.... /j)
please, the gasp that he lets out is so dramatic?? "(Y/N), you scared me. 😨"
"sunoo, let me backhug you."
the two of you just descend into comfortable silence; sunoo scrolling on his phone while you lay your head on his back peacefully.
will take a selca of you both while you're backhugging him and he makes funny poses with you who's drooling. (the opportunity to use it for blackmail 🤪)
but he still thinks you're cute and sunoo keeps the selcas for precious memories because sunoo best boy like that. *sobs*
12/10 would recommend, backhugging sunoo for free therapy 👍
[ JUNGWON !! ]
— the one who can't take it seriously.
thinks you're up to something. #2
looks at you with this playfully suspicious look in his eyes.
sure, he lets you hug him without saying a word, but his eyes sure have something to say, for sure.
you want to smack him so bad, hiw could he do this to you? 😟
"won, stop sussing me, i just want to give you my affection."
"i didn't ask for it though... you're up to something. 🧐"
"oh, really? and what makes you think so?"
"last time you gave me a backhug, you told me you accidentally stepped on the shrine we made for injang."
"...that was one time."
jungwon doesn't trust you when you backhug him anymore (/j), but it's ok, you still love each other.
he lets you backhug him whenever you want though, so jungwon certified teddy bear!! we love to see it 🧸
[ NI-KI !! ]
— the one who suddenly decides to channel his inner michael jackson.
straight up goes "huh? what's wrong with you? lmao".
"i just wanna hug you ☹️"
"i know you love me."
that smirk on his face is so smug you actually feel the need to wipe it off of his face.
teases you but the second you try to leave, literally goes 🥺 and pulls you back towards him. (two faced 🙄 /j)
at first, you thought he would stop there with all the teasing. but oh my, as soon as riki notices you slowly dozing off... the universe decides to remind you why your boyfriend is a menace. (/j)
riki's line of thought: "omg (Y/N) is sleeping while hugging me. time to remember that one part of the new choreography—."
starts moving left and right and left and right with you still hugging him.
like that one episode in en o' clock when he started dancing drunk-dazed while he was getting lifted into the air at the amusement park.
you wake up feeling dizzy like you just got off of a rollercoaster and riki is snickering in your face.
the expression on your face is as dead as injang and riki ushers you back to sleep still
he's not scared of you, he finds you getting mad cute actually. apparently, riki shows his love through being annoying. (😔‼️ /j)
"ok, ok, go back to sleep." riki keeps his promise for real, this time.
riki's actually pretty comfy to hug from behind, would recommend 9/10. he lost 1 point for being a gremlin and pulling little pranks on you, but you love him anyways.
Tumblr media
PERMANENT TAGLIST: @odxrilove | @yunascular
Tumblr media
thank you so much for reading.
© meraniki. do not repost, plagiarize and translate. likes and reblogs are extremely appreciated!
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seungstarss · 22 hours ago
𝐐 𝐔 𝐄 𝐑 𝐄 𝐍 𝐂 𝐈 𝐀 • /kāˈrensyə/
Tumblr media
SUMMARY deep in the forests of northeastern long island lies not a camp, but a rich funded private school geared to physically train and educate special individuals— half-bloods. 
modern percy jackson/ demigod au
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
paring. son of hecate! heeseung x child of ares! reader
genre. fluff, heeseung is a big tease, enemies to lovers
synopsis. capture the flag in your books is the world's simplest game. that is until you find yourself getting lost in a thick mist cast by none other than lee heeseung.
Tumblr media
paring. son of ares! jay x child of athena! reader
genre. crack, enemies(?) to lovers, jay secretly enjoys making clothing and you find out, fluff, romance
synopsis. in your eyes, jay was competition, he was someone full of pride, and as much as you wanted to deny it, he was perfect. that is until you find him sewing blazers for your school uniform.
Tumblr media
paring. son of hephaestus! jake x child of demeter! reader
genre. fluff, jake is an actual softie bye, blacksmith/craftsman! jake
synopsis. a sleep-deprived jake stumbles across the flower garden you created near the backside of your dormitory and accidentally sets it on fire.
Tumblr media
paring. son of aphrodite! sunghoon × reader
genre. angst, sunghoon being a jerk oops
synopsis. stopped in your tracks by the loud noise coming from the direction of the training grounds, you recall the time you met park sunghoon— your ex-lover.
Tumblr media
paring. son of apollo! sunoo x child of hypnos! reader
genre. minor angst, fluff, you help ease his bad dreams
synopsis. sunoo is a child blessed with goldy musical skills and a bright smile. however, in reality, the boy is often troubled with soul-crushing nightmares.
Tumblr media
paring. son of athena! jungwon x child of poseidon! reader
genre. fluff, crack, you both got anger issues :/
synopsis. with chariot races starting up again, you get paired up with none other than yang jungwon, who can't "drive" for shit.
Tumblr media
paring. son of hades! riki x child of aphrodite! reader
genre. fluff, crack, bad flirting skills
synopsis. being the child of aphrodite, you never had any issues luring the other students to do things in your favour. that is until you met nishimura riki, who won't even fall for your charm-speak.
Tumblr media
@liliansun @yougeans @fiantomartell @niafics @lovingjaeyun @itzsimplemagic @wonjaems @danyxthirstae01 @studioreader @baekhyunstruly @neptuniees @moonswhite @ivyxily @popsuhcle @msxflower @berriniki
a/n: installmemts will come come randomly, not specifically in this order! please be patient with me
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goldenhypen · a day ago
▸▸ to marry you — lee heeseung
— genre: fluff, angst (with a happy ending!) // warnings: mentions of family being sick, throwing up, dizziness // word count: 2.1k
— synopsis: attending a friend’s wedding, you bring up to heeseung the thought of marriage, but you definitely didn’t expect him to react this way.
— author note: happy heeseung day! i hope you enjoy, and pls lmk how you liked it! <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
slow music filled the room loudly as it blasted through the large speakers around you.
heeseung had his hands resting on your waist over the soft fabric of your dress, and you had yours wrapped around his neck. from your hair and makeup, to the small pieces of jewelry and the beautiful dress you had on, heeseung thought you looked absolutely breathtaking.
you let your head fall into the crook of his neck, resting your cheek against the fabric of his suit. you breathed in deeply, the strong, but not overpowering, scent of his cologne filling your senses. you closed your eyes, swaying side to side in each other’s arms as you listened to the next slow song play for everyone dancing in the large room.
you two were at your best friend’s wedding as she got married to the love of her life, and you couldn’t be happier for her. plus, you really appreciated the opportunity to have this moment with your boyfriend.
you lifted your head back up and gazed into heeseung’s soft, loving eyes before his trailed down to your lips. knowing what he had in mind, you began leaning in, and he met you in the middle, immediately connecting your lips in a short, delicate kiss.
when pulling away, he rested his forehead gently onto yours and let out a soft breath followed by a small smile.
heeseung was still slightly shy when it came to publicly displaying his affection for you, which is why the next thing you knew, your hand was taken by heeseung’s as he dragged you out of the busy room. you followed him as he pulled you to a more quiet part of the building where you two were finally able to be alone in each other’s presence.
the music could still be heard where you two stayed, and he brought his hands to your waist once again to continue where he left off.
after the song was over, he leaned down, and expecting he was going to do something like rest his head on you shoulder, you flinched ever so slightly under his touch and tilted your head for better access as he pressed soft, innocent kisses along your neck, travelling up to your jaw, and landing on your cheek.
he then stood back up and grabbed your hand again before leading you outside for some air.
the sky was a deep blue, displaying occasional stars, and the breeze was chilly as it blew elegantly through your hair.
your boyfriend didn’t hesitate before shaking off his suit jacket and helping your arms through the designated holes. it carried his scent, which you loved. it not only made your body much warmer, but your heart, too. you felt more comfortable, a lot less tense, and your shoulders relaxed. you thanked him softly.
he brought you to a bench before sitting down, your bodies close as you rested your head on his shoulder, closing your eyes.
feeling a buzz in his pants pocket, he reached for his phone and looked at the screen.
as the thoughts of the wedding filled your brain, without thinking, you spoke aloud fancifully, “i hope we can get married someday.”
you felt heeseung become tense underneath you before sitting up somewhat suddenly.
“y/n, i- sorry. i have to go.”
and he left without another word, without another glance. he ran to his car and drove off without you.
you narrowed your eyes and furrowed your brows, confused as to why your boyfriend suddenly ditched you after you brought up the topic of marriage.
you thought he wanted to marry you, at least eventually. why else would he be dating you?
anger began surging through your veins, and you quickly stood up and made your way back inside.
because heeseung was your ride, you had to find another way to get home. it was either carpooling with another friend—but you would have to wait another hour or two before even considering driving home—or taking the bus back. you decided on the latter, as you thought it would be quicker, and you were right.
on the ride back, you sat deeply into your seat and rested your head against the foggy window. a tear slipped from your eye, soon followed by many others, and before you knew it, you were silently sobbing in an empty bus, alone.
because you were so engrossed in your thoughts, trying to convince yourself of a valid reason as to why heeseung would have suddenly left, you almost missed your stop. fortunately, yours was the last one, so when the driver let you know, you hurriedly thanked him and hopped off.
when you arrived home, you harshly shook off heeseung’s jacket and threw it in the direction of one of your kitchen chairs. you heard it land with a soft thud, assuming it hit the floor instead of your original target. you didn’t care to check, as you headed to your bedroom to get changed into your pyjamas.
after, you went to the bathroom and washed your face quite carelessly, not having the energy to fully remove your makeup.
you headed to the kitchen and made yourself a hot cup of tea, leaning onto the counter and zoning out to the empty silence that filled the room.
you took your freshly made beverage to the couch before placing it on the coffee table in front of you. resting into the cushions in attempts to find even the smallest amount of comfort, tears began flowing down your cheeks. you continuously wiped them away with the back of your hand before you realized it was no use, resorting to letting them fall down your face and onto your lap.
it was now hours after the moment heeseung had abandoned you at the wedding hall.
over the heavy sounds of your sobs, you almost didn’t hear the knock at your front door. you inhaled sharply before taking a deep breath to calm yourself down. realizing you weren’t even presentable enough to open the door, you continued crying, deciding not to answer it.
your mind was changed, however, when you heard an all too familiar voice outside.
“y/n, can you open the door, please? i can hear you in there, and it’s killing me knowing you’re crying alone. please, open the door. i wanna see you.”
but he was the last person you wanted to see. somehow, though, you ended up complying, wanting to sort this situation out and get some answers, and maybe even some comfort.
it took a while for you to finally build up the courage to open the door, but once you did, heeseung immediately took in your condition and tears began surfacing his eyes, “baby…”
he walked closer to you and took you gently in his embrace. though his body was cold from the freezing temperatures outside, he still managed to make you feel warm. however, you began crying again before trying to shake him off and shove him away, but he only held you tighter.
“y/n, stop,” heeseung said somewhat assertively with an oddly calming tone.
you paused what you were doing for a moment before frustrated sobs left your lips once again. you repeatedly hit your head against his chest while drumming your fists on the fronts of his shoulders in irritation.
he grabbed your hands and guided them away from his body, lowering them before he walked you over to the couch which was still soaked with heartbroken tears. he sat in the middle, bringing you down with him, and you rested beside him as he took you in his arms, rubbing your sides comfortingly.
heeseung brought his hands up to your face and held your cheeks in his palms. he began wiping your tears away with his thumbs before leaving a soft kiss on your lips, stealing your frown away. your cries began to subside, and he left more quick pecks along your cheeks, removing your tears.
“why did you suddenly leave, hee?” you began.
his head perked up towards you before responding with a, “hm?”
“do you not wanna marry me? because if you don’t, i don’t even know why we started dating in the first place-“
“y/n, no. no- you got it all wrong,” he quickly told you, “of course i wanna marry you.”
“really?” you looked at him with watery eyes, and you didn’t expect your heart to start doing flips in your chest the way it did when those last few words left his lips.
“of course. are you kidding me? why wouldn’t i wanna marry you? i love you so much, there’s no possible way on earth i can live without you.”
you smiled and leaned into his chest as another emotion-filled tear left your eye.
“then why’d you leave me all of a sudden after i mentioned marriage?” you asked curiously and sadly.
his expression changed as he thought back to that moment, hours prior. his face was now filled with emotions of sadness and a hint of guilt.
“i’m sorry. i know that i really shouldn’t have just left you like that without an explanation,” there was a long pause as he took a second to compose himself before speaking again, “i got a text and many missed calls from my brother, saying that my mom began throwing up and experiencing dizziness out of the blue.”
you quickly lifted your head off of his chest and stared at him wide-eyed.
he continued, “she’s okay for now, but she’s in the hospital, and now we’re just waiting for the test results to come back to know if it’s serious or not.”
“heeseung, why didn’t you tell me? or at least text me? i should’ve been there for you! why are you even here? we should go to the hospital-“
“no, i came back because she’s sleeping right now. she’ll be okay. the doctor said to let her get some rest. and plus, my dad is still there; he refused to leave her side. we can visit her in the morning when she’s awake.”
after hesitating for a bit, you nodded, knowing he knew best about the current situation.
“and i’m sorry for not telling you. i really should’ve. it’s just that i was so shaken up by what was going on. my mind could barely comprehend everything, and i was just so stressed and worried.”
you listened to his words intently, reacting with a genuinely sad smile.
“all that was on my mind after the doctor told us to let her get some rest was to come to you. it looks like we could both use each other’s comfort,” he laughed lightly, followed by a sniffle.
you cuddled up closer to heeseung and held him close in your arms, resting your head in the crook of his neck.
he brought a blanket that was already lying on the couch and swung it over your laps, immediately satisfied with the warmth and soft texture.
under the blanket, heeseung found your hand with his and slowly intertwined them with one another.
“sleep,” he told you softly.
you shook your head with your eyes closed tiredly, “not unless you sleep, which i know you’re not.”
he laughed at your remark before letting out a quiet sigh. he leaned his head on top of yours.
“after today, i have the urge to marry you more than usual,” he admitted with a smile.
you lifted your head up and looked into his eyes filled with adoration for you.
“yeah? well, you better propose soon then,” you suggested playfully.
“how about right now? is that soon enough?”
you held your bottom lip between your teeth to hide your growing smile.
“i like the sound of that,” you answered.
his eyes travelled down to your lips in an instant, and you immediately pressed your lips against his in a loving kiss, him not hesitating to return it.
little did you know about the plans he already made for the two of you the coming week. he would take you to the place where you had met, with a beautiful, romantic setup perfectly prepared. and it was there, he would get down on one knee and ask you the awaited question.
“will you marry me?”
Tumblr media
— taglist: @rein-deer-stuffs @herasalvatore @enhasfever @heelariously
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liliansun · 2 days ago
Pick & Choose | 18 - Not perfect like you
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
synopsis: Finding your soulmate seems like a dream come true right? Wrong, because finding out it’s your best friends boyfriend was just the beginning to the end. To make things worse, you weren’t the only one longing for someone you thought you’d never have.
previous | next
(send an ask or reply to be added to the taglist!)
taglist [open]: @hwallswrld @softforqiankun @nyfwyeonjun @seungstarss @j3ntle @sunnymoointhehouse @cha-raena @yougeans @freessaaenhaa @daisyhwa @ncityy04 @nshrikiii @angel-ishere @coolcloudpsychichumanoid @acciomylove @diestheticu @hobistigma @neptuniees @90sni-ki @hobistigma @woonieiv @atinyyylove @c9tnoos @jisungsquirrelhabits @ninjaleeknow @primorange @msxflower @theskzvibe @rein-deer-stuffs @taejinxkoya @rinyx @nnasheii @dyzennie @clear-color-hair @mymeloem19 @youreverydayzebra @aintmajor @axurio @kac-chowsballs @wonietree @luvrjn @enhappenstance @dear-dreamie @clumsyby @hoewithnojams @meiinumaki @abdiitcryy @mika-monalisa
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choibinn3 · a day ago
[ special. HEE BIRTH! 🎂 ]
series masterlist
this is set after the events of get it together, jungwon!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⋆·˚ ༘ * in which jungwon had meant for that love letter to go to yeri, and not you—her bff. for some reason though, he finds that with each moment he spends together with you he's closer and closer to forgetting all about that damn letter.
⋆·˚ ༘ * in which lee heeseung gets surprised by all of his friends for his birthday!
happy birthday to you - joy (solo album)
slightly unedited? ending fairly rushed (#_ _)..
this is just pure, unadulterated fluff and shenanigans though. but i feel like im beating this kiss on the cheek thing to death tbh
technically, his bday in korea was yesterday but its the 15th for me today here. ANYWAY, happy belated bday, heeseung!!!
student council room, once again.
Your vision was almost blind, you could barely see through the dark of the Council Room with all of its curtains closed and lights off. Jake was by the door, ready to turn on the switch.
As you held your breath, someone's shoe stomped on your foot, causing you to stumble from your squatting position with a silent yelp. Before you could fall entirely on your back, hands grabbed your forearms, catching you from behind. The fingers splayed across your skin were warm.
"Sorry," Niki muttered, and Sunghoon released a stifled laugh. "I can't stay still for some reason..."
You sighed after regaining your footing, but the person behind you didn't let go until you settled fully. "It's fine, just try not to crush Jay's toes again."
Niki let out an indignant whine from beside you, earning a shhh! from Yeri. "It was an accident! Jay-hyung already forgave me."
"No I didn't."
You swore you heard an audible gulp from Niki's area.
"Are you okay?" The person behind you asked, not having backed away from your form.
His breath fanned your cheeks as you turned your head. "Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks, Won."
You could see his eyes through the darkness because of your proximity. He smiled at you, and opened his mouth to say something, but suddenly the door had swung open.
All of you turned your heads. Heeseung came in panting like he just ran a mile, with his hair slightly disheveled and uniform tie loose. You almost felt bad for having Jungwon tell Hee that you guys needed him, because you knew Heeseung would of course come running to your aid.
"What'd you guys need me for that was so urgent?" he asked Jake through staggered breaths.
Jake simply ushered him forward. "Go to the table, you'll see."
Heeseung stepped towards the table slowly, the black of the room still obscuring his vision of the banners and cake. "What—?"
Jake turned the lights on, and all of you jumped from your crouched positions. Sunoo and Huening blew on shrill blowout whistles while Sunghoon and Niki popped confetti wildly into the air with reckless abandon. You worried for the cake silently as the confetti continued to be thrown about.
The older male took a step backwards from the loudness, holding onto his uniform shirt. "Oh fu— you guys scared me! I thought one of you died or something."
"Nope!" you exclaimed, turning the corner of the table. "We just thought it'd be more of a surprise this way."
Heeseung released a content chuckle as you placed your poorly made party hat onto him, letting you adjust and straighten it out. Niki ran up from behind the table as you stepped away, pulling the boy into a bone-crushing hug, and Sunoo hugged Heeseung's other side.
Jungwon took the liberty of hugging him after them, and Hyuka immediately pulled him towards you and Yeri after Sunghoon got his hug in.
"Happy birthday, old man," you muttered into his chest, and the boy in your guys' embrace just simply groaned. The groan sounded aggravated, but you could see the large printed grin on his face as clear as day.
As you pulled away, Yeri went behind the table and grabbed a lighter. "Woah," Heeseung started, "should you even have that?"
You watched as your long-haired friend smiled at him and shrugged. No, not at all. You had taken that lighter out from your Dad's pocket earlier that day, but if Hee knew that he'd wack you on the back of the head.
"Does it matter?" Hyuka replied, placing the candles into the frosting of the treat.
"Yes, actually. You guys can't even buy lighters yet," Jay commented, moving to the side of the table. "Also, what's with the cake?"
Jake's lips quirked up and he elbowed Niki. "It was YN and Niki's idea, apparently."
You watched as Heeseung eyed the cake warily, examining the large cherry words and finally letting out a laugh of amusement. "Wow, that's actually horrible. Love the heart, though."
"Mhm, that part was my suggestion!" you giggled. "To show our love."
Yeri lit up the candles one by one as you all watched, and Heeseung gave you a harsh side hug, crushing his chest to your shoulder. "You sure showed it with Deez Nuts, that's for sure."
You laughed once more, peeling yourself away from him to turn off one of the lights and leaving the other on. The candles were bright in the semi-darkness, illuminating Yeri's face as she carefully picked up the cake from the table.
You went to your spot beside Jungwon as everyone was starting to sing. Heeseung bashfully glanced from the cake to the people surrounding him.
"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you—! Happy Birthday dear Heeseung, Happy Birthday to you~!"
All of your voices were a bit jumbled, the chorus being mixed with the group's singing voices.
Everyone stared as Heeseung's large and ecstatic eyes flickered from the candle lights to the faces of his friends in anticipation. He proceeded to take in a big gulp of air before blowing all of the flames out in one breath.
Everyone broke out into excited and cheerful claps besides Yeri, and Jake and Jay rushed in to smack Heeseung's back repeatedly in impish delight. You cheered and hollered along with everyone else, and when your hands finally fell by your side, you felt Jungwon's own hand graze yours.
The slight contact caused you to smile before you remembered. "Ah, by the way, what was it you were going to say?"
He tilted his head at you confusedly as Niki took some of the frosting and smeared it across Heeseung's face.
"Yah! My cake!"
You giggled at the scene.
"Oh," your boyfriend began, his lips curved in remembrance. "I wasn't going to say much of anything."
"Really? It looked like you were going to."
Sunghoon inevitably also got frosting on his face, this time as a result of Jake. You wondered if you and Jungwon would meet the same fate, but as of right then you both were too far away from the mess to be caught up in it.
After a silent moment of you both gazing fondly at your friends, Jungwon took a look at your side profile. You felt his stare on your head, but you didn't turn to face him.
"Actually," he began, and grabbed your shoulder. You looked at him in puzzlement as he leaned in. "I was going to ask to do this."
He gave you a quick peck on your cheek, leaning away just in time for Niki to take a peek at what he had done.
"Hey, hey! No PDA!" Niki shouted, taking a swipe of the cake's frosting before charging at the both of you.
You didn't have enough time to bask in your own bewilderment before Jungwon took your hand, glancing back at you with a beam on his face before dragging you both away from Niki. You broke into a fit of laughter halfway through as Niki gave up on you and instead targeted Sunoo, who didn't notice in time before he turned into another victim.
Niki had gotten to Jay afterwards, and Jay was so fired up from that alone he had somehow frosting-faced Yeri, Hyuka, and you.
Well, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em?
As Huening was setting up the presents for Heeseung to open, you slyly dipped a finger into the cake. "Hey, Jungwon?"
He turned around, stopping in his own task of setting up plates for everyone. You gave him a speedy kiss on his lips, and he smiled sweetly. Just as he was about to open his mouth, you took your frosted finger and streaked it across his dimpled face.
He looked at you in shock, doe eyes widening. "Payback!"
You pattered away, grabbing the plastic knife for the cake as you did. "Here, here Heeseung. Cut your cake!"
He took it from your hands before hesitating just as he was about to slice into the slightly botched frosting. "Shouldn't I open gifts first?"
You heard a groan from somewhere, and looked at the source to see it was Sunghoon. "C'mon, we want cake!"
"Yeah, cake!" Huening cheered.
"He's right though, people usually eat the Birthday cake after they open presents," Yeri piped up, and Niki beside her booed at the statement.
"Let's just open presents then, alright?" Jungwon suggested. "The cake isn't going anywhere, plus he doesn't have a lot to open anyway."
Everyone agreed, and he set the knife back down before being presented with his first gift.
"Hm, this is Jake's?" Heeseung looked into the box. "Didn't you already give me a gift?"
"Why are you complaining about more gifts? I planned another, ok!" Jake claimed. "Just open it, I got this one like yesterday because you said you needed it."
Heeseung held his hands up in a defensive manner. "Ok, alright." He pulled out a bunch of packaging stuffing. "Is this my present?"
"What? Dude, no! It's underneath, underneath!" Jake exclaimed, taking the packaging away from Heeseung's outstretched hand.
"Vitamin supplements and red ginseng!" he finally declared. "I've been looking at these lately, thanks Jake." He fist bumped him, and they grinned at each other.
Next was Niki's, and as soon as Heeseung opened the box there was a large, tightly wrapped and dense gift inside. "Ah, really?"
"I wrapped it a bunch of times," Niki mentioned, as if he was proud.
"Yeah, I can see that." Heeseung tossed around the heavy package. "This looks like a fucking brick."
After the first layer, there was another with a box. And after that one was more paper covering another box. Another box inside a box, and another, and after the fourth layer Heeseung got so irritated he started tearing away at the packaging as Jay was laughing hysterically.
He tore away layer after layer of wrapping paper and bubble wrap, until he finally got to the middle and held up Niki's gift to him like it was Simba from the Lion King.
"Earphone case," Heeseung said, holding up the black tiny case. Everyone made noises of awe before clapping. "Because I always lose my earphones, thanks man."
Niki grinned at the usefulness of his gift.
"I might already have one on the way though, I ordered one a while back."
Niki grin quickly deflated into a frown.
Jungwon gave his present next, and you smiled because you also helped in its selection. "Here, I put a lot of thought into this one."
He opened it cautiously, taking a peek before closing it. "I thought this was a phone, oh my God."
You chuckled as Heeseung pulled out a purple phone case. "I really like purple, you know?"
"We know, Hee," you retorted.
"Wait, is that why you asked me if I needed a phone case?" he turned towards you, pointing at the case. "For this?"
Your eyes flitted towards Jungwon nervously. "Maybe..?"
"Yes," Jungwon finalized, and you both laughed at Heeseung's expression.
After Jungwon's gift, Jay had presented him macaroons. He almost dropped them, causing Jay to cry out at the sight of them almost being mashed on the floor. Sunghoon had given him a set of necklaces, ones he liked so much he almost wore them right away, and Sunoo had given him chocolate, pudding, and other foods you couldn't even name.
By the end of it, Heeseung was surrounded in gifts, Jay having gotten him more than just macaroons apparently. Somewhere in there was a plushie, shoes, handwritten cards, and various everyday items from everyone.
"Now, for cake!" Niki declared, and Sunghoon cried out along with him.
"Our cake!"
"My cake, I think you mean," the Birthday boy corrected, before taking a look around the room. "Speaking of, where is my cake?"
Everyone's head snapped at the sound of something hitting floor. Heeseung gasped dramatically. "Dude, my cake!"
Huening stood looking like a deer caught in headlights, position frozen in the one he was before with his limbs bent awkwardly. You could tell that he had definitely knocked it over with his arm.
There it was, your sad Deez Nuts cake, on the floor face first. It was unsalvageable. You almost cried, and Jungwon sympathetically patted your arm.
"So," Yeri began, "does anyone want to go get bingsu?"
You watched as all of your friends, including your boyfriend, raised their hands. Eventually, you raised your own.
"Great! Jay's treat, right?" Jay let out an indignant noise from the back of his throat. "Oh come on, for Hee's birthday?"
Everyone had turned to face him, and under the stares of everybody he caught Heeseung's wide puppy eyes. "Fine."
Niki cheered, exiting the Student Council Room with a raise of both of his arms, Jake following suit behind him. You eyed the mess on the floor. You'll just... clean it up later.
Jungwon took ahold of your hand, intertwining your fingers together before you both left through the door with the rest of the group. Your face ached from smiling.
Tumblr media
series masterlist
TLDR; you surprise hee and almost give him a heart attack! but its all fine, because then you mess around and drop a cake!! its sweet and nothing more than fluffy
TAGLIST; @lumixen @ghjasksdk @atinyyylove @jjikyuu @yjwooon @ncityy04 @tyunni @littlewolfieposts @xoxojayd3n @rosiechaengz @sunshine-skz @youreverydayzebra @hobistigma @plshhhhhhh @lokideadontheinside @alo-ehas @milkycloudtyg @bangtopia @imjustme-things @love-4-keum @sleepy-paws @yjwfav @reallysmolrenjun @whoe-dis @drunkwithfever @yourstruely @chaosmagic-wanda @deezarenotmynutz @bakukags @13isacoolnumber @enwonhee @creamkwan @sunghonkers @aichaskz @oureis @hyunsunge @n1k1tty @kisswonie @hainaz @gyuury @blossomnct @rinyx @lovelygalaxy333 @dear-dreamie @chuntians @shawkneecaps @vegetablespuppets @aj-1154 @jejenono-ren @danyxthirstae01 @rein-deer-stuffs @jungwons-rat @diestheticu @hyuckslytherin @ja4hyvn @meijiamikas @shguacamole
send an ask or dm‼️
HEY!! hey YOU! yes YOU. listen to my note here, im sorry i havent been active or posting as much ^^ school is hard for me still, but i hope this suffices for now.
also, if the gifts seem a bit strange, its bc theyre based off of the actual IRL gifts enha gave to hee during a vlive <3
heres what hyuka and yeri got heeseung:
hyuka - lego set that they could build together
yeri - a bucket hat and oversized shirt (yk how he loves those)
and yn got him a deer plushie with big ol eyes and paper stars in a jar, each star unfolding to read encouraging words^^ yes, its cliche but its CUTE so who cares.
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enhasfever · a day ago
Tumblr media
➪ thank you to the anon who requested a part two! this was so much fun to write. <3 read part one here!
➪ pairing: heeseung x fem!reader
➪ genre(s): fluff, slight angst
➪ tw: none
➪ wc: 2.2k
➪ in which you and heeseung are finally on the journey to starting your own family, though a trip to the baby store proves to be a little less fun than you'd anticipated.
"are you ready, my love?" heeseung smiled after opening up the door on your side of the car, offering his palm to help you out of the seat. with a nod and a giddy smile, you placed your hand in his and allowed him to heave you up to your feet.
"i'm never taking the ability to stand on my own for granted again," you puffed out after successfully getting out of the car, smoothing your hand over your rounded tummy which had been the culprit of your limited mobility recently.
heeseung chuckled lightly, winding an arm around your waist and shuffling you safely to the inside of the sidewalk as the two of you made your way up to the strip of various stores and eating establishments. you happily leaned into his warmth as you leisurely strolled along the strip before coming to a stop in front of your destination, the baby store. heeseung pulled the door open for you, the bell above sounding with a chime to announce your arrival to the employees inside.
you were greeted with the sights of frilly pink tutus, adorable blue onesies, and everything in between to fulfill your baby shopping desires. you still hadn't gotten the results of your baby's gender yet from your ultrasound appointment last week, but that didn't stop you and heeseung from doing a bit of early shopping for the minimal things like a crib frame and some bottles.
your attention was immediately snatched by a rack of tiny baby hats, headbands, and bows. your heart was instantly filled with the intense want for a giggly baby girl to doll up in the cutest dresses and bows, but it seemed that heeseung had his heart set on the opposite as you glanced up to find him enthralled by the blue pacifiers and dinosaur plushies. he held up a pale yellow onesie to show you with a bright smile on his face, the print on the front saying 'handsome, just like daddy.' you smiled widely in return, commenting on how you thought it was cute though you secretly prayed for the baby girl you had longed for since you'd first learned you were expecting.
you'd never had the heart to tell heeseung that your baby preference differed from his in fear that it would strike up an unnecessary argument. regardless, you were sure he knew as he'd caught you countless times looking at nursery ideas that were clearly meant for couples expecting a baby girl and each time you had sat down together to brainstorm baby names, your list tended to be filled with more girl names than boy.
having wandered further into the store on your own as your thoughts consumed you, the chime of the bell above the door faintly rang in your ears but you didn't think much of it. it was the perfect time of day for many customers to come in and out. however, your bubble of solidarity was broken when you heard heeseung call out to you from across the store just as a shriek from a small child was heard loud and clear.
frowning slightly, you sat down the puppy plushie you had been holding before shuffling towards the front of the store where you had been summoned to. your face lit up in a beaming smile at the sight of a couple of your shared friends and their son standing near the front, the little boy clinging to heeseung's leg as he hobbled around in a circle to satisfy his playful needs.
"hey, guys!" you greeted them, hugging jay first and then his fiancée. the bell chimed once more and your smile faltered slightly as more familiar faces began to pour in one by one. "oh..." you muttered softly as heeseung greeted each one, starting with jake and ending with riki. a bit of disappointment filled you as the store became a bit more crowded with the additional company and heeseung was promptly swept away by the boys as they began to play around with the items on the shelves.
maybe it was slightly selfish of you, but you'd hoped to have this time alone with heeseung. this was a very important step in your lives and you wanted to make the best possible memories with him during this precious time. becoming first time parents is one of the most rewarding moments in a couple's lives, and although you'd been grateful for all of the help the boys and their girls had provided the two of you with thus far, you did begin to miss going out with heeseung on your own.
just in the past week, you'd had your lunch date crashed by riki and jake, gotten talked into painting the nursery a color you didn't want by sunoo, and had to replace a brand new white rug after jay and his fiancée's son had spilled his juice all over it during a surprise visit. they had also gone home with one of the presents they'd brought over to you after he'd thrown a massive temper tantrum over not getting to keep it for himself. as much as you loved your friends, you'd really been looking forward to keeping heeseung to yourself just this once.
"y/n, you have to get this!" jungwon pleaded with the most childish pout as he thrusted an outfit into your hands. "and this one, and this one, and this one, too!" more clothing was tossed at you before he dashed off into the store again, leaving you standing there with your mouth agape in shock.
"i can't believe i'm going to be an uncle!" jake's voice carried loudly through the store, then jay's followed shortly after pointing out that he was already an uncle to his child. "oh, right, then i'm going to be an uncle again!" he peeked around the corner of one of the aisles, flashing you a cheeky smile. "you'll name him after me, right?"
"of course she won't, she's naming him after me!" riki shot back from the next aisle over, leaning out to chuck a plushie at jake and watching with pure amusement as it bounced off of his forehead.
"y/n, look at this blanket! it's so soft, too!" sunghoon rushed over to you with his arms outstretched, presenting a thick baby blanket which was promptly set atop the pile of clothes you held in your hands.
"she can't get that, it doesn't match the nursery theme," sunoo scolded as he snatched the blanket back off your pile, then proceeded to take back all of the clothes jungwon had given to you with the most dramatic eye roll and a comment about how ugly they were.
"you guys, what if she's having a girl?" jungwon piped up as he returned to you with an armful of girl's clothing.
"heeseung says they're having a boy," riki answered stubbornly. "and that his name is going to be riki."
"i never said any of that," heeseung defended instantly, his hands raising up into the air.
"look at y/n's belly, they say if it's more round then it's a girl," jake pointed out, gesturing to your very rounded tummy.
"all pregnant bellies are round, genius," jay tsked, shoving lightly at jake's shoulder.
sensing that you were starting to become overwhelmed with the chaos, jay's fiancée ushered you over to one of the chairs near the front of the store and gingerly helped you get seated before lowering down beside you. "i'm so sorry for this, y/n. i told jay not to let them know we were coming," she apologized sincerely, reaching out to grasp one of your hands.
perhaps it was just the frustration that had been building up for a while, or maybe you could blame it on your pregnancy hormones, but the next thing you knew, you were quietly sobbing into the palms of your hands. your friend was quick to begin rubbing soothing circles against your back as she let you get your feelings out. she reached over and collected a wad of tissues from the box at the check-out counter and handed them to you which you accepted with a stuffy 'thank you.'
you began to dab at your eyes, small sniffles shaking your shoulders as you tried desperately to regain your composure. riki came bounding over with a tutu stuck around his neck like a frilly pink necklace, his face scrunched up in a mischievous smile that quickly dropped at the sight of your disheveled state.
"y/n, are you okay?" he frowned, pulling the tutu off and turning around before you had a chance to respond. "heeseung," he called loudly, "we have a situation, your wifey needs you!"
"nishimura!" your friend hissed loudly, shooting up from her seat to chase after the youngest.
you sighed shakily, slumping in your seat as more hot tears rolled down your cheeks which were promptly swiped away with your tissue. in a flash, heeseung was kneeling before you with concern laced in his expression as he reached up to cup your flushed cheeks in his hands.
"y/n, my love, what's the matter?" he asked gently, his brows furrowed as his thumbs swiped away even more of your tears. "do you want to get some fresh air outside?"
wordlessly, you nodded and allowed heeseung to lift you from your seated position, his hand splayed on your lower back as he ushered you out of the store. the refreshing cool air outside seemed to do just the trick as you almost immediately began to feel more at ease. you allowed heeseung to draw you in for a slightly awkward hug with your belly getting in the way of the embrace, though he made it work and you found yourself melting into his warmth once more.
you stood together in silence for a few moments before you gathered up the strength to speak. "i just wanted to have one day with you alone," you sniffled, a small hum of appreciation vibrating from your throat as heeseung began to comb his fingers through your hair soothingly.
"i'm sorry," he whispered back softly, placing a loving kiss atop your head, "i just meant for jay and his family to come help. i thought it would be good to get advice from them since they're the only ones with any parenting skill right now."
you nodded understandingly, a long sigh drawing from your lips as all of the frustration you'd been feeling prior seemed to dissipate into the air with the released breath. "they're just excited, that's all. i promise after this, we can spend all day alone and watch as many movies as you want and take as many naps as we can to fuel up for the incoming baby. how does that sound, hm?"
a smile stretched across your lips at the thought of snuggling up with heeseung on the couch for the remainder of the day. it sounded like absolute heaven. just as you opened your mouth to speak, your phone began to ring in your pocket and you were quick to fish it out, seeing that it was your physician. your eyes grew round with excitement as you hurriedly accepted the call, pressing the phone to your ear. a short conversation took place that left you smiling ear to ear after you had hung up, then you turned to face an eagerly awaiting heeseung.
"babies," you emphasized, leaving heeseung to tilt his head confusedly. "we need to fuel up for the incoming babies. hee, they said we're having twins."
you were immediately swept up in a tight embrace as laughter of elation tumbled from heeseung's lips before they began to press a shower of kisses over every inch of your face he could possibly reach. "baby, that's amazing, you're so amazing. i love you so much," he babbled endlessly between the flurry of kisses he continued to bombard you with.
giggles of yours filled the air as you basked in the show of affection, then you were blissfully silenced as heeseung's lips connected with yours in an electrifying kiss that had your knees growing weak. or, perhaps that was the doing of your two babies growing inside of you. "they said we're having one of each," you finished, receiving another loving kiss from heeseung.
turning to go back into the store, everyone had gathered near the front to wait for the two of you to come back inside after you'd calmed back down. they turned simultaneously as you both stepped over the threshold, multiple pairs of eyes watching expectantly as they had seen your rejoicing outside of the large window.
"i think we'd better start getting double of everything," you announced, and there was a single beat of silence before shouts of celebration echoed off the walls of the store as you and heeseung were gathered up in a large group hug.
every ounce of your bad mood had fled from your body as you let heeseung guide you around the store, picking out things that you guys wanted. you were beyond excited to start your own little family with the man you've loved since your days in high school. "by the way," you hummed, glancing up at the love of your life, "we are not naming our son after any of your friends."
© enhasfever
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heessseungi · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Heavily plummeted on the plump cushions under you, you hastily continued to rush the final paragraphs of your five thousand word essay, due in exactly forty-three minutes. Almost as if you were in a trance, sore eyes dry with tiredness, you refrained your head from suddenly losing balance and smashing into the screen of your laptop.
11:17 PM.
You were in your second year of college, and if you were to be frank, it felt like your twentieth. Soon, you'll be a nineteen year old in debt, with tremendously big dreams about making it big in the ice skating industry since the ripe age of four (and a half). However, those magical fantasies were crushed in an instant when you were told that your family just couldn't afford it. Not to mention, even if they could manage to pay for a tutor, the nearest ice rink was roughly a three-hour drive away from your home on a day when the traffic was at least half-decent. 
So there you were. Body sprawled on your sofa like a starfish with a few not so invisible holes in the cushions, head bopping up and down with fatigue, and the heavy weight of your overheating laptop balanced on your lap. 
Then it took over. The need for sleep.
You could ignore it, right? Go at least another half an hour without crashing into a black box of nothingness for the next 6 hours. 
Of course you could. At the speed of light,  your fingers rapidly pressed onto the square buttons of your hot keyboard.
Staying awake was easy you regarded, as your consciousness diminished. Thoughts became nonsense whilst your mind dived into a free fall, swirling and twirling with the magic chaos of a beautiful dream.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
Your eyelids opened as the breathtaking scenery rose around you. Looking in all directions, you realised you were at the place you wanted to be at the most.
An ice-skating rink.
The blue glacial floor was like your own stage. Ready to glide across the raw ice under you in your white gleaming skates, you realised,
You weren't alone. 
With the sound of grinding frost coming from afar, you glanced at the figure slowly stroking towards you. 
As the mysterious individual continued to approach your startled state, you started to make out who this person actually was. 
It was a boy. A teen? Maybe the same age as you. As he got closer, you began to notice how attractive he really was; his divine features twinkled in your eyes. 
His hair was as jet as the night sky, fair skin and high cheekbones. 
A smile so comforting it almost felt familiar.
"I'm not going to stand and wait for you all day!" The boy beamed. His voice was soothing and soft, almost as if he were trying to comfort you.
"I can't really skate, this is my first time," You shyly responded. The enigmatic boy chuckled while letting his kind hand out, a simple gesture to allow you to take it. 
His slim and slender fingers wrapped with yours, as you began to simply slide along the slippery ice. 
Trembling, you lightly squeezed the boys strong hand. Ice-skating is definitely something that was harder than it looked. 
"Don't be scared," He muttered. His voice was almost angelic, putting your nerves at ease. The boy turned around, another reassuring smile painted across his lips.
You were just about to let yourself freely dance across the ice with this new stranger, yet something already put you at a halt.
The ground under you began to fade into a blinding white, blazing into your vision. The rink around you fluttered into flakes as everything around you started to disappear, including the vanishing boy in front of you. 
Already? This was probably the only escape from your boring and almost painful reality, yet it was already starting to melt away. 
"You'll come back again, won't you?" A voice sounded. 
And before you could question what you heard, your eyelids lifted, revealing your dull ceiling from the night before.
Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS: Ever since you were a child, ice skating was something you could only admire from afar, however visiting your new local ice rink for the first time led you to meeting the literal boy of your dreams. Only now, he’s not who you expected him to be.  
TAGLIST [OPEN]: @glowitss @faatnaa @s-sanos @hyuckworld @luv3iza @dear-dreamie @softforqiankun @mymeloem19 @liliansun @msxflower @aj-1154 @abdiitcryy @youreverydayzebra @nyfwyeonjun @blank-velvet @hobistigma @luv4gyu @from-xero @yougeans​ @kyleeanne​ @julietblackk​
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dimplehyunn · 2 days ago
CONUNDRUM | Park Jongseong
Tumblr media
❥PAIRING : Vampire!Park Jongseong (Jay) X Werewolf!Fem! Reader Ft. Shim Jake,Nishimura Riki,Hwang Yeji,Choi Yeonjun,Mark Lee + more.
❥THEME|GENRE : Vampires and Werewolves AU,College AU,L2E2L AU, slight fluff,Horror, Angst.
❥WARNING :Suggestive(slight),Cursing,Bloodshed,Gore, Blood drinking and worshipping,Betrayal,Major character death,a lot of deaths.
❥FIC WORD COUNT : Unestimated so far
❥SUMMARY : Jay was the throne prince to the vampire realm,being the only son of the Vampire Elder,Park. However he didn't want to live his whole life as a hideous curse,so he created another completely different humanoid life for himself. Where he had many human friends and y/n,his human girlfriend who was unknown of his true identity,in college. One full moon night was all it took to change y/n's life forever. Not only did it take away her normal life as a human being but also took away her freedom of loving, especially loving her full blooded Vampire Boyfriend,Jay. Being the Half breed daughter of the Lycan leader,y/n was subjected as the ultimate weapon of Lycans and Werewolves against vampires. This brought upon a great riddle Infront of Jay,whether he wanted to live a decent life as a fake human as he liked or to go back to the hell that he always ran away from and save his own people as well as fight the love of his life.
Tumblr media
"They couldn't die,y/n", his dark figure spoke as you both stood in the alley. You looked at him with no feelings at all. Not that he was looking at you but he knew you didn't give out that warmth he always ran to you for anymore.
You turned around, preparing to walk away without answering his "Silly" questions.
"Who are you?",he asked you slowly in a low tone,almost unhearable. Looking down on the ground as the heavy rain drenched his existence in that dark alley. You turned back to him to finally answer his another "silly" question.
"Jay,I-",you start.
He cut you off immediately with a loud yell yet cry,
"I said WHO ARE YOU?!",
his voice was trembling with unbearable anger and pain. His teeth were grinning against each other, his long slender teeth becoming visible as he started transforming into what he truly is,"You used me",he mumbled out,shaking out of anger,slowly looking up.
You stood there,looking at him dead in his bloody red pair of eyes as he looked up at you.You wondered if he was really about to attack you. "Will he? Can he?",This wasn't supposed to be a love story anyways. It's either him or you. There's no him and you. Could you fight your inner wolf to be with him? Be with a vampire? Leaving your own pack out there? Your own blood out there?Letting them die?Could you be this selfish?
A wicked smirk gradually started to find its own way to your pretty innocent face. That's it,Lucian had won.
"Ya...You really wanna know,don't you?",you asked him while slowly unleashing your sharp and deadly claws as your ears found their own wayout. The golden ring in your left eye's pupil was completely visible. A dark long tail coming out of your back as your feet turned into hideous wolf paws,not to mention the emergence of your sharp, manslaughtering teeth. But the rest of your body remained as human.
"This is who I am,Park",you flashed him your wicked smile.
"No wonder why you smell different than other humans,but you don't smell like your own kind either",he snapped back as his trembling self suddenly got a grip on itself and he stood straight,sliding his left hand into his pocket.
"What do you mea-", before you could finish your sentence you felt a swift wind blow you onto the wall behind you,an arm squeezing the life out of your throat as he trapped you between his body and the wall.
"Not a whole of your own kind either", he hissed in your ears as he stole a quick inhale of your sweet yet deadly smell.
Struggling to get yourself out of his grip,you almost stabbed him with your claws that were unleashed. But what was stopping you? Why weren't you being able to stab him? Was it because you knew that he wouldn't die? Or was it because- you stopped your overwhelmed mind just to face the reality as you calmed your body down under his touch. A touch that once felt like home but now it was nothing but a reminder of the hell you both belonged from.
"Don't think too much,Park. The world is much darker than you know,little vamp boy",you asserted before inserting your claws slowly yet painfully into his torso,in short, you stabbed him and pulled out instantly,not even giving him a chance to accustom to the pain,not the pain of being stabbed by wolf claws for the first time but the pain of betrayal from someone he loved so dearly.
Surprised at the sudden attack he spurted out blood from his mouth on your face as blood started running down from his stomach like a river. The rainwater streaming under your feet had turned red because of Jay's contribution to it as he let go of his grip on you and slowly kneeled on the floor holding his wound.
You wiped your face off with one of your hands before starting to walk away.
"y/n..",you swiftly looked back at his fallen body. The continuous thunder lightening allowed you to see his face a little clearer than you saw while stabbing him.He looked at you as he stood up with his wound being all healed.
"I may have had forgotten it for a while but..we belong to the darkest part of the world anyways,don't you think?", He paused for a while in-between his low speech before flashing you a smirk as that one simple yet heavy word which destroyed your whole freaking life rolled down his lips,
Tumblr media
❥AUTHOR'S NOTE : At first,this was supposed to be a oneshot since I'm basically writing this for Underworld Eclipse Collab.But since it's a little longer and I have my exams coming up, I've decided to continue this in chapters. Tighten your seatbelts for an ultimate ride throughout the Underworld of Vampires and Werewolves with Jay and y/n. I hope y'all like it and support me♡
❥Taglist : OPEN. Send an ask or DM to be added.
@wonjaems @sweetrainwrites @azure-arcanum @penny-quinn @nikieskoo @mykalon @vousty
Tumblr media
Reese ☆ Dimplehyunn
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doridori-jemjem · 18 hours ago
𝐸𝑛ℎ𝑦𝑝𝑒𝑛 ℎ𝑦𝑢𝑛𝑔 𝑙𝑖𝑛𝑒 𝑤𝑖𝑡ℎ 𝑎𝑛 𝑎𝑟𝑡𝑖𝑠𝑡 𝑠/𝑜! ✨
𝘾𝙤𝙣𝙩𝙚𝙭𝙩: 𝙏𝙝𝙚𝙞𝙧 𝙨/𝙤 𝙬𝙖𝙣𝙩𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙩𝙤 𝙙𝙧𝙖𝙬 𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙢 / 𝙗𝙚 𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙞𝙧 𝙢𝙤𝙙𝙚𝙡!
𝙉𝙊𝙏𝙀: 𝙀𝙫𝙚𝙧𝙮 𝙢𝙚𝙢𝙗𝙚𝙧 𝙝𝙖𝙨 𝙖 𝙙𝙞𝙛𝙛𝙚𝙧𝙚𝙣𝙩 𝙨/𝙤 (𝙢𝙚𝙖𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙮 𝙝𝙖𝙫𝙚 𝙙𝙞𝙛𝙛𝙚𝙧𝙚𝙣𝙩 𝙜𝙚𝙣𝙧𝙚𝙨 𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙮 𝙝𝙖𝙫𝙚 𝙖 𝙨𝙥𝙚𝙘𝙞𝙖𝙡𝙞𝙩𝙮 𝙞𝙣)
𝗪𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘀: 𝗮 𝗯𝗶𝘁 𝘀𝘂𝗴𝗴𝗲𝘀𝘁𝗶𝘃𝗲?
𝗖𝗮𝘁𝗲𝗴𝗼𝗿𝗶𝗲𝘀: 𝗺𝗼𝘀𝘁𝗹𝘆 𝗳𝗹𝘂𝗳𝗳 ☘︎︎
Lee Heeseung
(You are an artist who specializes in greek mythology or tarot cards)
☀︎︎ Is fascinated with your art skills and level! 🤩
☀︎︎ He admires you like a whole lot! He likes to watch the whole progress or sometimes just you because he feels at ease whenever he's with you ☺️
☀︎︎ He supports you a whole lot! He would put up all of your art works on his wall or even on his phone case and would probably do more mirror selfies
(just to show your amazing art & how supportive he is)
𝘽𝙪𝙩 𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙨 𝙤𝙣𝙚 𝙨𝙪𝙧𝙥𝙧𝙞𝙨𝙚𝙙 𝙝𝙞𝙢...
You were scrolling through Pinterest, currently on a hunt on what or who you could draw. Suddenly, a bright idea popped in your mind!
" What about Heeseung but he is a Tarot card? or better yet, a Greek god!"
Yeah that was exactly it! You immediately searched for Greek god poses and who would best fit Heeseung.
(btw did you guys saw the Scylla concept photos? ㅠㅠ)
You tried to copy the reference onto the paper as the pencil danced with the blank flat surface. Just then, Heeseung entered but quickly noticed on how
quiet it was. He gracefully stepped onto the wooden planks that was soon muffled by a soft carpet. He slowly pulled out another chair & watched you.
You were so immersed onto the drawing, carefully putting details of Heeseung as if he was a piece of perfection. Heeseung was caught off-guard but just quietly
chuckled & rested his head onto his wide palm.
"Would Heeseung like this...? I'm having second thoughts but ihh- I gotta finished what I started!"
Ahhh there it is, you and your rants to yourself...
☀︎︎ He honestly doesn't mind when you draw him at any concept, it honestly just makes his jaw drop like 😮 because of how good you make him look
☀︎︎ Since you tend to arch your back which causes your shoulders & back to ache, he gives you massages! Not offers! (and no buts or else he'll insist 😡)
☀︎︎ He honestly finds it adorable whenever you rant to yourself... Sometimes he would be your serotonin boost just so you can finish it!
Finally, it was time for line art... You quickly grabbed your iPad to capture and do it right away. Heeseung stared in awe, not knowing that you could also do that!
You were a bit frustrated but managed to finish the line art until Heeseung points out some missing details and offered something that caught your attention.
"Can I try?" He looked up and stared at your shining eyes which caused you to turn your head to him.
"Yeah sure!" You lend him the pen and switched places until- he figured that it was hard...
"How can you do this baby?! My hand is shaking so much... ㅠㅠ" He pouts and whines as you laugh beside him as you quickly rushed to help him. 🤣
It was honestly just an excuse to see but he was generally curious on how you do it and tried to learn the process of it. Which- lead to some art tips and quickie
art lessons
Few days passed, and the art was done! It was nicely printed and rendered. The details were so fine and the main art was beautiful! Heeseung was so happy &
jumpy to the point you laugh at his childishness.
"Baby it looks so good! The details are so cool!" He held up the piece and stared in awe but carefully not to ruin the perfection you had created. 🥺
"And it's all because of your visuals Hee baby..."
You gently wrapped your arms on his waist and kissed his lips as he reciprocated the offer back, holding you so
close and sharing a very wholesome kiss. As your affectionate boyfriend whisper compliments and sweet nothings on your ear and swayed you. 🥰
☀︎︎ Expect him to show of your art to his members and family... He would go "Look guys! My amazing girlfriend drew me so handsomely!" and of course he would
have a cocky smile plastered on his face as if he just won a show... 😗
☀︎︎ In conclusion, Hee is your #1 fan and he likes to support you no matter what!! ☺️
Park Jeongseong / Jay Park
( You are an artist who specializes in vampire / sexy concepts ooohhh 😏)
☀︎︎ He doesn't really care on what or who you draw. If you want to draw him, he's ready to pose for you!
☀︎︎ Just like Heeseung, he would stare at you or the watch the process but he'll try to make small conversations at some point of your drawing.
"It looks so good baby. 😍"
☀︎︎ He would help you by pointing out some flaws or help you with the posing, that is his offer because he wants to make it easier for you. aww ☺️
𝘽𝙪𝙩 𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙨 𝙬𝙖𝙨 𝙩𝙧𝙪𝙡𝙮 𝙨𝙪𝙜𝙜𝙚𝙨𝙩𝙞𝙫𝙚... 𝙎𝙝𝙚𝙚𝙨𝙝
Since it was October and of course, the spirit of Halloween 🎃 roamed around the world. You & Jay would either go trick or treat or watch horror movies while cuddled up and embracing to each others' warmth
You were in the mood to draw Jay but with a mixed of him being a vampire. You put much more effort onto the details and sketching which you could hear the pencil just tap onto the screen as your left fingers cooperated with the shortcuts. That's when you realized, who is gonna take position of the girl? Honestly, you have no idea... Maybe you can ask Jay on how it should look like?
Yeah! That should do.
You quickly rushed to him, footsteps thumping onto the soft carpet floor. As he turns to the source of sound only to find you panting in and out like you just saw
a rat.
"What's wrong dear?"
As he stood up and walked to your area as you abruptly grabbed his hands and lead him to your humble abode. Curiosity plastered from head to toe and looks at
your screen which turned on the screws and nuts and bolts on his head.
"What should the girl look like? Please do tell so I can draw her! It can be your ideal type, just some random-"
You were cut off when he cupped your face with his hands, which caused the both of you to have a staring contest.
" Why not draw yourself hmm?"
As he stared at your lips and back to your eyes as you tried to avert and move away which he did as he stared & waited for your response, crossing his muscular
"Well- I never really insert myself when it comes to these since it might either look bad or it seems that I'm a bit selfish...?"
You wandered as the words drifted from your mouth as he grabbed your chin and kissed you. Of course you thought it was innocent until he sucked your neck
and marked you a purple-red hue bruise...
"Honey why?!"
As you burst into a confused, giggly fit as he swayed and hugged you with a wide smile onto his face. Honestly just the both of you laughing at nothing.
"Just a reference for you to picture in mind and no you are not selfish darling... We're selfish for each other remember...?"
☀︎︎ He would always reassure you that it'll look good along with quick kisses and pecks!
☀︎︎ He would stare at awe whenever you draw because you look so pretty and cute!! 😚
☀︎︎ Would personally deliver you snacks or drinks whenever he notices you haven't eaten yet. He sometimes feed you with his cooked meals which- distracts you
(What do you expect?! He is a good boyfie who knows how to cook! ㅠㅠ)
Once it was done, you handed the book to him and oh my god his face went 😳 to 😏 and 🥰 because he loves it so much!! He wanted to recreate it at one of
his Halloween photshoots but you declined...
☀︎︎ He would buy a binder for your artworks and even try to make it a book scrapping with notes saying "Halloween when my gf tried to draw me hehe" with hearts
all over and more encouraging and compliments!
☀︎︎ Of course he would try to be slick and autograph either one of the artworks or the cover and keep it forever 🥰 plus he either wants to frame it with 24k gold or
sealed with one of the most expensive sealers 💀
"Babe you don't have to-"
"No. It's precious 🥺"
☀︎︎ In conclusion, He is the best bf you can ever imagine!
Sim Jaehyun / Jake Sim
(You are an artist that specializes in Shoujo style HSHSHSH👹)
☀︎︎ Of course the caring boyfriend that everybody loves...
☀︎︎ If you ever need help just say the word! You want some voiceovers for the male cast? Boom, there goes him and his members. You want some help in the story or some dialogues? Boom, he goes correct any errors or stories.
☀︎︎ You're pretty much content with your dates because you, him and Layla in your safe abode spending time together? Pretty much a 📈📈📈 for Jake because you and Layla together? God expect him to take so many pics.
☀︎︎ Layla also sometimes tap you to remind you to eat or be healthy if ever Jake is working overtime.
☀︎︎ You guys would spend a LOT of time just making fun of the cast or the dialogues... but hey! You guys are pretty serious when it comes to the real business...
𝙏𝙝𝙞𝙨 𝙤𝙣𝙚 𝙞𝙨 𝙫𝙚𝙧𝙮 𝙨𝙤𝙛𝙩...
As the members prepared for the voiceovers, you of course were there to see the process. You had a tiny bit of experience voice acting due to making voices impressions of characters. Jake kept fiddling his fingers while everyone else is so focused. You never thought that Jake, your very soft boyfie who can absolutely destroy you in less than an hour, would be this nervous.
"Why are you so nervous dear? If you're very nervous, you can't do it well so relax first okay?"
You comforted & reassured Jake and that made him much more calm and less fidgety. That's what he needs. Reassurance from you & the pleasant warmth of your body.
Few months passed after the release of a mini comic, it was now Valentines day...
Well you decided to give it all but to your expectations- it did go well! sorta...
"How do you make this without Jake noticing... Hmmm..."
Ideas were flying out the window but this one captured your mind.
"How about the voice clips along with some manga panels and a drawing for him? Yeah that's good!"
You quickly hurried to your safe place and created it right away. Sketching you, him & Layla. Spending happy times along with polaroids hanging together.
Valentine's is here but to your surprise- Jake wasn't there... You looked everywhere but to your dismay he wasn't there...
"Maybe he's working? But- Nevermind more time to prepare!"
You quickly set the negative thinking and commanded Layla to follow & to surprise Jake which- surprised you on how quick she understands...
(Dogs are smart 👁👄👁)
Few hours passed and you heard the door clicked. You tried to contain your laughing fits and Layla is here, waiting by your side.
"Baby! I'm here!"
Huh confusing... by now the both of you should be hugging and talking but you weren't there. So- of course it was a game of hide & seek. Bringing some treats
for Layla and art supplies with paper flowers to unfold for you along with your favorite chocolate. He quietly stepped onto the wooden tiles and made his way
to your peaceful abode and-
"Happy Valentine's Day my Jake!"
You stood up while Layla went to her owner real quick and he stood there, dumbfounded 🧍🏻. Quickly, he gave you the gifts and you made him a video
presentation on which you played in your shared bedroom. Layla behaved like a good girl and it was pretty calming... Your voice? The drawings? Polaroids?
God please save him because he looks like he's about to cry in any moment...
"Ah! The drawing for you. Happy Valentines again my dear Jake..."
You pecked his forehead and kissed him on the cheeks while Layla wanted to fit in to kiss his beloved owner too
☀︎︎ Valentines day is very much fun along with other events such as Christmas etc.
☀︎︎ So he always kept the gifts with a treasure box because it's from you! He wants to protect it a whole lot! (Just a simple touch and expect him to be pouty
☀︎︎ Honestly, it was the best moment of his life. Spending life events with you along with Layla is the best thing in his life and he would support you no matter what!
Park Sunghoon
(You are an artist who specializes in fantasy genres [specifically royal alternate universes]👸🏻🤴🏻)
☀︎︎ Expect him to boast your a WHOLE LOT.
☀︎︎ Would constantly remind your meals and how beautiful you look!
"You look cute..."
☀︎︎ Whenever your hair is in the way, he would help you style your hair! You got long hair? He'll do braids, buns, twin tails, ponytails! Short hair? He will pin it to the side with his favorite bobby pins! (y'know those with like flower pendants or any shape? yeahh) and he would swipe your rear hair away just so he can see your cute face
☀︎︎ Since he is an ice skater, you would always draw him like an ice prince or something that involves with royalty themes. Kings, Princes, Dukes? You name it!
☀︎︎ Fans would notice that there are so many drawings of him hunged up on his wall lolol
☀︎︎ Also your biggest fan! He would constantly stare at it with a huge smile plastered onto his face, he would even post it on his feed with a caption
"So pretty ☺️❤️"
But of course... 𝙔𝙤𝙪 𝙥𝙡𝙖𝙣𝙣𝙚𝙙 𝙤𝙣𝙚 𝙢𝙤𝙧𝙚
In your tiktok for you page, you kept hearing the Tangled festival theme and you can't get it out of your head! It's like a toy train going in circles! Not that it was bad... You were trying to draw Sunghoon, your Ice Prince penguin. You thought it was a nice idea to do it while dancing with you! His Ice Princess! So of course, You drew him in his Border; Carnival Prince outfit while- you were struggling to find dresses for you...
You called his name and you can hear his gentle footsteps up until he stopped by at the door frame of your workspace. Walking to your direction as he pulls out a chair to sit beside you.
"Yes my beautiful Ice princess?"
As he left a quick kiss on your forehead as he patted your head and smiled at you and you never forget to reciprocate it too
"I'm having- troubles... with the dress."
You tapped your pencil on the blank surface of the female's body which was elegantly posed next to your precious boyfriend. Analyzing on what could it look like, he shared on what could look appealing next to him.
"Why not the top has flowy sleeves and the skirt has a corset belt and has a nice flow of the dress? It could also look nice if the shoes have a bit of heels!"
Wow... His imagination never fails you! I mean- he is a fashionista! So of course, thanking your ice prince with a quick kiss before he stands up and kiss your forehead. It never fails to give you the butterflies.
Imagining the song playing and the flow of your bodies dancing along with the background characters, you hum along to the song. Dabbing your kneaded eraser, you swept the eraser shavings away as you prepared your 2 jars of water and your brushes with your paint and mixing palette aside. You are now ready to go color the dull paper and bring it to life!
After few many hours of patience, it was only the lineart left. You carefully lined it with so many pens to fit the colors and ta-da~! You are now done! It was so pleasing to look at. Smiling to yourself, you brought the drawing and hid it to him.
"Just in time dear! I made us dinner and- what are you hiding~?"
He removed the mittens and you walked up to him to show the finished painting. You never fail to capture the stars in his eyes. It was so pretty... With a hug, he thanked you a whole lot!
But of course, you ate your food before it gets cold...
☀︎︎ Sunghoon will always be there for you to help whenever it comes to fashion or looks!
(Can someone find me a Park Sunghoon joke-)
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
second chances | nineteen
previous | next
pairing; lee heeseung x female reader, ft second lead jay park x female reader
warnings; swearing
genre; comedy, fluff
taglist; @staysstrays @iminchaosnow @preciousdeerchild @fylithia @wooyoung-a @katyasrussianaccent @geminirules @lix-freckle3 @bluejayjay @blossomnct @shrutiajit @itsyaapollochild @witheeseung @seungstarss @meiinumaki @dreamyeyes26 @punneysushi01 @gtfovi @hrrhmay @soobnny @zhaixiaowen @leagreenly @grassbutneo @aurumness @minkyunheewon @milkycloudtyg @youreverydayzebra @itsamemarioo @liliansun @msxflower @wangzhang @enhacolor @enhappenstance @freessaaenhaa (bold cannot be tagged)
a/n: 👀
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meraniki · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
DESCRIPTION: when your bestie happens to be a member of enhypen, interactions between the both of you are bound to be full of surprises.
TYPE OF WORK: headcanons.
GENRE: fluff, humour/crack.
PAIRING: idol!enhypen x fem!idol!reader.
WORD COUNT: 1.3k+ words.
KEYWORDS: (G/N) = Group Name.
WARNINGS: a terrible and messy second attempt at headcanons, very cringy and bssic but i really tried (i'm so sorry anon if i let you down HDJSJS i will do my best next time, i promise! 😭 /gen).
AUTHOR'S NOTE: aaaa i hope this was up to your expectations, anon 🥺 although personally, i am not proud of this one at all... but, do tell me if you think there are things that i can fix in the future! (still not very used to writing headcanons and i feel a bit bummed out about it but it's ok!!). also a shout-out to @yunascular for helping me with this!! <3
Tumblr media
— the bestie who promotes your music better than your company ever will.
often unintentionally chooses your group's songs to sing to when he does karaoke live, or just lets the songs play in the background.
"engene, this is the song by my friend, (Y/N)'s group. check them out, they're very talented!"
sometimes, people even catch him mouthing the lyrics to your songs like heeseung sir you ain't slick 😔‼️
but he do put your company's promotion schedule to shame though JDJSJSH
sends you song recs and you send some back in return!! everyone collectively loses their minds when they realize the two of you play each other's song recs in the background 😔✋
well, since music is one of heeseung's passions and the fact that his bestie also does music like him? he'll support you for life PERIODT ON THAT ‼️
[ JAY !! ]
— the chill chiller chillest bestie.
doesn't make too much fuss about your friendship to the public, but does talk when asked about it.
"jay, are you friends with (Y/N)?"
"oh, yes, we are."
and that's it.
HDHSDHSH not because he hated you or anything, you're his utmost bestie‼️
jay just doesn't like to disclose too much information about his relationships. i feel like he'd keep it to himself.
offers great fashion advices for you to discuss with your stylist, you can absolutely rely on him for that 😎 (and maybe you guys have a fashion competition too sometimes.... GAHANNS)
also quite updated when your group attends events and such, so he leaves little messages. (personally of course HDJSJSJ)
jay 🦅: i heard your group is performing at a music show today, be careful 💪
listens to all your rambles and a great advisor too!! being his bestie makes life easier /hj
"jay, this outfit or this outfit?" "both, i'll send you the extra money if you want" literally 😦
we love to see it though ✌️‼️
[ JAKE !! ]
— the extra one who wants to show your friendship to the whole world.
unlike jay, mr. sim jaeyun here has NO shame whatsoever when it comes to posting about you in front of engene's 🤦‍♀️
[JAKE 🌟 posted] (G/N) fighting! (Y/N) fighting! 👍💕
he's so shameless to the point bang pd-nim had to tell enhypen's manager to keep an eye on him HDJSJSJ
if your group wins an award at an award show, YOU BET jake will the first one to stand up and clap — yes, a supportive bestie, that he is.
but the problem is: he is the only one standing at their seats and the other members are just looking at him dead in the eyes.
"what are you doing 😨" (meanwhile jungwon's just nervously chuckling while glancing back at their manager HAHAHA)
in jake's defense, if you won an award, technically he did too ok 🙄‼️
somebody please tell him to keep it on the down low or he's gonna score himself some dating scandals 😔
but ain't no one stopping jake from supporting his bestie of course 🤪✌️
— the bestie who makes everyone question if the two of you are besties or just have beef.
if you thought jay is secretive enough about it, then you haven't seen sunghoon 🥶
NAUR because everyone is expecting him to frown and politely deny it when they ask about you but instead he goes, "oh yeah, i know (Y/N)."
(good sir would it kill you to show some enthusiasm when it comes to your bestie /j #noonehitmeup #brocken💔)
but sunghoon says that as if he didn't just text you last week about how much he was craving samgyeopsal 😨‼️ (can't believe you actually almost bought it for him 😕 /j)
imagine going to music bank for your new comeback and just watching hoon do his mc speech with wonyoung HDHSHSJ
(is this the same man that spammed you with selfies when you didn't answer his messages yesterday... 🧍)
the moment sunghoon stops speaking and relays the speech to wonyoung, it takes you all the strength to not full on wheeze when you two make eye contact.
you know when you just meet eyes with your friend out of nowhere and laugh? yep, that's the one.
you and hoon, in the background, communicating using eyes during wonyoung's speech: "what are you staring at, weirdo 😒" "hoon, your hand was shaking, but ok i guess 😐"
your fans thought you have beef with each other for real‼️ if only they knew how many times you were forced to listen to hoon's rambles about samgyeopsal and selfie spams 😔 /j
[ SUNOO !! ]
— the supportive bestie who is your certified fanboy.
i just can see him just casually talking with engene's (some of them happen to know your group as well!) about your new comebacks when he's live.
"sunoo, did you see (G/N)'s comeback?"
there was this twinkle of excitement in the said male's eyes, as he clasped his hand together with a gasp. "oh! i actually did a few days ago. the mv looked really pretty and the choreography—" IT GOES ON.
will literally cry if you try to spoil your new songs to him GDHSHS because sunoo wants to experience the 'thrill' of listening to your songs (especially since his bestie sings them!)
but irony is the fact that he accidentally spoils enhypen's songs to you??
he doesn't even realize it but he just rambles to you about how much he loves this new song on their album
and you're just "mmm yes ❤️👄❤️"
(thank god bang pd doesn't have to bribe you to shut your mouth from spoiling enha's future comebacks or anything... thanks to sunoo 😔 /j)
always sends you encouraging messages during the period of your comeback like does he wanna get a hug or something 😭✋
ddeonu 🌻: (Y/N), good luck at practice today!! fighting~ ^^
[ JUNGWON !! ]
— the bestie who looks sheepish but will expose you.
keeps it on the down low as well because he doesn't want to bring too much attention to it. but definitely is a bit more open to talking about it! (unlike sunghoon.... /j)
"i heard (Y/N)'s very nice." "yes, she is—but she actually asks me for free things a lot."
yang jungwon you snitch 😨‼️
although there's so many blackmail opportunities he has stored in his brain throughout the time he's been besties with you /j
asks about your day often and checks up on you during your comebacks to make sure you're taking care of yourself.
injang's father 😺: make sure you eat lunch!
similar to the ones he always posts for engene on weverse, you also get them since you're his honoured bestie after all 😌
you can't change my mind, you were the first one to know about injang's death no doubt about it (rip injang 😭)
[ NI-KI !! ]
— the bestie who leaves heartbreak anniversary to make tiktoks for your songs.
"just like the day that i met you"?? don't know what that is 🧐
you appreciate the free promo, but he really needs to learn how to sit down.
like the whole of enhypen could have a full-on debate about mint choco and riki in the background just🕺➡️🕺⬅️🕺➡️🎶 to your song
even greets you using the killing part of your choreo and it changes EVERY time you have a comeback like sheesh 😟
"(Y/N) wassup 🕺🕺🕺" "nishimura riki, what in the name of producer hitman bang are you doing 🤦‍♀️"
a grin of proudness can be found on his face every single time he watches your group perform on the stage, it's so unbearable 😔✋
"that's my bestie right there" "we know, niki, we know 😑"
when your group is in the same room as his group and the two of you make eye contact, riki just pulls the goofiest faces ever to see your reaction PLS HE'S DOING THIS ON PURPOSE
(tries to be sneaky but nishimura riki ain't that kind of guy 😔)
also sends you ultra random pics about what he's up to.
you could be chilling in your dorm and suddenly you get a message from riki along with a blurry picture and the caption "jake hyung tripped on air while dancing today, everything's going good 🥱👍"
being besties with riki is an interesting thing, but you can always count on him for some giggles and free promo.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
thank you so much for reading.
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jwisungzen · 2 days ago
[❀] ❝ graffiti 。❞ » jake
Tumblr media
❀ pair: jake x fem!oc ❀ genres: angst, fluff (minor) ❀ au: college student ❀ warnings: language, insecurities, please tell me if i need to add more! ❀ word count: 3, 427 (unedited) ❀ status: completed all she wanted to do was spray some graffiti, but he was there to stop her.
──⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──
the full moon contrasted the dark shadows within the cityscapes of seoul. every human, although there were little to none, flocked away from the ominous, pitch-black spaces, as if repelled by a magnet.
no soul moved toward the alleyways. no noise came from the suspicious nooks and crannies. it was as normal, dark, and daunting as the uncanny time usually was.
after all, it was three in the morning.
yet, one average-built girl only stood in the shadows.
unlike the others, she avoided the lights. unlike the others, she ventured bravely down the streets and through the narrow passageways. her face was covered by a plain, black mask, leaving only her narrow monolid eyes visible under the stars. her body was shielded from the cold, harsh winter breeze with a thick black sherpa jacket. she had piled on layers and layers to protect herself from the chilling weather.
as always, she was prepared.
most people would wonder what she was doing all alone at three in the morning, especially in a big city such as seoul.
if she was going to be honest, she didn’t know where she was going either. her strides were confident yet unbound. she could follow the stars all day until they led her on the right path.
the violent vibration of her phone distracts her for a short moment. her phone screen illuminates, showcasing a picture of her and her younger brother—the prodigy dancer, nishimura riki.
she loved her brother. she knew that. yet, she couldn’t help but feel envious of the popularity his talents got him. sometimes, she wanted to scream to the world who she was.
i, nishimura yua, am not talentless.
why she’s out in the middle of seoul late at night may just be her healthiest way to relinquish all the anger. the last thing she’d ever want was to lash out at the people she was closest to. so, she let it out the only way she knew how.
her strong footsteps finally came to a stop in the middle of a dark, empty alleyway. the bricks seemed to be worn out. remains of poorly removed paint were scattered across the expansive wall, etching a smile to her face.
the heavy black duffel bag slipped from her shoulders, thumping against the floor as yua closed her eyes. she tuned out of her vision, focusing on the smells and noises around her.
silence. save for the occasional drunken footsteps of college students going home or the patters of the small cockroaches that littered the street, all that stayed constant was silence. all she could smell was the grimes of oils from the restaurants surrounding her.
it was another normal night in the city.
humming to herself, she finally opened her eyes to the night sky, ready to get to work.
black. blue. yellow.
one by one, she picked up each bottle of spray paint, enjoying the feel of the chilling material and the perfect in her grip.
this was her comfort zone—lawless, expressive art.
taking the black paint, she once again faced the wall. she lifted up her palm. she pressed down on the plastic button, listening to the sound of a spray refreshing her ears. her movements were nimble and quick—confident, as if dancing to the brightest of songs.
she shook, sprayed, painted, cleaned, and repeated each action, getting drowned within the smell of strong paint fumes that addicted her to end.
she didn’t know how much time had passed, but the astounding sight of ballet shoes drenched in a dark black resemblant to oil graced her eyes when she finally finished.
“perfect,” she whispered unconsciously, voicing her thoughts to the deaf city skies.
her heart felt lighter. her face was brighter and exposed to the fresh air, mask now discarded. her fingers felt heavy holding the cans of paint within the calloused fingers, and at that moment, she knew she was done.
so, she put everything away just as fast.
“nishimura yua!”
the voice was familiar, accented in a way she’d never forget. the smooth flow of the thin voice, especially in that town, was one she’d grown accustomed to.
so, she didn’t know why she was surprised at that moment.
yua pretended to not hear him, continuing to pack up her things in hope that he’d just leave. once again, her attempts fruitless as expected.
“yua! i know you can hear me!”
“what was that? is there a ghost?” she feigned, looking everywhere but in his direction as she picked up her backpack.
her heart raced as his light, athletic paces grew more audible, signifying that he was running straight to her.
when she felt the strong palms shake her shoulders, she knew there was no getting out of this.
“yua...” he started, taking a breath. “i told you not to run off like that, didn’t i? we were all so worried.”
the worry she could clearly hear in her best friend’s voice instilled guilt within her, one that wouldn’t go away no matter how much she tried to ignore.
“i’m sorry,” yua mumbled, willing herself to turn around and look her best friend in the face. “it was suffocating, that’s all.”
finally, yua looked up to him. his puppy-like face struck her in the heart despite the darkness of the night. no matter what, he would always be worried.
“you don’t have to apologize, yua. you’re an adult. like i said, we were worried. that’s all.”
“thanks, jake.”
“no need to thank me—all i did was look for you.”
yua shook her head. “no, i’m not thanking you for that, idiot,” she started, smacking his shoulder before moving to stand right beside him. as always, he took her bag—an unspoken rule that yua didn’t have the energy to fight after the first few times. “i’m thanking you for being worried. you’re always looking out for me.”
jake smiled, glancing down at the girl before ruffling her hair. “of course i would! i’m your best friend. i always will.”
yua narrowed her eyes, her hands unconsciously lifting up to fix her. she ignored the pang in her chest at his insistence of being a best friend, knowing she could do nothing about it. “you are way to kind for your own good. anyone else wouldn’t have even noticed i left.”
jake shrugged before quickly stopping her in her tracks. “right, i forgot...”
he moved behind her, combing her hair before pulling it up to a ponytail, placing the scrunchy at the top. “there. now you can drink the coffee without your hair getting in your mouth.”
yua’s eyes lit up at the mention of her favorite drink. “coffee?!”
jake laughed at her suddenly uplifted mood, watching as her eyes shifted around. from his bag, he pulls out the tumbler he had placed her cold coffee in, making sure none of it had spilled before placing it in her arms.
yua’s eyes only widened as she snatched and opened the lid. she slowly slipped, savoring the bitter, raw taste of the coffee—just the way she liked it.
jake watched as she truly smiled for the first time tonight. his lips tug upward unconsciously at the happy girl.
jake was the type who was always understanding. no matter how stupid yua’s decisions seemingly were, he would always try to understand her situation. he knew yua hated being hidden in the shadows when her talent for art was immense. and he knew she hated showing her desperation, her anger. jake knew her too well.
and he also knew that she knew him just as well.
the two of them were very close—ever since yua and riki moved to seoul for college. they naturally clicked.
“you’re the best, jake.”
“i know i am,” he joked, only for her to hit his shoulder again.
“stop hanging out with sunghoon so much! he’s influencing you,” yua complained, the joking tone evident throughout her voice.
“fine, fine. now let’s get you home before riki wakes up and gets worried, shall we?” jake says, placing his hand out in front of her.
yua places her right hand in his left, nodding her head. “that would probably be a good idea.”
with that, they took of in the night, both of them burden and worriless as they raced to get back before the hints of dusk rose.
── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──
it had happened again.
even though she knew she would only worry everyone, yua couldn’t take it anymore.
once again, she was back in the exact same alleyway.
the clouds covered the sky, hiding the bright moon behind its dark sea. every few minutes, the sky would flash a pure white as the lightning struck earth.
she was frustrated. the petrichor, the booming clatters of rain drops smashing against some surface—the unusual ambiances distracted her from thinking, breathing, and living.
her clothes were drenched. her graffiti was ruined. the sky was so dark she could barely take a step to the right with confidence. she felt blinded. maybe she was blinded by her own naivety.
stupid yua, she thought.
the can in her hand clacked against the floor as it slipped from her grip. water stained her face, submerging her within raging emotions mirrored by the skies above her.
she watched as all the paint mixed together, destroying her only vent for emotions.
what did she even paint? she couldn’t remember.
once again, her dearest friends dismissed her talents, her love for art, in favor of someone else. and as much as she hated to admit it, it hurt.
she didn’t know if she was crying or if it was just the rain.
her body trembled—shivering from the sheer cold she was experiencing. her hands were frozen from the winter droplets that stormed her. she should run, take shelter.
she couldn’t bring herself to move.
do i really look so stupid? am i truly talentless?
she was her brother’s biggest supporter, and her brother was hers. yet, she was always the one hidden within the shadows of society.
slowly, yua’s hands desperately clutched her forehead. her fingers tangled through her wet hair, slamming against her scalp.
she was going insane.
she opened mouth, trying to let out a violent scream. silence. no sound left escaped her lips.
she choked on her own voice, and her mind was now desperate.
someone help me.
as if on cue, strong footsteps echoed through the alleyway—ones her mind refused to register.
they quickly stilled, the last sound echoing with the rain as the person glanced at yua.
jake was heartbroken when he saw her frozen in the rain, clutching her head as if in immense pain. it hurt to see that the girl he loved couldn’t appreciate herself.
yes, loved.
he’d loved her since they’d first met on the rooftop of their college. he could still remember her bright face as he complimented her work of art—a lonely girl bathing in the light of dawn. he could still remember her red face and extreme appreciation, and it had made him wonder if she never got compliments for such immense talent.
jake had known since then that he had to compliment her, no matter what. he would try his hardest to understand and appreciate every piece she created with her blessed hands, which eventually became a habit that seeped into their friendships. every moment they shared, he appreciated.
and they grew so close to where he would be there for her in the darkest voids of her emotions.
yua flinched when she felt the the raincoat surround her. she flinched as she felt the cold, familiar hands on her shoulders, slowly turning around.
at first, her mind was so jumbled she couldn’t recognize him. through glossy eyes and pools of water, she tried to look into his eyes. subconsciously, she knew she could trust him.
“it’s okay,” jake started, his accent once again flooding her ears. yua immediately relaxed before moving closer to him, sniffling from crying and the rain. “let’s get inside.”
without any thoughts in her head, she blindly followed her best friend, submerging her ruined shoes within the puddles of rain.
jake walked fast, firmly holding her right hand in his left as he tried to reach his house. he ignored the weird looks people gave him from inside different stores—scarce but still awake even in the extreme late night.
when they reached his apartment, he quickly guided her to a bathroom, placing the spare clothes she always had whenever she crashed here on top of the counter.
“go take a warm shower, okay?”
his voice was reassuring. his face was filled with hidden worry and relief, just as always whenever she did something like this.
although for once, yua was scared of her actions too.
yua nodded her head, dazed as she walked inside the familiar bathroom. her heart relaxed as scalding water warmed her, setting her mind in temporary ease. she’d slightly returned by the time she’d finished her shower, changing into her soft cotton pajamas before walking into the living room again.
when she stepped out, jake was sitting at his nook table with two steaming cups set out. he smiled at her, and she returned it, walking over to the table.
“hot chocolate since you hate hot coffee. is that good?”
“of course! thanks, jake.”
yua smiled as she took the first sip, snacking her lips together to savor the flavorful chocolate sweet delight. the warmth of the drink flowed to her heart, helping calm her down further and shield her from the raging storm of emotions.
they sat in silence for a few moments, just enjoying their time with each other.
then, she set her cup down, collecting her thoughts.
“i’m sorry i made you worried again…” she started, taking in a deep breath.
she waited for the inevitable soft scolding she was sure she would get. only, jake’s next words shocked her.
“you can do what you want yua—i can’t stop you.”
he settled down before reaching over to push a wet strand of hair behind her face. yua blushed as the close proximity. forcing herself to focus on his words instead of his actions, she willed her heartbeat to return to its steady pace compared to the wild, erratic beats.
“b-but i shouldn’t have just—“
“yes, maybe you shouldn’t have left so randomly like that. but, it was still a decision that you took. i can’t just-” he stopped his words, taking in a deep breath before remembering what he was trying to say. “next time, tell me when you want to leave. tell me when you want to go down to that old alleyway and paint out your frustrations.”
yua looked at him in confusion, wondering why he would want to know if it would only burden him more. “why?”
“because, i want to come with.”
── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──
unlike the other days, it was bright in the early morning. jake was extremely annoyed while a chirpy yua dragged him to the abandoned alleyway.
it had been a year since that rainy night, and yua had kept her promise to let him come with whenever she painted. however, today was different.
her smile was as bright as the morning sun that loomed above them. and as jake watched her, he couldn’t help but smile as well.
cute, he thought.
to him now, everything she did was cute. he found her tiny bounces when she was excited cute. he found her bright smiles when she did well on a test cute. he found her mild frustrations when trying to finish a project on time cute.
his best friend was the cutest human being he’s ever met.
even know, as she bounced up and down while setting up her supplies, he found her cute.
“for this one, i don’t want you to see it yet. not until i finish~”
jake was bewildered. “why?!”
yua cheekily smiled before pushing him to face the other way. “you’ll see soon~ i promise, okay?”
jake sighed, relenting and finding a comfortable spot to scroll the his phone.
as promised, yua didn’t take long at all. she had it all planned out.
her heart took over as she swayed her hands, making sure to paint everything correctly. she didn’t want to mess up such an important day.
she’d finally mustered up the courage to tell Jake how she felt.
maybe it was the way that he always took care of her. maybe it was how he never forced her to stop painting the walls of soul. maybe it was how he was always there for, even when she faced her harshest emotions. maybe it was his smile, his athleticism.
maybe it was everything.
but soon, her feelings only deepened. and she’d built up the courage to take the risk of ruining their friendship to try and further it to something more.
she’d poured her heart out in three simple words. hopefully, it was enough.
“jake?” yua called out thirty minutes later, placing her paint cans down before moving closer to her best friend.
hearing his name, he immediately put away his phone. “can i turn around now?”
with a sigh, he turned around, slightly tired but also curious of what she wanted to show him.
when he looked at yua, he saw her nervousness. it confused him more.
why would she be nervous when she knows how much i like her work—
jake stopped breathing when he looked at the wall. his mind blanked, and his heart stopped.
written in bubble letters was a pink gradient of the words “I like you.”
his heart pounded, shocked by the sudden confession he wasn’t expecting.
he thought she’d never reciprocate his feelings.
yua was confused and slightly embarrassed by his silence, thinking that her confession would now make things awkward between her friend. she was sad—heartbroken.
“i-it’s alright if you don’t feel the same way! i just hope this changes nothing between u—”
yua’s words got cut off when she’s enveloped in a bone-crushing hug. she gasped as her breath hitched in her throat, and she froze in her spot.
“i like you too.”
her eyes widen as relief floods her body.
he likes me back.
she wraps her arms around him, tightening her grip and extreme content.
he likes me back.
she pulls away for a second, looking up at him to make sure it was real.
“actually? like you’re not joking or something or like pitying me or something are you?”
jake chuckles at her quick rambles, nodding his head. “i’ve liked you since that day on the rooftop, yua.”
she smiled before drowning herself in the hugs she loved so much.
he likes me back.
“it’s sad that i couldn’t confess first, though. so let me ask you.”
yua hummed in question, not sure what he meant. what does he want to ask her now?
“do you want to be my girlfriend?”
if she thought she was happy earlier, she couldn’t have been happier now.
“can i kiss you?”
yua closed her eyes, processing everything that was going on. this wasn’t a dream. it was truly happening.
“yes,” yua breathed.
and without another word, he pressed his lips to her, keeping his hands steady at her waist. yua wrapped her hands around his neck, smiling into the deep kiss.
he enjoyed the feeling of her soft lips on his, unwilling to pull back even after a minute or so passed. they both could barely breathe but couldn’t pull away from each other—like two magnets so powerfully connected they could barely be separated.
after what felt like hours despite merely being a minute, yua finally pulls back, staring at him.
“you’re my boyfriend now,” she spoke, breathless yet filled with an ecstatic emotion.
jake laughed at her, once again finding her bright, vibrant expressions endearing.
“and you’re my girlfriend.”
yua giggled at the words that she’d never imagined would escape his lips—especially directed to her.
the day she waited for was finally here—the day where she didn’t have to hope for more had come.
jake pointed to the art on the wall with a hint of pride. he was sure that it was the best confession someone could ever receive. he fell deeper for her within a day, like an endless quicksand he refused to leave.
“i’ll be bragging about that till the end of time.”
yua laughed, the noise tugging at the corners of jake’s lips, inching them upward. “oh, yeah? what will you tell people?”
“that my girlfriend confessed to me with a masterpiece of graffiti.”
Tumblr media
a/n: i wrote this on a whim, so i hope you enjoy!
© All Rights Reserved
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goldenhypen · 2 days ago
▸▸ [teaser] to marry you — a hee day special.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
↳ a story of betrayal and distrust, love and comfort, many kisses… and possibly marriage.
— fluff & angst // heeseung x reader // 2k words
sneak peak:
you let your head fall into the crook of his neck, resting your cheek against the fabric of his suit. you breathed in deeply, the strong, but not overpowering, scent of his cologne filling your senses. you closed your eyes, swaying side to side in each other’s arms as you listened to the next slow song play for everyone dancing in the large room.
you lifted your head back up and gazed into heeseung’s soft, loving eyes before his trailed down to your lips. knowing what he had in mind, you began leaning in, and he met you in the middle, immediately connecting your lips in a short, delicate kiss.
when pulling away, he rested his forehead gently onto yours and let out a soft breath followed by a small smile.
— to be released on october 15, 7am (est)
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liliansun · a day ago
Pick & Choose | 19 - All go away, right?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
0.8k (written portion ↓)
When you walked in, you saw not only Heeseung, but Jay and your brother on the couch watching Heeseung play. You smiled, this had been so normal for you and with today, you had needed this. The boys greeted you, following a greeting to Sunghoon who had came in. You gave the boxes to your brother as Sunghoon went down the hall, you assumed he was going to wash up. Deciding to do the same, you went into the kitchen. Your body collided with something solid and you expected to fall backwards until you felt a pair of hands on your waist. Looking up, you were met with Jake’s surprised expression. You froze, holding your breath as your mind was catching up with the speed of your heart. As you steadied yourself, you cleared your throat a little as Jake took a slight step back. His hands didn’t leave your waist, instead he held you a little tighter. He was searching your face, looking for something in your eyes. You didn’t know why he looked so sad, but before you could ask, Sunghoon turned the corner.
“Hey y/n, you ready?” He said, turning into the kitchen. He was met with Jake holding onto you and he felt a mix of emotions. Your body shook at the sound of his voice, turning to face Sunghoon. You tried to escape Jake’s grip, but he wasn’t letting go. Confused by the silence in the kitchen, Heeseung had left his game to Jay and got up to get a drink. “Is everything alright?” Heeseung asked, looking at the three of you. You felt like a deer caught in headlights, not noticing how Jake had slowly let you go and stepped back. “Yea, everything is fine.” Sunghoon said, knowing he was lying once again. His eyes were locked on Jake’s, trying to decide between his friendship and his pride. Jake scoffed, rolling his eyes as he started to walk out the kitchen. Heeseung caught his arm, pulling him back a bit. “Did you two make up yet, because this is getting a bit childish.” He said, clearly annoyed. You were now the one who was confused, turning to Heeseung for answers.
“Hey y/n, you ready?” He said, turning into the kitchen. He was met with Jake holding onto you and he felt a mix of emotions. Your body shook at the sound of his voice, turning to face Sunghoon. You tried to escape Jake’s grip, but he wasn’t letting go. Confused by the silence in the kitchen, Heeseung had left his game to Jay and got up to get a drink. “Is everything alright?” Heeseung asked, looking at the three of you. You felt like a deer caught in headlights, not noticing how Jake had slowly let you go and stepped back. “Yea, everything is fine.” Sunghoon said, knowing he was lying once again. His eyes were locked on Jake’s, trying to decide between his friendship and his pride. Jake scoffed, rolling his eyes as he started to walk out the kitchen. Heeseung caught his arm, pulling him back a bit. “Did you two make up yet, because this is getting a bit childish.” He said, clearly annoyed. You were now the one who was confused, turning to Heeseung for answers.
“Hey y/n, you ready?” He said, turning into the kitchen. He was met with Jake holding onto you and he felt a mix of emotions. Your body shook at the sound of his voice, turning to face Sunghoon. You tried to escape Jake’s grip, but he wasn’t letting go. Confused by the silence in the kitchen, Heeseung had left his game to Jay and got up to get a drink. “Is everything alright?” Heeseung asked, looking at the three of you. You felt like a deer caught in headlights, not noticing how Jake had slowly let you go and stepped back. “Yea, everything is fine.” Sunghoon said, knowing he was lying once again. His eyes were locked on Jake’s, trying to decide between his friendship and his pride. Jake scoffed, rolling his eyes as he started to walk out the kitchen. Heeseung caught his arm, pulling him back a bit. “Did you two make up yet, because this is getting a bit childish.” He said, clearly annoyed. You were now the one who was confused, turning to Heeseung for answers.
“Make up? When did they fight?” Your words ran through each of their heads, both Jake and Heeseung coming to the conclusion that Sunghoon didn’t tell you about their fight. Jake stood there, eyes softening at your worried expression. Maybe you were too good for him. Sunghoon began to panic, looking around the room trying to avoid your gaze. “So you didn’t tell her?” Heeseung said, being the first one to break the ice. This caught your attention, especially when Heeseung was staring at Sunghoon. “Tell me what?” You said, directing your question to Sunghoon. He couldn’t meet your eyes, guilt was taking him over. “Y/n, I was gonna tell you at some point-“ He was cut off almost immediately. “Tell me what Sunghoon?” Your body seemed to cave in, nerves taking over. You couldn’t think of what he could be hiding and that’s what scared you the most.
“Jake..didn’t go to Giselle. He was with Heeseung all day and when you went to get snacks..” he paused, seeing how you stepped back. His heart sunk, hating how much this was effecting you. “When you went to get snacks, I confronted him. I didn’t know until Heeseung told me and I know I should’ve told you, but-“ You shook your head in disbelief. Not only did he find out the truth, but he lied to you about it. He would’ve continued to lie about it and you probably would’ve never knew. When you lifted your head, Jake was staring at you. His eyes were watery, you could tell he didn’t want to see you cry. Sunghoon tried to reach for you, but Heeseung pulled him back. “Sunghoon, I think you should leave.” Your brothers voice cut the tension between the four of you. He looked at you, hoping you’d ask him to stay or at least say something, but instead you turned your head away from him.
Sunghoon let out a sigh, turning away from you and nodded. He walked out of your house that day, less of a man than he wanted to be. Hoping that one day you’ll forgive him and let him explain, but he could only hope so much. More importantly, he hoped he didn’t ruin any chance with you.
synopsis: Finding your soulmate seems like a dream come true right? Wrong, because finding out it’s your best friends boyfriend was just the beginning to the end. To make things worse, you weren’t the only one longing for someone you thought you’d never have.
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ddeonuism · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
pairing: childhoodbff!Jake x fem!reader
summary: in which Y/N has already accepted the fact that she will never be anything more than a best friend to Jake. She’s fine. She’s kept it all together for so long. However, Sunoo is a force to reckon with and he will do anything in his power to get Jake and Y/N together—Oh, and not to mention Sunoo really hates Jake’s current girlfriend, much to the annoyance of Y/N.
includes: fluff, light angst, crack (as it should!) and Sunoo being the bestest friend you could ever ask for… in his own strange ways.
warnings: cursing oop.
featuring: ENHYPEN, TXT and ITZY
status: completed
Tumblr media
extras (memes): one two three four five six seven
director’s cut: one two
Tumblr media
profiles 1 / profiles 2
act 1: sunoo chooses violence
act 3: selective reading
act 4: my [redacted] senses are tingling
act 5: different typa dumb
act 6: mf I’m no Hypno
act 7: he (allegedly) is jealous your honor!
act 8: on the same wavelength
act 9: 🔊 BULLY HIM 🔊 HARDER 🔊
act 10: club hours (read: chaos)
act 12: SNITCH!
act 13: worst 3 minutes of my life
act 15: an inch resting turn of events
act 16: I SAID COLOR
act 17: goody two shoes
act 18: you’re stupid I like that in a man
act 19: damn… I kinda don’t care (🤡)
act 20:
act 21: not u simping again 🤢
act 22: major bruh moment
act 23: you’re an idiot (affectionate)
act 24: two halves of a whole idiot
act 25: Jake is a furry
act 26: baby I'm not even here
act 27: I got detention again
act 28: @ God why me
act 29: Beomgyu aka the resident idiot
act 31: ight imma head out
act 32: F’s in the chat for Jake
act 33: fan behavior
act 34: there goes our best (?) soldier
act 35: 😔👉🏼👈🏼
act 36: tragic back story: unlocked ✨
act 37: are you stupid or are you stupid?
act 38: ugh mondays
act 39: the aftermath
act 40: good mourning
act 41: fucking finally
act 42 (closing act): OUR boyfriend
Tumblr media
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kpophubb · 15 days ago
Enhypen Ot7+Hyung Line MASTERLIST ❥♡︎
Disclaimer:- this list consists of both smut and fluff ffs if you’re sensitive to smut please ignore my post. The last time i made this post i added 80 links but some sensitive,problematic people reported my post as well as my whole blog.
Tumblr media
ꕥ ice cream with Ot7
ꕥsick enha with their s/o
ꕥ kisses with ot7
ꕥ back hugs with Enhypen
ꕥ reacting to them on your lockscreen
ꕥ when you give them silent treatment
ꕥ reaction to their s/o hugging them during sleep
ꕥ when you ask to borrow their hoodies
ꕥ skinship with ot7
ꕥ enha reacting to you matching them up with your friends
ꕥ cuddles
ꕥ ways to say ily
ꕥ clingy when jealous with enhypen
ꕥ warm embraces and sudden kisses
ꕥ little sacrifices they’d do for you
ꕥ how they’d confess to you
ꕥ how they spend your bday with you
ꕥ enha reacting to their p/c on your phone
ꕥ jealous with another member
ꕥ little acts enha does for you
ꕥ reacting to their s/o giving them gifts
ꕥ when you wear s/o’s hoodie
ꕥ kisses with ot7
ꕥ when their s/o shuts them up with a kiss
ꕥ when their s/o can’t stop kissing them
ꕥ enhypen as boyfriends
ꕥ enha as bfs at school
ꕥ them having a breakdown infront of their s/o
ꕥ ot7 reacting to their s/o being a lil chubby
ꕥ night dates
ꕥ going to an escape room with en-
ꕥ dates with enha
ꕥ when their s/o has a breakdown infront of them
ꕥ ot7 reacting to a clingy s/o
ꕥ ways your heart lock into place
ꕥ when you tell them you want a baby
ꕥ ot7 master recs
ꕥ messages they’d want to send to their ex
ꕥ looking after enha after a hectic week
ꕥ their ways to make you happy
ꕥ enhypen as bfs
ꕥ when their s/o is on period
ꕥ when you tell them ily
ꕥ enha crushing on you at their fanmeet
ꕥ reaction to you calling them husband
ꕥ hugs with enha
ꕥ graduating with enhypen
ꕥ slow dancing with ot7
ꕥ ot7 reacting to posting your relationship online
ꕥ enhypen reaction to a clingy s/o
ꕥ ot7 going into a haunted house with a scared s/o
Hyung line:~
Tumblr media
ꕥ legal line as fwb
ꕥ hyung line as your boyfriend
ꕥ eating you out
ꕥ reacting to you being shy during intercourse
ꕥ take it
ꕥ face sitting
ꕥ giving them head
ꕥ sexting with legal line
ꕥ making out with enhypen hyung line
ꕥ fingering you for the first time
ꕥ hyung line MASTERLIST
ꕥ kisses with them
ꕥ jealous with another member
ꕥ sacrifices they’d do for you
ꕥ 02z hinting they like you
ꕥ falling asleep on them
ꕥ relationship with 02z
ꕥ hyung line reacting to their pregnant someone
ꕥ first kisses with 02z
ꕥ 7 minutes in heaven with enha hyung line
ꕥ legal line MTL preference
ꕥ hyung line when their s/o wants a kiss
The End
Note: I’ll add more ffs to this list so like and reblog this post! Show love and appreciation to these amazing writers by following them and liking their posts.I’ll post more masterlists like this soon so please follow my blog ㋛♡︎
Sim Jaeyun Masterlist
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS: Ever since you were a child, ice skating was something you could only admire from afar, however visiting your new local ice rink for the first time led you to meeting the literal boy of your dreams. Only now, he’s not who you expected him to be.  
TAGLIST [OPEN]: @glowitss @faatnaa @s-sanos @hyuckworld @luv3iza @dear-dreamie @softforqiankun @mymeloem19 @liliansun @msxflower @aj-1154 @abdiitcryy @youreverydayzebra @nyfwyeonjun @blank-velvet @hobistigma @luv4gyu @from-xero​ @yougeans​ @kyleeanne​ @julietblackk​ @kingkaithekiwi​
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Break These Walls
Tumblr media
❥ pairing: park sunghoon x female reader ❥ genre: one-shot, fluff, angst, college!au, roommates!au, roommates to lovers (is this a thing?) ❥ warnings: partying & drinking, druken confessions, mentions of food, kissing, Y/N is somewhat insecure, let me know if I am missing something ❥ word count: 10k ❥ requested! ❥ summary: Breaking down your walls was something Sunghoon wasn't going to give up on, no matter how much you tried to push him away. ❥ A/N: Hello, how are you today? Well, well, well here I bring you another oneshot that I absolutely loved writing and I hope you enjoy reading it as well! I might want to write an enhypen college!au after this so let me know if you'd be interested in that. Please, like/reblog this if you enjoy reading it and let me know your thoughts through an ask, if you feel like it; I am always appreciative of your feedback! As always, happy reading!
Tumblr media
When you left home to come to university, your parents told you that you’d have a roommate from the same town as you and that was a relief. You thought it was someone you shared classes with, but never in your life you thought your roommate would be your old crush and also old lab partner.
You weren’t the only one surprised by this. When you met for the first time at the apartment, you couldn’t get a read from his expression. Was he excited to see you, or on the verge of tears because he had to share an apartment with you? You couldn’t tell.
Still, Park Sunghoon was popular in your old high school and here, at university, that hadn’t changed. Any party that was thrown, Sunghoon was invited. Any major event on campus, he was participating in. You didn’t know how he had time for all of this and still manage to get decent to good grades.
However, you didn’t care. Or at least, you tried really hard to convince yourself of that. Park Sunghoon might be your roommate, but you rarely saw him. He always left before you were home, came back at the early hours of the morning and you left to go to classes before he was awake. Sometimes, you’d catch a glimpse of him in the classes you shared, either sleeping or shamelessly having someone flirting with him. You didn’t know how he could be so polite and turn down so many offers, a lot of the girls that flirted with him were beautiful.
You shook your head, catching yourself thinking about him in the middle of class and returned your attention to the lecturer in front of the auditorium. He spoke of something you didn’t fully understand, but you scribbled down some notes anyway, hoping that later, they would make some sense to you.
When class reached the end, you started to store your things slowly, watching as everyone exited at a fast pace, crowding the two exits of the auditorium. Taking your time meant that when you exited, you could leave with ease, and you liked that. Big crowds were not your thing.
“You’re Y/N, right?” You lifted your eyes to find a boy speaking to you, smiling.
You nodded. “If this is because of Sunghoon, he’s right there.” You pointed to where he was, a couple of rows above you on the opposite side.
It was common for people to reach out to you so could relay messages back to Sunghoon. In the beginning, you did it, but now you just ignored it or told them to do it themselves. It was embarrassing and it made you feel like a fool.
“Ah, I’m not talking to you because of him.” You raised an eyebrow confused and he extended a hand your way. “I’m Jay, by the way.”
“Y/N, although you already know that.” You didn’t shake his hand and grabbed your bag from your table. “Why are you talking to me, then?”
Hopefully, this wasn’t some sort of sick and twisted joke or prank. You weren’t in the mood for those this month.
“Hm… Sunghoon told me to talk directly to you.” He gulped and continued, talking faster. “It’s not because of him. I wanted to invite you. I’m… throwing a party tomorrow and I’d like you to be there.”
Unconsciously, you glanced at Sunghoon who was looking your way. When your eyes met, he smiled at you, ignoring the girl who was talking next to him. You turned to look at Jay and smiled at him, feeling Sunghoon’s gaze still on you.
“I’m not one to go to parties,” you admitted, starting to walk away from him. “But thank you for the invitation. I appreciate the gesture.”
You quickly tried to exit the auditorium, but the doors were still too crowded, so after a few seconds, Jay was by your side again. He cleared his throat, eyes focused on the crowd in front of you.
“You should come, though. I’m sure you’ll have fun! I’ll even have a karaoke machine, and a great DJ too. I mean, he’s a friend of mine, but he is pretty good at being a DJ.”
“I’m sure it will be fun.” You nodded, not looking at him. “Just not for me. Thank you, again. Have fun at your party.”
“Yeah, but… you like to dance and… sing, don’t you? Apparently, you were quite good at your high school’s talent show…”
You stopped walking and crossed your arms, looking at Jay. Had he been interrogating Sunghoon about you? This was the kind of thing that only he knew because here you didn’t talk about your hobbies. Or your life before university for that matter.
“It’s not true.” You lied to him and the smile on his lips faded. “Whoever told you that lied to you. I’m sorry. I don’t go to parties, I don’t dance, and I don’t sing either. Have a good day.”
Jay opened his mouth to speak but no sound came out of it. You continued to walk, leaving him behind as you exited the auditorium and the building as quickly as possible.
Outside, you were greeted by the fallen leaves of autumn and a soft breeze that refreshed you. The small garden in front of you had shades of yellow, red, and brown, and you took a deep breath, trying to make sense of what had happened earlier.
As you crossed the garden, a lot of questions popped into your mind. Why had Jay invited you to a party? You had seen him around campus several times, but you had never seen him looking your way. And there was also the matter with the information Sunghoon had given him about you. What was he trying to achieve with all of this?
You sighed and allowed yourself to collapse on a stone bench, listening to the twirl of leaves on the concrete path in the distance. People walked with friends and classmates in front of you, either laughing or chatting with each other excitedly. You couldn’t help but feel lonely.
Ever since classes had started, you hadn’t been able to make a single friend. When you tried to create meaningful friendships, you soon realized there were second intentions behind it which made you sad and disappointed. So after a while, you stopped trying.
Whoever came your way, you didn’t trust. Whoever tried to be nice to you, you treated too harshly. All of these walls and defence mechanisms made you somewhat unapproachable, but that was the cost you were willing to pay right now to avoid getting disappointed and your heart shattered again.
Tumblr media
Sunghoon liked the peace of the campus coffee shop. When he sat at the corner in the back, he was rarely bothered. After getting his drink, usually an iced coffee, he would put on his headphones and listen to music while studying, before heading home. It was the only time of the day where he was able to be alone and he loved this place for that.
The coffee shop was small and had a minimal but modern decoration. Most of the walls were empty, except for a couple of shelves that had plants. He could swear they were fake unless someone here was truly fond of taking care of them.
He entered the place and quickly glanced around, trying to identify whether his favourite spot was empty. To his dismay, the spot was taken today by none other than you. Just like him, you were focused on your notes, biting your lip as you read something, an eyebrow raised.
“An iced coffee, please.” The person behind the counter nodded and started to work on his drink.
Sunghoon leaned on the counter while he waited, unconsciously looking your way, a soft smile appearing on his lips. It was strange to him how the both of you ended up at the same university as roommates and even shared some classes.
Just like in high school, you rarely looked his way. But when you did, his heart skipped a beat, and he couldn’t avoid but smile at you. It was rare for you to reciprocate the gesture, so he had to look for ways to see you smile.
When you were his lab partner in high school, you smiled when the two of you received a good grade, or when you succeeded at your task. However, in university, Sunghoon didn’t see you smile often, and he missed that.
“Here’s your order. Enjoy.”
“Thank you.”
Sunghoon grabbed his drink and considered what he should do next. If he went to the library, he would get constantly interrupted by people who wanted to chat with him. But if he stayed here at another table, people would quickly see him and do the same.
He looked your way again and gulped. You were still entertained by your notes, completely oblivious to his eyes on you. Sunghoon gulped and walked your way, fixing the bag strap on his shoulder. When he reached the chair opposite to you, he cleared his throat, and you slowly raised your eyes to meet his.
“Hi,” he said, smiling at you. He gestured to the chair in front of him. “Can I join you?”
You looked at Sunghoon from head to toes and sighed, scanning the coffee shop afterwards, probably noticing the empty tables around. He gulped, waiting for your answer.
“You have a free table over there.” You gestured with your pen to a table by the entrance, near the window that had the street outside as its view. “You might like it more.”
When Sunghoon looked back at you, your eyes were on your notes again, ignoring his presence, no smile on your lips. He remained there, hoping that you would look back at him, but you didn’t.
Instead, you sighed in frustration at your notes, messing your hair. Sunghoon moved to your side and took a sip of his drink, tilting his head to see what you were struggling with.
“I could help you with that,” he stated, smiling. “I… have the resolution of the problem. Do you want to see it?”
“What do you want, Sunghoon?” You looked at him, upset. “I am trying to study.”
“And I am trying to help you.”
You rolled your eyes and moved your notes from his view. “I didn’t ask for your help. Just…” You shook your head and chuckled. “You know what? Go ahead and sit down. I was on my way out.”
You stood from your chair abruptly and Sunghoon moved out of your way otherwise, he would’ve spilt his drink over you. He watched as you stored everything in your bag as quickly as you could, not caring if your notes would get crumpled up or what order you were putting them in.
“We could share the table, you don’t need to leave.”
You shot him a glare, putting your bag on your shoulder. “We already share an apartment and our high school experience and that’s all I want to share with you. Keep the table.”
He watched as you quickly approached the entrance door and opened it, walking outside as fast as you could, Sunghoon quickly losing sight of you. He gulped and glanced at the table where you were previously, now mostly empty. You had left behind a couple of notes, where coffee had spilt over, and your pen as well.
He picked it up and saved it on his own pencil case, a sigh escaping his lips. He cleaned the table, taking pictures of your ruined notes so he could rewrite them for you, consulting his notes taken in class, throwing them in the trash bin nearby afterwards.
Sunghoon didn’t understand you. Whenever he tried to get close to you, you always pushed him away, and treated him harshly, as if you were angry at him.
Still, he kept pushing, hoping that someday you’d smile at him, hoping that someday you could laugh together. Hoping that someday, he could break down the walls you so desperately tried to keep up around him and everyone else.
Tumblr media
The next day, you saw Jay at class again, but he didn’t approach you. He stood in one of the front rows with his friends around him and didn’t look your way. That was good, even if deep down, you felt a bit disappointed by having said no. Still, you were too proud to ask him about it again, so you would pretend nothing had happened and that you were ok with your decision.
Sunghoon, however, decided to sit next to you in class today. You tried to ignore him for the majority of the time, but you felt his gaze sliding your way occasionally, the smile on his lips as he did so. And then, he placed a pen in front of you, and a couple of notes with his handwriting.
“What is this?” You whispered to him, not smiling.
He leaned closer to you and kept his voice low. “You left the pen at the coffee shop yesterday. And the notes, I decided to rewrite them for you. I added some of mine as well, I hope they help.”
You quickly turned to look at him, gulping when you realized how close you were to each other. His eyes widened and he blinked, not looking away from you. Why did you feel somewhat lightheaded?
“I didn’t…” Your gaze jumped from his eyes to his slightly parted lips. You sighed. “Why are you doing this, Sunghoon?”
“Doing… what?” He hadn’t stopped staring at your lips.
You crossed your arms and shook your head. “I told you I didn’t need your help, didn’t I? Just… what are you trying to achieve with this?”
“Come with me to Jay’s party.”
His eyes met yours again and you recognized certainty in them. Whatever he was thinking about, he was certain of it. That made your heartbeat slightly faster, the temperature around you seemingly increasing as well.
“I know you said no to him,” he continued to whisper. “But I’d like you to come.”
“It’s not your party, you know?”
The two of you weren’t paying attention to class anymore. Your focus was on Sunghoon and Sunghoon only, and his focus was all on you too.
“I asked him to throw it… for you.” You didn’t know if you wanted to laugh or slap him big time.
People looked your way, some with surprised faces, others upset that you had interrupted the class. You were once again aware of how close you were to Sunghoon, whose smile was now on full display.
“Is there a problem?” The professor asked you and you shook your head, trying to smile at him.
“I am… ok, yes. But not feeling very well, I have to admit.” You wanted to get out of here and fast. “I think I am… leaving early.”
You started to store the things in your bag, avoiding Sunghoon’s gaze on you. He sighed and turned to the professor, raising his hand.
“Yes, Sunghoon?”
“I think I should go with Y/N. She’s not feeling well, I’m afraid something could happen to her.”
“How kind of you,” you mumbled between your teeth sarcastically, but he didn’t listen.
The professor nodded and sighed, gesturing to the two of you. “Fine. You’re both dismissed. Now leave without causing a fuss. I don’t like when my classes get interrupted.”
“Of course.”
Even though you tried to get out of the room quicker than him, he was already on his feet when you were still struggling to shove your notebook down your bag.
“Let me do it for you.” You ignored him, trying to not pay attention to the stares and whispers people were making around you. “Let me…”
“Don’t.” You warned him. “I am doing this myself.”
“We don’t have all day, you know?” He moved his hands closer to yours. “Let me do it.”
“Sunghoon…” Whatever you wanted to say next didn’t come. His hand brushed against yours, grabbing your notebook and putting it in your bag, doing the same to your pencil case, another notebook, and extending your phone to you.
“There,” he said with a smile, and you took your phone from his hand, still in shock as to what was happening. He closed your bag and put it on his other shoulder, proudly. “I’ll carry it for you. Let’s go now.” Sunghoon paused and glanced around before starting to walk to the exit. “I’m tired of these people staring at us.”
You blinked when you watched him walk away, coming to the sudden realization of what was happening. People were still staring at you, even though the professor had resumed class. You lowered your eyes and walked to the exit as fast as you could, your cheeks flushed with embarrassment.
Once the door closed behind you, you walked to the front of Sunghoon, a finger pointed at him. He stopped, and you noticed that his cheeks were blushed.
“What are you doing, Park Sunghoon? First, it was at the coffee shop. Now, you act all dandy and for what?” You took one step towards him, narrowing your eyes. “Who is she? Who do you want to make jealous?”
His smile faded and he chuckled, licking his lips afterwards, studying your features. “Is it that hard to believe that I just want to help you?”
“Why? People don’t help me unless they want something from me. So… what do you want?”
You crossed your arms, looking at him. This was strange, to say the least. Even the words that came out of your mouth were confusing to you. People reached out to you when they wanted your help to reach Sunghoon. He, however, didn’t need your help to reach himself.
“I want to take you to Jay’s party.” He took one step towards you, the space between you reducing slightly. “And I don’t want to make anyone jealous. There’s no one, Y/N. There’s…”
He didn’t finish. His eyes glanced over your lips again, fixating on them for longer than what was necessary. When he looked into your eyes, he tried to smile, but it wasn’t like his typical smile. This one… it carried regret, pain even.
“I haven’t been at a party with you yet.” He gave you your bag, avoiding your gaze. “And you’re fun at parties.”
“I’m embarrassing.” You gulped, painful and awkward memories greeting your mind. “I am not fun.”
You shook your head and accepted your bag placing it over your shoulder. You started to walk away and Sunghoon joined you, hands in his pockets as he looked at you.
“I don’t remember you as embarrassing, though.”
“Well, we rarely went to the same parties, so… there’s that.”
The only party you went to where you saw Sunghoon was prom and you weren’t even sure if that could be considered a party. You were so glad you didn’t confess your feelings towards him while drunk, that would’ve made this whole roommate situation a lot more awkward.
“Thank you, though.” You glanced at the ground as you walked, trying to hide your cheeks in the collar of your jacket. “For the notes. That was… sweet.”
You glanced at him, noticing a proud smile on his lips, his chin slightly higher. Your heart shrunk a little in your chest when you realized that this was something you would never get from him. Random acts of kindness.
Part of you wished for more, but who were you kidding? He was Park Sunghoon, he could get any girl he wanted. He would never choose you, he would never look at you as if you were the only person he ever saw. You didn’t have a chance with him.
“And… hm…” You chuckled and bit your lower lip, looking at him, “did you really ask Jay to organize a party… for me?”
You watched as he nodded, his smile widening. “I did. I didn’t think it would work or that he would take me seriously. But Jay…”
“Well, he… did.” You opened the door and stepped outside of the building, followed by Sunghoon. “What did you tell him about me, though? How did he know I liked dancing or singing?”
“Ah,” Sunghoon shook his head, blushing, “that.”
“Yeah… that.”
The two of you continued to walk side by side, towards your shared apartment. Your pace was slow, the silence of campus and the cloudy sky keeping you company. Hopefully, it wouldn’t rain until you got home.
“I remember you, Y/N,” Sunghoon started, taking a deep breath. “I remember how you… sang under your breath during our lab classes. Or how you would hide behind the benches with your friends to practice dance moves. Or how you should’ve won the talent competition but didn’t because you weren’t the most voted. I voted for you, though.”
“I wasn’t that great, in all fairness,” you tried to sound nonchalant, but your heart was about to jump out of your chest. “I appreciate your vote.”
“Why do you… think so little of yourself?” It was a genuine question, but it still took you by surprise.
“I’m not like you, Sunghoon.” You shrugged and tried to smile. “I don’t have people reminding me that I can be cool, or people wanting to be friends with me. Whoever gets close to me, only does it to get to you. That’s the perk I get from being your roommate, I guess.”
He nodded, pursing his lips as he looked to the ground, the smiling fading from his lips. You shook your head and added, “You’re a great roommate, though! Like, I have nothing against you. I enjoy sharing an apartment with you. I don’t want you to think otherwise.”
Sunghoon stopped walking and you took a few steps forward before turning around to look back at him. He studied you, looking at you from head to toes and back, before focusing on your eyes. He tried to smile, but it didn’t reach his eyes.
“You’re cool, Y/N. And you’re fun too. And… I’d like to know what more there is to you so I can add more things to this list and remind you of them. But I can’t do that while you keep yourself miles away from me.”
He meant it. This wasn’t just another polite or kind thing Sunghoon would say to make people feel better about themselves. He meant every word he said, and you could see it in his eyes, a sight that made you flustered. You gulped and let out a nervous laugh, looking away from him.
“So… you do want something from me…”
“I do, yes. Your friendship… and maybe…” he looked for your eyes and smiled shyly, his cheeks growing redder, “something more?”
Your eyes widened, even if you tried to not read too much into it. What did he mean with something more? Was he referring to you joining him at Jay’s party or… something else? Impossible. He wasn’t talking about romantic feelings. Or was he?
“Fine,” you pinched the bridge of your nose and closed your eyes, trying to bring yourself back to the present, to the harsh reality where your feelings for Park Sunghoon weren’t reciprocated. “I’ll go with you to Jay’s party. But,” you lifted a finger and raised an eyebrow, “If I end up being embarrassing and not fun as you say I am, you take me out of that party as quickly as possible, ok?”
He nodded, smiling, his eyes somewhat dissatisfied. “Deal.”
Tumblr media
Jay’s party was exactly what Sunghoon had expected after being at so many of these university parties. The kitchen was stocked with so much alcohol, Sunghoon felt himself getting sick at the sight. There was a beer pong game happening in the living room, where only a couch and a table remained with snacks that looked pretty unappetizing to him. Pizza was also ordered, but only the smell remained in the air. It was nowhere to be found.
“So this is what a party looks like?” You asked over the loud music, arms crossed as you walked next to Sunghoon. “What is this smell?”
Your face contorted in an unpleasant expression, and you shook your head, visibly uncomfortable.
“You get used to it after a while,” he informed you, but you weren’t convinced of that. “Let’s go outside, though. It will be better.”
“Let me grab a drink, at least!”
You grabbed Sunghoon’s hand and pulled him with you to the kitchen. He smiled, holding your hand tighter.
“If you want to leave at any moment, let me know.” He told you, and you nodded, extending him a red plastic cup. He shook his head. “I won’t drink so I can drive us home.”
“Are you sure?” You asked him and glanced between the drink on your hand and his face. “I could not drink too.”
“Do what you want,” he reassured you. “Let me know if you plan on getting drunk, so I can keep an extra eye on you.”
“I’m not that bad while drunk.” You shrugged and took a sip of your drink. “This is strong which means I might get drunk. Anything I say to you while drunk doesn’t count.”
“Of course, it doesn’t,” he mumbled under his breath. “Let’s go now.”
The two of you made your way to the backyard where most people were having fun. He quickly spotted the DJ playing at the party, someone he had met at a couple of other parties. The karaoke machine was in a corner of the backyard, but it was turned off.
Jay spotted Sunghoon in the crowd and waved at him and when he saw you, he gave you a thumbs up and you slowly returned it, a smile greeting his face.
For a while, you and Sunghoon didn’t do anything. You tried to find a corner where you could stay and relax but with every step you two gave, someone came to greet him. He was always polite but never asked questions to keep the conversations short and the two of you moving.
People would glance your way, at Sunghoon’s hand on yours and he could feel you pulling away, but he kept holding your hand to your apprehension.
“You should let go of my hand,” you said to him, lifting your hands together so he could see it. He had intertwined his fingers with yours, so it was harder for you to escape. “People are staring.”
“Let them stare.” Sunghoon shrugged, lowering your hands. “I like holding your hand.”
He did. And he enjoyed seeing you flustered too. He watched you scanning the space around you, drinking the rest of your beverage in one go, avoiding his gaze.
“What should we do?” You asked, looking at him after calming down. “Do we… dance? Do we… just stay here?”
Your eyes stopped at a couple on the other side of the room, kissing each other passionately. You shook your head, but Sunghoon couldn’t tell what was crossing your mind. Still, his eyes glanced over your slightly parted lips again.
“That’s normal,” he stated, moving his head closer to yours. “You’ll see more people make out as the night goes on.”
“I know. I’m… kind of jealous, to be honest. I haven’t kissed anyone like that… and I kind of want to, at some point.”
He wasn’t sure if this was a result of the alcohol getting in your system or if it was just your unfiltered thoughts that Sunghoon had access to tonight.
“Should I remember you said that?” He asked, just to make sure.
“Forget about it.” You turned to look at him and gestured to a small crowd of people near where the DJ was. “Should we dance for a bit? It’s kind of chilly tonight and I need to get warmer.”
Sunghoon led you to the dancefloor, smiling politely at a couple more people, receiving a couple more curious stares. When you reached the dancefloor, it took you both a while to get loose. At first, you only stepped from side to side, avoiding looking at each other. Then, you started to bop your head at the rhythm of the song and eventually, you started to smile and laugh, completely giving into the music.
And how happy was Sunghoon to witness you jumping excitedly while you laughed and sang the words out loud, filling your lungs with air to scream them as loud as you could.
He tried to join you, but he often got distracted by your mere presence. He wanted to remember this for some reason, the smile on your face, your flushed cheeks, your excitement. If he could in any way capture this and save it forever, he would.
“I need something else to drink,” you said after a while, trying to catch your breath. “Can we take a small break? Then we’ll get back here.”
Tonight was your night, and Sunghoon was simply following your lead. You went back to the kitchen, and you served yourself one cup, then another, and then chugged a third one all in a row.
“Y/N, you should slow down,” Sunghoon said worried, taking the fourth cup from your hand. “Maybe that’s enough.”
“But I’m still thirsty…” You pouted.
“You can drink water, you know? There’s probably some in the fridge. I’ll fill you a cup.”
Sunghoon let go of your hand and walked to the fridge, opening it and looking for water but finding only alcohol instead.
“Would you mind if it was tap water?” He turned to look at you and found you chugging another cup down. “Y/N, don’t do that!”
“I didn’t know you were so whiny at parties!” You shrugged and grabbed the cup, giving Sunghoon a defying look. “Take it from me, if you dare.”
He sighed and shook his head as he walked your way, taking the cup from your lips, leaving a shocked expression on your face.
“You’ve had more than enough, Y/N.”
“Did I?” You giggled and tried to grab another cup, but Sunghoon prevented you from doing so, moving his body closer to yours, grabbing your wrist. You slowly looked at him, your lips slightly parted. “You’re too close.”
“I know,” he said but didn’t move. He gulped, glancing between your eyes and your lips, the temptation of kissing you too great for him to resist. But you were drunk, and he was sober. He didn’t want to kiss you like this, he wanted you to remember the first time his lips would meet yours.
“Then why don’t you move back?” Your voice was slurred, but the alcohol hadn’t fully kicked in on you. Sunghoon could still see some soberness in your eyes. How much did you drink in such a short span of time? “My heart is racing really fast.”
Sunghoon gulped and nodded. “Mine too.”
“Then you should move back.”
“I can’t,” he admitted. It felt like his feet were glued to the ground, that his body was supposed to be this close to yours. “I… can’t.”
“Why? I could push you.” You placed your hands on his chest and tried to push him back but he didn’t flinch. You did it again but got the same result. “Why don’t you move?”
Slowly, Sunghoon could see the alcohol kicking in. You grew impatient, whiny, extremely touchy as your hands went over his arms and chest, occasionally reaching his neck. Your eyes barely remained opened as you looked at him and your words were mumbled, dragged.
“If I move… you’ll fall.” It was partially an excuse, but he could feel your weight slowly shifting his way. You laughed, patting his chest softly.
“I’ve fallen for you a long time ago, Park Sunghoon” You booped his nose, missing his eyes widening. “So what if I fall on the ground? It won’t change the way you feel about me, so let me fall. Let me fall. Just… let me fall…”
“Then we’ll fall together,” he said, and you looked into his eyes, confused. “I’ve fallen for you a long time ago too.”
He knew you wouldn’t remember any of this tomorrow morning. Just like at prom, he would confess his feelings to you, and you would be oblivious to them the next morning, too drunk to remember. But this time, at least he knew where your feelings stood.
“I know you asked me to forget your drunk confessions.” He moved the hair away from your face. “But this one I don’t want to forget.”
Whether you were saying them because you were drunk or not, Sunghoon would ask you when you were sober. And he would say it to you word for word, how he felt about you.
“I want to kiss you.” Your finger pressed softly against his lips, and you moved your face closer to him, but he stopped you, your eyes meeting his, worried. “So… you don’t want to kiss me?”
“The exact opposite.” He caressed your cheek, a soft smile greeting his lips. “But I want to do it when you’re sober. So we can both remember it.”
You nodded and kissed his cheek instead, whispering in his ear. “Keep this one for yourself. It’s your tiny, tiny, tiny reminder that I want to kiss you big.”
Sunghoon nodded and kissed your cheek softly, whispering in your ear. “I also want to kiss you big, Y/N.”
“Oh… that’s very bold of you to say, Park Sunghoon.” You laughed to yourself, the sound of his name coming from your lips making his heart jump slightly in excitement. “What else do you want to do to me?”
He rolled his eyes, a chuckle escaping his lips, his cheeks burning from your words. Still, he couldn’t leave you with no answer. He cupped your face softly and looked into your eyes, smiling fondly. “I want to love you. That’s what I want to do with you. All of my love, I want to give it to you, Y/N.”
Even if you wouldn’t remember any of this tomorrow, Sunghoon would. He would remember the emotion in your eyes, the shock and delight of the words he had just shared with you, the smile on your lips as you caressed his cheek. He would remember you, he would remember tonight.
Because he had never forgotten you. Wherever he looked in his memories, you were always there, somehow. Sunghoon always remembered you.
Tumblr media
The sunlight coming from your bedroom window hurt your eyes, and when your phone fell from the nightstand next to your head, the sound entered your ears so intensely that you growled loudly in frustration. Any recollections you had from last night were fuzzy in your mind.
“Is everything alright?” Sunghoon asked outside of your bedroom door, worried. “Do you need me to come in?”
You ignored him and tried to step up from your bed, but as soon as your feet touched the ground, you saw your bedroom spinning.
“Oh, no.” You said, clenching your hands to your stomach and closing your eyes for a brief moment. “I think I am going to-”
“I’m coming in!”
Behind you, you heard your bedroom door open and Sunghoon’s steps as he joined you, helping you stand up from the bed. You tried to refuse his help but at this point, he didn’t care. He swiftly placed your arm around his shoulders, and wrapped an arm around your waist, his fingers touching your bare skin near the seam of your shirt, making your heart beat faster, your cheeks burn harder.
He gulped next to you and avoided your gaze as he helped you out of the bedroom and straight to the bathroom. You kept your eyes on him, watching as his cheeks grew redder the more you stared at him.
“I don’t need to go to the bathroom,” you whispered to him, your voice weak. Speaking was exhausting.
“Are you sure?” He looked at you, studying your expression and you slowly nodded, the movement making your heart pound in your head. “I’ll sit you on the couch, then.”
Sunghoon guided you to the couch and he slowly lowered himself next to you, helping you sit down. You felt the pressing of his fingers vanish, a disappointed sigh escaping your lips as you saw him standing up, disappearing towards the kitchen.
“I’m making you some chicken noodle soup to help you with the hangover.”
“I don’t need food.” Just the thought of eating made your stomach contort in itself. “I need…”
What did you need exactly? Truth was, you weren’t sure. And you weren’t sure about what had happened last night either. All you knew was that you were still wearing the same outfit as yesterday, and so was Sunghoon. You remembered dancing with him, drinking and… the rest was chopped as if you could only glance at bits and pieces that didn’t tell the full story.
You remembered kissing his cheek.
Him whispering something in your ear.
The words I want to love you.
Had you told him that? It didn’t seem like it, you had heard it from someone else. Someone saying it to you.
And that was it. If you tried to think more about last night, your head started to hurt, your brain was seemingly ready to explode at any moment. You closed your eyes and massaged your temples, hoping that it would help. Still, nothing seemed to ease the slight throbbing in your head.
You had told Sunghoon you were embarrassing at parties, but you never expected to be this embarrassing. Drinking to blend in was not a good strategy. It had resulted in disaster, even if you didn’t know the full damage you had caused.
“What have I done?” You whispered under your breath, resting your head on your palms. “What have I done?”
After a few moments of silence, Sunghoon joined you again in the living room, his steps slow and cautious as he carried two bowls of soup towards you.
“Here.” He extended you one of them and you reluctantly accepted it, the warmth of it comforting against your cold hands. “I made my mother’s recipe. It should be good enough.”
Sunghoon sat on the opposite side of the couch, avoiding your gaze entirely, slowly enjoying the soup. You tried to eat as well, but you couldn’t stop thinking about last night, or what had happened. Every time you tried to bring some of the soup to your mouth, you would sigh, put the spoon down in the bowl and look his way again.
“What happened last night?” You cleared your throat after your voice came out hoarse. “Was I… too embarrassing?”
You didn’t want to know. Still, you couldn’t help but ask.
“Eat your soup,” he said, not looking your way. “We’ll talk about it when you feel better.”
“You’re very demanding, lately,” you whispered under your breath, focusing on your food. “Don’t need to be that harsh…”
Slowly, you made your way to the bottom of the bowl. The soup was well made and quite delicious, the perfect comfort food you needed at this moment. Sunghoon continued to avoid your gaze, but you did catch him glancing your way occasionally, maybe to check up on you. Still, he didn’t say anything. The living room was filled in this painful silence begging to be consumed by something, even if you didn’t know what that was.
After you were done, you placed the bowl on the coffee table and stood up slowly, trying not to lose your balance as you did so.
“I’ll do the dishes,” you announced, gesturing Sunghoon to give you his bowl. “You’ve cooked lunch, it’s only fair I do something.”
“But I’m not hungover, Y/N.”
“And? I can walk on a straight line, keep my balance.” You stretched your arms at your shoulder’s height and focused on a point ahead and took a few steps back and a couple more towards Sunghoon. He looked at you, a glimpse of a small smile on his face. “See? I can do it.”
“Fine.” Sunghoon remained seated, a challenging look on his face. “Take it from me, then. If you dare.”
You gulped, a sudden memory from last appearing in your mind. A red cup in your hand slowly moving away from your lips, Sunghoon moving closer to you, his body too close to yours. You wanted to remember what had happened next, but you couldn’t. Everything was still too blurry, too confusing.
“Give me the bowl.” You walked towards him, trying to ignore the hopeful look in his eyes. You tried to pull the bowl from his hands, but he kept his grip strong. “Sunghoon… just give the damn bowl!”
“What do you remember?” He asked, never taking his eyes from you. “From last night.”
“Not much.” You continued to try to take the bowl from his hands, but he was being stubborn. “Let me take the bowl.” He didn’t and you were losing your patience. “What is your problem, Park Sunghoon?!”
This time, his grip on the bowl softened, but you pulled it with too much strength, causing you to lose your balance and almost falling backwards. Sunghoon quickly grabbed your wrist and pushed you towards him, so instead of falling on the ground, you fell on top of him in an awkward position, the bowl still on your hand.
As soon as you realized how close you were, you got up from the couch and then grabbed your bowl from the coffee table and walked to the kitchen as fast as you could, feeling your cheeks burning, the heart jumping from your chest, your head pounding from the sudden movements.
You started to do the dishes, hoping that the sound of the water running would drown your thoughts. It didn’t work. Nothing worked.
Another memory from last night reached you, one of Sunghoon’s body against yours, your fingers on his lips.
I want to do it when you’re sober, so we can both remember it. That was his voice. He had said that to you. The bowl slipped from your hands and fell on the sink, clinking onto the other dishes and bowls that were in there. You turned off the water and wiped your hands in the kitchen towel, leaning on the counter, looking at the blank wall in front of you.
What happened last night? Even if you tried your best to put what you remembered in any order, nothing seemed to make any sense. You sighed and shook your head. You needed to lay down, get some sleep, try to rest. That would help, for sure.
When you turned to exit the kitchen, you saw Sunghoon leaning on the door frame, arms crossed as he stared at you.
“I haven’t finished yet.” You gestured to the dishes that remained unwashed on the sink.
“Do you want me to do it?”
“No!” You sounded more frustrated than you wanted. “Can you stop being… so…” You sighed in frustration, shaking your head.
Kind? Wonderful? Caring? Helpful? That was what you wanted to say next. It was hard to not like him when he was everything you ever wanted, everything you ever needed.
As usual, Sunghoon didn’t listen to you and walked to the sink, receiving an upset look from you. He sighed as he grabbed the sponge and started to wash the rest of the dishes.
You didn’t move and remained next to him, glancing at him occasionally, unable to not admire him, or getting distracted by his beauty, or for the soft smile that greeted his features. What wasn’t there to love about him?
“I’m sorry.” You eventually said when he finished, extending the kitchen towel his way. “For last night. And for… making you uncomfortable.”
He nodded and accepted it, wiping his hands. “What do you remember?”
You gulped and leaned back on the counter, focusing on the blank wall in front of you. “I… hm remember drinking a lot. You getting upset about it. I know… I kissed your cheek.” You could feel yourself blushing. “I… hm… know I whispered you something, but I don’t know what it was. And,” you cleared your throat, “hm… you saying that you wanted to do it sober, so we could both remember… it.” You finally looked at him, his lips slightly parted in surprise. “What was… it?”
“It’s not what you’re thinking.” He said, scratching the back of his head, extremely flustered.
You rolled your eyes and crossed your arms. “What am I thinking about then?”
“You tell me,” he stated, his voice slightly higher. “I can’t read your mind.”
“I’m glad.”
If Sunghoon could read your mind… honestly, you didn’t even want to think about it. What would you do if he could read your mind? At this point, he would already how you felt towards him.
“Maybe you were talking about studying?” He looked at you, confused and you rolled your eyes. “It’s not like you would say you want to kiss me sober or something like that.”
You laughed at yourself. That was probably the most stupid thing you could’ve said out loud. Now all you needed was to write him a postcard with a glittery heart saying that you liked him to truly embarrass yourself to the highest level.
“Is it so hard for you to believe I might like you?”
Slowly, you looked at him, eyes wide in shock. Sunghoon looked at you with hurt in his eyes as he walked closer to you, keeping his distance when he stopped.
You gulped, your voice a whisper when you spoke. “What are you saying?”
Sunghoon gulped and shook his head in disbelief. When he looked at you, he reduced the distance between you, his body practically against yours, like yesterday. You remembered this, the comfort of having him this close.
“Yesterday, you tried to kiss me, but I stopped you because I knew you wouldn’t remember it.”
“How… did you know?” Your heart was jumping from your chest, air gone from your lungs. Any word came as a whisper.
“Because it was my second time telling you how I feel about you.” You raised an eyebrow, confused. “The first one was at prom.”
“I don’t remember that.”
“You were drunk when I said it. That’s how I know you always forget whatever happens when you’re drunk. That’s why I didn’t want to kiss you yesterday. You would… forget.”
“Why do you only confess to me while I’m drunk, then?”
Even right now, you couldn’t avoid getting defensive. Maybe, he only told you while you were drunk because you would forget, maybe it was because he was afraid to deal with the consequences of where your feelings stood. Maybe, it was because Sunghoon was a coward.
But… wouldn’t that make you one too? After all, weren’t you the one currently putting your walls up whenever you were around him, hoping that this way you couldn’t get hurt by his rejection, hoping that this would drive him away from you, hoping that you could use this as a justification to not having your feelings reciprocated?
“I want to love you, Y/N.” His hand slowly met your cheek, and he smiled, looking into your eyes. “All of my love, I want to give it to you.”
So, it had been him. He had been the one to say that, to say those words to you. Park Sunghoon said that he wanted to love you.
“Why?” You couldn’t wrap your head around it. “You could have any girl on campus, Sunghoon. Why… me?”
Your biggest fear was that this was all a wicked joke to make a fool out of you. You were afraid to open up to him, to let him know that you felt the same way, that you too wanted to love him. You feared that by being vulnerable, he would take that opportunity to destroy any sense of hope that you had currently being built inside of you.
“I don’t know,” he admitted, shrugging as he looked at your lips. “I just know that… you’re everywhere in my mind. I can’t… forget you.”
“Neither can I,” you declared, his eyes looking at yours. As much you tried to forget him, as much as you tried to deny to yourself that you didn’t feel attracted to him, you couldn’t. At one point, you simply accepted you wouldn’t be reciprocated, and you would have to live with your feelings for him, hoping to find someone who would accept them instead.
But Sunghoon wanted them. The guy you loved, the person you wanted to kiss while drunk, the person that made you feel comfortable, that always looked out for you, that always cared for you, he now wanted to love you.
“Will you remember if I kiss you now?”
“Yes.” You wrapped your arms around his neck, smiling. “I… will.”
He smiled, his face moving closer to yours, his lips finding yours softly at first, planting a shy kiss, only to explode into something more, something exciting and new. You tried to pull him closer as if you couldn’t get enough of him. Because you couldn’t, and apparently neither could he.
When you parted ways, you were both breathless. Sunghoon took a step back, still trying to process what had just happened, his chest rising and falling fast, just like yours. Part of you already missed the softness of his lips on yours, that sensation lingering on as you looked at Sunghoon.
“So…” He broke the silence, asking the question that was also bothering your mind. “What happens now?”
That was a natural concern of yours. After all, would this kiss change things between you two? Truth was, you weren’t sure. Part of you felt like you still didn’t deserve him, and it would take a while to adapt to this change. Opening yourself up to him emotionally was something you hadn’t done yet.
“You… We… should take things slow. There’s a lot of me you don’t know yet, and… I want you to get to know me, while you… I mean, we… figure out how we work… together… maybe…?”
“I’d like that.” He stepped closer to you again, grabbing your chin so you could look at him. “Let’s get to know each other, while we learn how to love one another.”
You let out a deep breath you didn’t know you were holding in and he kissed you again, making you smile.
“Now, can you tell me honestly what happened last night?” You asked and he laughed. “Was I too embarrassing? Please, tell me I didn’t embarrass you.”
“Let’s chat in the living room. The couch is more comfortable to cuddle with you.”
Your eyes widened in slight surprise and Sunghoon chuckled, grabbing your hand, and guiding you out of the kitchen. This was something you’d have to get used to. Listening to Sunghoon saying he wanted to kiss you, love you, cuddle with you.
It felt good to hear that, especially when you knew he was saying all of it to you.
Tumblr media
Slowly, you opened up to Sunghoon. At first, you still had your walls up, which were hard to let go of. But step by step, reassurance after reassurance, Sunghoon got to know you and to love you for who you truly were, and he was delighted to do so.
He was happy to see you smile more, to see you excited about little things. He found out that he had a lot more in common with you than he ever thought possible which meant that now dinners were spent listening to music you both enjoyed, and Sunghoon was joyful that he got to hear you singing under your breath while you both did the dishes.
You had a very different way to go about your relationship. He liked to speak out loud, let you know how he felt about you, the things he loved about you. You loved differently when you kissed him, or held his hand, or massaged his shoulders when he was stressed with something. Words didn’t come easily to you at first, but whenever they greeted Sunghoon, they were certainly special, and he did his best to remember it all.
Whenever you went to parties together, you’d always get slightly tipsy. Sunghoon realized you had a very low tolerance to alcohol which made you touchy, giggly and flirtatious. The first two he had grown used to, but that last one, he was always caught by surprise. Your unfiltered thoughts were often… unexpected, but Sunghoon couldn’t deny he felt the same way.
However, he loved to make you flustered. Seeing your cheeks grow warmer, your eyes widening slightly at his comment or gesture were what he loved the most. Not because of this necessarily, but because of the smile that followed. It was his favourite smile on you, the shy, surprised, and unbelievable smile.
“Why do you keep on saying that?” You said to him while you were on your way to the coffee shop, holding hands. “You know I blush easily, Sunghoon.”
“Have you thought that maybe I say these things to make you blush?” This only caused you to blush harder which he adored. “You’re lovely, you know?”
You sighed and shrugged, a playful smile on your lips. “I try to be.”
He now understood your voice as well and he knew when you were angry, when you meant what you were saying, or when you were just playing around with him. Small things that made him love you even more.
The two of you arrived at the coffee shop and Sunghoon was quick to get your orders. Now, this was your go-to place to study. Just like you, Sunghoon also opened up to you more and explained why he loved the table at the back so much. He shared how he appreciated people’s kindness, but he knew that also came with second intentions.
“They know that if they are seen with me, they have a chance of being considered popular or cool. I don’t understand it and I don’t like it. I thought that would end in high school.”
Still, things were calmer now and he was glad. Another thing Sunghoon loved now was studying with you. He always enjoyed doing it on his own, but it was definitely more enjoyable with you.
After getting your drinks, Sunghoon came to sit next to you and gave you your drink, you thanking him with a happy smile.
“So, what do we have to revise today?” You asked him after taking a sip from your drink. “I have some notes, from today’s lecture but they aren’t great. I blame you for that.”
“Me? What did I do this time?”
You leaned forward, whispering in his ear. “You’re always doing this, where you whisper in my ear, and I can’t focus on the lecturer. It’s not fair.”
“I only whisper because I don’t want anyone else to listen,” he whispered to you, and he could feel you rolling your eyes. He kissed your cheek. “Next time, I’ll scream to everyone how much I love when you-“
“Be careful with what you’re saying next, Park Sunghoon,” you warned, leaning back on your chair. “We’re in public.”
“Not when I whisper in your ear,” he picked his cup and drank some of his coffee, never taking his eyes from you. He could tell you were struggling to not react to his comment, but your cheeks never lied. “You’re blushing again.”
“Congratulations, you can state the obvious. What else, do you want to state that is also obvious?” You crossed your arms, trying to seem upset.
Sunghoon shrugged. “Well, it’s obvious that you love me,” he glanced at you and his smile widened, “and it’s clear you enjoy when I whisper in your ear during lectures and classes.”
You sighed and rolled your eyes, giving him an unbothered look. However, your smile told him otherwise.
“Do you want an award?” He nodded and moved closer to you, trying to kiss you, but you shook your head. “Too bad I ran out of the generosity I had for today.” You placed a finger on his lips. “No kiss. Let’s work otherwise we won’t get anything done.”
He chuckled and leaned back, opening his bag and picking up his notebook, opening it on the page where he had scribbled his notes. You glanced at it and compared it with yours, satisfied.
“I don’t have this.” You pointed with your pen to a sentence. Sunghoon moved to the chair closer to yours, so he could take a better look at what you were talking about.
Right now, you didn’t find it strange when he was this close to you. A couple of weeks ago, you’d stop what you were doing to look up at him, only to find him smiling at you, reassuring you that it was ok, that it was only him.
“Did you understand this?” He pointed to his notebook, and you leaned closer to him to look at what he was gesturing at. He took this opportunity to kiss the top of your head, satisfied when you didn’t complain. “I haven’t figured out how they went from these reagents to these products.”
“Well,” you pointed to the reaction that he had scribbled down, “you don’t have the arrows right, that’s why it doesn’t make sense to you.” You grabbed a pencil from your pencil case and started to rewrite the chemical reaction. “These electrons from this chloride atom connect with this hydrogen atom and this carbon atom connects with the other chloride atom over here which will form the two products. Now it should make more sense…”
You leaned back and Sunghoon glanced at what you had written, smiling fondly at it. “Your handwriting is pretty.”
“And what I wrote, does it make sense now?”
He looked at it again, nodding. “Yes. I must’ve been distracted in class, because of you.”
“Oh, so now you blame me?” You laughed but he leaned closer to you, kissing your lips softly.
“It’s only fair if I blame you. After all,” he whispered in your ear, “you’re the only one I think about, even in my dreams.”
“Sunghoon, stop saying that!” You slapped his shoulder, half-amused, half-upset. “We’re studying, now. You can do that later.”
“Can I?” He raised an eyebrow, biting his lower lip, but the only reaction he got from you was a pat on his thigh and a pen pointing to his notebook.
“We’ll see.” You eventually answered, not looking at him. “But first, we’ve got this to do.”
“Let’s do it, then.”
Sunghoon cleared his throat and the two of you got to study. Even if he tried to flirt and deviate from studying several times, you always reminded him of where his focus should be. Still, he couldn’t help but get lost in your excitement whenever you were explaining stuff to him or when you smiled proudly after understanding something. Small things, and all of them he loved about you.
And every day, there was always something that he caught about you that he hadn’t noticed yet. Today, it was how your eyes shined whenever you looked at Sunghoon, especially when he was talking about something he was passionate about. He hoped you’d look at him more like that, and that he’d never miss it again.
Because even if breaking down your walls was something the two of you were still working on, the progress you had made was so great, that Sunghoon loved you more with each passing day. He was grateful you were comfortable to be yourself with him, to be your most vulnerable and authentic self in his presence.
It took a while to get here. But now that Sunghoon knew you, there was no going back. He did say he wanted to give you all of his love.
And he knew he was just getting started.
Tumblr media
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REQ. | pairing: enhypen x gn!reader genre: just fluff everywhere warnings: none, we’re just very single <3
maknae like version | masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
at the start, he’d be reduced to a blushing mess — he wouldn’t know what to do because all he can register is the violent beats of his heart. lots of face scrunches, awkward chuckles, and fidgety hands not knowing where to place themselves. curling into himself when you lean against him. awkward pats on your shoulders when you hug him. pressing his fingers against his cheeks to shrink the growing smile creeping on his face as you shower him with kisses. however, as your relationship progresses, he’d eventually grow accustomed to it. goes from red cheeks and shy touches to blowing kisses on your neck and chuckling when you burst out in laughter at how ticklish it is; resting on his elbows as he looks down at you wrapping your arms around his neck; sleepily throwing an arm around your waist and twirling your hair around his fingers as you lay on top of him; pulling you onto his lap before you get the chance to settle on the empty space beside him; pulling you back after you peck his lips; swaying you back and forth whenever ask him for a hug; never failing to hold you at night when he feels you reaching out to him in your sleep; and singing you lullabies when your eyebrows scrunch and your hands clench his shirt during a nightmare.
JAY ー 박종성.
barely tolerates you but in the softest way possible. he would look at you exasperatedly when you wrap your arms around him, staring at his face like a child, but you knew he secretly loved it — the little quirk at the corner of his lips gave it away. scoffs when you cutely giggle ‘oh, you’re so in love with me’ but breaks out into the biggest smile when you look away. responds with a cute ‘nae?’ or ‘mmm?’ whenever you grab his arm or tuck yourself in his embrace. caresses your hair when you plop on top of him, even when he’s busy reading a book or finishing something for work or school. mindlessly draws shapes on your skin and murmurs quiet greetings when he feels you whine cutely against his chest. pulls you against him when he finishes and tightens his grip on you when he hears you squeal cheerfully, the most content and toothy grin resting on his lips. looks at you with wide eyes whenever he unintentionally rejects your affection and notices you sulking. scoops you up and laughs when yelp. places a quick peck on your nose as he sets you on top of the kitchen counter before pulling out an apron to make your favorite dish. bites his lip to prevent himself from smiling when he feels you hug him from behind and place a sweet kiss at the nape of his neck with a giggle.
JAKE ー 심재윤.
welcomes everything with open arms. literally. has his arms spread wide open, ready to receive the hug you were sprinting to give him. instinctively protecting your head as the pair of you stumble, giggling and kissing your temple. grips your face when he feels you rest your hands on his waist with a small smile and quirked brow. lots of kisses, whether that’s kisses to your hands when you wrap them around his shoulders from behind, or kisses to your shoulder when you sit on his lap after a tiring day, or kisses to your forehead when you hold his hands in yours, staring up at him starry-eyed, or kisses to your nose on days you surprise him at work with bags of his favorite takeout in your grasp, or kisses to the lips when you block him from exiting the house by spreading your arms out widely and softly scowling because he forgot to bid you goodbye. doesn’t even register the weight of your arms pressed against him anymore because at that point in time, it just felt like home. he was used to it and often just unconsciously leaned closer to you. settling you in between his legs with your back against his chest whenever you’re sick because that’s when you’re the most clingy and in need of reciprocated affection — even if it gets him sick in the process.
actually really loves it. swears your clinginess and affection is the most endearing thing in the world. unconscious smiles whenever you interlace your hands will his. walks around the dorm with a dazed and lovesick smile after the first time you fell asleep in his arms. truth be told, he barely slept himself because of the butterflies that fluttered in his stomach in response to your head resting on his chest and warm breath blowing on his skin. the boys tease him about it all the time and he only responds with a smile as his heart flutters at the idea of it — of you. ‘yah! they’re so cute’ he’d say defensively. would definitely be the type to only ask for one straw and buy only one bucket of popcorn so that you’d get to brush hands throughout the movie. always has an arm prepared to wrap around you because he knows you’ll eventually nudge him to do it. shared giggles as you press yourself closer to him. placing loving kisses against your hair. softly thumbing your palm and the back of your hand. looking and listening to you attentively when you cuddle him looking for solace and his warmth. cutely showing off the lunchbox you sent him during lunch and making sure to thank you with a kiss when he goes home to your hopeful eyes and soft hugs.
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