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#enhypen incorrect quotes
periwinkle-ink · 3 days ago
Heeseung: *sighing* you know that phone call I got today?
Jake: oh yeah, i remember that, mainly because I was screaming into the receiver
Ni-ki: *snickering*
Heeseung: well, it turns out the call was from the police regarding an intervention order
Jay *in the distance*: HI WHAT THE FUCK
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be-t-s · 4 days ago
HS: *Walks in the room with teary eyes*
JAY: Are you ok?
HS: Yeah. I was just helping Jungwon with some maths
JAY: Oh, you hate maths that much?
HS: No. I just asked Jungwon to take 1 away from 7 and he told me that it would be like taking a member away from Enhypen.
JAY: Oh...
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msgirlie · 4 days ago
sunghoon: given the unforeseen circumstances; i can let you hug me for four to five seconds
sunghoon: no i said four TO five seconds
sunoo: too late. i'm getting my four hundred and twenty five seconds and i don't care
jake: how come I don't get four hundred and twenty five seconds of hugs :(
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Sunghoon: Jake is playing hard to get.
Sunghoon: Little does he know, I'm a master at playing hard to get rid of.
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Jay: So what’s for dinner?
Jungwon, staring at the food he just burnt: Regret.
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Jungwon, watching the news: Someone tried to fight a squid at the aquarium today!
Jake: *walks in covered with ink* Well, maybe the squid was being a dick.
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Jay: Violence isn't the answer.
Sunoo: You’re right.
Sunoo: *sighs in relief*
Jay: Violence is the question.
Sunoo: What?
Jay, bolting away: And the answer is yes.
Sunoo, running after him: NO-
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Sunghoon: What’s up guys? I’m back
Jake: What the- you can’t be here. You’re dead. I literally saw you die.
Sunghoon: Death is a social construct.
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Sunoo, upset: I hate you guys and I’m never talking to a single one of you again!
[5 minutes later]
Sunoo, kissing each members forehead: Goodnight Heeseung hyung, goodnight Jay hyung, goodnight Jake hyung, goodnight Sunghoon hyung, goodnight Jungwon, goodnight Ni-ki and goodnight manager-nim.
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Heeseung: It’s really muggy out today.
Jay: If I go outside and see our mugs are on the front lawn, I’m going to kill you.
Heeseung: *sips coffie out of a bowl*
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qevinbzx · 5 days ago
Niki: do you think birds get sad for not having arms?
Heeseung: well, do you get sad for not having wings?
Niki: [choked up] every single day.
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periwinkle-ink · 7 days ago
Jake: ni-ki should wear his hospital bracelet to school
Jay: so then he can be like “envy me, I’m sick and you aren’t”
Ni-ki: it’s a trend, just break your arm
Heeseung: bruh, that would ruin my nineteen year streak of not breaking anything. I’ll just get tuberculosis
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markxdino · 7 days ago
[enhypen & txt pets having a meeting]
hobak: who invited the bird to meeting?
gaeul: I have no idea
maeumi: not me
layla: *chewing on toy* oh? not me
toto: I invited myself 😎
bisco: oh cool but why is there a snake?
aengdu: ssssup
gaeul, maeumi, layla: WHAT THE FUCK
hobak & toto: sup aengdu, ate well?
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uncorrectkpop · 9 days ago
sunoo: would you punch jay for $1 million?
jake: yeah but i’d give him half.
heeseung: no one asked but i’d roundhouse kick riki for 25¢ and a package of ramyeon
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sunshines-and-sannie · 11 days ago
Sunghoon: Given the circumstances, I will let you hug me for four to five seconds.
heeseung: Forty five seconds?!?
Sunghoon: No! I said four TO five seconds.
heeseung, hugging Sunghoon: Too late.
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sunshines-and-sannie · 11 days ago
Jay: You believe me?
Heeseung: Jay, you’re the last good person on this planet. I‘d believe cartoon birds braided your hair this morning.
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sunshines-and-sannie · 11 days ago
Sunghoon: *speaking Spanish*
Jake: I know, I know.
Riki: You speak Spanish?
Jake: No. I just know the phrase, 'this is all your fault' in every language Sunghoon speaks.
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sunshines-and-sannie · 11 days ago
Sunghoon: At first I thought you were foolish and incompetent.
Riki: My apologies for whatever misstep I may have taken to dispel that impression. It was an honest mistake, I swear.
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sunshines-and-sannie · 11 days ago
Jake: I’ve only had Riki for a day and a half but if anything happened to them I would kill everyone in this room and then myself.
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