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#enhypen x gender neutral reader
koishua · 2 days ago
fair warning, some of these may not hold true irl bahaha i tried to find out how each member felt about cats, but for a few i still couldn't smh
requested by anon!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[ ≡ ] — · heeseung
cats don't like him.
don't ask why ahahaha he entered your house and saw the four cats chilling around each corner of the room
and like, he was surprised that you actually had that many lmao he thought you were joking when you said you would grow old to be a crazy cat lady
he tried to approach one with a friendly smile since he thought they were absolutely adorable
but it just hissed and haughtily stalked away lmfao
it hissed at your bf smh poor dude. he didn't pass the vibe check 😔✌️
rest of the members are under the cut—
[ ≡ ] — · jay
you didn't give him any warnings and he ended up springing three feet in the air when five cats brushed on his legs all at once jxkcncn
he isn't actually scared, just a little overwhelmed because it's his first time having so many kitties in an enclosed space 💀
somehow is able to memorize all of their names instantly though??? no matter how similar some of them may have looked like??
grows attached to one of the smaller ones :((
like, your cat wouldn't leave his lap??? was he the chosen one??
ends up making you jealous because your baby receives more attention from your bf smh
[ ≡ ] — · jake
awkward with cats, doesn't know much, scared
lmfao this man is a dog person through and through y'all. i doubt he'd know much about cats *cries*
is highly uncomfortable and awkward with them xnchcjnc poor guy lmfao
he doesn't want to hurt your feelings by pushing them away and leaving to another cat-less room but he is terrified of the clawed felines grrr
doesn't leave your side ever.
is a tad bit terrified of one of your cats that keeps straight up frowning at him 😭✊ thinks that he is safe as long as you are near him at all times
[ ≡ ] — · sunghoon
is a dog person as well smh :(((
wonders how you get along so well with gaeul when you are so obviously and painfully a cat person 💀
he genuinely struggles to make a bond with your cats 😭✋
it takes a great while for both parties to get comfortable with each other but oh boy
when they do, it's like they created a secret language
you could physically see the gears turning in both your bf and cats' head whenever they stare at each other and like, do that secret language silent talk thingy it's so creepy tbh 💀
are besties but also kinda still enemies idek
[ ≡ ] — · sunoo
okay he has a love-hate relationship.
you don't know which one between them is sassier
two of your cats didn't like him at all lmfao
and this petty guy istg-
acts like they don't exist 💔😔 is very petty towards them it's honestly hilarious.
actually can handle them but just doesn't feel like being peaceful with them sometimes 💔
is a nice sort of passive aggressive with them if you know what i mean......
not that your cats ever hold back on dissing him anyways 💀
[ ≡ ] — · jungwon
adores all of your little felines :(((( he has a very soft spot for every single one of them
but unfortunately, he is allergic to them nooooo ;-;-;
was so excited to find out that you had so many beautiful and cute cats oml
he looks like he is one himself lmfao you think that's why he was accepted into the family so easily 😔✌️
takes allergy pills to hang out with them in secret because you didn't like it when he forced himself through his teary eyes and stuffy nose :(((
wbk this boy is whipped
[ ≡ ] — · riki
is also a dog person part 1278559
also he would fight every single one of them for your affection secretly
like, you wouldn't even notice how riki would taunt one of your cats when you sit next to him xnnxjcnc instead of petting it 😩✋
is also very petty ngl
he doesn't really mind your cats as long as they mind their own business and don't hang from his clothes xnnc
sometimes will play with them because even he can admit that they were fun bahaha
will even feed them a tiny bit of those oh-so precious nips and watch as they spring out of their hiding hole
Tumblr media
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sunghun · 2 hours ago
enhypen when their s/o breaks a bone
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
requested; yes!
warnings; mentions of injuries/broken bones, cursing, mentions of food.
note; i kinda struggled with a few of these, so sorry if they suck 🙈 i tried not to get too repetitive but idk if succeeded lol. enjoy!!
희승 | heeseung;
he tries to be calm for your sake
but when you called him and said that you probably wouldn’t make it your date that night bc you broke your foot….
he may have freaked out just a little bit
“what do you MEAN YOU BROKE YOUR FOOT??”
feels so so so bad for you :((
which results in him getting you anything you want
(or what he thinks you want)
buys you a million plushies, pillows, and blankets
because he wants to make sure you’re as comfy as possible
brings you takeout from your favourite restaurants regularly
and gives you all his extra soft and cozy hoodies/shirts for you to wear!!
may also you a puppy/kitten/hamster
“i just don’t want you to be alone if i can’t be there for you baby :((“
overall just spoils and pampers you to the best of his ability
bc he wants you to be as comfortable and stress free as possible while you heal <33
제이 | jay;
Will Not Let You Do Anything
like . for real
when he read the text you sent him saying you had broken your arm his heart just fucking Dropped
would immediately call you and ask a million questions
“where were you? how did it happen?? are you okay??? what did the doctor say????”
practically moves in with you just so he can take care of u
like he’s literally always there
wouldn’t let you lift a single finger to get something
you wanted some water?
he already had a glass for you on the coffee table
feeling kinda hungry?
here’s a 5 course meal he just made
aww you’re tired? :((
say no more he’s got your pillow fluffed, your softest blanket on the bed fresh out of the dryer and your diffuser/nightlight turned on <3
low key turns into ur mom
but it’s just bc he’s so worried about you and he doesn’t want you straining yourself in the slightest
however if you start to feel overwhelmed with all his attention being on you he’ll back off a little
in conclusion if you ever get seriously injured prepare yourself to be waited on hand and foot by ur lovely boyfriend jay <3
제이크 | jake;
becomes like 1000000x more protective of you
also feels reeeeally guilty
because it was low-key his fault that you broke ur foot
who knew that jumping on the bed with your s/o and accidentally pushing them off could result in a broke bone
feels super super bad about it so he does his best to make it up to you
and by that i mean
will literally do Anything for you
like the word ‘no’ doesn’t exist in his vocabulary when it comes to you
so pls don’t take advantage of him too much
might turn into your maid with how much he tries to do everything for you
i.e. clean the house, do all the cooking, take care of all your chores, etc.
eventually you’d probably have to tell him to relax a little
bc he tends to go overboard with wanting to help you
“but the dishes-“
“jake, baby, it’s a cup and two spoons i think it can wait. now come cuddle me or else 😠😠”
will gladly give you alllllll the cuddles 💕💕
성훈 | sunghoon;
when he got the call from jay that you had broken your arm while you guys were at the trampoline park
mans dropped everything and fucking BOLTED to the hospital
makes sure you’re alright but other than that doesn’t really talk much
just holds ur hand while the doctor wraps your arm
and glares at jay
“baby pls stop trying to kill him with your eyes he didn’t break my arm on purpose”
“doesn’t change the fact that your BONE is BROKEN”
will continue to be a little salty
but eventually he’ll stop rolling his eyes every time jay says something
does his best to take care of you even if he’s a little rusty at it
“how’s the soup y/n?”
*trying not to cry from how spicy it is* “omg hoonie it’s so good!!”
let’s you steal his clothes without complaining about it like he usually would
and cuddles with you a lot more
and just in general let’s you get away with pretty much anything
bc somehow he thinks letting you have your own way with stuff will make you get better faster
and who are you to tell him otherwise??
bless his little heart <33
선우 | sunoo;
freaks the fuck out when you tell him you broke your leg
also low-key in disbelief
“you BROKE your leg? as in its BROKEN?? as in your leg bone BROKE???”
literally The Best at taking care of you
will help you do things around the house and makes sure you’re not over-exerting yourself
but also knows when to back off and let you do things on your own
buys you a million plushies
“they’re to help you feel better baby!!”
lots of movie nights where you two are cuddled up on the couch
and he’ll let you have all the popcorn if u want <3
if you ever get sad he’ll wrap you up in a blanket
and just hold you
and let you pour out ur heart
or just be there if you don’t wanna talk :(
definitely encourages you to take lots of vitamins to help your bones
would also 100% want to sign your cast
and he’ll either write something extra sweet sappy just for u
or something very snarky but cute <3
really just very gentle and sweet with you
정원 | jungwon;
by far the most calm one when he gets the text saying you broke your foot
like he’d be worried ofc
but he’s not gonna call you and scream over the phone about it
would bring you some ‘get well soon’ flowers and candy <3
doesn’t really go over the top with not letting you do things like some people *cough* jay *cough*
but if he sees you doing something kinda small and not really important that he could’ve easily done
he’ll get all pouty and try to scold you
“y/nnnnnn you shouldn’t be straining yourselffff. next time you need something just call me 😠😠”
he might get a little frustrated at times
especially when you guys can’t really go out and do much dates and stuff :(
but he knows it’s not your fault so he doesn’t really say anything about it
he’ll just set up the most perfect stay-at-home dates
and that way you two can still have your fun :)
very caring and protective of u while you’re healing 🥺🤧
니키 | niki;
you’d never seen riki freak out as much as he did when you went met up with him after breaking your wrist
like he almost stated malfunctioning
“what do you MEAN YOU BROKE YOUR WRIST?? and you DIDNT TELL ME???”
calms down a little bit when you explain that it was like 3am when you tripped and fell down the stairs and didn’t want to wake him up
but is still slightly bitter
“i’m your boyfriend y/n. i should know when you’re out breaking bones 🙄🙄”
as if it’s a weekly occurrence
probably looks up ways to help bones heal faster
and then tries to make you drink a glass of milk every day </3
“but babe it’s good for your bones!! don’t you want to be able to hold hands with me again 🥺🥺”
like you don’t have a whole other hand
tries to help you out with stuff as best he can
buuuuttt it kind of ends in disaster sometimes
so after the third time of him almost burning the kitchen down you ask him to just help you with other things
makes sure to snuggle with you a lot
bc snuggles = the best remedy for anything <3
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tinisprout · a day ago
[8:03 a.m.] Happy B-Day Heeseung
WC: 700+
Genre: Fluff
You Heeseung and the rest of his friends decided to go on a camping trip together for Heeseung's birthday. You both snuck away from the campsite to have some alone time with little chance that the boys catch you being romantic. The two of you watched as the bubble gun in your hand blew dozens of bubbles in front of you. Heeseung sat there mesmerized by the rainbow bubbles, sometimes reaching his hand out, watching as the bubbles popped as they touched his hand. You both sat on the uncomfortable rocky ground right beside the brook, the soft sounds of the running water giving off a relaxing atmosphere.
You liked watching him like this, enjoying the simple things in life. Just as much as you enjoyed your time with him, he enjoyed being around you as well. Of course, he liked being with his friends too, being loud, rambunctious, and playful at times, but it can become draining for him.
Sometimes he just wanted silence, and with you, he can have these peaceful moments of respite and not feel awkward about it. A smile gracing both of your faces, feeling content at the moment together.
As Heeseung plays with the bubbles you lean up against him, telling him a heartfelt confession, drawing his attention away from the bubbles. He smiled down at you despite you not being able to see. He kissed the top of your head and then chortled. You let go of the trigger on the toy gun and look back up at him.
“I love you too,” hearing his words, you look at him with so much love. Heeseung is reminded just how lucky he is to have found someone so perfect for him. He puckers his lips asking for a kiss and you give him a peck on the lips. Heeseung feels a little embarrassed and bites his lip, he wants to ask for more. He could never have enough of you.
“Hey, let’s take a picture together. I think it will turn out cute with this,” you shake the bubble gun in your hand.
“Sounds good.” You hand the bubble gun to Heeseung and then take out your phone getting ready to snap a picture. You scoot closer to him smiling, and Heeseung questions you. “What pose should we do?”
“Just point the bubble gun up and let the bubbles fall down on us. I will handle the rest.”
“Okay,” Heeseung follows your instructions and you stick your arm away from you making sure to get yourself and your boyfriend in the frame. Setting a five-second timer to take the picture and you nod at him and he nods back confirming you’re both ready. You sling an arm around his shoulder and your eyes lock on the both of you on the screen. You press the shutter button and the timer starts.
“Heeseung.” He looked at you for a moment, knowing the timer was going already, and hums in response. With your free hand, you turn his head to face you, kissing him again. This time it wasn’t a peck, but a longer kiss. He reciprocated kissing you back with passion.
Even after the picture was taken the kiss continued. The couple’s arms grew tired, you lower your arm with the phone and Heeseung dropped the toy and reaches for your cheek, cupping it, pulling himself away.
“So that’s what you were planing,” He laughs at his sneaky partner.
“I thought it would be cute. We’ll see for ourselves.” You look at your phone and smile. Showing Heeseung, he is flabbergasted by how well it turned out and in the first shot too.
“What the heck, send that to me. I’m going to make it my wallpaper.”
“Ah later. If any of the others happen to see it while we’re still here. They would try to make fun of us for the rest of the trip.” Heeseung pouts, but he knows that’s the truth.
“Alright, I’ll be waiting then.” He gives you a peck on the cheek.
“Let’s go back now. The others might be awake already.” Heeseung stands up first and helps you up. You two walk back, hand in hand to the campsite.
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meinapricity · 14 days ago
When you ask them to unfollow a girl on social media (Pt. 2)
Tumblr media
✎ notes: bf!heeseung x reader, bf!jay x reader, bf!sunghoon x reader, bf!jungwon x reader, gender-neutral, lower case is intended
✎ number of words: 1,007
✎ warnings: none
You saw a tiktok challenge where people asked their partners to unfollow ‘a girl’ on social media. Curious about how your boyfriend would respond, you decided to try it.
Part 1 - Jake, Sunoo, Ni-ki
❅ 𝐇𝐞𝐞𝐬𝐞𝐮𝐧𝐠
he is so chill about it like he just casually asks "why?"
opening the girl’s account, he furrows his eyebrows
"why do you want me to unfollow her?"
the room is filled with silence as you stare at your phone
heeseung leans back on the couch and you see him press the unfollow button
and that makes you stare at him like O_O
“what? did i unfollow the wrong person?” he sits beside you and places his phone near you, just so the screen would be visible
i see him as the person who would just follow what you say because he knows you wouldn’t let him do something awful🥺
“i mean, why did you unfollow her...” your voice trailed
he tilts his head and looks at you quizzically
“what do you mean why did i unfollow her? wasn’t that what you just asked me to do?”
you look back at him like a deer caught in the headlights😳😳
he narrows his eyes and faces you so his nose almost touches yours
“are you pranking me?”
with the proximity between you and heeseung, you have a hard time controlling your expression
next moment, your face contorts as you try to stifle your laughter
he moves his face nearer and puts his arms on either side of you to cage you
you close your eyes tightly and let go of the laughter
you bump your head on his nose and he just chuckles🥺🥺
(other members under the cut)
❅ 𝐉𝐚𝐲
“why?” he asks you with an indifferent expression
you kinda get scared just a tiny bit because it seems like he can see right through your soul😬
“nothing. just unfollow her,” you feign confidence as you feel him scrutinizing your behavior
“i’ll unfollow her if you tell me the reason”
you rack your brain to find an excuse bc he’s scary af
seconds passed by, and you couldn’t say a thing
you see jay trying to pick his next words
“do you know her or ─ “ he eyes you carefully
“what? no! how would i know her when she’s literally a celebrity. maybe you do?”
well, that didn’t come out the way you intended it to
“are you perhaps, jealous?” the corners of his lips slowly raising into a smirk😩
“no! i swear that is not what this is about”
jay only takes your frustration as a sign that he’s right
“baby, come here” when you didn’t, he scooped you up and sat on the couch with you on top
“you know that i only love you, right?” he mutters while rubbing your arms and placing small kisses on the top of your head🙉
“uhm, jay?” “yeah?”
“would you believe me that this was all supposed to be a prank?”
that doesn’t stop him from showering you with love, and who are you to refuse😭😭
❅ 𝐒𝐮𝐧𝐠𝐡𝐨𝐨𝐧
this boy just STARES at you
you’re dumbfounded by his response because??? he just??? said??? no???🙃🙃
“why???” now it’s your turn to be questioning him
he side glances at you and shrugs
“why would i even unfollow her?”
“why would you not unfollow her?” you raised your eyebrow
he feels like you’re serious about this, so he pauses for a while
“she has good content. she gives good advice,” he says, barely above a whisper
“you know you can talk to me about anything,”
this was not how you imagined it, and you are now getting genuinely curious
“but she’s good at giving re.....” the end of his sentence slurs
“relationship advice?” you look at him wide-eyed
“..surprise me?” you can feel the heat accumulating in your cheeks and the butterflies dancing in your stomach
“i mean...for future purposes,” he whispers, ears tinged red
you just smile and tackle him bc he’s just too cuteeee🤧
let’s just say you told him about the prank a bit later since you wanted to savor the moment
he would get all whiny about how you played him though
❅ 𝐉𝐮𝐧𝐠𝐰𝐨𝐧
“why?” he looks at you, waiting for your answer
when you just shrug, he doesn’t press you for answers anymore because he will be finding it out himself🙊
he has been scrolling through the account for a good 5 minutes, and you’re getting kinda impatient
“jungwon ─“ “oh she’s quite pretty”
"she studies in a good university too,” he continues
“and oh look she knows 4 languages. you only know 3, right?”
“woah she dances too”
“her dogs look cute ─ AND THE CAT! i’ve always wanted a cat”
now you are looking at him like you’ve seen a ghost or smthn
why is he suddenly telling you the life of this girl? and most importantly, why does it feel like he’s doing it on purpose???😶
before you could ponder more, he cuts your thoughts off
“i really like her posts, so why are you asking me to unfollow her?” he raises his eyebrow like the one he does during performances kjsdhfkjdhfkjsdhfkdjf
“huh?” after a series of him praising the girl’s contents, he catches you off guard by his question
“you know y/n, you could have picked someone else you know” he rests his arm on the top of the couch, gently grazing the back of your neck
“what do you mean?” tbh you can’t understand where he’s getting at
“what i’m trying to say is...try to pick a girl who hasn’t done this little prank you’re playing on me” he winks at you
he scoots closer to you and shows you the tiktok of that same girl you told him to unfollow
if you are not genuinely confused, you would have teased him about it😪
it is her doing the same prank to his boyfriend
he just laughs at you as you facepalm ─ but be prepared bc it’s not jungwon if he doesn’t plan on getting back at you🤭
taglist: @herasalvatore, @abdiitcryy, @rikithebest
✎ send me a message if you want to be tagged in my future works
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acehoons · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
enhypen's reactions to having a very sleepy!s/o
genre: fluff pairings: ot7! x gn!reader warnings: none requested: yes
Tumblr media
lee heeseung
finds it adorable
would be a little concerned as to why you were falling asleep all the time
but if it's nothing too serious he wouldn't make a big deal out of it
would set alarms on your phone every few hours to ensure that you weren't sleeping too much
won't hesitate to reassure you if and when you feel insecure about it
"it's alright babe, besides you're cute when you're asleep"
lets you sleep on his lap
likes playing with your hair as you sleep
would take photos of you sleeping fr
he just loves it about you, even if you end up sleeping more than hanging out with him
other members are under the cut.
park jay
would be a bit concerned at first
especially if you fall asleep more than twice in one day
if it's a serious condition, expect him to do tons of research to help you out
if it's nothing serious, he'd still try to help you out if you're sleeping too much instead of doing responsibilities
is your alarm
sometimes you'd act grumpy when he wakes you up but he doesn't care. he'd gladly let you be mad at him now rather than later when you miss your important tasks
will even call you to check on you at work/school to see if you fell asleep
is he your boyfriend or alarm clock? we may never know
sim jaeyun
finds it SUUUPER adorable
would take videos of you dozing off
he views it later when he needs a laugh
often lets you sit on his lap as you nap while he does work
will wake you every few minutes to check on you
whenever you come home at night feeling sleepy, he makes sure to put some food and water in you before you doze off
would even feed you
"c'mon babe say ahh~ you need to eat before you go to bed!"
wakes you up with tons of kisses
often calls you adorable when you're sleepy
but honestly he's just as cute
park sunghoon
i have a feeling he'd be a little pouty if you end up dozing up when you two are hanging out
"y/n we were supposed to hang out, don't fall asleep on me :((" whiny sunghoon <//3
but would eventually let you rest if he notices you trying so hard to keep yourself awake
takes care of you while you're sleeping
you often fall asleep wearing your work clothes/uniform so he helps you get dressed while you're still sleeping
even does your skincare for you T_T
his heart would ache at the sight of you apologizing once you wake up
reassures you that it's all good, that he doesn't mind hanging out with you even if you're dead asleep <3
kim sunoo
like sunghoon, he'd kinda be pouty and sad once he notices you falling asleep during your hang outs
tries to wake you up with kisses and cuddles
even blackmails you to keep you up
"if you fall asleep now then no kisses for one month ! >:("
(as if he could resist you for a month)
if he finds you asleep on your desk while doing work, he wouldn't hesitate to take you to bed and clean up your stuff for you
puts little reminders on your phone for when you wake up
"remember to pass your essay!" "eat your lunch <3" "you left the chicken on the counter !!!"
calls you his "sleepy baby <3"
yang jungwon
is not easily persuaded
would immediately notice when you start dozing off
but would tell you to finish your tasks first
"finish your homework now so you can sleep for longer, babe"
would make you coffee to help wake you up/keep you up
if you're reaallly tired, he'd let it slide and let you sleep beside him while he sings you a lullaby
would wake you exactly an hour later so you can finish your chores
he pretends like he dislikes it but he honestly loves seeing you so sleepy
has a whole album of photos of you sleeping on his phone
would send u texts saying, "r u sleeping 🤨"
you'd reply with "no,,"
"babe i sent that text 2 hours ago"
but he loves u so much so he lets it slide
nishimura riki
would DEFINITELY tease you about it
laughs at you when he notices you dozing off
then you'd be all grumpy and pouty and ni-ki would kiss your cheeks to make you feel better
carries you on his back if you fall asleep on the ride home
takes selcas of him and you while you're sleeping
you're contact name on his phone is "snorlax"
would send u a text saying "babe r u up"
you'd reply an hour later "yeah"
and he'd reply "oh good can u come over?"
and you'd reply three hours later "sorry i fell asleep, yea sure"
has a love and hate relationship with waking you up
though he wants to wake you up bc you might miss your tasks,
he knows you're tired and he wants you to get all the rest you want
(and you look cute when you nap, you can't blame him for that)
poor ni-ki
Tumblr media
© acehoons 2021
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aerimomo-mellon · a month ago
ENHYPEN when their s/o does the *can’t stop kissing you* prank on them~
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Genre~ fluff ☁️
Paring~ ENHYPEN x Reader
A/N~ Hii here’s another headcanon and actually the first for ENHYPEN.. requests are welcomed warmly feel free…
시..작 ….
Tumblr media
☯︎ Heeseung
He would act like he doesn’t like it but deep inside he likes it. Acts like he is annoyed and tell you to stop but gives up.
Lays on the bed so you can have all of him.
But then gets annoyed afterwards and tries to tell you lots of excuses but you won’t stop.
“ okay this is the last one!” He mutters between kisses and when he tell you to actually stop like seriously after you told him what it was… and he would be like “happy? Now leave me alone..”
☯︎ Jay
gives in real quick and loves it top notch. you literally can’t with this guy, doesn't matter what important shit he is doing or even on a call with the members he would give in the second your lips touched his. 
lot’s of good things comes with it but that  one thing that you will get tired of is.. he won’t stop until you give up.
ultimate lesson is think carefully when doing any sort of prank related to kissing or skinship just think very very carefully.
that is unless you want to be showered with kisses and when your seeking too much attention.
☯︎ Jake
gets all shy and blushy at first. But then gives in too.
thinks its too mean to tell you to stop, therefore let’s you have him for as long as you want. 
But like when Heesung calls him he get’s up and answers but when you don't stop he would tell you to stop for sometime but when you get all stubborn he pretends to get mad at you.( just pretends because it’s his Hyung and respect is good) 
when you continue after the call he finally questions “ why are you like this today?” 
☯︎ Sunghoon
we all know how he has his bubble and when it pops it doesn't take much time to blow up again get it? But if that bubble is popped by his S/O then it’s popped for a long time lol.
okay maybe you don't get it so he is like someone who won’t show skinship a lot and stays in his own bubble but when someone comes and has a fair amount of skinship with him his bubble pops haha. and with others he quickly recovers maintaining his own space again.
but I personally feel like he likes skinship from his s/o more than others and would actually let you do whatever. 
I would also categorize him with the people who act totally normal when it happens. so he wont know it’s a prank until you tell him yourself.
☯︎ Sunoo
This sweet baby would enjoy every moment of it.
you know that person who tell you to stop with their mouth but their expression shows how much he/she likes it. Yup this is the baby you need to take care of.
those cheeks(* ̄3 ̄)╭ when he gets annoyed by you only kissing his cheeks he tell you to kiss his lips pointing at it with his finger letting you know by saying “here, why not here!?”
But being you, you tease him by not listening to him resulting him to tackle you in some sort of cute way and showering you with his cut kisses🤭
☯︎ Jungwon
okay it’s obvious he loves it.
but you know that one kisser who has like HAS to talk between every single kiss. yeeeeeee that’s this baby boy.
for an example you peck him on the lips and let go “I like it ca---” and you would peck again interrupting him and when you let go again he would say “ you know toda----mmmm” and then he would search for your lips and presses on them again. 
literally loves your lips so much every time he talks he won’t take his eyes off your lips leading him to peck it just one more time until he continues..
☯︎ Ni-ki
Let this baby breath for real.
Leave him alone he won’t like it no no no
Well it’s not that he doesn’t love you or anything but he just doesn’t like a lot of skinship in general.
Maybe he give you the first few kisses you need but after that he will like run away from you. You two will end up like Tom and jerry.
Moral of the story is don’t with this not even a man yet guy. Have mercy <3
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enhypia · 19 days ago
JW ; legally, commit theft
Tumblr media
it was in the hallways, the cafeteria, the school grounds, the bus home, where each 'stolen' moment with yang jungwon ignited something in you.
pairing: yang jungwon x gn!reader
genre: fluff
words: roughly 900
masterlist ⸺ enhypen masterlist
school hallways
you stood outside the classroom of your friends, socializing while waiting for the bell to ring. you easily spot jungwon arriving from the corner end of the hallway. he was at the far right with his friends surrounding him, and from your view, they were in an easy conversation.
you were about to look away, not wanting to get caught staring but too late, your eyes met with jungwon and you couldn't deny the glint of joy in his eyes. and with a small nod and a smile, you turned to face your friends. a light blush gracing your cheeks.
you hear jungwon and his friends get closer. you feel the tiniest of nudge on your lower back, unnoticeable to everyone except you.
"i heard jungwon rejected another girl yesterday" your friend gossiped
"i'm honestly not surprised anymore"
"maybe he already likes someone else?"
"or maybe he's in a private relationship"
they look at you expectantly, "i don't really care honestly, it's his life" you answer.
then the bell rang. you waved to your friends and speed-walked to your classroom, not without walking pass jungwon. and if anyone saw how his hands brushed yours, they thought nothing of it.
school cafeteria
you sighed seeing the long line in the cafeteria, but still you went and stood at the end. it was peaceful up until you felt a body collide on your back
"i'm so sorry!" you knew that voice.
"no worries, are you okay?" you asked, the mischief in your voice evident only to him.
"i'm good, are you? sorry again, ni-ki pushed me a little too hard" you gave him a nod in response and turned back around to see you were already next in line.
"i'll have 2 coffee buns please, thank you" you say.
no one questioned why you only held one bun in your hand despite buying two and why jungwon was eating a coffee bun despite saying he wasn't hungry.
school grounds
free times were mostly spent on the grounds, people were playing at the field, some walking around chatting, and some like you, choose to just sit on the bleachers. you enjoyed the wind blowing on your face as you watch students scatter around the grounds and of course, the on-going game of jokgu (foot volleyball) between jungwon and his friends.
you smiled as he scored. and it seems you weren't the only one happy about it as you hear the girls just 3 sits in front of you, cheer for him. he gave a sheepish smile to them in return and proceeded to scan the bleachers.
raising your hands for a "stretch," he met your gaze and held it for about 2 seconds before quickly looking away. they thought nothing of the smirk forming on his face.
no one paid mind whenever jungwon looks in your direction every time he scores, dismissing it as getting distracted by the cheers of the girls in front of you.
everybody, except you, was oblivious to the spark in jungwon's eyes when he saw you clap and smile widely when his team won the game.
bus home
you sighed as you walk through the empty silent hallway. you had to stay past school hours for club activities, and since the club president was absent, you had to take in charge being the vice president and you waited until remaining club officers had went home first. it's always so weird seeing the school so empty, nonetheless you went on with your way, greeting cleaning staff on the way out and thanking them for their work.
putting on your earphones, you walked to the stop, appreciating the slow change of the sky's color due to the sunset. your pace slowed upon seeing an all to familiar person sitting at the stop, and it seems he noticed you arriving too.
you sat at the spot next to him, a little too close for people who were deemed as strangers to one another.
"thanks for waiting" you say.
the bus arrived, and luckily enough there were two free seats next to each other. no questions were asked and both just headed towards said seats. you got the window seat.
resting your head on his shoulder, he slipped his hand into yours and you instinctively intertwined them.
"do you want to get ice cream before going home?" he asks.
"is it your treat?" you teased raising your head to look at him.
"on second thought" he replied making you laugh. with that, you guys fell into an easy conversation.
it's in the moments like this, moments of stolen glances and touches, moments of shared knowing looks, where yang jungwon never fails to ignite something in you. your relationship wasn't a secret, it's new and private, which is understandable considering both jungwon and you are private people. it just so happens that you guys find entertainment in fooling people right under their noses by seeming like strangers.
technically, it wasn't your fault that people never noticed the interactions between jungwon and you, and how you guys managed to get into a relationship without anyone noticing will forever remain a mystery.
and after a month, walking hand in hand to school, both of you definitely found people's reaction amusing.
masterlist ⸺ enhypen masterlist
a/n: uni's got me busier and i couldn't find time to write properly since i finished speak or shot huhu but i'm back with a one-shot (??) i'll have more time after this exam week so i'll probably go back to regular posting and hopefully start the new series i've been planning. please look forward to it !!
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solneu · 3 months ago
— even more everyday texts with bf!ni-ki . . . !
(a/n): here you go part three !! :P you can request for more parts for other members as well ! hope you enjoy dear anon <3
pairing: bf!ni-ki x gn!reader
warnings: mentions of food/eating
incoming from! ni-ki
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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softii-minarii · 4 months ago
How would Enhypen legal line be like as fwb?
!¡! Heesung !¡!
•PASSIONATE man in bed, might get pleasure and satisfaction from seeing you comfortable.
•treats you like absolute royalty in bed
•leaves TONS of hickies on purpose during sex and while making out because he honestly doesn't care if someone found out about you two.
•if you ever became fwb with Heesung he probably likes you and wants to get closer with you
•Before initiating sex he might make out with first by pushing you against the wall and giving that LOOK
•You know the big eyes full of love, desperation, and lust.
•Him and jay are the only ones I honestly see as a switch but Heesung is kinda dom leaning.
•His favorite kinks are most definitely after care and praising, loves to make you come before even thinking about himself. He'd most likely melt at you praising him and saying things like I love you even if you mean mini Heesung and not himself.
•+ his man handling and strength kink 😩
• After care is important so he always remembers to clean you, to bring you water, food, a towel, or just whatever to make you comfy.
• alas he couldn't keep his feelings to himself so about six months into this "relationship" he told you about his feelings halfway through intercourse. And it worked since y'all are dating now :)
Tumblr media
!¡! Jay !¡!
•in this au you'd either a bit older like '01 or '00 or just more mature than him
•you already knew about each others feeling but it'd never work since y'all are both busy so Jay was like
• "what if we just had casual sex instead"
•and to his surprise you agreed to it once or twice a week
•i can honestly seem him and just all of "02 line just having the HIGHEST sex drive ever (coming from one myself)
•this motherfucker is kinky and we loves when you're being open to new things like toys and being submissive to him!!!
•He's adamantly into sir/daddy kink but whenever you call him either of the nickname it drives him literally insane.
• If you were in public with other boys he'd keep this a secret as he doesn't want the others to be awkward.
•if you did call him sir just on a regular occasion he, for sure, will in bed speed tf up and go as hard as he can to see you orgasm.
•takes your " meet ups " very seriously
• i don't see him as someone who would deny if your orgasm if you ever forgot about your weekly " meet up " as he's a big giver.
•being fwb with him probably won't go any farther than this since he might be a bit impatient and you're too focused on studying/work.
•(I apologize if Jay's and Heesung were short)
Tumblr media
!¡! Jake !¡!
•You know how jake loves taking videos and photos, right?
• so while you and some other close friends were taking a trip somewhere you wore something that was pretty revealing so when you asked for a picture from it took a while since all he could think of was undressing you and could tell something was wrong so you pulled him over to talk in a nearby bathroom and he fucked you there. (Consentually ofc!)
• whenever he needs to go on a tour or just leave you for a couple of days, he'll probably film you or ask you to send something, so that he has something to jack off to after he leaves.
• + he might record both of your moans to also get off too when he's bored.
•might not want you to do it without him so he sometimes calls you to hear your voice when he's away for longer than 2 weeks. (Would call that cybersex?)
•he's into doing cockwarming, where he can be as close as possible to you when you’re both tired.
•Jake's a different kind of breed so he doesn’t always want to be hard and fast, often he just wants to be close to you, even if you're just in it for the sex.
•if you get shy while doing it, it makes him a little shy too so probably intimate moments happening like your face in his neck and him just being super polite which flusters you even more.
•soft dom! Jake stans rise now🛐
•doesn’t mind if you’re too shy to look at him and lets you bury your face in his neck. Keeps giving you little kisses on your cheeks and all over your face, and is so polite he thanks you for letting him be intimate with you <3
• remember when sunghoon and Jake were arm wrestling and he was so competitive wanting to win no matter what??
•that’s why he would like to spank you just so you could say he's strong.
• although, he wouldn't do a lot of them, just enough to not to hurt you
•in all fwb with him would be one of the best experiences, until people find and he might have to call it off to save his career (jk jk he'd probably reduce time so they aren't sus)
Tumblr media
!¡! Sunghoon !¡!
•omg im so il with him its not healthy
•okay so you're sunghoons bestie ig and y'all are studying for a final exam and you mention that you don't know much about sex
•(like you're the ultimate virgin, you don't know how to please yourself or others)
•and suddenly the pen in his mouth falls out and he responds with a simple
•"I can teach you, if you want"
•being pretty flustered you found yourself agreeing since he was your bestfriend and you do trust him so ig y'all are "fwbs"
•and til then sex between you two were the stereotype dom man teaches virgin to suck dick but no one was complaining (cause who would)
•you were honestly shy and hesitant about this since it's your v card being taken.
•as shy as he can be himself, I actually think if he saw you being shy Hoon would kinda step up and try to relax you. Asks why you’re feeling shy and reminds you that he’ll take things as slow as you want
•, but also reminds you that if you aren't ready for this step you don't need to do it yet
•Brushes your hair out of your face and smiles softly at you constantly :( while you're giving him a blow job.
•S A D I S T
•Loves to see you choke on his cock (mainly the tears streaming down your cheeks and glossy eyes)
Highkey low-key possessive over you and if he feels like you're not paying enough attention to him
•marks you in every way, loves to leave marks in places everyone can see so that they know you're his. he takes satisfaction in you being submissive to him and him taking control over your whole pleasure.
•marks you in every way, loves to leave marks in places everyone can see so that they know you're his. he takes satisfaction in you being submissive to him and him taking control over your whole pleasure. you assured him you loved it.
•he lives for your cries. doesn't let you dom him often
•his whole aura changes when jealous and all he wants to do is to overstimulate you till you cry and beg for him.
•only a couple weeks into this and y'all are once again the stereotypical bffs that are dating :)
(Sorry if I made this list long or if you felt there wasn't a lot of info about them, )
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sunooscult · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
˓˖ when you ask them to hold you ‹3
[ members ; jungwon, sunoo, ni-ki ]
˒ jungwon ;
⊹ jungwon was busy. he always was but these past two weeks, he wasn't home at all. which made you feel alot lonely that usual.
⊹ you understand how much he works hard for just the two of you, but you wanted some comfort, you were love, touch and sleep deprived.
⊹ jungwon expected you to jump on his back and hug him but once he realised your silence, his brows furrowed in concern, "what happened? are you alrig—"
⊹ he wouldn't finish before you softly tugged on his sleeve and rested your head on his shoulder "can you hold me for awhile?"
⊹ his heart would hurt as guilt fills his gut, but he also realised how much distant you two were for the last few days, "ofc I will and also let's watch some movies together, c'mon, I'll hold you"
˒ sunoo ;
⊹ sunoo relaxed on the couch after few long tiring days, he was excited to finally spend some time with you, but first, he wanted some sleep.
⊹ and you would do anything to just be near him. that's how you felt, you weren't able to sleep thinking how hard he works out there whilst you sleep there in the castle without a sand and dust touching your feet.
⊹ sunoo's tired smile once he spotted you on the corner made you feel so guilty and bad, thinking of so many things late at night, sleep was nowhere near to be found.
⊹ "sunoo.." you mumbled as he extended his hands out for you to just be next to him and cuddle, "did you eat—" he stopped himself looking at your face.
⊹ "y/n, are you alright?" you ignored his question and balled yourself next to him as he wrapped his left arm around you "can you hold me?" instantly, spoons you and let's your head lay on his chest and pat your back whispering "everything's alright" and sweet nothing's.
˒ ni-ki ;
⊹ ni-ki's voice notes was what kept you going. ever since he flew to japan for the upcoming comeback and to spend time with his family and friends there, you felt that the other part of your soul left.
⊹ as ni-ki is one to crack jokes and do some weird stuffs, you missed him alot for the past days, calling your friends and hanging out with them didn't do much but you had a great time with them.
⊹ when ni-ki shared another voice note saying he's finally on his way back, you couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief and excitement. you waddled to the door and back, waiting for him but not excitedly.
⊹ you were anxious for some reason, a relief yet a huge weight on your chest, once you saw ni-ki pulling up, he was expecting you to jump over him and laugh but all he saw was your head popping out of the front door like a lost child.
⊹ knowing something was wrong, he immediately rushes to you, lift-hugging you gently, "could you hold me like this for awhile?"
⊹ "what do you mean "for awhile?" I'll hold you forever like this if I want to"
Tumblr media
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koishua · 2 days ago
— under the candle light / lee heeseung.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairings: lee heeseung x gn!reader || genre: angst || word count: 641 ||warnings: mentions of drinking, mention of food, implications of death
notes from vie: so uh.... happy hee-day? sorry my beloved ;-; yet another angst piece for him <//3 but all jokes aside, i really do wish he has a great day :(
synopsis: it's his birthday and without you, the only thing lighting up his room is the single candle he had lit on his small cake.
Tumblr media
“heeseung?” it’s your voice he hears that morning, sweet and loving as it had always been towards him. he had tilted his head curiously that day, “yes?”
you ask him with a breathy chuckle, feeling his thumb brushing over the skin of your waist under your shirt, “what do you want to do when you finally get past your teen years?” 
heeseung had pondered over the question for a seconds, letting a brief moment pass where he keeps his head resting next to yours, one leg thrown comfortably over your body, “i don’t know. maybe we could go out to celebrate, the boys always wanted to have a pool party at night.”
“your birthday is still a month away, hee. we could just throw a pool party before that if the kids want it that much.” he hums, mindlessly tracing small patterns on your stomach with the tips of his fingers, “how about just us two, then? we could set up a nice table and dine together. how does that sound?”
you had agreed that morning, heeseung clearly remembers every single detail of you. your hair was unkempt, having just tossed around in sleep for hours right next to him and your voice hadn’t warmed up enough yet, a tired lilt in your tone. 
heeseung remembers everything very clearly.
every single detail of your face, body, voice, scent— everything is so acutely springing back up into the forefront of his thoughts, the haze in his mind cannot deny him of all of the memories of you no matter how much alcohol enters his systems. 
the room he sits in is void of all light, save for one single candle flame that illuminates the smallest amount. enough to cast shadows upon his face reminiscent of the dark circles under his eyes that hadn’t left since the day he had been all but forced to let go of you.
through the fog in his head, heeseung can see the silhouette of your body sitting across him at the table, a relaxed smile ever-present on your lips. everything feels surreal, the way you push yourself away from the table to walk over towards him, the way you put your hand over the back of his palm when he makes a move to have another shot of the poison in his small glass, the way you shake your head in disapproval.
heeseung is unable to differentiate between what is reality and what is not, and so when you crack a small smile at him when he lets go of the glass regretfully, he believes wholeheartedly with his entire being, for that short moment, that you are his reality and his nightmares all but false memories that had never occurred. 
he doesn’t hear the constant swarm of notifications that ring his phone, messages of concern from everyone he considers his friends— it’s not as if he had responded to any of them since that day anyway. instead, he clumsily makes his way to the old radio in his kitchen, stumbling over a stool that had been standing in his way. he blindly presses on the many buttons of the device, not able to see anything, mind lagging at the great pace his body moves in desperation. it’s a little later when he successfully hears the telltale click, a playful jazz blasting out of the speakers that he had turned all the way up.
heeseung opens his eyes, you are smiling at him again, inviting him with your outstretched hand. he accepts, why would he ever not?
it’s eleven past eleven when he is dancing alone in the dark, only a single candle light guiding him and his drunken body across the floor of his small kitchen with you twirling in his arms, cake untouched and reality forgotten— lee heeseung is twenty years old tonight.
Tumblr media
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sunghun · 2 months ago
tiktoks with bf!enhypen
requested; yes :D
warnings; some cursing and a mention of reader wearing a skirt in jay’s!
note; i tried something a little different for this one instead of the usual bulletpoint that i do. also i’m not really that active on tiktok so i was kinda lost on what to write, but i hope you guys like it!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
희승 | heeseung;
“baby,” you call out to your boyfriend, trying to be discreet with the way you’re holding your phone so he doesn’t get suspicious.
heeseung looks up from his book. “yeah hon?”
you wordlessly hold out your hand in front of him, smiling at his cutely confused expression.
“do you want me to…” heeseung gently grabs your hand and twines his fingers with yours, and then proceeds to lift your hand up for him to place a soft kiss on the back of it. “right?”
you giggle at his hopeful look. “right.”
제이 | jay;
“this is so stupid.”
your boyfriend rolled his eyes. “shut up baby. you know these videos always go viral.”
“yeah, because those couples actually look good.”
jay raised a brow. “excuse me?”
“i’m not saying you don’t look good, trust me you look hot as fuck babe.” you pressed a small kiss to his lips. “i’m saying i feel like a ridiculous britney spears wannabe in this skirt.”
jay wrapped his arm around your shoulders and kissed the top of your head. “if anyone looks hot as fuck, it’s you sweetheart. now come on, jungwon is probably tired of waiting for us to walk down the sidewalk looking like badasses.”
제이크 | jake;
“hey jake could you bring me some water?”
you did your best to hold back a laugh at the way your boyfriend froze, making sure to zoom in on his face.
“jake…?” he mumbled to himself. “since when am i jake?”
he still brought you a glass of water with a smile, however it was quickly replaced by a frown at your next words.
“thank you jake!”
“did i do something wrong?” he sat down beside you. “i’m sorry for whatever it was if i did, just please stop calling me jake. it feels unsettling.”
you quickly ended the video and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “i’m sorry baby. you didn’t do anything wrong, promise.”
성훈 | sunghoon;
you couldn’t help but laugh at the song that suddenly started blaring through the speakers in your bedroom. “is this your way of asking for a kiss?”
your boyfriend shrugged, very pointedly not looking at the camera. “not really. i just think it’d be nice to let everyone know that we’re together.”
“angel, it’s been almost a year. i think everyone knows that i’m yours by now.”
sunghoon leaned in just as baby you’re like lightning in a bottle came on. “and now they’ll know that i’m yours.”
“shut up and kiss me.”
선우 | sunoo;
“did you just wipe off my kiss?”
sunoo did his best to keep a straight face and not giveaway the prank. “no? i don’t know what you’re talking about.”
you huffed and leaned in to kiss his cheek again, watching with annoyance as his hand came up and definitely wiped your kiss away.
“kim sunoo!”
he turned to you innocently. “what babe? what’s wrong?”
you narrowed your eyes before suddenly pouncing on your boyfriend, knocking him onto his back and pressing kisses all over his face. “try wiping them all away. i dare you.”
sunoo’s phone had fallen to the ground, probably ruining the video, but as you continued to press sweet kisses to his cheeks and lips, he could honestly say that he didn’t care in the slightest.
정원 | jungwon;
“why am i doing this again?”
jungwon turned to you with a cute grin. “because you love me and want to make me happy?”
you sighed, watching him set up his phone just right so you were both in the frame. “debatable, but okay.”
“oh come on, y/n! it’s not that bad.” your boyfriend laughed.
“it is that bad. have you not seen me dance before? i look like a confused jellyfish.”
jungwon pulled you into his arms for a hug. “you’ll be alright, baby.” he pressed a kiss to your forehead. “just follow me and i promise you’ll at least look like a well educated jellyfish.”
니키 | niki;
“please, babe?”
you groaned as niki clung onto your arm. “why can’t you just ask jake? or sunoo?”
“because i already did it with them.” he whined. “besides, my followers will love seeing us together!”
you sighed deeply, already regretting your decision. “fine. go get your phone.”
niki got everything set up, and before you knew it you were standing a little bit behind him and doing your best to keep a straight face as the familiar sound of heartbreak anniversary started playing.
however when he leaned in close, you couldn’t stop yourself from cracking a smile and giving him a quick kiss.
“y/n!” you could tell niki was trying to sound upset, but you could tell he was holding back a smile himself.
he shook his head in mock disappointment. “if only i wasn’t so irresistible.”
you patted his cheek. “keep telling yourself that romeo.”
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wonscafe · a month ago
REQ. | pairing: enhypen x gn!reader genre: fluff through and through warnings: none other than intense affection?
ー req stated: maknae line headcanon where their s/o is very affectionate and clingy (loves hugging, holding hands, leaning on them) but also gets flustered easily.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
SUNOO ー 김선우.
loves it. loves it so much. literally lives for your affectionーhis day is never complete without it. has the biggest smile on his face whenever he feels your arms wrap around him. hugs you back even tighter and you can’t help but squeal in response. squishes your cheeks all the time because of how clingy you are. chuckling at your pout and red cheeks because apparently ‘you aren’t clingy’. gives you knuckle kisses whenever you slip your hand in his. giggling as you cling to his body while he tries to navigate his way through the kitchen. bribing you to let go of him while he finishes setting the table. immediately pulls you back to him when he’s done, kissing your cheek affectionately and telling you to proceed with your previous ministrations. teasing you when you shyly shake your head. playfully rolls his eyes when you inform him that ‘you have no idea what he means by previous ministrations’. happily offers you a place on his shoulder or lap whenever you’re in need of something to lean on.
JUNGWON ー 양정원.
gets flustered initially but becomes insanely smug when you get flustered. does the lip-purse-smile thing he always unconsciously does, especially when you pepper kisses all over his face. airily laughs and repeatedly says your name from where he was laying beneath you. tackles you until you’re the one beneath him and he’s the one peppering kisses on your face. smirking at the blush on your cheeks. smirking even more as you shifted shyly beneath him when he ran a thumb against your cheekbone. doesn’t notice what clingy things you do to him most of the time, but always unconsciously returns the warmth. mindlessly throws an arm around your shoulder when you tuck yourself into his side; rubs the bare skin of your waist when you leave kisses on his neck; warms your hands whenever it’s intertwined with his; every kind of affection he returns always feels so natural, casual and just cozy. compensates for all the missed attention by giving you his warmest hugs on days you need them.
NI-KI ー 니-키.
a great mix between sunoo and jungwon. loves it when you hug him, loves it when you kiss him, loves it even more when your hands are in his hair. smiles at you from where his head was laying on your lap (you insisted on playing with his hair and he had to agree, of course), causing you to bashfully look away. hums teasingly, eyes still on you. playfully taps your chin with a quick raise of his eyebrow. giddy smiles when he feels soft lips press against his cheek. hugs you from behind whenever you walk away, embarrassed from the clinginess you displayed. loves purposely making you shy because it often results in more affectionーyour head in his chest, your hands on his arm, tighter cuddles at night. lets you wrap yourself around him anywhere. quietly caresses you. looks at you with endearment whenever you’re near him but also enjoys running away from you just for the fun of it. laughing when he hears whines spilling out of your mouth. eases the scowl on your face with a peck to the lips.
Tumblr media
© 2021 copyright. All rights reserved.
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sunookkii · 2 months ago
hey i know request are closed but this idea just got stuck in my mind and i wanted you to write sum about it if you like it 😭 so basically its an enha reaction/scenario ? where they forget your birthday, (maybe not in a bad way but i dont mind if its angst) hope ur good btw !! <3
a/n : OMG WAIT SRY TO ALL THE OTHER REQUESTS BUT THIS ONE FOR SUM REASON REALLY STUCK OUT TO ME i hope you enjoyyy ;) also I wrote so much I’m so sorry- [not really read proof~]
Also i am well ty for asking >.<
ₓ˚. ୭ ˚○◦˚.enhypen imagine ˚◦○˚ ୧ .˚ₓ
Enhypen forgetting your bday~
Genre : angsty ish
Warnings : mentions of food, crying, one swear word??
Requested : yes ty beautiful person ;)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Heeseung :
Okay okay so its your birthdayyy and you were really excited for what to happen because you wanted to see what kind of surprise your boyfriend did for your birthday
But to your luck he forgot :(
So you spent all day giving him hints like ‘what day is it’ and at one point you gave up and started pouting really hard
And your face was just overall sad everyone else had remembered your birthday including the members, but for your boyfriend to forget it lowkey hurt
Almost half the day passed and he still didn’t remember
So you ended up going into the room by yourself and started to cry
Your whimpers got louder and louder even though you were trying your best to stay quiet so he doesn’t hear
A few minutes past by and heeseung started looking for you because he sensed something was wrong.
He looked on the calendar really really carefully and FINALLY he came to his realization that it was your birthday but it was kinda too late cuz you hid yourself in your room to cry.
He came into your room to wish you a happy birthday but he sees you curled up into a ball crying to yourself
He hugs you so tight as if your life depended on it, won’t leave you out of his sight for the rest of the day. You’ll be hearing a lot of hbds and ilys for the rest of the day~
^ so yeah 🤕
Jay :
I feel like it’s rare that he forgets these type of dates buut for the sake of tumblr lets pretend he completely forgot 😧
You woke up in a great mood because it was your birthday of course
You were expecting to be receive a hbd wish from your boyfriend, but nope nothing all morning.
You received a bunch of hbd wishes on Instagram and other platforms mentioning you, but none of them were from jay :(
You quickly got frustrated and because it was your birthday and your bf the person you love most didn’t remember really hurt
So gradually your face became wet from heated silent tears. But unlike heeseung he would super quickly notice because he’s on his phone a lot and he dates things like ‘y/ns bday’ (idk but I imagine him dating things on his phone)
He’d then be like OH SHIT ITS YN’s BD
Runs to you soooooo quick just to see your face red and a bit wet.
Once your eyes connected your tears started to come out quicker
After he said that he ran away from you leaving you alone, which made your heart drop thinking that he didn’t care.
But once you finally came out of your room you were greeted with a homemade delicious cake your boyfriend made for you that looked like this
You could tell he felt really bad bc usually he always had a smile on his face while cooking but this time it was a ‘I’m sorry’ face
“I’m really really sorry please forgive me”
All was forgiven bc the cake tasted so mf ing good
Jake :
It was your birthday today, a day that only came once a year so like any other human being it’s a special day for you
You were super excited to see what Jake did for you, because every birthday you had with him was always such a surprise
But today was sort of… different? :(
You saw jake in the living room on the tv and went straight up to him with a smiley face. “GOOODMORNINGGG” 😁
After cuddling for a while on the couch you lifted up your head and asked him If he knew what day it was, he just replyed with a simple Wednesday? With a confused face
I’m pretty sure that one word was enough to make you pretty upset 😅🥲
You started to pout and went back into his chest with a disappointed face.
“Ahh what what, what day is it tell me?” He said playfully, not realizing it was your birthday.
You stayed silent as he checked his phone, ‘y/n’s birthday don’t forget’
When i tell you he gasped he GASPED.
You were already in the verge of tears “IM SO SORRY HBD BABY”
You were still a bit upset at him so you replied with ‘did you really need your phone to tell me what day it was’ 😕
He hugs you tighter while mumbling ‘hbd hbd hbd’
Suddenly let you go of his arms and said he had an errand. Without any explanation he got his car keys to go somewhere leaving you and your thoughts by yourself.
‘Does he not love me anymore that he doesn’t even want to spend time with me on my birthday? ☹️😭”
A while later he comes back and you’re luckily still on the couch where he left you
^^this dude came back with three beautiful cakes from your local cake stores. “I’m bacccckkkk!! please forgive meeeee you know i love you with all my heart 🥺” (okay i hate to use this emoji but there isn’t any other way to describe it TT)
You obviously forgave him because you know it was never his intention to forget,,, “you owe me hugs and kisses for the rest of the day :(“ kindly accepts your request because that is something he’d never complain about #freecuddlesfromyn
Sunghoon :
Okay but like hear me out he’s the type of boyfriend that would ‘pretend’ he forgot your birthday but he actually didn’t
So when he ACTUALLY forgot you just thought he was joking until…
“Hooonieeee, stop joking around I’m seriouss”
“I’m serious too i seriously don’t know what day it is”
You leave him for a bit alone with his thoughts, not even gna lie if he did end up forgetting your bday it would take him a while to remember it
But once he remembers he feels so bad 😭
Tackles you with so many hugs and bday kisses and showers you with I’m sorrys and hbd wishes
genuinely ask himself how he forgot the lohls birthday (love of his life’s) literally beats himself for it
And you have to tell him that it’s fine and that you forgive him~
Brings out the birthday cake and sings you a happy birthday song while clapping and laughing.
Puts cake on your nose
Sunoo :
Idk if he’s the type to forget but like jay I don’t think he’d forget
I feel like to him birthdays are the MOST special thing/ date for a person
Like obviously the rest of the members think that but especially sunoo really like sticks to this
So if he had forgotten your birthday you were sooo hurt you ignored him the whole day keeping your distance until he finally remembered
Once he remembered he went to go find you ASAP where you were hiding int he corner of the bedroom moping
He showers you with hugs cuddles kisses pecks, you name it he does it
He feels so bad that he could forget smtg like this, literally asks himself how he could forget such an important date
If the convenience store was still open he’d run to the nearest store and surprise you with a birthday cake. But not just any cake it’d be a cake that was decorated by the one and only Kim Sunoo
Would prepare it so nicely and even have a lit up candle so you can wish on it.
the type to surprise you with it even though he forgot. Brings it to your room while singing the hbd song.
Puts cake frosting on your nose #2, takes lots and lots of pictures to post on insta later
caption : “happy birthday sunshine~”
Jungwon :
he was on the couch as per usual just scrolling through his phone to keep himself occupied but also updated
Not knowing what day it was,,,,,,,
you come outside of your bedroom excitedly to expect a wishful happy birthday wish from the person you love most
But for some reason it oddly seemed like a normal day
“Wonnniiieee my loveeee, guess what day it is!” You said with a sheepish smile
“Hmm wednesday?” He said looking up at you with a calm face
Your happy smile soon became a little pout
“You really don’t know?”
“Isn’t it just a regular Wednesday? Why is there something special?”
oh my- he broke your heart right then and there
You run back into your room because you feel heated tears about to fall, even though it was something small the thought of him not remembering your birthday the day of your birth hurt. A little.
Jungwon was actually super clueless he genuinely didn’t know what day it is but something about you seemed off and the way you ran to your room was quite odd to him so he went and followed you
Before he opened the door he already heard small whimpers from the corner of the bed, and that immediately triggered him and he was about to beat up anyone that made you feel sad 😠 little did he know it was him who made you feel that way
“Baby what’s wrong? Why are you crying”
He holds your chin and turns it to get a better look
wiping your tears with his thumb, you were being a dramatic his giggles make you feel a bit better even though you were mad at him for forgetting
“You forgot my birthday.” You said to him while crying
You can literally see the gears in his brain start to turn when his face went from 😄 -> 😳
“IM SO SORRY IM SO SORRY” hugs you so tight that you literally can’t breathe
Doesn’t know what to do to make you feel better, “I’m really sorry for forgetting your birthday, I don’t really know what got into me, please forgive me.”< cue the cutest kitty puppy eyes
He kept on rambling on abt how he was sorry and deserves your forgiveness you literally had to shut him up, he was sorry please forgive him >~<
Cuddles you for the rest of the day
Niki :
He was playing video games normally on his phone, until you excitedly stormed into his room “hiiiii babbbbyyyy”
“Well someone is happy today :)”
“Well of course bc u know what day it isss ;)”
😧😦 < that’s what you looked like when he didn’t know, “you really don’t remember?”
“hmm I’m not too sure” he said before going back to his game
you slowly became disappointed and just ‘celebrated’ your birthday by yourself in the kitchen. :,((
he didn’t notice that you were sad at first bc he was busy playing on his phone, around an hour later he went to the kitchen to get a snack when he sees you in the kitchen staring into space rested your chin on you arm.
‘Are you okay? You seemed fine earlier’
You decided to play the silent game and just avoided him... so he tried to get you to talk to him but after a while it didn’t work so he sort of gave up and went to ask his hyungs what’s wrong with you.
“Niki,,, it’s y/n’s birthday omg did you forget??????” Jake said texting niki
and that’s when the lightbulb in his brain turned on
He rushed to the kitchen and back hugged you so tight and gave you so many cheekie kissies to try and make up for ‘forgetting’
But to his luck you were still mad at him
Soooo he came up with the idea of going to the convenience store really quick to get you a bunch of flowers and a nice cake to surprise you~
You ended up forgiving him because he was tickling you threatening you to forgive him
N knowing Niki he’s not a person you can be mad at for long <3
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xxatinyminionxx · 4 months ago
Making Out With Enhypen Legal Line
Tumblr media
Warnings: A little suggestive
Requested?: Yes
A/N: I wasn't too comfortable going too explicit with Sunghoon's so it's the tamest description here. Enjoy!
Tumblr media
Kisses with Heeseung are typically slow but loaded with emotion. If he's needy or it's been awhile since you've made out, he'll kiss you rougher. But again, he's generally a slow, passionate kisser. He'll hold your sides and cup your cheek. At the end of a makeout, he would always peck your cheek. May or may not lead to anything more.
Tumblr media
I see things getting heated really fast with Jay. He's a passionate kind of guy. His kisses would be deep, involve a lot of tongue, and he'd pull at your lips. His hands would be all over your body and holding your face interchangeably. When he'd part from your lips, he'd go straight for your neck and mark you up with hickeys. As long as the setting your makeout is taking place in allows it, things are very likely to go further than this.
Tumblr media
Kisses in a makeout can vary with Jake. Sometimes he'll want to take his time like Heeseung, other times he'll rush things like Jay. It would depend on the mood set prior. I see him pulling you into his lap to makeout, his arms wrapped around your waist. I also see Jake topping you from in between your legs and cupping your face as you kiss. Jake would want things to go further more than not.
Tumblr media
Making out with Sunghoon would have a particular firmness to it. In other words, every kiss is strong and could stand alone and you'd be satisfied. Like Jake, his kisses would vary between hard and soft. He would gently hold your jaw as you kiss - so you could probably guess he'd want to be the dominant one and guide the make out.
©️ 2021 xxatinyminionxx. All Rights Reserved.
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acehoons · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
dating enhypen ₊ ༝ ・ ˖ ʚĭɞ
genre: fluff pairings: ot7 x gn!reader warnings: none requested: yes
Tumblr media
🦌 lee heeseung
dating heeseung would be an experience
i feel like he'd be possessive, but not in an unhealthy way or anything
he also strikes me as someone who values communication a lot, so expect to have a lot of heart-to-heart talks
since he's the oldest in enhypen i feel like he has a tendency of taking care of the people he cares about
including you of course
the rest are under the cut
expect lots of coddling
he'd prefer to do things for you even if you're capable of doing it
like carrying your belongings when you're walking together
he's also big on date nights
doesn't matter where you're going or what you're doing, he just wants to spend time with just you
i feel like you and him wouldn't fight a lot, but misunderstandings are inevitable
he's the type of boyfriend to never let a fight last for more than a day
he prefers dealing with the issue as soon as possible
but he would also respect your boundaries if you wished for a bit of space
he also likes "showing you off" if that makes sense
whenever you two would go out on parties or galas, he likes showing everyone how pretty you look
a hand on your waist, introducing you to everyone as his s/o
would definitely pull you closer to him if he notices a few people staring
the type to kiss you and mumble "mine." against your lips
the biggest thing about him is the way he does things for you without you having to ask
and noticing when you're in a bad mood
you come home feeling a little upset? he's already clearing the bed so you can lay down
you're too busy studying for an exam? he's already finished all of your chores for you
feeling a little down because of bad news? he's already drawn you a bubble bath
honestly you probably saved an entire country in your past life in order to have been blessed with a boyfriend such as him
and he isn't high maintenance either
all he needs from you are a few hugs and a kiss here and there
he just loves you so much
🦅 park jay
i feel like when jay falls for someone, he falls hard
he's a commitment type of guy
which means he won't stay with you unless he's sure that he wants to spend the rest of his life with you
big on spoiling you
whatever you want, he will buy
you haven't even told him that you want it but he's already bought it for you
"you bought me a louboutin bag????"
"i saw you eyeing that one a few days ago"
likes to wear matching clothes with you
if you guys are going out you better expect yourself to be wearing some sort of matching outfit
he's also the type to keep every gift you've ever given him
even the silliest little things, like an origami paper crane you made when you were bored one day
he keeps it all in a little box under his bed
and if you've ever gifted him a piece of jewelry, say a necklace or a bracelet,
he'd never take it off
loves to take naps with you
it's both of your ideal date
his perfect day would involve just the two of you in bed, cuddling as you guys sleep in
fights with him rarely occur
because he's generally very understanding
but in times he does get pent up he tries his best to keep you out of the way because he's scared of hurting you
never forgets to reassure and validate you
he's the type to say "you know i love you, right?" on random occasions
he rarely asks anything in return from you as well
you don't have money to buy him anything on his birthday? totally fine
"your presence is enough" as he always says
🦮 sim jaeyun
this guy would totally be head over heels for you
he's the type to stare at you, no matter what you're doing
eating, studying, doing the laundry; he's got his eyes on you
he's just so mesmerized by you
very affectionate
loves getting kisses from you
uses it to tease you
would grab your things and dangle it above your head saying, "kiss or i won't give it back"
or if you're taller than him he'd just lock his arms around you and say "i'll let you go if you kiss me"
likes helping you out
whether it be with your studies, picking up some groceries, doing chores
he likes the fact that you can depend on him
is also your #1 motivator
"you can do it baby," or "just a little bit more and we'll cuddle, hm?"
pushes you to achieve the things you want in your life
he doesn't think just for the two of you, he thinks for you too
hates seeing you upset
if he notices even a slight change in your mood, he's already thinking of things to cheer you up
fighting with him happens only once in a blue moon
but when it does happen, it's quite intense
i feel like he's the type of person who would request for a bit of space when you guys fight
just to clear his head think his thoughts through
after that he's big on making up
shows in front of your door with flowers and chocolates
promises to be better next time (and keeps that promise)
you've got more ups than downs in your relationship
and dating him honestly feels like a dream for the both of you
🐧 park sunghoon
this man would be shy
not even just in the beginning of your relationship, just generally so
he isn't used to affection much but when he does receives it, he savors it
won't admit it but he requires your touch all of the time
if you were standing next to each other he'd reach for your hand and link your pinkies together
he rarely instigates hugs or kisses but he absolutely loves them
he just likes to be physically close to you
likes taking you out
you're almost always finding new restaurants to eat in or new parks to visit
the type to exasperatedly sigh and say "sure wish i had someone to hug right now"
and you'd roll your eye and climb on his lap, eliciting those cute little giggles out of him
when you two have company he's very stoic and cool
but when it's just the two of you it's like he melts into a puddle
even if you're younger than him, expect to be taking care of this (literal) giant baby
likes getting fed, even if he can do it himself
his favorite is having you on his lap while you guys watch a movie
would wrap his arms around your waist and keep you close
would still get shy after kissing you years into your relationship
i also have a feeling that he'd introduce you to people as his future spouse
"oh yes meet y/n, my future husband/wife"
fighting with him would break his heart and all of his other organs
so it almost never happens
just a few misunderstandings here and there that you sort out after an hour or two
in short dating him would be the dream
🦊 kim sunoo
another cutie
but unlike sunghoon, he's a little less shy
i have a feeling he's the one who initiated the relationship between you two
the type to act confident but is actually dead nervous inside
likes making things for you
jewelry, birthday cards, baked goods
basically everything
whines when you don't give him what he wants
"y/n just one kiss pleaseeeeeee"
"sunoo i'm busy"
"but y/nnnnnn"
he doesn't like it when you spend money on him
prefers handmade gifts over material ones that you buy
big on practicing his make-up skills on you
if you aren't the feminine type he won't force you
but if you are, expect to be sharing your make-up with him
also big on dressing you up
when you guys are out shopping he's more so buying things for you than for himself
"ooh this dress is cute, it would look good on you," or "do you think they have this shoe for your size?"
never forgets to compliment you
is the first to comment on your instagram posts
"is THAT my s/o? :o" "sO PRETTY i love u so much <333"
loves pda
holds your hand in public just because he can
is the type to get insecure sometimes
so you have to reassure him a lot, not that you mind of course
he's the little spoon when you guys cuddle
even if he's the taller one
likes playing with your fingers
randomly kisses your cheek when he's bored
you'd be physically incapable of fighting with him
because even the slightest raise of voice would make him tear up
and you don't want that, no no
but on a serious note, fights never occur with the both of you because it's really easy to talk to sunoo
he's very understanding and is quick to act upon his mistakes
he also doesn't mind talking to you when you do something he doesn't like
he just wants to be babied
and that he will
🐈 yang jungwon
this man is the combination of "wanting to be babied" and "wanting to baby someone"
is kind of like a worrying mother as a boyfriend
"did you do the thing i told you?" "have you talked to your prof about the thing you told me about?" "did you remember to take out the thing?"
you're never going to forget anything as long as he's around
a big cuddler
likes to wrap both his arms and legs around you
would also be the type to motivate you through blackmail
"finish your homework or i won't cuddle you for a week," "if you don't get this chapter done i'm not kissing you"
(it works far too well if you ask me)
gives really good advice
which is weird because he's very young but he has a lot of wisdom
would also be the type your family would love
your parent/s love having him around
is really big on surprises
loves to organize parties for your birthdays or anniversaries
vows to make anyone who makes his baby cry suffer
you come home crying one time because this one professor was really mean to you in class
he was one snap away from running to your school to beat him up (figuratively of course, he doesn't want to end up in jail)
is good at comforting you
would be prepared with tea, a warm blanket and a whole lot of hugs if he notices that you are upset
fights with him never happens
jungwon strikes me as a level-headed type
so whenever you have a misunderstanding, he never raises his voice or says anything out of line
he's very mature for his age and that shows a lot
would often need some space
but would immediately give you a talking to once he's calmed down
prefers to provide you with things you need rather than things you want
but will always be there to support you
🐆 nishimura riki
ni-ki is still young so he's a bit inexperienced
doesn't mean he's a bad boyfriend though
would love teasing you
would definitely perform pranks on you
and if you genuinely don't like that he'd just perform pranks with you instead
would be the type to text you and update you on stuff that he's doing when you aren't together
"just woke up" "brushing my teeth rn" "hi im on the toilet"
makes dozens of playlists for you
also loves filming tiktoks with you, whether you like it or not
i feel like he's not very vocal with his affections so he tends to do it through other ways
like doing things for you,
say buying your groceries, making your bed, finishing up your chores
also a big cuddler
can't sleep without you in his arms
makes sure to spend some time with you everyday
doesn't matter if he's busy, he will make time
loves to make you laugh
his day will not be made unless he hears you giggle
likes to annoy you (lovingly) every chance he gets
fighting with him isn't a common occurrence, but it does happen
usually it's due to some sort of misunderstanding or mistake between the both of you
he's not the type to raise his voice but he does try to make a stand
if the fights get really bad he usually backs down and apologizes
he's still just a kid after all
but he's very loving and he doesn't let his inexperience hinder him from showing how much he loves you
Tumblr media
© acehoons 2021
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aerimomo-mellon · 13 days ago
ENHYPEN walks in on you changing.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Paring~ ENHYPEN x Reader
Genre~ Fluff cause these boys be too cute.
A/N~ Requested! BTW girl I love you! thank you for requesting!
ENHYPEN M☁List ll Main M☁List
Tumblr media
The second he walks in he is in panic mode.
His mind is probably like "Oh my god! what did I do! I should have never stepped in! I don't know what to say ahhhh!"
But of Corse that is in his mind cause he would never say that out loud.. cause he likes being cool and experienced despite the fact he is freaking out.
When you finally say "hey what are you doing here?" he manages to say " oh um just chilling you know.. I think.. NO I mean I don't think.. NO I actually mean I came here for my... watch yea!"
"baby your watch is on your wrist!" you say pointing at it.
"oh haha must be a mistake then..." he says scratching his head and awkwardly leaving.
I guess his effort of acting cool failed..
The only fucking one to be very cool about it.
Acts as if he has already claimed every bit of you so won't even bother to make a big fuss about it...
"Hey y/n! do you know where the scissors are? I can't rip the duck tape with my hands.." he says walking in the bedroom.
*Finds you wearing a pair of joggers. *
"aren't those mine?" he says eyes fixed on your lower body. (loves to look at you for some reason) and plus point you are basically half naked( yes you have your under garment on.) so he won't loose the chance.
"no 🙄... my friend got it for me yesterday.." you say avoiding eye contact to hide your Lie.
" Yea yea... now tell me where the scissors are." he continues. "its in the night table drawer." you reply.
"oh right!" he pecks your cheek "thanks baby!"
shy boi #1. *Walks in and finds you putting on a t-shirt*
Obviously freaks out cause he just has seen your bare back. When you turn around he immediately regrets his life choices.
"oh um.. sorry. I did not know you were changing.." he says looking at the floor.
"when did you get here?" you speak wearing you t-shirt fully. "oh just now! yes just now. and you turned around" he lies lol.
"hey Jake is your foot okay? is it itching? or smth?" you say looking at his foot that was awkwardly rubbing the carpet.
*Jake realizing what he is doing😳* " oh there was this weird thing on the carpet so i rubbed it off" he lies again ..
" oh yeah let me see is it gone?" you say walking towards him.
" yeah yeah yeah its all gone" he had to lie again. You stand in front of him looking up to him. " you don't have to be all shy about it." you say wrapping your hands around his waist, giving him a smile.
I would not categorize him as shy in this case. Just because he would not be shy at all.
Rather then being all red and shy and uncomfortable he would only awkwardly smile at you.
Eye contact but never lowers his eyes from yours since he respects your privacy.
Laughs after a while and apologizes. "sorry I'll head out now.. love you!"
"me too" you say and he would simply walk out the door. BUt that cute little session you two had was very sweet to you and to him too.
Yes he is out of the room but still thinking about you ahaha and smiling alone in the living room. (sweet but creepy if you ask me ahaha)
"Baby why are you smiling?" you ask walking out of the room. "oh what do you mean? when did I smile?" he says quickly keeping a straight face.
Shy boi #2. Whatever random shit he was doing he decided to check on you and give his little hug.
Having that thought in mind he did not know or expect you to be literally taking your shirt off in the bedroom.
*walks in all happy and Skippy to hug you but*
He raises his eye brows his mouth wide open 😱 *panic mode*
you look back to see who it is but then you find him. The moment you saw him he brings his hands to his eyes to cover it.
" oh sorry hehe.." he says turning around so he isn't facing you. (but still covering his eyes lol) " I did not know you were changing"
"It's okay " you say giggling to yourself cause of his cuteness. "I'm done! you may turn around now" you say making your way to him.
"now, tell me what you wanted" you say as you sat on your bed looking at him. "nothing just wanted a hug 🤗" (that emoji is literally Sunoo) "Cm're" you say spreading your arms for him to fall into.
Shy baby #3. (Enhypen has a lot of shy boisssss sorry but it's true.)
You were getting ready for dinner with your friends. And you wore a cute dress for the night but couldn't get the zip up.
Of Corse you were struggling which made him come check on you.
*walks in the room but doesn't find you at first* (cause you were struggling in the bathroom.)
Finally he finds you and when he opens the door he is 🍅. "oh sorry I did not mean to😳"
"NO its fine can you please help me!" you say quick before he walks out. " It's almost time and I need to zip this. Please, please, Pleaseeeeeeee" you say. "yea sure" his face still 🍅.
Slowly makes his way towards you from behind to zip you dress. *his heart is like in the tempo of Drunk Dazed* anyway he manages to get that zip up.
"thank you!" you say giving him a quick hug. "no problem 😳" (and yes he is thinking about that all day)
Not shy specifically but the most awkward one.
You did not know he was going to visit you at your place today. (And yes he did)
You just came out from the shower looking for your clothes to change into.
*randomly comes in the house since he knows the password.* as he made his way to your room….
He finds you only with shorts and no t-shirt. 🧍🏻← yup this is him right here→🧍🏻
“I’m sorry I did not know” last words before he turns around and heads out.
That’s basically what you get from this man. I mean he would probably feel a little shocked but as far as I know he would not make a big deal about it in front of you. Preventing any sort of miscommunication.
After you change you two don’t even bother to bring that topic cause you both be too young for that shit.
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enhypia · 15 days ago
JS ; japan ?!
Tumblr media
paring: park jongseong x gn!reader
genre: fluff
word count: roughly 350 words
“so if i were to hypothetically, HYPOTHETICALLY” jay emphasized
“book a flight to japan for the next 2 weeks for your birthday, would you get mad at me?” he asked smiling sheepishly
“park jongseong” you warned, standing up from your place on the couch to face him.
“it’s a hypothetical question” he said raising his arms up in defense. you sigh and wrap your arms around his waist
“i won’t be mad but it’s still too much, it’s just my birthday, and i’m already happy with going out to eat” you say kissing the tip of his nose.
letting go of your hold on him, you walked to the kitchen getting hungry upon mentioning eating, with jay following you
“going out to eat in one of the best ramen places in japan, perhaps?”
you stopped your rummaging and turned around to see him holding up passports.
“jay…” you squinted while he smiled widely at your reaction
“well technically you just said you wanted ramen but you never said WHERE you wanted to eat so…” he trails off shrugging
“so you decided on japan?” you ask crossing your arms.
“yeah!” he grinned waving your passports in the air.
you shook your head in disbelief and your composure broke.
jay laughed as you jump into his arms in excitement
“are we really going?” jay melted at the sight of pure joy on your face.
“yup, i booked the flight 3 days ago” your mouth drops in shock.
“you really didn’t have to but thank you, jay” you say, burying your head in the crook of his neck
“i know, but i wanted to, and it’s your birthday, consider it a gift” he kissed the crown of your head, tightening his hold on you.
"wait, when are we leaving?" you asked looking at him, his expression morphing into panic and he slowly let go of you.
"uhh, in 2 days?" and he bolted.
"JAY !!!" you chased after him laughing
"i love you baby!" he exclaimed, running to the bathroom and locking himself in there
"and you're lucky i love you too, now get out of there, we need to buy things for the trip"
masterlist ⸺ enhypen masterlist
a/n: i'm part of enhypennetwork now aaa !!! im so hapi omg but my exams are done so i have more time to write now <33 i might release a new series soon, so please look forward to it. for now, i hope you like this quick jay timestamp !!
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solneu · 3 months ago
can i request bf texts w hee pleeeease 🥺
— everyday texts with bf!heeseung . . . !
(a/n): thank you for requesting !! another member done :D maybe i should do all the members at this point…also yes i had to say something about that hee pic because the whole world went crazy ..
pairing: bf!heeseung x gn!reader
warnings: heeseung mentions food v briefly
incoming from! heeseung
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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lueurjun · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
❪ warnings ❫ ━ angst, almost car crash, heeseung is toxic ❪ kinda ❫, profanity.
this is a work of complete fiction and is not to be taken seriously and i do not intend to nor do i condone romanticizing toxic relationships. this was just an idea off the top of my head, once again, it is complete fiction.
wheels screech against the tarmac, rolling to an abrupt left; headlights blind you.
a bile raised in your throat, and water in your eyes — was this the end?
silence engulfs the car, save for the heavy breaths of shock that the two of you heave out irregularly. heeseung knows he's taken it too far this time. and you don't have it in your to spare him a glance before your jittery hands reach for the handle of the door.
"wait-" he calls, but he still unlocks the door for you to get out. you don't look back at him, finding refuge on the side of the road with your head in your hands, you attempt to take several deep breaths which get caught in the back of your throat.
the opposing car was long gone, and that relieved you. heeseung's temper was already at the end of it's tether, and an argument with another driver would tip him over the edge. the last thing he needed was to be told that he was a reckless driver; he already knew.
"get back in the car, i'll drive slower." you hadn't even heard him get out of the car, far too engrossed in your own anxiety to hear anything outside of the blood pumping in your ears. you lift your head, and he's standing by his door with his fingers curled around the top. he feels guilty, his eyes say it all.
you scoff. "i'd rather keep my life."
"i'm sorry, okay? i got mad-"
"so that excuses you speeding? nearly killing us both and some innocent driver? give me a break, heeseung. you're selfish, and unpredictable. i don't want you near me, not after that." you turn your head away from his guilty figure, not having it in you to argue anymore.
your energy had been drained, all you wanted was to just go home.
"look, if you don't want anything to do with me after tonight then fine but i'm not going to leave you on the side of the road at 1 am. get in the car, i'll drive safe. i promise."
you gulp, tilting your head towards the sky. there wasn't many choices that you had, to be completely honest, you didn't even know where you were.
after a few seconds, you bite back your pride and push yourself up off of the pavement to stomp towards the car. heeseung eyes you carefully, watching as you slide into the passengers seat with a scowl on your face. he breathes out a sigh of relief.
"drop me off at home," you demand.
and he does exactly that. the car is silent as you glide down the empty road, and a part of you wishes things were different. heeseung can't be changed; toxic and possessive is who he is, and no matter how many times he makes the promise, he's not going to become any better.
the car slows to a stop outside of your house, but you don't move an inch.
heeseung glances at you, but he says nothing.
"we should end whatever this is," you tell him, gesturing between the two of you as an obvious hint to the confusing 'situationship' the two of you had going on.
he only nods, and you can't help but feel a twinge of disappointment in your heart. he wasn't known for showing his feelings often, and so you weren't too surprised by his lack of reaction. but that didn't make it hurt any less.
you shake your head with a laugh of disbelief before unbuckling the seat belt. you slip out of the car, making sure to slam the door behind you and as you head up the steps to your house, you don't look back.
as the front door slams shut, heeseung's hand crashes against the steering wheel in a fit of rage.
"well done. you fucked up the only good thing in your life."
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