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#enhypen x reader
nikiskies · 2 days ago
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[11:11 p.m] ‣ Jay could tell you were very sleepy.
Your head was resting on his shoulder and your body was curled against his. A soft woollen blanket was draped over both of you, providing warmth and shielding from the winter cold. The living room you were seated in was dark save for the light from the TV set.
Your head slipped from Jay's shoulder and lolled forward, neck muscles spasming from the sudden movement. A small groan escaped your lips.
Jay, being the considerate boyfriend he was, placed his palm on your forehead and put your head on his shoulder again.
"We should go to bed," he whispered, massaging the sore spot in your neck. How he knew where it was, you didn't know. "It's late and you're barely able to keep your eyes open."
"What? No, I'm not sleepy," you slurred and buried your nose in his shoulder, snuggling impossibly closer. You sighed as the tension in your stiff muscles was relieved. "I promised I'd watch Die Hard with you."
Jay chuckled, brushing away the hair that had fallen on your face. "You've been napping for the past fifteen minutes, ____. Let's go. I had it recorded, so we can watch it tomorrow."
Eyes still closed, you grumbled. "You're saying I'm going to have to sit through another two hours of this? No, thanks. Why don't you watch, and I'll close my eyes and sleep while pretending that I'm watching too?"
Rolling his eyes, your boyfriend got up from the couch. You opened your eyes again and made a small sound of protest.
However, before you could speak, Jay picked you up bridal style and began walking towards your bedroom. You yelped and wrapped your arms around his neck.
Slightly hoisting your body, Jay adjusted his hold on you. "Don't drop me," you warned.
You shrieked and smacked his chest when he purposely loosened his grip on you. "Jay!" you whined.
Laughing, he held you closer. "I'm sorry. I won't."
Untangling your arms from his nape, you tucked your face in the crook of his neck. "I love you," you mumbled, caressing his cheek and tracing your fingers along his jawline.
Jay shivered. "Seducing me isn't going to get you out of watching Die Hard with me again."
Pressing a butterfly kiss to the skin below his ear, you whispered, "Are you sure?"
"I'm going to drop you."
You moved away and smiled at him cheekily. "If I go down, you go down with me."
"You're so stupid, ____."
Once you were finally inside your shared bedroom, Jay gently placed you on the bed.
"Hey," you called when he began walking away from you instead of lying down on the bed beside you. "Don't leave me alone."
"The TV's still on. I'll switch it off and come back," he said. Then added, "I promise."
You nodded and buried yourself under the covers. Your relationship wasn't usually so sappy, but late nights tended to make people vulnerable and say things they usually didn't. You rather liked it when you both acted cheesy and overly lovey-dovey. In private, of course. Your common friends already called your relationship gross and too corny.
The mattress dipped and the duvet shifted as Jay settled onto the bed. You reached for him, wrapping your arms around his torso and placing your head on his chest.
"I love you," he mumbled, intertwining your fingers with his.
You smiled, and brought his hand to your mouth. Grazing your lips against his knuckles, you whispered, "I love you too."
Tumblr media
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heefeels · a day ago
genre: fluff | pairing: enhypen hyung line × fem. reader. | LILI'S note: unedited, so this probably has some grammar mistakes.
Tumblr media
heeseung is a handsome & secsy boy on stage, but in his free days when he says at home, wearing pastel colored hoodies and with fluffy hair, looking soo cute and cozy you just can't help but shower him with cuddles and kisses on the forehead :( he gets surpriced at first but quickly return the affection, he's already a softie for you in daily basis, so basically small cute acts like these makes him even softer.
another soft boi, but he acts like he don't like it. funny because most of the time he's the one who starts long cuddling sessions lol like this time, he's cuddling on top of you, while talks you about the things that had done on the day, when you suddenly kiss his forehead telling him that you love him soo much :(. congratulations you had broke park jay.
he's the kind of boyfriend that kiss your forehead when he arrives after a long day of schedules or before he leaves early in the morning. when you return the same habit before leaving he gets so giggly and happy :( he loves every type of affection and even more when you start it.
not too much into skinship. he's the shy type of boyfriend who most of the time enjoy to receive love instead of giving it, but of course, this lil mf also loves to tease you. that day you arrive later after him and you find him taking a nap on the couch, he looked so cute and angelic :( that you couldn't help but kiss his forehead. when you heard him laughing you realize that he was just pretending.
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jayflrt · a day ago
𝐒𝐔𝐆𝐀𝐑 𝐃𝐀𝐃𝐃𝐘 25. epilogue (2)
Tumblr media
Lee Heeseung was an absolute mess. He had been on plenty of dates before but this was the date—the only date he truly cared about. This was the date where he would make up for all the fuck-ups he had with you. The date where he would finally get to express how he felt, raw emotions laid out bare for you.
Now, if only Heeseung could remember where his shoes were.
y/n: heeseung !! we’re meeting at 7 right?
Of course they were meeting at seven. Heeseung had marked it down on his calendar a week ago, repeating the date and time in his head over and over again until it stuck. He had conditioned himself to be prepared at this very time. Yesterday, he had stiffened up when the clock struck seven, and the day before, around the same time, he leapt out of bed without thinking.
However, it was five minutes past seven, and Heeseung was late to his own date. This was his first—and hopefully only—royal fuck-up of the day.
heeseung: shit sorry i'm almost there
heeseung: close ur eyes for like 2 seconds and i'll be there
One second passed. Then another. Heeseung deserved a jail sentence.
If he could just find his shoes, his outfit would be perfect. He had picked it out the night before with Jay’s help, of course. (His roommate would not waste a second to talk about how terrible Heeseung’s sense of fashion was). He came to the conclusion that shoes didn’t really matter unless you happened to have a thing for feet. Heeseung surely hoped you didn’t, so he stepped into a pair of Crocs and left his house.
Something was definitely not right about how put-together his top half was and then his atrocious selection of footwear. Yet, Heeseung believed that love overlooked everything (well, most things), including the fact that he was wearing Crocs to his date. Hopefully, you were as open-minded as he was.
Thankfully, you didn’t live far since you both lived on campus. Heeseung only had to drive about a minute to get to your dorm building. He swallowed hard when he saw you standing at the edge of the sidewalk, purse strapped across your body and hands clutching your phone. You looked absolutely adorable with that expectant look in your eyes.
Heeseung wasn’t very sure how to get your attention, though, so he honked.
You let out a yelp and looked at the car in front of you, ogling at Heeseung like a deer caught in headlights. “You could’ve just called me!”
“Sorry!” Heeseung apologized, a shy grin spreading across his lips. He reached across to open the door for you. “Are you ready for our picnic date?”
It was then when Heeseung saw the picnic basket stationed by your feet. You picked it up with an excited grin and made your way to the passenger’s seat. When you slid in, Heeseung was suddenly conscious of his footwear again—and you—but more so the footwear.
Heeseung bit his lip, looking away from your basket shamefully. “I told you I could help too.”
“I wanted to make it for the both of us,” you insisted. “If you like my cooking, that’s enough for me!”
Man, Heeseung thought, his heart fluttering pitifully, she’s so damn cute.
It wasn’t even like Heeseung had zero date experience. He had been on plenty of dates before. One time, he took Park Chaerin to the movies and shared a very awkward kiss with her, but she claimed that they had an “excellent date,” so Heeseung didn’t feel too bad about that stiff first kiss. Later, he proceeded to ghost her when he found out she was a gold digger.
Looking at you, he wondered if he had a thing for gold diggers.
But, with you, he didn’t mind at all.
Heeseung arranged for the picnic to be at a nearby park with a lush, grassy field. He liked the privacy of the location as there was a grove of trees that provided lots of shade and coverage. It wasn’t like he was expecting anything to happen, but if you wanted to kiss him, he wouldn’t be opposed at all.
“Is that the place?” you asked, peering at the wide expanse of the park. “It’s so pretty.”
“Yeah, you are,” Heeseung replied stupidly. Then, he realized, oh, she’s talking about the stupid park, and proceeded to internally berate himself. Watching you grow shy in front of him made him feel less embarrassed, though. “Oh, the park—yeah, it’s really… um, grassy.”
Nice one, Heeseung, his inner voice retorted. His own sarcasm was pissing him off.
When Heeseung got out of the car, he flushed red when your gaze dropped to his shoes. You looked like you were holding in a comment with the way your lips were parted, words lodged in your throat. Then, you looked as if you were about to laugh, and Heeseung was certain he would want to launch himself out of this plane of existence if that happened.
“They’re comfy,” he defended.
“They’re… Crocs,” you said distantly. Heeseung bit back his shame, but your face brightened up. “We match!”
You stuck your foot out to reveal your equally ugly pair of Crocs. No, yours weren’t very ugly, actually. In fact, they were really cute with the little Jujutsu Kaisen jibbitz you clipped on them. Regardless, Heeseung’s chest filled with unbridled warmth and adoration at how excited you got by the matching footwear.
He reached forward to take your hand, entwining your fingers while your lips hung open in shock. Heeseung chuckled at your reaction and tugged you over to the spot he had been thinking of. Something about your previous gesture filled him with so much more confidence and resolve to make this date perfect.
That was, until he saw a dog peeing right where he intended to sit with you.
“I’m about to break down,” he announced, voice cracking at the end.
You placed your hand on his bicep, trying to guide him away from the area. Heeseung would normally be flustered by the physical contact, but he was horrified by how his plans were falling apart.
“It’s okay,” you reassured, leading him to the other side of the grove. “There’s plenty of other spots, Hee.”
It didn’t take a genius to figure out how much Heeseung liked you. He was head-over-heels for you, even more so after actually getting to know you. Sleep was something he worshipped, but he quickly forgot all about it after his late-night talks with you. Heeseung found himself wanting to get to know everything about you, to be the person you said your first good morning to and your last good night to.
He normally couldn’t express himself like this on campus. If he even showed a morsel of affection toward you, Sunoo or NingNing would pretend to gag, or your friends would make some snide remark.
Riki, Sunghoon, and Jungwon—the Three Musketeers of Emotional Torment.
Heeseung thought your friends were cool, he really did. Sometimes, however, he needed a nice, long vacation from them.
But now, Heeseung could do what he wanted without fearing judgement. He could tuck his chin in the crook of your neck and whisper sweet nothings about how cute you were in your ear. He could kiss that spot under your ear that made you giggle. He could smirk when he saw you trying to hide your face from him.
This time, however, when he tried to do that, he ended up tripping you.
Finally, the stars seemed to align in Heeseung’s favor, however; he ended up catching you just in time, an arm firmly around your waist to save you and the lunch you packed. You let out a shallow breath, eyes wide and swimming in shock.
“T-Thanks,” you stuttered out, a sigh of relief falling from your lips when Heeseung steadied you, “but also screw you for tripping me.”
“Easy,” Heeseung mumbled close to your ear, letting his breath fan your skin.
He helped you down, sitting right near the roots of the tree you were under. You seemed a little breathless for a moment, but you quickly regained your composure when you were seated.
“Oh! The lunch,” you remembered, setting the picnic basket between you and Heeseung and revealing its contents. “I packed a little of everything in case you didn’t like something.”
Heeseung marvelled at the selection you had to offer. It wasn’t even lunch time yet and Heeseung was already salivating at the sight of the food you packed. From dumplings to sushi to fried rice, you had packed enough to make Heeseung a very happy man. He wondered if this was how men felt when their girlfriends proposed to them.
“Since we have some time, we can eat the strawberries first,” you said, showing him the chocolate-covered strawberries you had.
Heeseung must have saved a country in a past life to be this lucky.
“You know, I really like you a lot,” Heeseung blurted out when you were taking out a strawberry to feed him. Your face twisted with mock disgust before you laughed it off. “Y/N, I’m serious.”
Then, you looked away again, that familiar shy expression growing on your face. “I know that, stupid…”
“But I wanna say it again,” he murmured, cradling your jaw in his hand so that he could look you in the eye. “I L-word you.”
“You can just say like,” you said, flustered.
“That’s not what it means, though,” was all Heeseung said before he leaned in and pressed a soft kiss to your lips. The feeling of your lips against his was unfamiliar, but it felt so right. Once Heeseung realized what he did, he pulled back immediately, reeling back on the grass. “Oh shit, I should’ve asked. I’m so sorry, Y/N. You can—you can, uh…. you can hit me!”
This was probably the ultimate royal fuck-up that could’ve happened to Lee Heeseung. He was definitely screwed after this. He closed his eyes, waiting for your final blow. He was anticipating you would ask him to drive you home or just leave on your own. Whatever it was, he didn’t blame you; he would leave himself too.
Instead, he felt your hands cup his cheeks, your body nearly pressing flush against his. When Heeseung opened his eyes, you were smiling ear-to-ear.
“I love you too, Lee Heeseung,” you answered and kissed him again.
The kiss was slower this time, like you two had all the time in the world. It felt like everything Heeseung had ever wanted for himself, like he had just achieved peak elation in this moment.
This time, Heeseung swore the birds were singing and the wind had picked up. He slid his hand back to cradle your cheek, the other snaking around your waist to hold you close. Call Lee Heeseung a melt, but he was absolutely, positively, impossibly infatuated with you.
Hell, maybe it was love.
And, honestly, he would do it all over again. He wouldn't take back any mistake he made along the way.
Because somewhere between being a fake sugar daddy and pining over the girl who almost tried to scam him, Heeseung found something real, as funny as it sounded.
And he wouldn’t trade that for the world.
Tumblr media
AUTHOR’S NOTE ▸ hello there !! HAPPY HEESEUNG DAY proud of us for beating parenthood 😎 thank you so much for reading sugar daddy :((( all the support i’ve received for this series has made me so so grateful and so happy that i could brighten your days even if it’s just a little! it makes me kinda sad to see this end but i’ll hopefully see y'all for my next smau ♡ thank you again for supporting this series !!
Tumblr media
SUMMARY ▸ in which heeseung accidentally becomes your sugar daddy, but funding a sugar baby is hard when you’re a broke college student.
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wonwoosh · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“whoa, what’s going on here?” yang jungwon asks as he pushes through a crowd of teenagers.
behind the crowd was beomgyu and riki, who were going at each other like wild animals.
“a fight? are you serious..” jungwon mutters to himself, “alright, alright, get to your classes everybody, this fight is over.”
he tries to pull riki away from beomgyu—but it totally backfires when riki accidentally punches jungwon right in the jaw.
“holy crap!” a student shouts, “nishimura riki has done it! he’s punched the class president!”
now yang jungwon was furious.
his yell seem to frighten the students enough, because before you know it, they’re all rushing away from the scene, muttering curses under their breaths.
you on the other hand, was walking to the noise, curious as to why a crowd of students just rushed past you.
“oh my god,” you gasp when you see the 3 boys in front of you, all bruised and hurt.
it was more shocking when it turns out 2 of the boys were jungwon and riki, who seemed to be glaring at the ground.
“jungwon-ah, are you okay?” you help the poor boy up and he only shakes his head, motioning to the nurses office.
you, of course, took him there. it did look like he got hit pretty badly.
the only thing you didn’t realize was how upset nishimura riki was when you left with jungwon. he kicked at the rocks near him and mumbled, “isn’t she one of my fan girls? why is she helping him and not me?”
surely, nishimura riki was gonna keep his eye on you. after all, you were the only one that caught his attention after jung seowoo.
Tumblr media
synopsis ღ. you have been crushing on nishimura riki since your freshman year of high school. now in junior year, you finally gain the courage to confess to him with a love letter. trusting your friends sunghoon and sunmi to do it was the biggest mistake of your life. not only did they place the letter in the wrong locker—they gave it to the class president , yang jungwon!
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cursedsunoo · 2 days ago
enha/txt as acts of comfort? (like making your comfort food when youre not feeling the best etc) hope ur having a wonderful day! <33 -🍒
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
♡ warnings — n/a
♡ pronouns — they/them
Tumblr media
♡ runs you a warm bath and sit by it so you two can talk
yeonjun's hand was partially submerged in the warm water, swaying back and forth slightly as he listed to you tell him about your terrible day — his other hand played with your own on the edge of the porcelain tub, this thumb rubbing over the back of your hand to offer your comfort.
♡ peppers your face with kisses until you crack a smile
his lips were soft against your skin — his kisses trailing from your ear to your jawline, then to your cheeks, and then finally your own lips. soobin pressed kiss after kiss against your skin until he could hear your melodic laugh echo throughout the room once again.
♡ hands tend to wander to your sides to tickle you
beomgyu's fingers didn't cease their assault on your sides — your laugher echoing loudly throughout the room. he failed at hiding his own laugher as your hand snuck up to poke at his own sides — his laughter mixing with your own, filling the once tense and somber room with happiness.
♡ cooks your favourite food for you
the minute you had stepped into the kitchen, you had been ushered to one of the island stools and away from taehyun — his feet scrambling around the kitchen as he prepared the dish that you always craved no matter the day.
♡ cuddles for days (he surrounds you with his stuffed animals)
with hueningkai's body squished tightly against your own paired with the countless amounts of soft and fluffy stuffed animals piled beside and on top of you, it was easy for you to forget about the thoughts that once plagued your mind, and stopped the tears altogether.
Tumblr media
♡ (attempts to) bake a bunch of sweets for you
heeseung watched carefully as you bit into the sweet — despite it being a tad bit burnt, heeseung has obviously put a tremendous amount of effort into the cookies he laid in front of you. while they weren't exactly 5 star worthy, the effort and love he put into them made up for the burnt taste.
♡ puts music on for you to dance to
you were sure you had stepped on his feet too many times to even begin to count at this point, but he hadn't shown care for it — instead, he laughed and sang loudly to the music playing as he held your hands tightly in his own, dragging you up to dance with him in the living room.
♡ cracks jokes to make you laugh
with his phone in hand and his special note pulled up that was filled to the brim with dad jokes and yo mama jokes entirely, jake chose wisely what ones he would utter to you with a serious face — one that would melt into a smile as soon as he heard you giggle at his mess of words.
♡ running his hands through your hair
sunghoon's hands traveled through your hair, separating the knots, playing with the individual strands, and scratching his fingernails gently into your scalp to ease the tension there — he couldn't help but adore how at eased you looked as he did something as simple as play with your hair
♡ skincare with you/pampers you
he stood behind you, looking into the mirror and watching as you made faces into it — the blue sheen on your face was also found on his own, the peel-off face mask that the two of you had helped each other apply only moments earlier bringing a smile to the both of your faces at how stiff they had turned in a matter of minutes.
♡ full body massages
jungwon worked his hands into your shoulders and up into your neck — while he might not have been a professional who offered to get all the knots out of your muscles, he could offer you his soft hands to smooth over them.
♡ sharing his things with you
it was odd how quickly his attitude towards something could change — one moment, ni-ki hated anyone and everyone touching his things, and the next, he was willingly handing you his favourite sweater, his favourite snack bag, and his blanket that was strictly for him and him only
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
© cursedsunoo — all rights reserved. do not copy, translate, or repost my work without my explicit permission
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ddeonuism · a day ago
DEUCE! — set 7: “crying.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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summary: one may ask, what would happen if you put a prodigy and a hard worker in one room? Absolute chaos. Jay and Y/N absolutely hated each other’s guts. Having been rivals from middle school until present, it’s a cruel twist of fate that they ended up going to the same university years later. To make matters even worse, both have been selected as captains for the men’s and women’s volleyball team respectively.
The coaches, the managers—hell, both teams knew they had to put an end to this ridiculous beef as they were slowly tarnishing the esteemed reputation of both teams, but the question is: how?
taglist [CLOSED]: @13isacoolnumber @shine-your-light @viscoolreal @enhypenisnotforsale @youreverydayzebra @envirae @ac-ewow @ferxanda @yut0s @luvelyxp @cha-raena @jannine00742 @lumixen @w3bqrl @yourstruely @hobistigma @heejojo @fiantomartell @dear-dreamie @atinyyylove @yeonjunsleftboob @jungwon-luv-bot-returns @wccycc @acciomylove @cheonsacheol @yenart @demonizyagurl @heuningkai-hour @jaybestboy @sbnchaos @softforqiankun @nikieskoo @yangw0nnie @enhappenstance @enhacolor @goldenxddeonu @icywhatim @chrispy-ass-baldhead @bangtopia @yougeans @yjwfav @nationsboygroup @shinramyeonz @ryu-naa @starlightjakey @jakeytiddy @gyuza @notmangojuice @shrutiajit @hwallswrld [Batch 1]
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koishua · 2 days ago
fair warning, some of these may not hold true irl bahaha i tried to find out how each member felt about cats, but for a few i still couldn't smh
requested by anon!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[ ≡ ] — · heeseung
cats don't like him.
don't ask why ahahaha he entered your house and saw the four cats chilling around each corner of the room
and like, he was surprised that you actually had that many lmao he thought you were joking when you said you would grow old to be a crazy cat lady
he tried to approach one with a friendly smile since he thought they were absolutely adorable
but it just hissed and haughtily stalked away lmfao
it hissed at your bf smh poor dude. he didn't pass the vibe check 😔✌️
rest of the members are under the cut—
[ ≡ ] — · jay
you didn't give him any warnings and he ended up springing three feet in the air when five cats brushed on his legs all at once jxkcncn
he isn't actually scared, just a little overwhelmed because it's his first time having so many kitties in an enclosed space 💀
somehow is able to memorize all of their names instantly though??? no matter how similar some of them may have looked like??
grows attached to one of the smaller ones :((
like, your cat wouldn't leave his lap??? was he the chosen one??
ends up making you jealous because your baby receives more attention from your bf smh
[ ≡ ] — · jake
awkward with cats, doesn't know much, scared
lmfao this man is a dog person through and through y'all. i doubt he'd know much about cats *cries*
is highly uncomfortable and awkward with them xnchcjnc poor guy lmfao
he doesn't want to hurt your feelings by pushing them away and leaving to another cat-less room but he is terrified of the clawed felines grrr
doesn't leave your side ever.
is a tad bit terrified of one of your cats that keeps straight up frowning at him 😭✊ thinks that he is safe as long as you are near him at all times
[ ≡ ] — · sunghoon
is a dog person as well smh :(((
wonders how you get along so well with gaeul when you are so obviously and painfully a cat person 💀
he genuinely struggles to make a bond with your cats 😭✋
it takes a great while for both parties to get comfortable with each other but oh boy
when they do, it's like they created a secret language
you could physically see the gears turning in both your bf and cats' head whenever they stare at each other and like, do that secret language silent talk thingy it's so creepy tbh 💀
are besties but also kinda still enemies idek
[ ≡ ] — · sunoo
okay he has a love-hate relationship.
you don't know which one between them is sassier
two of your cats didn't like him at all lmfao
and this petty guy istg-
acts like they don't exist 💔😔 is very petty towards them it's honestly hilarious.
actually can handle them but just doesn't feel like being peaceful with them sometimes 💔
is a nice sort of passive aggressive with them if you know what i mean......
not that your cats ever hold back on dissing him anyways 💀
[ ≡ ] — · jungwon
adores all of your little felines :(((( he has a very soft spot for every single one of them
but unfortunately, he is allergic to them nooooo ;-;-;
was so excited to find out that you had so many beautiful and cute cats oml
he looks like he is one himself lmfao you think that's why he was accepted into the family so easily 😔✌️
takes allergy pills to hang out with them in secret because you didn't like it when he forced himself through his teary eyes and stuffy nose :(((
wbk this boy is whipped
[ ≡ ] — · riki
is also a dog person part 1278559
also he would fight every single one of them for your affection secretly
like, you wouldn't even notice how riki would taunt one of your cats when you sit next to him xnnxjcnc instead of petting it 😩✋
is also very petty ngl
he doesn't really mind your cats as long as they mind their own business and don't hang from his clothes xnnc
sometimes will play with them because even he can admit that they were fun bahaha
will even feed them a tiny bit of those oh-so precious nips and watch as they spring out of their hiding hole
Tumblr media
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nikihoon · 2 days ago
jealousy, jealousy — thirteen: redemption arc?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
masterlist | previous | next
summary ⋆ jealous that her ex boyfriend, jay, left her for someone "better", y/n goes to the one person who owes her something to make him feel the same. the one problem? that someone is park sunghoon, who just happens to be one of jay's bestfriends.
taglist (closed): @mykalon @hobistigma @lokideadontheinside @atinyyylove @iuwon @tobiosbbyghorl @abdiitcryy @ohmy-fandoms @wonsverse @eitaababe @enhacolor @lumixen @lemonqal @cosmiclele @notrosemary @yeonjunlovie @goldenroses @angxln-ki @eclisqc @aj-1154 @xoxojayd3n @meiiiwa @blossomnct @youreverydayzebra @witheeseung @thisuserwouldmarrysabrinainhbt @strawberryyukhei @dongyucks @killyoselff @ikyk-leeknow @neptuniees @liliansun @papiibuprofen @dear-dreamie @envirae @nshitae @simpforsung @90sni-ki @jay-durian @choihaiyun @nnasheii @robotsahi @nyujjan @catbitchh111 @c0nvers3h1gh @itz-icys @fiantomartell @msxflower
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meraniki · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
DESCRIPTION: giving enhypen a backhug!
TYPE OF WORK: headcanons.
GENRE: fluff, humour/crack.
PAIRING: enhypen x fem!reader. (seperate per member!)
WORD COUNT: 1.5k+ words.
WARNINGS: mentions of injang (rip 😔), talks about needing to go to the bathroom, terrible humour alongside floofy fluff, riki being a menace.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: my very first headcanons JSJSJSJ this is a special for our birthday boy, hee!! i hope you guys will enjoy this, i'm planning to make more headcanons in the future so take this one as more of a practice. (also, i feel like the way i made this way too crack-ish and not very serious, i'm really sorry /gen)
Tumblr media
— the one who can't stop smiling. (birthday boy!)
initially, when heeseung feels your arms wrapping around him, he thinks that you were up to something.
a tickle fight? maybe you have a favour you want to ask him?
"what's wrong, (Y/N)? do you need something?"
but as soon he realizes you are just pressing your face into his back without saying anything, he just keeps glancing back at you with this smile on his face.
you know the smile i'm talking about. that smile where there's just so much adoration it traveled from his lips up into his doe-like eyes.
you're so cute, heeseung thinks. but to be honest? you would beg to differ. after all, he is the endearing one here.
usually, heeseung doesn't mind hugs. but for some reason, when you give him a hug from behind, something about it just flips on a 'please backhug for a smiley hee' button inside him.
maybe it's the way you laugh because he's just too tall and you can't really peer into his face? or maybe it's just the way you sway him back and forth in your arms oh-so gently like a gentle serenade?
it doesn't matter how much his jaw hurts from how much he was smiling. it's a silly thought, but seeing you press your face against his back while laughing makes the ache all worth it.
[ JAY !! ]
— the responsible one who utilizes your hugs as moral support.
won't say anything and just enjoys your warmth enveloping him from behind.
occasionally lets out a hum and places a hand on yours while the other continues what he is doing.
the type to ask you to let him go for a sec because he has to get this item at the other table.
quickly gets the item and tell you to continue backhugging him like nothing happened.
and you're just there like: "wow, i guess i'm just a robot koala to you 🧍"
he chuckles, "no, you're my moral support while i get things done. i need to focus for a sec, ok?"
backhugs just make it easier for him to continue what he's doing while having you close to him, so it's a win-win for him.
although you two look like a baby koala clinging onto its mom who's actually doing productive stuff.
(in all due respect, hugging your amazing boyfriend jay is a productive thing too alright 🙄‼️)
but you're not complaining, at least you get to hug him for as long as you want and your boyfriend's not against it. <3
[ JAKE !! ]
— the giggly one who reciprocates doubles.
your ears are just filled with jake's giggles that sing to you like a melody.
"(y/n), it tickles."
literally turns?? around?? to?? hug?? you?? back??
(that's not the purpose for backhugs, but he's cute so aight‼️)
you literally just clutch both of his shoulders and turn him back around with sheer will and the power of love (girlboss...)
naurrr the way jake chuckles is so devastatingly wholesome.
"ok, ok, i'll turn back if you insist, love." he says but not before he presses a smooch to your forehead.
(he knows what he's doing, your heart is in danger now 😨 /j)
sometimes leans his head on yours AND KISSES THE SIDE OF YOUR HEAD at the most unexpected of times
i beg. sir jake sim, your hand in marriage, now please.
and the both of you stay in that position for god knows how long. jake wouldn't mind if you two stay like that throughout the whole day, to be honest.
BUT DEAR LORD HE WANTS TO GO TO THE BATHROOM SO BAD (human nature is calling y'all, he regrets downing that many glasses of water-)
life decisions. life decisions.
but you know what? human nature can get out, his girlfriend is his priority.
ends up trying to sneak out from your hug without moving you too much... you wake up. (abort mission ABORT ‼️)
please, he apologizes to you exactly three times BEFORE DASHING-TAMING HIS WAY TO THE BATHROOM (ok the flash reincarnate go off ig 🙄✋)
in truth, he could've just asked and you would gladly hug him again when he comes back. but you see, jake is too much of a sweetheart to wake you up — and that's why you love him.
— the stiff one who is a backhug abominator.
naurr because the moment he feels you hugging him from behind, hoon just freezes up and goes blank.
not very used to such intimate display of affection. the first thing that goes out of his mouth is "what do you want from me."
"i just wanna hug my lovely boyfriend ☹️"
please, he looks like he's about to double somersault you.
"can't you just hug me from the front like a normal person? 🤨"
(from that moment on, you slowly begin to realize that your boyfriend is actually uncultured 😨‼️ /j)
but warms up to backhugs eventually, he still thinks it's kinda funny though.
hoon will let you backhug him (because he loves you) but JUST DON'T DO IT IN FRONT OF OTHER PEOPLE.
don't. sunghoon swears to god, DO NOT.
if you backhug him in front of the members or in public, he will get so conflicted between wanting to melt in your embrace or wanting to disown you right then and there.
hoon has his own pride ok let's respect it ig 😔✋
[ SUNOO !! ]
— the one who puts all therapists to shame by allowing you to hug him.
at the first stages of your relationship, he'd get so shy if you backhug him like instant poof! and he's a goner with a red face.
but after some time, sunoo would undoubtedly be the most chill one with backhugs!!
still flinches when you sneak your arms around him though. (oh, haha, he definitely didn't think you were jason from friday the 13th trying to jump him or something.... /j)
please, the gasp that he lets out is so dramatic?? "(Y/N), you scared me. 😨"
"sunoo, let me backhug you."
the two of you just descend into comfortable silence; sunoo scrolling on his phone while you lay your head on his back peacefully.
will take a selca of you both while you're backhugging him and he makes funny poses with you who's drooling. (the opportunity to use it for blackmail 🤪)
but he still thinks you're cute and sunoo keeps the selcas for precious memories because sunoo best boy like that. *sobs*
12/10 would recommend, backhugging sunoo for free therapy 👍
[ JUNGWON !! ]
— the one who can't take it seriously.
thinks you're up to something. #2
looks at you with this playfully suspicious look in his eyes.
sure, he lets you hug him without saying a word, but his eyes sure have something to say, for sure.
you want to smack him so bad, hiw could he do this to you? 😟
"won, stop sussing me, i just want to give you my affection."
"i didn't ask for it though... you're up to something. 🧐"
"oh, really? and what makes you think so?"
"last time you gave me a backhug, you told me you accidentally stepped on the shrine we made for injang."
"...that was one time."
jungwon doesn't trust you when you backhug him anymore (/j), but it's ok, you still love each other.
he lets you backhug him whenever you want though, so jungwon certified teddy bear!! we love to see it 🧸
[ NI-KI !! ]
— the one who suddenly decides to channel his inner michael jackson.
straight up goes "huh? what's wrong with you? lmao".
"i just wanna hug you ☹️"
"i know you love me."
that smirk on his face is so smug you actually feel the need to wipe it off of his face.
teases you but the second you try to leave, literally goes 🥺 and pulls you back towards him. (two faced 🙄 /j)
at first, you thought he would stop there with all the teasing. but oh my, as soon as riki notices you slowly dozing off... the universe decides to remind you why your boyfriend is a menace. (/j)
riki's line of thought: "omg (Y/N) is sleeping while hugging me. time to remember that one part of the new choreography—."
starts moving left and right and left and right with you still hugging him.
like that one episode in en o' clock when he started dancing drunk-dazed while he was getting lifted into the air at the amusement park.
you wake up feeling dizzy like you just got off of a rollercoaster and riki is snickering in your face.
the expression on your face is as dead as injang and riki ushers you back to sleep still
he's not scared of you, he finds you getting mad cute actually. apparently, riki shows his love through being annoying. (😔‼️ /j)
"ok, ok, go back to sleep." riki keeps his promise for real, this time.
riki's actually pretty comfy to hug from behind, would recommend 9/10. he lost 1 point for being a gremlin and pulling little pranks on you, but you love him anyways.
Tumblr media
PERMANENT TAGLIST: @odxrilove | @yunascular
Tumblr media
thank you so much for reading.
© meraniki. do not repost, plagiarize and translate. likes and reblogs are extremely appreciated!
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3nh4 · a day ago
Critical Hit
pairing: heeseung x gn!reader
genre: smut
word count: 433
summary: secretly blowing heeseung under his desk while he games
warnings: exhibitionism
Tumblr media
“Hey~” You slink up behind Heeseung in his gaming chair and wrap your arms around his shoulders. He doesn’t move a muscle, wholly concentrated on his game of PUBG. You try to get his attention by nestling into the crook of his neck but he shrugs you off of his shoulders.
“Babe, I’m busy,” he says, sounding kind of annoyed.
You pout for a moment, dejected. But suddenly, a much better idea pops into your mind. You crouch down and push past Heeseung’s legs to kneel between them under the table.
Heeseung squirms in his chair, unable to move his busy hands away from his game to stop you. He protests in a whisper, “I’m in a voice call, what do you think you’re doing?!”
“Then keep it down.” You giggle, unzipping Heeseung’s pants. You can’t see his face from this angle but you can hear him let out a deep sigh above you. You take him in your mouth and work him until he’s fully hard. He masks his groans by awkwardly clearing his throat in hopes his gaming partners won’t catch on.
Heeseung’s moans get harder and harder to hide as you suck him dry. Licking and kissing and deepthroating as far as you can to try to get him to break in front of all his teammates. You tease him, “Wouldn’t they be so jealous if they knew?”
“Shut up,” says Heeseung gritting his teeth. He’s trying so hard to focus on the game, you figure it must almost be over.
You quicken up the pace, stroking Heeseung’s cock fast and hard. He bucks his hips involuntarily and curses under his breath. As he begins to argue with one of his teammates you lick a stripe all the way up his shaft and then take him in your throat all the way to the base.
“We’re going to lose because of you, dumb motherfu— FUCK!” Heeseung shouts and bangs a fist on the desk above you as his hot cum coats the inside of your mouth. You pop off of him and crawl out from beneath the table to find a tissue to spit into.
Someone must’ve questioned Heeseung on his sudden outburst because you can hear him saying “Don’t worry about it.” to a person in the voice chat as you throw away your soiled kleenex.
Heeseung sighs and exits the game. He swivels around in his chair to face you. He looks you up and down with adoration and says, “If you ever do that again, tell me first so I can pick a game I can play one-handed.”
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rred-lights · a day ago
my pretty girl
“it’s alright darling, i’ve got you.”
pairing: sunghoon x reader
genre: smut
warnings: thigh riding, pet names, praise, very soft
word count: 880
requested: yes
thank you for the lovely request, i hope you like it :)
This was the first time you were allowed to be backstage before one of Sunghoon’s performances since the two of you started dating. You’d always done your best to keep your relationship a secret, you liked being able to live a quiet life and if anyone knew you were dating Sunghoon, the calm that you loved so much would be gone forever.
Today though, you’d been able to get into the venue early in the morning away from any prying eyes. You thought you’d be able to spend the whole day with Sunghoon as he got ready for his performance, but instead he was constantly busy, going from hair to makeup to stylists who dressed him. You hardly got to spend any time with him, but you didn’t mind. He looked so happy all day, getting ready to go on stage and do the thing he loved most.
When he finally did have some downtime, he spent it all with you, the two of you sitting on the couch in his dressing room, him lying in your arms as you gently stroked his hair.
“Nervous?” you ask him.
He shakes his head. “Not really.”
“Good,” you say. “You’ve got nothing to worry about. You’re going to do great. Plus you look incredible.”
Sunghoon smiles and shrugs off the compliment but you can see the tips of his ears go red.
“You do too,” he says, turning over so you’re sitting face to face. “My pretty girl,” he murmurs, leaning in and kissing you softly, but you can feel the hunger behind it and you gladly push into the kiss, pulling his body into yours.
When you break apart, you’re both breathing heavily and your arms are wrapped around Hoon’s shoulders, you can feel the lean muscle beneath his suit jacket. His body is warm and steady, keeping you grounded. His presence alone was comforting, and you loved being here with him. Though you both tend to be busy, that only means you cherish these moments together even more.
Sunghoon slips his hand up your loose shorts and squeezes your thigh, causing you to let out a whimper.
“I wish I could ruin you, right here,” he says, his voice low. He’s close enough you can feel his hot breath on your skin and it sends shivers down your spine.
“Do it,” you beg. The effect Sunghoon has on you always seems to surprise you. You’re always so needy for him. Even when you think you’re fine, all it takes is one kiss and suddenly you can’t get enough of him.
Sunghoon sighs. “I can’t baby. I’ve got a show, remember?”
He watches as disappointment washes over your features and your shoulders slump sadly. You can already feel a wetness in your panties and now there was no way to relieve the heat in your core. You’d have to wait until he was done with his show, which could take hours.
“Oh sweetheart,” Sunghoon says softly, taking your face in his hands and kissing your lips gently. “What if I were to help you out, hm?”
He chuckles as your eyes light up and a smile works its way onto your face. “Please,” you whine, kissing his jaw and down his neck.
“You wanna ride my thigh honey?” he asks. “Once we’re done for the day I promise I’ll do something special for you tonight, okay?”
You nod eagerly and push him down onto the couch, quickly straddling his thigh and gripping his broad shoulders again. His hands settle on your waist and his hold is firm. Everything about the way he handles you shows how much he cares, even if he doesn’t say it. He’s always going to be there to steady you; he’ll always be your rock.
“I’ve got you princess,” he murmurs as he rubs soothing circles into your waist. You start to grind your hips, your already sensitive clit rubbing against your wet panties as you begin to pick up the pace, finding a comfortable rhythm.
Sunghoon waits until you’ve found your pace before he begins moving his thigh against you, every tiny movement causing a jolt of pleasure to run through your body. You run your hands over his shoulders and your tight grip as you rock back and forth never loosens. Sunghoon’s hands stay on your waist, holding you close to him.
“You’re doing so good baby,” he says softly, his praise helping you get closer and closer to release.
You feel him flex the muscle in his thigh as you continue to find the friction you needed. “Hoon,” you whimper. “I… I’m close.”
“Keep going honey, I’m right here.”
You moan out his name as your orgasm hits, sending waves of pleasure through your body. Sunghoon rubs circles in your back as you rest your head on his shoulder and catch your breath. You can smell his perfume and his shampoo and the overwhelming scent of him is so comforting. It brings you back down to earth.
“I love you,” you mumble, pressing a lazy kiss into his neck. He laughs a little at that.
“I love you too sweetheart.”
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yangw0nnie · 2 days ago
that’s mine!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
lee heeseung x reader | fluff
the distinct smell of ramen spreading throughout the apartment, heeseung gets a whiff of it, peaking his interest but decides to stay put.
hearing the door open, he sees you with a bowl of ramen. “what’s that?”, fully knowing what it is but he still asks, “i was just hungry”, you place the bowl down on the bedside table. “i forgot something, i’ll be right back”, quickly slipping out the room to get something to drink, leaving the food unattended.
with the ramen just by his side, within arms reach, heeseung tries to control himself from taking just a tiny bite. after selecting a drink, you also decide to get a snack, just a little something for the saltiness of the ramen. speed walking back to the room before your food gets cold. as you open the door, you caught heeseung red-handed, with ramen in his mouth and your chopsticks in his hand. “ya! that’s mine”, quickly slurping the ramen and placing the chopsticks back into the bowl. “i’m sorry! it smelled so good, i couldn’t resist myself”, a pout on his lips, feeling guilty, with the sauce spread all over his mouth. “it also had spam, how could i when it had spam!”, he adds, trying to justify his actions but his head still hung low.
placing the snack and the drink down on the bedside table beside the partially eaten ramen (your partially eaten ramen) you quickly take a tissue and wipe his mouth to rid of the sauce on his lips. “you could’ve asked you know, i would’ve shared”, holding his face in place as you wipe off the remnants of his “crime”, “i’m sorryyyy”, his bottom lip protruding further , pouting even more. smiling, you peck his nose, “it’s fine, just ask next time”, patting his cheek, signalling that you were done. his cheeks were a rosy pink, flustered from the peck you gave him.
you turn on the television and put on a movie. “wanna share?”, offering your ramen to him. taking the bowl from your hands, he starts eating. “thanks”, he says grinning, his mouth filled with the noodles. you chuckle at his actions, “your lucky i love you”, he giggles sheepishly before you continue on watching the movie while each taking bites from the ramen.
Tumblr media
a/n: this was inspired when my brother took a bite of my pancit canton while i went to get a snack>:(( anyways i wrote this when i was in class😭 (i really should be listening omg💀) but i like how this turned out hope yall do too🤧🤧
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goldenhypen · a day ago
▸▸ to marry you — lee heeseung
— genre: fluff, angst (with a happy ending!) // warnings: mentions of family being sick, throwing up, dizziness // word count: 2.1k
— synopsis: attending a friend’s wedding, you bring up to heeseung the thought of marriage, but you definitely didn’t expect him to react this way.
— author note: happy heeseung day! i hope you enjoy, and pls lmk how you liked it! <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
slow music filled the room loudly as it blasted through the large speakers around you.
heeseung had his hands resting on your waist over the soft fabric of your dress, and you had yours wrapped around his neck. from your hair and makeup, to the small pieces of jewelry and the beautiful dress you had on, heeseung thought you looked absolutely breathtaking.
you let your head fall into the crook of his neck, resting your cheek against the fabric of his suit. you breathed in deeply, the strong, but not overpowering, scent of his cologne filling your senses. you closed your eyes, swaying side to side in each other’s arms as you listened to the next slow song play for everyone dancing in the large room.
you two were at your best friend’s wedding as she got married to the love of her life, and you couldn’t be happier for her. plus, you really appreciated the opportunity to have this moment with your boyfriend.
you lifted your head back up and gazed into heeseung’s soft, loving eyes before his trailed down to your lips. knowing what he had in mind, you began leaning in, and he met you in the middle, immediately connecting your lips in a short, delicate kiss.
when pulling away, he rested his forehead gently onto yours and let out a soft breath followed by a small smile.
heeseung was still slightly shy when it came to publicly displaying his affection for you, which is why the next thing you knew, your hand was taken by heeseung’s as he dragged you out of the busy room. you followed him as he pulled you to a more quiet part of the building where you two were finally able to be alone in each other’s presence.
the music could still be heard where you two stayed, and he brought his hands to your waist once again to continue where he left off.
after the song was over, he leaned down, and expecting he was going to do something like rest his head on you shoulder, you flinched ever so slightly under his touch and tilted your head for better access as he pressed soft, innocent kisses along your neck, travelling up to your jaw, and landing on your cheek.
he then stood back up and grabbed your hand again before leading you outside for some air.
the sky was a deep blue, displaying occasional stars, and the breeze was chilly as it blew elegantly through your hair.
your boyfriend didn’t hesitate before shaking off his suit jacket and helping your arms through the designated holes. it carried his scent, which you loved. it not only made your body much warmer, but your heart, too. you felt more comfortable, a lot less tense, and your shoulders relaxed. you thanked him softly.
he brought you to a bench before sitting down, your bodies close as you rested your head on his shoulder, closing your eyes.
feeling a buzz in his pants pocket, he reached for his phone and looked at the screen.
as the thoughts of the wedding filled your brain, without thinking, you spoke aloud fancifully, “i hope we can get married someday.”
you felt heeseung become tense underneath you before sitting up somewhat suddenly.
“y/n, i- sorry. i have to go.”
and he left without another word, without another glance. he ran to his car and drove off without you.
you narrowed your eyes and furrowed your brows, confused as to why your boyfriend suddenly ditched you after you brought up the topic of marriage.
you thought he wanted to marry you, at least eventually. why else would he be dating you?
anger began surging through your veins, and you quickly stood up and made your way back inside.
because heeseung was your ride, you had to find another way to get home. it was either carpooling with another friend—but you would have to wait another hour or two before even considering driving home—or taking the bus back. you decided on the latter, as you thought it would be quicker, and you were right.
on the ride back, you sat deeply into your seat and rested your head against the foggy window. a tear slipped from your eye, soon followed by many others, and before you knew it, you were silently sobbing in an empty bus, alone.
because you were so engrossed in your thoughts, trying to convince yourself of a valid reason as to why heeseung would have suddenly left, you almost missed your stop. fortunately, yours was the last one, so when the driver let you know, you hurriedly thanked him and hopped off.
when you arrived home, you harshly shook off heeseung’s jacket and threw it in the direction of one of your kitchen chairs. you heard it land with a soft thud, assuming it hit the floor instead of your original target. you didn’t care to check, as you headed to your bedroom to get changed into your pyjamas.
after, you went to the bathroom and washed your face quite carelessly, not having the energy to fully remove your makeup.
you headed to the kitchen and made yourself a hot cup of tea, leaning onto the counter and zoning out to the empty silence that filled the room.
you took your freshly made beverage to the couch before placing it on the coffee table in front of you. resting into the cushions in attempts to find even the smallest amount of comfort, tears began flowing down your cheeks. you continuously wiped them away with the back of your hand before you realized it was no use, resorting to letting them fall down your face and onto your lap.
it was now hours after the moment heeseung had abandoned you at the wedding hall.
over the heavy sounds of your sobs, you almost didn’t hear the knock at your front door. you inhaled sharply before taking a deep breath to calm yourself down. realizing you weren’t even presentable enough to open the door, you continued crying, deciding not to answer it.
your mind was changed, however, when you heard an all too familiar voice outside.
“y/n, can you open the door, please? i can hear you in there, and it’s killing me knowing you’re crying alone. please, open the door. i wanna see you.”
but he was the last person you wanted to see. somehow, though, you ended up complying, wanting to sort this situation out and get some answers, and maybe even some comfort.
it took a while for you to finally build up the courage to open the door, but once you did, heeseung immediately took in your condition and tears began surfacing his eyes, “baby…”
he walked closer to you and took you gently in his embrace. though his body was cold from the freezing temperatures outside, he still managed to make you feel warm. however, you began crying again before trying to shake him off and shove him away, but he only held you tighter.
“y/n, stop,” heeseung said somewhat assertively with an oddly calming tone.
you paused what you were doing for a moment before frustrated sobs left your lips once again. you repeatedly hit your head against his chest while drumming your fists on the fronts of his shoulders in irritation.
he grabbed your hands and guided them away from his body, lowering them before he walked you over to the couch which was still soaked with heartbroken tears. he sat in the middle, bringing you down with him, and you rested beside him as he took you in his arms, rubbing your sides comfortingly.
heeseung brought his hands up to your face and held your cheeks in his palms. he began wiping your tears away with his thumbs before leaving a soft kiss on your lips, stealing your frown away. your cries began to subside, and he left more quick pecks along your cheeks, removing your tears.
“why did you suddenly leave, hee?” you began.
his head perked up towards you before responding with a, “hm?”
“do you not wanna marry me? because if you don’t, i don’t even know why we started dating in the first place-“
“y/n, no. no- you got it all wrong,” he quickly told you, “of course i wanna marry you.”
“really?” you looked at him with watery eyes, and you didn’t expect your heart to start doing flips in your chest the way it did when those last few words left his lips.
“of course. are you kidding me? why wouldn’t i wanna marry you? i love you so much, there’s no possible way on earth i can live without you.”
you smiled and leaned into his chest as another emotion-filled tear left your eye.
“then why’d you leave me all of a sudden after i mentioned marriage?” you asked curiously and sadly.
his expression changed as he thought back to that moment, hours prior. his face was now filled with emotions of sadness and a hint of guilt.
“i’m sorry. i know that i really shouldn’t have just left you like that without an explanation,” there was a long pause as he took a second to compose himself before speaking again, “i got a text and many missed calls from my brother, saying that my mom began throwing up and experiencing dizziness out of the blue.”
you quickly lifted your head off of his chest and stared at him wide-eyed.
he continued, “she’s okay for now, but she’s in the hospital, and now we’re just waiting for the test results to come back to know if it’s serious or not.”
“heeseung, why didn’t you tell me? or at least text me? i should’ve been there for you! why are you even here? we should go to the hospital-“
“no, i came back because she’s sleeping right now. she’ll be okay. the doctor said to let her get some rest. and plus, my dad is still there; he refused to leave her side. we can visit her in the morning when she’s awake.”
after hesitating for a bit, you nodded, knowing he knew best about the current situation.
“and i’m sorry for not telling you. i really should’ve. it’s just that i was so shaken up by what was going on. my mind could barely comprehend everything, and i was just so stressed and worried.”
you listened to his words intently, reacting with a genuinely sad smile.
“all that was on my mind after the doctor told us to let her get some rest was to come to you. it looks like we could both use each other’s comfort,” he laughed lightly, followed by a sniffle.
you cuddled up closer to heeseung and held him close in your arms, resting your head in the crook of his neck.
he brought a blanket that was already lying on the couch and swung it over your laps, immediately satisfied with the warmth and soft texture.
under the blanket, heeseung found your hand with his and slowly intertwined them with one another.
“sleep,” he told you softly.
you shook your head with your eyes closed tiredly, “not unless you sleep, which i know you’re not.”
he laughed at your remark before letting out a quiet sigh. he leaned his head on top of yours.
“after today, i have the urge to marry you more than usual,” he admitted with a smile.
you lifted your head up and looked into his eyes filled with adoration for you.
“yeah? well, you better propose soon then,” you suggested playfully.
“how about right now? is that soon enough?”
you held your bottom lip between your teeth to hide your growing smile.
“i like the sound of that,” you answered.
his eyes travelled down to your lips in an instant, and you immediately pressed your lips against his in a loving kiss, him not hesitating to return it.
little did you know about the plans he already made for the two of you the coming week. he would take you to the place where you had met, with a beautiful, romantic setup perfectly prepared. and it was there, he would get down on one knee and ask you the awaited question.
“will you marry me?”
Tumblr media
— taglist: @rein-deer-stuffs @herasalvatore @enhasfever @heelariously
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heefeels · 2 days ago
pairing: kim sunoo x fem. reader
genre: fluff
— where y/n decides to prank his cute boyfriend sunoo bcs she's bored ♡
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
LILI'S NOTE: this is something i did a while time ago, i'm probably gonna delete it lol
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wonwoosh · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“thanks,” jungwon mumbles as you dab a bit of medicine on his neck and jaw, “i mean it, really.”
“no need to thank me class president,” you say, which makes him giggle, “i mean it, really.”
“so now you’re mocking me?” jungwon raises his eyebrows jokingly.
“it’s because you talk so cutely, ya know?” you throw the cotton swab in the trash and turn to examine jungwon’s face, “at least you didn’t get punch in the face right? that would’ve hurt like a bitc—”
“alright, no cursing.” jungwon cuts you off, “at least not in the presence of another school staff.”
“geez, you really are careful aren’t you?”
“i’m class president, of course i’m careful.”
the two of you stare at each other for a few seconds, jungwon silently counting all your small moles (which in his head he calls beauty marks) and you admire his ability to stay strong in situations like this.
“chu y/n,” a office nurse interrupts your cute moment, making you and jungwon shuffle uncomfortably in your seats.
“i have another boy who’s been punched in the next room, uh—nishimura riki was his name? said something about wanting the girl who ran off with yang jungwon to treat his wounds, so off you go.”
you raise your eyebrows at that, but don’t further questioning it. this was the first time you were going to be alone with nishimura riki, you were too excited for your own good.
jungwon, however, is not. instead, there’s a clear frown on his face—but as a person who was always good with controlling his emotions, he pretended to smile and wave you goodbye, even if it did hurt him a bit inside his chest.
right as you left, another boy enters, out of breath and sweaty.
“is this where yang jungwon is staying?” he manages to blurt out, his breath unsteady and heavy.
“yes, in fact it is.”
the out of breath boy turns out to be choi soobin—and by the looks of it, it felt like he was gonna pass out any minute.
“jungwon, hey!” he says, trying his best to smile, “you okay?”
“erm, yeah.” jungwon says awkwardly.
why was some senior running into the nurses office just for him?
“i uh—i just wanted to come here and give you a hug,” soobin explains, “heard what happen. jerks am i right?”
soobin extends his arms happily and jungwon—being the respectful boy he is—decides to just hug him back because it did seem like he ran so much just to give jungwon a hug.
and for the first time in years, yang jungwon felt like he mattered to somebody. even if that somebody wasn’t you.
Tumblr media
synopsis ღ. you have been crushing on nishimura riki since your freshman year of high school. now in junior year, you finally gain the courage to confess to him with a love letter. trusting your friends sunghoon and sunmi to do it was the biggest mistake of your life. not only did they place the letter in the wrong locker—they gave it to the class president , yang jungwon!
masterlist | previous | next
taglist ( is closed ! ) @g0niki @enhacolor @c9tnoos @youreverydayzebra @simpforsung @20-cube @acciomylove @from-xero @ncityy04 @w3bqrl @primorange @jjun4thitboy @myluckycat @i4woni @linsixie @jungw8ns @1800xibal @neptuniees @beomi-e @honeybutterchup @aurumness @thekinkpopstandsforkrackheads @sunsetouches @seungstarss @heuningkai-hour @bbanggami @meiiiwa @berriniki @kyleeanne @letmeal0ne @whoe-dis @loveprisms @wccycc @hyuckslytherin @lumixen @gyuza @xithecherie @rikibae @mika-t3t @strawberryyukhei @fionathebanana @shoftiiel @nyujjan @bloom-bloom-pow @sunki6z @jehyvn @witheeseung @milkycloudtyg@odetoyeonjun
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cursedsunoo · a day ago
heyy, can you do a headcannons for enha? enhypen being jealous. thank you so much :))
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
♡ warnings — n/a
♡ pronouns — they/them
Tumblr media
♡ hee is a mix between the silent type of jealous, and the possessive type of jealous — while he doesn't dare utter a word in case everything on his mind comes tumbling out, he shows anyone who looks your way that you're taken
♡ when he's jealous, it's either really easy to tell or borderline impossible — jay is good at masking his emotions... to an extent. when it's obvious, however, jay is pretty aggressive towards the other person (his anger is never directed at you)
♡ this boy becomes so clingy when he's jealous, and while he's usually not an aggressive person, his more petty and sarcastic side comes out — snide comments being made at the other person for even looking at you in a certain way
♡ the silent type of jealous who is also the sassiest one out of them all (sassily silent ofc) — sunghoon settles for rolling his eyes at the person, quietly scoffing, and looking them up and down multiple times as if he was sizing up someone less then himself (he totally was who are we kidding)
♡ petty king — sunoo doesn't let the other person breathe let alone get a word in. he'll bring up all the cute couple things the two of you do and just shoot the stranger a forced an obviously unwelcoming grin
♡ when jungwon is jealous, it's really hard to tell — the boy hides it well with believable faux smiles and kind eyes, when in reality he's thinking up every excuse to get you away from the person a foot in front of the two of you
♡ the silent and brooding type of jealous — the entirety of the room would have to be stupid to miss the way ni-ki stood tall, shoulders squared, and eyes turned into slits as he glared down at the other person (he doesn't like it at all when people talk to you as if you weren't already taken by him)
Tumblr media
TAGLIST — open
@fiantomartell // @atinyyylove // @wonderwrench // @ddeonubaby // @minspalette // @bluesoobinnie // @msxflower // @gimmethatcoffee // @strqyverse // @hoonbrry // @squiishymeow // @bubblejunnies // @jakehugger // @sullysunshines // @blaqpinksthetic // @pirateswithfairytales // @minhyukmyluv // @enhacolor // @icywhatim // @missmorosis // @norboko // @abdiitcryy
Tumblr media
© cursedsunoo — all rights reserved. do not copy, translate, or repost my work without my explicit permission
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ddeonuism · 2 days ago
DEUCE! — set 6: “twink vibes”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a/n: uhhh fair warning, i think this is where the inappropriate jokes starts EKFKSKDJD im sorry (not really)
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summary: one may ask, what would happen if you put a prodigy and a hard worker in one room? Absolute chaos. Jay and Y/N absolutely hated each other’s guts. Having been rivals from middle school until present, it’s a cruel twist of fate that they ended up going to the same university years later. To make matters even worse, both have been selected as captains for the men’s and women’s volleyball team respectively.
The coaches, the managers—hell, both teams knew they had to put an end to this ridiculous beef as they were slowly tarnishing the esteemed reputation of both teams, but the question is: how?
taglist [CLOSED]: @13isacoolnumber @shine-your-light @viscoolreal @enhypenisnotforsale @youreverydayzebra @envirae @ac-ewow @ferxanda @yut0s @luvelyxp @cha-raena @jannine00742 @lumixen @w3bqrl @yourstruely @hobistigma @heejojo @fiantomartell @dear-dreamie @atinyyylove @yeonjunsleftboob @wccycc @acciomylove @cheonsacheol @yenart @demonizyagurl @heuningkai-hour @jaybestboy @sbnchaos @softforqiankun @nikieskoo @yangw0nnie @enhappenstance @enhacolor @goldenxddeonu @icywhatim @chrispy-ass-baldhead @bangtopia @yougeans @yjwfav @nationsboygroup @shinramyeonz @ryu-naa @starlightjakey @jakeytiddy @gyuza @notmangojuice @shrutiajit @hwallswrld [Batch 1]
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ningningsplushie · 7 hours ago
ENHYPEN (hyung line) reaction to...their S/O spontaneously kissing all over their face!
warnings: kissing (duh), mentions of food, some cursing, slight angst on Hoon’s part but with happy endings!!
A/N: I didn’t want this to be overly long so I’ll post the maknae line, very VERY shortly! I also accidentally deleted the request for this AND I’M SO SO SO SORRY. I hope it finds the person who requested this :((
Tumblr media
Lee Heeseung
Oh boy he’s gonna get so shy as soon as you plant that first kiss on his cheek
But then turns cocky
He’s just sitting there gaming, and has been for the past few hours or so
You want his attention :((
But he’s too busy playing and yelling, the voices of Jay and Niki audible from his headset
You! Have! Enough! Of! His! Shenanigans! So you call for him
Eyes are still glued to the tv 😐😐
You call again but to no avail
You’ve had enough!
“Lee Heeseung, if you don’t look at me in the next 5 seconds, you will receive no cuddles or kisses for the next 2 hours!”
Yeah, that’ll show him. He’s so affectionate, he can’t go without being in your arms so he’ll easily grant your wish
He also doesn’t like it when you call him by his full name
But for some reason this doesn’t work??? He keeps on playing??? Who kidnapped your Heeseung and what did they do to him???
Running out of ideas you do the next possible thing and pray it works
You creep every so slowly to your boyfriend and drop onto the couch next to him and begin playing with the hairs on the nape of his neck, hoping it’ll lure him out of his trance
It doesn’t 😐
So you lean in closer to him and inspect his side profile
Even though you’re lowkey mad at him for not paying attention to you, you can’t help but admire how beautiful he is, especially the tilt of his nose :(
He’s so immersed in his game, how tf can he not notice you LITERALLY BREATHING DOWN HIS NECK
He’s crazy
You’ve GONE crazy cuz of him so you kinda rest the tip of your nose on cheek and breath in his scent, getting ready for your next plan
And that’s when you attack!!!
Kisses everywhere on the left side of his face (cuz that’s the only side you can reach)
His cheek, his eye, his nose, his jawline, his forehead, and the corner of his mouth
From the corner of your eye you can see his fingers abruptly stop from their constant hammering on the controller and you can feel him stiffen 
You’re kissing him so aggressively that his headset falls from his head but you don’t care
You just want some love
Starts stuttering 
“Y/N...w-what are-are you doing??”
He literally looks like someone slapped him PLZ HELP HIM
But you don’t answer, you turn the rest of his face towards you so have better access to the rest of him
He loosens up and the realization of what’s happening sinks in and all he can do is sit back and enjoy with a blush painting his features
He leans back into the couch and that’s when you settle yourself onto his lap
“You’ve been ignoring me and I just wanted some attention :(” 
Now he feels like a bad boyfriend 😔
So to make it up he flips the role and gently tackles you into the couch so that now he’s the one who on top of you
“I’m *kiss* sorry *kiss*, baby. *kiss, kiss, kiss* Have I been neglecting you too much?”
You (fake) pout and reply with a small “yeah”
“Don’t worry, you have my undivided attention now. I need to return all these kisses you gave me”
And boy does he
Park Jongseong (Jay Park)
Oh my god this guy would love it
He LIVES for it
Whatever it is when it’s concerning you, kisses, cuddles, PDA, he’ll eat it up
His in the kitchen of the dorms, doing his usual thing, cooking a tasty meal, while looking like a meal himself
No really. Even when he’s chopping vegetables, he’s still impeccably dressed
Black slacks, white button up with a black turtleneck underneath, the sleeves of his shirt rolled up to show off his arms 😩😩 don’t forget the apron that hugs his figure perfectly!!
So you obviously can’t help but admire him
Especially when he cooks for the two of you everyday :(( he loves seeing you eat well and he’s always so gentle with you whenever you struggle with keeping up with meals
You love him so much, the domestic bliss is getting to you
You’re sitting on the couch in the living room, head resting on your arms, staring at Jay
He honestly thought you were watching tv while he was whisking back and forth, counter to counter, grabbing an assortment of spices
But nope, he was the perfect view to watch and you’re sure that you could never get bored of it
It’s been a while and he finally finishes his meal prep
So you creep on over to him, gazing intently as he carefully places the pots and dishes in the sink to wash later on
You’re finally behind him but he still doesn’t notice
So you decide to surprise him!
You grab the pockets of his apron and spin him around, making sure he’s locked between you and the counter
A look of shock washes over his face as, yet again, he figured you had fallen asleep or something
But he relaxes when he sees it’s just you
“Hey, love. You ready for dinner soon?”
Oh my god you’re so in love with him, everything he does, and all his gestures
You literally can’t take it anymore
You know how when your pet is just so cute, you have to resist the urge to squeeze them out of love and affection?
Yeah that’s what you want to do with him rn
So you’re gonna do it! Cuz he deserves to know that his care isn’t going unnoticed and that you love him to bits
You place your hands over each side of his chiseled face and lean in
He’s expecting a kiss right on the lips, maybe a bit of tongue yk, so he puckers his lips
But then you begin to press loud pecks on his forehead and nose
He tries to protest, confused at what’s going on
You shut him up by squeezing his cheeks together, making sure his lips pucker even more
“Hey! What are yo-”
“Jay, shhhhhh i’m giving you kithes 🥺”
“Yeth, I kno’ dat but you’re hurting ma’ cheeks.”
You lessen your loving (but deadly) grip but continue your smothering of kisses!!
You wearing a light lip tint so his face slowly becomes covered in pink and it’s definitely not from blush
He starts to laugh deep from his chest and you feel yourself floating
“Did someone miss me?”
“Nope! I just wanna show how much I love you”
Your onslaught of kisses do not cease while speaking, it just takes a while for you to finish a sentence
“Is that right? I think you love me too much”
You pull back, faking anger but you look too damn cute to him
“I think you love me too little”
Teasing him is always so fun, you always get the reaction you want
With that, you begin to turn back to the couch but he grabs you by the wrist and pulls you back to him
Once your peering into his eyes, he takes a hold of your belt loops and spins you around
Now you’re the one locked between his figure and the counter
You’re stuck!
“Yeah? Lemme show how wrong you are”
Where your kisses were rapid and strong
His were slow and soft, starting from your forehead, trailing down to the corner of your eyes, to your nose and then your cupid’s bow
He rests his lips above yours and whispers “is that better?”
It certainly was
Sim jaeyun (Sim Jake)
Also gets very shy but not flustered like Hee but more in the gushy kinda way
Like he genuinely can’t believe you’re still dating him and that you give him affection like this 
You’ve been dating for nearly a year ;-;
Idk what’s not clicking for him someone plz explain it to him 😭😭
Despite being an idol with a hectic schedule, he still finds time out of his day to help you with school, especially math and physics :((
Sometimes he doesn’t even help you, he just sits at the table with you, leaving words of encouragement, giving you drinks and snacks every now and then, and reminds you to take breaks in between so you don’t overwork yourself
This man is too good to be true 😔✊
So today, instead of working at the dorms, you’re at a small cafe that just RADIATES the darkest of dark academia vibes
Brick walls, large shelves filled with old books, the aroma of coffee wafting through the air 
Jake sits beside you at a booth, his phone in his hands as he’s watching videos on youtube while you’re close to finishing your history essay
Jake was left brained and you were right brained so you naturally love history but today was a long day and you were tired and you just wanted to cuddle Jake!!!
But school calls first 😔
A bit distracted, you shift from your seat to look at Jake
Wow, he’s really pretty 💔
He’s not even doing anything but he still looks like the most beautiful boy you’ve ever seen 
You appreciate how he unconsciously juts out his lips at focusing on the videos and then-
Oh what’s that? He starts laughing?!?! Yeah now you’re really in it and you have feel your heart beating faster
His laughter is music to your ears. It just sounds so pure and genuine, you’re pretty sure you won’t find anything else like it
After a few beats, Jake notices you staring at him
His smile widens!
He looked at you! And got happier!
So you return the gesture, your eyes closing out of sheer bliss
He scoots closer to you, throwing an eye on your computer screen and you’re sure that he’s gonna tell you to take a break but then he points to the screen and says 
“C’mon angel, you just have to write the conclusion and you’ll be all done. You’ve got this!” 
Did your boyfriend really just betray you
Like yeah, you had a break 10 minutes ago but still 🙄
“N-no? Did you just say no”
“You’re so close, angel. When you finish, i’ll buy you a brownie and then we can go cuddle at the dorm”
NAUURRRRRR not your weakness!
He knows how to persuade you
“Fine. but you can’t let Layla on bed”
She hogs Jake you don’t like that and he knows it
He chuckles and agrees
HELP, you literally finished your essay 3 minutes later
You complained and whined for no reason
Jake looks over at your screen and nods, leaning over to press a chaste kiss to your forehead, leaving you with a “great job” as he leaves to buy the brownies
He returns a few minutes later and places the china plate in front of you and you just malfunction for the nth time that day
He knows exactly how you like your brownies :(( heated up so it’s soft with whipped cream and caramel drizzle
He owns your heart
You gobble that shit down in record time I swear to god 
It’s like you haven’t eaten in years but you can’t help it cuz brownies are your guilty pleasure
When you done, you shift to Jake so that you can leave but he notices remainders of whipped on the corner of your lips
He does what every gentleman does and uses his thumb to wipe it off
You grab a hold of his wrist, and because you don’t want whipped cream to go to waste, you lick it off his thumb
Now listen, it wasn’t even a seggsual act, you literally looked like Layla eating her food
But Jake still sat there like 😳 cuz you licked him in public
That’s weird is it not?
So you start to panic
Fuck what do you do now
You kiss him
A lot 
Over and over again 
All over his face
His arms go slack and you panic even more cuz you think he’s upset with you :(But don’t worry! He’s just in shock cuz he still can’t believe he gets to receive kisses from you
You slowly start to pull apart from him out of embarrassment and see how red he is in the face
Yeah, you think you screwed up
Then he starts giggling??? Why’s he doing that??
“Jake, why are you giggling 😐? I literally just almost devoured your thumb and attacked your face?”
“That’s why I’m laughing. I’m the only one who gets your kisses”
“No that’s not true, Layla gets them too”
😐 not amused
So you’re cheating on him 🤨 /j
He pulls you closer to him and kisses both sides of your cheeks before he pushes your lips back onto his face so that you can continue to splatter smooches all over his fine skin
“Maybe so. But she can’t kiss you back like I can”
Yeah, no one can
Park Sunghoon
Yeah, bold of you to assume that you’ll get any reaction out of him 
And before y’all attack me, it’s literally all part of his bit
On the outside he’s all 😐😐 but on the inside he’s all ✨💕💗💕✨💕💗🥰🥰💗✨💗🥰🥰
The more stoic he is with receiving hugs and kisses from you, the more it’ll spur you on to get a rile out of him. it just means more affection for him without even asking!
You obviously don’t know this, you just wanna annoy him
But he’s not annoyed, he’s actually enjoying every second of it !!
Today you were finished with classes for the day, hurray!
You were planning on going home and getting much deserved rest but then Hoonie called you
His voice is like an audible energy drink
you already feel energized even though you feel like death
“Hi, darling”
His voice is so deep you’re gonna combust on the spot
he’s also breathing heavily wtf is he doing
“The boys and I are still practicing for the comeback but I was wondering if you wanted to come to the building if you’re not too tired out from school”
Yeah, there’s no way you’re missing this chance
“I’d love to!!”
You practically sprint to the Hybe building but your legs feel like lead
You still persist!
Thanking every divine being in the universe for making it to the building in one piece, you make your way towards the gargantuan practice room
All though all 7 of the boys are huddled together in their choreo right now, your eyes immediately zoom in on Sunghoon
You’re def the type to spot him in a crowded room
he’s your beacon of light amidst the darkness :(
You sit on the leather couch at the back of the room, finally catching your breath while admiring the boys and their hard work
especially Sunghoon cuz well...duh, he’s your boyfriend
But that’s besides the point
Because of years of doing ballet and figure skating, you can’t help but take in the precise and elegant movements of dancing
He literally glows while he performs
You think he’s doing amazing, as per usual
After about 15 more minutes of non-stop dancing, they finally stop, a few of the members dropping to their floor like limp noodles
But not Sunghoon??
Where he was once gracefully dancing with gusto and power, becoming one with the music, he’s now as stiff as a board, looking kind of...angry?? upset??
What’s going on?
His back is even straighter than usual
The choreographer walks towards your boyfriend, looks dead-set into his eyes and begins to scold him??
“Sunghoon, I know you’re stressed but you can’t let that affect you. Your performance’s just atrocious.”
Your jaw falls all the way to the floor
You didn’t think it was possible but his body stiffens even more and you notice his hands forming into a fist
Sunghoon looks like he wants to sucker punch the choreographer in the face but he opts for bowing into a 90 degree angle while muttering a broken “Yes, I understand”
Trudging towards your figure on the couch, he plops down next to you
He isn’t one to really cry but he just hunches over, silently while he begins to beat himself up
Which is way worse, in your opinion
Because he rarely voices his concerns, especially since he doesn’t want to burden you
And you respect that
So you decide to just cheer him up in your favourite way!
With kisses and praise!!
You drop onto the floor and sit between his legs, leaning up to his ear before whispering “Hoonie, I think you were wonderful”
“You’re so talented *a kiss on the cheek*, dedicate *a kiss on the other cheek*, hardworking *one of the tip of his nose*, and I’m so lucky to get to watch you grow and do what you love with the people that you love *kisses everywhere on his face!*”
But despite all this, Sunghoon is sitting silently, face blank
and you can tell he doesn’t fully believe you
So you get up and plant yourself on his lap, brushing the locks of sweat covered hair out of his face and continue your siege of kisses upon his face
And on the inside, Sunghoon is having a field day. He may all be all stoic right now on the outside, but you’re truly melting his heart with your words of encouragement after such a long day of self-doubt
He’s pretty sure you’re the reason why he keeps going during tough days
“You work so tirelessly for ENGENES and I know for a fact that they’re so proud of you for continuing to improve on yourself. Just take it from me, your number one fan!”
And you SWEAR TO GOD you can see tears forming in his eyes but you don’t want to make a big deal out of this cuz you know he’d get embarrassed so you just kiss him over and over and over again until you can feel him slowly loosening up
When you pull back he looks at you like 🤨
“So you’re gonna stop now?”
“Well yeah, Hoon. You have to go practice some more.”
You can see his shoulder slump at this :((
“I know... I’m gonna do horrible again.”
That’s it, you’re gonna fight the choreographer
“No. No, you won’t. You can’t have outstanding performances every single day. Weren’t you at this since 9:00 in the morning?”
Upon seeing his head slightly nod ‘yes,’ you continue your speech
“Exactly. You’re tired, you’re stressed, and you need a break. When your mind and body haven’t taken a small rest, you’ll find that you’ll be feeling much better. Now go on that dance floor for one more practice! I’ll cheer you on”
And true to your word, when ‘Tamed-Dashed’ begins playing and Sunghoon starts dancing, you hype him up, whooping his name and words of encouragement
“Hoonie, you look so sexy!”
“Sunghoon, you killed that move.”
And like magic, you see that your action have helped your boyfriend
Cuz now he’s really killing it
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jealousy, jealousy — fourteen: bday bash part 1
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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summary ⋆ jealous that her ex boyfriend, jay, left her for someone "better", y/n goes to the one person who owes her something to make him feel the same. the one problem? that someone is park sunghoon, who just happens to be one of jay's bestfriends.
taglist (closed): @mykalon @hobistigma @lokideadontheinside @atinyyylove @iuwon @tobiosbbyghorl @abdiitcryy @ohmy-fandoms @wonsverse @eitaababe @enhacolor @lumixen @lemonqal @cosmiclele @notrosemary @yeonjunlovie @goldenroses @angxln-ki @eclisqc @aj-1154 @xoxojayd3n @meiiiwa @blossomnct @youreverydayzebra @witheeseung @thisuserwouldmarrysabrinainhbt @strawberryyukhei @dongyucks @killyoselff @ikyk-leeknow @neptuniees @liliansun @papiibuprofen @dear-dreamie @envirae @nshitae @simpforsung @90sni-ki @jay-durian @choihaiyun @nnasheii @robotsahi @nyujjan @catbitchh111 @itz-icys @fiantomartell @msxflower
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𝐃𝐢𝐬𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐝 ❬ 𝐒𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐬, #𝟎𝟏 ❭
𝐈 𝐰𝐢𝐬𝐡 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐰𝐨𝐮𝐥𝐝 𝐧𝐨𝐭.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
≡ Type: Ongoing series
≡ Pairing: professional gamers heeseung x reader
≡ Summary: It's the annual SA370 championship tournament and as always, you're up against Lee Heeseung, the country's ace gamer.
≡ Contains: SFW content, mild descriptions of violence (for the video game), verbally abusive manager, original characters, a lot of swearing
≡ A/N: Happy birthday to my love 💖 15.10.2001
Tumblr media
Your heart beats loudly, your hands are sweating, the crowd is getting louder as time goes by — this is it. The final match that will determine which team is the winner for this year's SA370 championship. You have to win this, you can't let them win again.
Moving your character to take cover behind an obstacle, you swiftly dodge the other team’s attack and start firing at the first person you see. Your bullets down them and you hear the crowd getting louder despite wearing the expensive noise-cancelling headphones. As they scream and cheer, you could barely hear your teammates talking in your ear. 
"I'm down, I'm down!" Jun exclaims.
Shit. You grow more nervous at the loss of your team's support.
Kara calls your name and asks for your status to which you reply, "Occupied, Kara. There's two of them here."
The one you just downed is hiding behind a box at the left side of the room, you'd go kill them but you're unable to because their teammate is on the other side of the room, hiding behind a box, shooting at you — well, at least they're trying to. They're missing their shots.
"Then you have to go get him, Leon," Kara says as she starts setting up turrets near Jun.
"Got it, on my way. Where is he?" Leon asks as you manage to land a critical hit on the player that's shooting at you.
As Kara tells him Jun's location, you hear the familiar sound of a robotic hum behind you. Cursing to yourself, you're forced to get out from behind the wall and push through, before the turret finishes building itself behind you.
Thus, you get out from your safe space immediately after the player stops shooting at you — you take the chance that they're most likely reloading. Pushing through, you jump over obstacles and within seconds, manage to face the player behind the box, quickly shooting and downing them.
In normal circumstances, you would've been the one to die but since you landed a critical hit on them earlier, you're able to turn the tables around. They got a lot of hits on you though, you're low on health now but you'll worry about that later.
You shoot at both of the downed players, killing them instantly and thus, eliminating them out of the game. The crowd goes wild again and you move to a safer location, away from the almost finished turret.
"I need a medic," you inform, "Jun, are you up yet?"
"Getting there," Leon replies.
"He's far away from you, Y/N. I'm dropping a medkit right outside the building you're in," Kara says.
"Noted," you reply as you start making your way outside.
"Yo, this dude is on me bro," Keith says in exasperation, "Can he fucking chill?"
“Who?” You ask with a smirk, already having suspicions on who it could be.
"Your boyfriend, duh." You can hear the smirk in his voice as he continues, "Who else could it be?"
You scorn at him in response and reply, "You know what? Forget him because I will personally go over there and kill you instead."
Keith only laughs, his voice deep and rich in your ear.
"I can't put a turret near you Keith, I'm out of resources right now," Kara says.
You're outside right now and you immediately spot the medkit Kara talked about earlier. You quickly move to grab it, steering clear of any turrets and enemy players that might be waiting to ambush you. After getting the medkit, you quickly move inside another building to find a safe spot to heal.
Just as you were about to ask Kara where the other guy is at, you hear an explosion. Artificial ringing sounds start playing in your ear albeit faintly, the explosion wasn't near you but you can still hear it.
Leon and Kara curse immediately after and Keith speaks up, concerned, "What the fuck happened?"
"They planted a mine right underneath the ground. Leon stepped on it and it blew up," Kara explains.
"Is Jun okay?" You ask, hoping that your team didn't just lose your support.
"Nope, he's dead," Leon says, "And I'm low on health."
"I'm gonna be dead too if someone doesn't help calm down Y/N's beast of a boyfriend," Keith says as he tries to dodge all attacks coming his way.
"He's not my boyfriend!" You interject.
"Wait-" Leon suddenly says, the tone of his voice alarms you.
As you're almost done healing yourself, you ask Kara, "Where's Keith at?"
"There. I put a tracking on him. You should be able to go to him now," Kara continues, concern in her voice, "Leon, what's up?"
Leon stays quiet for a while and as you make your way to Keith, Kara starts talking again, "Keith, how's it going?"
"I'm playing ring around the rosie with this guy. Man, he is relentless. And I can't get a hit on him because he's attacking long distance!"
Suddenly, the crowd starts getting noisy again. A second later, Leon says, "Fuck, we downed each other."
"The enemy?" Kara asks.
"Nobody can get you in time, I'm sorry, Leon," Kara replies sympathetically.
"Yeah, it's okay, I know. There's just Heeseung left, right? Get him, guys!"
Keith curses right after he says that. "Ah, fuck." He sighs in frustration, "He got a critical hit on me. Two more shots and I'm dead. Y/N, where the hell are you?"
"Coming," you say as you rush through the open field, trying to get to Keith before he dies.
"Y/N, be careful, they set up mines in the area," warns Kara. "I'll tell you where they're at."
A few seconds later and you see Keith's character swiftly jumping side to side, trying to dodge Heeseung's attacks. You see him, the bane of your existence — well, you see his character, not him but it still annoys you. He's chasing after Keith and doesn't stop shooting as he does so. His focus is on Keith and you're in a good position, hidden from his view but you know better than to underestimate Lee Heeseung.
Lifting your gun, you aim at him and as soon as you start shooting, his bullets hit Keith and down him. The crowd is loud again, making you barely able to hear Keith cursing. However, a second later, your bullets hit him and you don't stop shooting, knowing that every hit matters.
Heeseung's quick to kill Keith and move to a different location, all the while dodging your attacks. You chase him and thus, begin your repetitive game of what everyone likes to call, “cat and mouse chase”, with you being the aggressive cat and him being the sneaky mouse that always manages to escape. You can’t stand it, damnit! 
“Y/N, do not follow him!” Kara warns.
It takes you a moment to actually comprehend what she’s saying. By the time you do, you’ve already lost sight of him. Standing in place with your gun aimed and finger ready to pull the trigger, you survey your surroundings. A bad feeling makes itself known to you and the first thought that comes into your mind is that you need to get behind something. 
And that’s when a few bullets start hitting you. You quickly move out of the way on impulse and manage to dodge all of his next attacks. Eventually, the bullets stop — he’s reloading. And then you see him, right to your left. You immediately shoot at him but he’s quick to dodge your attacks, you only got one hit on him. Sighing in frustration, you move to take cover behind the nearest tree.
All is quiet now. All you can hear is the artificial sounds of nature and some shuffling in your right ear — he’s coming here. And when he does, you’re going to move to the other side of the tree — no, he’ll see that coming. No, he’ll see that coming too, ugh. Whatever, just shoot and then move, you guess.
A few seconds later and you’re right, he’s to your right now and you both shoot at each other while trying to simultaneously dodge each other’s attacks. You’re not sure if you got a hit on him or not but he surely got a hit on you. You’re down to half of your health. 
This “cat and mouse chase” continues on for like a minute with you both constantly trying to kill each other. Kara tries to help you out by making sure you’re not going to step on any mines or get near any turrets. Then suddenly, you get an idea. 
“Kara, where’s one of the nearest mines?” You ask, hoping that it’ll be somewhere close by.
“You’re fucking crazy,” Kara exclaims. However, she still listens to you and searches the area for the nearest mine. 
“Yes, I am,” you reply with a smirk while dodging Heeseung’s attacks. 
“10 steps to your right.”
With that, you rush to position, making sure to not get hit by his attacks, bringing him along with you. He follows you there, nice. Once you’re only one step away from the mine, you turn back towards him. Surprisingly, he doesn’t shoot you and instead just walks towards you, he probably thinks that you’re trapped. 
You don’t know how close he’s willing to get to you but one thing’s for sure, you’ve got both of your leap and stun ability ready. You hope that he doesn't see it coming and hope that you won't take too much damage while executing your move. 
He suddenly pauses in his tracks and that's when you know that he knows which means you have to make your move now. Using your ability, you quickly leap towards him — he's not that far anyway. Impulsively, he shoots you and you, of course, got hit. There's no way to dodge it, you have to tank. But then you've got a hold on him. Immediately, you use your stun ability and then throw him to the mine. 
Taking a few steps backwards, you watch with your gun aimed at him just in case he survives this. Two seconds later, the mine goes off. It knocks you off your feet — you forgot that it would. Quickly getting up, you check your health.
One hit is more than enough to kill you. 
Focusing back on what's in front you, you impulsively move to the right when you notice some bullets going directly towards you. You see his silhouette in the smoke and try your best to calm down. Fuck, what does it take to kill this guy?! 
See, this is why he's so fucking annoying!
You shoot at him and watch as he swiftly evades every single one of your bullets as he rushes towards you. He's being aggressive. You're not used to him being aggressive. And thus, he eventually gets a hit on you despite your best efforts to dodge his attacks. 
Sighing, you lean back against your seat as the game over screen flashes right in front of you on the pc. You can't help the disappointed look on your face. Kara side hugs you from her seat and you take off your headphones. 
Immediately, you can hear the extremely loud sounds the crowd is making and the narrator says, "OOOOOO, that was such a good game! Damn." 
Another narrator chimes in, "Did you see that everyone? My god, one more time, play it again for those who weren't looking!" 
Jun places his hand on your thigh as a comforting gesture and smiles at you, "You did great, Y/N!" 
"Yo! That was epic! I don't care, you won in my book, you that bitch!" Keith says as he looks at you with a huge smile, sitting two seats beside you. 
With such supportive teammates and friends, your mood improves and you can't help but smile at their sweetness. 
"Alright everyone, the winner of the Season 3 SA370 championship tournament goes to… our never been defeated champions, ENHA!" 
As the crowd roars and cheers, you can only smile and nod in acknowledgement, masking your annoyance at that one person that always manages to beat you every time, Lee Heeseung. His teammates seem pretty okay though, you like Jay and Jungwon. Sunghoon is pretty quiet and just minds his own business. And Jake is like a puppy, he's cute.
"And give it up to our second-place winners, The S Squad!" 
You and your teammates get up from your seats and you all take the opportunity to do a group hug right then and there. "It's okay, babe. We still got second place." Kara smiles warmly at you as she hugs you.
Second place isn't good enough for our manager and you know this, you want to say to her but you hold yourself back from doing so. As the crowd continues to cheer, you and your team exit the stage, letting the other team get their deserved spotlight.
You decided to skip the after party and spend the remaining time you have by walking around the arena. With a large cup of ice cream in your hand, you think back on what you could've done better in the previous game. 
Next time, he won't get the better of you. You'll make sure of it. 
But until then, all you can do is mask your grief of losing by eating ice cream and spend the remaining of your time in peace before you get back to the company and your manager starts yelling at you again. 
Ugh, you can hear his voice now, "How many times do I have to tell you? Stop fucking losing and start winning, goddamnit." 
Lost in your thoughts, you don't notice the man in front of you until it's too late. Bumping into his chest — damn, it's like bumping into a wall or something — you quickly start apologising. 
"Oh, I'm so sorry-"
But then you look up, only to see your one and only rival's face. You stop talking as you both look at each other and maintain eye contact. Heeseung has a nonchalant look on his face, albeit a bit surprised meanwhile you… you're sure that you have an annoyed look on your face that you can't even mask even if you wanted to. 
Why is he here?
After a few awkward moments of silence, you move to walk pass him. Just as you were about to pay attention to something else, he grips your wrist as you walk pass, making you turn back to look at him. With an eyebrow raised, you wait for him to speak — which doesn't take long.
"Um… look, I'm sorry about being too aggressive on you-"
"There's no need to be sorry, Mr Lee. It's just a game after all," you quickly say to him, hoping that he'll leave you alone.
He scoffs — which gives him a +1 on your annoyance meter. "Right. It's just a game, right?" He pauses for a bit before continuing, "Then why don't you stop being such a sore loser?" 
Oooo, he's gonna get it from me if he doesn't stop now. Another +1 on your annoyance meter. 
You summon all the calmness that this world has to offer and reply to him with an annoyed smile, "I don't know what's your problem-"
"No, you're the one with the problem." 
And that's the final straw.
Freeing your wrist from his grip, you push him and he takes a few steps back as you start getting in his personal space. He doesn't know who he's messing with, huh? Just look at him. With his meek attitude, does he really think he can mess with you? 
"What do you want? Hm?" You ask as you continue to corner him to the wall. "A congratulations? Sure, congratulations for winning! See? Happy now?" 
He just glares at you in reply as his back hits the wall. 
"Now leave me alone," you say as you back away from him. 
Sighing in frustration, you move to go to the cute cookie store to your right since it looks like it can help bring some positivity to your life and you desperately need some positivity right now… until you hear an announcement coming from the speakers. 
"Y/N, your manager wants you to come to the longue room as soon as possible. I repeat-"
You groan in response. Damn, he's here already. Reluctantly, you start making your way to the longue room, hoping that maybe, just maybe he'll suddenly have a change of heart and praise you for getting second place instead of losing.
"How many times do I have to tell you? Stop fucking losing and start winning, goddamnit." 
Nope, he didn't have a change of heart. He's still an annoying, greedy old bastard. And here he goes again, rambling about the team "not winning".
One thing that you could never understand about this guy is… how is he still alive? What with all this yelling and anger, shouldn't he have died years ago already due to stress and heart failure or something? You wonder if things would be different if he did die, maybe it wouldn't... maybe they'd just replace him with another greedy old man. 
"You guys need to stop losing all the damn time! We're losing money here! Not to mention reputation!"
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yadda, yadda, yadda. 
"And you!" He points his dirty finger at you. "You're the best in this company and you can't even beat one guy? What are you even doing? Stop fucking around and start working hard or that's gonna come out of your sallary!" 
Deep breathing helps calm the mind and the heart, you repeat in your head.
He continues picking on all of your teammates, one by one. Of course, there's always something that he's not satisfied with. Keith got the worst though, you guess that he saw the footage of him not being able to land a single hit on Heeseung during the game. 
It's really not his fault, he plays as an assassin. Assassins attack short range, not long range. Besides, Heeseung was aggressively on him — at least, that's what Keith said. You've only seen Heeseung play aggressively once in your life and it was at that time, right after the mine exploded.
As your manager continues to hate everything your team does, you notice the awkward and sympathetic looks from the opposing team. Heeseung’s the only one who's not here, thankfully so. You hope he doesn't show up, especially now of all times.
"Right, now come on. Let's get out of this hellhole."
This building is not the hellhole that I want to get out of, unfortunately. 
You wish you could've avoided this situation, you wish you could've won. But no, as long as Heeseung's still playing games, the only way for you to win is to try harder... and try harder you will. Since that's all you can do for now.
When you get back to the your dorm room, you quickly wash up. It's 8:45 p.m. by the time you're able to sit in front of a pc. You tiredly sigh, guess it's time to stream.
Despite being tired and rightfully so, due to participating in the tournament for the whole day, you still have to stream. Why? Because your manager says so. And if you don't do what your manager says, you're gonna get in big trouble. You've learnt that the hard way.
Setting everything up, you finally hit record and start opening the dinner the manager bought you and your team. It's nothing fancy. It's alright, you're hungry so you don't really care and eat it anyway as you wait for your subscribers to show up to the stream. 
You watch as the chat starts getting more alive as more people start joining. 
daisiesuwu: Hi Y/N
ynfangirl: You did great today!
trxblemxker: im so bummed you didn't win, you deserve it 😩😩
yourgalaxies: omg hiiii
yourgalaxies: love u
keiththedragon: you're always a winner to me babe <3
Smiling at the sweet messages your friend, Keith and your supporters left you, you continue eating your meal. 
proudsimppp: Don't feel too bad, beautiful. 
"Thank you for the donation, proudsimppp," you say. 
As you lean back against your chair, you think about what to do for this steam. Just talk and chill? Maybe play a calming game? But you're not really in the mood to play games though... You continue thinking as the chat scrolls by — until a comment catches your eye.
You almost choke on your meal, what the fuck? 
"No, I'm not dating him, why would you even say that?" You're quick to answer them, unable to mask your disgust and shock.
hohohoes: lmao
mercuryrxman: see i told yall
mercuryrxman: it's all just bullshit
iwatchqualitycontentonly: u luckyyyy he's hot
keiththedragon: uh babe u might wanna check twt
willowings: ooooo the TEA
inqueenynwetrust: i ship
ilovebees: those pics be looking legit tho
And that's when your phone starts ringing. You check it and squint your eyes at the caller ID; manager.
"Hold on, guys. Be right back," you say as you pause the stream. 
Picking up your phone, you answer the call. Immediately, you're greeted by your manager's crusty ass voice, "Good news! You're dating Heeseung now!"
"What?! Excuse me?!" You scream at him. "What the fuck do you mean?" 
"We struck a deal with his company and we found out that it would be most beneficial for both of us if you two were to date." 
"Both of us? You mean just the companies! Not me!"
"Yeah, duh." 
You want to punch this old man. Fuck this, you'd rather go to jail than to be forced to date someone you despise. 
"I won't do it!" You tell him but of course, he's not having any of your complaints. When does he ever listen to you anyway? 
"You will do it and we will get money and publicity for it! This is a great deal and you're not gonna ruin this for anybody, understand? Or would you rather get blacklisted from the gaming industry?" 
Gritting your teeth, you try your best to calm down and think of what to say. "What about Heeseung? He can't possibly agree to this bullshit!" 
Your manager gives out a sinister laugh and says, "Oh, on the contrary, he was the one who proposed it." 
» To be continued...
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