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i cant get it out of my head
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hello tumblr dot com
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venom 2 here we go again
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i’m just an eddie diaz girl in an eddie diaz world
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orange & frog boy sitting in a tree!
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Mirabel: Side A should have one more L bracket. Luisa: You mean T bracket, right? Mirabel: Uh... Isabela: Mirabel, so help me, if you’ve been confusing L brackets and T brackets this entire time-
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Progress video 💪🏼
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Tumblr media
photo by © mustafakilinc-fotograf-ca  
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Vanessa taking care of a lost child hcs
-as we all know Vanessa can be a little rough when it comes to children, she hates being bothered by them and is only there to do her Night Shift duties
-she’s already looking for one lost child so finding you was just an even bigger pain in the neck, she has to find some stupid kid trying to hang out backstage and now she has a stupid kid following her like a lost puppy
-you try to be quite when around her as she seems to have a tendency to blow a fuse when you talk even just a little bit too much
-don’t worry though, you do eventually grow on her and soon she will start acting like an older sister towards you. Even if she does it while murmuring under her breath about how much she hates kids 
-she goes out of her way to get you food and have little potty breaks even if she pretends she doesn’t care about your well being and the only reason she’s letting you tail her is because she needs to find the other kid and can’t have another one running off, it’s bull and she is just too stubborn to admit it
-if you’re a kid that likes to talk a lot then expect to have a mostly one sided conversation with Vanessa throughout the night, she practically tunes you out and only bothers listening if you’re in need of something within her grasp.
-she’s honestly kinda mean lol. She basically treats you like a nuisance the whole time and is really just that one mean older sister
-but don’t worry she has her soft moments, she just doesn’t show it as often
-I bet she sneaks into gift shops to get you a small souvenir for when you’re upset or bored (is the type to put money in the cash register for whatever she gets for you), she’ll give you some excuse that she coincidentally had it on her person and that you can have it because she doesn’t need it anyways.
-if she sees an animatronic she will hide you behind her and wait for them to pass by
-if you’re tired she’ll be a bad influence and give you an energy drink, you’re practically bouncing off the walls all night because your running off pure sugar and pepperoni pizza. She doesn’t have time to supervise you while you nap so this is her alternative to keeping you awake
-if you lag behind too much or nag her she’ll carry you on her back, tells you you’re heavy but will carry you anyways.
-will make you pretend to sleep if moon comes by, I’m betting moon nags her a whole bunch during the night shifts and if he finds you awake he’ll most likely kidnap you to the daycare for nap time
-if moon does kidnap you expect Vanessa to drop everything to find you, suddenly she doesn’t even care about the kid running around backstage even though that’s supposed to be her main priority. She busts in to the daycare and runs around to power on the generators, thankfully sun is more cooperative and hands back the kid to Vanessa even though he claims he wants to do arts and crafts with them!
-I have a feeling Vanessa carries around a mace incase of an intruder and threatens you with it when you are being difficult with her.
-she actually enjoys your company she just shows her love for you in a bitchy way
-she’s just a tsundere older sister who doesn’t want you to know she thinks of you as a little sibling that she cares for deeply
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Goodbye To A World
Tumblr media
"Thank you, I'll say goodbye now Though its the end of the world, Don't blame yourself"
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Energy of the day 🖤🌚
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Collot: so what are you gonna do now, dictator?
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In a post Season 4 world, Johnny is ready to down his sorrows with Daniel. They lost their dojos, and their students. Except Daniel is all smiles and laughing alongside a man he doesn't recognize. Johnny goes through some stages as he realizes what he really wants from Daniel.
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Tumblr media
remain T | 1770 | Established DeanCas | Dean’s 43rd birthday fluff
It's been a year since Cas returned to Dean, after rescuing the Winchesters from the Empty and fixing the afterlife. On his forty-third birthday, Dean reflects on the home he has in Maine, in Cas, in his family.
A timestamp for the fic stay. (But works well as a standalone!)
Dean stands at the edge of the beach and closes his eyes, listening to the waves crash ashore. A cold spray of water slaps Dean across the face. It's cold. It's fucking cold, actually, because it's January in Maine. Dean wipes his face clean and shoves his hands back into his jacket pockets. At least now, in the midst of yet another winter here, Dean knows to wear layers to stave off the dampness. The dampness is what freezes an old man's bones.
Old man. Another winter.
Dean smiles.
He opens his eyes. It's grey out there: grey waters slamming against the rocky shore, a grey overcast sky filled with weak sunlight, grey snow mixed with sand under Dean’s boots.
It's wonderful. It's beautiful.
It's home.
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Tis the season
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Rat Man very much enjoys people not talking about him :)
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Hoodwinked AMV - Break Stuff
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