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ericcartmanmustdie · 10 minutes ago
like or reblog if scott can be a weirdo to your muse.. meaning.. he can say like.. creepy shit...
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starry-sim · 11 minutes ago
Remember Me.
Here's a part two, since you guys wanted it :) Part one is here! It would make sense if you read that one first :) Enjoy, my lovelies <3 ✨
Ash didn't know exactly how long he had been standing outside as he tried to process the question Eiji had just asked him. It felt like a damn eternity. Was Eiji teasing him? Yeah. That seemed reasonable. But a part of him imagined the reunion going in a whole other direction. Full of hugs and tears and laughter.
Not confusion and awkwardness and pain.
"Good joke," he laughed nervously "What's next, forgetting that you came to New York? Do you really hate me that much, Eiji?"
That came out harsher than intended. It was the sleep deprivation talking, mainly.
"Um.." He looked for any signs of recognition on Eiji's face. His jade eyes scanning over the other boys features, finally stopping at his eyes. His lovely doe eyes that Ash would lose himself in, more often than not.
The same eyes that had looked at him with so much love all of the time. When Ash knew he didn't deserve it. But, confusion was the only thing he could swimming around in the two pools of chocolate.
Ash then turned to Ibe in growing alarm, who glanced at the blond boy with the same pitiful look, that Max had given him hours earlier, etched into his features as if he'd shown it many times before.
The tension had grown significantly as the three of them stood silently.
Ash decided to glare at Ibe, looking for answers. The latter noticed and cleared his throat; interrupting the song of the crickets in the bushes a few paces away from them. "Ash, why don't you sleep in Ei-chan's room. Is okay you with you, Ei-chan?"
They both looked at Eiji for confirmation- who nodded in reply, smiling and beckoning them both inside. He explained that he'd get the other bed ready and be right back down, bounding up the stairs and down the hallway as they heard a door click shut.
Ash whirled on the other man, arms crossed. "Care to explain? Why the fuck doesn't he remember me?"
In response, Ibe only let out a sigh. He looked extremely tired. Ash only then noticed the dark bags under the man's eyes, aging him up significantly (despite only being in his late 20's).
"Look, I'll explain everything in the morning-"
"It is the morning."
Ibe shot him a somewhat desperate look. It was amusing to tease him, sometimes "Later today. You can meet everyone tomorrow too. Eiji's mother and also little sister-"
Eiji appeared on the stairs again, inviting Ash upstairs, oddly excitedly. Ash bid Ibe farewell and trekked upstairs and into Eiji's bedroom, who followed behind eagerly.
This was a sight he never thought he'd see.
The room seemed fairly normal and generic: a single bed on the far side of the room, (a newly placed futon beside it), a desk with books piled on top untidily, posters and pictures adorning most of the walls.
It felt strange. The only rooms he was used to were the rich, fancy huge bedrooms with silk covering the double beds. The draft still reaching him no matter how far into the covers he would retreat. Never left alone, no matter the day or occasion-
"I used to be a pole-vaulter." Eiji's voice came timidly from behind (sounding slightly unsure of his own statement), shaking Ash from his stupor as the smaller boy retrieved a picture from his desk, handing it over to the blond.
Ash's breath hitched. It was the picture. The one that sparked Ibe's fame in the photography world; the picture Eiji promised to show him.
The picture that he never thought he would get to see.
It was beautfiul. He had never been into photography but this photo... It was astounding. It had been caught mid-jump. The pole just a few millimetres away from Eiji's hand, as the boy had manoeuvred himself in a way that guaranteed him a high place on the scoreboard. Ash even picked up on the faint smile that graced Eiji's lips, knowing that he had made it over.
All frozen in time.
"Were you good?" Ash asked, as he slowly approached the desk to place the photo back. He didn't want to disturb anything else with his already intruding presence.
Eiji bashfully fiddled with the hem of his shirt, avoiding Ash's gaze that was not even focused on him "According to Ibe-san, I was 'the best there ever was'. But weirdly, I don't remember doing it. So maybe I was... Maybe I want..."
"I bet you were..." He placed the picture gently down, roughly from where Eiji had retrieved it from, noticing a piece of paper. Scribbled onto it was basic details:
Okumura Eiji
19 years old
My birthday is May 2nd 3rd
I think I was a pole-vaulter. Im a photographer now?
I have a sister??? She's a brat. But she's also very nice. Ak
Who is the man with purp
Ash's mind berated him. That could be any person with purple hair, idiot. Averting his eyes, he went over to the futon laid out neatly for him and lay down. Eiji hurried over to settle onto the bed above and peaked his head over the end, resting his head in his hand, seemingly not wanting the conversation to end yet.
"I've never seen you before... What brought you to Japan?" Eiji asked curiously, tucking his hair behind his ear with his other hand.
Oh but you have seen me before (Ash was desperate to say) through both my highs and lows... Instead, he thought of a plausible excuse.
"Oh... I'm uh- I'm a photography student back in America. Yeah! I was deeply inspired by Ibe's works and decided that I wanted to learn his ways." He applauded himself for that excuse, throwing his arm behind his head.
Eiji grinned "I'm currently learning his ways too! I guess we're both classmates now."
"But you're so old compared to me." Ash teased.
"I'm... 19." (it pained Ash to witness how long it took for Eiji to remember trivial things such as his own age).
"One year older than me, grandad." He smirked "You should sleep soon, you can't miss taking your morning strolls. That's hazardous to your health!"
Eiji rolled his eyes at that statement. "Well, you can bond with my little sister in the meantime. You two are on the same level on immaturity." Ash laughed.
Still as good with his retaliations as always. At least that hadn't been taken away.
Eiji held out his hand "Eiji Okumura. Nice to meet you, fellow classmate. And you are?"
Ash lifted one of his hands to meet Eiji's in a handshake. "Aslan Callenreese. Though, you can just call me Ash. Pleasured to make your acquaintance, Eiji."
Ash could look at the positives here. This Eiji had no idea of what his past was like. As far as he knew, Ash was a curious photographer from America seeking guidance from Ibe. Eiji had no knowledge of the blood on his hands. He didn't have to know...
For the first time, in a while, he drifted off into a dreamless sleep...
Only to be woken by Eiji shaking his shoulders enthusiastically, informing him that breakfast was ready. Ash grumbled in his reply; of course Eiji didn't remember that he was not a morning person.
He rose after a few minutes of negotiations with Eiji, having being promised some coffee to help him wake up. He was going to need it.
After all, Ibe had promised to tell him about the incident.
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sketchingtons · 15 minutes ago
On a happier note, I planned out a whole alternate ending to the Timber date night if the chaos monster hadn’t shown up!
It got kind of long, so more under the cut!
It goes great! Tim and Bernard talk, catch up on each other’s lives, eat a delicious dinner, and order a couple of desserts to share because everything sounded delicious and they were indecisive-the restaurants deserts are to die for according to Bernard, and Tim doesn’t mind splurging a bit. Tim pays for it all, despite Bernard’s protests that he’d been joking earlier and trying to pay for his half, and Tim offers to take/walk Bernard home. (Because he’s not ready for the night to end just yet)
Now we have a couple different cute options here since we don’t actually know how each of them got to the restaurant (public transport? Walking? Driving? Did Tim grapple there??)-one is that Tim physically walks Bernard home (since I feel like you don’t really walk alone at night in Gotham, always in pairs or groups 👏) , with them maybe taking some public transit-allowing them to talk a bit more and enjoy each others company (their shoulders brushing as they walk, maybe their hands too? and maybe some yearning for hand holding?? I eat that stuff up ok, it would be really cute 🥺)
The other option I thought of was that Tim took his motorcycle to the restaurant and offers Bernard a ride home on that-which also opens some great options for all the fluffy feelings that riding on a motorcycle with your crush can create ✨ I think when Tim offers Bernard a ride home, Bernard thinks he’s talking about a car-and when he sees Tim’s motorcycle he’s like?? Wtf you ride a motorcycle?? And thinks it’s awesome and fawns over how cool the bike is lol (“still defying categorization, huh Drake?”) and then Tim is of course very flustered when Bernard holds onto him on the ride 👀 less taking in this option but! More introspection on Tim’s part about his feelings on Bernard so that would also be very good 👌
Anyway, they make it back to Bernard’s place and Tim walks him to the door. Bernard says he had a great time, and “can we meet up again soon? I’ve really missed you, man.” And Tim is like! “Yeah! of course!! I’ve really missed you too, we should definitely do something soon!” And they’re both just kind of looking at each other and smiling, the energy feeling charged and suspended at the same time. And riffing off what I talked about in my post here, Tim has had the inkling of an idea to kiss Bernard before the night is over, and this seems like the perfect time right? So he grabs him by the shoulders, determined and nervous, and leans in…but Tim’s big beautiful brain is always running at 100mph so he’s struggling with the execution here, but it’s ok! Because Bernard grabs his jacket and helps with the follow through 💕
So they kiss, and Tim’s higher brain functions kind of cease at this point akshsj but it’s fine because despite how suave and cool Bernard tries to act, he’s also struggling to function after that kiss (“…and you’re a good kisser?? Is there anything you’re bad at Tim, cause you’re gunna give me a complex at this point”) and so they kind of just stare at each other like love sick idiots until Bernard is like “so we’re definitely doing this again right?” And Tim manages an “uh…yeah…again is good” in response, which is probably all he’s able to produce at this point lol
Bernard quirks a smile and gives Tim’s cheek a quick peck before stepping away and unlocking his door to head inside, telling Tim to call him as he heads in, very “cool guy” like-Tim responds with probably unintelligible gibberish and a wave as his brain continues to reboot. Tim makes it about to the end of the sidewalk in a daze before everything catches up with him, at which point he lets out another string of unintelligible noise, covers his face, and crouches on the sidewalk with a giant smile on his face. And, unbeknownst to him, after Bernard made his “cool” exit while telling Tim to call him, he fist pumps the air and did a little victory dance in the entry way of his apartment before also collapsing onto the floor with a giant smile.
Long story short, they’re idiot boys in love and I crave seeing them act like awkward lovesick disasters about each other 🥺
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actuallyanangel · 16 minutes ago
58 and 75
58. What are five ways to win your heart?
ooo i answered this one here
75. What’s the sweetest thing anyone’s ever done for you?
and this one here
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chenglebop · 22 minutes ago
Enjoy Every Moment 💖
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Some o' the Last of the Dos-si-do & new Cookie Punch 🍪👊
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razzberryfunhouse · 23 minutes ago
made a video of me talking with very few visuals and shitty audio. watch it (or. listen to it i guess) if you wanna <3
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delarverie · 23 minutes ago
love truly is the only thing that matters
#i'm still thinking about that quote. 'i'm a little bit in love with u and how much u love'#creo que se siente mucho más cercana por el hecho de que demostrar emociones como el amor es. difícil para mí#i won't lie by saying i don't cry or things like that. i think that crying is the easiest way for me to show how i feel.#but when it comes to showing affection. saying i love you and expressing that with your body as in. you know... hugging/kissing#isn't that hard for you? maybe we have that little something in common#english means nothing to me i hope you can understand what i'm saying.#i think one of the reasons i admire lali so much is the fact that they can show their affections in ways i've never imagined.#and that's truly beautiful. i've been thinking a lot about them these past few days. i always think about them but.#these days have been different. i want to tell them every little thing and everytime i share something with them i learn how different we-#are. and isn't that beautiful i truly love that about us.#imagínate tener tanto que descubrir de la persona que amas y no tener miedo de hacerlo (a mí me aterra montones pero eso va mejorando)#going back to nonnie's message. i'm sending them flowers for real their message was so cute i fell asleep at like#4am? and i woke up at 9am with 0 energy and as soon as i saw that cute ask i went O.O HDFJVHDJ OH?#i enjoy sharing love. i love sharing love if we're friends i'm loving you as much as i can :] i'll show you my love in a different way but.#love is love no matter what form it takes.#now my dearest mutuals. the big question is#do i send them a gay ask. do i#do i send them a gay dm. what do i do.................. i'll probably send them an ask and then fill their dms up with silly messages so-#as soon as they read our chat they smile (i hope)#if i end up getting blocked you all will be the first ones to know <3#HGFDVBHBVFHJDBJ#yeas. i'll do that and then read martín rivas because. yeas#I LOVE YOU ALL. SO MUCH#I LOVE YOU <3#also lali if you read this. you didn't. i'm kissing you on the mouth#ISJEUWJWU ALSO I FORGOT TO ADD THESE COMMENTS BUT FOR THE MUTUALS WHO SAID PREV TAGSKWJDJDJ#i'm hugging you all you're my bebés de azúcar les quiero mucho c:#monsense.txt
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gothships · 24 minutes ago
i got idkhow's record store day release ep and also both 1981 extended play and razzmatazz on vinyl and i'm so excited lol
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casualwriter · 33 minutes ago
Dialogue Prompts: “You didn’t have to do that...”
1. “Aw, you didn’t have to do that!”
“I know, but I like making you smile.”
2. “You didn’t have to!”
“You would’ve had to do it if I didn’t! I couldn’t let that happen. Not after everything.”
3. “You didn’t have to do that.”
“And you don’t have to stick with me if you disapprove.”
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lindseysomething · 35 minutes ago
Dear Lindsey Something, I'm possibly getting a new job and it's remote full time. So I'm moving across the country to visit family for a bit. And I was thinking either Colorado or Oregon after that, but I was chatting with a queer gal pal in Oregon and she's totally convincing me to move to her town. It's easy convincing because she is THE LOVELIEST and I'm secretly IN LOVE WITH HER.
A new job and a big move, how exciting!! The mom friend part of my brain wants to ask a thousand questions about the situation with the girl 😂 but I'm sure you've already made sure she is who she says and has good intentions lol. I hope everything works out for you and I'm putting out positive energy for you ✨ Keep me updated!
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etherealvibespls · 36 minutes ago
till the stars fall out of the sky
Hi. It's been almost two years but I hope you enjoy this short + messy krii7y piece :)
The thing about it being the end of the world is how little time there is to prepare. No matter how many people seem ready with their canned foods and underground bunkers, or even the discarded pamphlets scattered throughout the streets filled with government advice as if, maybe, those in power had an idea of what was to come, no one is actually prepared for what they’re faced with; the end of everything.
And it’s terrifying.
Smitty had so many plans. A few weeks ago those plans held some dread, had his heart skipping at just the mere idea of change, and yet now his heart only aches.
In front of him the website mocks him. The screen is dim to preserve the little battery he has left in his laptop, but the floor plan of the apartment is still too bright, painting a pointless fantasy for his eyes to gaze longingly at.
He should have moved by now, but his fear kept him back. Rooted him in what he’s familiar with.
Now it’s too late.
A quiet ding snaps him out of his haze and the second his eyes settle on the notification the knot in his chest loosens, smoothed out by the person miles and miles away.
John (10:02): so it turns out the world really is ending
Smitty snorts. To his embarrassment, there’s already a smile stretching across his face.
Smitty (10:03): you’re just now realizing?
John (10:03): i mean can you blame me? how was i supposed to know all those youtube videos were real? but today i actually left the house for the first time in like, two weeks and it looks like i’m in hell
John (10:04): at first i thought i was dead because what the fuck, right? the sky is fucking red, but then i saw someone walking their dog as if it were normal so now i’m assuming this is what everyone’s been talking about
Smitty (10:04): have i ever told you i hate you
John (10:05): uh hello? what the fuck
Smitty (10:05): i’ve been stressed out of my fucking mind and you’ve been clueless this entire time?? go fuck yourself john. like actually take that dildo you thought i forgot about and fuck. off.
John (10:06): HELLO ? you said you’d never bring that up
Smitty (10:07): the world is ending dickhead. i’m allowed to embarrass you one last time
Smitty bites at the inside of his cheek, suppressing the urge to laugh as he waits for his friend’s response. It takes longer for John to reply this time but he’s probably writing a paragraph that makes absolutely no sense and only serves to insult Smitty whichever way he can.
After a quiet minute, John finally responds.
John (10:08): don’t say that
Smitty blinks, not expecting such a short reply.
Smitty (10:08): don’t say what?
Half of him is still expecting this to lead into a snarky remark and he prepares for John’s little ha-ha, got you, but by John’s next message, it’s clear he’s no longer joking.
In an instant, the mood has not only shifted into something serious, but into pure heartbreak as well.
John (10:09): “one last time”
John (10:09): it makes it sound like you’ve already lost hope
Smitty (10:09): john…there’s nothing left for us. they’ve done all they can but there’s no fixing something so completely destroyed, and at some point you just have to accept that it’s over
John (10:10): this isn’t the end
A pause.
John (10:10): i still haven’t met you yet
Smitty releases a long, shaky breath. He’s tried so hard to not think of the mistake he made those weeks ago, yet it seems like there’s always something to remind him of it.
It’s possible John isn’t even mentioning it now, but Smitty is so consumed by guilt that his mind wanders there regardless. The end of the world hanging over everyone’s head has only made it worse, dug it up again and shoved it into his every waking thought, constantly reminding him of what could’ve been.
Mocking the opportunity he ruined.
Smitty (10:12): i’m sorry. i should be there.
John (10:12): you don’t have to keep apologizing, smit. you had your reasons
Smitty shakes his head in disbelief at the message, biting down hard on his lip the moment his eyes begin to burn, blinking back unshed tears.
He hates how nice John is. How even as they face down their last days on earth there isn’t a part of him that’s angry, or at the very least, disappointed.
Smitty (10:13): my reasons were selfish and stupid and it’s because of them that we have to message each other as the world literally crumbles around us
John (10:14): being alone does suck, and it would’ve been nice to have some company, but i still don’t blame you
It probably isn’t supposed to come across as tragic as it does, but Smitty’s shoulders sag with grief anyway.
Briefly his eyes flick over to the corner of his laptop, locking onto the battery life. His heart twists painfully, constricting tight as it flashes, down to its remaining minutes of life.
John (10:16): you know...i still look at it sometimes
John (10:16): it probably sounds so lame but sometimes i imagine how it would’ve been. i’m not a morning person but i think you could’ve made me one, and you hate staying up late but i think i could’ve shown you why sometimes i never fall asleep
John (10:17): i even imagine how it would’ve been decorated. like, from the pictures you’ve sent me of your place it looks so plain and i think about all the trips we’d have to go on before we could agree on some simple shit just for the living room. but i wouldn’t want you to feel bad about your taste or anything so i’d probably let you pick out a bunch of things anyway
Smitty presses his face into his shoulder for just a moment, overcome by so many emotions. A part of him can guess where this is going and his chest nearly caves in at the thought, knows why it’s happening now, of all times.
Smitty (10:19): ... i look at it everyday, imagining the same
Smitty (10:19): i was looking at it before you messaged earlier...can you believe it’s still available? how has no one else wanted it?
John (10:20): because it was always meant to be ours
His gaze drifts back to the floor plan still on the screen, and not for the last time, he yearns. He thinks even after everything is said and done, his longing will ripple through the endless void of space.
Thinks heartache as great as his can never die, instead linger like a mournful ghost that will haunt even the brightest stars.
Smitty (10:21): i’m sorry i ruined it
John (10:22): i’m sorry i didn’t try harder
Smitty (10:22): john, none of this is your fault. it was my idea and i couldn’t even go through with it
Smitty (10:23): we had so many plans and i shattered them all because i was too scared to leave
John (10:24): but i wanted it more than i ever admitted, and instead of fighting to get you here i didn’t say anything
Smitty (10:24): i wanted this to happen more than you think, believe me. but we know how my thoughts can get, so i don’t think there was anything you could’ve said that would’ve change my mind
John (10:25): what about i love you?
Smitty startles, but he would be lying if he said he didn’t expect this. His stomach still does a silly little swoop, the butterflies that are always present when he talks with John suddenly coming to life, fluttering rapidly.
Smitty (10:25): john?
John (10:26): if the world is going to end no matter what, then fuck it right? i’ve been keeping my mouth shut for over two years and even if now is probably the worst time because i can’t see your face and my laptop is about to die, i can’t go out without telling you i’ve been in love with you for half the time i’ve known you
John (10:27): and the time before that i really, really, really liked you
Smitty chokes on his tears, stopped caring about holding them back the second he saw i love you.
Smitty (10:27): me too
Smitty (10:27): i think i’ve been in love with you since you first messaged me that stupid one-liner about artists
John (10:28): oh god, i forgot that was the first thing i sent you
John (10:28): in my defense i was extremely bored and your page was filled with memes, i thought you would’ve enjoyed it
Smitty (10:29): i fucking loved it
John (10:30): i regretted it the moment you sent me a pic of yourself for the first time, though
Smitty (10:30): what? why?
John (10:31): because you were prettiest person i’d ever seen and i hated that the first message i sent you was about dicks
Smitty laughs, the sound croaky and awful and usually he’d be embarrassed about the noise but he sits alone in his living room, completely consumed by the messages and the guy sending them.
Smitty (10:32): who would’ve known that would be the way into my heart
John (10:32): after about a week of talking to you i knew
John (10:33): i think that’s when i started falling in love
Smitty (10:33) god, i hate that we’re saying this now. i wish both of us said something sooner
John (10:34): would’ve been nice to finally hold you, but i’m happy you finally know
John (10:34): and no matter what happens from now till...the end, i want you to know i love you
John (10:35): i always have, and i always will
i love you-
The screen flickers once before it fades to black, the battery completely drained. Smitty’s fingers hover over the keyboard, his pinky so close to hitting ‘enter’.
It takes longer than it should to register in his brain, and for a few minutes Smitty sits and stares at the screen. He blinks rapidly through his tears, can still see i love you every time he blinks but his heart beats wildly, aware of the inky darkness surrounding him and the deafening silence, no longer interrupted by the quiet dings of messages.
Like a dam finally unleashed, his tears fall at once and a sob racks through his body, forcefully pushed out of his quivering mouth. With his legs curled to his chest and his face buried in his bony knees, he cries out in anguish, fingers clutching his sweatpants like a lifeline.
He doesn’t move, stays curled in the corner of his couch long enough to see the last bits of sunrise fall over his furniture, and stays even longer to hear the shouts of panic outside his front door, aware but uncaring, of everything ending around him.
Based off the prompt: “So the sky is still raining fire and meteors, and my laptop is running low on battery, but I wanted to say that I like you, a lot. Even though we haven’t ever talked in real life, if this is the end of the world then I’m really happy that I got to meet you.”
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shehungthemoon · 36 minutes ago
hey, your boyfriend's pretty cool, can i have him? for @kanversrph
Blaine and Sebastian finally figured out that they were maybe, kinda, a little bit in love with each other over the summer, and when school started they also figured out that they really weren't a fan of going a day without seeing each other.
From the prompts: princes of school, Dalton AU.
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vodkaredbull · 39 minutes ago
i think i need to stop smoking weed. everyday i get stoned and play the sims nervously
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dathen · 40 minutes ago
I went tag-diving a bit after Lottie’s liveblog of Cruella to see if ANYONE had picked up on the nauseating ableism and eugenics in the storyline and. Just saw SO MANY “weh weh you guys aren’t giving the movie a chance you can’t make fun of it unless you see it, you just hate to see a girlboss winning—“ posts
It’s just. crushing to see how Disney can trot out rhetoric reminiscent of 19th century criminology, wrap it in flashy white feminism packaging, and people will still just swallow it whole and fight for it and insist people “give it a chance”
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eti-mun · 41 minutes ago
... what happened?
oh boy, i can give you a very basic run down So it was found out that scott has a more right winged political view, having sent thousands in support of trump And while yeah thats a pretty upsetting thing, people went to the extremes, calling him a homophobe and racist and all that nasty shit Scott, after deliberation, came out and spoke about it. You can read it here
He is not anti-lgbt or against any minorities what-so-ever, the man even admitted it all wasn't just for trump as he also supported people with more leftist views and all that shit. The man was voting for who he felt was best. As we all do when we go vote.
He also stated he was pro-life which, again, kind of upsetting, but thats just some peoples point of view
So now tumblr, unsurprisingly, has taken this and twisted it around to make him look like some horrid bastard man and not just some dude with differing opinions
Thats about the long and short of it
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