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teadrawstuff · 2 months ago
What’s this??? An animatic?? HEHEHE
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nu-fin · a month ago
Okay. I can’t write but like. All I can think about rn is Gerry, sitting alone in his room late on his 18th and just thinking, “god. Never thought I’d make it this far.”
Maybe he’d sneak out, go buy himself some of those shitty corner shop cupcakes and some candles, give himself his own little birthday in the park or something, trying to be normal for the millionth time, but then he finds some kid with a Leitner hiding under the slide or maybe trying to swing this other kid as high as possible bc of the vast and it dawns on him again that what’s the point, his life’s like this, always has been, always will, so why try to force it to be anything different.
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countdraluka · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Childhood-friends-to-lovers AU.
In which Alcina finds her maiden long before she comes to the Village, and they are together for well over six decades before a man driven vengeful by the death of a beloved daughter breaks into the castle, steals a priceless heirloom, and uses it to kill the one thing Alcina had been allowed to keep from previous life.
Her wife.
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lightvsdark18 · 17 days ago
"Sorry Mc, you failed the test, I thought your bond with the brothers was strong, but you left-"
"Wait, wait, you're telling me this whole thing was a test! That you made the brothers hate me for a test!"
"Mc, we had to see how strong your bond with-"
"No, I'm stopping you right there. You made the people I care about, people I love hate me, you made them despise me for a fucking test! You know about my past and you fucking did that to me!"
"Mc, I would watch your tone of yours."
"Fuck off, Barbatos. Diavolo, you really thought I was going to stay with people who were insulting me constantly, stay with people I trusted who suddenly turned on me. You know what, I'm going home, I'm done with the Devildom. Have fun with the consequences of your actions and explaining to the brothers why I'm not coming back."
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bromomentum · 10 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Old memories and reunion. 06/?? “One more step until disaster”
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lucidsaysstuff · 3 months ago
"Once upon a time, we fell in love...
and yet we were stupid to think we could last long."
Tumblr media
Onsra - to love for the last time [02.13.22]
I honestly had a LOT planned for this initially, but i prefered the simplicity of this one ngl but i got lazy half way through yet i still enjoyed this prompt :]
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mint-yooxgi · 3 months ago
cupid!jaehyun tasked to bring oc and her soulmate together but doesn’t follow through
It's not fair.
It's not fair to either of you, and he knows it, but that still doesn't prevent the way his heart races every time he sees you. From wanting so desperately what he cannot have.
A simple charge, that's what you were to be. Find your soulmate, get you two to meet, then be on his way. That's what was supposed to happen. Not this.
"I don't understand," the tears that have been gathering in your eyes finally begin to streak down your cheek as you stare at Jaehyun who wears an equally sorrowful expression on his face.
You weren't supposed to find out like this.
"It was supposed to be me," he chokes on a sob, bloody hand coming up to clutch at his heart from over his chest. He meets the vacant gaze of your now dead lover- or who was meant to be your soulmate- as they lay on the floor before him in a pool of their own blood. "I wanted it to be me."
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kasvosie · a year ago
Tumblr media
first night in azkaban, after the madness wears off and all that's left is the realisation that he's lost everything
or, i watched prisoner of azkaban last night, it's time for angst™
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justcastiel · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
we are the reckless, we are the wild youth
chasing visions of our future
one day we'll reveal the truth
that one will die before he gets there
youth - daughter
part 1/3
Pages from Dean's sketchbook - 1995
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whymylifewrites · 4 months ago
and your people alt scene 1
A-17 watches the year seven combat assessment.
When 2224 took 7567′s helmet off, '17 winced. It allowed for a clean head shot and meant his opponent would stay down, but it was also dangerous and unnecessary. 2224-- if ‘17 had keep track correctly, which he had-- had been doing so well, and now '17 was going to have to cross him off the list. He wouldn't train someone with a cruel streak. Someone who would abuse the power they were given.
But then 2224 took his own helmet off and smiled down at 7567, pinned and helpless, and all the breath went out of '17 at once.
They were in the middle of a live fire sim. And that dikutla cadet had just taken their helmets off so they could smile at each other. He didn't know if he wanted to laugh or break something.
And then the detonator hit the ground next to them, and it took all of ‘17′s self-discipline not to lurch to his feet and charge out onto the field.
He couldn’t interfere with the assessment. There was nothing he could do. So he stood at ridged attention under Reau’s cold smile and watched 2224 cover 7567′s head with his body, watched the detonator go off, watched 7567 crawl out from under 2224 and try to staunch the bleeding. Another cadet came running-- 2237, some part of his brain reminded him, distantly-- and together they rolled 2224 onto his side and pressed two sets of bare hands against burned and bleeding flesh.
Head wounds always bleed more than you expected them too. 2224′s vitals were holding steady in the corner of the screen, there was no reason to believe it was anything more than a few deep cuts and a concussion. ��17 forced his hands to relax out of the fists he hadn’t noticed forming.
Reau didn’t approve the request for medical until after she’d determined the outcome of the assessment and entered the results into the system. ‘17 watched as 2224′s vitals began to dip until the med bot wheeled him off of the field.
“I don’t need you anymore, ‘17,” Reau said over her shoulder. “Dismissed.”
“Sir. Yes, sir.”
He wasn’t due to report to the next assessment until 13:00 hours. Instead of going to wait in the Aurek common room, he set his steps towards medical.
He couldn’t stop injuries from happening, but he knew how to handle scars.
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Journey to Italy
Tumblr media
This is the first of three (3) fics I will be posting before going on break. One would think the least I could do was make the story a trilogy or give you folks updates on existing stories. But I didn’t do that.
Instead, you guys are getting angsty Riam (set in my Timing AU);  
Squid Game is almost complete (and I know a lot of Salesman fics are out there, but I am neither smutting him with young(er) girls nor is it set within the series current timeline;
And last but not least ... a Drake Walker birthday fic.  
Kicking this off with #Riam.  
I already know this plotline has been done before … several times over. Just tossing my hat in the ring here. Any similarities to any already posted story within the PB fandom on any platform is strictly and purely coincidental.  
Thank you to all who laid eyes on this in part and in whole. Your feedback and suggestions mean the absolute world to me!!  
To all who will read this, THANK YOU! Your likes, comments, reblogs are appreciated so much more than you know. Please excuse any and all typos, missing/extraneous words, and/or any grammatical errors.  
All characters belong to Pixelberry.  
Song Inspiration: Love Comes Tumbling, U2:
Love Comes Tumbling (Remastered 2009) - YouTube
The high-speed, electric train sped along rails and tightly hugged rounded curves as it sped towards its destination of Italy. Riley Brooks’ eyes flickered between the pages of her book and the passing scenery: greenery, cloud-capped mountains she had to crane her neck to see, the occasional flower-filled meadow.  
The train car was silent and empty, save for her.  
Just the way she wanted.  
Riley needed a break from the constant crowd of nobles; there were far too many passengers and not enough train cars. Riley needed space and quiet.  
She still hadn’t fully processed Coronation night.  
Tariq was still running loose and roaming free somewhere in the world.  
She couldn’t stand to see the man she was in love with doing things with his fiancée that he should be doing with her: holding hands, kissing for the cameras, sightseeing international icons, posing for an engagement portrait.  
Planning a wedding.  
Riley impatiently wiped away an errant tear that had managed to slip out of the corner of her left eye as she swallowed over the sudden lump in her throat.  
A food cart sat in the aisle next to her seat; carafes of iced tea and cold water, a bowl of sliced olives and cashews, and a plate of cracked wheat wafers topped with Swiss cheese, sliced turkey, avocado, and pepperoni sat upon it. She wasn’t particularly hungry but snacking while reading was a long-time habit she wasn’t interested in breaking.  
Riley was eagerly flipping a page in her book when she heard the car doors open with a soft whoosh; she heard the steady cadence of footsteps against the carpeted floor and knew exactly who it was. She hoped they would sit far away from her.  
They didn’t.  
The sleeve of his dark blazer brushed against the brass handle of the trolley as the passenger squeezed past Riley to take the window seat next to her. She tucked her legs against the seat, her feet rising on tiptoes to give the unwanted visitor room to pass. Once he was seated and settled, he shrugged out his jacket before looking out the window; she went back to reading her book.  
Moments passed, stilted and awkward.
“I’ve missed you,” he whispered into the quiet.  
Riley ran fingertips through her tangled curls; with a sigh, she folded down the edge of the page she was reading. She sat up in her seat, her neck turning her head so she could take in the King’s profile.
His head leaned against the chair’s headrest, his midnight-colored locks a stark contrast to the light-beige leather. His eyes were closed, lashes resting upon the dark circles beneath them; his broad shoulders were slumped. His very demeanor screamed exhaustion.
“Are you hungry? Riley asked in reply. “You want something to eat?”
Liam’s head titled to one side as he contemplated her questions. After a brief interlude, he nodded. He opened his eyes and sat upright at Riley’s nudge. In her extended hand was a cracker topped with ingredients he wasn’t sure he recognized or thought went together. His eyes squinted at the offering before his gaze traveled to her glossy lips, then to her eyes which held an inscrutable emotion.  
Taking them both by surprise, Liam’s head swooped; his lips snatched a kiss from Riley’s, who pulled away from him with widened eyes and quickened breath.  
“What was that for?” she asked as she pushed the snack closer into his face.  
“Luck,” he replied as he took a big bite.
Three crackers later, Liam held his hand up, indicating he wanted no more. He did accept the glass of water from Riley; he drank noisily, as if parched. After setting the glass back on the cart, she rose from her seat, looking down at Liam with a puzzled expression when he tugged on her arm.  
“I’ll be back,” she vowed as she headed to the bathroom.  
His eyes were imploring, anguish marring his features. “You promise?”
Riley’s motions stilled momentarily. “Far be it from me to give you a dose of your own medicine, my King,” she replied tightly before resuming walking.  
Liam’s eyes watched her leave, the soft knit of her wide-legged pants flattering the curves of her hips and ass. Her name spilled from his lips: remorseful, frustrated, pleading. Riley didn’t respond.  
She didn’t need to.  
Liam’s head thudded against the leather headrest just as his phone rang. He fumbled for it in his pocket, pulling it out to see who was calling. He answered, putting the phone to his ear.  
“Countess,” he greeted in a dull tone.  
“Lunch is in less than an hour. Where are you?” Madeleine demanded.  
“I’m aboard the train. Continue without me, I do not have much of an appetite.”
“The Duke of Ramsford will be joining us to discuss the itinerary for Italy. He has some excellent suggestions.”
Liam rolled his eyes. “You are more than capable of managing His Grace, Madeleine. I need … time right now.”
“You agreed that duty would come before that,” Madeleine reminded him.
“LUNCH is NOT a duty!”
Silence. Liam swore he could hear the Countess’ eyebrow raise. When she spoke, her tone was measured.  
“The three of us are in this predicament now because you chose to jump on the media bandwagon and join the rest the of the country in ostracizing an innocent woman, Liam.”
“I WAS PROTECTING HER!” Liam yelled into the phone. “I’m still protecting her the best I can. She shouldn’t die because someone has a vendetta against the Crown.”
He heard slow clapping from the other end of the phone. “Bravo! You saved her life, and all it cost was two women their dignity: one is a crown chaser and the other a whore.”
Liam felt his heart clutch; anger and disappointment flooded his body. With a strangled cry, he threw the phone against the floor. He then lifted his foot and slammed the heel of his wingtip against the phone’s screen. His head lifted when he heard the lavatory’s door open before clicking shut.  
Riley walked past him, sitting at the window seat in the aisle across from him. Their gazes held: hers steady and indifferent, his imploring.  
“You’re too far away,” he whispered.  
“I’m not far enough away,” Riley retorted as she looked out the window.  
They were passing through a small village; Riley focused on the metal spire of a white, wooden church. She turned when she felt Liam settle next to her, draping his jacket around her shoulders.  
“In case you’re cold,” he offered in explanation.
She turned back around, trying to ignore the feel of his firm fingers and hands on her body.  
“I’m sick and tired of this, Liam. So tired.”  
“I’ll hold you until you fall asleep,” he replied as he pulled her back against his front, his hands clasping protectively around her waist.
“No.” She escaped his embrace and scooted closer to the window, weathered gray tombstones now capturing her attention.  
Liam heaved a sigh.”  I wish you would talk to me instead of arguing at me. We can get through this, Riley but you have to communicate!”
She pulled the lapels of his jacket tighter around her chest. “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.” She looked over her shoulder. “And it would be me celebrating my engagement to you.”
Riley looked out the window again. Barren fields with patches of browned grass. She spoke again.  
“You need to go. Luncheon will be served soon.”
“Will you be there?” Liam asked, almost hopefully, as his fingertips ran through her curls.  
She shook her head. “I’ve eaten.”
“Riley …”
“Just go, Liam. Leave me. Again.”
Liam stared helplessly at the back of Riley’s hair. He wanted to say so much:  
That he was stupidly in love with her, and it made him do foolish things. That he had reacted instead of responded on Coronation Night. He had never meant to isolate her, but he no longer knew who was friend and who was foe. That he prayed to God incessantly for wisdom to resolve the situation, and for Riley’s safety.  
But he didn’t.  
It would simply cause another argument between them.
He needed to show, not say.  
With tears in his eyes, Liam stood. “If that’s your desire …”
Quietness while Liam retrieved his broken phone and Riley furiously blinked back tears. She shied away from his touch when he tried to remove his blazer from her shoulders.  
“Leave it. Please.”
He nodded, turned on his heel, and walked up the hall to the train car doors. The King’s gait conveyed he was emotionally spent and defeated. So much so, he didn’t bother to chance one last look over his shoulder as he exited.  
He didn’t hear Riley’s sobs as the doors quietly shut behind him.  
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long-boy-in-the-soup · a year ago
Between Light & Dark
Your Guardian has made a list of the things they wish they could say to you.
"I’m sorry for shutting you out." "I don’t know if I can face going back home." "I’m on a rampage, and I’m scared of hurting you.”
"Why did you choose me? You deserve better than what I’ve become." "I wouldn’t blame you if you left me." "I wish you’d look me in the eyes again." Every day, the list grows longer. “Don’t leave. Please don’t leave me." "Am I still me?" "I’m scared you’ll lose me to this."
“I love you”
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bushmonsterr · 2 years ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
izuku haunts class 1-a chapter 1 by @theartisticgamer
sO YEAH, this is what i imagine the scene would look like when baku interacted with ghost izuku and also cuz i cant help myself from drawing these sad beans uwu. Again, toTALLY Recommend for yall to read if soft, angst, izuku being babey and dADzawa is your jam ;DDD
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tissaias-lover · 8 months ago
𝓲 𝔀𝓪𝓷𝓽 𝔂𝓸𝓾 𝓽𝓸 𝓸𝓭 𝓻𝓲𝓰𝓱𝓽 𝓫𝓮𝓼𝓲𝓭𝓮 𝓶𝓮
Sally Mckenna x Reader
Taglist: @imstacysmomtm @[email protected] @in-cordelias-coven @loverofallthingssarah
major trigger warning for: drug overdose, mentions of drugs (specifically heroin), description of a dead body, and suicide.
I finally managed to unlock the door to our crappy motel. My hands shake from an exhilarating combination of exhaustion and drunkenness. We all have our vices; Sally and I choose to live our lives dancing on the edge of destruction. We keep each other on the cliff, a chaotic tango of danger and safety. The dim lights bathe our room in an ugly urine yellow that somehow manages to highlight the grimness and stains of hundreds of strangers. The silence and stillness of the room hits me like a punch to the gut. Normally at this time, Sally is a chaotic mess. She’s normally dancing around as the heroin spreads its joy through her veins. The bathroom door is only half closed, and the flickering of led light outside fills the tiny room with flashes of blood red.
She’s collapsed on the floor. Her gear is on the bathroom counter and from the look of things, she’s on a trip to wonderland. Throwing my bag towards the bed, I go to check on her. I’ll probably have to drag her to bed and then tend to her wounds while she complains tomorrow. As I crouch beside her; the room flashes blood red again. She’s too cold. She’s too distant. She’s an empty shell. Her pulse is long gone. My hurricane of chaos has danced too close to the edge and now she’s fallen. She’s gone. As the room rhythmically flashes, I picture the beautiful colour that used to grace her cheeks when I told my awful jokes. I picture the blood that used to flow through her veins and fill her with life. Now all I can think of is the heroin that flows through her veins like a parasite. It stole her from me. My beautiful Sally that flirted with danger and gave her life in exchange for one more trip to wonderland.
As my blurry eyes look up from her corpse, I see the solution. She left enough. I can follow behind her. We don’t have to be apart. I grab her gear with shaking hands. This is it. I can’t live without her. I won’t live without her. Gently, I unwrap the belt from her cold arm. There’s no backing out now. I always said if she died I’d follow right behind her. I don’t even feel the needle piercing my skin. I push the devil into my veins on autopilot. Laying down on the floor of this dirty and broken bathroom; I curl into the side of my dead lover. Soon I’m going to rejoin her.
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1. Clothing Swap
“We’ve inherited some of her…quirks. Including this senseless fondness for her friends. But not to worry. We will soon snuff that out.”
The large newt king decided not to ponder the implications of that all too zealously. Instead, he turned his attention to the gaping hole in the wall, left behind after Marcy’s so-called friends had vandalized his tapestry. The image of the music box on the wall should have filled him with pride, now that he’d at last restored his family’s honor, and would return Amphibia to its rightful place as a universal power. Instead, his feet felt heavy, and his eye kept turning to the small, fragile human beside him, standing tall with her arms behind her back, and smirking under a dark mask of blazing eyes.
“Bring Sasha to us.”
King Andrias frowned, but complied. He didn’t need to ask where the creature would be waiting for him. He had his soldiers deliver Sasha from the dungeons to his throne room, ignoring the girl’s glare. The Core had asked to see Sasha twice before, and had requested after the first visit that she remain gagged for the duration of all their future meetings. Andrias was more than happy to comply, but the expressiveness of her human features, particularly those eyebrows, still told the same story.
Andrias pushed through the door into the throne room, his gaze automatically drawn to the small girl sitting in his throne, examining a pink sword.
Sasha had to be shoved by a guard from behind as her eyes fell across the same scene. She’d met the Core, but had never met Darcy. There was a muffled call from beneath her gag that nearly made the king pause in his long, heavy steps towards his friend. Interesting. He had never seen her freeze before. Those reactions were normally reserved for small prey, not the powerful soldiers he’d come to liken Marcy’s friend to.
The newts prodded Sasha along with spears at her back, until she finally fell on her knees at the foot of the throne. Her eyes were watering, and her hands were bound behind her so that she couldn’t wipe the tears away. Andrias likewise kneeled before the Core.
The Core hadn’t actually responded to any of the noise they’d made yet, examining instead the hilt of the pink blade they held. Andrias cleared his throat once, then twice, then a third time, even louder.
The girl finally peered up, then clapped her hands together. “Sasha!”
She jumped down from the seat of the stone chair and leapt at her friend, the pink hilt still clutched in her hand. Fear and confusion flashed across Sasha’s face as the creature embraced her in a tight hug, and Sasha had instinctively moved to the side in case Marcy accidentally–or purposefully–impaled her with the blade. It was a smart move, considering the way she jerked and tripped with the wire attached to her as she pulled Sasha up to her feet.
Sasha hadn’t had time to decide whether the cheeriness actually meant Marcy wouldn’t kill her before the king rose from his kneeling. “As you commanded, the rebel captain, Sasha Waybright. What shall I do with her?”
Sasha said something that sounded mean-spirited, even muffled by the cloth gag. Marcy–Darcy–just laughed. “What should you do with her? After your pathetic display in our last battle, we wouldn’t trust you to put down a fly. No, we will handle her. You are dismissed.”
Andrias hesitated, and even Sasha’s resolve appeared to falter for a moment. She took a careful step away from the girl she knew as Marcy. Darcy didn’t appear to notice, or if they did, didn’t appear to care.
When the two were alone, Darcy lifted the pink sword, and brought it down just under Sasha’s chin. Sasha stood her ground, feet spread apart, watching as the girl who’d once been her ticket to a passing report card lifted a weapon to execute her.
She couldn’t help that she flinched as the cool metal touched her skin. The point of the sword pricked her chin, and for a moment, she thought Marcy had discovered some ultra quick and painless way of killing her by kebobing her brain on a sword. But then the sword slid under the cloth of her gag. There was some very Marcy-like grunting, and she peeked open an eye as the sharp side of the blade suddenly cut into her lip.
“Dang it, that is some thick cloth. Mental note, a knife would probably be smarter next time. Sorry, sorry, let me try again.” Marcy untied the cloth this time, the pink sword clattering to the ground at her feet. “Way less cool.”
Sasha stared at her, distinctly aware that her lip was slightly bleeding, and that she was crying again, and that none of that mattered because Marcy was alive somehow. Which, uh, probably had something to do with the large helmet of flaming eyes that seemed very…un-Marcy. She had delved into a variety of fashion phases outside of school, but this one seemed dark, even for her.
It was another moment before Sasha noticed the eye pulsing within Marcy’s breastplate, where only a few weeks ago, a sword had ripped through her after Sasha had promised to hold off the king.
“Marcy?” she almost choked on the name, hating that her legs were still shaking with distrust. She forced herself not to stare at her sword on the ground, maintaining incredulous eye contact with her friend, who she’d assumed to be dead for weeks now. The Core had told her otherwise, but from now on, she was only trusting what she could see with her own two eyes.
“Wrong!” She made a buzzing sound that was annoyingly good, like the buzzer at the end of a basketball game. Sasha frowned.
“Then who the hell are you?” she asked in a tone she hoped conveyed disinterest and not desperation.
“You know us as the Core. But we have finally perfected a way of taking a host. We are Darcy. A.K.A., Dark Marcy. And we have to admit, Marcy’s affection for you has made you somewhat more tolerable.”
“You brainwashed my friend, and you think a couple of backhanded compliments is going to get me to ignore that? I was the queen of backhanded compliments back home, and trust me. They don’t work.” Not in the long-term, anyway.
Darcy laughed, which angered Sasha even more. “We don’t want you to ignore us. We want to get rid of you. See, we have Marcy locked away right up here,” they said, tapping a side of their helmet, “and we can’t let her out until she trusts us.”
“Joke’s on you, then, freak. She’s too smart to trust you.” Sasha quietly began struggling with her bound hands behind her back, trying to do what Grimesy had taught her about escaping rope handcuffs. The reinforced spider silk burned as she twisted away at her restraints, but she didn’t allow that to show in her expression.
“We can be patient. We’ve waited over a thousand years for her. We can wait a little while longer. But we kept you alive to speed along the process.” Darcy leaned down and picked up the sword. Sasha cursed to herself.
“So your big plan was to keep me alive so you could make Marcy watch you kill me? That’s dumber than something Anne would come up with.” She could feel strands of the silk fraying against her wrist, if she could just buy a little more time.
“No, Sasha. We are going to let her watch you leave.”
Sasha stopped what she was doing, her mouth hanging slightly open as Marcy’s expression changed, the conceited smile disappearing into something tired. Marcy’s shoulders slumped, and then she staggered for a moment, and Sasha broke through her bonds as she instinctively rushed forward to catch Marcy, keeping her upright.
Her lip quirked in a real Marcy smile. “H-hey, Sasha.” She swayed on her feet, and Sasha carefully kept her hands on her shoulders to steady her.
“Marcy, I’m going to get you out of h–”
“There’s no time, Sasha. You need to leave. I don’t know what they’ll do to you if you stay, and I don’t want to find out. Take my cloak, it has the emblem of the Newtopian Knight Guard. They won’t let you out of the city without it. And then just–stay away from here. I’m so sorry, Sasha.”
“No, Marcy! I won’t leave you here with this thing, we can figure this out. You can figure this out, I know you can.” Believing in people always seemed to work for Anne in this world. It didn’t work now. She shook Marcy by the shoulders, but by then, she was gone, and Darcy had straightened up again, their mouth betraying boredom. They brushed Sasha’s hands from their shoulders.
“Her cloak is here. Now take it, and your sword, and be on your way, Sasha Waybright. This isn’t your fight any longer. It is all much bigger than you. But for Marcy’s sake, we will spare you, if you don’t get in our way.”
Sasha stared at Marcy’s mouth, at the alien’s indifferent, bored expression twisting her friend’s lips; Marcy had never looked bored by anything in her life, and yet, that would be Sasha’s last memory of her before leaving the castle. Even with her sword back in her hands, what could she do? Attacking the creature would mean hurting Marcy.
Anne was gone. Marcy was–gone. For now. Which meant that saving the world was up to her. I’ll be back for you, Marcy. She clasped Marcy’s cloak around her, pulled up the blue, fur-lined hood, and strode out into the wilderness, alone again.
Andrias eventually found Darcy playing with the pieces of Marcy’s old phone, and reading the scribbles of her diary.
“All of the prisoners are accounted for, except for Sasha Waybright.”
“Sasha won’t be a concern anymore.”
Andrias heaved a heavy sigh. “I’ll have her body removed from the throne room.”
“You’re an imbecile. Sasha isn’t dead. She’s free. Marcy will do anything for us if we don’t hurt her friends. And we have no intention of doing so. Things go so much more smoothly when we don’t lie to our guests, don’t you agree?”
For a moment, there was a small, sad, Marcy-like smile. Then the creature blinked, and it was gone.
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starmalevolence · 5 months ago
Rime's Lament
From new planes you walk, the children of the cosmos
I wish for the gifts
To trial far beyond
But sleep, as my eyes do wander, keeps me from the seven sons
For as an angel who's wings are burned,
I cannot get too close
For the stars have a different fate for us all
Bound together, we must stay
And in the streets we lay, dreaming of a life where we walk among gods
For life is simple, I cannot argue
I wouldn't give up what we have
For neither fate
Nor the stars
Can keep us
Just like gods
Nor the cosmos
Part for the tear of a single soul
Life goes on around the pain of a lost light, but fate keeps us together
For neither fate
Nor the stars
Can keep us
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stargazer-balladeer · a year ago
Dance with me again [Genshin Impact]
Tumblr media
[Xiao x Gender Neutral! Reader]
Notes: sighh the first thing i write and post after a while not updating is angst.. something is definitely wrong with my brain- also,, this is just a fun hc I thought of while I was sick- hope it makes sense tho 😞 my brain can be a mess sometimes— hshsh. Hope ya’ll like it!
Word Count: 487
Warning: Angst-
Tumblr media
Xiao closes his eyes as the wind pass through him, making his hair and some part of his clothes fly behind him. The scent of the sand-filled sea filled his nostrils as he took a deep breath. He slowly rose his right hand upwards in the air and the left float in front of him in a side U-shape. Then, his right feet started to move, then his left, soon he was dancing.
Even though it may seem crazy to anyone that would see him, but to him (and his fellow Adeptus), they knew exactly the hidden meaning behind his unusual behavior. He continued to dance, suddenly feeling someone in his arms. Although he wanted to open his eyes, he knew he can’t.
His lips formed into a small smile, already knowing who it was that appeared in his arms. “My, for an Adepti, who knew that you have two left feet.” He didn’t answer as he continued to move his feet, remembering the steps that was taught for him.
1, 2 and 3.. 1, 2 and 3 forward, backward, step right step left, spin-
“Hey, do you remember that time where Verr caught us stealing Almond Tofu in the kitchen?” Xiao smiles at the mentioned memory. It was a dark at that time, the moon was present. You two snuck into the kitchen to get some Almond Tofu when Verr Goldet caught you two in the act. Luckily, she let you two off the hook. It was a fun experience, Xiao admits.
Silence envelops the area. The only thing you could hear was the crunch of grass whenever Xiao’s boots hit the ground. His eyes were still closed as he continued to dance with the person in his arms.
“Hey Xiao.. won’t you open your eyes for me?” The voice was almost pleading. It was a temptation to Xiao, who really wants to open his eyes to stare at the person’s face. But he knew he can’t. “If I open them, then you’ll be gone.”
“... that’s my feet, Xiao.”
Xiao immediately retracted his feet as the person bursted out laughing. “That was not funny.” “Oh, but it is. Even after all these years, you’re still not good at dancing.” Xiao huffed. They effectively stopped dancing after Xiao stepping on their supposed ‘feet’. He sighed as he listened closely for the person, but all he got was wind rushing by.
“Hey, dance with me again, okay?” Drip. A tear rolled down his cheek as he grits his teeth. He couldn’t help it now. He wanted- no, needed to see them again. Even if its a glimpse, that was enough.
Xiao slowly open his amber eyes. “I love you, even if you can’t dance. Always keep me in you, okay?” “I love you too..” But what greeted his sight was nothing.
Now, throughout the valley and forest, a strangled yet broken scream can be heard.
Tumblr media
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abeelarts · 6 months ago
Human Au where Logan is addicted to alcohol. He drinks because he doesn't know how to deal with his emotions and uses alcohol to feel nothing and focus on working. He becomes friends with the others, and they help him notice that this is an unhealthy way of dealing with his emotions, encourage him to get help, and eventually learn to deal with his problems without drinking. I will probably never write this idea so if someone wants, feel free to write this fic.
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queenlilith43 · 8 months ago
I have 500 followers? Thanks y'all so much. I don't know if I want to do anything.
Wait I know what I want to do.
I'm posting an angsty Thule Malec fic
Reply to this if you want to be tagged/send an ask if you want to be tagged.
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sixofgrishas · 12 months ago
Here is your daily dose of helnik angst, go cry
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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