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#enjoy yourself
g-a-y-g-o-y-l-e · 9 hours ago
a possible term- sympathetic dissonance
its like cognitive dissonance, but about your instinctive sympathy towards something where thats maybe not so warranted. examples include: accidentally hitting a stuffed animal, killing a cute videogame creature for sustenance, the hypotheticals where youd have to kill the zombified corpse of a beloved friend, etc.
in none of these are you actually being unwarrantedly cruel, but it looks like you are to your hindbrain, so you feel bad about it.
#was thinking about how i may rewatch wrtvs boneworks vods in the near future#and remembered those little orb dudes you can kill where its not immediately clear if youre supposed to or not#and it turns out that while you CAN theres no reward for it and its just kinda sad#despite the fact that even in canon theyre not real. theyre very simple npc coding. they cant learn#whether or not they can 'feel' is a bigger existential question about what qualifies as feeling but#youre not like. actually harming a real living thing#that doesnt stop it from feeling fucking terrible tho#like its not morally bad to kill a videogame npc but it can really truly feel like it is at times#which is just a side effect of the fact we can enjoy games at all- its because on some level they DO feel real to us#you refer to your character as yourself. you talk to the npcs as if theyre people. you consider morals in simulated scenarios#the whole POINT of fiction is that we engage with it personally. without that noone would give a shit#even with more passive media such as tv youre still super invested in the series you like#anyways fiction affects reality etc etc#thats where most of sympathetic dissonance happens#it can happen outside of it- like damaging something cute but inanimate and feeling bad about it-#but most of it happens in fiction because fiction is inherently rife with it. heres these things you feel like are alive that arent#italked#itagged#original post#i dont really think about hypotheticals of real-life zombieness thats just a good example#since a huge part of the zombie lore is 'these look like people but arent and you need to defend yourself because they Wont Stop'#listening to the latest besties episode- the one in which russ is essentially described as a himbo and also best re game pt 2-#so zombies are on the brain. no pun intended
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jedi-mando · 13 hours ago
So I know people usually are not big on unsolicited advice. I myself am not big on it but also don't like to share when it's not asked for (even though it's difficult to stop sometimes as I don't even know I'm doing it). So consider this your warning; life experience advise below the cut.
TL;DR: Do not stop watching, reading or enjoying something because others opinions, especially those from past relationships. If it doesn't hurt anyone else wtf does it matter. Read it, watch it, love it. You're not alone someone else loves it too.
I'm 35 years old, I have had a myriad of life experiences and relationships. I have been married once and in two long term relationships twice. I also have a 14 year old son.
During my marriage the MCU began. Now most of my life I was a Star Wars nerd with a smidge of Star Trek. My father wasn't (still isn't) big on superheroes therefore I wasn't allowed to have them in the house. I went into watching Captain America First Avenger with zero backstory or knowledge but damn if I didn't cry at the loss of Bucky and when Steve went down into the water leaving Peggy behind.
My ex-husband made fun of me for crying at that. He continued to for months. Thankfully I left him in 2012.
Flash forward to the second long-term relationship I had and Beetlejuice/Pete made fun of me when I would express attachment to the characters. Mind you I left the relationship as a 30/31 year old. I still had no backstory and knowledge but I was enjoying it. Until he made me feel like crap about it. (I mean the man made me feel horrible about Hobbit: Five Armies ending even though I knew Turiel had no business being there and cried at Kili and her goodbye.)
So I stopped watching, even though I loved to watch it and explore this fandom and the DC fandom I stopped. Because I didn't want to be made fun of for my emotions, getting attached to the characters or being curious about the story line. I still bought the movies for my child and he grew up with them thankfully but I didn't watch them.
Until last year the last MCU movie I had seen was Guardians of the Galaxy 2. My son convinced me to sit down and watch Thor Ragnarok with him. Now we are watching everything in order and it's nice. The worse I get now is my teenage son handing me the box of tissues and making sure I'm okay.
I'm disappointed in myself that I let me talk myself into cutting off watching and learning these things. Now I'm excited because not only have I dove back into this fandom but I've started picking up the comic books. I'm discovering myself again and the love I have of these things.
It may hurt for a while after the relationship but don't avoid it all together if you enjoyed it before the relationship.
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cloverc0re · 21 hours ago
bones in shore leave is hilarious he’s like ya im ur night in shining armor i’ll protect u *stands completely still and gets a lance through the chest*
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asta-lily · a day ago
I've had like 48oz of alcohol within the last hour and I Am Tiny so I Am Wasted Ish but you're really nice and I love your writing ❤
Hahahahaha - this is the best (and first) drunk ask I have received, *sighs dreamily* it's like Frankies drunk voicemail, aaaaaa.
I love you @riddikulus-obsessions - you are always hyping me in my notifications... I see you 👀👀👀
But what do I call you? You don't have a name in your bio so.... Riddik??
Thank you dear Riddik, remember to have some water before you go to sleep so you don't get a bad head in the morning. Enjoy yourself 💙💙💙
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wlwreader · a day ago
Dancing with the Devil
A/N: Just a little preamble before you start reading. This Natalia is pretty different in the way she treats reader in this fic compared to my other fic for a few reasons(Devil’s Advocate. Not a necessary read for this one, but if you enjoy this fic you’ll definitely enjoy that one) I had kind of come up with like I guess my own little world. So I considered the black box+collar from my other fic to be a marriage proposal of sorts. You’re pretty much her soulmate, in that you’re souls are bound in a way after you’ve put the collar on. Yes in my world succubi and incubi can only take one mate, so you’re her personal juice box for eternity and she’s allowed to feel some type of way
Summary: You’re back where you belong.
Warning: Somnophilia, Dacryphilia, Voyeurism if you like squint real hard, Overstimulation, Ruined Orgasm, Oral Fixation again if you squint but not as hard, Kitten/Pet and Mistress calling, oh and uh Tail Fucking
WC: 5.2K+
Pairing: Succubus!Natasha Romanoff x Fem!Reader
Days pass in a blur after that night, Natalia having burrowed her way into your every thought, forcing you to continue your life on autopilot. Even in your dreams she haunts you, mind plagued with visions of gleaming red eyes and that devilish grin that always sends your pulse racing (for reasons you refuse to admit to yourself). You try desperately to convince yourself that there has to be a reason she won’t leave your mind, that she must’ve put some kind of hex on you or maybe it’s some lingering effect from being railed by a succubus, anything other than you wanting her. You can’t want her, not when the only way you’ll ever be able to see her again is becoming some sort of sex slave...forever. In any other context, being someone’s fuck toy for the rest of your life would be nice, might even be considered ideal, not having to worry about your financial state and the promise of good sex. But forever with an immortal being? There’s really only one way for you to interpret that and eternity is a terribly long time to be someone’s personal plaything...right?
You shouldn’t even have to try to convince yourself that it’s something you don’t want. No matter how sinfully good she is with her mouth or how she seems to know all the right angles to hit just the right spot that leaves your toes curling and your eyes rolling towards the back of your head or how-
You flop back onto your bed with a groan, trying to stop that train of thought from progressing any further before you’re doomed imagining all the things you want Natalia to do to you for the rest of the night. A sigh slips past your lips as you roll on your side, ready to force yourself to fall asleep, when your gaze lands on the small black box that still rests on your bedside table and all your dirty thoughts come rushing back to the forefront of your mind, followed by a faint throbbing between your legs.
A hand trails subconsciously down to the apex of your thighs, eyes falling shut when you find your slit, slick with want. Your mind wanders from scene to scene, each wildly different from the last, but all of them featuring Natalia. Your breath slips past your lips in soft pants as you circle your clit, free hand tracing a path up your abdomen to grope your breast for a moment before you’re tweaking your nipple, back arching with a quiet moan.
Your fingers dip down, sinking into your leaking hole, when you hear a shuffling noise followed by a soft click. Immediately, you freeze, eyes wide as you sit up and scan your dimly lit room. No one...not a person or creature in sight. The windows are closed and still looked to be locked after squinting through the darkness of your bedroom for a long second and your door doesn’t seem to have been opened. You look around your room again, hand reaching out in the dark for any kind of semi-heavy object you could use as a potential weapon, when it meets the now open top of the box sitting on your nightstand.
Was she here now? Watching you? Have you been on her mind just as much as she’s been on yours?
A shiver runs up your spine, a smile teasing the corners of your mouth at the thought as you sweep one last look around your quiet bedroom. You reach for the lamp on your bedside table, turning it on while you eye the lacy black collar proudly on display resting inside the box before gently scooping it out, the small bell attached to the front ringing and clinking against the name tag. Your fingers trace over the red stitching lining the top and bottom, then down to tug on the matching red bow and around the back to undo the small ribbon that ties the two ends together.
You pause for a brief moment, reconsidering, but the throbbing of your clit is far louder than that little voice of reason trying desperately to coax you back to thinking clearly and so without any further hesitation, you wrap the collar around your neck and secure it in place. 
The silence of your bedroom is almost deafening as you wait...and wait…..and wait, til the ache that’s taken home between your legs expands, enveloping you whole.
The bell on your collar rings with your movements as you lay back, the sound muffled by the thrumming of your heart pounding in your ears. You ignore your hurt feelings (whatever feelings those may be) and focus on the wetness that’s gathered at the apex of your thighs, fingers fucking into yourself long into the night until you fall asleep, your hand tucked into your bottoms and the collar still resting around your throat.
Your dreams are more vivid than usual, almost as if replaying the memories and sensations of your night with Natalia. Images of her head buried between your legs, the vague feeling of hands gripping your hips, soft hair tickling the insides of your thighs and the warmth of a mouth teasing your slit has you squirming in your sleep. 
The throbbing of your clit slowly lulls you awake, the feeling of fingers pushing into your heat pulling a shaky, high-pitched whine from your lips while your hands subconsciously reach down to tangle in soft waves (your fingers brushing against something famillarily ridged and curved has your heart fluttering happily) and pull that heavenly mouth back towards your clit. 
A tittering laugh has you finally dragging your eyes open and you’re blessed with a view of a grinning Natalia, pointed teeth on display and her crimson eyes twinkling with amusement.
“Did you miss me, kitten?” The words come out low and muffled, Natalia not waiting for an answer as she presses her face back in towards your cunt and dragging one of her fangs gently across your clit.
Your back arches, bell on your collar jingling softly as you throw your head back into the pillows beneath you, an intense orgasm rushing through you without warning, your clit unexpectedly sensitive. Fuck...just how long has she been buried between your legs before you were dragged from your dreams?
Muscles relaxing, you land on the soft black silken sheets with a blissful sigh, her husky chuckle ringing pleasantly in your ears. Your hands fall away as Natalia trails burning kisses across the insides of your thighs, her breath cooling your slick and sweat covered skin when she speaks, “It’s about time you woke up, pet.”, her lips continue their path, bruises slowly blooming beneath her touch as she sucks and nips along your hips, up your stomach to trace the shape of your breasts before she mouths at the stiffened peaks, teeth capturing your nipple and tugging. Air hisses out past your lips as her fangs dig into your sensitive skin, your hands finding her fiery hair again. The onslaught of kisses continues up your throat until she pulls you into a heated kiss, her tongue slipping past your lips and you can’t help the whimper you let out when you taste yourself.
Natalia pulls back, air fanning across your face from her huff of quiet laughter as you chase her lips, eyes still closed. When you meet her gaze you’re almost shocked to see how vibrant the red of her irises are, as if they’re almost glowing, until your gaze sweeps up to admire her obsidian like horns, reminding yourself that she’s a succubus and she IS feeding off of your sexual energy. For the first time, you wonder what kind of power she holds.
She shifts to straddle you, the feeling of her hot, dripping cunt resting against your stomach pulling you out of your thoughts. Your hands reach out to grip her bare thighs, but a raise of her eyebrow has you dropping them uselessly at your sides as you’re reminded who’s in charge. She shifts again, hips subtly rolling with a breathy sigh falling from her mouth before speaking, “Although I can’t really complain about you sleeping so long. Not when you taste so…”, she pauses, tongue snaking out to drag across her plush lips, “Devine.” she practically purrs, eyes hooded while the corner of her mouth pulls up into that devilish smirk that has your pussy clenching.
Natalia’s hips rock down again, dragging her clit across your stomach before she leans back, hands braced above your knees as she starts grinding down in earnest, eyes falling shut. You’re enraptured by the sight, eyes flitting from her beautiful face, delicate features scrunched in pleasure; down to her heaving chest, perky breasts and pebbled nipples prominently on display. Slowly, your gaze falls further down along her body, taking in every inch of smooth flawless skin and soft curves, your mind consumed by thoughts of how utterly perfect she is, as if she were sculpted by god themself, before your eyes land on the trail of slick coating your stomach and Natalia’s puffy, leaking cunt while her hips continue to rock against you. You can practically feel your mouth water at the sight, an involuntary whine slipping past your lips as you realize just how much you crave to finally taste her, to please her.
Her breathy laugh has your eyes shooting back up to meet her vivid crimson stare, cocky smile on display when she teases you,
“What is it kitten? Are you not enjoying the view?” 
You can’t stop the heat shooting to your face as you try to remember how to actually speak, mouth moving before your brain can form an actual sentence and tripping you up on your words. She laughs again at your stammering, clearly amused by her toy.
“I..I wanna-- c-can I taste you, Mistress?” desperation seeps through your voice as you lie underneath her, fists balled in the sheets trying hopelessly to fight the urge to reach out and touch her.
Natalia grins, pearly fangs catching the light and drawing your attention, just in time to watch her tongue flick out to wet her plush lips. The way her red gaze takes you in sends a shiver down your spine and you can’t help the way the blood rushes to your face or the way your heart stutters in your chest.
“Please…” the word leaves your mouth in a whimper and Natalia’s eyes soften just a tad, though her wicked smirk is still painted across her lips.
She hums, hands moving from the tops of your thighs to run up along the sides of your chest; lithe fingers dancing across your ribs to cup your breasts and tweak your nipples, pulling a whine from the back of your throat, “I suppose I could put that pretty little mouth of yours to work finally,” her hands continue their path, nails tracing up the column of your throat and toying with tag on your collar. She’s watching you intently, eyes soaking in your flushed and disheveled appearance, thumb dragging across your bottom lip. Your mouth parts and in a trance-like state, you nip the digit, tongue teasing the tip of her thumb before enveloping it in the warmth of your mouth. Natalia’s pupils seem to dilate further than before, the inky blackness slowly swallowing the red of her irises. You watch as she shakily exhales and the pride that swells in your chest has your tongue working her finger just that much more, eyes falling shut as you start to lose yourself in the motions. The squeeze of her strong thighs as she grinds her heated cunt harder against your stomach reminds you of the question you had just asked and you look up, your gaze meeting nothing but black as she stares back at you.  “Would you like that, pet?”
The words leave her mouth in a breathy exhale and she hasn’t even finished speaking before you’re rapidly shaking your head yes, eyes trying their best to convey how much you ache to serve her. You watch hungrily as her soaked cunt nears your face, Natalia’s hands tangling in your hair and tugging your head to meet her wet folds.
“Then make that greedy mouth useful.”
You don't have to be told twice, not when you’ve been plagued with dreams and fantasies of her soaking your face in her cum, and eagerly your tongue flicks out to trail along her puffy lips a few strokes before parting them with deeper licks. She sinks down with a hum, pussy pushing further into your mouth as her nails scratch at your scalp. The taste and sensation of her cunt dragging along your tongue is almost enough to have your eyes rolling to the back of your head. You’ve never tasted someone so sweet and you can’t stop yourself from gripping her thighs and thrusting your tongue into her quivering hole with a greedy groan, trying to lap up as much of her wetness as you can. 
The heady moan you’re rewarded with sends a pulsing heat straight to your clit. Her hands tighten their grip in your hair, hips slowly rolling along your mouth as you reverently devour her cunt, eyes closed in pure bliss while your tongue fucks her leaking hole.
You can hear Natalia’s heavy breathing above you as she uses you for her pleasure, the soft moans cascading from her parted lips are interrupted by a gasp when you finally manage to pull yourself away from the never ending slick dripping from her cunt to latch your mouth around her neglected clit. You suck, tongue lashing out to tease the swollen bud before she’s bearing down on you with a loud keening moan, powerful hands holding your head in place as she grinds her clit against your willing mouth.
“Fuuuck, that’s right kitten,” her rasping voice is shaky and your cunt throbs, knowing you’re the reason why, “eat my pussy like it’s your last supper.”
Her words pull a whine from the back of your throat, the vibrations shooting straight to her sensitive clit and the sound that leaves her mouth has you seeing stars as you cum; thighs squeezed together, pussy clenching around nothing as you shudder and moan under her. 
Who knew demons could make such desperate pitiful noises?
Your orgasm doesn’t go unnoticed, if the tail teasing your twitching hole and the trembling laugh above you are anything to go by.
“Enjoying this, are we?” You don’t have to open your eyes to know she’s smirking, you can hear the smugness in her voice even as it wavers with every roll of her hips. “If I knew how ea-” she cuts herself off with a deep rumbling moan as you easily sink two fingers into her wet heat, digits immediately curling up to search along her walls for the spot you know will reduce her into a quivering, moaning mess.
Her tail pushes into your soaked slit as a dragged out yes hisses out past her teeth. The way Natalia’s hips buck against your fingers and mouth fucks her slick tail into just the right spot inside your fluttering cunt and soon your muffled moans join hers in a sinful symphony as she takes what she wants from you.
“Oh, you’re going to make me cum, pet.”
The words renew what little willpower you have left and with great effort, you stave off your impending orgasm to force your eyes open and focus on fucking your Mistress. You’re blessed with a sacred sight. Her back is arched beautifully, pushing her hungry cunt as far into your mouth and fingers as she can and putting her perky, full breasts on perfect display for your greedy eyes. Your free hand is reaching out without a thought and you watch as Natalia’s mouth falls open, freeing her bottom lip from between her fangs, while her brows furrow and her nose scrunches up in pleasure. You squeeze her tit, appreciating the softness under your palm and watch as her chest stutters, her breath faltering for a second before picking up again. Experimentally, you drag a nail against her pebbled nipple then take it between your fingers and pinch. 
Her nails dig into your scalp as she smothers her pussy against your face til you can’t breathe and you’re sure you’re going to die, suffocating happily between her thighs when she freezes on top of you. You feel the tell tale signs of her upcoming orgasm when her walls flutter around your digits, desperately trying to pull them deeper and eagerly you drag your fingers from her quivering hole to join your other hand in their ministrations so that your tongue can once again taste the saccharine-like slick. The thighs encasing your head tighten as your tongue plunges and curls in her cunt until Natalia is gasping out a moan and her cum soaks your face.
If you thought her pussy tasted heavenly, you’re sure her cum is the nectar for the gods. Your eyes roll back as you lap at the mouth watering wetness leaking from her, your own cunt spasming as her tail frantically fucks into your sopping hole until you're sure she’s hitting your womb with every thrust. 
Natalia has stopped shaking atop you, her hands and thighs loosening their hold around your head but she doesn’t make a move to get off you. In fact, her hips are rolling along your mouth again as you practically sob against her cunt from the intense pleasure between your own legs. Your hands grip desperately at her hips and thighs, eyes squeezed shut as you futilely try to chase your orgasm. You’re so close, god, you’re so close, but the edge stays just out of arm's reach and you can’t stop the tears gathering in the corners of your eyes, nor can you stop them from falling, disappearing into your hairline and rolling down to join the mix of slick and cum coating your face as you cry and writhe pathetically under your her.
“You cry so cutely for me, kitten.” She purrs, “Let Mistress see those pretty, tearful eyes.”
The wild thrusting of her tail has died down to a slow crawl, dragging you away from the peak you were so pitifully chasing and so, with a whimpering sniffle, you dutifully open your eyes to meet Natalia’s pitch black gaze.
You can see the shiver of pleasure that runs through her body as you stare up at her with sad wet eyes, a shudder of your own wracking your body at her hum of “Good girl.” when you give her sensitive clit and cunt small kitten licks to clean up the rest of her cum. Her hands brush away any of your wayward hairs from your face before she drags a thumb along your temple, collecting your tears on the digit. You watch as she slowly brings her thumb to her mouth, gazes locked as her tongue slips past her lips to teasingly lick the salty liquid away with a quiet moan. 
Your pussy clenches around her tail at the sight, her tail twitching inside you in response and briefly you wonder if she can actually feel pleasure fucking you with it before you’re completely pulled from your thoughts as her pace starts up again.
With a sigh, she drags her cunt away from your soaked mouth and immediately your loud moans fill the once quiet room. Her body slides pleasurably against yours as she moves to lie atop you, chests pressed together and legs tangled as her tail continues to pump into your soaked hole. The tip of her nose trails your collarbone then up along the column of your throat, breathing in the scent of sex. Your hands tangle in the soft fiery waves of Natalia’s hair as she kisses above the collar resting against your neck before sucking the unblemished skin between her lips to bite and mark and claim and fuck your pussy just gushes at the thought of being her’s.
You lick your lips, a whine pulling from deep within your chest at the taste of your Mistress still coating your face, bringing you just that much closer to the edge. The appendage fucking into you twists and writhes in ways you’ve only ever felt her tongue do, but the added thickness of her tail has you hurtling towards climax, head thrown back, collar jingling as you press your neck further into her greedy mouth.
Your eyes are screwed tightly shut and your pussy quivers painfully, walls sore from the constant fluttering, and just as you start to crest the peak, her tail slips itself from inside you and your hole clenches miserably around nothing while you cum. You’re already crying again when your body relaxes, sobs bubbling past your lips at the ache between your legs and the still pent up frustration your ruined orgasm failed to rid you of.
Natalia pulls away from your bruised neck to admire her work, mouth parted in quiet awe at the sight of her cum covered, sweat soaked, crying pet; and reverently, she kisses along your jaw and cheeks, tongue lapping at the mix of cum, slick, and tears that coat your face, whispers of how pretty you look when you cry gracing your ears.
She leans back when she finishes cleaning your face of her mess and your eyes finally open again when nothing happens after, tears still trailing slowly along your temples and disappearing into your hair as you sniffle, just to find her watching you keenly. Only when your gazes meet does her tail dip down between your legs to sink into your poor sensitive cunt once more. It’s gentle in its movements, but that doesn’t stop the fresh wave of tears from welling up in your eyes as the pain ever so slowly starts to outweigh the pleasure. 
Your eyes squeeze shut, the tears that gathered there cascading in rivlets along your face, as the tail brushes along your walls, pressing into your g-spot. You can hear the click of Natalia’s tongue in disapproval as she tuts you.
“Keep your eyes open for me, kitten.” 
Fuck her voice is so sultry and rasping and you can’t stop your cunt from tightening painfully around the thickness inside of you at the sound. Her tail thrusts a little harder, hitting something inside you and pulling a choked sob from the back of your throat.
“Don’t make me repeat myself.” The words are growled into your ear and your eyes fly open. You can feel her tail twitch inside you again while she takes in your whimpering cries, tearful face, and sad desperate eyes. She plunges her tail deep within you again and you wail out in painful pleasure, eyes forced shut as your head tilted back into the bed.
There’s a low trembling groan from above you and before you have the chance to open your eyes once more, Natalia’s mouth is on yours, swallowing every whine and wail as her tail fucks into you deeply, twisting to hit every pleasurable, painful spot inside your pussy. Your hands tighten in her hair, holding her against you while you sob into her mouth, and your legs untangle from hers to wrap around her waist.
You’re close again, so painfully close and you don’t know whether you want her to finish you off or ruin your orgasm again, not when you know both options are going to hurt, but you don’t get to choose. You never had an option in the first place. Your Mistress knows just what she wants from you and she’ll take it, no matter what you say.
“I want you to cum for me.” She’s trembling, pressed against you, voice thick and shaky with pleasure and you nod frantically. She buries her face against your chest, mouth marking every available inch of skin within her reach. Your crying is louder without her tongue to muffle you and with every sniffle and sob, you can feel her tail jerk inside your trembling cunt. Natalia latches her mouth onto one of your nipples, pointed teeth burying into sensitive flesh and your fingers digging into the base of her horns as you cum with a keening wail. 
You can feel more than hear her cum with you as her moans ring through your chest, her tail squirming in your aching hole. Your pussy bears down on it, nails scratching at her scalp and catching on the ridges of her horns trying desperately to stop the painful pleasure wracking your body. The thickness inside you thrashes when your fingers scramble along the ribbed protrusion on her head and your sluggish mind slowly puts the two together, hands dropping to clutch at the nape of her neck and drag her into a sloppy kiss.
The moment your hands leave Natalia’s horns, her tail stops writhing and you breathe a sigh of relief into her mouth. Your lips disconnect as she pulls back slightly and when you open your eyes finally, you’re met with the quite literally glowing red eyes of your Mistress. As gently as she can, her tail slides out of your aching pussy, watching as your face pinches in pain at the soreness and she kisses your furrowed brow, nose brushing along your forehead and temple as she trails her lips down to press more kisses along the apples of your cheek and your scrunched up nose. 
It’s all so unexpectedly soft and distracts you enough from the burning stretch of the bulging end of her tail when she pulls the last few inches out that you don’t even cry out, though she’s quick to kiss away any silent tears that escape because of the pain.
“Are you okay?” Natalia breathes out. She’s watching you closely, intently, and when you nod yes, you’re blessed with your first genuine smile. No cocky devilish smirks or seductive, hooded eyed smiles. Just the smallest of quirks play on the corners of her lips, but it’s enough to have you staring up at her in silent reverence.
“Good.” She whispers and then, “Can you talk?”
“Y-yes.” The words come out quiet, hoarse, and trembling, your throat raw from all your crying.
You clear your throat and try it again, “Yes Mistress.” it’s just as rough as your first try, but at least the shakiness is gone.
“Good girl.” She’s still whispering, voice soft while she takes you in before she finally rolls off of you to sit up against the headboard of the bed. She’s patting the open spot between her legs, an invitation or a silent command, you’re not sure but you move your tired body to rest against her’s anyway. Your back is pressed against her front, your head rests against her pillowy breasts while her’s rests atop your own, chin pressed to the crown of your head and her left arm wrapping around to secure you against her. Her free hand stretches out in front of both of you and you watch in amazement as a fresh, cool glass of water appears right before your eyes in her outstretched hand, complete with a red striped straw.
She’s bringing it up to your mouth urging you to take the cup from her, her voice gentle against your ear, “Drink this for me, kitten.” 
You nod and do as you’re told, taking the refreshingly cold water from Natalia to start sipping and watching while two, what you think are, rags appear in her once again outstretched hand.
“Hold this.” She’s handing you one and you grab it with your free hand, feeling the warm damp cloth between your fingers and you think you can feel your heart melt when you realize what she’s doing. Slowly, she guides your legs open, not one word said while she dutifully and carefully drags the warm rag across the insides of your thighs, cleaning the drying slick from your skin. She trails the fabric closer to your sore center, just barely brushing your outer lips as she cleans the apex of your thighs, before running it along your overly sensitive slit as softly as she can, hushing you quietly when you whine and squirm. 
You can feel her press a kiss to the top of your head as she finishes, then she’s leaning back, left hand under your chin tilting your head, your bell twinkling softly, to look up at her while her right is taking the second rag from you. Her eyes follow her hand as she slowly sweeps the cooling rag across your lower face, wiping away any remaining remnants of cum coating your cheeks and chin. When she finishes, she gives you another kiss, this one lingering on your forehead.
The used rags vanish and she hums as she brushes stray hair from your face and you can’t help but to stare up at her with big doe eyes, melting under her gentle touch. You can feel the chuckle build in her chest before it flows richly from her full lips and you can hear the amusement that tints her voice when she speaks again, “Finish your water, kitten.” 
Despite everything that’s just happened, you still feel your cheeks heat in embarrassment as you quickly go back to drinking your water. It only takes you a few more seconds before you finish your glass.
“Would you like more?” You shake your head no and the glass disappears from your hand. “Do you need anything else, pet?” Her hands are softly stroking along your sides, stomach, and thighs, fingers massaging into any sore muscles they find.
“No, Mistress.” You’re quiet as you speak though your thoughts are loud, overcome with questions that soon fall into the recesses of your mind when she starts to shift lower onto the bed. 
Natalia pulls you over her while she settles onto her back, tucking you into her side and wrapping her arm around your waist, pulling you flush against her. You don’t hesitate to bury your face against her neck, your collar ringing with the movement and her chin resting against your head once more. Your leg and arm are thrown across her and you snuggle as close as you can with a content, sleepy sigh. She’s humming some soft unknown tune quietly, hands tracing patterns into your back and vaguely, you register the slithering sensation of her tail wrapping itself along your leg.
Briefly, your mind flashes back to the Natalia that left you in your bed all those nights ago with her cum leaking from between your legs and you can’t help the words that fly from your mouth.
“I didn’t know demons were into aftercare.”
She huffs a laugh, the air hitting the top of your head, and you hide your smile against her skin when she replies, “I’m a succubus, kitten, not evil.”
She must feel your mouth open against her, because before any sound can escape your parted lips, she’s shushing you. 
“I know you must have lots of questions, pet.” You hum a yes when she pauses waiting for your reply, then continues on, “I thought so. But now is the time for sleep.” One of her hands leaves the expanse of your back to run through your hair, nails dragging pleasantly along your scalp and you feel as she leans down, lips brushing across your forehead as she whispers. “I promise I’ll answer all your questions in the morning.” A kiss, then “Now, go to sleep kitten.”
You do, a small smile stuck to your lips.
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@graciesabram It's your birthday so . . . I drew you flowers.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
and this too
Tumblr media
'cause you know, I still love you<3 Happy Birthday!
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midnight-raven · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Rebels/Disney One-Shots: Show Yourself
Based on my Rebels/Disney AU: Show Yourself
Recently I've been suffering from Writers' Block and couldn't conjure the inspiration to continue a lot of my stories. To pass the time, I began thinking of moments with the Rebels/Disney AU's I created and decided to make it a thing.
I will be writing my favorite scenes from each prompt, and take requests from your favorite scenes as well.
To start off, a Musical Number!
Ahtohallan was more beautiful than Ezra could have ever imagined. The large glacier stood tall over the large frozen Dark Sea.
Ezra stood on the frozen-over ocean, just in front of the large river of ice.
For so long, he wanted to know why he was born this way, with his abilities. And now that he had a chance to find out… Ezra was scared.
Trust yourself, Kanan's voice echoed in his mind.
Oh, how he wished the man could go with him, but Ezra knew that this was a journey he needed to take on his own.
“Ahh-ahh, ah-ah” the beautiful angelic voice of Ahtohallan sang out, reminding the young Ice Conjurer why he was there in the first place.
Closing his eyes, Ezra took in a deep breath and slowly started walking into Ahtohallan.
“Every inch of me is trembling but not from the cold,” the boy sang softly, his voice echoing across the ice walls, “Something is familiar; like a dream, I can reach but not quite hold,”
As Ezra stepped further into the large glacier, he rubbed his hands together. A nervous habit he always had.
“I can sense you there; like a friend I've always known. I'm arriving, and it feels like I am home,”
For so long, he searched for the answers behind himself and who he was meant to be.
Now he’ll finally find the answers.
“I have always been a fortress, cold secrets deep inside. You have secrets, too, but you don't have to hide,”
“Show yourself; I'm dying to meet you. Show yourself; It's your turn,
Are you the one I've been looking for all of my life? Show yourself; I'm ready to learn,”
Ah-ah, ah-ah!
Just then, the angelic voice appeared just behind him.
“Ah-ah, ah-ah,”
Turning on his heel, Ezra saw a secret entrance, with four bright lights glowing inside the ice wall.
Just then, the lights flowed further down the ice, guiding the boy further down into Ahtohollan.
With a bright smile, Ezra raced to catch up with the lights.
“I've never felt so certain, all my life, I've been torn!”
As the path continued, Ezra sprints shifted into a sliding motion, his feet gliding across the icy grounds.
“But I'm here for a reason, could it be the reason I was born?”
Further ahead in his way, Ezra saw that the path ended at a cliff… But Ezra wasn’t afraid, not this time.
Kanan's advice echoed into his head, Don’t be afraid of who you are.
With his confidence bursting through his body, Ezra leaped off the edge of the cliff into the open air.
“I have always been so different;
Waving his hand in the air, a tall pillar of ice suddenly grew from the ground, catching Ezra before he could fall.
As the boy continued leaping through the air, more pillars grew until he reached the next side of the cliff.
Normal rules did not apply,”
Upon landing on the path, the four lights behind the walls appeared again to guide him.
“Is this the day? Are you the way?
The lights trailed to another doorway, however, the entrance was blocked by fallen ice pillars.
I finally find out why,”
Ezra only smiled at the sight.
“Show yourself!”
Thrusting his arms out wide, Ezra pushed all the pillars upwards so the doorway was opened once more.
“I'm no longer trembling!”
As he walked further into the room, Ezra continued lifting pillars one-by-one until his path was no longer blocked.
“Here I am, I've come so far!
You are the answer I've waited for, all of my life!”
Ezra finally reached the end of the room, to a small area that was filled with a thick mist.
“Oh, Show Yourself!”
With a wave of his wrist, the mist disappeared, granting the boy entrance.
Let me see who you are!”
Stepping through the entrance, Ezra was confused by the empty room.
“Come to me now,
Just then, a bright green trail of light began swirling around Ezra, embracing him, and then the green silhouette of a young woman walked beside him.
Ezra's eyes brightened as he recognized the woman; Hera, the Air Spirit.
The green lights then formed a giant green crystal in front of the boy, with the Air Element symbol engraved on the front.
Open your door,”
Just then, dark blue lights rose from the ground, like the sea waves. As the waves got bigger, a strong-looking man rose out of the waves just in front of Ezra.
The man was Zeb, the Sea Spirit.
The blue lights also shifted into a large crystal with the Element Symbol of Water.
“Don't make me wait,”
A purple & pink mix of a young girl's silhouette suddenly walked up from behind Ezra, fire danced at her feet as she walked.
Sabine, the Fire Spirit.
Like the others before, a crystal formed from the lights of the silhouette with the Fire Symbol.
“One moment more,”
Finally, a large dark green silhouette of a wolf walked out of the darkness and past Ezra. Walking beside the giant wolf was a man holding a large staff, small patches of grass grew out from where they both walked.
It was Kanan, the Earth Spirit.
The fourth crystal formed in the air, completing the Four Spirits of the Enchanted Forest.
“Oh, come to me now, open your door!”
Just then, the four crystals slowly began descending from the air until they landed on the dark icy ground, putting Ezra in the center.
“Don't make me wait, One moment more,”
With determination, Ezra stomped onto the center of the crystals. More lights appeared until it formed a large blue & white snowflake in the ice.
In the blink of an eye, the lights surrounded Ezra before shooting upwards in the sky. In a bright white explosion, images began forming across the ice.
Memories of Ezra's past appeared all along the walls of Ahtohallan.
Memories of his childhood with his parents, the years Ezra spent isolated in his Ice Palace, first meeting his new family in the Enchanted Forest, and embracing his powers.
As more memories appeared, the voices of the past began singing out to the boy.
“Where the North Wind meets the Sea
Just then, a certain memory caught Ezras’ eye.
It was his parents, long before he was even born.
They were in the middle of the chaos in the Enchanted Forest he heard about from his friends. His father was on the ground with an injured leg.
Just then, his mother sang out into the open air, in response to her voice, a powerful wind lifted them into the air and carried them out of harm's way.
There's a river, full of memory,”
Ezra smiled up at the memory. Just then, a familiar voice sang out from behind the boy.
Spinning on his heels, the boy was shocked when he saw an image of his parents, looking down happily at him.
“Come, my darling, homeward bound,”
Tears formed at the edge of the boy's eyes as a wide smile stretched across his face.
“I am found!”
“Show yourself! Step into the power!”
Suddenly, frost and ice began spreading across his body, constructing a new outfit as Ezra finally embraced who he was meant to be;
The Fifth Element; the Ice Spirit.
“Grow yourself! Into something new!”
Ezra faced his parents once more to see them beaming with happiness and pride.
“You are the one you've been waiting for,”
“All of my life!
All of your life!
“Oh, Show Yourself!”
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witchhazelbagel · 3 days ago
Um Hi its hospital anon. Sorry I just totally still don't know how to process what happend last night. So C came over to mine and he got a little drunk and I wasn't gonna let him drive back home drunk (please don't ever drink and drive people) but I don't even have a couch at my place so he asked where he was going to sleep and I told him he was okay to sleep next to me. So there we are me in pajamas and him just in his underwear (boxers) and like he is so attractive I was super flushed. We got into bed and he pulled me so I was resting against his chest. We fell asleep but at about 3am I woke up because I felt something cold touch my abdomen it was his hand and because I jumped I ended up feeling something else. I dont know how its gonna fit when it comes to it. (He doesnt know I know) I just havent been able to stop thinking about what he said in the morning to me. He told me he is sorry he got drunk and understands that I may not want to see him again after that and I blurted out I want to keep seeing him. So we have kinda made it official and are going steady atleast. It just the tone he had when he said that seemed so sad like someone had hurt him like that before.
hi!! okay so wow i had so many emotions while reading this -- i was anxious, excited, nervous, and sad all at the same time. I am really really glad to know you kept him from driving, like good on you, seriously, and two I am so impressed with your bravery and his patience with the sleeping situation. 
(Kudo’s C)
this other thing ... well i uh *cough* that’s a thing you will have to go slow with 
i’m sure he was embarrassed to let himself get that way and you showed him kindness and compassion, which I hope he really takes to heart. There will be so many things you’ll learn about one another, all relationships have good and bad - no matter how much we want just the good 
(also - 1. are you okay with being called ‘hospital anon’? is there something else we can call you?? 2. i am happy to chat with you one-on-one if you ever need anything, especially if you want a more private convo (I’ll be your internet friend <3 -- just a thought!))
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spoopy-sloth · 3 days ago
Ik I’m not original in saying red, pink, and white, but it’s honestly so true??? I just like- love literally all of your content and your art!! hhhhh I cant get over it when a new drawing drops, it just radiates super wholesome happy vibes and I’m SO DOWN for all that >:D
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Omygosh! That means so much to me! I admire YOUR art so much (HOT DAYUM! YOUR ANIMATIONS I WILL DIE FOR THEM), so I really appreciate your words!!! Like, omg, you don't even know how much I do! Most of the time when I drop art, I'm like "lol time to cringe and run", so to know hear you say that just fills me with so much gratitude??? I am a sap for wholesome feels, so knowing it translates effectively in my art really makes me happy.
Can I make a cringe-y meme to show you how I feel? It's too late:
Tumblr media
Aaaaah again, thank you!!!!
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