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失礼な少年 ꧇ 𝗦𝗘𝗧𝗛.
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xuanhuas · 3 months ago
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ㅤ──┈⠅ SETH FROM ENNEAD ICONS ꩜̲%! like&reblog if saved ¡! don’t repost . . . ⌗
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toffee-arts · 5 months ago
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. There's no need to ask, 
I'll give it all to you
A bunny Seth for Bunny Day
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godsofhumanity · 4 months ago
Isis: We are not agreeing to Set being Pharaoh! Do you know how many crimes we would be forgiving?
Ra: Like... one? Two?
Isis: Six—
Ra: That’s not so bad!
Isis: —hundred.
Ra: Oh, that is way more.
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myzneths · 6 months ago
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omo birdy horus need some huggy uwu 💜
cutest thing ever kyaaa😆✨
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blurrybunnie · 3 months ago
the 16+ version of ennead has a spin off chapter with gt (mature version doesnt have this oneshot)
(screenshots in random order and out of context,, read the season 1 finale chapter to see the whole thing :>)
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yamad-a · 7 months ago
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doodle-dog-diary · 3 months ago
Anubis: …but seriously, my dad sucks. Fuck my dad
Anubis: wAIT NO you KNOW I didn't mean it like that Horus HORUS GET BACK HERE
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sethprotector · 4 months ago
《 Do you know how I remained undefeated despite fighting in all those wars ?
It's because wars are meant to be fought using your head. 》
Tumblr media
Bringing back this Seth because it was so hot of him to defeat Osiris by tactic and intelligence
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kavachaj · 2 months ago
"many-faced god"
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goddang-ken · a month ago
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| Self indulgent nsfw Ennead headcannons|because I haven’t gotten my fill of them😭
| I also made those lil header things cuz I thought it would make the list look better🗿|
Words: almost 2k
Warnings: | Mentions of breeding and frottage | there no gender terms so everything’s up to you| could be incest if you want it to |adfshsh can you tell I’m on my period?😭 | I wrote this with my pussy and not my mind
Tumblr media
-Has more length than girth, not necessary a cervix destroyer but if you’re in the right position he can give it little kisses, a little bit longer than the average size with subtle veins, curves a little upwards, the head is his most sensitive spot, if your going down on him pay close attention to his slit and don’t forget to tease his glans!!! And when he cums tug on balls a little
-he’s more of a grower than a show-er
-if you really want him to have a powerful orgasm you can massage his prostate through the perineum or if you’re willing to wake the sleeping bear you can slip a finger inside him and watch him truly come undone, I’m taking about knees pulled to his chest,full body quakes, fists turned white from how hard he’s gripping you and the bed covering/blanket is ripped because his claws came out and the most embarrassing noises being pulled from deep within his godly being 
-be careful of doing that tho cuz once he recovers he’s kicking you out for embarrassing him like that, might even attack you
-Pretty tame when it comes to pubic hair, well groomed, a little shade lighter than the red on his head
-cums is a little on the watery side but it flys pretty far when he cums afsdsfh , might even cut his moans short cuz he has to turn his head to keep it from going into his mouth
-A bratty power bottom you just gotta work for it cuz he’s stubborn and cocky and refuses to be topped, most of y’all’s foreplay is fight which probably leads to y’all fucking in shredded clothes in the rubble of what was once a temple
-as stated before his claws come out when he gets lost in the pleasure
-He’s a biter, when he cums he’s gonna latch into the closest piece of skin and try to muffle his moans and if he can’t latch all you can hear is is loud desperate moans echoing out through the halls and drool escaping from the side of his mouth, he also unknowingly keeps all eye contact with you when he cums, if you move your head left he’s moving his head left too
-his wide red eyes brimming with tears and smudged makeup after he cums showcasing all his love for you on his sleeve and insecurity he’s desperately tried hiding from you only to lay it all out in that very moment .You’re luck cuz hardly anyone gets to see him this weak so treasure it, don’t say anything yet just let him bask in the aftershocks of his mind numbing orgasm and hold him tight
-If your in missionary and his mind is far gone from the orgasm he’s experiencing you can hear him chanting “I love you” through gritted teeth near your ear
-doesn’t particularly have sensitive nipples so if you try to play/suck on them he might shoo you away from that area
-his ears and neck are his weak area!!!
-he also keeps mini thrusting when he cums, with little fully body twitch here and there
-doesn’t like to take his dick out right after y’all are done, let him stay connected to you for a bit
-is a big softy on the inside, we all know he’s scared of being forgotten so murmur sweet nothings and praise into his ear during sex
-if you’re having sex leaning on the rougher side every once in a while ask him if everything is okay and if he wants to stop (cuz we all know about his ptsd)
-GIVE HIM AFTERCARE GODDAMIT, clean him up if he’s messy, brush his hair, rub his back etc, anything will do please
-is super clingy when your done, mostly follows you around everywhere cuz he’s still in that vulnerable mindset, don’t say anything about it or he’ll get defensive and angry and he’ll hold a grudge for while
-apologize to him by using skinship, like back hugging him and kissing his neck (his most sensitive spot) and shoulders while he’s being all pissy and he might let you join his bed
-also likes to be taken in multiple positions and in different locations
-frottage is like his number 1 kink, it’s the desperation for each other that drives him crazy , doesn’t matter if it’s through clothes or skin to skin he likes it all
-sex in front of his temple with the desert in view is also one of his favorite place’s to have intercourse
-Doggy style or cowgirl is his favorite positions too
-even tho hes sterile, let him say he’s going to get you pregnant/beg him to get you pregnant or tell him to cum inside and he’ll go crazy, downside is he’ll be upset and quiet when you’re finished and might cry afterwards so be careful when saying that demand.
Tumblr media
-thick just like his daddy, nice rounded head head, perfectly plump balls, if you grab massage them while he’s thrusting he’ll hitch his breath, he’s unfamiliar with the feeling but doesn’t tell you to stop 
-kinda wild in the pubic hair area, never really felt the need to do anything with it, might get a little self conscious and trim it a little when you’re not around, and when you do come back he drops his shendyt unproved and ask if you like it
-short powerful thrusts,rhythm is a little off since he’s new to this, may ask here and there if he’s doing okay,
-we all saw Seth grab his boobie adfagsh his breast were breasting boobly, doesn’t really feel that much stimulation in his nipples but will let you pinch,grope and suck on them if you want
-doesn’t really have any kinks, sex wasn’t on his mind growing up so he’s completely brainless when it comes to pleasures of the flesh but is willing to try anything with you to find out what might interest him
-let him practice!!! Introduce mutual masturbation first before taking on anything else, let him touch you or let him watch as you pleasure yourself so he knows what to do when y’all actually have sex
-And after watching he might gain the courage to ask if he can practice his thrusts, he won’t actually be inside you tho, he’ll have his dick placed in-between your lower abdomen (getting on irl view of what would be if he was inside you) and his hand and he’ll go on from there
-if he’s not practicing on your abdomen then he’s going to practice on your thighs when you’re laying together in bed
- He a hugger, likes to be chest to chest and puts his body weight on you
-Hold his hand!!! Interlock your fingers together and he’ll kiss them
-or while you’re holding hands he’ll slip one or two of your fingers into his mouth and suckle,
-also if you’re not paying attention to him he’ll grab your hand and suck on your fingers slowly getting each one wet while maintaining eye contact (he knows what he wants but doesn’t know how to voice it poor bby)
-hug him back and tell him that you love him, him that he will forever and always be your number one, you’re Sun and moon and that you’re never letting him go + some hair tugging and he’ll cum on the spot
-cum is thick like glue, cums a lot too, doesn’t really shoot far just kinds slides down his shaft and drips down off his balls
-vocal based off of the extra comic, deep moans that from his gut that turn into light airy “ha’s” very expressive too, tosses his head back most of the times when he cums, mouth is usually kept open in a silent scream, keeps gulping air, still breathes hard after you’re done, keeps his hips in place and pressed fully against you, if you try to move he’ll have a fully body twitch and whisper a little breathy “wait” and pressed your hips back down on the bed
-even after he cums he’ll pull his hips back a little to let his dick slide out but he’s not getting off you just yet
-clingy when you’re done ,he cages you in his arms and refuses to let go,nuzzles you head every once in a while and hums, breathing in the scent of you
-never actually tells you that he wants to have sex he just hopes that you notice his desperation, will literally stand there with a erection till you wake up and smell the pheromones and if you don’t or it’s taking too long he’ll press himself against you and hope that you take a hint
Tumblr media
-pubic hair doesn’t really bother him, mostly ask you how you want him to have it
-we all know he has the cervix suplexer, cervix scraper gynecologist hate him. IUD’s want to be him,soda can horse cock
-thick with  prominent veins, angry!angry!dark green colored head,curves a little to the side with a pretty bulbous head, the hardest part probably is getting the head to fit, very leaky with the precum
-obsessive and possessive is his middle name
-a service dom, could even dry cum from watching you cry the waves pleasure he’s inflicting
-Refuses to stop till you’re shaking and covered in cum and sweat and on the verge of passing out but that doesn’t stop him
-grunts more than he moans, likes to hear you more than himself
-breeding kink ,breeding kink,breeding kink
-won’t let you leave till you’re overflowing with his seed and you can’t walk straight
-talkative, mostly praises or talks about what he’s going to do to your body or how well you’re taking him
-makes you repeat the dirty things he’s whispering into your ear out loud cuz he knows your embarrassed
-doesn’t necessarily like you being on top but he’ll allow it if he’s in a mood to watch you struggle
-if you’re on top and taking too long to move he’ll slap your thigh to get you moving or he’ll give a little thrust to jostle you around a bit
-his cum is also on the semi watery side but he cums a lot so it’s okay
-if you trying to squirm away cuz you’re too sensitive hes just gonna drag you back to him or he’ll follow your body while still connected to you
-it may seem like he’s asking you for permission to cum inside but that’s a lie,he’s actually telling you that he’s gonna cum inside whether you like it or not, actually riles him up and makes his blood hot when you beg him not to
-responds to all your squeals and moans with a hum or “yea?”
-uses you as a fleshlight when he’s feeling jealous as a punishment
-that one headlock position is a position he likes to use if you keep moving away from him, mating press is also one of his favorites
-he may or may not leave his dick inside after he cums, depends on his mood
-exhibitionist, lives off the thrill of almost getting caught, teases you if you start getting all panicky which makes him slow down and draw out his thrusts
-he’s a hit it and leave kind of guy mostly because he doesn’t want isis to find out, but if you beg him a lil he might stay for a few minutes
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log56vladovski-blog · 7 months ago
Asjadskdj!! Tiny Seth is sooo STINKING CUTE!!!
Me wants MoOAaRR!
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Manhwa: Ennead
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ale8i · 7 months ago
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what the fuck what the fuck what the f
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toffee-arts · 6 months ago
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I drink to our ruined house 
To the evil of my life 
To our loneliness together 
And I drink to you— 
To the lying lips that have betrayed us, 
To the dead-cold eyes, 
To the fact that the world is brutal and coarse 
To the fact that God did not save us. Anna Akhmatova, “Last Toast”
An ENNEAD modern mafia au that's been brewing in my mind
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godsofhumanity · 3 months ago
[Horus and Set before the Ennead]
Atum: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?
Set: No.
The rest of the Ennead:
Atum, whispering: what now?
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myzneths · a month ago
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heck yeahhhhhhh ~ 🤍✨
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nekomas-new-manager · 8 months ago
Attention Manwha readers
Here are two Kind of boyfriends that are important not to confuse with one another
There are the one's who would kill for their boyfriends
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
And then we have the ones who would kill well....
THEIR Boyfriends
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And the ones who should be killed
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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ramim · 6 days ago
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Oh my...
Who made Lucien angry?😬
Artist: @akukanova on deviantArt
P.s: this character is actually Seth from the manga Ennead 👌
P.s: but russet eyes and red hair? Screams lucien to me😬
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diosaurr · 4 months ago
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Seth from Ennead
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