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#ennead seth
aurelius-divus · 4 months ago
❗+18 You won’t affect me❗
Seth x Gn Reader
Word count: 593
Warnings: nipple play, dry humping, a bit of blood cause he bit you
You make Seth mess up his perfect eyeliner and then also mess up him. He makes a mess of your thigh and shoulder (shendyt = his loincloth)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You walk in to see Seth apply his eyeliner in the mirror and when you halter in the doorway, surprising him for a second he manages to smudge the corner he tried to keep sharp and he swiftly turns around to hiss at you.
“Can’t you be more considerate? Don’t you see I’m busy?!” He throws at you angrily and when he sees you only smirk at his remark, he fumes more, “ Hey! You come to mess up my makeup and now you dare stay silent like that?” Seth comes closer and makes a motion to push at your shoulder for emphasis. You foreseeing his temper and futile attack just catch him by his wrist and move your palm up his arm, caressing his bicep and circling his shoulder.
“Ngh! Watch where you’re grabbing,” He growls at you, but you see how his expression softened a little and how he follows the path of your fingers.
“I sure will… How about I touch,” your fingers trail down his chest and circle his nipple with a little bit of nail added to it, a little stinging sensation making him gasp “ Here. Or even here like this,” you pinch his nipple and tug it while your other hand snakes around his waist.
“Ahh~ I feel nothing, you won’t affect me like this!” Seth being stubborn as always may not admit this, but when you look down you see a subtle tent form under his shendyt.
“I won’t? Ah what a pity… Then you surely wouldn’t mind this, Seth.” While he was distracted by your fingers trailing down his torso, he didn’t notice the hand around his waist tighten its hold. You tug forward and his hips meet yours in a soft thud. Seth’s face ends up right near your ear and you hear him stifle a moan at the friction of his hardon meeting your hip. You pull his shendyt up a little and slot your leg between his thighs, hands going to clutch his hips in a bruising hold to rock him down on your flexed thigh.
“Yo- You- Nghh.” His hands came to grasp your shoulders for support and he tried to hold his hips still to not move them forward, to not give in to your touch.
You turn your face towards him to whisper in his ear “ And you of course would not mind this then,” one of your hands left his hip, not before giving it an additional squeeze and went down to jerk him over the cloth still covering his leaking member.
“Wonder what this is, wonder why you still didn’t push me away, Seth~” You moan breathily into his ear and roll your hips to meet his, feeling him leak all over your thigh. You had to see it, feeling it just wasn’t enough, so you lift the corner of the cloth up just in time to see him cum all over your leg. Seth bites down on your shoulder out of reflex to hold a grasp on reality while he kept rocking his hips forward with your finger now teasing the head of his cock to tip him over the edge once more.
“One more for me? Pretty please?” You whisper again and with an exceptionally hard squeeze of your hand on him he cums again with trembling knees, drawing blood when biting down on your shoulder a tad bit too much. But you don’t mind. You never do, you just help him down and lay him open for you to witness how messy he can get.
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skeletons-and-flowers · 6 days ago
Some Ennead ramblings on the Greek god fellow.
So I think it's been pretty much confirmed that the Greek god in Ennead is Ares? Like man's dead ass out here stomping on Horus with his grubby man digits. I mean,, technically it was never a secret that he was Ares, but based on what Plotinus wrote in his version of the Ennead I wouldn't be suprised. The only reason why I have some doubts with this is because there is no textual description of Ares in any of the writings I've been able to unearth via the internet, so while some presentations of him exist, there isn't anything I've been able to find on his human description.
At this point I don't really care who he is per-say, more so than I am interested to see his involvement with Seth, Anubis, and Horus.
Oh well, we'll see
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mocath04 · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Seth supremacy
Me acabo de tomar todo lo que había traducido hasta el momento y uf como amo a Seth. este vestuario sale en uno de los extras XD
Perdón si no salió tan papucho como el dios de la guerra y del desierto que es, prometo seguir practicando ( Se va a una esquina a llorar)
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billanony-art · 3 months ago
Seth_Ennead sketch
IG Billa.nony
Tumblr media
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8bit-tunapunch · a year ago
Tumblr media
Ennead - Seth
현대 + 모델 -> 이건 잡지 표지 모델이지 
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yamad-a · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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godsofhumanity · a month ago
Isis: We are not agreeing to Set being Pharaoh! Do you know how many crimes we would be forgiving?
Ra: Like... one? Two?
Isis: Six—
Ra: That’s not so bad!
Isis: —hundred.
Ra: Oh, that is way more.
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toffee-arts · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
. There's no need to ask, 
I'll give it all to you
A bunny Seth for Bunny Day
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myzneths · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
omo birdy horus need some huggy uwu 💜
cutest thing ever kyaaa😆✨
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lord-yamada · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
seth ♥
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log56vladovski-blog · 4 months ago
Asjadskdj!! Tiny Seth is sooo STINKING CUTE!!!
Me wants MoOAaRR!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Manhwa: Ennead
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aurelius-divus · 2 months ago
thank uu :333
imagine that the gods of egypt have a meeting about something, you can guess xd and y / n is constantly provoking seth, doing what he doesn't like etc, just ✨brat✨I don't have an exact idea of what should or shouldn't happen but imagine seth with brat tamer in a place where he must be at rest, oh lord, the ability to walk? what is it?
I hate my english 😭😭
Hungry For Attention I 18+ I
Seth just... Awakens something in me as you see by the wordcount. Idk how that happened I just love him.
Seth x Fem Reader
Word count: 2224
Warnings: teasing under the table, filth and smut, creampie, biting, in the end kinda exhibitionism
You tease Seth during the meeting since he deprived you of attention in the morning and when the meeting comes to a break... He can't hold himself back any longer. You are no better as every time he is anywhere near you, you burn up with need to feel him and he shows you just how much he feels the same way too. Shendyt - his hip cloth
Rip pussy
The meeting was dragging on longer than you could’ve expected and your morning has been hectic as it is so any good mood that you’ve tried to keep is vanishing by now. Seth also rushed through his morning routine, not once giving you the much needed attention that you craved and so you find yourself slumped in the spacious chair, puffed out cheeks and hands crossed at your chest. He also shouted at you to be quicker to not be late this morning. Shouted. At you. It was so unusual that a twinkle of hurt made its way in your heart and you couldn’t concentrate on the meeting or anyone in the room. In the corner of your eye you saw Seth’s leg bounce a little so you sneak a look at his face. As you suspected he was annoyed, as per usual, never interested in any gatherings on serious topics so he was now leaning on the table and yawning in boredom.
Delightful, you think. This is your chance to get back at him for his rudeness this morning and also a chance to have some fun before the meeting ends and other gods finally shut up.
Leaning a little to the side to be closer to Seth and having your hand mostly concealed you trace his knee first and smile at how startled he is. Right, he was in a daze deep enough that he didn’t even see you scooting over to him.
“What. Are you doing.” Seth hisses through his teeth, face still leaning on his clasped hands and eyes focused on whoever is speaking right now.
You completely ignore him just like he did to you this morning and lick your lips in wonder. How far could you push and have him still trying to make it seem as if nothing is going on. One way to find out. Sliding your hand further up his thigh you rub his soft skin with your thumb, welcoming the goosebumps that now cover his skin. Interesting… You dip your hand to his inner thigh, squeezing the flesh, kneading it hard and determined. Seth coughs to conceal his little gasp and shifts in his chair.
“Enough. I’m warning you,” he spares you one glance, only one. Disappointed you go to retreat your hand at first but you are determined when it comes to things you want.
Giving him a moment to think that you are obeying his request you immediately sneak your hand under his shendyt, flipping it higher up his thighs to have easier access to everything that you want to explore and your fingers find his cock resting against his thigh.
“You!-” Seth hisses again but you see his subtle blush.
“Shh, or they’ll notice. You want them to peek under your cloth? Want them to see how I play with you?” To accentuate your words you run your fingers up and down his length, pressing harder and you yourself gasp at how his cock gives an interested twitch, still not hard but already aroused.
You lean closer to his ear and lick over it before whispering to him, “ You spared me no mind today, left me all alone,” fully grasping his cock in your hand you shift slightly and after a few tugs you see that it won’t be pleasurable like that and you won't get the wanted result. “I was so sad, Seth. I wanted to play~” You retreat your hand and pinch his thigh on the way, earning a light whimper from him but his eyes dart back across the room.
You lick your hand palm to fingers, moist sound alerting him to look back. Your tongue is twisting between your pointer and middle finger for show and Seth’s hungry eyes are set on the movement. You suck your fingers in your mouth, moaning just for him to hear and feel the sand crawling up your legs a little. Seth was losing control, wanting to have you in his grasp any way he could and the sand tightened around your ankles.
You pop your fingers out of your mouth and erotically lick over your lips to catch any remaining wetness. “I want you. Need to feel you,” you whisper, eyes on the talker in the room but your now wet hand is sliding back to his half-hard cock.
“Only this hard? That’s offensive,” you pout and quickly glance at Seth, his mouth slightly open and he is panting as you jerk him under his shendyt, the movement much smoother now and he meets your hand with a thrust of his hips.
“Tighter. Come on, don’t tease,” he gasps and his eyes shut closed, tongue rolling over his lower lip and he bites down on hit to hold back more sounds.
“Hmm~ What about no?” You chuckle as his eyes snap open and he looks at you in shock.
You snicker and loosen your grip on his leaking cock, moving to pinch the tip and gather his precum from that beaded there. Spreading it over his tip you roll it in your hand, thumb moving over the sensitive head and dipping right under to rub at the sensitive skin right under it. His hips buckle and he hits the edge of the table, alerting the speaker at the moment.
“My bat, just a lil cramp,” Seth tries to speak normally but exactly then you start to jerk him off in earnest, pressing when he needs it most and twisting your hand when you reach his tip so his breath hitches when he tries to speak further. “ You’ve been dragging this meeting for so long that my whole body is cramping up,” he throws at the meeting room and a few members agree.
“Shall we have a break then?” Comes a question and as everyone agrees and starts to filter out of the room to grab a bite or have some fresh air. You try to leave but the sand caging your legs is keeping you grounded.
“Where do you think you’re going? Little brat, teasing me with all these people around and then running away? As if,” Seth is scowling when you look back, he’s already standing up and the visible tent under his loincloth is right in front of your face. You see the wet patch where his tip is and lick your lips at the sight. You did this to him. And when he pushes your face into his hips you don’t protest.
Licking over the fabric you catch his hips in your hands, tugging him closer and slightly sucking on him through the fabric. You nibble at the length as he ground and rolls his hips into your face. Hot. So hot.
“Seth, more, please.” Your hips lift from the chair in your arousal and you feel as if you're burning up.
“More you’ll get.” The sand at your feet vanishes and Seth throws you face first into the table, ripping away your little hip cover and slotting himself behind you. His hand immediately finds your wet folds and he doesn’t let you say anything as he pushes two fingers past your entrance.
“Ahh~ Not so fast-” You try but he starts pushing in and out, thick fingers tugging on your plush walls and you feel the sand crawl over your arms, spreading them over the table.
“What a little tease, during a meeting too? How daring,” Seth is grinning, you can feel that even face down and you roll your hips on his fingers seeking more. One of his hands slaps you across your ass and you slide a little over the rough table, barely covered chest scratching on the surface. He takes notice of it and you think he wants to put something under it but he just rips off your last garment, hand clutching over your breast and kneading it as some toy. He slams you down on his fingers more and adds a third one to it. You moan loudly at his roughness but he pulls away.
“No! More! I need it!” You whine and groan immediately as Seth pushes into you, hard member splitting you open and he pushes your hips apart more. He starts thrusting a little, just barely there movements and you whine at the emptiness.
“What a god you are, can’t even move at the fullest?” You tease and maybe regret it for just a second. Seth huffs slough and starts wildly thrusting into you, your hipbones scratching over the table and you feel his hands grip you around your waist. You drip all over the table, aroused so much that every time he pulls away some wetness escapes you and pools at the table below, Seth grins at that, always pleased when you see how good you feel. Spreading your legs even more he sneaks one hand under you and pinches your clit so hard you wince, but as he draws circles on it between his nasty pinches you find a balance of pleasure.
“Seth~ Seth so good~ Nhh,” you meet his thrusts but he frowns at the fact that you can still form words.
He leans over you and bites down on your shoulder, twisting his fingers around your clit harder, pounding into you and biting down even more when you moan for him and your moan breaks into a silent noise.
“Not so mouthy now?” He teases and straightens up, flipping his hair away from his face. You look amazing, divine like this. Spread open and moist from sweat and your arousal. He lifts your hips a little to see better, see how he thrusts inside you and the sight of your drenched, stuffed hole tips him over the edge. He cums inside you with no warning, creaming into you and he thrusts more to see it leak out of you with his movement.
Flipping you over to see your teary-eyed face he grins wilder, leaning down to bite and kiss you, biting your lip raw and sucking on your tongue. His moans resonate with you and when he thrusts inside of you again you unravel for him too. He swallows your moans, groaning at how well you squeeze around him, hot embrace of your greedy plush walls as you demand more without any words.
Who is he to leave you hanging like this? He scoots you down the table, one hand tugging on your poor sensitive nipple as he deepens your kiss even more and his other hand tugs you harder against his thrusts. He is unforgiving, his hips sending you to slide up the table again and you try, you really do, to stay put and meet his thrusts but without his hand holding you down you are sure you wouldn’t be able to stay there.
“Mmmhm~ There~ There!” You moan as his cock touches that sweet sweet spot and your body convulses in waves of arousal, mouth not able to meet his kisses as you pant and your back arches. His mouth is on your neck, sucking and biting, tugging on the skin in raw passion. You cum around him again and feel your head hit the table a little too hard as you arch more. Your long freed hands find their way between your bodies to roll your clit between your fingers and to spread your folds more. You want to see how he thrusts inside of you, you try to look down but he bites you again so deliciously, so hungry that your eyes roll back and you shout as he cums inside of you, his throbbing cock filling you up and dragging another orgasm out of your body. Your mouth has fallen open and you struggle to breathe. Chest so heavy that Seth has to tap your cheek to get you out of your trance, you don’t let his hand go away, catching his thumb in your mouth and bobbing your head as you suck on it between the gulps of air. Your hips can’t stop moving, you can’t get enough of him so he holds you down.
“Come on, enough,” Seth tries but you don't listen, just bite on his thumb as you demand him to move. He slaps you lightly and your cheek heats up at the impact, the mix of your and his cum slipping out of you in a thick trail. You feel how it gathers between your connected bodies and it sparks the flame in your tummy all the more.
“No.” Your burning glare surprises him and he growls.
“Not listening? Fine,” Seth’s wicked smile makes your thighs twitch and he feels how you squeeze his spent cock again. “Bad brats get a little lesson.” He spreads you completely open in front of his seat and the cum that leaks out of you makes you shift around.
“Oh no, you don't get to move now,” Seth grins at you and your limbs are bound to the table with his sand now, you look at him in shock as other gods start to filter into the room again, shocked gasps at your position, but Seth is indifferent to their words.
“Now, shall we play more?” He whispers only to you and leans to lick over your ruined slit, sucking over your clit and smiling into your wet pussy as you try to hold in your moans.
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xuanhuas · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ᡕᠵ᠊ᡃ່࡚ࠢ⸝່ࠡࠣ᠊߯᠆ࠣ࠘ᡁࠣ࠘᠊᠊ࠢ࠘𐡏 ⋆ ࣪.* ࣪.⋆ ★𐄇엔네아드⠀,icons !
like or reblog if saved. don’t repost.
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sethprotector · a month ago
《 Do you know how I remained undefeated despite fighting in all those wars ?
It's because wars are meant to be fought using your head. 》
Tumblr media
Bringing back this Seth because it was so hot of him to defeat Osiris by tactic and intelligence
Tumblr media
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8bit-tunapunch · a year ago
ennead seth
Tumblr media
sword dance
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iamahomine · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
so I kinda died inside knowing that I cannot finish this artwork (my laptop with this art project kinda died down to oblivion and I cannot retrieve the files) a KNB x ENNEAD crossover coz why not!?  I’ve been reading ENNEAD for quite some time. I remember looking through the first chapters just reminds me of Kagami and Aho. Maybe it’s the red and blue.
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godsofhumanity · 13 days ago
[Horus and Set before the Ennead]
Atum: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?
Set: No.
The rest of the Ennead:
Atum, whispering: what now?
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ismeneee · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
so I got a little carried away with the "quick" doodle
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