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Against the background of poverty, the market for information speculation and misinformation is developing. They sell you hope about getting out of poverty in the form of books, training courses, sects, business training, and other garbage.

All you need to do is just lose your conscience and sell, lie, promise, well, maybe even learn English (or any other language (Alo! It will take several years to learn the language, and for the sake of being hired to work for someone else? ) and programming in 5 languages). That’s the whole point of these charlatans ’ stories. None of them are interested in your “enrichment” and improvement of life. They are only interested in making money on you by selling hope.

You understand how such advice affects the humanity and conscience of those who still bought and purchased such courses (especially if you pay for it).

Some will say that this is life. I will say - this is capitalism, and people are not born mean.

This is how society degenerates. You must remain human, and, contrary to capitalism, you must help each other, not cheat to benefit.

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No wonder there was less depression throughout history how can you be sad your favorite cow died when you’ve got onions and garlic to sauté or stay mad the spinster rejected your advances when you’re turning out flawless boules by the thirteens

mental stability is stored in the making

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Petshrink here:

I love that you are trying to add enrichment to your dog’s life. It’s so important for mental health. I encourage you to think about your dog’s 5 senses.

Food is often a great option, so finding your dog’s highest food motivators or just using puzzles for some meals is still a good idea. I find snuffle mats to be effective for dogs who aren’t willing to work hard for food. But it’s not the only choice.

Toys that make noises or flash are fun for some dogs. DogTV or YouTube videos of animals running around can be fun. Pet-safe plants to chew and sniff are great. Any time you can get your dog sniffing something different is great. It sounds gross but you can find deer urine scent in the hunting section of a store, soak a rag or tissues in it, and hide them in a box for your dog to find and tear up.

These are just a few suggestions. Look up DIY dog enrichment and at home nose work for some other great resources!

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being autistic is fun because i will literally just dump some worms on the floor and watch them wiggle around for 47 minutes

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FRIDAY, October 23rd, 2020 1-3pm

Tap into your creative side and have fun drawing/painting a BAT together in this ONLINE class where I demonstrate how to use a variety of a few of my favorite art supplies such as water soluble markers (Tombow brand), water brush, colored pencil, ink, gouache, acrylic inks, and anything else I can think of!

I use a two-camera system so the students are able to see me speaking in the gallery as well as view the lesson in a flat-lay perspective via a shared screen. In addition, I use an app which allows me to horizontally flip the shared screen so the students are viewing the SAME perspective I am teaching from so there is no confusion with my explanations during the lessons. This allows me to offer the best teaching experience in an online platform.

I LOVE drawing and I know you will, too once you see how easy and fun it is! This class is for all levels (16 years and up) because there is no such thing as “I can’t draw”! We will do a few “warm-up exercises” to help get those artistic juices flowing so we can get going on adding the colorful media to your BAT ASAP! I will also offer a demonstration on how to draw a BAT using my personal preferred method of locating shapes and negative space to help get those proportions placed correctly.

Supplies: You will need a piece of paper which can accept wet media if you will be using watercolors or other water soluble media. Otherwise, any drawing paper will do. You will also need a pencil, and any art supplies you have lying around…even crayons! As long as tone and value are well established, your drawings will be dynamic and energetic! :-)

I will email you before class begins with a selection of BAT photos and you may choose any one of those to use as your photo reference for your drawing OR you may choose your own. I find most of my reference photos on Pinterest.

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gettingvetted here.

The first thing to do is head to your vet and make sure there’s not a treatable medical reason that she has gone suddenly blind. Diabetes, glaucoma, etc are all possibilities. Once this is ruled out, she should be okay given time. Blind animals do great and are often able to play, jump on furniture, etc as long as it is not moved around frequently. Especially since her vision has been going for a while, the transition should be easier for her than for animals that go blind suddenly.

Petshrink here:

My heart dog, Bandit, was blind and the happiest dog I have ever met. You have a great start with the halo and the leash. I had a lot of success pairing certain words to help tell him what was coming. For example he learned to step up when I said ‘step up’ and the same for ‘step down.’ Dogs can be amazingly adaptable. Keeping your floor clean and furniture arranged the same way will help him learn the floor plan.

Then you want to start focusing on other senses for enrichment. For example, hiding unique scents and food to be found. Snuffle mats are a blast! Toys that make noise are great as well. Some even liked to play fetch as they hear the ball bounce!

Your kiddo is lucky to have you advocating for his best quality of life.

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okay but what is korosensei doing all the time to stay enriched?? Someone that smart and so quickly moving would go crazy from a constant lack of stimulation wouldn’t they??

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Today’s round of kong filling, aka. Clean out the fridge.


-mix of Earthborn Ocean Fusion and TOTW ancient stream kibble

-leftovers of K9 naturals Hoki and Beef Feast

-Sweet Potato baby food

-THK pumpkin pourovers salmon and pumpkin

-Cream cheese for texture

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The last weeks worth of Kong Stuffing.

Used in picture 1:

-Classic Kong

-Taste of the Wild Ancient Stream kibble

-Natures Logic Sardine Feast

-Apple baby food

Used in picture 2:

-West Paw Toppl

-Taste of the Wild Ancient Stream kibble

-Natures Logic Sardine Feast

-Carrot baby food

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Nobody asked for it, but imma start posting what’s in each batch of Sophie’s dinner time kongs for some inspiration and to show y’all what all she eats!

This round I just made was:

• Taste of the Wild Ancient Grains Stream kibble

• K9 Naturals Lamb and King Salmon canned food

• Canned Pumpkin

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Paw-caso: Big Cats Painting in 3D 180VR!

Our residents at the sanctuary love to paint! Join us as we watch Priya, Ginger, Jasmine & Dutchess show off their skills. The paint we use is non-toxic, approved by our vets and safe for the cats!

 These wildcats were filmed and edited in VR 180 3D. Subscribe to see more fully immersive VR180 3 D Videos of wild tigers, bobcats, servals, leopards, jaguars, ocelots, caracals, mountain lions, savannah cats, hybrid cats and lions. 

This looks AMAZING if you wear Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Playstation VR, Windows Mixed Reality, HTC Vive Pro, Google Cardboard, Pimax VR, other VR Headsets.  Get our inexpensive headset and support the cats at the same time at 

 You can help feed the cats at no cost to you using Amazon Smile! Visit

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Awww <3

Reminds me of my cat when I had a snake with very poor appetite. Almost every snake feeding, the cat would get a free mouse. When he killed our pets (hamsters, budgies…) he always left a headless body, to our horror. When I fed him thawed mice, I never found one body part laying around, meaning he ate it all.

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