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Coming back after a small break with some fresh tunes for this week! Playing tracks from Oliver Heldens & Firebeatz, Sharam Jey & Jean Bacarreza, Anto, Kingdom 93, Námara, Calippo, MK and many more. Schöne Woche für alle! #DeepTureAdventure

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sonny cinnabon the fire genasi is Bad Vibes and i cannot trust him even if he has been the nicest person to vm so far

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I really liked this episode!
Matt is a great DM! All the npcs were so great (especially cenokier). I’m always amazed how he does it!
They had really bad luck with the card game. It would have been so easy if just the dice were at their side, and always just with just one point difference. The alphabet lesson with Pike and Grog was so cute. And them seeming to be the twins was hilarious! I can’t wait to see the next episode! Shit’s going down! And as most times a plan from vox machina didn’t go as planned. Is it Thursday yet?

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[ENG SUB] The Return of Superman - Ep.75

Ep.75: [“Children Grow With Nature.”]

The vast blue ocean and the island filled with spring fragrance. The Superman families have gathered in Jeju-do. A dream-like 48 hours in Jeju-do begins now. They eat deliciously healthy meals while Manse and Seoeon get close in Jeju-do. They’re so excited that they can’t sleep at night. What dreams will the children dream in Jeju-do?

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