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I just rly wished that the seizures would go away. anywhere I go in my apartment there’s little flashbacks of all the seizures I’ve had around the place. I feel stupid and uncomfortable.

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• Memory Books •

Thoughts on epileptic memory loss

My memory is like a huge library, but without any sort of Dewey decimal system or any type of sorting. I sit there in my head surrounded my books and books of memories; some of them old, probably decaying, some of them newer. Sometimes, my librarian gets a request for a memory book. They have stocked all the shelves and handled all the memory books, so in theory they know what each one looks like. However, there is no catalog system, and the library is so big, with so many books, and there are more books being added every day. The only way to retrieve a memory book is if the request includes specific details of the memory; the librarian will dart of in search of it, trying to remember and find the last place they saw that memory book. The higher the detail, the higher chance the librarian finds the right book. Sometimes they find it. Sometimes it takes a while to find and the librarian retrieves it and brings it up to the requester, even if it’s a day late. Sometimes they don’t find it at all.

Others’ memory have decaying and old books as well, it’s true, but they have catalogs. They have orderly rows of labelled shelves and organized categories. They might even have a whole staff of librarians, depending on how sharp they are. I have stacks and heaps and disorderly shelves of books, with no catalog, and one librarian who is doing their best.

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BrainFocus, a computer program to locate the source of epilepsy in the brain

BrainFocus, a computer program to locate the source of epilepsy in the brain

Credit: Universitat Pompeu Fabra – Barcelona

About 50 million people suffer from epilepsy in the world, one-third of whom do not respond to drug treatment. In many cases it is advisable to perform a surgical intervention on the point of the brain where seizures originate, but first the exact location must be found, which proves a complex and laborious task. In order to improve this process, two…


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Protein anchors as a newly discovered key molecule in cancer spread and epilepsy

Protein anchors as a newly discovered key molecule in cancer spread and epilepsy

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain

Certain anchor proteins inhibit a key metabolic driver that plays an important role in cancer and developmental brain disorders. Scientists from the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) and the University of Innsbruck, together with a Europe-wide research network, discovered this molecular mechanism, which could open up new opportunities for personalized…


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If you have bad reactions to flashing lights and see an advertisement for something called a tac pen make sure to look away. It has a “self defense” feature with very bright very rapid flashing.

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The neuro dr told me to start vitamin b6 for the keppra side effects. I took it for the first time, right before I (tried) to sleep, not having done any research or knowing it helps with energy

I’ve laid here all night now, maybe getting 3 hrs of sleep on and off, after I took 40 mg of melatonin . And I take my son to school in 2 hours. I know it works 😅

Just hope I can make myself nap while he’s at school lol

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Yesterday I had an epileptic seizure. (I’ve been having these often lately but decided it’s best not to discuss them in public.) This was a rare time where I didn’t lose consciousness when it happened, so I chose to make a comic about it.

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Whole night day hurt hurt mama daddy give tay medicine rub arms legs do bath put stuff that water do hot thing just hurt hurt hurt lot lot hate hurts hurts can’t walk run jump but have move want move just can’t can’t frustrate hurts wish not hurts hate hurts feel little better now not make cry cry cry so much take nap just make sleepy upset hurt lot lot

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its always “respect neurodivergent people!” until they show neurodivergency traits, until they dont fit your neurodivergency stereotypes, until the person doesn’t have autism or adhd

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I’ve been talking to my mom about moving in with her. she lives in another state, and I’d have to change my custody agreement. she asked again if I had talked to his father about it, then was annoyed that I hadn’t. meanwhile, I was upset that she was annoyed with me. It turned into this huge argument , about how my “issues” (that’s literally the word she used) are annoying also, bc I’m always asking the same things, over and over, and then she has to tell me the answers multiple times.

I got upset that she called my epilepsy an “issue”, and she’s like, “well, what do you want me to call it” , in a light voice. Like you’d do if you were talking to a pet or baby.

It was basically generational differences. How their gen didn’t “baby” their diagnosis’ , they sucked it up and moved on. While our gen is adapting and embracing mental health, trying to change things.

Idk. Makes me feel even more like the family outcast though.

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To be honest, I’m not sure! He definitely has seizures, but seizures are not just caused by epilepsy—he definitely has nerve damage, which could cause seizures, and I have no experience to say whether that counts as brain damage to cause epilepsy, specifically. His seizures aren’t triggered by traditional epilepsy triggers—as far as I can tell those are usually visual, audible, or otherwise not due to physical strain, but again, I have no idea.

It’s possible that, since the seizures are caused by the injury, and the injury involves some serious nerve damage, it might technically count as epilepsy. I’ve never interpreted it that way myself, but if you or another reader has epilepsy and wishes to interpret it that was to better relate to the character, or headcanon Eragon having epilepsy, I sure as hell am not gonna stop you!

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Jack: How’d you survive alone… all that time?

Kaia: Miss Mary Mack. The nursery rhyme. My mom used to … doesn’t matter.

Kaia Nieves in Galaxy Brain (15x12): Best of SPN Ladies [319 / ?]

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I texted my mom about the colorstreet bullshit. I’m gonna pull all my hair outta my head.

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