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#episode 1

It had been months since David was saved by the mystery girl.  He kept hearing periodic rumors about things that could have been her, but they never panned out.  There had been no sign of the Flamethrower.  David was relieved but still felt saddened he had killed someone again.  The fact the man was a killer did little to lessen the blow.

I’m kind of hungry.

“Think I’ll head down to the convenience store and grab something real fast,” David stated petting Ms. Pond then setting her to the floor, “You hold the fort.”

In a flash, David was in the electrical stream, Ms. Pond scurried off with an angered meow.  David remerged behind the convenience store.  He headed in and wandered down one of the aisles. While browsing the chip selection, he spotted a girl on the edge of his sight line in a different aisle.

Wow.  Hello.

David moved down the aisle some to hide how much he was staring.  The girl peered up from her aisle noticing David.  His eyes darted to the aisle in front of him.  The girl’s face turned a shade of red and she giggled a bit.

Well, that’s cute as shit.  I should ask her out. Who am I kidding, she’d never said yes.

He looked up at her again, but his gaze shifted to the masked man entering the store.  With a jerk of his arm, he was holding a gun toward the store clerk.


“Give me all the money,” the man nervously screamed, his hand trembling the gun.

David moved quickly over to the girl, and they both ducked behind the aisles.

“Holy shit,” the girl exclaimed.

“We have to stay quiet,” David ordered before peering around the side of the aisle at the man, “Stay here, everything will be okay.”

The girl turned a shade of red again as David snuck out from the aisles.  The man with the gun fully focused on the terrified clerk opening the register.  David snuck up to the man and knocked the gun from his hand.  After a few well-placed body shots, David punched the man in the face knocking him unconscious.

“Are you alright?” David asked turning towards the clerk.

“Y-Yeah,” the clerk muttered.

The girl from the back came trotting up to David.

“Oh, hey.  Are you okay?” David said, getting quite shy.

“Yeah, thanks to the hero,” she said with a bit of a giggle.

Seriously, cute as shit.  Say something.  Ask her damn it.

“So, we should do something sometime,” the girl offered.

Wait, what? Holy shit.

“Uh, yeah.  Def-definitely,” David muttered, his heart racing with excitement.

“What’s your name?” the girl questioned, “I’ll add you online and we can message there.”

After exchanging names, she turned and left.  David left in more shock about her than the masked man.

Did that really just happen?

“We weren’t here,” David stated with a slight chuckle to the clerk before excitedly darting out of the store and heading home.

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