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#episode 39

Episode 39- Infestation

He yell! 



Martin ;-; 

Is jon ok? Are you ok jon? Jooonnnnn? You don’t sound good? 


Ooooo tape recorder mystery. 

Gdbsbs Tim! Making fun of jon. And then immediately-

Probably dying.

Ya, why do you work here Jon? 

Like ur being watched?? 

Fu io cf uh ft bvvvfhfhhb

And why r u still here martin?  

Web!! Webwebwebweb! 


Wait who is this? 

Oh, Elias. 

“He isn’t smoking again is he?” Somehow I’m unsurprised.

Ksbsnsndnd. Tim? 

What happened to jon? I’ll have to relisten to this one for sure. 

Martin “lofi charm akdbdkdkdjdjdjdksim dying help and the alarm just going in the background XD 

So artifact storage is spooky then? 

Definite SCP vibes from this place. 



Martin is gone!!!!?

Ok, so I guess Jon got a worm in his leg and they had to cut it out?

Hsbdbdveeehehehrh u can’t just end it thereehshsjsndnd

Okokok. So. I’m going to listen again and try to write down my thoughts more succinctly.

Alright, Attempt 2: 

Ok so Jon runs for the tape recorder then yells at martin to get the fire extinguisher. 

Jons voice tho. He’s so panicked. Is this where he got bit? 

Ok, then it cuts to them getting the worm out of jons leg so ya he must have gotten the worm when he was starting to sort of zone out there. Also, that yell breaks my heart.

And just… his voice through this whole section ;-;

Also martin… Has had to think about this way too much. 

Martins "HA!” of victory here :D

Ok, but then jon dropped the tape recorder but martin had another one stashed in the safe house he made because he got rightfully paranoid. 

Gotta love that thirst for knowledge babeeeeeee! 

Jons laugh. :)

Jon and martin here as well :))

Lol, Sasha and martin yelling at Tim to look out is everyone ever at any horror movie. 

And jon doesn’t start yelling till his tape recorder is in danger….XD

Tim just… Casually talking to the tape recorder then mocking john while Sasha and martin are screaming at him about his imminent demise is still hilarious.

I can’t tell what Prentiss is saying here leme look at the transcript real quick- 

Ok she’s saying “do you hear their song" 

Also, I’m still laughing at tims impression of jon. How is this the funniest episode so far? 

Ok and then I’ve got no clue what’s happening here… Sasha’s running? I suppose this is where her and Tim got separated. 

Ok but Jon sort of helping ground Martin here (even if it could be interpreted as just so he can get more information on what’s going on) is kinda… soft. 

Martin here questioning why jon always dismisses the statements is just me all season. 

Just like martin feeling like he needs to hide the extinguishers from the worms, jon feels like he needs to hide his knowledge from… Something. Wich, I’m sticking under my eye category because he says he feels watched and because everyone always draws him with eyes and because im a little spoiled and know he’s linked to "the beholding” in some way. 

And he started working there cause he’s always believed in the supernatural. I wonder why? Was there something that started him believing in it? 

“Because I’m SCARED martin!"  ;-;

When he reads the statements he "loses himself a bit.” You don’t say… Wondered if there was a canon reason for the voice acting to be so good ;)

Webmartin! webwebweb! …I wonder if that spider was significant…

Jon thinking martin might be a ghost XD

“A ghost, really!?" 

"Shut up martin-" 

Ahsjdjd why is this the funniest episode??

And i think this is the first time we’ve heard Elias? Or- no we heard him tell off jon that one time for being mean to a sponsor or something. First proper time tho. 

And all Elias cares about is having to hire a new archivist so soon oh dear… 

Johns voiiceeee tho when he gets scared! 

Also, Tim just Koolaid smashing through their wall high as a kite. 

Martin "i write poetry and i think the tapes have a sort of… Lofi charm…” Blackwood. XD i love him. Ok but can jon please accidentally get ahold of some of martins tapes and it's just full of sappy love poems about him? 

So Sasha used to investigate the artifacts but moved to the archives instead cause the artifacts are too spooky.

And then she sees the table from that one episode. Then it seems like there’s someone there with her. And then she screams. And then there’s… Another voice? Saying “I see you”…

-hold on I’ve just had a thought. Are WE the beholding? Jon only feels watched when the tape recorders are on. And we’re only “watching” when the tape recorders are on… And our pov in this episode is switching between multiple different tapes… Hohoho,,there’s a meta-theory for you. I’m probably not the first person to think of this but still.

Ok, and martin has gotten lost. Jon’s leg is still bothering him and making him slower as well. They find a trap door but it just opens back up into the archives. 

The end. 

Ok so, I still know basically nothing about the web except that its been mentioned by name a few times and might be spider related? The beholding is eye-related, jon related, and perhaps knowledge or truth related? The lonely is mist related and perhaps people disappearing related. And that’s all i know about the ones I can pretty confidently name. There’s also the patterns and stinky meat and evil books etc but idk which “fear” they represent. Is “the hive” a fear? I would assume so at this point i just haven’t seen its name crop up online as much as the others. 

Welp, onto the finale. 

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