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#episode 5 spoiler pic
buddie4ever21 · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
2x01 / 5x05 Parallel
Yes I know Hen is in the Episode 5 one, but it’s basically the same. Buck and Eddie just switched sides.
P.S. why is BOBBY ALWAYS in the middle of BUDDIE.
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dijkstraspath · 19 days ago
At this point we are going to have set pics of Eddie and Buck kissing before it even airs on the show lmao
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jenniferstolzer · a day ago
Tumblr media
Babylon 5 Rewatch Season 3 Ep 03 A Day in the Strife
The Centauri/Narn peace continues to be one-sided as the current government sends Na'Far, a Narn dignitary, to Babylon 5 to fetch back G'Kar who is the last free member of the Kha'Ri. Meanwhile a Star Trek episode happens when a probe appears to give the command staff a pop quiz. Also Garibaldi challenges Franklin on his substance abuse. They eat Italian.
ALSO! DEVELOPMENT! For those of you out there who don't have HBO Max, all of Babylon 5 is now on IMDBtv! Watch the original series before they start putting out the remake for maximum in-joke appreciation! Straczynski said the new show is going to be a brand new take on the material, so you won't be spoiling yourself for the new one to watch the old one. Maybe I'll Pic an Episode the new series when it drops, too! Guess I better get this rewatch a-goin'
Things I liked and Didn't like about A Day in the Strife Below:
Things I like about A Day in the Strife
Ta'Lon is one of my favorite characters in this show. He doesn't show up often, but when he does he brings such a warmth and gentle strength it really leaves an impact. It was great seeing him get a drink with Sheridan after their escape together in the last season. It's a great handshake to the past to have this character come back and it feels like the two of them actually did forge a friendship that survived Freind of the Day status. Seeing Ta'Lon standing behind Na'Far feels wrong on a deep level, since it's obvious that Na'Far is short for Nafarious, but following him around means that Ta'Lon is inside all these political dealings. He is able to give G'Kar some well-informed advice, and explains the meaning of the K'Tok! Aka the sword JMS handed him to make him look different than other Narns. I kid Ta'Lon. Marry me.
I love G'Kar. I love how brave all the Narns are. I love how much it both heartens and hurts G'Kar to see the faith his people have in him. It's quite a burden to put not only the fate of their people on his shoulders, but the blood of all their families.
Finally confronting the drug abuse storyline that's been simmering under the surface is a good thing. I appreciate that Garibaldi had the hard talk with Franklin and that we got to see it. It felt very authentic to the twos' relationship as friends, and esp with Garibaldi's own substance issues... its a shame this wasn't the end of it, but a nice talk and a promise rarely is the end of a dependency, so even in that it's better storytelling. Also Franklin having a Stim problem makes sense within his story and his position. It's not just a drug problem for the sake of a drug problem, we as an audience can see how it would arise. Makes it a better representation of such a thing than other shows sometimes do.
Londo demonstrates to Vir what he considers "good politics." Which is to do what he must do as best as he can... and he's real good at it, too. Him talking to Na'Far about the executions is chilling. He can be a real monster when he wants, and Vir is appalled to watch it. This is what convinces Londo to send him to Minbar, to protect him. To save that little light of good inside Vir that Londo, himself, used to have. These characters are so goddamn complex you all. They love each other, they think things that are different than their behavior, ugh this goddamn /show/. And that scene with Delenn where she's convinced and Londo is evil now, but sees a little crack in the mask herself when he seeks her out in order to send Vir to Minbar. Londo loses two more friends. He really is alone and has no one to blame but himself.
Things I don't like about A Day In the Strife
The space probe plot really aches of "The Earth Force folk need something to do" syndrome. I made the joke that it's a Star Trek episode, and that wasn't to call it bad, but it's very in tone with the high-minded syndicated space show. Such a plot would make an excellent TOS episode without changing the twist or anything... but this isn't TOS. This is B5. This is 1995. It feels a little derivative and unexplored. That's a small complaint in a good episode, though. On to the next!
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naoyasgf · 7 months ago
jjk ep 21
Tumblr media
i’m sorry guys I THINK MAHITO IS REALLY HOT IN LIKE A WEIRD WAY but please tell me if that is not okay i consider him an adult bc he acts like one and has a seemingly adult body i know he was born like 4 months ago but to me he is not a 4 month old
Tumblr media
GETOU (kind of) HES SOO FINEEEEE BABE PLEASE the shirt... gives me ptsd from gojo past arc 😐 it’s been so long i missed u bae i can literally write a master thesis about him i think that he is prob the most well written character in jjk from his introduction as this righteous idealistic kid who was just introduced to jujutsu society to his downward spiral into a curse user after amanai and learning what jujutsu was really about and then his relationship with gojo who used him as his moral compass AND THEN MY GENERAL HATE FOR JUJUTSU SOCIETY WHO TREATS STUDENTS LIKE WEAPONS IN SITUATIONS ADULTS CREATE 🤬
Tumblr media
UTAHIME IS SO SWEET I LOVEE HERRR and her technique is singing she is so pretty and she is so nice all her students love her ☺️☺️☺️ she is much better at teaching that gojo that is for sure 😑 like the way she ran out to protect miwa when she fell asleep.... vs the way gojo did absolutely nothing after nobara passed out 😐
Tumblr media
HES SO CUTE BABEYYYYY I LOVE U why is he the only one with bandages they did him dirty like this BUT HIS FACT IS SO CUTEEEE HES TEACHING HIMSELF CURSIVE he’s so studious and did i mention cute yet I ALSO THINK HE IS SO COMPLEX like when he was saying megumi was the same as him and megumi kept shooting him down i was like no babe ur right (kinda) speak ur truth 🗣
Tumblr media
INUMAKI IS ALSO THE CUTEST i’m painting his scene from op1 rn but it’s very hard and i want to give up but i won’t for him 🤞🏼 I LOVE THE WAY HE TALKS ITS CUTE and since he can’t say actual sentences he would totally leave u cute notes ☺️☺️and yuuji I LOVE HIMM it kinda annoys me how ppl say sukuna is hot and yuuji isn’t... as if they aren’t literally the same body like guys where is the itadori love 🤨⁉️ and his personality is much better he is so kind and happy despite what happened to him although i think he should get some emotional support so he has an outlet for his feelings like maybe his unyielding optimism is him repressing his feelings bc his friend died in front of him and he got like 2 days to recover before the exchange event 😐
Tumblr media
HES SO PRETTY LOOK AT HIS LASHES mappa loves lashes megumis lashes are also so long and pretty this post has nothing of substance sorry if u thought meta discussion and theory crafting was going to occur
Tumblr media
FINAL PIC GOES TO MY BOYFRIEND 🥰😍😘❤️🤞🏼noritoshi i love u u are so cute i know u arent a bad person u just follow orders bc u need to be head of ur clan so ur mom can have a good life i respect that i’m sorry megumi did not take ur circumstances into consideration and labeled u as a bad guy but don’t worry I UNDERSTAND YOU 🤞🏼 i’m attached to him bc he is like the only character close to my age T_T what am i going to do when i am like 20 and megumi is still 15 😐
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keykidpilipili · a year ago
Since Higurashi and PMD 1 are getting remakes/reboots, I’m gonna make a wish list for a manga-following Negima anime with added content.
The lack of info on Negi’s mother is repeatedly highlighted, just before the trip to Mundus Magicus Nekane says she doesn’t remember much of the woman in Nagi’s company when he dropped Negi at her father’s house except the very dignified presence she had.
New scenes explaining why Fate is collaborating with the rebel Kyoto branch and what was his objective.
Chao, Chachamaru and Hakase hanging more and more together in the background pre-Mahora festival.
Negi catches sight of a human silhoutte inside the crystal under the Mahora Tree before travelling back to the past with everyone.
Allusions to Megalomesembria trying to intervene in Mahora Academy’s internal affairs but failing.
A map of Mars is shown at some point by Natsumi to the audience during the Mahora Festival.
Love Drive remix as opening until the reunion in Ostia.
Chief and other ex-Ostians talk of Queen Arica and how she was, in contrast Negi also hears unflattering expressions derived from her bad reputation as “Queen of Calamity”.
Negi being the substitute leader of Fate’s gal crew and shinnanegans ensue in the demon world. Meanwhile Fate tries to keep the class together during Kyoto School Trip 2 Electric Bogaloo.
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bandicoot88 · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My Life is Strange 2, episode 5 choices. I got the worst ending. It emotionally destroyed me. Good, bad... it’s all subjective in this game.
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bluevxnus · 7 months ago
My thoughts of the FIRST episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier:
Sam is hot. That is. He needs more recognition. And smart!!! He was fixing his own suit! WHAT A MAN. CAPTAIN AMERICA MATERIAL
When Bucky says 'no' when asked about if he's having nightmares. The John Mulaney quote "And I said no. You know, like a liar" came to my mind
Honestly, Sarah Wilson is a f goddess. She's a queen. Id like to know how she likes her breakfast in the morning and if she's looking for a wife. If she wants a 3rd child, I will have it for her, idk how but we'll work it out
American military whose name idk nor I care is racist. Like really racist. I mean, YoU mAdE tHe rIgHt ChOiCe SaM 5 min later tHe New CaPtAiN aMeRiCa.... Wtf
War machine is a brother. I don't know if that makes sense. I just feels it.
Yori Nakajima is the best thing that exists. And it kills me the fact that Buck can't say the truth. It's just... Hsjwjdjjdk
I reached the conclusion that the girls are not lucky Bucky is going to be interested in them. Bucky is the lucky one. I mean, the first girl is just a boss!! Sarah could spit me anytime and I would thank her and Sharon is a queen (even if I haven't see her yet)
James Barnes is not good mentally talking. I hope they fix that. I prefer him being in a better place mentally talking over a relationship idk
I hate the situation that Sam and Sarah go to and the fact that is a reality for many. I want to hug them so bad
Torres is really cute but first, no one uses # in messages, that is super unrealistic. Second, when he sent the pic, it gave me "pick me guy" vibes, I didn't like it
Idk if I'm forgetting anything else but overall 10/10
Episode 2
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gale-gentlepenguin · 6 months ago
Gale Reviews: ML Season 4 Episode 3: Gang of Secret
(Spoilers below)
-So they just beat a villain, and Ladybug is acting SUS. Like she doesn't Want to leave yet. Hmm
-Chat noir YOU SLICK MOFO. (I dare not ruin it, because I am laughing at it)
-She is still not over her break up. So I guess Lukanette stans, get whatever remains of your juice while its there.
-Ladybug ... sweetie. Do you need a hug? Cause you look like you need a hug.
-Chat noir realizing his idea was NOT very smart after that.
-Ladybug ruining experiences for a LOT of couples today
-Chat noir trying to help, but Ladybug aint telling him
-They are going swimming now. Chat noir for once, is not thrilled about hanging out with Ladybug... thats a YIKES.
-She has goggles and a towel, so she did go swimming.
-The Kwami see her in pain, QUICK, TEAR DOWN THE PHOTOS.
-She said no tho, but clearly sad about it.
-So Alya is giving the girl posse the rundown on Marinette. Claiming she is lovesick.
-Rose thought they were cute, and Juleka says nothing. Is it wrong that I want Juleka to have an opinion? Whether positive OR negative
-Juleka is like "Yea, he is sad." shows picture of sad Luka. Though to be fair, that is a decent pic of him.
- So Alya is LAST to know. Double ouch.
-Marinette was crying in the bathroom, baby girl no!
-Alya out here trying to be a good friend. By showing Marinette she has support. (She aint even mad that she was last to find out. She is more concerned about her friend)
-They calling her now
-She didn't answer. She is too sad
-So she won't detransform and talk with tikki. Can I PLEASE give her a hug. She needs it.
-Yo... Marinette has zero concern for herself and only detransformed when she thought it was causing strain on Tikki.
-Mylene offering friendship bracelets. Never change dear.
-Okay so are they witches now?
-Alix is like 'Can I not be in a ritual, Id rather give her some juice'
-Marinette sad cause Ladybug can't have a boyfriend. Cause even if she dated Adrien, it would be the same as it was with Luka.... Tikki knows that aint true but can't say why. UGH! This is pain
-Did Tikki just confirm Kwami can't fall in love? NO! MY CHEESECAKE!
-OH S***! So now she gonna be Perma ladybug?!
-So the girls showed up as soon as ladybug left. This isn't good.
-And of course Marinette is TOO GOOD at making s***, so they curious about the new dollhouse
-And things going to s*** in 10, 9, 8
-Oh no... this... this is not good. Marinette sweetie no. No please.
-Look can we take a second and APPRECIATE HOW HARD ALYA AND THE GIRLS ARE GOING FOR MARINETTE! Did the writers see all of the alya salt and say 'Yea f*** that noise'? Cause I feel like they did.
-Okay so I know Marinette just didn't want to expose her secret... but damn girl... THAT was harsh.
-Marinette literally going scorched earth for being Ladybug... Okay, this episode PHYSICALLY hurts me. SHE DOESNT MEAN IT GIRLS. PLEASE DONT HATE HER.
-Shadowmoth could you not. Like seriously?! COULD YOU F***ING NOT! MY BABY GIRL IS IN PAIN AND I WILL GO THROUGH MY SCREEN AND [Redacted]
-And then you'll have to f*** sideways.
-So first 5 way akumatization
-So can we talk about how the last 3 akuma were after the secrets of Marinette. well 2, but the other one was Adrien. But still. A Lot of Hawkmoth saying 'F*** this individual in particular'
-I wish I could understand Juleka. Can someone please just translate with what she is saying. It was funny in truth, but I want to know
-OH Timebreaker and Horrificator are BACK. Yay, I missed them
-Just realized how AMAZING their Gang of akuma are. Like damn, thats like a super team of evil. Yea sure
-Not to nitpick, but Marinette, you should have led with that box.
-Damn that was a really boss illusion trixx. But question, how was that out of control? Like if anything, that was BETTER then when the user used it.
-Trixx makes a really good point. WHY DOES HE NEED A HOLDER AGAIN?!
-Trixx is now my second favorite Kwami.
-PLAGG! MY SON! HE IS IN THE EPISODE! I MISSED HIM. Also, surprisingly knows.
-Plagg cares about other Kwami.
-Adrien just chilling, watching tv. XD
-Timebreaker casually committing murder
-Hold it, Okay so why are so many people in school right now? Ivan is there, chloé and Sabrina? Oh my tomato son too. Can someone tell me wtf is up with this school schedule?
-Fragrance/Reflekta Power combo is amazing.
-Wow, this gang is MEGA DANGEROUS
-So yea Ladybug. Maybe... idk... TALK WITH CHAT NOIR ABOUT YOUR PROBLEMS!?
-So they really gotta plan this time.
-Ladybug smart to disarm Ladywifi.
-Ladybug trying to get lady wifi to fight the akuma. This is touching
-No, shadow moth, you's a b***
-Loving this Alya- Ladybug friendship
-Chat noir looking boss by fighting 3 akuma at once while on the phone. Chat noir Leveled up.
-So Ladybug can now pull the miraculous out of anywhere because she has guardian status. Thats a cool trick. Makes it much easier.
-Thats a secret tho, Alya got trusted with a big secret.
-And Chat noir is captured... but in his defense. He did have to fight 4 at once this time. So that took longer than usual. So no shame kitty. You did well.
-Lucky charm is an inner tube
-Clever illusion. POINTS! Using the goal of the akuma to distract. Alya gets gull points!
-Ladybug suave catch of rose tho.
-So that was probably the best Group akuma attack since Heroes day (and honestly it probably tops it)
-Marinette patches things up with her friends. That is a relief. She was able to somewhat explain her issues up to the point. Without spilling the details.
-Marinette has some really good friends.
-Alya knows that not everything has been told... Hold on DONT TELL ME.
-Oh wow, Marinette is breaking down.... My poor baby girl is hurting real bad.
wow this episode... This one hurt. This one hurt a LOT. But also, it was really good.
Okay so, 10/10.
I haven't been this enthralled with an episode in a long time.
Are there one or two nitpicks? Absolutely.
Do I wish somethings were not mentioned? A little bit.
Am I glad Alya knows? Out of everyone, she is the second person I wanted Marinette to tell.
(The first one being chat noir, but lets face it, we kind of knew that won't be happening for a while.)
So can Alya salt stop now? Cause Alya CLEARLY showed how much of a motherf***ing boss she is.
But damn I didn't feel this emotional since Chat blanc.
That was OBJECTIVELY, one of the best episodes in the entire series.
This made me rethink my favorite episode. THATS HOW GOOD IT WAS.
Season 4, You keep doing what you are doing. Your writing (minus some very minor nitpicks) has been pretty damn good.
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storiesofheroesart · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Anyone else here watch tribbleofdoom's My Pride series?! Cause yah should! If you like lions and mature themes check it out! In fact, they just wrapped up season 1 which is why I felt the need to celebrate with some well deserved fanart! In episode one (time 1:38 to be specific) there's a shot with the three goddess and Nothing with her brothers under them. It's a cool shot, and I couldn't help but notice the foreshadowing each cub has with the goddess they are placed under. Cansu is the Goddess of Storms/Rain, wisdom, and travel. She is known as the wanderer and watches over pride-less lions. She is known to give guidance to those who are lost to guide them on their journeys. This pairs well with Nothing given that she had to leave her pride and travel as a pride-less lion. (Also everything that happens in episode 8) I decided to include Feather in the pic, since that's her travel buddy :3 Did anyone else think the lightning in episode 5 was Cansu trying to kill Feather? (That's my head cannon anyway)
Continuing on with my theory of foreshadowing with the cubs and goddess for the My Pride series we have Spark and the Goddess Asra. Asra is the Goddess of the Moon, death, and mercy. This pairs with Spark because Spark dies. Yep, we were warned within the first 2 minutes with some dead-on foreshadowing (pardon the pun). So for this picture we have ghosty Spark looking sad about the whole being dead thing. I imagine he is also sad about another thing (revealed in episode 8). Don't want to spoil it for you guys just yet. Also decided to make his wound look like it's leaking stars because it looks cooler with him being a ghost and all. Had to kind of guess Asra's full Goddess design based on what we were shown during the story segments.
Then we have Fire and the Goddess Sunce. Sunce is the Goddess of the sun, life, and wrath. This goddess is good foreshadowing for Fire mostly due to episode 10 (the finale). I won't say what happens exactly in order to avoid major spoilers, but just know that Fire's wrath is revealed. Fire also pairs well with Sunce with just his name alone! Fire. Sun. Need I say more. Had some fun designing Sunce's Goddess form. Used the Goddess form of Cansu for ideas and the picture they use of her in the legends. We will have to wait to see how accurate my design is XT Also that finale! Like DANG what a rollercoaster of emotions! Can't wait for season 2! If you wanna check out a really cool independent series on youtube click here
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thetaoofbetty · a month ago
hi :) i have seen so much negativity in the fandom and bughead’s loosing hope and saying that they will delete bh scenes, personally i don’t think so but i know that you are usually more informed, so what would you say? and what do you think we should expect? i don’t want *a to happen again, it’s embarrassing at this point for the writers and characters. (hope i don’t bother you whit this, just wanted to know your opinion in case)
okay, this is the only theorizing ask i will answer because it's redundant for me to repeat myself 100 times (and you're not bothering me, doll).
first, i think people hoping that bughead is back at the end of the season has turned into expectation for it. also a disclaimer: i've seen and heard the twitter stans lose their shit every time anything happens, it's exhausting. a lot of them have turned shipping into a competition instead of just enjoying the thing they love.
also please remember that we have no context for anything floating around. stuff without context means nothing. including summaries, stills, and spoilers.
that being said, i feel like the special event episodes could be an extension of s5? we know that the tbk isn't resolved by 5x19 and we know that there's an explosion at pop's. what else do we know?
there's enough carbon monoxide in the mines that have palladium to cause hallucinations
tabitha installed a gas pump at pop's
alice is fantasizing about a perfect world in the musical
roberto said that s6 will have riverdale find itself in the fight of good and evil and that long-running relationships maybe find themselves on opposite sides (there's really only a handful of long-running relationships on the show so it seems pretty obvious who that would be)
cheryl is supposed to be a reincarnated witch (we don't know how or why this happens, just that the tape exists and mads said cheryl would be changing or something like that)
the first 5 episodes of s6 is supposed to be special in some way
*insert stuff i forgot*
so where does that leave us? with no real clue about what's actually going to happen, tbh. okay, with what roberto said about s6, i'm really not sure i'd be rooting for my ship to be together at the start. he called it mythic, epic, and romantic and the implication that the long-running ships would be on opposite sides, it sounds like we're going to get where we're going (bugvarchoni) but it's not going to be by the end of this season.
this is all guessing, tbh. we don't actually know how any of the above fits anywhere but roberto is talking like something hinky is going to go on. the pic of cole and that fake dead deer reinforces the idea that all is not right in the land of riverdale in s6.
my vote is that there's a pretty big possibility that something weird is going on and some stuff that the characters have said to each other over this last season are things i'm going to remember while we're all waiting. kingdom for people to remember that every time they freaked out, it was pretty much over nothing in the end and context means everything.
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haircoveredwriter · 2 months ago
And the headcanons keep on coming
It's that time again folks.
After watching the s11 premier I've got a load of theories and you lucky ducks get to be the recipients of my fandom madness. So let me spew my inner workings about what could be coming for Caryl out before you and as always, feel free to keep scrolling because I admit...I'm insane.
(Fair warning there are spoilers from film tracking as well as images from trailers/promos the show dropped so if you don't want to see I'll put everything below.
We know Dog makes it back to Alexandria in episode 5, and from the premier ep we see Daryl has an open wound on his inner forearm. Now I'm guessing the Reapers aren't going to be too welcoming to Daryl - we've seen as much with fight scenes in the trailer/promo pics plus he's being lead away tied up in another - which is a safe was of saying he's probably gonna get more injuries along the way. (As is the norm for Daryl in this show).
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
photo cred AMC
What if when Dog comes back he has some amalgamation of Daryl's blood on his coat or utility jacket?
Tumblr media
We've seen Carol teary while talking to someone in Alexandria on top of what I assume is Aaron when they deal with the Whisperer at Hilltop, and IMO the only thing that causes these levels of emotions in her these days is Daryl...whether it be an argument/happiness/any other emotion tied to an interaction with him. It would further bolster the idea that she starts to think he is more than just missing but potentially dead and thus causing her steadfast breakdown. Of course she could try to tell herself that's not what happened but poor Carol can't help but let those voices at the back of her head creep in.
Diving further down the rabbit hole, we can add in other speculation of Daryl leaving some kind of note in Dog's vest for Carol, and the possibility of blood being smeared on it to continue Carol's emotional torture arc. (Joy...)
Tumblr media
Part of me also wants to see Daryl bloodied after an interrogation by the Reapers/Pope while he's tied up and turning away from Le@h's attempts at attending to his facial wounds bc nobody else can touch Daryl's face besides Carol. He'll probably wipe it away with the back of his hand, thus being how it could get on Dog/the vest/any note written.
This could all just be conjecture or my headcanons getting away with me but I fully support this idea and willing to slip TWD money to make it happen.
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geovanasb · a month ago
[small spoilers]
Episode 5 of What if was so cool!!
Tumblr media
By far my favorite scene was Zombie Captain America i loved the way that he slowly rises from the shadows! it's pure resident evil vibes, i just wished that it lasted longer :[
Best pic of the episode here:
Tumblr media
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mlady-thingamajig · 20 days ago
it’s. perfect.
the setting being in 2021 and bringing in the pandemic and other current events. the different future paths each main has that is true to their character and their development throughout the series.
ALL. the. REFERENCES. from previous seasons you can laugh at that also remind you how long and emotional and just wonderful this journey w the 9-9 has been. all the new jokes that the writers have come up with and brought alive through the hilarious cast.
THE CHEMISTRY??? more like the BOND the squad has, the way these episodes were able to highlight the special connection each pair has and flawlessly combine the little things (specific stuff they know after being in their lives for so long) and the big stuff (the way they realise the different ways they’re headed and still accept and love each other) (important decisions they all have to make).
THE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE THEY HAVE FOR EACH OTHER 💥💳💥💳💥💳 which manifests in so many forms ++ the romance/ tender scenes. istg this show has/is my heart
Tumblr media
all the side characters we know and love so much that were brought BACK. CMON GUYS THE DOUG JUDY EP. IS SO. GOOD. these side characters are a part of the 9-9 as much as the others and i was absolutely over the moon every time they appeared and made their references and had their goodbye moments w the mains. this fucking show. breaks and fixes my heart. over and over again. but i love b99 for that.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
literally scared me i thought charles was gonna hate him :
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
fast-forward to their talk. agh. the moment they called each other their best friend. THEIR FRIENDSHIP IS THE BEST. B99 FRIENDSHIPS ARE THE BEST.
the end. the LAST EPISODE. UGGHHHHHHHHHHH everyone just saying goodbye and talking about their futures and reminiscing and my heart just aches for the nth time and i am in so much joy and pain at the same time. my heart doesn’t even beat anymore it just aches.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
yyyyyeeeppp. that’s it.
i am just. wow. i am happy.
this is all i ever wanted for the finale and i am so happy for all of the characters. i know some people may be a bit disappointed by the ending
but honestly it’s realistic and it displays the growth of the cast. so. frickin. much. this is the best closure i’ve ever gotten from a show and it’s crystal freakin clear how much love and emotion and more love the writers and cast put into these last ten episodes. had me crying at least 8 times in each one. also had me constantly laughing and squealing at every joke/pun/reference.
i am sad. no new episodes are coming. the show is over. no more bts pics and no more andre photobombs in mel’s selfie pics. the show is really over. there’s such a bittersweet feeling to this WITHOUT THE ANGST THO. this is new and weird. i’m just happy and then sad that i’m happy for the end instead of the continuation.?? if that makes sense.
staying up til 5:30 am to binge-watch this will definitely fuck up my concept of time + circadian rhythm for the next two weeks but idc.
it was SO. WORTH IT. it’s just. this show as a whole makes me so happy. the tears of joy kind, and finally being able to watch my 9-9 FAMILY, the one i can proudly say i GREW WITH, move on to the new chapters of their lives, gives me hope that i’d be able to do the same. NINE-NINE! Forever.
Tumblr media
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cosmicclownboy · 2 months ago
I had a sudden scary thought. Jones went on and on about he and Max being connected and how Max has a part of him. But ever since he healed her, Rosa has a part of Max and she manifests at least part of his power. So will Jones go after Rosa next (it looks like he's playing poker in the Crashdown in those stills)?
Rosa's gonna be hanging out with Wyatt next episode per the stills.
Liz will be off with Heath on an adventure.
Isobel and Maria will be off on their adventure.
And so far Kyle's pics suggest pov to the racism plot.
It seems Jones has his own agenda he's probably on the look out for something alien that Nora and Louise maybe hid. And who else is looking into alien things? 👀 My theory is the clip of Alex at the Long Farm is him investigating with Max who is Jones. And during this time Michael is supposed to make a disturbing discovery which is Max. Alex winds up hurt. I found it super random that in this pic of Vlamburn there is just a random scarf for no reason covering one side.
Tumblr media
In the Alex clip he's not wearing a scarf and he's wearing white 👀
Tumblr media
According to Jeanine and Chris the spoiler pic of Malex she took is either in 3x05 or 3x06 but due to costuming couldn't release it. Maybe it's a hospital pic?
Alex goes back into researching episode 6. So what is he doing for episode 5?👀. Greg is also in 3x05.👀👀
And per the bts of after episodes Michael is hanging around Alex all the time investigating with him. So he's probably worried for bae. Wouldn't he be more focused on his dying brother??? 👀.
As for Rosa maybe her new ability she uncovers is the ability to heal since she is a product of Max and it solves the Max plot early on. I don't know.
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mysterylover123 · 3 months ago
Mysterylover Watches MHA episode 103 "OT3 Feels & Spoiler Warnings"
Tumblr media
1. Um Bones SPOILER WARNING PLEASE?! For newcomers? About the League arc? Dammit where's the plot twist gonna land now?
Tumblr media
2. On a spoiler note , it's funny how these two have switched positions in the manga rn. Like here's Bakugou being unreasonable and Deku telling him to calm down. Man, those were good times. Remember when Deku was the reasonable one?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
5. Don't get your hopes up Hawks. Next spring knows nothing but pain.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
7. OK Intern Intros time! I LOVE THIS LITTLE SEQUENCE BTW. Deku muttering. That visualization is hilarious.
Tumblr media
8. Bakugou as usual winning the show with his character development.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
10. And Shoto as usual winning the show with his character development. And also announcing firmly that both Deku AND Bakugou brought meaning back into his life and helped him move on from his hatred. The OT3 arc is real, ya'll.
So this arc really won most of us over to the trinity. I like all their development here (unlike certain later developments ok I'll shut up about that now) and the FEELS this little sequence gives you, for BKDK and TDDK/TDBK are amazing. Best trio, bar none.
Also the ten pic image limit means I can’t post about the Wonder Trio on the rooftop sequence but rest assured I loved it. 
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katyatalks · 6 months ago
do you know if the mp100 fandom ever experienced leaked audio/screenshots of episodes before they air? i got into the show not too long ago so i wouldnt know since we're in hiatus period right now;;
Nothing that I ever saw sadly(?). Mob psycho was fanbase-wise a very small manga that saw only a Japanese digital release through MangaONE followed by ONE taking a bunch of these chapters, redrawing some panels & compiling them into physical volumes, then much later on these volumes get licensed for a overseas/translated release. That made leaking basically impossible. Compare to AoT which has a huuuge following both in country and overseas, which is why it dealt with such a huge leak issue (I’ve never read AoT but as far as I saw the physical Korean versions of the final chapter(s) of it got released earlier than the Japanese release did, this kind of thing is typically how a manga “leak” happens)
In terms of the anime the closest thing we have experienced so far to leaks is “controlled” leaks, ie. a voice actor dropping hints as to what might happen next in an interview. When the S2 OVA saw an early event release in July 2019 a few months before the rest of us got to see it, some fans who saw it created spoiler threads that I compiled and translated at that time. Nobody leaked pictures or video. Warner Brothers then dropped some low-res pics of the box art on their product website, which gave us around 5 caps of the OVA
in short: too niche for mega leaks. the manga was released in a way that was leak proof, the anime has seen tiny leaks as described but nothing massive
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pleasereadmeok · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Matthew Scene by Scene - Episode 5  # 7.....  Let me have you.
Spoilers if you haven’t seen ADOW season 2 episode 5 AND 1st/2nd book spoilers!!!    Also I don’t censor talking about sex so give this a miss if that offends you.  I’m writing these for my friend CC and she wanted answers to her questions about this scene!
Matthew and Diana are cuddled up in their tent.  Diana reckons this journey is so much harder than she thought it would be.  Well of course it’s harder than time walking! It could have taken you seconds to get to just outside Sept Tours and Philippe would be doing a WTF double take coz he would be so impressed at your speed.  Whatever.  
Matthew replies with a Mmm.  That Mmm does things to me (and to Ed Bluemel apparently according to revelation on Twitter last week!)    Matthew is sorry the journey is so hard for Diana.  But Diana reckons it’s hard for Matthew as well, not physically but mentally, as he prepares to face his long dead father again.  
Whatever happens, Diana is Matthew’s, she reassures him.  Well that’s goode to know.  
And I am yours.  Matthew replies.  All goode then.  
Tumblr media
That Mmm has clearly fired up Diana as well coz she is all over him. Well you would, wouldn’t you?  Things are getting hot and heavy and clothes are hurriedly ripped off.  Blimey.  
Tumblr media
But then Diana says something that will have the people who haven’t read the books reeling.....
...then let me have you.
Tumblr media
If I hadn’t read the books I would be like - 
Tumblr media
Holy shit!  WTF?  They haven’t actually done the deed yet???  I mean they were in bed naked in episode 7 of last season .   Remember when Matthew went down on Diana and they wound up naked in each others arms?  What the heck where they doing if they didn’t shag?  Play scrabble?  WHAT?  
Right.  Take a seat and calm down.  In the books they do everything in bed but never get to home base.  Matthew explains right from the moment they get into bed together that they will be taking things slowly, very slowly, like snails pace slowly.  He’s all like we’ve got time and I wanna get to know every inch of your bod first.  He’s into intimacy - foreplay but that’s IT for now but the TV show didn’t really make that obvious.  So I guess this scene was quite a shock if you haven’t read the books.  Of course that might have been the point - to shock you and make you question what is going on here. 
Up to now Diana has been more than satisfied in bed coz Matthew is like the god of foreplay and fully functioning in all areas.   But now Diana wants a goode honest shag.   Will he?  Come on Matthew, how long are going to tease Diana with the prospect of having you inside her?  What is stopping you?  There’s clearly something that we don’t know about yet.    
So will he go for it at last?
Apparently not.  
Not yet.  Not now. .... In time.
Tumblr media
Diana obviously feels rejected.  Girl, don’t just leave it there.  You know there is something holding him back - WTF is it?   Get him to tell you.  Use some witchy magic to get him to spill.  
Tumblr media
We can see from Matthew’s anguished face that he is hiding something BAD.  Really BAD.  More secrets he’s keeping.  
Tumblr media
[Pics - ADOW S2:05 rough edits]
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