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#episode commentary

Yes, I’m back again. This is probably the most hilarious reaction as of late. Here we go, y’all. I had to break this up into two parts.

Gabrielle’s Hope Part I:

*Xena and Gabrielle are traveling towards the main city after Gabrielle wakes up from a horrible dream*

Friend: damn, she is sweating bullets. I guess that’s what happens when you sacrifice someone. 

*Xena and Gabrielle have a little run-in with the Banshees*

Friend: oh hell. Creepy bitches. 

*Xena leaves Gabrielle alone in a tavern*

Friend: oh nooooo. Don’t leave, please. Whenever you leave, something bad always happens. Why, Xena, why?

*Gabrielle starts eating everything and anything that has been put in front of her*

Friend: what is wrong with her? What is happening? Xena, where are you. Who are these motherfuckers outside and why do they want to kill Gabrielle?

*The villagers throw rocks and burn the tavern*

Friend: are you kidding. Can’t she just escape through a door? Gabrielle, why you do dis. Xena, can you please go back and get this bitch.

*After Xena comes back to rescue Gabrielle, the Banshees kidnap Gabrielle and tell her she’s carrying a child*

Me: *pauses the episode*

Friend: what…the fuck. When…when the fuck did she get pregnant? Wait. What. I need a cigarette.

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The saga continues, y’all. Brace yourselves.

The Deliverer:

*Xena and Gabrielle run into a couple of Roman soldiers transporting some dudes. One of the captives mentions Caesar*

Friend: TRIGGERED. Look at her face. She hates Caesar.

*Gabrielle befriends one of the captives*

Friend: look at that creepy dude.

*The dude caresses Gabrielle’s hand*

Friend: HMMM…oh…hmm. What. Where is Xena.

*Boudicca enters the chat*

Friend: hey, she looks like your mom. Xena is friends with everybody, isn’t she?

*Gabrielle gets captured by Caesar*

Friend: of course. Gabrielle always gettin’ captured and then Xena’s going to save her, right? Right. 

*The cult begins to sacrifice a girl*

Friend: I fucking knew it. Gabrielle, look what you get yourself into. Where’s Xena. Not here, that’s where. 

*Gabrielle stabs the girl*

Friend: oof. Now you completed the sacrifice. Nice going, Gabrielle. 

*Xena enters the chat, and Gabrielle is being dragged on the floor by a fiery outstretched arm*

Friend: this is a subplot to the Caesar plot? What even. 

*The creepy dude turns into a demon and Xena begins to fight him while Gabrielle is screaming for help*

Friend: looks like Gabrielle is running out of time there. He uglyyyy. And he bitch-slapped Xena. oof. 

*Demon dude gets thrown into the hellfire, and Xena saves Gabrielle*

Friend: see, this why you can’t leave Gabrielle alone, Xena. She’s always doin’ some crazy shit. Hey, is that Stonehenge?  

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Well, I’ve had a rather stressful couple of weeks, and I decided to watch Xena with my friend one evening, and boy, it was most hilarious experience I’ve had in a long time. For the record, I haven’t watched Xena in a year. 

A lil background for you all: My friend hasn’t watched Xena in a long time and she used to watch it when it came on TV as a child (yeah we’re kinda old. Almost 30 crew).

I decided to show her some evil Xena because, who doesn’t like some evil Xena? Ya know what I’m sayin? ;)

So, I started a bit out of order, but it’s fine. Just go with it. This is gonna be long. Here we go: 

The Debt Part I and II:

*Evil Xena riding with Borias through the desert Steppes, chasing some dudes, who are fleeing for their lives. Later, they return to their yurts and Xena is super handsy*

Friend: oh….OH….why is she so horny. What is this. 

*Xena explaining to Gabrielle that she must go to the land of Chin to fulfill a promise*

Friend: ohmygawd, Gabrielle. Just let her commit murder.

*Xena making out with Borias on a horse, practically having sex*

Friend: oh, so…she evil and she a ho too. Alright. You do you, hunny. 

*Xena and Lao Ma “exchanging air” in the bath water*

Friend: *whispers* gay.

*Xena and Borias fighting in Lao Ma’s home, then later make-out on the floor*

Friend: what is wrong with her. She swings both ways. Make up your mind, Xena.

*Gabrielle is in Ming T’ien’s bed*

Friend: *GASP* what a fucking bitch. Nope. Whatta bitch. Nope. Gabrielle, you a ho.

*Xena in a swampy dungeon filled with piss and other stuff…and Gabrielle comes to see her*

Friend: she don’t wanna see your ass, Gabrielle. You betrayed her. I’m over it. *turns to me* why is she like this? does she always do this? Why. Is. She. Like. This. 

*Xena explaining to Gabrielle that she didn’t have to kill Ming T’ien to fulfill Lao Ma’s debt*

Friend: oh come on! No….

*Sees the hair roach jammed into Ming’s head*


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what the actual fuck?!?!?!?!

so many awful things happening at the same time. fuck!!!!

I really really really hope Emori doesn’t die. I will kill a bitch.

(i used to love raven, but the whole “i will always save us all”, I’m tired of it)

and the azgeda hand on the floor??? what was that? specially one episode after we learn that Niylah is part azgeda, and then not her and not echo appear???


I am too sad and furious to talk about Madi right now. if they kill her I don’t even know. I really hope they didn’t make Octavia kill her at the end, so she’ll have a chance to recover. and not be dead.

can I say how much I love Clarke and Octavia’s friendship right now???

now, the whole test thing. of course Clarke will be the one. and she will save humanity. (if that’s not it, I’ll be very cross. because I like my endings at least hopeful, and not all tragic)

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I wanna wring Madi’s neck!!!!

that was so dumb! “OK, I’ll go where the villain is, so that he can pick my mind and start a war that will destroy everyone” . super smart.

yeah, I know she doesn’t know that’s why he wants her. but even then, it’s like she doesn’t know Clarke will literally stop at nothing to save her.

ahhh teenage rebellion

let me tell you, I was quite glad that echo and Octavia didn’t blame Clarke. they had seen who bellamy became, so… 🤷

and I can’t believe I will have to agree with sheidheda. he also thought the whole transcendence stupid, like, why start the war???

and why would I wanna be part of a universal consciousness???

Miller was really fast on the bomb!

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(watching special edition episode 8)

i just really love that lwj and wwx talk to each other. and lwj went to his brother for help, to really try to understand if everything could be just black and white, or if there were ever shades of grey. and it’s so clear to see how much he wants to help wwx.

he’s not doing this because he thinks wwx is a bad person, he’s doing because he is worried about the destruction os wwx’s mind


I really hate meng Yao, and his manipulative ass. Nie MingJue doesn’t deserve they way he was treated


also, I love how in this moment in the story both Lan WangJi and Jiang Cheng are working together to try to keep Wei WuXian safe.


I hate that Jin guangshan is like, “our troops are going to hunt all the rest of the wen” and the. goes and hunt all children and old people and civilians. I hate them so much.

and when Lan XiChen tries to speak up about it, he’s deceived. by the friend he thinks he can trust. I feel so sorry for him.


Lan WangJi playing for Wei WuXian 👏👏👏👏💜💜💜💜💜🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

also, we can see how much wwx is trying to control himself, is trying to always do the right thing, and not stray from the “right path”, with talks of good and evil.

and then we have the others, so confident in their self-righteousness that they don’t even question their actions as evil things.

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(watching special edition episode 7)

it just hurts a lot.

lwj is just really really worried about wwx, and what this style of cultivation will do to him. but wwx is already putting space between them. even calling him hanguang-jun instead of Lan Zhan 😭😭😭😭 they are both hurting from this distance

but also the siblings reunion is just so beautiful. I love how much they love and support each other. the scene wwx was hugging YanLi and Jiang Cheng was just there watching with a big smile on his face 🥺🥺🥺🥺

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(watching special edition episode 6)

you mean the must painful one?

I do love wen qinq though, and I really love that she is worried about wwx, while he never worries about himself, only about others.

he truly is the protector all the way. the only time he’s not the protector is when lwj finally notices this theme of his and decides to be the protector instead

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(watching special edition episode 3)

again I haven’t noticed anything new on this one. but again, it’s so nice to see them as babies.

on this one we can see lwj clearly warming up to wwx, even if he doesn’t want to admit to it.

but my favourite scenes are obviously the one with the bunnies. and the one with the lanterns.

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(watching untamed special edition - episode 1)

there’s not a lot of extra scenes on this one.

but I really love Lan XiChen telling Lan WangJi that he is very mature and he never worried about him. and then suggests he befriends Wei WuXian.

that’s exactly when he will start worrying about Lan WangJi.

I do love little shit wwx, trying to tease lwj but at the same time trying to befriend him

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(episode 50 😭😭😭😭)

omg!!! I was really worried that it would like that, Lan WangJi going one way and Wei WuXian all alone playing his flute. I’m glad we could see Wei WuXian’s smile before it ended. that’s his “Lan Zhan” smile.

the novel’s ending was better. impossible not to compare. not only because it was graphic and we see that they are married and living/travelling together. I knew that was not gonna happen on the show. but I don’t know..

like, I can’t see lwj as chief cultivator. no way at all. not because he doesn’t deserve it. and we know he’s fair and good and would do a good job at it.

but he would hate it so much. there’s so much politics involved, too many people to talk to. Lan WangJi likes to be where the chaos is, so he can help people. and after everything he did to save wwx and to be near him??? just them going their separate ways?? (although like I said, I think it was lwj calling him at the end)

I don’t know. no very happy with that.

I was kinda hoping they would just travel together and that’s how it was going to end.

also!! how did lwj become chief cultivator if he’s not even the sect leader?

(yes, I know I need to watch the special edition on YouTube. so fingers crossed 🤞🤞🤞)


I had forgotten that lxc didn’t really kill jgy with the sword in that moment. but really? after all the fucking lies he told everybody, they were actually going to listen to what he had to say about HuaiSang???

like, we know he planned everything. but really, they would actually believe the main villain who was a manipulator?

also, the moment jgy takes him so they can be killed together, but at the last minute throws lxc away?

why were they trying so hard to make me feel sorry for him? that guy was terrible,i do t care how awful was his childhood, he made all the wrong choices.

I’m glad HuaiSang got his revenge, and even helped Wei WuXian on the way.

and that he didn’t do it because he wanted power, he just wanted justice for his brother, and if he could get justice for other people along the way, all the better.

the family scene made. me cry, not gonna lie. the way sizhui just hugged him and cried, and lwj was looking at both of them with soft eyes. family finally reunited. but also that sizhui was able to joke with them 💖💖💖 it made me so so happy.

I think I’m ready for fanfic now… I’ve finish two versions of the story, so there’s no spoiler I might get from checking the fics. I’m just not sure how to deal with both versions at the same time…

the only reason I’m not sadder it’s over, it’s because I still have the specials to watch and the cartoons (I forgot the Chinese name for them, sorry)

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(episode 49 and the endless villain monologue)

I really don’t know why they had to make jgy repeat everything again.

and he was willing to hurt Jin Ling to get whatever he wanted. there are no excuses for him.

another thing I am really missing from the books are all the fierce corpses, I was really hoping to see Nie MingJue getting out of the coffin and making havoc. but wen ning and the blade was really cool as well.

I am really glad jgy is dead, I’m just sorry Lan XiChen had to be the one to kill him.

also HuaiSang was super valid, even if he was lying. he did all those atrocities, he confessed to them all, and they would let him go? oooohhh noooooo

ahhh another thing, I loved seeing everybody watching wwx playing and saving everybody’s asses.

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(episode 48)

Jin GuangYao sure likes the sound of his own voice. he is so annoying.

and again the face of betrayal when Lan XiChen put his sword to his neck.

anyway, I feel like by the end of the episode, wwx was the only one who was really paying attention to the whole “don’t let him keep talking” thing. the guy is a master manipulator. and xiche. just released him? because he was crying?

also also

Wei WuXian whistling 👏👏👏👏👏

the conversation between wwx and jc was really painful. but I’m glad they started it. but lwj ready to cut a bitxh if they hurt wwx?? 👏👏👏👏

one more thing. poor baby Jin Ling. all that new information, realizing he was raised by a psychopath who got the rest of his family killed. this boy needs therapy

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(episode 47, and the inevitable comparition to the novel)

I love this one. jgy is absolutely creepy and evil. I am so so sorry for lxc, he really cared for him, and then he discovers that the guy was a farse.

but I can’t not say it

I wanted to see Wei WuXian screaming “I really wanted to sleep with you”

I loved the whole conversation in the novel that like everyone knew lwj was in love with wwx since forever and wwx was the only one who didn’t know. and I knew it wouldn’t be on the show. but I wanted


also, the face of betrayal of jgy when lxc warns jc to not let him keep talking. 👏👏👏👏

lwj locking his spiritual powers because wwx was in danger 👏👏👏

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(episode 46, or MY HEART 💖💖💖💖)

it started with the mob. I really want to know why people listen to master Yao. he’s not one of the big clans or anything, why do people bother to let him speak so freely. and how the tides chwnge, right? now wwx is back to being a hero. (I really like that both wwx and lwj are aware of how fickle public opinion actually is)

but after that, so many soft moments between my boys!!!!

I love how in tune lwj is to wwx. the moment he stopped and was looking at the ancestral hall (was that the name?) and lwj knew there was something there, and that he really wanted to go inside.


according to the novel, they are married now. I don’t make the rules. they kneeled 3 times. they are husband and husband, never to be parted again.

when jc appeared and started picking a fight, and wwx was just sad but he accepted it all, and didn’t even let lwj fight for him. but the moment jc started going off about lwj, wwx was ready to throw down. (jc is too resentful 😢😢😢)

wen ning is a complete baby and I love him so much. he went against his fears and his respect just to protect wwx. I love their relationship a lot.

and while he was telling the story of the golden core and lwj was crying 😭😭😭😭 my heart hurt.

and then on the boat, while wen ning was telling lwj everything you could see on his face how terrified and sad and angry and everything he was feeling.

but, at the same time, it was really nice to look at wen ning’s face while he watched lwj taking care of wwx. he ships them hard. he knows that wwx has somebody in his side now. he knows he can trust lwj to care for wwx.

lwj giving wwx the lotus was the cutest thing ever!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


Originally posted by thewaywardgryffindor

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(episode 45 - onyl 5 more episodes to go 😭😭😭😭)

the highlight!!! sizhui and wen ning for sure!!! that was so soft and beautiful, some tears fell, not gonna lie

but my heart broke for Jin Ling. he’s in a terrible situation right now.

I can believe that that master Yao is still alive and is still annoying after all this time!! and he’s not even from an important clan, why do people actually listen to him?

the stories against jgy are just as bad as in the novel. and I can’t express how much I hate him. the things he does are always so cruel and premeditated.

I get killing his father, that man was terrible, he deserved it. but why did those prostitutes deserve to go through that and then be killed???

(my heart broke for wwx as well, going back to lotus pier, but without permission to enter and everything)

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