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#episode commentary

Picard: Okay. There are intruders on the ship and phasers are useless. Where can I find weapons?

*one scene transition later*

Picard: *Aggessively breaks into Worf’s room.*

24 notes

I am physically incapable of dealing with how adorable it is when Data stalks Admiral Hutchinson around the room and mimics his every action. I have to pause the scene like six times just to breathe.

15 notes

Julian Bashir should always be around Data to validate him. I’ve never seen a more accurate representation of my own love for Data than this man.

76 notes

I knew that young Dr. Soong was going to be hot but I was still unprepared for how fast and hard I fell in love in that 30 second interval.

9 notes

Am I a terrible person for laughing when Phased!Romulan got yeeted out of the Enterprise by Geordi? He was just. Spinning away. I had to pause the episode because I was laughing too hard to pay attention.

11 notes

I’m sorry, but name something funnier than Data being promoted to “horny police” in The Perfect Mate.

63 notes

Every time I watch a new episode of TNG, I play a fun little game with the new side-characters called, “Evil or Die”, where I try to guess early on whether or not they’re the villain or the tragedy of the episode.

8 notes

It’s one thirty in the morning and I’m angry because I suddenly remembered that episode where Geordi turned into an alien and they used the one-off character as the person he would “trust the most” to bring him back from his transformation when Data was standing RIGHT THERE.

17 notes

Star Trek TNG, Season 5 Ep 6: “The Game” is just proof that Data is holding this ship together and everything goes to shit without him.

11 notes

There’s never been more masterful dialogue than Geordi ranting to Guinan about how Ensign Ro doesn’t belong in Starfleet and Guinan immediately making a beeline to make that girl her new BFF.

16 notes

Ok, let’s get back to Walt Longmire: Disaster Boi of S1 and finish this season off with a…something.  Pleading look to the heavens, maybe?  

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4 notes

Snippet of GOT 4.1 commentary with David Benioff, D.B. Weiss and Pedro Pascal


109 notes

Opening credits

Snippet of GOT 4.1 commentary with David Benioff, D.B. Weiss and Pedro Pascal


52 notes

Yeeeee, this has Jacob and Mathias.  Good good.  …It bothers me faaaar more than it should (which is to say, at all) that the episode title “Dogs, Horses and Indians” doesn’t have an Oxford comma.  Like, a lot.  o.o

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Yes, I’m back again. This is probably the most hilarious reaction as of late. Here we go, y’all. I had to break this up into two parts.

Gabrielle’s Hope Part I:

*Xena and Gabrielle are traveling towards the main city after Gabrielle wakes up from a horrible dream*

Friend: damn, she is sweating bullets. I guess that’s what happens when you sacrifice someone. 

*Xena and Gabrielle have a little run-in with the Banshees*

Friend: oh hell. Creepy bitches. 

*Xena leaves Gabrielle alone in a tavern*

Friend: oh nooooo. Don’t leave, please. Whenever you leave, something bad always happens. Why, Xena, why?

*Gabrielle starts eating everything and anything that has been put in front of her*

Friend: what is wrong with her? What is happening? Xena, where are you. Who are these motherfuckers outside and why do they want to kill Gabrielle?

*The villagers throw rocks and burn the tavern*

Friend: are you kidding. Can’t she just escape through a door? Gabrielle, why you do dis. Xena, can you please go back and get this bitch.

*After Xena comes back to rescue Gabrielle, the Banshees kidnap Gabrielle and tell her she’s carrying a child*

Me: *pauses the episode*

Friend: what…the fuck. When…when the fuck did she get pregnant? Wait. What. I need a cigarette.

17 notes