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maxwellqueerklinger · 6 months ago
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Klingers gender as told by the MASH unit.
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neurodiversebones · 15 days ago
Do you remember the Christmas episode where Max brings in Brennan's cousin who quotes Benjamin Franklin?
Did you know that the woman who played Brennan's cousin is actually Zoey Deschanel, Emily Deschanel's sister?
YES !!! i do the brennan thing where i analyze faces constantly so the first time i watched bones (apart from when i was little) last year with my brother i was like . hey is she related to zooey deschanel . and my mom was like how the FUCK did you guess that they do not look alike . (it's in the eye shape !)
i was so excited by that episode bc i adore zooey deschanel and thought her character was so funny- the constant "you look like you could be sisters!" jokes in the script get me every time bc it's just so stupid .
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nothinggold13 · 2 months ago
Look, I totally get that the show isn’t for everybody, but I just can’t get over the fact that, at its heart, The Office is a love story. And I don’t mean Jim & Pam, (though I love them,) or Dwight & Angela, (though I love them as well,) or really any of the romantic couples at all; I mean the things they say and reveal at the end of the finale, about how something that should have been so ordinary became beautiful. I mean the way they could have all merely been co-workers, but instead they became friends who laughed together and supported one another and celebrated with each other. I mean the way they sing together on bus trips, and work together on jokes, and dance together whenever they have the chance. I mean the way Pam follows Michael when he starts his own business, and the way Nellie goes to Erin for advice when she’s writing the letter for the adoption agency, and the way they can’t let Darryl leave without saying goodbye. 
I just. They love each other. It’s a love story.
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blurryayse · a month ago
maybe i should start listing all of the completely irrelevant things that make me think of disintegration through an average day. it would be endless i think
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buckactuallys · 5 months ago
at this rate i’m gonna have to take every tuesday off work
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play-exy-be-sexy · a year ago
Wymack: I don't care what you idiots do, but no drinking during the week. You don't see me opening a beer on a Tuesday night.
Nicky, the next day: You'll never guess who I saw at the bar last night...
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notentirelyunprecedented · 3 months ago
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ft-nostalgia · 3 months ago
Young Justice Spoilers!
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novelconcepts · 9 months ago
Love a completely free day where I can read multiple books and make an absurd word count*
*except for the overwhelming depression sledgehammer to the head, which ensures I can do nothing more complex than lay in bed listening to podcasts.
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massivecolorspygiant · a year ago
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Horacio Carrillo 🌊
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the-chavoi-legacy · a year ago
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i made a thing
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maxwellqueerklinger · 9 months ago
I love the fight in the episode End Run, especially what Klinger wears but I couldn't help but notice he didn't wear his usual pink bathrobe.
He wore a yellow bathrobe.
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Where did he get it from? Unless someone left it to him,
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littlebookreader · 11 months ago
Jon, talking about Martin: One time he couldn’t decide whether he wanted to call me ‘pretty boy’ or ‘baby genius’ and he ended up blurting out ‘pretty baby’
Martin, embarrassed: ShutupShutupShutupShutup-
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strangerpsychofficeparks · 8 days ago
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On December 8, 2011, someone at NBC was DONE with the Black Eyed Peas
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capseycartwright · 9 months ago
not to say 911 dictates my entire life but on nights there’s an episode i wake up at some horrendous hour like 4am (wake up naturally may i add) and check dash to see if it was a good episode and that dictates how my morning will go. good episode? i set an alarm earlier than usual so i have time to watch before work. bad ep? eh, it can wait until tonight, sleep a little longer
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rosebowl · 8 months ago
“second official extended period of rest since their first in 2019” just asking what they mean by that cause wasn’t they performing a lot in 2019 and going to events cause I have seen a couple of videos of them at events so just curious(and I’m asking cause I wasn’t in the fandom in 2019 so just confused)
yes! in 2019 tho right after the end of their final speak yourself shows and the lotte duty free concert in august they announced an “extended” break that was really just a two month period that was a bit quiet lol. if you’ve seen the “vacation vlogs” on bangtantv, that’s when they’re from! if you have seen bon voyage 4 too they talk about their break in the first episode since filming for BV was the first “schedule” they had upon their return (like jimin literally flew back from russia i think and then showed up to filming lol)
it basically just means a couple of months that they won’t be performing live or making show appearances! knowing them i’m 99% sure they will still be working 🙄
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dasoffice · 3 months ago
from IG the.office.alliance - May 2022
Impressions of table read and filming of the “Finale” episode from “The Office”.
... everyone is sad ... 😢
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