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maxwellqueerklinger · 6 months ago
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Klingers gender as told by the MASH unit.
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quixoticprince · a year ago
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More armor studies... this time featuring Shura  In order it’s Manga, anime, Soul of Gold, Hades Chapter, Ep G, and Legend of Sanctuary Armor came out a little plastic-looking rather than metallic this time u_u
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depressedstressedlemonzest · 7 months ago
51 + 67? love your writing by the way 🥰
Thank you so much! I appreciate you saying that and reading my stuff!
Okay fanfic trope mashup based on this post
With prompts Accidently Married/ Character in Peril requested by @suchagallabitch
Mickey Milkovich was NOT freaking out, he was just mentally acrobatting his options.
As the top rated Event Planner in Chicago his reputation was in peril if he couldn't pull off this wedding.
Fucking TikTok, fucking influencers, fucking Instagram.
How did social media go from Myspace and fun shit on tumblr to people making money off of shit they posted? It boggled his mind.
He had been booked as a wedding planner for an Instagram makeup artist named Kember Bay, and her basketball player boyfriend Hutch Kline. And they wanted all the stops pulled, practically a fucking Cirque de Solei show.
But if he bombed this he would be out, done with the business, it would ruin him and he would be back doing kiddie parties dressed as a super hero.
At the moment there was only a couple days before the wedding, they were in the middle of doing the pre rehearsal dinner where Mickey usually had two people act out the wedding while the bride and groom watched and noted anything they wanted changed before the actual rehearsal dinner. Then at the real rehearsal dinner the bride and groom would practice and usually it all went without a hitch.
Except the subs for the prehearsal didn't show.
Mickey was practically running through the corridor looking for someone, anyone who would step in for him, but everyone seemed to be out of the hotel or in bed because he didn't see a soul.
He passed the hall that led to the gym and then stuttered to a stop a tall redhead was coming out of the gym.
"Yo Red, wanna make a hundred bucks?" Mickey called to him to get his attention. 
The redhead looked around to see where the words had come from, then seeing Mickey he raised an eyebrow and walked towards him. Mickey's breath caught in his throat as he got a better look of the redhead. He was tall, taller than he looked initially, Mickey barely came up to his nose, his hair had a curl to it, he was spattered with freckles, and his eyes were the color of clovers.
"Did you just ask if I wanted to make a hundred bucks?" He asked, his voice confused.
"Yes, I'm in a jam, my subs for the event I'm planning didn't show and I need someone to just follow my cues for like an hour. I'll give you two hundred if you just come with me now." Mickey wasn't trying to come off as desperate, but that's what it sounded like.
"Uh sure, I guess. Want me to change first? I just finished a workout and I'm a fucking mess." He asked gesturing to himself, he was in a pair of long basketball shorts and a black tank top that clung to him tightly.
Mickey shook his head, "There's no time, it starts in five minutes, and these little influencer bitches will kill my business if i piss them off in any way."
The redhead nodded, "Alright, lead the way then." He said with a shrug.
Mickey grabbed the redhead's wrist and broke out into a run pulling him along behind him.
They reached the ballroom just as Kember and Hutch did, Mickey nearly causing the redhead to run into him as he stopped abruptly.
"Mr. Milkovich, we are excited to see the prehearsal." Kember greeted him with a hug and air kisses, Mickey fucking hated how people thought that was fancy acting, but she was signing his paycheck so he wasn't gonna complain.
"Thank you Kember, Can I get you and Hutch anything to drink?" Mickey asked looking between them.
They shook their heads no, but the redhead seemed to need some water so Mickey went to the small mini fridge that was hidden behind the ballroom bar and grabbed some water for him.
"Thanks." He murmured taking the bottle from Mickey, his fingertips brushing Mickey's.
"Thank you man, I need the help, what's your name?" Mickey asked trying not to mentally catalogue every bulging muscle that the tank top clung to on the ginger.
"Ian, Ian Gallagher." he said with a nod.
"Thank you Ian, alright I'm gonna go over the plan with those two, then you and me are gonna act it out, okay?" Mickey asked.
Ian nodded, "Sure."
Mickey smiled, his heart warm as he turned to Kember and Hutch.
"Alright, so we'll start at the other end of the ballroom, Ian will come down the walkway here and walk down to the platform here, we'll each climb a side, then the German Mennonite minister Guengerich that Hutch's grandfather picked out, who is here," Mickey nodded to the older man standing at the risers.
"Will recite the words, we'll recite the vows, then that part of the prehearsal is done and then we'll play the song set and taste test the cupcakes that are prepared. Sound good?" Mickey asked looking between Kember, Hutch, and Ian, glad to see all of them nodding.
Mickey nodded at Ian to go to the end of the walkway while he waited at the platform, he started some music on his bluetooth speaker using the phone in his pocket.
Kember and Hutch turned to watch Ian walk up the aisle, Mickey couldn't help but watch him either, he was a fire touched god among men, he was freckled and tall and fucking beautiful.
Mickey gulped as Ian made it to the platform and waited at the side Mickey indicated. As the chorus on the song began Ian and Mickey both began to climb the steps to the risers until they reached the top and stopped in front of Father Guengerich.
Mickey had learned that day that Father Guengerich didn't speak engligh, just German, so he had google translated as much as he could about the prehearsal and run through with the vows.
Father Guengerich nodded and pulled a bible out of his pocket as well as a piece of paper, he waved it and a pen out to Mickey.
"He needs to know our names so he can say em right or some shit." Mickey said scribbling his name on the line the pastor had indicated then passed it to Ian who did the same.
Father Geungerich took the paper back and slid it into the pages of his bible, then he began speaking, nodding at Mickey and Ian's hands indicating for them to hold each others.
Mickey reached for Ian's as he turned and held Mickey's, Mickey felt a breath escape him at the warmth encompassing him.
Father Guengerich's voice was flitting in and out of Mickey's head, he didn't speak a fucking word of German, and as far as he knew he didn't speak english, which didn't seem to matter because he started speaking in Plautdietsch.
After he said some words he looked at Ian, who seemed to get the hint, "Ian Gallagher," he said softly, his hand gripping Mickey tighter.
Father Guengerich then nodded at Mickey who gulped and said, "Mikhailo Milkovich."
Father Guengerich smiled and then recited some more words and then gestured to Ian.
"I do." Ian smiled.
Mickey chuckled, knowing that they were probably supposed to say more, but I do did it enough to keep it going and wrap it up quickly.
Father Geungerich looked from Ian to Mickey who cleared his throat, "I do."
Father Geungerich said a few more words and then made some hand gestures, then nodded his head, as if letting Mickey and Ian know it was okay to kiss.
Mickey blushed furiously, but he got on his tiptoes and pressed a quick kiss to Ian's cheek.
He stepped back looking at him, catching the dreamy look in his green eyes.
They stood there looking for each other for a moment before Father Guengerich cleared his throat.
Ian and Mickey looked at him, he was producing a piece of paper with his signature at the bottom.
Mickey, confused, took the paper and read it over, his mouth falling open witch terror and shock.
"What is it?" Ian asked trying to look over the paper over Mickey's shoulder.
"That motherfucker actually married us!" Mickey couldn't help but yelp looking up at Ian in shock.
"What?!" Ian shouted reaching for the paper in Mickey's hands.
"He must not have understood that this was a dry run, fuck now I've got to get a new marriage certificate for the actual wedding tomorrow, then get another fucker in here that can understand him and translate shit. Then..." Mickey trailed off looking up at Ian.
"Fuck, we're married." He said softly.
Ian raised an eyebrow, "And you didn't even propose." He clucked his tongue in mock disappointment shaking his head from side to side.
Mickey eyed the smart ass redhead then felt a blush swirling in his cheeks, "Well, you didn't get us rings." he pointed out with a grin.
"Guess my new husband and I will have to go out and find rings and have dinner after our wedding is over." Ian said unable to suppress a giggle.
Mickey laughed, "Is my husband asking me out on a date?" he asked arching his eyebrows at Ian.
"That's how you keep the romance alive babe, keep dating even after you're married." Ian grinned mischieviously.
"Alright hot stuff, let me wrap this shit up here then we can go on a date." Mickey challenged.
"Sounds good to me husband." Ian said leaning down and pressing a kiss to Mickey's forehead.
"Fuck, I'm in trouble." Mickey muttered to himself.
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difference between trapper and bj is that episodes with bj are like “I try so, so, hard to help people. I give up sleep and money and morals just to try to make things better for one family, for one person, but I can’t give enough to alleviate this much suffering. My efforts equate to nothing when you look at the scale of the war” and episodes with trapper are like “we stole a man’s appendix”
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onceuponarewatch · a year ago
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Once upon a time a trio of bards, The Narrators Three, were called upon to unite the realms with episode by episode deep-dive commentary of the fairy-tale laden soap opera Once Upon a Time. Tune in for weekly retrospect sprinkled with judgmental fondness and hysterical disappointment as The Narrators Three laugh, throw shade, and have the occasional emotional breakdown. If you find tales of costuming, character takedowns, and plot devices that come with a price utterly charming, The Narrators Three invite you to join them for Once Upon a Rewatch!
Listen to Once Upon a Rewatch: Spotify | Apple Music | Anchor.Fm | Stitcher | Google Podcast | Pocket Casts | Radio Public | Breaker |
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afieldinengland · 11 months ago
i love hammer horror actors and their genuinely normal teeth
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fan-man-huaisang · a year ago
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Word of Honor costume appreciation: Zhao Jing
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MAKE ME CHOOSE: asked by @is-it-mungojerry-or-rumpelteazer → b&w!alonzo or gold!alonzo?
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no-1-vigilantehalter · a year ago
Via episode 965
Orochi Kurozomi,Higurashi Kurozumi
Scopper Gaban, Silver Rayleigh
Momonusuke Kozuki, Hiyori Kozuki
Shanks, Buggy
Whitebeard, Gol D. Roger
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kfashioncrush · a year ago
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episode's yena - open my door concept photo
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ashabellanars · a year ago
So uh... Stargate SG-1 really made a flimsy slavery allegory with an alien race (played by Black actors, no less) and then hired two (!!!) more Black extras to play slave auctioneers to make them ~~complicit~~ I guess, and like..... no one was gonna warn me???
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myepisodecalendar · a year ago
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Gold Rush - White Water Season 4 - Episode 9: TBA AirDate: January 29th, 2021, 09:00 PM
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positively-emerald · 2 years ago
I only know Brent Spiner as Data so I am confused, perplexed, and utterly baffled that he doesn’t actually Look Like That
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ayyymeric · 3 years ago
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Can you feel my heart?
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alter-koker · 3 years ago
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what gives him the right.
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hook-and-hope · 3 years ago
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fan-tashia · 3 years ago
Sheith honestly makes me so happy to the point where I'll buy something solely on the fact that it reminds me of it.
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