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formulamuppet · 2 months ago
Charles: If i were a gardener I would put our "Two-lips" together.
Pierre: *blushes*
Carlos: Why aren't we like that?
Lando: If I were a gardener, you'd be my hoe.
Carlos: That's why.
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despondentamigo · a year ago
my pride and joy:
you're welcome degenerates
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alandfilloftrash · 3 years ago
Okay, correct me if I’m wrong, but:
Baby Boomers: Existentialism
Millennials: Nihilism.
Gen Z: Absurdism
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daily-awsten-knight · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Daily Awsten Knight.
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yellowratteeth · 2 years ago
rufioh: hey dude. what's go1ng on
rufioh: f*ck yeah st1ck 1t to old people
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mcsm-incorrect-quotes · 3 years ago
Jesse, laying on the floor: I'm gonna jump into a pit of lava
Every adult in MCSM: omg no Jesse are you okay what's wrong please tell us if you're struggling we're all here for you please I promise that you'll be okay this isn't the answer and you have everything to live for--
Petra, Lukas, Axel, Olivia, and Radar collectively: LMAOOOOOOO SAME
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let-them-eat-cheesecake · 9 months ago
This gay kid Haley and I unofficially adopted a couple of years ago moved to Florida just before the pandemic started and he’s been nonstop going to clubs and house parties. He [finally] caught Covid a couple of weeks ago, and now that he’s cleared, he’s right back at the clubs.
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anauwhere · a year ago
Tumblr media
This post has so many notes and comments and it's basically a nasty j'accuse towards: 1. older women in fandom that are responsible of grooming and making everything creepy sexual 2. Rps(ofc ofc) 3. Age gap/ incest/ problematiques ships all of this made by adults with anime icons that are as cringe as the rest of us. Sex is gross and definitely eliminating it from every kind of fantasy bc only platonic friendship exists is the only way.
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stuartchick · 2 months ago
The epitome of Gen Z casually being condescending to adults
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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mysticcowboygod · 4 years ago
Mark walking back to the far corner of his recording room, then standing back there staring at the camera for a second before going "fuck you" and flipping us off... Big Mood™
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sip-of-depresso · 5 months ago
ranboo and tubbo are really the epitome of gen z’s universal attitude of “internet safety who?” going from strangers to online friends to roommates in the span of less than a year. good for them
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quexit · 3 months ago
headcannon: the robins all like ‘my little pony.’
Dick likes musicals, Jason is the epitome of: ThEy’Re More THaN JUst CaRtOoNs, Tim and Steph are cultured gen z and Damian loves animals.
Tell me they ain’t bronies.
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despondentamigo · a year ago
The fact that some of y'all are too young to know the myth, the legend, that is this song, is criminal
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swift-fated · a month ago
your anons are the epitome of gen z mental illness, disturbed morbid mental illness. they will literally jump in any individual's inbox just to argue. If they fail to argue with that blog they will surely search up old shit on someone's blog then start an argument.
god damn that omicron needs to strike fast and put some of you down asap cause you're abusing the privilege of life when the good ones have been taken too soon.
ignore them and do what I do - Don't even reply. Delete all the asks.
Bruhhhh I just checked tumblr again cuz I’m at work and it’s only been a couple hours and there must be damn near 30 or more anon messages LMFAOOOO
I agree, they have serious mental issues and it shows. They’re like this online, imagine how they must be in reality.
At least you and I have a brain and the ability to actually comprehend stuff.
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andreablog2 · 22 days ago
I feel like Gen Z, in many ways, epitomizes the hipster mentality. So I don’t see them having a problem with hipsters. For me, hipsters are people like cobra snake and the early opening ceremony crowd, like Chloe Devigny-adjacent people who make everything into aesthetic. I feel like peak-hipster era was the Indian chief headdresses. coachella, plaid shirt moustache and beard era around 2011. Gen z is full of performative people and hrh collection is not a hipster imo. I feel like hipsters are always wrapped up in some kind of pseudo community…like the cobra snake parties. But hrh is a loner.
Hipsters are literally just socialites pretending to be grass roots artists
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imaginethatinthetardis · a year ago
Ten: You call it a reckless, unprofessional, and irresponsible near death experience.
Y/N, the epitome of Gen Z: We call it a vibe check from God.
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underdog-arts · 11 months ago
I see we’re sending you info on Ranboo so here’s my take: the epitome of gen z, he’s v considerate and appreciative of his fan base, puts trigger warnings at the beginning of streams (that’s important cause we can’t skip parts or go back etc.) and Ik someone has mentioned his charity stream for the Trevor project but there’s so much more but I’m crunched on time so take what stands out to me 🤍🖤
Tumblr media
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the-inevitability-of-death · 8 months ago
ranboo appreciation post <33
general loveposting:
he's relatable
he's honest about his reasoning and morals
he's the epitome of gen z humor
he's super supportive of the queer community and isn't afraid of saying things that offend us
his character is really interesting
his acting is really, really good
he's really open about things he knows that are important
he's funny
he stays out of drama but speaks up about problems
he's a huge comfort to me and a ton of people
he's supportive of his friends
he doesn't promote subbing or gifting unless it's prime
he jokes with donos and actually reads chat
people don't realize how much a creator influences their community and Ranboo's is awesome
behavior loveposting:
when he goes blanket mode
when he gets tired and rants about gay rights
when he growls at people asking for gender
when he fills the gaps of silence with the same words over and over
whelp *clap*
when he teases tommy and tubbo
when he jokes about his geoguessr abilities
when he cries at the most random things
when he signs ranmail as "Ranboo the beloved"
when he refers to himself as "Ranboo my beloved"
when he put "Ranboo my beloved" posters all over the dsmp
when Dream's discord broke during lore and he yelled that he had been doing so good
when he flipped a coin to see if he proposed or tubbo did
when he checks on michael
when he purposely makes chat cry
when he tweets about cats at ungodly hours of the morning
when he
picture loveposting:
Tumblr media
good hands 10/10 do not look like gross teenage boy hands (tommy *cough cough-*) leather fingerless gloves are a vibe
Tumblr media
this haircut was really cool and the homemade mask is also such a flex and also the Philza merch makes me happy bc dadza adopted another kid
Tumblr media Tumblr media
the unus annus colors is just another thing that makes me cry and the donos being in pfp frame is so on brand
Tumblr media Tumblr media
hair !! also the crown is iconic and almost as good as the cat ears
Tumblr media
legs are very long and also he spin ! unicorn chair has good vibes
Tumblr media
!! thumbs up !! Hawaiian shirt !! unicorn chair !! crown !!
Tumblr media
looks like a fancy waiter and also an angsty teenager at the same time 👍
Tumblr media
beanie and long hair (rip) soft vibes, looks like a minecraft youtuber (affectionate)
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today when I was out walking around my neighborhood I saw a thirteen-ish-year-old boy sitting on the street curb crying while watching tiktoks and if that is not the epitome of gen z culture then I don’t know what is
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vellicour · a year ago
I think the absolute funniest election outcome has by far been, the very small yet extremely vocal subsect of young millennials/gen z who openly buy into facebook anti-leftist rhetoric and have adopted the exact same level of democrat politics as my 71 year old granny who thinks CNN is the epitome of unbiased news
they speak with the same vigour and conviction of anarchocommies but instead of tearing down white patriarchal bureaucracy they're like "we WILL eventually vote this small millionaire lobbyist out of office within 1-2 years and replace him with another lobbyist who's probably slightly less evil!! and the left is stupid!" Like they aren't harming anyone it's just so cute and funny. Go young grandmas
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