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shookmira · 13 hours ago
i need to know RCG’s reasoning to have Frank be pretty much the only character involved with Mac’s coming out to his dad.
Like I know in “Being Frank” he was super irritated and put off by Mac - but like they always say they all hate him or that’s he’s annoying (granted they all feel that way about each other but also care about each so so so much)
And I know he’s the oldest so like generationally it makes “sense” for him to be homophobic and thus have this big epiphany of “I get it” (which genuinely makes me tear up every time because Danny Devito is an AMAZING actor.
I guess there’s a part of me that would’ve loved to see Charlie, Dennis and Dee witness this moment for Mac - like im sure off-screen they were captivated but seeing them react to it onscreen would’ve been EVERYTHING.
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bookwormofbeauty · 2 days ago
Okay but Anthony Mackie's performance during this episode was incredible
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