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#equal rights

An intro into what I am and what I believe in since I can’t be to in depth in my bio:

I’m a bisexual cis female

who believes that anyone can be a feminist

Feminism main issues still are the issues women face and yes that includes what transwomen face as well. If you read my full bio you see that I am antiterf but I’ll put that here too. I view trans people as the gender that they say they are. But feminism also reaches past just women centered issues, its also about gender equality for men and women. And yes men have issues too such as mothers almost always win full custody of the children even if the father is the better parent. Unlike other “feminist” I do not view men as the devil. I see men and women as equals and because of that I recognize that there are equally bad women as there is men and equally good men as there is good women. I also believe as feminists we should be at the frountlines of any inequality protest.

Also in my bio I am agaisnt SWERFs because if a women chooses to be a sex worker I will not tell her what to do with her body and in this day and age she can control her content and doesn’t have to be under a contract with people who have all the control. I can support these sex workers and still be against stuff such as prostitution and big brand porn.

I am left leaning but I’m not liberal

But I am also not a radfem so I guess by default that makes me libfem?

This blog also has some leftist political views in it.

If I worded something that comes across as ignorant please let me know. If I reblog from someone hateful please let me know.

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Over the past several months i’ve been posting an increasing amount of BLM, anti-police brutality, and other similar content 

Over the past several months I have lost almost 40 followers. (my followers went from 987 to 950)

Are these connected: yeah probably

Am I glad these people are gone: If they don’t like me posting anti-racism stuff them yes I am glad

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