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prideknights · 2 months ago
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A robust ego is able to welcome new perspectives, learn, adapt and change. The fact that LGBTQ people are humans deserving of equal rights does not threaten their identity.
A fragile ego, however, crumbles when confronted with anything that opposes its worldviews.
Maturity is curiosity; wanting to learn for the sake of growth, looking to understand experiences that are not our own, finding answers and becoming a better person.
Being willing to shatter the pillars of one's own worldviews to accept humanity in its plurality is a symbol of strength and wisdom.
LGBTQ people will keep on living and striving - the world will follow, and the fragile egos will either adapt or be left behind in the dust of our strides towards a brighter future.
It's the survival of the fittest. The homophobes won't make it.
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politijohn · 9 months ago
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oddly-okay · 11 months ago
You can help give land back RIGHT NOW!
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These are stunning designs by Wenatchi Wear which is an Indigenous owned business for stickers mugs, tanks, hoodies, t shirts and just generally sicc clothes.
What's more sicc than that is the go fund me run by the owner of Wenatchi Wear!
This is an opportunity for the Wenatchi tribe to buy back some of their ancestral lands.
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Why is this so FUCKING important?
The current reservation is the Colville Confederated Tribe reservation which is a conglomerate of TWELVE tribes. (This alone is a disgusting violation of so many treaties and some day I'll have words about what it did to my family) More importantly right now is that the Wenatchi is a non-federally recognized tribe!!! This has many implications for the preservation of their culture but also limits their access to the resources both monetarily AND on the the lands they had treaty rights to that are part of their ancestral lands. This land purchase would put many Wenatchi people back on their ancestral lands and also funds a community center so their tribe has space to practice heal and grow their community and culture.
Their venmo is Wenatchi_LandBack
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video credits: @officalwehustle on tiktok
Housing Crisis PT. 1
Please watch this video. It’s deeply devastating to see so many people unable to afford a home. A PLACE TO LIVE! I cannot imagine how lonesome, terrifying, and utterly dehumanizing it would be for someone if they had no place to go.
We have the resources, yet choose to not “give handouts to people who don’t work for them.” Well, newsflash: not everyone can afford to live, regardless of how hard they work and how much effort they put into find job opportunities.
It will always be immoral to condone homelessness and starvation when there is the ability to prevent it. Keep this in mind when millions are at risk of losing their jobs, homes, lives.
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